i seriously loved this show

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

listen i know it’s been like 10 years but i still can’t believe that this:

is a real moment in this fucking show like excuse me how possessive??? is dean’s little smirk??? and like how sam doesn’t even hesitate to say that…………i’m…………………..

Everyone is like “people ship Johnlock because they are homosexual” well I’m extremely heterosexual but I’ve never seen a love story as pure as Johnlock I think that it’s the greatest love story never told.

Reblog and show them how many straight people ship Johnlock.

I know what is love when I see it.
Dirk Gently is such a fun mirror for Sherlock Holmes

I don’t know if someone else put it out there before but here I am still bitter about Sherlock and loving the shit out of Dirk.

So here are my thoughts about everything I noticed Dirk Gently resembling Sherlock Holmes but being everything that Sherlock isn’t in the same time.


Sherlock Holmes: detective, knows every single detail, deduces away his cases, always on top, ahead in the game

Dirk Gently: detective, knows nothing ever, he just feels his way through the universe, ‘cases solved with arguable efficiency’


Sherlock: dark mysterious coat, never changes

Dirk: colourful jackets, owns like 10 of them


Sherlock: fast, crisp, clever sentences, mysterious deductions, everything to impress, says only what he knows for sure

Dirk: fast, soft, random, says anything that’s on his mind, “sometimes you say stuff and it’s like you are just… saying stuff”


John: a man of high morals, put together, serious both a doctor and a military man, knows his stuff. Has a sister but she’s a drinker and we like never see her.He is getting his life together again and again, making all the right decisions,

“You were the best and the wisest man that I’ve ever known”

Todd: a mess, shitty morals, basically no job, all the wrong decisions again and again. Has a sister who is badass and gets her own plotline.



Sherlock: everybody in his life is idiot;  needs a friend but he would choke just admitting it aloud; John just happens and stays in his life and it’s the most soulmate thing I’ve ever seen but still stays unsaid to the last minute of the show, we just have to read it through the show, how ambiguously amazing their friendship is.

Dirk: everybody in his life is amazing; just needs a friend AND BEGS FOR IT THROUGH THE ENTIRE FIRST SEASON. OUT LOUD. And Todd certainly doesn’t ‘happen and stay’ with him; Dirk has to go on and on convincing Todd to be his friend

Fandom hell is when your favorite anime came out 20 years ago and was super popular and had an active fandom 10 years ago, but now the fandom basically consists of 2 people and a bunch of finished or abandoned fics

Due South

So I am whiling away this awful heatwave by sitting in front of the cooler and hooking myself up to YouTube - including watching for the first time ever Due South.

Having watched the pilot and a couple of episodes, here’s what I know so far:

1. Ray Vecchio is the most sarcastic, cynical cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon roll. He comes across as this world-weary, sleazy, cynical son-of-a-bitch, but all Fraser has to do is look mildly unhappy and suddenly Ray is risking life, limb and property to make everything right in the world.

2. OK I am still figuring out Benton Fraser - like is he running the world’s longest con and it’s going to turn out he’s not even a mountie? There’s a darkness there - but he is this very interesting depiction of old-world masculinity that is very carefully crafted to be as non-threatening as possible.

3. This show goes from cutesy funny ha ha look at the naive Canadian guy to SHIT JUST GOT REAL on the turn of a dime.  In the pilot Ray’s in the fucking hospital, nearly killed by a bomb blast, Fraser must confront his dead father’s secret corruption and the lifelong friend WHO HAD HIM MURDERED, and in an episode whimsically titled “Diefenbaker’s Day Off” a father has to fling his 8 year-old daughter safely into Fraser’s arms while being run down by an evil insurance scheming organised crime involved doctor.

  • Gaston: "And she's the only girl that gives me that sense of..."
  • LeFou: "Mmm... Je ne sais quoi?"
  • Gaston: "I don't know what that means."
  • Me: But aren't you French?????

The Malec Making Out Song (on the balcony)

Song: Got It Bad



sexiest makeout scene bgm ever~~!! 

I wish malec make out through the entire song… 

The scene was so so so perfect.. the mood, the location, their sitting position, the freakin’ background music!! 

I’m still so mad that they deleted the ‘Magnus leaned against Alec’s shoulders’ scene!!!!   


(offered SH team my future firstborn for the released of the scene but no reply yet.. maybe i should offer the deed to my house too~.. lol ^^;;;)

#malec #shadowhunters

My hopes for Blindspot s2B:

1. Don’t kill Roman

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2. Get back to Kurt making *heart eyes* at Jane

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3. Get back to Jeller doing more than making *heart eyes* at each other

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4. Give Patterson a frickin’ break when it comes to her love life. She is teh adorbz and deserves good things!

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5. More Roman

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Totally no ulterior motive in that last one, nope. *whistles innocently* ;)

6. More of the team being a team again

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(GIF reversed and I don’t even care. It’s good stuff, yeahhhhhhhh. ;) )

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8. Let them be happy at least SOME OF THE TIME PLZKTHX?

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9. And lastly, some more Rich Dotcom because he’s a card, I enjoy him and especially because he’s a beautiful Jeller shipper and the world needs more of us, especially when they’re ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW

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Signed with love xoxoxoxo,

Aislynn, faithful fan since day 1 whose fangirl heart TPTB has been relentlessly stomping for far too long now ♥♥♥

  • Sara Lance: We need to destroy the Spear through a dangerous and elaborate plan involving Tolkien and one of the most dangerous battles in history
  • Amaya Jiwe: No we should use it. We can control the power and destroy the threat
  • Gideon: For fuck's sake just throw it in the Sun. Do what you should have done to Vandal Savage and just throw it into the Sun. I am a spaceship. Doesn't anybody notice this?I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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