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I wanna kill my self…
Okay yeah no, don’t take me seriously :P
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Title: Gay Best Friends

 Prompt: Dean and Cas live in the shy town of Jebbsville, where no one in the history of any of the schools has come out as even mildly homosexual. They’ve both been gay since elementary school, but haven’t actually come out in fear of how everyone will react to the first gay. They have to though, for anyone else that attends the school who is also afraid, and to put themselves out there in the world. And to find boyfriends for each other. 

Pairings: Dean and Cas (Destiel) 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Charlie, Lisa, Benny, Garth, and Joe


 "This is a terrible idea,“ Cas said, quickly snatching his phone away from Dean. He was lucky he got it; Dean was only holding the phone with one hand, the other was buried in Cas’s hair.

 “Hey! I wasn’t done! And why do you think this is a bad idea? It’s actually the exact opposite,” Dean tried to grab the phone back, but if he leaned any further he would fall off the bed on Cas, who was sitting on the ground in front of him, the side of his head leaning on Dean’s leg.

“No, it’s not. It’s a terrible idea, and the more I think about it, the more I can’t believe I almost let you get away with it.

“What? We need to find boyfriends, Cas. How else are we when we can’t even come out to all the friggin’ loosers that go to our school?”

Cas closed and deleted the dating app that Dean downloaded. Cas shook his head; he got so caught up in what Dean was doing, or what Dean wanted that sometimes he didn’t even realize the seriousness of what they were doing.

What if someone from school saw and told everyone? What if he went on a date with someone from there and they tried to hurt him? Or worse-what if his brother found it?

He couldn’t handle it.

“I don’t know, Dean.” Cas answered his question, realizing he took too long. “We’re screwed. We’ll be single forever. I’ll die a virgin. You’ll die without fucking a guy.”

“Oh no, I’m not gonna let you die a virgin.” Dean said. He raked his hands through Cas’s hair.

Cas smiled. He remembered the first time he heard that-back when Dean and Cas had just started being real friends-before they told each other they were gay.

Cas was 13 and Dean was 14 and they both knew they were gay already, but no one else, not even each other knew.

It was a Friday after school, and Cas was spending the night at Dean’s house.

They were riding bikes and talking about music when it happened.

Cas had just said, “How much better is ACDC than Nirvana, really?” and Dean was thinking of an answer, but then his eyes grew huge and he started to say something along the lines of “Cas! Car, move!” when he got hit.

The next thing he remembers is Dean straddling his head and shouting his name as he called 911.

“He’s awake! He’s awake!”

Cas could only make out the greenness of his eyes and the curves of his face. Everything else was a blur.

“Say somethin’ Cas, damn it!”

When the ambulance got there, they let Dean ride with him.

“A hit and run. Someone better find that bastard who hit em.” Was the first thing Cas heard when he woke up in his hospital bed.

Dean was talking to some nurse, or doctor, Cas doesn’t really remember.

He just remembers how happy he was to wake up and find that Dean was there waiting on him.

He didn’t even notice how badly his head hurt until he tried to say something. All he got out was “Oww,” but it was enough because Dean turned to face him.

“Oh, you’re awake!”

A bunch of nurses rushed in to ask him questions. Later Dean told him it was because they felt bad for him-he had no family to be there for him. his parents were dead, so he lived with his brother, but he was out of town that weekend. Cas thinks it had something to do with work, but he cant quite remember.

Later they took the bus home, and it was quiet. Neither of them said anything, until Dean said, “You scared the hell outta me man, I though you were dead.” Dean smirked at him. “But I wasn’t gonna let you die a virgin, you looser.” 

Cas closed his eyes. Dean was still raking his hands through Cas’s hair.

He remembered how on that bus ride home the sun was setting and Dean was sitting by the window and when he looked at Dean, it couldn’t even try to compete with him.

He remembers thinking that Dean was beautiful. He remembers pushing the thought away-liking straight boys wasn’t a good idea.

Cas may have been having romantic thought about him, but the one thing he was comfortable with thinking was that they would be friends, best friends, forever. No matter what.

He wasn’t going to let some romance get in the way and ruin the good friendship that they had.

Cas, in fact, hadn’t felt that way towards Dean since that day on the bus ever again. And he was very okay with that.

Cas remembers the time when he came out to Dean, one year after the hit and run.

He hadn’t really planned it out, but he had been thinking about it for years.

They were at his house, jumping on the trampoline.

Dean was talking about Balthazar, Dean’s lab partner and Cas’s major crush.

Dean was saying, "I mean, the dude’s really smart; he really knows chemical reactions.”

And Cas was thinking what the hell. “Dean, about Balthazar,” Cas began to speak, but the words got gumbled together and he started to panic.

What was he doing? He can’t tell anyone he’s gay!


“Look, I’m going to be honest and say that I have been hiding something from you.”

Dean blinked. “What?”

And Cas just couldn’t.

 What was he doing?

Cas took a deep breath. He was going to do it.

And as soon as Cas opened his mouth the words fell out so effortlessly that Cas was surprised at how it happened so fast.

Then he realized he wasn’t the one who said them.

Dean was.

Dean Winchester admitting that he’s gay was the second most likely thing to happen that day, though. The first was finding out that they both had a crush on Balthazar. In the end they both lost, he moved.

“Hey, Cas?” Dean saying his name pulled him back into the hair raking, leg cuddling present.


“Would you kiss a random dude in the hallway at school for ten bucks?”

‘If you could find some dude to pay me ten bucks for me to kiss them, I would ask you where the hell the guy has been hiding all my life.“

"So you would?” Dean sounded sleepy.

“Yeah, I would. Right in front of everybody.” No he wouldn’t. But what the hell?

He always got caught up in Dean Winchester.

Cas left a few hours later, when cuddling with Dean was dangerous, since his dad got home soon after. They weren’t dating, but being gay was acting like you were anyways, because cuddling feels nice when its with your friends when your gay, or a girl. Or both. Rarely neither.

The next day at school, Cas was entering the cafeteria to meet up with Dean.

They ate with all of their friends like they always do. They had chicken that day, but Cas didn’t eat much. It was gross.

Then, they all were walking to English, but Cas had to stop by his locker, so they all waited on him (Charlie, Benny, Lisa, Garth, and Jo).

Cas grabbed his notebook and closed his locker. When he turned around, Dean was holding a ten dollar bill in his hand, and everyone was quiet.

What was happening?

Dean was talking, Cas thinks he said, “I found someone who would pay you ten bucks for a kiss: me.”

Cas wasn’t sure, though. The only thing he was sure about was that since that bus ride home that day with Dean, he had seen many sunsets. All of them beautiful with all of their colors, and clouds. The hues of purple, red, and orange all rolled into one.

It was all natural; all beautiful, yet it couldn’t even be compared to the beauty of this Dean Winchester.

He was wrong, though. He had felt that way about Dean after the bus ride back. So many times, actually. Cas was confusing friendship with love.

He had both, but now he could have so much more. No more platonic stuff, this was real.

He realized in fact, that after he threw down his notebook and pinned Dean against the locker, the taste of his lips in his mouth, that Dean was very real.

He was kissing Dean hard, and their friends were cheering and videoing it with their phones.

Cas was too caught up in Dean to find it in him to care.

Well, Shit. - Chapter 11

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Dear Miss Sydney Hood,

I regret to inform you that us here at MAGcon have decided we do not want you to return to any MAGcon events. It has come to our attention that on and off the stage last weekend, you were very rude to fans and the other members of the event. We will not allow that kind of behavior on this tour. We have cancelled your plane ticket and hotel room, and your refund should be returned shortly.

If you would like to attend MAGcon: Louisville, you can buy your tickets at magcontour.com and get 50% off your ticket if you buy two or more!

Our deepest regrets,

Bart Bordelon

Founder and General Manager of MAGcon Tour.

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