i seriously wanted to crawl up this tree and live in it forever and ever

BTS Reactions - You get your wisdom teeth removed

You hug your best friend for luck before you go into the room with the dentist. You’re super nervous to get your wisdom teeth removed, but mainly in case you say some stupid things! But that isn’t on your mind for long, because you’re soon counting back from 10…

About an hour later, you wake up, and see your best friend waiting in the corner, on their phone.

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Sink or Swim

Summary: After hearing about her successful fight with a mermaid, Pan trusts the reader with a secret: he doesn’t know how to swim.

Author’s Note: just a little something I wrote while on vacation with my family. Send in requests!

“Ha! Take that!” I yelled, laughing as I stabbed at a mermaid. She shrieked when my spear sunk into her smooth shoulder, injecting her with Dreamshade.

           The raft myself and two other Lost Boys were in jolted violently. Mermaids were rocking it to and fro, trying to get it to topple over. Grinning with delight, I fell back with a squeal at one particularly dangerous lurch. “Hold your breath, boys!” I called. “We’re going under!”

           Mav giggled as the waves sloshed against the sides of our little boat. “Taking the fight directly to them – I like it!” He taunted a mermaid with the bloody end of his dagger.

            Suddenly we were in the air, then we were slamming into the water with a crazy force. I gasped, bubbles escaping my lips. I kicked to the surface, gulping air as best I could with giggles bursting through. What a rush!

           A strong hand looped around my ankle and yanked me down. The water was icy and clear as day; the mermaid who had hold of me was fuming. Her nails scraped across my arms, leaving trails that stung in the salt water.

           My spear moved slower under water, but it still nicked her rib cage. She screamed when the Dreamshade entered, powerful tail rocketing her away in a rush of bubbles.

           I pushed my way back to the raft. Brody had already righted it once again. He offered me a hand up. “You see Mav?” He searched the surface.


           A jolt hit the boat, sending me sprawling over the edge. My spear flew out of my hand, landing near me with a splash. I tried to grab it, but it plummeted to the ocean floor before I could save it. I grimaced. I had really liked that one. It had taken me forever to freeze the Dreamshade and mold it into the tip of my spear.

           Now I was defenseless, and the mermaid who had sent me under was glaring at me. Thankfully, this is the one I had got in the shoulder early. Mav’s dagger stuck out of the side of her tail; I could see his feet as Brody hauled him back onto the raft.

           The mermaid was between me and the boat. My spear was gone. The only plus of the situation was that she was wounded. So what’s my option? How am I going to avoid being eaten by some seriously pissed off merfolk?

           I threw myself into motion, swimming as hard as I could for the shore. My arms ached with every arch; my legs burned with every kick. I could hear the mermaid trying to pursue me. I didn’t dare look back. It would slow me down. I had to count on the Dreamshade slowing her down – even though this was her natural turf…

           No. Can’t think like that.

           I pressed myself harder, barely breathing enough as I tore for the shore.

           The second my knee hit the gritty floor, I shoved myself into a standing position. I sprinted for the beach, wet clothes spraying water droplets onto the ocean like it was raining. The other Lost Boys were waiting, cheering and waving their arms wildly.

           Panting, I jogged until I was completely out of the surf. Then I turned around to look out to sea. My pursuer had given up. Maybe she had become too weak to go on, since Mav and Brody were now calmly paddling to shore.

           “I wasn’t expecting you to survive that dare,” Felix mused as Lost Boys slapped my shoulders in congratulations.

           I grinned and shrugged. “It was easy.”


“And then she out-swam the mermaid-”

           “Injured mermaid.” I corrected with a smile. “There’s no way I could’ve done that if she didn’t have Dreamshade in her.”

           Mav rolled his eyes. “Oh, please Y/N.”

           Brody clapped my back. “You’re way too modest. I’ve never seen anyone swim that fast. Ever.”

           Other Lost Boys chimed in. My cheeks warmed up and I lowered my gaze, smiling at my feet. We were sitting around the fire for dinner, filling Pan in on the adventures we had had while he had been away.

           I could feel his green eyes on me, taking in every move I made. “Is this true, Felix?” He asked, not taking his gaze off me for a second.

           “Sure is,” Felix grinned. “Pretty impressive, I must say.”

           Smirking, I rolled my eyes and shoved his shoulder good-naturedly. The rest of the night we ate and danced like every other night. The only difference being that Pan couldn’t take his eyes off me.


The next few days were relatively normal. Talk about my escapade against the merfolk eventually died down, switching over to tales being spun about how Felix had tracked the alleged Neverbeast half-way across the island by himself. I was glad that the attention wasn’t focused on me anymore. Mainly because every time somebody would bring it up, Pan would give me this… look. I can’t even begin to describe it.

           Today I decided to go explore by myself. Although I lived for the loud rush of going on crazy adventures with the Lost Boys, sometimes I liked the quiet.

           I found a sturdy willow tree with great limbs that stretched out over a little lagoon. Its surface was glassy; when I crawled up the thick trunk and swung my legs onto a high branch, the water looked like glass.

           I was still sitting there when the branch groaned. “Mind if I join you?” A voice asked, disrupting the quiet so abruptly I nearly fell out of the tree.

           “Hey Pan,” I recovered with a smile. “Not at all. Come on.” I pat the space beside me. He crawled over carefully, sitting close enough that his shoulders nearly touched mine.

           We sat in silence for a moment, listening to the quiet chirps of birds and rustle of wind in the trees. It was nice. Then Pan turned to me. “I’ve been meaning to speak with you.”

           I settled my palms on the bark beneath me. “What about?”

           He stared at me for a long moment. “Can I trust you?” He finally asked. “I believe I can, but I just want to be sure.”

           I wrinkled my nose. “Of course you can trust me, Pan.”

           He pressed his lips into a tight line and nodded. “Okay, then… I want to tell you a secret.”

           “A secret?” I echoed. “All right. I’m all ears.”

           “You have to swear you won’t tell anyone.” His voice became dark and threatening. “I mean it. If you breathe a word of what I tell you to someone, I’ll-”

           “Rip out my heart, yeah yeah yeah.” I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, Pan, you can trust me. I would never betray you like that. Now what’s up?”

           Pan took a deep breath. Then he glanced around at the surrounding area. Then he turned back to me, leaning in close enough for his lips to brush my ear as he whispered, “I can’t swim.”

           I furrowed my eyebrows, pulling back to look at him in confusion. “I don’t understand.”

           He ground his teeth. “I don’t know how to swim.” He spat.

           My eyes widened in understanding, and a small “ohhh” fell from my lips. It seemed a little silly that the King of Neverland, the all-powerful Peter Pan, didn’t know how to swim. But I wasn’t going to tell him that or tease him about it. It seemed like he was really insecure about it.

           Pan licked over his lips. His eyes were wild and darting all around, desperate to look at anything but me as he confessed. “I don’t know how, and usually it doesn’t bother me. If I were to find myself in water, I could use magic to get myself out. But I had this dream the other night – a nightmare. Someone had taken my magic, and I drowned.”

           I listened to his rant patiently. “Well, that was just a dream, Pan.”

           “I know that.”

           I held my palms up. “I’m sure you do. But you didn’t let me finish. Yeah, that was just a dream, but it felt real, didn’t it?”

           He was quiet for a moment, head inclined as he stared intently at the lagoon below us. “Yes,” he admitted. “And that’s why…”

           “Why what?”

           A deep breath. Then, rushed: “I wanted you to teach me. To swim, I mean. I wanted you to teach me how to swim.” He worked at a small hole in the knee of his trousers. “I heard about you out-swimming the mermaid and figured you ought to be pretty good, so I thought you could teach me.”


           His neck popped because of how fast his head jerked in my direction. “You’ll do it?”

           “Of course,” I pushed myself off the tree limb, dangling by my hands as I reached to balance my feet on the branch below us. “Let’s do it now.” I landed with a wobble, gripping the new branch tightly. “There’s nobody around to see you, so no one will have to know that you didn’t know.” I climbed down the rest of the way. “It’ll be fine, you’ll see.”

           I pushed off at the end, falling four feet before landing in a crouch. I brushed my hands off, slightly tender from the roughness of the bark. I kicked off my shoes and was about to step into the water when I noticed something.

           Pan was still up in the tree, on the same branch we had been perched on. I couldn’t see his expression well, but I knew he was looking at me since his head was bent.

           I shielded my eyes from the sun as I squinted up at him. “What are you doing?” I called.

           Hesitation. Then… “I’m a tad afraid.”

           A grin broke across my face. “That’s okay. I’ll be right with you the entire time. I won’t let anything bad happen to you, Pan.”

           “I’m unsure about this.”

           “It was your idea in the first place.”

           “Yes, well, it sounded good at the time. Now I’m not so sure…”

           “Oh, come on. It’ll be fun!” I put my hands on my hips. “Get down from there already, you codfish!”

           The air next to me shimmered, and suddenly Pan was standing in front of me, arms crossed and eyebrow raised. “I am not a codfish.” He said sternly.

           I smirked. “Prove it. Last one into the water is definitely a codfish.”

a comprehensive list of fukurodani tweets by me ft. my massive konoha bias:

  • bokuto and konoha go grocery shopping together. “what do you call a melon that’s not allowed to get married?” “don’t” “CAN’T ELOPE”
  • fukurodani discovers the john cena meme
  • imagine fukurodani third years…now imagine a fukurodani third year getting injured… hold that image tightly in your mind…
  • fukurodani does pumpkin carving for autumn and konoha complains about having to stick their hand into that gross pulpy mess / bokutos like “man you just gotta do it” and shoves his hand into the pumpkin. komi adds a “yeah konoha you have to like /  REALLY FIST IT LIKE REALLY GET YOUR HAND IN THERE AND-” konoha’s just god can you not ever say that again thanks
  • fukurodani goes to an amusement park. konoha takes a break to sit in the shade somewhere while everyone else rides yet another ride /  45 minutes later a missing child announcement goes up and konoha is sympathetic until they hear their name and the words /  "your family is by the ticket gate" when they reunite konoha’s just fuck YOU and YOU and STOP LAUGHING YOU KNEW WHERE I WAS AT /  komi envelopes them in a hug and weepy dramatics. sarukui joins. bo does too. he’s laughing RIGHT IN THEIR EAR. washio is so /  done he played no part in this. shirofuku joins in too. her stick of rock candy pokes konoha literally LITERALLY in the eye /  someone in the amusement park starts to clap. 1 of the roving park photogs offers to take a photo for the low low price of only /  bokuto starts rubbing his eyes. he’s actually started crying at some point & mutters something about how much i love u guys man /  konoha starts throwing out their elbows. someone grunts and complains. they don’t care, they DONT CARE /  the day ends as usual with bo encouraging everyone to buy matching foam animal hats. for the memories. akaashi will be so jelly

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Secret Santa

Okay, this idea totally came from bae @soldierboy-owen, who suggested all the doctors of Grey Sloan doing a secret santa exchange in which Owen cheats to make sure he gets Amelia. A little holiday fluff. It’s never too early for a Christmas drabble.

Secret Santas were stupid. They were stupid and hard and she didn’t like them at all. A few times she had conceded, thrown her name in at St. Ambrose or Seaside Wellness, and every time she wound up with a receptionist she barely knew. And then there was that spending limit that was always far too low for any decent gifts that she never knew exactly how much more to spend. And the awkward reveal was the worst – the absolute most embarrassing piece – when everyone had to pretend like they actually got something they wanted, when no one really did. It was stupid. And yet here she was, standing in the attendings lounge of Grey Sloan Memorial, picking a name from a ball cap like this was actually not one of the most annoying holiday traditions ever.

Swirling her hand in a circle above the cap, two fingers clamped together to retrieve a single folded slip. The moment of truth. Come on! Owen or Maggie or Callie! Hell, even Arizona or April would be easy enough, just– – –

Amelia frowned. Again. “Can I pick again?” she tried, but the request was ignored. Stuck. Well that was great. Just freaking great. How did she let them talk her into this!?

“What the hell am I supposed to get Alex Karev?” she whined, pouting against Owen’s arm as they wandered back into the bustling halls of the hospital. “I mean, what does he even like? Besides hot residents and fixing babies. I can’t exactly bring him either of those. Pretty sure it’s not in the budget.”

Her response was just a laugh and, “You’re creative. You’ll think of something.”

“Helpful,” she deadpanned, then let out a dramatic sigh. Tapping her fingers against the sleeve of his lab coat, a moment passed before an idea struck. With a wide, cherubic grin, the younger woman stared up at him. “Or, we could trade. You’re a man! You’d be way better at shopping for Karev. Come on, who did you get?”

But he just smiled. “It’s called secret Santa, Amelia. It’s a secret.”

The smile dropped. “Seriously? Owen, this is me you’re talking to. We don’t keep secrets, remember?” That promise was now being taken entirely out of context and twisted around for her own selfish motives and she couldn’t bring herself to genuinely care.

“We do for this,” he returned, breaking free from her hold as they reached the elevators to go their separate routes. “You’ll figure something out.”

Figure something out. Amelia huffed. She didn’t want to figure something out. She wanted another selection.

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anonymous asked:

This was a random idea I got from looking at random pictures of owls, but...when she was small, Anna ventures into the woods and comes across a wounded snowy owl that she helps heal. Several years later, Anna goes back to the forest after running from (insert tragedy she's trying to escape from here) and meets a young woman who calls herself Elsa, who later reveals herself to be the owl she saved years earlier. (Btw this owl is much bigger and the Guardian of the Winter Woods)

Ooh… this idea has a magical fairy tale aspect to it that I can’t resist. Let’s see what I can come up with, just off the cuff…

*hours pass*

Oh. Well, apparently I was in a dark place today. Anyway, here you go? I guess?

[TRIGGER WARNINGS: Death/gore, attempted assault]

How many times had her father told her not to leave the door unlatched? Especially when he and her mother were away in the village. When one lived at the edge of a dense wood, one through which any manner of beast could emerge… or any manner of person…

Branches whipped at Anna’s face as she tore through the trees that were normally her silent companions, today, a barrier. The man with the sideburns wanted to rob more than their silverware. His eyes had been dark and brooding when he pressed in toward her, and she tried to remember what her father said: escape by any means necessary. ‘Don’t worry about what you broke, just use it to stop them.’ Two chairs were probably damaged, but they had tripped the man up, given her just enough time to lunge through the door.

And now… now what?

So absorbed was she with looking over her shoulder, pleading with the gods that the man didn’t follow her, that she literally ran into the back of the woman standing in the middle of the shadowy clearing.

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Pokéstuck - Part 3 (John, Karkat, Dave)

The first thing you see when you wake up is hair. It’s black and it’s right in your fucking face. Up your nose and in your mouth. You spit it out. Ptbleh. Nice. Not.

Muted. Cocooned. Strange comfy isolated. You lie blinking sleep out of your eyes for a moment, fragments of dreams clotting your already muddled brain. Can’t figure out whether you’re cold or warm. Both, a little. It’s this all permeating awareness of being encased in ice, something heard of in the sharp-edged stillness at the periphery of your awareness. Basically it is fucking freezing. Worse, even, than yesterday. Goddamn. This truly is the shittiest tent ever. The edges of sleeping bags ever so slightly frosted over, forming a delicate filigree that pisses you off big time -seriously, you’re one fucking step away from waking up a human popsicle.

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