i seriously recommend this series to everyone

Everyone Needs to Watch American Vandal on Netflix

It’s a mockumentary meant to parody Netflix’s famous docu-series “Making a Murderer” (gotta appreciate them taking a shot at themselves), but takes itself just as seriously even though the subject matter doesn’t look like it deserves that serious of an inspection… at first. Though marketed as a comedy, I recommend approaching this as a straight-up drama, because it ends up being one of the most intricate, subtle dissections of 21st century teenage culture and the American educational system as a whole ever made. The actors are all age-appropriate for once too, and very good in their roles. Went in with 0 expectations and came away with my jaw on the floor. A must-watch.

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heyyooo i wanted to be annoying 😋 ahahahha im kidding i am just bored af cuz we are in sommer break and i wanted to speak w somebody if u dont reply its oke but maybe u can tell me ur favorite series or oneshots :)

Anonymous said:Any recommendations of bts stories

Haii! Lol okay, so i’ve read alot of ff over the years, so i obviously can’t name all of them. (i don’t even remember some of the names unfortunately) But i’ll list i few here that i really liked! (These are all bts x reader oneshots or series, and you may have already read a bunch of them cuz they’re amazing lol);

I Won’t Stop You by @imsarabum (Series / Jungkook x Reader / DIS WAS SO GOOD!)

Equilibrium by @tayegi (Series / Jungkook x Reader x Jimin / lmao just check out her whole masterlist! Everything she writes is amazing)

Lust & Errors by @imaginethisbts (Series / Jungkook x Reader / Who doesn’t already know about this amazing fic?)

Purple Jewels by @jiminniemouse (Series / Jimin x Reader / Yeaa, i think i love this one a bit too much lol)

Interference by @minnochu (Series / Jimin x Reader / I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES)

The Crimson Killer then after that, read Kisses of Carmine by @cosykims (Series / Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung / THEY BOTH MASTERPIECES)

Transference by @jeonjagiya (Series / Hoseok x Reader / LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH)

Miss Dial by @versigny an co-written by @cyphertrip (Series / Yoongi x Reader / Yep, i’m in love)

The Take-Home Test also by @versigny (Oneshot / Namjoon x Reader / I had to also mention this because… HOT DAMN)

The Purge by @jungblue (Series / Hoseok x Reader / Trust me, you’ll be craving for more!)

Save Me by @jungk0oksthighs (Series / Bts x Reader / This was amazing! It made me so emo at the end, but who cares man)

Blue Blooded by @hobibliophile (Oneshot / Jin x Reader / ASDJHSKL IT’S SO GOOD)

Kitten’s Got His Tongue by @seokvie (Series / Yoongi x Reader x Jimin / OH DAMN THIS IS SO GOOD AND STEAMY! Lmao but her entire masterlist makes me feel like this anyways)

Zaddy by @btssmutgalore (Series / Taehyung x Reader / Lmao i feel like everyone already knows this amazing fic. Her entire masterlist is amazing too!)

Alright, not only do i recommend these fics for you to read, i also recommend for you to check out their entire masterlists! Honestly, every single one of their works are beyond amazing, and i seriously do look up to them as writers! 

I’d recommend more but, tbh i don’t remember some of the names of the fics or authors because i read them so long ago, and stupidly forgot :’( Regardless, these are the main ones that pop up in my head as all time favs! <3

My Favorite Fantasy Series

1. The Lord of the Rings and the other books written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Seriously, go read them!!! They are amazing! I have read my copies to shreds!

2. The Percy Jackson books!!! All of them!!! I cannot choose a favorite series, so read all of them! Rick Riordan is a genius. 

3. The Song of Albion books are quite good! If you love a blend of myth and history, these books are perfect! Stephen Lawhead is a mastermind.

4. The Throne of Glass novels will keep you from ever putting the book down! These books are amazing, heart-wrenching, and soul-searching. Sarah Maas outdid herself. 

5. The Door Within trilogy caters to younger audiences, but who said age mattered?! These books will suck you into the story and you will be journeying right alongside the heroes. Wayne Thomas Batson should be a better known author.

6. The Iron Fey series is fantastic. I just discovered these books and they blew my mind! Usually, I feel most fantasy books are just knock-offs of Lord of the Rings, but these ones did not give me that impression. Julie Kagawa better hurry up and write the seventh book! 

7. The Circle Trilogy (plus the others) by Ted Dekker is a very interesting series that will make you question everything. I love thought-provoking adventures that open your perspective. This one certainly does that! 

8. The Hunger Games makes my list too. Sure, it is a popular series, but I read it before anyone else knew about it. This is probably my all-time favorite end-of-the-world, dystopian teen series. Go Suzanne Collins! 

9. The DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul are lesser-known but amazing! I have read this series a few times and I love the storyline so much! If you like dragons, brave heroines, and adventure, this story is for you! 

10. The Ranger’s Apprentice series is great. I have not read these books for a long while, but they will never grow old! I wish more people knew about the wondrous world John Flanagan created. 

Some honorable mentions that make the list but not the top 10 are Harry Potter (seriously so good, but everyone knows about them so I wanted to list the less popular books), Inheritance Cycle, The Chronicles of Narnia, any books by Gail Carson Levine, The Fionavar Tapestry, and the Rowan Hood series by Nancy Springer. 

If you want more books, or have questions about these, follow me on Goodreads (life-saver of a site)  https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/38402104-georgia-willard 


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Have you read My Immortal? If you did, what did you think of it? :)

WOW, anon, it’s like you are psychic!

I am actually a HUGE FAN of My Immortal, and I highly recommend reading it out loud at parties if you ever run out of fun things to do. Not only is it a real crowd pleaser, it’s a WORK OF MODERN ART and everyone should know about it.

BUT back to the reason I think you are psychic: I was introduced to THE AMAZING (MY) IMMORTAL WEB SERIES only yesterday by my lovely friend @noeeon and I’m so happy you gave me the chance to talk about it! I’m four episodes in and it’s freaking HILARIOUS, and so so clever, and I’m already addicted. AND THE DRARRY. THE DRARRY IS EVERYTHING. Seriously, you must watch it.

For full enjoyment, I think it’s best if you have at least a working knowledge of My Immortal. So if by some miracle you haven’t heard of it, I recommend you find a summary of it or something (read it out loud to your friends!) before you start watching. 


The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

5 out of 5 stars

I don’t normally like fantasy, as many of you know, but this book had been sitting on my to-read list for a while because I’d heard good things. I ended up loving it so much, you guys. For starters, the characters are all dark-skinned except for the villains, who are pale! That’s so refreshing, given how common the trope of “dark skin equals badness/evil,” which is both tired and extremely harmful and problematic. Nice to see it subverted.

So this book is about Elisa, a 16-year-old princess “twice chosen by God” (as her nurse, Ximena, says) because she is both royalty and a Godstone bearer. The Godstone only appears once every century, and it marks its bearer as someone destined by God for a great act of some kind. Elisa certainly doesn’t feel destined for greatness, given that she’s always lived in the shadow of her more beautiful, wiser older sister, who will become Queen when their father dies. And it certainly doesn’t help that the beginning of the book finds Elisa being married off to King Alejandro of Joya D’Arena, a man she’s never met.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot so as not to ruin any of the fun for anyone, but I do want to hit on three things I adored about the book:

  • Elisa is a really great main character. Did I mention she’s fat? There is one hiccup where she seems really happy that she’s lost a lot of weight at one point, which made me wonder if it was going to send the message that “now she’s skinny and she can start being awesome and attractive.” But I ended up finishing the series (the only reason I’m not reviewing the trilogy as a whole is that I really skimmed the second and third books out of sheer impatience), and she’s mentioned as being large throughout the sequels as well. (Side note: other characters comment negatively on her size a lot, so tw for fatphobia. But Elisa grows less self-conscious about it over time and stops internalizing the negativity, so, yay!) She’s also a really good war strategist because she spends so much of her time reading military strategies. Don’t get me wrong, the other characters in the book are all really strong and well-drawn characters, too, but Elisa’s still my favorite.
  • The religion in the book was really fascinating to read about. There are different theories about the Godstone and its bearer, and there are even different religious sects that interpret the scriptures in different ways based on varying translations. The worldbuilding in general in this book was extremely satisfying.
  • It was unpredictable, and that goes a long way with me when it comes to enjoying a book. I couldn’t predict a lot of events that happened, and moreover, everything that happened kept me riveted. Circumstances were often dire and I believed that they were dire (isn’t it the worst when you just know for a fact that everyone and everything is going to be okay?). Honestly, I just love when a book surprises me.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, even if they don’t generally like fantasy. I was so pleased with the characters, the setting, the pacing, the relationships…just everything about it was so good. It’s a new favorite, seriously, and I can’t wait to read Rae Carson’s Gold Seer trilogy (Walk on Earth a Stranger is the first one).

Is there an Amelia Peabody fandom on Tumblr?

Yes? No? 


Because for real, if you haven’t read The Crocodile on the Sandbank, then seriously I just feel sorry for you.

I’m literally 1 ¼ books into this series, I think there are 19 books all together, about a Victorian era female Egyptologist, written by a real life female Egyptologist and her swashbuckling Indiana Jones/Rick O’Connell/Han Solo type eventual husband. 


Everyone read it now.

And fandom, if you’re out there, SO I AM. LET’S BE FRIENDS. 

My Top Fiveish Favorite Yuri Picks

I felt the need to do this, seeings as it’s primarily a yuri blog, with my occasional interests weaved in.

Number 1. Shizuma and Nagisa from Strawberry Panic.

This was the very first yuri I ever watched, and I hold it close to me. I’m not sure what it was about this series that lured me in, but it was very beautiful and captivated me.

Number 2. Homura and Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I watched this at first expecting what mostly everyone else expected: A cutesie magical girl series. I never expected it to be such a mind-fuck. And the “yuri-undertones” just make it that much more rich and better for me. ON TOP OF THE AMAZING artwork in both the anime and manga! If you seriously love a combination of artist styles, and don’t mind being mind-fucked, I highly recommend this. It’s beautiful.

Number 3. Uranus and Neptune, aka Haruka and Michiru from the Sailor Moon series.

I grew up watching Sailor Moon, and these two were so badass. Fairly certain a lot of people who grew up watching it knew that they weren’t “cousins”, if you watched it in the US. I can’t express just how much I love these two. Even though Makoto is my waifu, these two will always be on my top favorite couples. They were just so iconic at the time they were introduced.

Number 4. Inukai Isuke and Sagae Haruki, as well as Namatame Chitaru and Hitsugi Kirigaya, from Akuma no Riddle.

It was suuuuper hard for me to pick a couple from AnR. I really love both Isuke and Haruki’s character designs. And I love that their characters get some sort of story in the anime. I haven’t read the manga yet, but after seeing all the yuri fanart of those two, it made it really hard to pick just one couple from this series. Chitaru and Kirigaya were pretty much the most outgoing yuri couple I noticed in the anime and the first to fully captivate me, next to Tokaku and Haru. And the only reason I say that is because if the hand-holding didn’t strike something, then their own episode where they were Romeo and Juliet did. That was also the one episode that had me bawling my eyes out.

Number 5. Chikane and Himeko from Kannazuki no Miko.

This was the fourth yuri I watched. Even though it was kind of rough for me, I still loved the idea behind it. And I still love the concept behind these two characters. No matter how many times they rebirth, they’ll always find each other. <3

Honorable mentions:
Shinobu and Kaede from Ninja Nonsense/ Shinobuden/ 2x2=Shinobuden

Lucia and Sumire from Venus Versus Virus.

Nishimikado Tami and Tokiwa Machi, from HaNaYaMaTa.

nobody asked me to do this, but I’m doing it anyway

guys, I read so much Bellarke fanfic it’s insane. I enjoy so much of it, and I couldn’t even begin to mention all the deserving fics here, so these are just a sampling of my absolute favorites! To be honest, this list is more of a list of appreciation than anything else, since most of these fics & authors are popular enough that they don’t need me recommending their work (it’s doing great on its own).
*NOTE this list only has completed fics on it because even though there are quite a few I’m sure will end beautifully, I like to know the entirety of what I’m recommending

The Odds Are Good
by tacosandflowers @tacosandflowers
I love this fic! It’s so well written and I adore the slow burn (even if it kills me a little bit too). Also, I grew up in the general area that the characters are in, so that was really cool for me to see, and even though you probably didn’t grow up in the area it really captures that. Definitely do yourselves a favor and read this.

Where The Lines Overlap
by goldenheadfreckledheart  @goldenheadfreckledheart
I really enjoy the way Bellamy & Clarke’s relationship grows and changes and builds in this fic. It’s definitely a more lighthearted read than some of the fics on this list (I do sometimes tend towards dark and gritty reads) and I remember just being happy as I read this. 

Picking Up What You’re Laying Down
by verbaepulchellae @verbam
If you like equal parts smut and heart wrenching, emotional writing (I mean, who doesn’t?) this is the perfect fic for you. I have never read something so smutty that hurt my heart so badly (in a wonderful way) in my life. My recommendation could not do this fic justice.

I Wish There Was Something Inside Me
by LayALioness @spacexualkids
I imagine if you read bellarke fanfic at all, you don’t need me to rec Tierney’s fics to you, but I want to give some love to what I consider an underappreciated fic. I know that not everyone knows the Curse Workers series that this fic is based off of (but seriously, go read that series it’s by Holly Black and it’s fantastic), so it’s more of a niche fic, but it’s absolutely one of my favorites. I don’t tend to reread fanfiction, but this in an exception for me.

Meet Me in the Morning
by monroeslittle  @argyledpenguin
There are plenty of fics to choose from here, but this is my personal favorite. Slow It Down may be the most popular (with plenty of reason), but I appreciate the premise of this fic. I also find it really interesting to get to see Clarke and Bellamy isolated in this fic, which can be hard to do, but definitely keeps your attention here.

(You Might Find) You Get What You Need
by Chash @ponyregrets
Is any bellarke fic rec list really complete without a Chash fic? I would argue not. There’s an incredible amount of content here (seriously, if you’re reading this how the fuck do you write so much I am so impressed) and all of it’s quality. This is one of my favorites, but really, it’s hard to pick.

i saw the devil in the mirror last night
by adolescentwolf @100urns
Good zombie fic? Sign me up. I mean, I know I’m a sucker for anything supernatural, but this is a genuinely well done fic. It’s great for those of us who love AUs but like a little danger. 

To Kill A King
by nighimpossible @saader 
Pretty much a staple of bellarke fanfiction, this fic is only available if you have an AO3 account, but it’s well worth joining to read. This really hits the spot if you’re looking for a Royalty AU. 

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also for people looking for a game to play that's like undertale i would recommend the pmd series (especially time/darkness/sky) they're all really cute but can get super dark + deep also the characters are really funny and enjoyable , as far as i'm aware nothing in undertale references it but they're still similar and both really great games in their own rights

oh dude you dont have to tell me how awesome pokemon mystery dungeon is, that series is LITERALLY my whole life. i seriously doubt i would be where i am today without it. but yes to everyone else: pmd is great pls play it