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c3 zelink (legend of zelda lmao) for the drawing thing if you're still doing it :-))

My tablet’s busted, so had to whip out the old pencil-paper method. I’m not very familiar with Legend of Zelda, hope i did some justice, and that you like it!

I forgot I had this sketch on my inktober sketchbook. My first attempt to draw them kissing 😘

History Meme: 7 couples (1/7)
Hans Hermann von Katte & Frederick the Great

The story of Hans and Frederick is perhaps one of the most tragic historical love stories of all time. Hans was a nobleman from birth, coming from a long line of aristocratic military men, but even then he wasn’t high enough on the social ranks to be associating  with the likes of the royal family. However, this hardly stopped the crown prince, Frederick, from getting to know and befriending him. It is unclear when the two first met, but it is said that when he and the prince attended the same private mathematics and mechanics class, the two became fast friends. Wilhelmine, Frederick’s older sister, frequently admonished her brother for acquainting himself with those who were ‘below them’. This did nothing to change Frederick’s mind about the young lieutenant that had caught his fancy. Together the two boys shared a love for poetry, the flute and the French language. Based on their letters to one another, it can be inferred that they both spoke in French between them. As the years went on, Hans became the prince’s close confidant as well as his protector. In fact, the lieutenant was known to have stood guard while the prince practiced playing his instrument so that he wouldn’t get punished for it if someone were to find out and tell the King. The closeness of the pair didn’t escape the attention of the Prussian court and for a while it was wildly speculated that they were in fact, lovers. Some even said that they “behaved like a master and a mistress” when they were together.
In 1730, Frederick trusted Hans enough to tell him about his plan to run to Britain to escape his father’s abuse. Hans, although he understood his beloved’s reasons, did not support the idea of the crown prince abandoning his country and did all that he could to convince Frederick that there was another way. During this time, Hans was the only person Frederick trusted to deliver correspondence between him and his sister so Hans frequently visited the princess. Wilhelmine, who wasn’t at all fond of Hans, accused him of poisoning her brother’s mind with ideas of escaping, to which Hans replied: “As long as I am with that beloved prince, I shall prevent his executing his designs,”. When the princess heard this, she told the lieutenant that he was putting his life on the line even if he opposed to her brother’s plans. Hans simply answered: “If I lose my head, it will be in a good cause. But the prince will not forsake me,”. In the end, Hans supported Frederick’s decision to leave. Together the two of them, along with their dear friend Keith, plotted to leave at separate times and meet up at the town of Leipzic so they could go over to England. The night the prince was scheduled to leave, he wrote to his beloved: “I am off, my dear Katte. My precautions are well taken, so I have nothing to fear. I shall go through Leipzic,  where I shall pass myself for the marquis d'Ambreville. I have already sent word to Keith, who is to go straight to England. Lose no time, for I expect to meet you at Leipzic. Adeiu! Be of good cheer,” Unfortunately, Hans was held up at a town and was caught before he could make his escape. Frederick had a good head start, but he too was captured and the both of them were thrown into prison, accused of treason. Both of them were interrogated roughly and subjected to prisoner-like living conditions for months. Although Hans confessed to being an accomplice of Frederick, he defended his beloved’s decision and never once mentioned that Wilhelmine was a part of their plans. Frederick was said to have given the guards nothing but haughty, harsh and insulting answers, refusing to subject himself to his father’s will. When he did say his side of the story, his alibi lined up perfectly with Katte’s. Frederick William, the prince’s father, was so outraged that he wanted to put his son to death. However, the Holy Roman Emperor opposed to this idea since Frederick is the crown prince and the heir to the Prussian crown. He turned all of his anger towards the unfortunate Hans, who was only initially sentenced with life imprisonment. His executioner refused the command twice and even apologized to Hans when he was sent to escort him to the execution site. The young lieutenant smiled and replied: “I die for a prince whom I love, and I have the consolation to give him, by my death, the strongest proof of attachment that can be required. I do not regret the world,”. Frederick in the meantime was brought to an apartment with a view of the execution stand. He thought that he was going to be executed, but the knowledge that Katte was safe gave him a little comfort. In the morning, the prince was awakened and was forced to look out the window where his love was standing at the scaffold. Frederick attempted to to throw himself out the window, but was held back by the guards. “Delay the execution!” the prince screamed, “I am ready to renounce my right to the crown if his majesty will pardon Katte!” then turning to Hans, Frederick switched to speaking French and said: “Please forgive me, my dear Katte, in God’s name, forgive me!” Hans had nothing but a smile when he called back, “If I had a thousand lives, I would sacrifice them all for you. There is nothing to forgive, I die for you with joy in my heart!” Before the axe hit Hans’ neck, Frederick had already fainted away. After he awoke, the prince became so ill that his life was in danger for three consecutive days. He was ravaged by hallucinations and nightmares and even refused to take any medicine. Frederick calmed down, however, when he was told that his mother and sister would die if he did. Days later, when the prince was in a better state of health, guards came by to ask him to write a letter resigning himself to his father’s will. At first, the prince refused but, feeling like he had nothing to fight for, he eventually stopped fighting and gave in. Wilhelmine mentioned in her memoir that for weeks, her brother insisted on wearing the brown coat that he was given as a prisoner until it was battered and torn, because it was similar to the one Katte wore when he was killed. Frederick remained in a state of depression for quite some time until he shook himself out of it and never spoke of Hans ever again. Through his life, he never fell romantically for any other man or woman nor did he participate in any kind of sexual activity. (All quotes were taken from Wilhelmine’s memoirs)

Jack Falahee as Hans von Katte Toby Regbo as Frederick the Great
Royalty Starters

“Your Grace, a petitioner has come to see you.”

“My sword, my arm, my life, I pledge to you, my king/queen.”

“The beast has demanded the princess as tribute.”


“I will fight your champion!”

“Your highness, your father/mother is dead. You are now King/Queen.”

“You have been charged with High Treason against the Crown. How do you plead?”

“I find you all guilty of High Treason against the Crown!”

“What punishment does Your Grace see fit to give such a low creature?”

“That boy/girl there is a false heir. I am the True Prince/Princess!”

“I seek your hand in marriage, my lord/lady.”

“Shall I make the engagement arrangements, Your Majesty?”

“The prince/princess has run away with a stablehand! I’m gathering a force to bring him/her back.”

“This war has lasted too long. May we find peace between us?”

“There will never be peace so long as that fat king rules!”

“The enemy has invaded the western half of the kingdom, and the wild tribes of the south are rising up. What are we to do, Your Majesty?”

“The heir is born!”

“The heir has died!”

“The prince/princess is excelling in their lessons, Your Grace. You must be proud.”

“The princess has taken an interest in swordplay. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“The prince/princess has taken an interest in magic. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“Have you heard the news about the Prince and that floozy of a maid?”

“I heard the King is having an affair.”

“Everyone knows the King/Queen is sleeping with the court fool, give me some new news!”

“All hail King/Queen ___! Long live the King/Queen!”

Esmeryl did not let the eyes that bore into her soul falter her steps in the slightest. 

Let them stare

She walked toward the coliseum as the Princess Knight, and had faced far worse and more devastating odds than jeering looks from the gazes of her oppressors. They were only sheep, and she would pay no mind to the voice of the masses. 

No. Her one focus was to beat the last gladiator who stood before her. He was the opposing nation’s strongest and finest warrior - a real savage in the ring. Twice her size and weight, but she’d seen him fight before and she was not frightened. 

Size didn’t determine anything. Strength alone was never enough in combat, not when your opponent was wise, swift, and had strength all her own. 

The crowd howled as she came into the arena, and Jeroff the Gorger - her opponent - jeered louder than the rest and through up his arms for applause. Esmeryl did no such thing and continued forth with unhurried steps, sword at her side. 

He watched her approach, laughter booming from his large mouth. He was open for every angle - a large armor-less gorilla. 

I am Esmeryl, the Princess Knight… But from today onward… I shall be known by another title. 

It was almost comical, the way her blade moved with ease and without warning. The way Jeroff’s expression turned baffled and a line of red appeared on his thick trunked neck. A sweeping violent hush fell over the coliseum. 

The only sound that followed was the sound of Gorge’s knees hitting the dirt, then the thunk of something heavy landing at her feet before Jeroff’s headless body listed to the ground. She held up her bloody blade, expression one of stone. 

I am Esmeryl, and from now on… I am the Princess Champion. 

Princess Emma “I may be a Princess, but I shall not ruin my hair and I am unafraid of ticks.” Swan

Emma “The entire kingdom may be looking for me, but I’m not going to make any attempts to hide my face.” Swan

Emma “God, she still likes the hood guy.” Swan

Emma “Regina, Regina! Look what I’m wearing!” Swan

…because Emma is totally not jealous and she totally didn’t put on her hood in the first scene after Robin Hood’s return for no reason, what are you talking about?



Viktor is a S rank hero with ice magic and one other thing im too tired to think of. Yuuri is a B hero and looks up to Viktor Very Much. Technically Yuuri can go be promoted but he never ever takes credit for his shit? He’s like a reverse King. King’s role is not filled by JJ whom i love dearly just to set things straight.

Anyway, Yuuri’s just… there. Protecting his small neighborhood and sometimes the next town over. Phichit controls ??? but it’s useful and he’s an A rank. Phichit has been Trying to make Yuuri claim credit for his own work because once he does, he can literally shoot up to A rank! But Yuuri is a Nervous Bean with imposter syndrome so.

So one day Yuuri’s dog Vicchan dies. He’s very sad. There’s a rare gathering where high A rank heroes and S rank heroes get to attend and Phichit brings Yuuri along as a plus one. Yuuri, true to his Yuuri Ways, proceeds to get epically smashed and sweeps Viktor Nikiforov off his feet in a fabulous show of both graceful dance and amazingly beautiful ice ability wielding. He says to Viktor that he wants to be Viktor’s hero and, as per usual, gets drunken amnesia the very next day.

Viktor, who is a Cool Hero having a crisis bc he doesn’t feel his work is inspiring him anymore and it feels like a chore, who doesn’t get adrenaline rushes when fighting monsters, who just feels so damn tired and really /doesn’t/ want to be the hero, is smitten. Lovestruck. He starts including Yuuri’s town/neighborhood thing in his little patrols and waves at everyone (Yuuri, he waves at Yuuri) but never really gets the courage to approach Yuuri who is marvellously ignoring his existence (out of anxiety, of course).

And then one day when Viktor is off-duty and wearing this hoodie and beanie and sunglasses (overkill, yes i know. But this is viktor.) some monster attacks. First victim happens to be Viktor. Just as Viktor is about to tear off his disguise and stuff. Well, actually he did tear off his disguise and was about to Fight, Yuuti swooped in and saved him and I shall include a nice princess carry somewhere in that scene.

Anyway, Yuuri fulfils his promise and such and Viktor is dokidoki and Yuuri drops Viktor flat on his ass when he realises just who he is princess carrying. Too late. Viktor has moved into the neighborhood and is now Yuuri’s neighbour.

Im too tired to think up any more at the moment but this WILL be continued

Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: This is a bit of a filler chapter, but its got mountains of fluff, so im sure you’ll forgive me until i release the next (more eventful) chapter tomorrow! :)



Chapter 4

You jump out of your skin as you get spun by hands that you knew all too well, staring wide eyed at Hoseok for all of 2 seconds before you instantly force yourself into his arms, not caring in that moment that he was a Prince— the conscious thought having lessened as of late anyway— and simply needing to feel something physical… needing to know you were safe.

‘Y/N, whats wrong? Why are you out of bed? The ahjumma came and woke me because she heard you shouting in your sleep and she couldn’t wake you-‘

‘I had a nightmare.’ You murmur into his neck, not realizing you’d started crying until you feel the moisture decorating his skin where you have your face pressed to his neck, the feeling of which has him pulling you back to your room, making sure the door is closed before sitting on your bed and kneeling before you.

‘What did you see?’

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Chapter One
Björn Ironside X Reader

Your father, King Ecbert of Wessex, hadn’t told you about the arrival of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok to the castle. But then again, he never told you anything, believing that you were as unimportant as the servants. He hadn’t cared for your mother either. Always more of a fan of your sister in law Judith, they’d lain together multiple times and you couldn’t understand how your brother was alright with it. But as soon as your mother died he payed less attention to you and didn’t even really acknowledge your existence. As soon as he started having meetings with Ragnar Lothbrok, he got Athelstan to teach you Norse, but no one told you why. If you had then you wouldn’t have done it. You learnt languages quickly because you had nothing else to do. So you were now fluent in Norse but had no idea what words were specific to their culture.

A few months after their first meetings, you were invited into the throne room. Greeted by the same bright blue eyes of the Viking. He looked at you carefully and now you could see a tall blonde man behind him, along with the usual entourage that came with him. Your father beckoned you over and after a side glare at him, you walked over to him.

“This is my daughter, Princess Y/n.” Your father smiled and you saw the blonde boy fidget slightly.

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Princess Tutu: Ahiru + TV Tropes

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How would STARISH react to waking up and discovering their S/O had started their period during the night? (Like the S/O got their period early and didn't use tampons/pads so theres blood everywhere?)

Okay this surprisingly took a while! I hope you like! :3


“It’s really alright, _____-chan.” His palms grazed against your cheeks and he pressed his forehead to yours in a sense of comfort.

You nodded, so embarrassed that you were as red as his hair colour. You expected him to be shocked out of his wits and disgusted. You didn’t think he’d act the contrary. Patient and understanding.

“I’m sorry..Otoya..” You mumbled and he shook his head firmly. “You couldn’t have known, _____-chan!! It’s perfectly fine!” He assured, patting your head. You smiled weakly in reply.

“Now then, let’s clean up! I’ll give you a hand!” He said with a nervous smile as he pulled off the bedsheets.


Without a word, he removed the sheets, taking them to the laundry. You opened your mouth, trying to say something, to apologise but no words tumbled out. You drooped your head, playing with the hem of your skirt.

Masato was the one who first spoke up. “It’s a natural process.” He cleared his throat. “You can predict when it comes but it isn’t necessarily correct. It’s okay, _______.”

You took his hand and he clenched your palm, his fingers stroking your skin. “Masato….”

“It’s fine, _______.” You looked up to see his amethyst eyes softening with concern and understanding. You tried to smile. He smiled back in response, kissing your fingers.

“Let’s work on cleaning up now.” He offered, motioning to the bathroom.


Surprise was evident in the blonde’s face when he awoke to the red mess beside him and you fervently trying to clean it up. He got off, helping you shrug off the bedsheets and he put the stained bedspread into a bucket of water.

“______-chan, accidents happen!” He said, in an attempt to console you. “I should have put on a pad…” You muttered under your breath and he frowned. He pulled you into a tight hug.

“I said it’s okay, _____-chan. I’m not irritated by this at all! Remember that time when I spilt my tea all over the bed?” He asked patting your cheeks.

You chuckled. “That’s not the same thing…”



“I’m so sorry, I’ll clean it up–” You felt the heat gush up your cheeks as you frantically pulled off the corners of your bedsheets, tugging them off more roughly than you intended to.


You bit your lip, bundling the fabric and making a run for the bathroom but your boyfriend caught your wrist, steadying you in place.

“Tokiya–” You started but he raised his palm, requesting you to not say anything. You stopped midway and shook your head, looking away.

“_______. Do you think I’m bothered by it? Yes it’s blood but menstruation is an entirely normal process for your body. Nothing about it is disgusting. If anything, please let me help you wash the bedsheets.” His lips curled into a reassuring smile at his last statement and you fought back tears that threatened to well up and fall over.

He kissed your forehead. “It’s completely fine.” He cooed, taking the cloth from your hands and dunking it into a bucket.


“I’m sorry…” You mumbled, burying your hands into your face. Your boyfriend made sure you changed and didn’t leave the couch as he quietly changed the bedsheets.


He didn’t reply, stretching his back. “Say it. You’re obviously pissed and eh..disgusted.” You pointed out, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. “I want to help you clean my mess at least.”

“Lady.” You looked up to meet his concerned gaze. “I’m not at all disgusted. It’s natural right? The only way to temporarily stop this is by..” He trailed off, his lips curling into a wolfish smirk. “Is by you and I having loads of–”

“STOP! DON’T CONTINUE THAT!” You said, your voice shrilly as you tried to fight down that red blush threatening to surface. He laughed, his eyes glinting with teasing humour.

“I appreciate you wishing to help but I want you to sit there. I’ve not done laundry in a while so this’ll be a good restart.” He hummed, sauntering to clean your sheets. You trailed behind him, muttering “Good restart, my ass.” under your breath as a curse.


He jumped at the sight of red blood, tinting the sheets in an odd shade entirely. “_____!! You okay?!!” He yelled, worried if you hit something in your sleep. You shook your head, embarrassed.

“Its uh…” You pulled off the sheets, cursing yourself for not putting on a pad or a tampon last night.

“WHAT??” He asked louder, unable to decipher your muttering.

“PERIODS, SYO!” You replied back louder and understanding dawned on his face.

“Oh…uh…” He scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to say. You rolled your eyes, feeling like utter crap. “I know it’s disgusting.” You grumbled, taking the cloth to be washed.

“Nah..it’s okay. Things happen.” Syo tried to comfort you but he was afraid if you already started having mood swings. You bit your lip.

“Really?” You asked, hating that helpless tone in your voice.

“Yeah. I promise. We men have issues too.” He patted his chest, puffing it up to emphasise his point.

“Oh.” You smirked. “Like what?”

“The sudden urge to kiss his girlfriend when he knows he can’t do much.” He said with a grin, kissing your lips quickly. He pulled away immediately, suddenly embarrassed by his actions. “I’ll help if you want.” He said, looking away.


“MY PRINCESS!” He shrieked, crawling to the edge of the bed to help you remove the bedspread.

“Oh shit.” You cursed under your breath, rolling up the cloth and making a run for the bathroom.

“Wait!” Cecil called behind you. “What’s wrong??”

You blushed, unsure how to reply. You toyed with your toes, pacing about. You sighed, deciding to tell him crassly. “Periods…its okay..I’ll clean up, Cecil!” The words tumbled out of your mouth like lightening and you shut the door immediately. He frowned.

When you got out, you didn’t expect to be embraced tightly by your boyfriend whose arms pulled you close until you felt his breath at your ears.

“My princess, did you think I would find that gross? It happens to all women.” He kissed the back of your palm and peered into your (e/c), his emerald eyes unwavering.

“Cecil…” He smiled before kissing you softly. “It’s fine, my princess. I shall make you feel better!” He said, kissing you again.