i seriously made myself laugh

Conspiracy theory 🙃

“I don’t like kids, I just don’t like em” Dally said this because he knew those kids would be in the burning church, making Pony and Johnny run in, making Johnny get burnt, making Johnny die, making it all those kids fault that Johnny died, that’s why Dally don’t like kids, they killed Dally’s bff



                                         YEAR REVIEW 👏👏

                                                                                YEAR REVIEW 👏👏

(aka I should have probably done this 2 months ago when the actual year started aka I don’t have time for things like this but I’m gonna do it anyway 😂)

So today marks exactly 1 year since I posted my first fic and I thought might as well do this lil review now to commemorate this occasion! 🙌🙌🙌

Time flew by so fast! Looking at the year in only tumblr perspective it was really good! And it’s all thanks to you guys!! 🎉🎉🎉 (even though I haven’t been as active lately as in the beginning 😂 )

Now let’s look over a few things:

Wow how unexpected I started and up to this day continue to write mafia aus mostly 😂 But other than that, reading my first work I can feel that I improved quite a lot 

I actually love almost everything I have written but that 6th part was special, it was the longest thing I have ever attempted to write at the time and it was fun coming up with Jongdae’s past and revealing the plot twist  😂

Oh the days before the exo mafia reaction requests started pouring in 😂 I have nothing against them but have you seen my masterlist? 😂 Kind of funny as well that the first and latest one is an EXO reaction 😂

idk if it’s because of the gifs or what but I seriously made myself laugh reading my own reaction wth 😂

  • Most popular ‘… as the mafia’: Seventeen
  • Personal favourite: NCT

My fingers are itching to continue the NCT one and add in Yukhei, Jungwoo and Kun

Actually that Jeno drabble might as well be my favourite too but I remember that even I found that Yoongi drabble cute so that’s that 😂   

First and only time I was requested a wolf au, shame because I quite like these aus 😂

And let’s not forget the gifs and video edits!

  • Most popular ‘meme’ posts:

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Omg I didn’t even notice! They’re now both over 11k 😱😱😱

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  • Personal favourite:

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So much time for one gif but so fucking worth it 😂

That gif is my fave just because I fucking love MyName and whenever I see Junq my day gets 100000000000 times better 😭

I still laugh every time I watch both of them tbh 😂

Aaaaand I think that’s all I wanted to go through. I’m looking forward to next year! Hope creativity won’t abandon me and I will be able to continue improving myself and my blog.

Also! I wanted to thank all of my followers! It’s amazing how much my blog has grown and I’m so grateful for your support!! (I need to come up with smth to celebrate, maybe a drabble game? but lately I’m scared of them 😂)

Also also!! I feel like it’s a good opportunity to get some feedback. I wanted to know guys, what you personally liked/disliked from what I have posted this year??


Also also also! Just to remind you, my requests are still open! Feel free to request!

This is getting really long 😂 Thanks for reading this far! Ttyl