i seriously loved this show

I find it so interesting how everyone sleeps differently… I sleep on my stomach, my best friend sleeps on her side, and y'all are sleeping on the CWs Black Lightning

20 Years Of Anna Wintour In Politics
Vogue's editor-in-chief has sashayed in and out of the political sphere since 1992. She's been getting more attention than ever before, perhaps, for the hundreds of thousands of dollars she's raised recently for Obama's reelection campaign with the help of her celebrity friends — but as you'll see ahead, she's been at this kind of thing for quite a while.
By Amy Odell

A super interesting article that also covers Hillary’s history with Vogue photoshoots!

Read on, my ladies, there’s so much to ponder!

(Spoiler alert: they didn’t like her 92 inaugural gown, the purple one!!!! How could they be SO WRONG!!!)


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

reasons to live:

  • brooklyn nine-nine
  • can’t watch new episodes of brooklyn nine-nine if dead
  • b99 writers who care about properly representing people
  • bi Rosa
  • possibly bi or adhd Jake
  • gay Holt
  • Peraltiago
  • basically every character in b99
my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

Yeah so Stevenbomb 2 is plugging away and it’s been GREAT (Did you SEE Sworn to the Sword and Keeping It Together? MAN.) BUT I think we gotta talk about the new intro and a certain Ms. Maheswaran’s GIANT BLADE! I think we gotta talk about that. Because it’s awesome. Connie’s a wonderful character, and with the addition of GIANT SWORDS, even more so! Here’s a sketch


Doyoung’s honesty bringing out Taeyong’s laughter once again ❤️

when the fandom calls you genocide king but is proud of Wanheda and Sky Reaper

when the fandom thinks you’re white because no one said otherwise on screen 

when the fandom calls you abusive but loves the scene where your sister beats you up

when the fandom villanizes you for killing people but praises others for doing the same thing

when the fandom hates you for saving slaves

basically when the fandom blames you for every thing that happens in the show