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Typical Siblings

Winchester sister imagine series part three.

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

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Warnings: Mrs. Potty mouth wrote this (capital L language), sibling fight

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: The next part to the series will be called Meeting the Other ‘Me’. I said it last time and I’ll say it again, mainly for credits, I did use some outside quotes here and there, I don’t have sources but just know it’s not all from just my brain. Mainly it is, but still.

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“Three months??? Are you kidding me Y/n?” Dean walked around the bunker, scolding you and stomping his feet with every step he took.

Actually, it was two and a half months, you’re adding an extra week in there…also I’m not kidding,” okay, maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world to be a smart ass right now, but you couldn’t help being honest (kind of). “It’ll be three months exactly in about a week and a half if you want to get technical,” you just had to add that in there didn’t you?

“Well if you want to get 'technical’, there won’t be a three month mark. Or another mark on your damn calendar for that matter. You’re taking the damn pills, you need them,” Dean had his finger extended towards you as he continued rambling on. So naturally you extended your own choice finger and pretended it was a thing of lipstick.

“What I need you to do is get out of my ass and let me make my own decisions,” still as you spoke, you sat at the table looking at him like you were saying 'try me, I dare you’.

Sure you loved him, you knew he loved you too. He thought this was what you needed, to have pills floating around in your system. You’d been on meds since you were three, never having a say in what went into your body. No way in actual hell you were being forced to take some meds that made you 'balanced’, you were fine the way you were.

“I’m putting my foot down Y/n, you’re taking them,” okay, now he was pissing you off, and you really really really tried not to get in a bad mood because it was like this whole different side of you came out sometimes.

“Stop wasting air by spouting utter bullshit from your mouth. I’m not taking the pills,” your arms were now crossed, if he wanted to really go down this road, oh you’d take him down it with a smile on your face.

“Yes- you are,” the look on his face grew to be deadly serious, more than it had ever been with you before.

Sam and Cas just stood silently in the background, not daring to say a single word. They both knew this wasn’t going to end well for anybody.

Make. Me.” the space you put in between the words must’ve set something off inside of him, because his eyebrows raised as an 'I really don’t care’ look spread on his face.

“Fine, if you really want to do it that way,” wait…was he serious? Was he actually going to make you down like three pills by force? Ha. Game on brother.

He began walking towards you, but being smaller than him, you had an advantage. Quickly, you stood up from the chair and pushed it in the way of his direct path towards you. There was only one room in the entire bunker which had a really good inside lock: the bathroom. From behind you, the sound of him grabbing a few pill bottles, their little white oval spawns of hell rattling inside the container as he hauled ass after you.

Good news? You had reached the bathroom before him. Bad news? He had stuck his foot in the door so you couldn’t shut it. Before you knew it he had pushed his way in- you were trapped. Setting the bottles down on the counter he just stood there, looking at you after he had blocked the doorway completely.

“Take. Your. Pills.” he was pointing to the bottles resting in an uneven line on the counter, did he really think you were just going to take them?

Screw. You.” you repeated the same tone he had.

Suddenly he lunged at you, pinning you against the wall with all of his body weight. Cas and Sam stood in the doorway, probably to make sure neither of you shot each other, sometimes you got on each others nerves and well- let’s just leave it at the crazy had rubbed off on him more than he already had it. Trying your best to escape his grasp, somehow you both ended up wrestling on the floor. Both of you were facing towards the door, but he grabbed your waist and pulled you backwards to him.

“Get a cup Sam!” your other brother was gone, getting the required tool for this moment of torture.

Pulling you into his lap, he wrapped one leg over you to hold you down and held your upper half of your body in his arms, stopping you from moving. Both of your arms were being squashed by the weight of his leg, leaving you powerless.

“Stop you asshole!” wiggling from side to side you attempted to get free, but failed on an expert level.

Sam returned with the cup, Dean’s hands were busy holding you still, so he instructed Sam to do the rest.

“Put the pills in the cup, then hand it to me,” oh this was such bullshit. How was Sam going to help him? How in the fuck was Cas just going to stand by and watch like it was an action movie?

Sam did as he was told, and handed Dean the dixie cup.

“Open your mouth,” one hand held your chin, the other held the cup. But your lips stayed shut tight.

Dammit Y/n, open your mouth!” he wasn’t necessarily yelling, but it sounded like he was because he was out of breath.

His free hand from the cup repositioned to a tighter hold on your jaw, squeezing in just the right place so it would open just a bit. By now all the pills were dissolved, so all that mattered was the liquid got into your mouth and down your throat. Quickly but carefully, he poured the cups contents into your mouth, then shut it tightly so you wouldn’t be able to spit it out at him.

“Swallow,” you shook your head at his request.

Swallow it,” another shake.

It got harder and harder to not swallow as seconds passed by, you were needing to breathe out of your mouth but couldn’t. So your nose was flared to allow more air to pass through with each quick deep breath. You didn’t want to, it was like you had no control, but you swallowed. Putting the medicine into your system.

“Was that so hard?” his grip on your face was no longer there, and his leg unwrapped from around you.

Go fuck yourself you stupid cunt,” oh you were beyond mad, you’d never called him anything like that, or told him to- you know fuck off.

The next hour you were being watched like a child to make sure you didn’t throw up what was forced into your system, the rage inside of you was enough to burn down the bunker. He was so going to get it.

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The Human Way

Title: The Human Way 

Prompt: @wayward-mirage: Ask and you shall receive!  Lucifer x reader.  And let’s go with public smut if you are comfortable writing it.  If not, then how about watching fireworks together.  *** I decided to go with the public smut ^^ 

 Summary: Lucifer decides he wants to help you out on a case, but when he sees you in your FBI attire, that tight skirt…he can’t help but get a little frisky.  

 Warnings: SMUT

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There were a lot of benefits to being a hunter.  You had one hell of a poker face.  It was hard to surprise you.  You were able to stay calm in intense and awkward situations.

The disadvantage of dating and being in love with an archangel…he proved all of those benefits you thought you had…wrong.

“I’m just curious. You are always hunting, I want to see what it is like.”  Lucifer stated as he sat at the small table in your motel room.  

He had stopped by last night and the two of you spent the night in, enjoying each other’s company.  Both of you had been pretty busy lately, so it was nice to have some time together.  And Lucifer decided it would be great to prolong that time, and accompany you on a hunt.

“Alright, you can come.  But you follow my lead, we do it the human way, and no killing anyone.”  You said quickly as you zipped up your duffle.

Lucifer remained silent for a moment before agreeing to your terms.  You began discussing the case with him, giving him all the details and giving your ideas of what the monster of the week could be.

And before too long, you were sitting in your car in front of the police station.

“I approve of that skirt.”  He spoke seductively as he looked you over.

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Daily Robbie Kay presents The Robbie Kay #Positivity Week! There’s been so much negativity in the fanbase and as we’ve just added our IG social media platform, I think now’s the perfect time to bring some positivity back into the fandom. 

So, what is it? Each day will have a specific category, which is listed below. On these days, you simply need to upload a picture (either on here, Twitter, IG or all 3!) and tag it with the official tag: #rkpositivity. Don’t stress if you can’t edit: this event is for everyone. And if everyone joins, hopefully we can bring some light into the fandom and remind Robbie that we are here. And yes, this will be carried out on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Here are the days:

  • Day 1: Favourite look
  • Day 2: Favourite scenic photo (that he’s uploaded - let’s show how much we appreciate his rad photography skills!)
  • Day 3: Favourite convention
  • Day 4: Favourite selfie
  • Day 5: Favourite edit (make sure to credit the original editor if you can)
  • Day 6: Favourite role
  • Day 7: Free for all!! Upload anything you like with a personal message to Robbie. 

Most importantly, when will it start? Day 1 will start on the 6th of March. Yes, it’s soon, but I don’t want to drag the waiting out. I’d love for it to start next week, but I think 2 weeks is preferable in order to spread the word. 

Please hop on board with this if you can, on any of the social media platforms. The team and I are excited to do this and (as I’ve said so many times) forget about all the drama that’s going on. Also, feel free to tag as well! We’d love to see everyone’s contribution to this. And, of course, don’t forget to tag the amazing Robbie so he can see all the love from everyone ♥ 

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So, online and offline updates time!

ONLINE: I’ve made it my goal to blow through my entire to-do list by midnight Sunday. This means finishing a couple memes I’ve been tagged in, as well as memes I’ve completed- but only for one character (i.e. the Film Noir one), as well as the one ask prompt I’ve got in my inbox (Sorry for the delay, Windi!).

Likewise, I’m gonna overhaul my “About the Muses” page with fancy banners- I’ve already replaced the silly descriptors with much more useful concise descriptions, and added Sparrow and Niamh in preparation for SB. I’ve been working on filling out that comprehensive profile form that’s been floating around, and I’m excited to have something decent for my horde soon.

OFFLINE: My new home on the east coast is officially 100% confirmed, and I’m working on ride plans now. No date is set, but I was recently given until May 1st to move out, and I’m hoping for mid-March at the latest. It’s also a 17 ½ hour trip not counting traffic so THAT WILL BE FUN (my cat’s used to long drives now, at least, and I’ll be staying somewhere in MI for a night as a midway point).

For the time being, I’ll be a basement goblin, but its better than nothing and better than having yet another “stranger danger” experience. The friend (good ex) I’ll be staying with is planning on moving once his lease ends later this year, but (I think I’ve mentioned this before?) the chance of him getting his mom’s paid off house is also still on the table, which would still be amazing.

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I'm sorry I'm just now seeing your reply but can you write an imagine where the reader is black and is a loner who doesn't get out much and is very shy and nice and unbeknownst to her is being watched by the joker who's formed a slight obsession with her can you also make it so he's actually been in her apartment before but she has no clue how they meet can be up to you and what transpires after they meet can be up to you just make it romantic and cute but not over the top thank you so much ❤😘

Omg I love it! Thank you so much for the request! It shall be added to my list! 💕💕

KHH Recs List #1

So this shall be my first recommendations list revolving specifically around Korean Hip Hop songs and artists that I really love. I added the links and I’ve tried to find ones that contain english translations but some can’t be found. Somehow every song and artist I know has been wiped off my brain so these are the ones I can currently remember.

San E

Road to Success / I Wanted to be Successful /  성공하고 싶었어 : This song has got to be my favourite from his recent album. The sincerity, the lyrics hit me hard. I listen to this song whenever I feel as though I’m losing myself, kind of like a reminder for me to never forget who I am.

She’s : Also my favourite from his recent album. It hits home for me. Telling the girl that it’s not her fault, that she doesn’t deserve to hurt, that she deserves better than the guy she has. I honestly feel this is a song he made for himself, with his ex-girlfriend complex and all.

I Wish You to be Unhappy ft Bee : There’s actually another version of this song - A version filled with a hell lot more hatred and anger and Fuck Yous called I Wish You to be Unhappier - but yeah, this was the first song I came across from him and it’s definitely my all time favourite because it was what made me interested in korean hip hop.

Where Did You Sleep ft Verbal Jint & Swings : My love for this song is beyond words

Break Up Dinner ft Sanchez : It hits me hard, real hard.

Using You ft Joe Rhee

Verbal Jint

You Deserve Better ft Sanchez : The MV screwed up my brain so bad and need I say more about his verses?


The Cure : Bitter-sweet song that hits you right through your heart

Buckubucku ft EE, Dino-J & Rap Monster 

Rebel Music 

Angel : This song is one of the reasons I still smile

Let It Go ft Junhyung : I’m a rebel without a cause, let’s run away like we were outlaws, leave it all behind, like no love was lost <- My favourite line


Neck Breaker Cypher ft Ugly Duck & Digiri 

365 Album : I’m not even kidding when I say that you have to listen to his whole album. Literally every song has been well-produced.



Profile : By far, one of my favourite songs from them

Illionaire Gang 

2Chainz & Rollies

Multillionaire Album : Yes, the whole album. Listen to it.

 Good Luck 

So What : That uptown funk reference though


Dreamchaser ft Dok2 & Crush

In My Head ft Swings

No Manners ft Gray

Hold Me Tight ft Crush

You Don’t Know


Crew Love

Do It

GMNI aka Gemini

This guy is my favourite rapper on YouTube so I thought I should ask you guys to check him out. He’s currently doing remix covers of songs but in due time, he’ll put up his own works. Here