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Show Me That You Love Me

(ao3, buzzfeed article that inspired this nonsense)

(Monday, Feb 6)

Clarke: FYI, I’m telling my coworkers that we’re dating so this creep will stop hitting on me

Bellamy: You can’t just leave it at that.
How creepy are we talking?  
You know if I don’t get specifics my mind jumps straight to the worst-case scenario.

Clarke: It’s not that big a deal? Mostly just annoying
But he won’t take no for an answer so I told him I had a boyfriend

Bellamy: Not a girlfriend?

Clarke: They know I’m bi already because I ranted about gross stereotypes at the Christmas party
It’s why they instituted a two-drink limit
And if he doesn’t respect my hard “no” I doubt he’ll respect my girlfriend’s so

Bellamy: You sure you don’t want to date him? He sounds like a charmer.

Clarke: I was sure the first fifteen times he asked and my decision hasn’t wavered.
I wouldn’t have even mentioned it to you except I know Anya comes to the bar sometimes and I didn’t want you to blow my cover

Bellamy: Consider your cover secure.

Clarke: Thanks. I owe you one.

Bellamy: What are fake boyfriends for?

* * *

(Wednesday, Feb 8)

Clarke: WTF???

Bellamy: I see you got my flowers.

Clarke: They’re hard to miss seeing as they take up MY WHOLE CUBICLE
It smells like a rainforest
My allergies are killing me
Seriously. Why.

Bellamy: Can’t I just show my fake girlfriend that I appreciate her?
Why must you always assume I have ulterior motives?

Clarke: Because I know how expensive flowers can be and you’re the biggest coupon-clipping Scrooge I know

Bellamy: I’m helping!
I’m just trying to back up your story, Princess.

Clarke: You’re just trying to embarrass me in front of my coworkers is what you’re doing

Bellamy: Remember that time you made me do karaoke with you?
Some might consider us even now.

Clarke: You know Valentine’s Day is next week right? If you do something like this on a random Wednesday, you’re going to have to do something for that too or else Cage will think we’ve broken up

Bellamy: So I’m going to have to top myself is what you’re saying.

Clarke: I don’t think that’s what I said at all

Bellamy: If you insist, Princess.

Clarke: I don’t insist. I STRONGLY DO NOT INSIST.

Bellamy: Unrelated question: what song would you most like to have serenaded to you?

Clarke: If that’s how it’s gonna be then start preparing yourself
Cause it’s on, Blake

Bellamy: Dammit, I did not think this through.

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Thoughts on the Philly Pride Flag

Bear with me for this one and if you are going to read this post at all, read it to the end because it’s a journey.

The other day, when Philly released the Pride Flag that included brown and black within the colors, I had mixed feelings. Why? because I was a little annoyed at first but didn’t want to share that because it felt like white privilege and I didn’t want to come off like that. I realize that in itself is a very “white privilege” thing to say…but in order to make my ultimate point, I have to be honest. Even about the ugly parts of myself/thought process. 

Basically I was confused about what to feel and even though it’s not wrong to have feelings, I wasn’t sure the ones I was having were right.

But then I did a little thinking. Why was I so annoyed? Well, taking a little trip down memory lane and looking at my own rainbow journey: for so long I rejected the flag, I tried to ignore that part of myself. And when I finally did accept myself, I still rejected the idea of “pride.” 

It wasn’t until two things happened that I came to love that part of the community and myself. First, I found out what the Pride flag meant: it didn’t mean pride in sleeping with other men (which is what my naive self thought at first) it meant pride in not being ashamed of yourself. Each color represented something specific: ( Red-Life, Orange-Healing, Yellow-Sunlight, Green-Nature, Blue-Serenity/Magic/Art,Violet-Spirit).

Secondly, I really finally just accepted myself and realized I wasn’t ashamed of any part of me. So now, every time I look at the flag, I get that feeling in my gut where I just want to scream at the world “I am not less than you, I am me and I am here, and get on board or get out of my way!” It’s become very motivational.

Then Philly goes and changes the flag. And after my personal issues, I thought that they were changing the meaning of the flag - adding those two colors, to me, made the flag about race - something it never was about. It already was an over arcing symbol of the entire community. Or so my white brain thought.

AND THEN, I started reading posts and articles that, instead of taking an aggressive “If you hate the new flag YOU’RE the problem” attitude (Seriously that is not the way to have a conversation), but citing personal examples. People of color being excluded from bars, the horribly common comment so many gay white men and women say: “I’m just not into black guys.” and how all this has the backdrop of the rainbow flag. So it never gave these LGBT men and women the feeling of pride it gave the rest of us…because of things we did.

So I started some research because, well, I like to know things (and then promptly forget about specifics a couple weeks later.) Basically, the pride flag has already changed over the years. First, there used to be hot pink at the top that represented Sex. That went away because, according to wikipedia, the fabric was no longer available. In that same flag were turquoise (for Magic/Art) and Indigo (For serenity) which were merged to Royal Blue because, apparently, when hung vertically one of the colors was blocked by another pole and this fixed that. Obviously these were VERY important and significant reasons to change the flag. (Please sense the sarcasm in that statement).

WHAM. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew exactly how to feel after reading those types of statements: PRIDE. The new colors were not about a specific race, they stood for diversity and inclusion. Something that, within a community that on a whole is marginalized, is sadly missing. This change was actually being done for an important reason. I looked at that flag again and my feelings of misgiving were gone and replaced with those feelings of pride I have looking at the 6 color flag from before. 

I also at first had a little shame over my initial thoughts. But that passed. Honestly, I needed to feel those things, I needed to not agree with it because I needed this little journey. I had to recognize the inherent racism within myself in order to address it and overcome it and realize it was part of a problem. I had to learn that about myself so I can, hopefully, become a part of the solution.

Now, my only issue is the order…the black and brown together look out of place, as an artist I feel the aesthetic of the flag would do better to have the brown and black split and on either side of the rest of the colors, kind of hugging the rest of flag in a warm embrace of inclusion. But, they didn’t ask me to design it so it is what it is.

So, now maybe I’m just being self-indulgent writing this post. But, you know what? It is my flag too and if it’s gonna change, I should be able to comment on it…have a conversation…and learn to accept it. And maybe this post will help someone accept it too.

Those are my thoughts. 

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Some people already took the How to draw pearl post too seriously. A few of the crit blogs thought they were seriously telling people that "The Crewniverse is calling anything other than their style wrong". Some of them didn't actually press play. At least we can enjoy the funny joke though, right? Because that end product left me in tears :'D

Do you ever wanna like… talk to someone just to send them this 

because i have a mighty need right now

My issues with self-diagnosis - an example:

When I was in my early 20s, I was exhibiting traits of Borderline Personality Disorder (emotional instability, DSH, identity issues, fear of rejection, etc.) When I received mental health treatment, no specific diagnosis was suggested, but the difficulties I was experiencing informed the treatment I received.

A few years down the line, I am no longer experiencing any of these symptoms, which were caused by: (1) a predisposition to anxiety/depression; (2) poor self-confidence; (3) an unhealthy and manipulative relationship; (4) emotional immaturity and lack of healthy coping skills, due to an eating disorder in my late teens which hindered my development. I was having mental health difficulties for sure, but I did not have BPD – even though at one point I could have ticked every box on the diagnostic criteria.

At that time in my life, I am 100% certain that I would have latched on to a BPD diagnosis as my “identity” – just like having anorexia was my “identity” a few years earlier. This would (most likely) have massively hindered my personal development – because making progress and managing my symptoms would have felt like losing a part of myself. This would have been made a million times worse if I aligned myself with the BPD “community” – developing strong connections with “fellow sufferers” would make it harder to let my “identity” go by getting better, particularly if this meant losing friendships/support.

If I had diagnosed myself with BPD and interacted with people who have the disorder, any advice I gave them or experiences I shared would have been unhelpful because I did not have BPD. Yes, there was some overlap in terms of symptoms, but my experience of treatment and my recovery process were very different to what someone with BPD could expect, and any advice I gave them on the subject would have been misleading. Similarly, any information/advice I received would have been largely irrelevant to my specific situation.

Had I diagnosed myself with BPD, the only “benefit” would have been me feeling validated. This validation might have made me feel better in the short term, but could have hindered my recovery - which would almost certainly have had a knock-on effect on my personal, academic and professional development. 

I’ve read plenty of posts already which explain these points very clearly, but I thought adding a real-world example for context might be useful.

One point I do want to emphasise:
Although I was never given a diagnosis, my problems were taken seriously and appropriately treated. I am critical of self-diagnosis because of the reasons I’ve already explained, not because I think people who self-diagnose are undeserving of support.

Do you ever just find yourself remembering that Reiner and Bertolt were only 17 in the anime and already they had to deal with emotional trauma, the constant conflicting thoughts and feelings, the guilt of not only being the cause of all these people’s deaths but also the guilt of betraying people they grew up with and CARED about, and nearly getting sliced to death by the Ackerwoman™ (and not to mention A LOT MORE THINGS WHICH HAPPENS IN THE MANGA) and cry because I do

Husband Reacts to 1D: Iconic “Larry Stylinson” Moments 20-11

In honor of Louis filtering out “Larry” from his Instagram comments, it’s time for Part 2 of Husband Reacts to “Iconic Larry Stylinson Moments.” This was a frequently suggested topic, and Hubs already tackled Moments 30-21.

I dunno, honestly, Hubs thought this was stupid and stopped paying attention about halfway through. I totally agree with him, but I’m super busy with moving these next few weeks and didn’t feel like putting too much effort into a post, so here’s his sarcastic reactions to some stupid “Larry” moments. I’m sorry I just couldn’t take this seriously.

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*opens up arms to anyone that is sad over the many deaths of poc and lgbt + lately* come to shadowhunters, we have:

-trustful writers

-lgbt+ main characters

-the possibility (pretty sure) of a character actually saying the word bisexual

-4 out of the 7 main cast are poc

-most of the supporting cast is poc

-talks about racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia

-our lgbt characters are there as whole people and their story lines don’t revolve around their sexuality but it isn’t pushed to the side

-GREAT female characters with fleshed out storylines

-no cattyness between the females

-added a character not in the books and while she was thought to just be there to be a love interest the writers fleshed her out so well she became a fan favorite

-said female character didn’t come in between the lgbt characters and actually befriended and became very important to them

-interacial and nonwhite relationships

-very gay

-an Asian bisexual character who is allowed to be sexual, desired, and incredibly kind 

-no supernatural “no girl” moments where the boys actually talk and tell each other they love each other

-the writers really give a shit about their minorities and talk about it explicitly

-the cast fangirls/boys over the same-sex kiss in the episode named after said same-sex couple

-poc characters are not just there to get the poc quota but are very well-rounded characters and are treated extraordinarily well

-most poc characters were white in the books

-incredibly fun and doesn’t take itself to seriously

-possibility of wlw in season 2 most likely for sure by season 3 

-the fandom is already trying to steal arden cho for said wlw roles and the characters is half Asian 

-the cast is a dream

-so many more great things that i can’t even think of just watch it and revel in the greatness.

edit: jewish vampire simon lewis (forgot to add even tho i thought about this like first)
Okay but consider this: gender bent Robin Hood

- Robin is predominantly a girl’s name

- Backstory would be that everyone thinks Robin Hood is a boy because the sheriff of Nottingham couldn’t take being beaten by a woman and so had stories spread that the infamous Robin Hood was actually a dude

- Robin and Little John having the most incredible friendship of all time like tiny lady archer and burly staff-wielding giant kicking ass and taking names together hell yeah

- the band of merry men being male and female alike like we don’t care who you are, if you can kick ass and steal from the rich to give to the poor, welcome to the club

- maid Marian could totally be her lady lover

- OR what about asexual female Robin Hood and Maid Marian is her cousin and every time people are like wait I thought you were in love with Marian she’s like for fuck’s sake you people will do anything for a love story she’s my cousin for crying out loud

- female Robin Hood

- why are we talking about this why isn’t it canon already

Kuroko no Basuke Ch266 - Analysis of the Japanese Raws

I finally got my hands on the Japanese raws of this chapter \o/

I am not nearly as ashamed as I should be for doing a total breakdown of this now that it’s in my hands orz I know mosaku-k has already done a very good one of this chapter, I just have too many feelings. Please indulge my ridiculousness orz Also please feel free to pick apart my Japanese comprehension and/or add your own thoughts :)

Thanks to BPS chat for helping find good English phrases for the Japanese. And a warning for very image heavy post.

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i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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/u/thread/2032463#p2032550 do you know what this was about? thanks!

I happened to be looking at the weibo that the post mentioned.

Disclaimer: this recollection is entirely subjective, hence the translation remains so, and there is nothing from either Jolno or Kussun on whether they did indeed attend. As such, the only confirmation we can give is the equally subjective accounts of other Rippiters who were at Akasaka BLITZ on Saturday and also claimed to have spotted either/both of them. (Of course, given Kussun’s record, it would also be no surprise if she ends up talking about going, even though that may be a long time from now.)

Posts were only minimally edited to preserve the original tone to the best of my ability. Not reposted with permission. If the OP has any objections to this translation posted here, I will take it down.

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This is what most of his days look like, after:

Stiles wakes up. He counts his fingers, tries to catch his breath as he waits for his heartbeat to slow down and the sweat on his skin to cool. He showers. Some mornings he eats with his dad; some mornings Scott comes over for breakfast. Some days he goes to school and some days he doesn’t.

Once a week there’s therapy. Twice a week his dad takes him to the shooting range and teaches him how to fire a gun. Stiles hates how much he loves the weight of it in his hands, the violence of the recoil. Some evenings he puts his fingertips to his tongue and he hates the way the taste of metal calms him down.

Two months pass. Two months pass and Allison is still dead and Isaac still hasn’t come back home and Derek is still missing and Stiles still can’t sleep with the lights off, much less his bedroom door unlocked or the window cracked.

All things considered, he’s doing pretty well.

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