i seriously need to stop rewatching

Sasuke didn’t hate Naruto

Sasuke was willing to gave his own life (putting all aside, and considering that in that time all that mattered to him was Itachi and his revenge. Putting his own ambitions and GOALS aside) without even thinking a second (and at a very young age) just so Naruto could keep living and could achieving his precious dream. Sasuke didn’t think, despite promising himself that he was not going to die until he could kill Itachi. Sasuke thought about his memories with Naruto and keep hearing his voice saying his name when he thought he would die. Sasuke had TEARS in his eyes and reached for Naruto’s face and said “You… don’t die. Don’t let your dream die.” With such emotion. Sasuke saved Naruto multiple times even before that and he supposedly didn’t like him. Sasuke cared the enough about if Naruto had breakfast or not, if he sleeps enough at night and if he was alone out there, to said that he was “going out for a walk” just to check on him. Then he spent all the day out with him, training and giving him company, so Naruto wouldn’t be alone. Sasuke noticed the smallest things about Naruto that he could recognize the clone in the Chunnin exams just by the view of him. Sasuke couldn’t stop paying attention to him since day one and he said it. Sasuke said Naruto made him feel warm and fuzzy. Sasuke called Naruto his “one and only”. Sasuke said “usuratonkachi” in an affectioned way (and it’s a proven fact) and he didn’t say anything like it for anyone else. Sasuke always asked “where’s Naruto?” like he noticed everytime he was not there. Sasuke broke in tears just because he was too move by Naruto’s words about their bond. He had to kill Naruto so he could be in the darkness and with all the hate. AND EVEN at the very end, when he keep saying that he will kill him, he can’t stop himself for saving Naruto of danger everytime something threatened his life and despite Naruto was very powerful in that time. Sasuke let Naruto do his stupid reverse harem no jutsu despite knowing it was not going to work. Sasuke went unreasonable at some point on the series, (justifiably, but still), but he stopped to hear Naruto’s words. He LAUGHED in his fucking deathbed with Naruto. He called him an idiot sometimes, yeah, but he was there for him and he admired him and even envidious him and it is a FACT. Orochimaru himself said that NARUTO was the one who was changing Sasuke’s goals and HEART. He recognized Naruto and his existence more than anyone else did and he saved Naruto of the hell of loneliness (quote by NARUTO HIMSELF). Sasuke awakened the Sharingan for Naruto (and it is a FACT that Sharingan awake for LOVE and the so big fear of loosing something/someone that you love so much that you can’t stand it). Leaving Naruto in the Valley of End in the first part was as hurting and painful as ripping half of his body apart. 

So seriously, the people that keep saying that Sasuke hated Naruto really need to rewatch/reread the anime/manga, because I don’t think we even read/watched the same.

I can’t stop thinking about Black Sails and rewatching some of the iconic scenes on YouTube. Every single character arch on this show could inspire essays of meta, it is so amazing. I never expected this show to be this brilliant and I love how it builds and the stakes just keep raising higher and higher. The four seasons feel like one epic movie. You think you’re in for some sailing, plundering, sex and violence and then you’re caught up in this desperate battle for freedom, dignity and social change.

VLD Rare Pair Week: Day 4 (Kidge)

(I’ll post days 1 and 2 later)

Day 4: Hello/Goodbye

Katie Holt was up, as her father used to primly say, shit creek.

(pardon her language, but her predicament benefited from it, if nothing else)

It was around two a.m. and she just stumbled through a strange dorm hallway, the slightest bit tipsy (courtesy of the wine coolers at the Kappa Alpha Princeton chapter’s party that was thrown on a Friday for, actually, no real reason other than “free booze, bitches!”).

Searching the hallway, she groaned, and knocked on a door.

There was no answer.

“Lura?” She called. “Lura, you here?”

She went down the hall, knocking on several doors, with no response.

She finally got to the last door of the hall, and banged on it a bit harder than the others.

“Anyone home?” She said loudly. “Allura?”

There was no answer, and she groaned, sliding down to lean on the hard wood. She pulled out her phone, and scrolled through her contacts. Pressing down on her friend’s number, she lifted it to her ear. “Hello?” She said, tiredly. “Anyone ho-,”

Suddenly, the door behind her swung open, and she found herself lying on her back, looking up into the violet eyes of a stranger.

“Hello? Can I help you?” The guy said. The way he said it made her think he’d said it multiple times, and she shook herself out of her daze.

She scrambled up. “Um-sorry! Hi! Uh….hi.”

“Do you need something?” He asked, confused.

“Oh! Yeah! Um…my roommate’s missing. We were at the Kappa Alpha party with some friends, but she….disappeared? Someone said she came into this building. And I…um…need to find her.”

The guy nodded. “What does she look like?”

Katie jumped a bit. “Oh!” She swallowed. “Right! Yeah. Um-,” She scrolled through the photos on her phone, settling on one of her and Allura on a former spring break, in front of some waterfall. “Long, silvery-dyed hair? Pink shirt and jeans, and…um….white high-tops. I think. Name’s Allura.”

He shook his head. “Sorry, haven’t seen her.”

Katie bit her lip. “Oh. Okay. Thanks anyway.” She turned away, trying to decide if she should curl up in a ball in the nearby janitorial closet or continue searching.

“Wait!” She heard the guy say. She turned back around to see him tying his shoes and shrugging on a jacket. “If any of my friends were lost, I’d probably want help.”

She flushed. “Oh no, you don’t need to-,”

He waved her off, and jammed a beanie on his head. “Besides, I’d never forgive myself if her picture turned up on the paper.”

Katie blanched, and the guy cringed. “Sorry. Dark humor.”

She shook her head. “It’s fine. I got enough of that every Friday night when we rewatched Harold and Maude.”

The guy’s eyes grew wide. “Seriously? That was what we watched every Saturday back at home!”

She drew her eyebrows close together. “Really?”

He nodded. “Believe me, a twelve year-old did not need to see some of the stuff in that movie.”

Katie snorted. “Tell that to ten year-old me. I was scarred aplenty. All I wanted to do was to watch Bigfoot documentaries with my Barbie dolls.”

A tiny grin appeared on his face. “Ah, so ten year-old-,” He stopped.

“Katie.” She said quickly. “Katie Holt, but everyone calls me Pidge.”

“Pidge?” He asked, seemingly amused.

“An altercation with a pigeon as a toddler.” She admitted, cheeks burning. “And what’s your name, kind sir?” She said, bowing dramatically. “Allura will want to know what gentleman dragged her out from some Starbucks at-,” She checked her phone. “Two fifteen.”

The guy rubbed his neck. “Keith. Keith Kogane. Double major, history and math.”

Katie nodded. “Nice. Computer science.” She shuffled her feet. “Um. Should we-,” She motioned toward the hallway.

He nodded. “Yeah. Sorry for taking so long.”

Katie shook her head quickly. “Oh, no, it’s okay! I’ve never met anyone who was also forced to watch dark comedies by their family. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.”

Keith laughed. “So. Where should we start?”


It was about five a.m. and both Katie and Keith were sitting on the curb outside his dorm.

“Can you trace her cellphone?” Keith asked. They had been throwing out ideas to find her for about thirty minutes.

“Well.” Katie began. “Actually-,” She stopped. “Why did I not think of that?”

“Well, can you?” Keith asked.

Pidge nodded, fingers flying across her phone screen. “Don’t ask how, because I’m pretty sure it would piss off some law enforcement, but-,” She held up her screen. “I am a genius.”

Keith rolled his eyes and grabbed the phone. “Wait a second. It says she’s in this building.”

Pidge grabbed it back. “What?”

“Yeah. She’s right….,” Keith scanned the screen. “There!”

Pidge scrambled up. “Come on, come on!” She said hurriedly.

They rushed into the building, skidded across the floor, and raced up the two flights of stairs.

“I think-,” Katie gasped for breath, “It says she’s on the third floor!”

Keith reached the landing first, and looked down at her. “What room?”

“Um-,” Pidge checked the screen. “I think eighteen!”

Keith frowned. “Eighteen? Wait a sec-,” But Pidge was already at the door and banging on it.

“Allura!” She yelled. “Allura?”

The door cracked open and Pidge tripped and fell inside. “Ouch!”

Keith raced after her, and found himself face to face with whom he presumed to be Allura.

“Pidge?” The girl said incredulously. “What are you-,”

Pidge threw herself in her friend’s arms. “Oh, Lura!” She said, trying to fight back tears. “I thought I was gonna find you in the bottom of some ditch!”

Allura cautiously hugged her back. “Is she okay?” She mouthed to Keith, who shrugged.

“We’ve both been going off a caramel latte we got at three.” He confessed.

“Allura? You okay?” Someone called, and Keith laughed.

“I should’ve known!” He pushed past the girls, and nodded. “Shiro? This is who you snuck off to meet?”

The guy sitting on the couch inside the room did a double take. “Keith?”

“Yeah. Ditched me for….,” Keith trailed off and peered at the screen. “Overwatch. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The guy (Shiro, Katie reminded herself) flushed. “I-,”

Keith waved him off. “Just-stay safe kids.” He winked at Shiro, and Katie snorted at Allura’s red face.

“Let’s go, Keith!” She said. “Have fun!” She said to Allura, and then dragged Keith out of the apartment.

The door closed and they stood in silence for a bit.

“Well.” Keith said.

“Well.” She replied.

“I guess this is…goodbye.” He said quietly.

She bit her lip. “Yeah.”

“Well,” He started.

“Thanks again.” Katie said, startling herself when she gave him a hug. “I couldn’t have done this without you.”

He froze, but then gently hugged her back.

They stood there for a while, but then Katie pulled away. “I should…probably go. Rover’s waiting for me.”

“Rover?” Keith said, with a raised eyebrow.

“My dog.” She clarified.





And then Keith turned away, and started to move toward the stairs.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of lips on his cheek, and a piece of paper stuck in his hand.

“Bye.” Katie whispered, and then she was gone.

Keith stood frozen on the top of the stairs for a moment.

Looking down, he saw the following words in an untidy scrawl:

we make a good team ;)

And then a sequence of numbers and dashes.

(Keith would solemnly deny it, but Shiro and Allura would both give witness to the fact that he might have squealed and did a little happy dance)


Hope you enjoyed! (Not beta-read; also, not an accurate portrayal of the Kappa Alpha Princeton chapter, no offense intended) @vldrarepairweek


Episode 7x12! I can’t stop watching it. Seriously though! Every time I rewatch I find some nugget I missed. Like in the van when they are rolling around and Michonne’s on top and Ricks hand has slipped under her pants and is grabbing ass. Or the way he casually asks her about why she’s smiling. Like he didn’t just give her that work! I mean come on! Besides the horrible cgi deer this was my fave episode this season. Man I need a guy to grab me like that. #Richonne #Richonneforever #thewalkingdead #RickGrimes #RickyDickyGrimes #honeymoon #theymarriednow

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How Justin’s entire face lights up whenever he’s around Brian, even when they’re broken up.  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Just rewatching that Omegle meet up video that Jack did. Makes me realise just how much I need to meet him! I was so happy watching the people who got to talk to him and how happy Jack was to talk to them too! Ahh he’s just such a sweet person ^-^

But I was sad because I’m probably never gonna even get to talk to him… And even if I did my anxiety would be telling me he doesn’t like me the whole time. Anxiety is partly what’s stopping me going to conventions and stuff. Fuck you anxiety for getting in the way of my dream.

Seriously though, I’m so happy for anyone who’s had the chance to meet him or talk to him. I am so damn happy for you that it happened! :D

@therealjacksepticeye whatever happens I hope that I can meet you some day, because I have so much to say to you - and I have hugs for you! <3


It used to be second instinct to save every life, regardless of the cost to himself. Now a moment of hesitation reminds him that whilst heroes might never die, they can fall…but also that maybe, just maybe they can rise again. Alternate ending to the short ‘Hero’. Written for Nanowrimo 2016.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Seriously, could you two stop staring at each other’s lips!!

In the  second gif, Morgana is like ‘Let me get a closer look at these erotic, alluring, kissable pair of lips…”

What Seeing Richonne Did To Me

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First, let me preface by saying that when Richonne went canon Sunday night, I was a little…well…drunk

so by the time it happened i was delirious lmao. I was watching it with my mom and she told me to stop screaming idk how many times but i just couldn’t because Richonne was making out right before my eyes and I was like

it’s all a blur from there so I’ll just fast forward to a more coherent time…Monday morning/noon/night.

and then Tuesday morning/noon/night after hearing Rick and Michonne’s moans from the music-less version

I’ve rewatched that scene so many damn times ya’ll it’s ridiculous…I haven’t got nearly enough sleep this week

If this continues i’m going to fail out of college seriously…so yeah. that’s what Richonne has done to me.

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Is this why Ciao Ciao and Yakov asked Viktor to stop pretending? Because they thought he was in Japan just to flirt with Yuuri (which he kinda was but he did take his role seriously)

is this why Chris told Yuuri not to keep Viktor to himself and why the Russian female skaters told Viktor to leave Yuuri already

so many changes in one single episode i need to rewatch the anime

Okay I’ve had my freak out...

I’m now calm. Okay so yeah the Laurel thing is well I won’t go down that rabbit hole until afer 5x10 airs then I’ll fully digest that one. 

Next @scu11y22 and @hope-for-olicity I so feel your pain but, this was actually a great building episode. Now before you say I’m crazy and trust me I’ve said that for the past hour in relation to the fucking writers hear me out. 

The boyfriend is gone… More spoilers below the cut….

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Destiel in Season 11 and Beyond

Here’s Part 2 of our random speculation with Boris and Natasha!

Find Part 1 Here.

Part 2. Queerbaiting

So is this queerbaiting or slowest burn of a story ever?

If Cas was played by a woman argument

Boris: I know this argument is out there. It’s out there for a reason. From what I’ve read Anna was supposed to be a love interest for Dean. Cas (and Misha) were far more interesting so Kripke changed things to keep Cas around. They clearly saw the wowza chemistry between Jensen and Misha. What if the original plan had prevailed? (I guess there’d be no question because Dean did hook up with Anna.) They’d be an old married couple living the dream. (Or not, Chris Carter is over in the corner laughing and thinking, “I ship baited first and that went on for years!”)

Natasha: I do think if Cas were played by a woman she would have hooked up with Dean by now for exactly Exhibit A: Anna. Maybe they wouldn’t be together anymore, though. Being in a relationship with a Winchester is an automatic short-term role on this show. And anyway, friends to lovers is way more fun.

What’s stopping the story: Network interference? Society? Showrunners?

Boris: My theory is that Eric Kripke knew the story that he was telling but didn’t have the time, audience, or network approval to make Dean textually bisexual. He hinted at it and played with it and figured the show would end with Bi!Dean/Destiel as a tease, nbd. The show continued though, and fans were invested in the ship. Sera Gamble, not so much. She killed Cas off, for Chuck’s sake! Jeremy Carver (and I’ll throw love to Ben Edlund while I’m at it) did like Cas. He brought Cas back and is now telling his story at his own slow pace.

Natasha: I feel like the early references people tend to turn to were probably just juvenile and homophobic jokes, of the kind with which people of my generation grew up. (The writers and creators are closer to my generation than much of the current fan base, I think.) There’s something awfully middle school about implying that two men who are close to each other are gay (and having that be a bad thing). That gut feeling aside, I do feel like there’s a good case to be made for at least one-sided romantic interest. That is, I do feel like Castiel loves Dean. It likely wouldn’t have started out that way - Cas had to fall to even access those feelings. But falling angel, raw and new emotions? (And he is utterly indifferent to sexual orientation.) THIS is why we ship Destiel so hard. And the fact that those references textually exist gives us some latticework for a future Destiel relationship, no matter the intent at the time.

Boris: I’m of two minds about the No Homo moments in the early years. Kripke based Dean off of a bisexual character that was based on a real life bisexual man. That’s fact. Knowing that and accepting that the showrunners were just throwing out jokes for juvenile reasons just sucks. However, trying to believe that they were being subversive from the beginning is delusional and wrong so I force myself to accept queerbaiting for the early seasons. The Carver era? (Addendum after Don’t Call Me Shurley: There isn’t network or showrunner interference for Destiel now that God is bi. If they don’t make Destiel explicit because it’s not the story they’re telling, then they need to stop. Episode 11.20 oddly kind of made me more pessimistic about it all.)

Season 8 and Carver’s first year as showrunner

Boris: Oy, where to begin with season 8? I better go rewatch all of the purgatory scenes again, for reasons. But seriously, I don’t want to dive too deeply into that season but they weren’t trying to keep anything subtextual then. I binged it pre-fandom involvement and couldn’t help but see things. Dean’s “gay thing” alone had me really sitting up. But yeah, purgatory was pretty damn romantic. Who prays to their best bro every night?? I don’t have a best bro, so I shouldn’t judge. I feel like Carver took over the reins and started his story arc with season eight, even though there were four years of fan observed subtext before it.