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The sugar daddy headcanons were so good I'm gonna... cry.....,,,,,,,,...... is there some way u could do more headcanons please for it? Maybe this time with stuff like: sugar daddy to lover type stuff? Old hope that's not confusing!! With 76, reaper and mccree again? Ilyyy

When the sugar daddy’s nut so good that you tear up

I kind of understand what you’re asking (or, at least, I think I do) so I shall try provide what you desperately thirst for. >:0

Continuation of this: https://overwatch-imagines-hub.tumblr.com/post/160723237469/hopefully-requests-are-open-can-i-ask-for-sugar


Soldier 76

  • It really wouldn’t be surprising if it went from a sugar daddy/baby relationship to a romantic one
  • You guys have already the companionship piece down and the sex is great
  • The relationship probably just kind of evolves into romance over time
  • Expensive dinners at restaurants turn into home cooked meals
  • Trips to the movie theater turn into movie marathons at either of your places
  • Sex isn’t really a necessity anymore
  • Instead there’s a lot more cuddling and kissing after dates instead
  • Neither is buying/paying things for you but he still does it every once in a while
  • Is still always taking care of you, though you take care of him too
  • Where he was closed off about his work and life before, he now isn’t
  • You both have a couple drawers of your own things at each other’s place and take turns staying the night at each other’s houses
  • He doesn’t make you leave when he has to go to work like he used to; instead he’ll save you breakfast in the fridge and kiss your forehead before he heads out
  • When he comes home and collapses in bed, you make sure his shoes and visor/glasses and uncomfortable jacket get taken off, then make sure he has a blanket over him
  • On the days he doesn’t work, you let him sleep in while you make breakfast and even tidy up his house a bit for him (it’s a little messy after three straight weeks of work)
  • He does the same for you when he’s staying at your place


  • He slipped up and mentioned his feelings for you at some point
  • He freaked out right afterwards and tried to tell you that it wouldn’t happen again and that he was sorry and just to forget everything he said
  • You gotta shut him up with a kiss, probably
  • Afterwards, not much is different, except he’s way more open with his feelings and pampers you way more than before
  • If that second part’s possible
  • Still pays for your things and sets up expensive dates until unless you tell him not to
  • He probably has you move in with him so he gets to be around you more
  • Sex becomes a rare thing; it’s mostly heavy cuddling and warm kisses 24/7
  • Also becomes hella protective, which was another side of himself that he hid from you as a sugar daddy
  • He’s an absolute lovebird, straight from a cheesy rom-com
  • It’s almost ridiculous but it’s also amazingly adorable on the big, bulky, usually edgy and intimidating man


  • As soon as he realizes he’s catching cooties feelings, he tries to replace you
  • Even goes so far as trying to make you hate him so you leave him
  • Of course, you’re smart and his personality change is the most obvious thing ever, so you’re not about to go down without a fight
  • So you set up an elaborate plan of seducing him and getting him a little tipsy so he tells you what’s wrong
  • It works but tipsy Jesse also realizes what you’re up to when you start asking odd questions, so an argument breaks out
  • And that’s when he slips up and tells you the big news
  • He’s got the romantic feelin’s for his baby
  • And when you’re quiet with surprise, he kisses you to prove it
  • Jesse does everything but kiss his sugar babies on the mouth
  • Boy is he good at kissing too
  • That night’s one of tipsy, giddy romping
  • Instead of rough and fast, he goes slow and takes his time to kiss and touch every inch of your body
  • So much kissing
  • He’s gotta make up for all that time he hasn’t been kissing you
  • God he loves kissing you
  • From then on, his favorite thing is kissing your sweet little lips
  • He gives you the cutest and most random nicknames ever
  • No longer presses you/buys you things to keep up with beauty standards; his favorite thing is seeing your messy hair and your smeared makeup/unwashed face in the morning while wearing his shirt and/or hat when you come out to breakfast
  • Totally cooks for you all the time, whenever he gets the chance
  • Still buys you little gifts and spa trips and short vacations (that he joins you on, of course) whenever you show the slightest sign of stress
  • Way more protective of you than before, if possible
  • Also gets jealous easily but hides it well until he can pout later when you’re alone
  • Half of your stuff is now at his place and he loves to spend most of his free time at yours
  • You have a key to his place
  • While he loves a completely obedient sugar baby, in a relationship he loves those pointless little bickering moments and end up in chuckles and sweet smooches
  • K I S S E S
We All Fall Down - Eleven


You blinked your eyes open to see your husband standing next to the couch. Shit, how long you’d been asleep for?

“I thought you would have at least got some more unpacking done this afternoon.”

Cricking your next and stretching out you legs, you felt annoyed. You could detect irritation in his voice and it grated on you.

“Well this afternoon was very stressful, I had a headache so I took a nap.”

“Stressful? Y/N you went phone shopping, I’d hardly call that stressful.”

Was every conversation going to be like this? You took a deep breath and told yourself to stay calm.

“No that wasn’t. But driving for the first time in years was as was getting stuck in the car park because two assholes can’t park. Even Luke struggled to get out.”

Spencer’s eyes narrowed and you saw something flash in them. “Luke?” His tone was the same but you recognised the clench of the jaw and sudden tension in his shoulders.

“Luke… Mr Alvez, Henry’s teacher. He was at your father’s funeral Spencer. He saw me struggling and helped me out of a tight spot. I’d have still been stuck there now otherwise.”

His shoulders relaxed and his jaw unclenched. “You could have called me, I would have come and helped.”

“No I couldn’t, the phone was barely charged and I had no idea how far away you were. Luke was there and he helped me out. I’m very thankful to him. But it all gave me a migraine, so I took a few painkillers and fell asleep. I’ll do some more unpacking tomorrow alright. Now,” you inhaled a deeply and pushed your hair back, reminding you yourself that you were trying here. “How was work, did you get everything done?”

Spencer looked suprised but whatever animosity was in his stare dropped. “Erm, I got a lot more done but I’ll probably have to go in over the weekend. I’ll need to sort my father’s study out at some point so I can use that when I’m home.”

“I can do it for you? Just tell me what needs to be done,” you offered.

“That would be…. helpful. Thank you.”

Your stomach rumbled and you looked at your husband hopefully. “Did you bring food?”

“Oh! Yes, it’s in the kitchen. I picked up a bottle of that red wine I know you like as well. Shall we go through to the kitchen and eat?”

You didn’t particularly like red wine, Spencer did. You were a white wine girl unless you had no option. But as you followed him through to the kitchen you could see it was the bottle that you found the least offensive so perhaps that counted towards something?


You ate dinner together in uncomfortable silence, wincing each time you took a sip of the red wine but refilling your glass all the same. You attempted to make conversation with Spencer, telling him about the tech shop girl Penelope, and asking him about his new position. He answered your questions, all the time watching your wine glass, not that you noticed. When you went for the second bottle he’d bought, having not even cleared your plate yet, he put his cutlery down.

“Is spending time with me that bad that you really need to get wasted?” he asked.

You weren’t drunk, only slightly tipsy. But his words sobered you somewhat.

“I’m not getting wasted,” you replied, still refilling your glass and then placing down the bottle. “You’ve been drinking too.”

“I’ve had maybe a glass and a half at most,” he pointed out and you realised that he was right. “Why do you drink so much?”

You stared at your husband, torn between denying his statement and agreeing with him. Because you did drink far too much. It didn’t used to be this way. Yes you were drunk the first time you and he…. but then you hadn’t been able to drink for a few months. And even after that you’d hadn’t felt like you needed to, decorating the apartment and then dealing with Spencer’s treatment taking up your time. You could cope back then, even if you weren’t particularly happy you didn’t feel like you needed to drink. It was only after Derek came back onto the scene that you started. And you just hadn’t really stopped.

“Y/N?” You hadn’t answered him and he was waiting. “I’m not trying to be cruel, I’m concerned.”

“It just…. It helps me relax, it helps me sleep.” You weren’t going to be truthful. You weren’t going to tell him that it was because it numbed the reality of your situation. That you were stuck in a marriage that was falling apart, that the person who you thought had come back for you, had just used you for his own needs. That, out of spite for both men you had ended a pregnancy because you couldn’t stand someone wanting something that was inside your tummy but not you yourself, and that you didn’t want your husband raising a child that wasn’t biologically his and lording it over your head forever. You weren’t going to tell him that you actually hated the fact that you drank so much because it reminded you of your father, but that it had become so a part of your daily routine that it was honestly just habit by now.

You weren’t going to tell him that you wanted to stop, to slow it down, because then he would take from that that he was right and you were wrong.

“If you’re having trouble sleeping Y/N, perhaps make an appointment to get some pills.”

“Maybe I will. Now, do you wanna tell me what needs sorting out in the study?”

Your change of subject didn’t go unnoticed but he let it go, giving you a list of things to do but also telling you that it was no major hurry. After eating you made your excuses and took yourself back up off to bed, Spencer calling your name before you left the kitchen.

“Y/N, we’re invited to dinner tomorrow evening at my sisters. I do need to go out during the day but I’ll be home for around 4pm to get showered and ready. My mother’s looking forward to seeing you again and so is Henry.”

Although it was an invitation you were very much under the impression that you couldn’t refuse which was strange considering how much he’d apparently tried to keep you away from his family.

“Well I look forward to seeing them too.”

You awoke much earlier the next day, hearing the front door shutting as Spencer left. You hauled yourself out of bed and moved to the window, watching him leave through the window pane. You didn’t have a headache despite the one and a half bottles of wine you must have consumed, which told you one thing: you drank so often your body had become used to it. Or at least that was the way it seemed.

That was the way it had seemed with your father too. After your mother abandoned you both he turned to drink, even your seven year self recognising that the bottles that cluttered up the garbage were far too many. The father that had once played with you joyfully in the evenings when he returned from work, now slumping in front of the TV with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand, not even bothering with a glass. You didn’t remember much about before your mother left but you remember your father being happy to sit and play dolls with you and then after she left, you had to play by yourself. Amazingly, he could still function in the morning, tossing back the coffee like it was his lifeline before heading to work, his blood alcohol level far too high for him to be able to legally drive. When you thought back you were now suprised that he hadn’t gotten into an accident and killed both himself and someone else. Instead it was the cirrhosis that killed him, and rather quickly too. He literally dank himself to death, preferring the numb reality that large amounts of alcohol gave him to actual life.

Like father like daughter?

No. You didn’t want that did you? You remembered the quick decline in your father’s health, your Aunt Lorel collecting you from school when your father collapsed in his office. From then it was a matter of months, his skin turning a sickly shade of yellow, his limbs shaking in the hospital bed, him asking Lorel to sneak him in a bottle everytime she took you to see him.

As Spencer drove away, not noticing you watching him, you thought back to your conversation two nights ago.

Things needed to change. Both of you needed to change.

You would stop drinking. Or at least you would stop drinking as much.

Deciding to get a head start on the day now that you were up, you starting moving a few more things around in the room that had become yours. Even if things did change between you and Spencer you didn’t see you going back to sharing a bedroom with him anytime soon, so you unpacked a few suitcases of your clothes, hanging things up in the closet and folding things away in the drawers.

Afterwards you made your way downstairs, still clad in your nightwear and started moving labelled boxes into William’s… well you guessed it was Spencer’s now, study. You didn’t want to do too much in here and Spencer’s instructions had simply been to move his boxes into there and to pack up any papers in his father’s desk, he and his sister would sort through them at a later stage. So that’s what you did, hauling through box after box and wondering how on earth he had so much stuff. You peaked inside one box seeing it was full of notebooks, pages full of ideas and dialogue for stories. You spotted a few with your own writing on them, leftover from the days where you could imagine world’s and characters and could bring them to life with words. He had a lot of your old essays and submitted stories too, a manuscript you had written at aged seventeen which had won you the scholarship. You moved these items to one side, intending to take them to your own from, for what, you weren’t sure. Stealing a glance into another three boxes you saw they were full of letters, fanmail you realised, because fans of writers actually still sent handwritten letters. At the top of one box sat a shoebox, some how different from the rest as the other letters were just piled into the boxed haphazardly, but when you ventured further and looked inside, you again saw that it was just letters. Did Spencer really need to keep all of these? Or could they at least be filed better; perhaps sorted out into folders rather than rammed into boxes. You made a mental note to ask him just as the doorbell sounded.

You made your way to the door, peering through the glass and seeing it was Emily. You opened it to her.

“Hey Y/N!” she smiled warmly and then took in your nightclothes, a concerned look clouding her features. “Still not feeling well?”

“I’ve been unpacking actually. Haven’t had chance to get dressed… Haven’t had chance to even eat or drink actually. Do you wanna come in?” You held the door open and your nearest neighbour stepped inside, looking over the hallway and seeing that there were less boxes.

“So you have. Getting settled in then?”

You nodded.

“So um, I ran into Diana this morning when I was running some errands in town and I mentioned I was heading over to the Target in the city this afternoon. She suggested that you might wanna come? Apparently Spencer told her that he hadn’t really had chance to go grocery shopping yet. Would you like to come? I know it’s not the most exciting of adventures but we could chat some more, get to know each other?”

Something told you that while you were living in this town, you were going to be forced to be social whether you liked it or not.

“That would actually be really great Emily, although I haven’t even had chance to sort the kitchen out yet. The freezer is still frozen over and I need to toss all the expired food out and make a list of what we need. But at least if I come with you I can find out where the Target is. Thank you for offering. Would you mind terribly if I jumped in the shower first though? I’ll be as quick as I can?”

Your raven haired neighbour…. new friend? nodded. “That’s fine, I can wait. And I’ll tell you what, I’ll take a gander around the kitchen whilst you’re getting ready and see what you need if you want? Even if you can’t get everything we can still get you kitted out with the basics.”

You grinned at her and told her that would be great, your face unaccustomed to smiling at people as often as you had these last few days. You bounded up the stairs and quickly showered and got dressed, shooting a quick message off to Spencer to let him know where you were going, should he come home earlier. You grabbed the credit card for his account too, quickly remembering the money he had given you yesterday.

You still had around half of it left and was torn between handing it back over, using it for groceries or just keeping it. Whilst it wasn’t your own money, he had given it to you and hadn’t asked how much the cell had cost you. You decided to keep it, stashing it in your makeup bag.

Maybe you’d ask Emily about waitressing jobs too so that you could add to it, so that you could have your own money.

A voice in the back of your head told you that if you had your own money, then maybe one day you could leave if things didn’t improve. And although you’d both said that things needed to change, were you really expecting them to?

In the short term, maybe.

In the long term term though?

That same voice wondered if you’d ever actually have the courage to walk out into the unknown, alone, without any support or anyone to fall back on.

Maybe though, if things didn’t improve it would be better to be alone.

You paid little attention to that voice as you quickly applied make up. Because if you did, you’d have realised that you were already setting things in place to leave. Because you knew what was surely inevitable of your situation.

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ONLY IF IT DOESNT BOTHER U AND IF U DONT HAVE ALREADY A LOT OF STUFF TO DO/WRITE!!! I’m sorry I’m gonna overwork you but lately there’s been a lot of angst in ur prompts so I’m just gonna ask u fluff. Like, an au where Alec works in ragnor’s bookshop and Magnus is suddenly interested in visiting more his friend or anything fluff u want idk

You asked for fluff and fluff you shall have *Thor voice*
Okay, I love this prompt and I also kind of loved the idea I had for it, so hopefully this isn’t too bad!
Thank you for the prompt :D

You know hearts don’t break around here

(read on AO3)

“You would not believe the night I’ve had – I mean, you’d think I’d be able to invent a hangover potion, and yet –”

Magnus stops dead in his tracks in front of the registry, hand still raised to massage his forehead; he takes a quick look around to make sure he’s actually surrounded by books and he’s not in the wrong shop. Plenty of books: check.

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Hey Miya ... you have ADHD too ... even I have it , I used to feel like I'm the only one but I have found a companion ! Yea ... just wanted to say that ... love your blog , honestly the 147 question is a lot but hopefully (toe hopefully ) you shall be able to complete that bubye💕

Hey anoon! Aww you’re cute. Thank you! And actually you’d be surprised, I’ve read quite a few charts of people that have it. A lot more common than people think. Many artists have it too, so that basically means we’re not alone at all and we’re surrounded by some amazing and creative people. :) I think this cute little shit has it too:

Originally posted by kingyeoly

(astrology speaking i can see it in his chart but since i’m not a psychologist please understand that this is just guessing)

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Shut up Frank. Vanessa should NOT stay away from Charity. Not only is it an intresting pairing, they actually have a lot of chemistry. And if they start dating the family tree/dynamic would be even weirder and more complicated. Something I'm always for because it's fun.

Hopefully the fact that they had him say that, means that maybe she won’t be able to stay away from Charity and they will do something with them as a pairing. We shall see!

Theory: The kitchen Fitz is in isn’t the one at the Playground.

If you‘ve seen the new trailer, you’ll know there is a distinct lack of Fitzsimmons however we do get a small shot of Fitz standing in a kitchen. However, I just watched 3X19 with its famous kitchen Milton scene literally yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice some major differences so it makes me think that he’s not actually in the Playground.

My current running theories for where he is are tied between Scottage/some other house that he shares with Jemma or wherever Radcliffe works

Putting a lot of it under the cut because there are a lot of screenshots

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