i severely underestimated how long it would take me to do these

jim/bones, domesticity style:

big spoon/little spoon: Jim is what you might call an aggressive sleeper, which is to say that he flails and rolls and kicks in his sleep, which is to say that Bones has spent more than one morning yelling bitter complaints at the bathroom door while he heals the bruises Jim left in the night. When they first started sleeping together, Jim was the big spoon at his own insistence, wrapping himself around Bones before falling asleep with a possessive sort of finality that made Bones snort with laughter; he was not laughing hours later, when he awoke to the sensation of biting through his own lip because Jim had smacked the bottom of his chin in trying to roll away. There was trial and error for awhile, because Jim refused to be sedated, and Bones, for all his grumbling, refused to give up on actually sleeping with Jim; these days, Bones is the big spoon in a big way, wrapping Jim up firmly enough that he can’t lash out. They both bitch about it – Jim says Bones conducts too much heat to be human and must be concealing alien heritage, and Bones says he’s a doctor, not a straightjacket – but neither one of them actually minds. It’s more or less solved the problem. 

favorite non-sexual activity: People (well, okay, sentient being) watching. It’s a holdover from Academy; on that shuttle ride, the first time they met, Jim honestly did think Bones was going to throw up on him. In trying to avoid that outcome, he started asking Bones questions, and when it became apparent that personal questions made the guy depressed, neurotic, angry, or all three, Jim cast his net wider, pointing at random cadets and going, “So, what’s that one’s deal?” Bones’s answers turned out to be hilarious, ridiculous, and ridiculously hilarious, for all the neurotic streak didn’t prove to be shrinkable and the anger wasn’t so much a streak as a state of being. They spent most of that ride arguing about their totally unfounded opinions of people to whom they’d never spoken, snickering and emptying Bones’s flask and trying to look innocent when people cast them dirty looks, and then… well. Then they were doing the same thing at bars at the end of a long week, and over lunches in the mess, and via comms in the few classes they shared. They just sort of never stopped; it’s never stopped being fun. 

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