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i really need to vent a lil bit...with the influx of wonder woman & cap fanart, idiots are suddenly yelling bout how diana'd never like steve and wouldn't be friends with him.😂 people really need to take their steve rogers hate to another level huh. imagine ignoring decades of folks saying cute things about cap & wonder woman, and attacking other fans over it, just cuz you bitter and can't stand seeing steve depicted in a positive light. my block button on twitter getting a lotta use lately lol

Feel free to vent away, Anon, I’ve got your back. 

Anyone who feels the need to knock a character and/or pairing, that other people are enjoying, or worse (much worse) attack a fan who is a real live person over a character or pairing (emphasis here on the words REAL PERSON), for the sheer purpose of being a spoilsport are rude and immensely insecure, while at the same time, because life exists in a dichotomy, narcissistic (I say narcissistic because most people engaging in this type of behavior are doing so because they view the character who is getting attention as competition to their own faves, and by lashing out they are trying to tell the world that they believe the world must cater to *their* preferences and *their* mindset or they will make the lives of everyone around them hell). They are, frankly, bullies. Bullies who show a worrying degree of intolerance for differing tastes. Moreover, they’ve also failed to grasp the concept of superheroes and the allegories taught to us by heroes like Diana or Steve at the most fundamental level. 

Neither Diana Prince nor Steve Rogers would want anyone bullying anyone else on Twitter. Especially over a fictitious character/pairing. The fact that if they real they would disapprove, heavily, is an understatement.

Ignore the bullies. That degree of entitlement is pitiable when you think about it. I mean, how sad must your life be if you get off inflicting pain on others? It’s a pathetic waste of time and energy. They aren’t worth your attention. In fact, blocking them was very, very wise on your part, so good on ya! 

Also, they are canonically wrong. :)

The Avengers and the Justice League were once pitted against each other via the Grandmaster and Krona. It was Steve who soon figured out that they were being duped. Once that happened, the two sides got along immensely well. So. Diana Prince has met Steve Rogers and liked him just fine. I mean they didn’t get a lot of time to truly converse with each other. Steve was originally pitted against Bruce and Diana was pitted against Storm, but in the end all of the Justice League had much respect for Steve as he was the one to figure it all out and brainstorm to get everyone out of it and end the games. So, those ill-informed people on Twitter can bite me. ;)

Phoenix - Avengers X Reader(F)

Ugh this took forever to get out. I don’t even know why.. I had fun writing this one though, I hope you like it! Feel free to send me any feed back, I would appreciate it!!

NOTES/WARNINGS: Mentions killing people and  getting shot. Implies the loss of a parent.

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Boxing day. The day that made Friday suck. You hadn’t been with the Avengers long, which was why they were training with you non-stop. Every day of the week held a different form of training. Monday; flight patterns with Vision and Wanda. Tuesday; Guns and other weapons with Clint and Natasha (That day wasn’t so bad.) Wednesday; Hand to hand combat with Bucky. Thursday; Technology and computer hacking with Tony. And on the off chance that Thor was on earth; battle tactics. None of those days were as tough as training with Steve.

 The war vet pushed you to your max, making you do “one more set” at least five times in a row. Today was no different. You could feel your knuckles bruising even with the wrap Steve had covered your fist with. The Avengers Facility Boxing gym was nothing short of impressive. Decked out in red, white and blue, it was perfect for everything Steve wanted it for. Punching bags, a fighting ring and even a weights area filled the patriotic room.

 “Again!” Steve shouted at you from behind his hands.  You exhaled and rammed your glove-covered fist into the flat, blue glove that he wore. He swung a padded hand your way and you dodged the swing, hitting him in the side as you ducked.

 “Good!” He encouraged. “Now, again. Harder.”

 You swung again and again, hitting your small target until your lungs threatened to give out on you and even then, you kept going. Finally, he called it a day and ruffled your hair with a simple, “Nice work, kid.” and sent you to the showers.

 After getting dressed you headed over get your bag so you could leave. That’s when you noticed it wasn’t where you left it. You fumbled through your gym bag, pulling tee shirts and athletic tape out of the way. You huffed with anxiety. It was here when you started. Your eyes quickly darted around the dark bag hoping to catch a glimpse of a glimmer.

 “You okay?” Steve asked from behind you. Being the gentleman he was, he usually walked out with you and when you didn’t show up at the door he went looking for you.

 You didn’t even look back at him. “I’ve lost my necklace.” Your words rushed out of your mouth.

 “You mean this one?”

 You whipped yourself around to see Steve dangling the short chain in front of you. You snatched it out of his fingers by the small charm that hung from the thin silver links.

 “Where was it?” You examined the pendant and chain, making sure no harm had come to it.

 “Right, here,” He pointed to the ground under the bench. “On the floor.”

 “Thank you.” You finally looked up at him.

 “Sure,” He shrugged. “What makes that so important?” He asked while he helped you gather your things and shove them back in your duffle.

 “It was my mothers.” You said meekly. You weren’t ashamed that it was hers, but you were afraid that being sentimental would be seen as a weakness.

 Steve nodded and gave you a tight smile. “It’s nice. It suits you.”

 You looked down at the thin circle pendant. Inside the rope border was a raised silver phoenix. Your mother had the same abilities as you, pyrokinesis. Her flame had been small and only engulfed her hands and forearms. Nothing like you. When you lit up, your entire torso was covered in your bright orange and yellow flame. You had been given the nickname Zippo from Hawkeye. You resented it in the begining, and may or may not have set some of his things on fire as retaliation, but now that everyone called you by that name you let it grow on you.

 “Yeah, it suited her, too.” You smiled and clasped the chain around your neck. You ran your fingers over the pendant before you adjusted the strap to your bag on your shoulder.




 The bombs that exploded around the quinjet didn’t shake you, it was just another mission against Hydra. You pressed your headphones tighter to your ears and stared at the two bulbs above the back bay door. Both were dark, not yet lit. You bounced on your toes to the heavy dance beat, your eyes never leaving them. You waited with Bruce in the quinjet, the rest of the team taking point on this mission. You were young enough that they all agreed that you wouldn’t go out into the field unless they absolutely needed you. You didn’t have any say in the matter at the time but as you would soon find out, they almost always needed you.

 The red light flashed on and a twisted grin spread across your face. You ripped the headphones off your head and slammed your palm on the button that lowered the bay door.

 “Sorry, Doc.” You smiled at Bruce who sat and tried to be happy for you. “Looks like its my turn.” You flicked your wrists and a familiar warmth started in your hands and quickly ran up your arms and spread across your torso, finally engulfing your face and hair.  

 “Be careful.” He warned but you were already running out the door and towards your team.

 “Where do you want me?” You yelled into the com in your ear.

 “North wall.” You heard Tony instruct. “Lite ‘em up, Zip.”

 Your lip twitched up in a sickly sweet half smile. “I need to hear you say it.” You huffed as your feet began to lift from the ground, your flames projecting you faster through the trees.

 Tony sighed. “Come on, you aren’t over that yet.”

 “I’ll be over it when you let me burn that stupid contract you made me sign.” Your world was a beautiful orange tint from the flames that covered your face. You could see flashes of your team through the trees. The shine of Steve’s shield, the red haze from the Scarlet Witch and even a streak of Tony’s iron suit.

 “Just say it, Tony!” Falcon added, the stress in his voice apparent.

 “Fine! We need you, Zippo.”

 “At your service Mr. Stark.” You beamed as you flew past him, almost knocking him out of the sky.

 You spotted the cluster of Hydra agents who were huddled behind a man with a grenade launcher.

 “Aww hiding behind the big guy. It’s no fun unless we all play.” You smirked and flew straight into the group, sending the Hydra thugs in every direction. Tony and Steve took out a few before they even hit the ground. Wanda and Natasha took out the rest.

 “Woo! That’s what I’m talking about, Zip!” Falcon cheers.

 You laughed and cheered with him, pumping your fist in the air. “Who’s next?” You shouted.

 “On your six, Zip!” Clint warned. One of his arrows flew past your head and impaled itself into the chest of a Hydra soldier. You followed Clints gaze and circled back to take out another soldier who was pointing a rifle at you.

 “Pull back, (Y/N)!” Tony shouted as he flew towards you.

 “I can handle this one!” You spoke quickly, trying to dodge the bullets that were flying at you.

 “No, you’re not invincible, Zip. Pull back!” Steve agreed with Tony and ran at the soldier who’s attention was on you.

 “Stop babying me!” You shouted. You were only a few meters away, now. You pulled your arm back to send a ball of fire his way but before you could a sharp pain exploded in your shoulder and side. You screamed and plummeted towards the ground.

 Tony flew in fast and kicked the soldier into a tree so hard that there was no way he would survive the impact. He watched in horror as your eyes closed and your flames were snuffed out by the wind that rushed up beneath you. Steve ran as fast as he could and caught you, keeping your head from hitting the damp ground.


 Sounds were muffled. You could hear beeping and humming. There were voices, different voices. You kept your eyes closed and tried to separate the sounds.

 “She should have listened.”

 “We’ve been training her non-stop, what is she supposed to do?”

 “She had orders.”

 “Come on, guys. She’s going to be fine. We’ve all taken hits before and we all bounce back.”

 You opened your eyes and blinked until the world was no longer blurry. Sam stood with his arms crossed across his chest, beside your bed. Steve leaned against the arm of a chair and held the bridge of his nose. Tony paced the room with his eyes glued to a tablet.

 “I’ve watched this video a thousand times. She flies directly into his line of fire. We did not teach her that.” Tony snaps at Sam.

 “No, but we did teach her to take the enemy by surprise.” Sam defended you.

 “We also invited her to be on this team,” Clint spoke up. You hadn’t noticed him standing in the doorway. “That alone puts her in harms way. If you are so worried about her getting hurt you should send her home.”

 “She’s not going to go home,” Steve added. “She’s a fighter.”

 “She can speak for herself.” You finally joined the conversation. Everyone shifted their weight and turned to you.

 “Hey, Zip, how ya doin?” Clint grinned.

 “I’m ready for round two.” You smirked. You winced when you tried to sit up in the bed you were in.

 “Hold up,” Sam gently pushed you back down. “Your down for the count, for now.”

 “Nah, I’ll be healed up by tonight.” You smiled.

 “That may be so but you still need to rest.” Sam smiled. Of every one here, he seemed to be the most supportive of you regardless of age or experience.

 “I told you to pull back.” Tony said sternly. He stood away from the bed and his eye brows were pulled down in disapproval.

 “I know, and before you flip out, you were right and I was wrong.” You admitted , shamefully

 “Yeah, I know that.” He snapped.

 You sighed. He was in full ‘Dad-mode’, now. “I’m sorry.” You stopped smiling with the look he gave you.

 “You’re dangerously close to being permanently benched.” He threatened.

 You frowned and looked down at your fingers. “I get it, Mr. Stark.” You said to the blanket across your legs.

 Without another word he left the room.

 “He’s so mad.” You mumbled.

 “He’ll get over it.” Sam chuckled.

 “But seriously,” Cap stepped up to the side of the bed. “You need to follow orders. Sometimes we can see things that you can’t. You’ve got to trust us.”

 “I do, I just thought he was being overprotective.” You confessed.

 “For good reason.” Steve smiled as he poked your shoulder. You hissed at the pain but knew you deserved it. You touched your neck absent-mindedly but felt a surge of panic when your necklace was gone. You were confused when you looked up at Steve. At least, you were until you noticed the small velvet box that he held out to you.

 You opened it to see your phoenix had been cleaned and polished.

 “Bruce said it was in the way when he pulled the bullet out of your shoulder so I took it off and had it cleaned. It was a little bloody and I thought it deserved better.” Steve explained.

 “Thank you.” You grinned. “This means a lot to me.”

 Sam smirked and Steve squeezed your hand.

 “All right, let’s let her rest, she’s got work to do tomorrow.” Sam grinned and prompted Steve to leave.

 “Tomorrow, but I’ve been shot, twice!” You tried to escape your training. “And hey, tomorrow is Sunday. I don’t train on Sunday.”

 “You disobeyed direct orders from Iron Man.” Sam laughed. “He’s gonna make you pay.”

 You groaned and melted into your mattress. “Who’s training me?” You whined.

 Sam laughed from the doorway and you could even see Steve trying to stifle a grin. “Natasha,” Sam answered. “And she’s even more mad than Tony.”


Previously: Ep. #1 | Ep. #2 | Ep. #3 | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul (Part 1): Jongdae’s birthday is coming up but can’t celebrate with the kids due to busy schedules, so Yixing goes to them to find out what they’re planning to give to Jongdae, but Yixing comes to the realization that their family may be a little dysfunctional due to some hate and negativity. Yixing decides not to show Jongdae what he recorded and decides to take him out instead, maybe sing him a song or two, claiming that he worked on them with the kids, or do a little dance performance, not aware that the staff decided to show Jongdae the tape anyway.

I gave in and decided to do one for Jongdae’s birthday. This is all one big horrible joke that is NOT to be taken seriously. I love love love NCT China line and I love love love Yixing taking care of them and being protective of them as well. In the little world that is HOCS, Jongdae is protective of his kids and will stop at nothing to get haters, and nasties, away from NCT China line and Yixing as well. They don’t need the hate and negativity, they need praise and love and all the support they can get. This is sort of some tribute to that. If you don’t support ot9 or any of the nct China line kids, back the fuck away or Jongdae will find you. I also wanted to make Kun one sassy as hell kid on here. So please please please don’t take it seriously. I know he’s one of the nicest kids on NCT. Please support him and the others as well.

And to Jongdae, who is precious and amazing and an all round secret super hero, defender of everything that is nice and good with a touch of sass here and there, happy birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day that is full of love and kindness and food and lots, and lots, and lots, of cake and balloons. Thank you for being the Kim Jongdae that you are today. The kind, full of love, and sunshine smiles, and high notes, that make everyone’s day so much better. Thank you for teaching us that kindness is not overrated and should always be around no matter what. I love you Kim Jongdae! I seriously hope you have an amazing birthday! ^^

**I, in no way condone to voodoo-ism(?) and should never be used against anyone or anything. Unless you’re into that, then go ahead I guess. I just did it to do it which makes me a piece of horrible person. Sorry. I may do one for Yixing’s birthday or may not, I hope not, but if I do and you’ve been enjoying these so far, thank you so much. If I used your video to screen cap, I really am sorry. I’ll take it down right away, just let me know. Bye. (This last part is not needed but you never know if people think that I or any of the kids featured on this thing, do voodoo at all. It’s seriously not to be taken seriously. At. All.) Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. **

I Thought You Were Different (Part 15/?)  (Avengers/Carter x reader)

Part 14

“Okay, Nat, let’s go over this one more time,” you paused, “what do you say if Steve asks why I’m not here?”

“You were asked to consult on a security…something… panel in…Washington?”

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