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What are your: Personal top 4–6 Padmé costumes; Favorite 4–6 non-Padmé costumes; Favorite SW film plot-wise; Favorite SW film music-wise, if you have one; Favorite 1–3 SW spaceships, if you have any; Favorite behind the scenes goofs, gifs, or anecdotes?

I’ve been wondering when I would get asked what my favorite costumes are!

Top 5 favorite Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-The Yellow Picnic Dress (AotC)

This dress changed my opinion on an entire color. I used to hate yellow. Like really hate yellow. Bet then I saw and studied this dress and it is so beyond beautiful to me. It’s so flowy and feminine and colorful. Also her hair! My favorite hairstyles for Padme are always the curled ones, and plus, she has the side buns which are a little shout out to Leia’s buns. Not to mention I love that entire scene in and of itself because they are in a natural setting of a field of grass and flowers, so different from cold and colorless space, and it’s one of the few time Anakin and Padme are truly and genuinely happy. It’s before the war, it’s before Shim dies, it’s just a happy little moment between them, and the yellow summer dress really evokes that.

-The Blue Tatooine Dress (AotC)

(Or as I like to call it: The Desert Goddess Dress) It’s just really pretty? I like the color and the silver details. I love her hair since it’s also curled and has slight buns on the sides. I love the cape but I’m not a big fan of the cloak that goes over the whole outfit. But I really find it funny that she chose a dress that shows her mid-drift while visiting Anakin’s family (she did the same thing visiting her own family how iconic.)

-The Blue Gloved Nightgown (RotS)

Honestly I love all of Padme’s nightgowns but if I had to choose between them this is my favorite. I like the color, I like her hair, I love the fact that she sleeps in a tiara. Despite the long gloves, it’s a bit more practical than the pearl embellished blue nightgown from previously in the film. It has seashells on it, though you can’t tell unless seeing High Quality stills of the dress. Also it’s worn during a very emotional scene and is one of the last costumes that she wears, so it has an added importance.

-The Parade Dress (TPM)

Honestly the only one of her outfits as a Queen that I like. Her other Queen outfits are too dark and over-the-top for my taste. I mean I get why they’re dark and over-the-top, but they just don’t appeal to me personally. But I really like the one she wears at the end of the film. I love the white dress and pastel pink and yellow of the cloak. I like how it’s somewhat of a slight callback to Leia’s dress during the ceremony at the end of ANH. (In case you can’t tell, I Absolutely love parallels between Leia and Padme’s wardrobes.)

-The Funeral Dress (RotS)

I love this dress so much. I love the colors, I love her hair, I love the flowers, it’s all just so pretty and regal but also very sad. So many sequins! Trisha Bigger (the designer of most of the costumes) said it was supposed to resemble the lakes and waterfalls of Naboo, and Natalie Portman said it reminded her of Ophelia from Hamlet, and I think they’re both absolutely right. And she’s just so beautiful like absolutely the angel that Anakin thought she was. Even in death, Padme is more beautiful than any of us will ever be. No lie, I want to be buried in something like that.  

-Honorable Mention – White Geonosis Outfit (AotC)

One of her more practical costumes (except for the fact that it’s white (I mean really you shouldn’t wear white into battle) (of course the costume department said they made it white so that it would stand out in the red/orange sand) (still, white will get so dirty during a battle) whatever, I digress.) This costume has by far the most amount of screen time than any of her others. I really like the cloak and silver armbands too. It’s also a bit similar to Leia’s Hoth outfit. I actually thought about cosplaying this one but I have no idea how to do that freaking hair.

Top 5 non-Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-Princess Leia’s Hoth/Bespin outfit (ESB)

Like it’s literally just a white jumpsuit but Carrie Fisher made that thing look so regal and badass. I don’t have much to say about it, I just like it a lot?

-Princess Leia’s Ceremony Dress (ANH)

Yeah it’s a plain white dress but it’s prettier and more feminine than the other plain white dress. I love the cape effect of the sleeves even though it’s not actually a cape. I also really like the necklace and hair. I’ve considered cosplaying this one too.

-Luke’s Dagobah Costume (ESB)

I like that it shows his biceps. It’s also dirty and kind of grungy, which you wouldn’t think of as a good Look for Luke but damn does he make it work.

-Lando’s Blue Outfit (ESB)

The lining of his cape is literally embroidered with dragons. Iconic.

-Luke’s Ceremony Outfit (ANH)

I love that it’s so obvious that Luke is wearing Han’s clothes here. Because we all know Luke didn’t pack much when he left Tatooine, so he didn’t have a lot in the way of fashionable clothes. But Han helped him out and donated an outfit. Except for the canary yellow jacket. That was not Han’s and no one has any idea where Luke got it from.

-Honorable Mention – Princess Leia’s Bespin Gown (ESB)

The first time Leia wears color! (even if it is an unfortunate shade of red.) I like the shape and texture of the cape/cloak and that is has a vague floral pattern on it. I really like her hair too. Too bad it doesn’t have much screen time.

Favorite SW film plot wise?

-Lol I don’t watch Star Wars for the plot. But seriously, I think they all have unique and interesting plots (except for TFA)

Favorite SW film music wise?

-They all have fantastic music but I have to say Rogue One had very unique music compared to the others. I guess because it wasn’t John Williams, which I love John Williams! But I really enjoyed the soundtrack for RO.

Favorite spaceships?

-Nubian Ships (Prequels)

(Pictured: J-type 327 Nubian Royal starship) They’re just so shiny and remind me of mirrors. Fun fact: Captain Phasma’s armor is made from the melted down hull of one of Palpatine’s Naboo ships.  

-Kylo Ren’s shuttle (TFA)

It’s pretty simple but very intimidating. I love the long V-shape wings, they kind of remind me of a bird of prey.

Favorite behind the scenes stuff?

-So many of the actors make their own sound effects with the lightsabers and blasters.

-Carrie making Mark wear her Leia costumes. (I wonder if she ever got him to wear the gold bikini…)

-All the many times that you can see Hayden Christensen fall down in bts videos. It really supports my head canon that Anakin has bad balance because of the prosthetic arm.

Wow this was a loaded ask. I hope I answered everything to satisfaction!

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No wonder why they tell andy to be quiet at sdcc he can't keep his mouth shut about richonne spoilers lol

Lmao right? I love that he’s so excited about these things, though. Like I’ll never forget the smile on his face when I asked him about Richonne. It was before 6x10 aired, but they’d obviously already filmed it, and he was just… bursting. He’s adorable! ☺And seriously the best captain a ship could ask for.

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I was watching the GG/CP hug again and I realized he squeezed her really tight. I was like "Don't pop the girl's head off!" LOL! But it's been a month since they filmed on the show.

Listen anon Grant simply missed seeing Candice nearly everyday lol. Not that I blame him. Candice is sunshine personified <3 

Seriously though the hug was super cute. I love their friendship so much. How anyone can thing they don’t like each other is one of the greatest mysteries of life. 

Look at this. Is this not two people who very fond of one another?

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What do you love the most about Rey? And what do you like the most about Kylo?


I love that she’s allowed to act childish and a bit immature but is not infantilized, nor reduced to that (she also proves to be wise and mature in other aspects); that her femininity is not stressed by her clothing or demeanor and is never sexualized (in fact, her gender is narratively as well as visually almost irrelevant); that the fact that she’s an orphaned scavenger isn’t just a cool background that is quickly forgotten once she starts her hero’s journey, but is integral to her characterization, like an ingrained mentality. Like, she eats shamelessly fast and has zero table manners because she’s so used to starve; she doesn’t sit and wait to be rescued because she learned that nobody came back for her; she isn’t a stranger to trading her sense of justice for things that benefit her (see: she was more than ready to sell bb-8 for food), but ultimately, it’s her pride that protects her from selling herself; she knows when to run and when to attack due to probably countless brawls with other scavengers; (most of) her skills as a pilot/mechanic are consistent with the way she made a living on Jakku; stealing things and making them work for her is how she survives and that’s exactly what she does to Kylo’s mind powers—she scavenges them. She’s like a leech, observing and absorbing everything without filters, because that’s exactly what you do if nobody is actually teaching you anything. 

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11 Questions

I was tagged by the lovely @theasexualscorpio Thanks this was really fun!

So you answer the questions and then come up with 11 of your own and tag 11 people to answer the questions you have left.

1. What is your current favorite song?

Malibu by Miley Cyrus

2. Favorite historical figure?

Ugh, history was always my least favorite subject. But I loved learning about Helen Keller lol.

3. Have you ever seen a film adaptation that was BETTER than the book?

Nanny Diaries hahah I love that movie but I wasn’t so crazy about the book.

4. If you could be a cartoon character for a week, which character/show would you choose?

Katara from the Last Avatar because she’s the freakin bomb.

5. Was there ever a book you had to read for a class that you actually REALLY liked?

The Outsiders.

6. Is astrology fun, something to be a taken seriously, or an irritating waste of time?

I think it’s all fun and to each their own. Sometimes it irritates me because I’m not all that into it but I love reading the memes n shit. I’m also definitely a hardcore Taurus I see it in myself so much.

7. Cake or pie?


8. What fictional character would you meet if you could?

Harry Potter fo sho. What was all that shit like? Hows the Ministry? What’s up with Ginny? Do you and Draco ever talk? 

9. Road trip, plane ride, or ocean cruise?

Ocean cruise! I’ve never been on one before.

10. Leave the link for your favorite audio post on tumblr.

Oh shit I don’t really have any haha 

11. If you were guaranteed to be successful in a different profession, what would you want to do?

A television show writer. I think it’d be so fun to torture people just like the writers of my favorite shows put me through the ringer and pull at my heart strings. It’d be amazing to watch talented actors play out my stories. 

My Questions:

1. The meaning behind your username?

2. Favorite color and why?

3. Summer or Winter?

4. Favorite candle smell?

5. Do you have any desire to get married? If you are already married, what made you decide they were the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

6. If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?

7. Favorite store to shop at?

8. What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

9. What is your Hogwart’s House?

10. Do you play video games? What is your favorite?

11. Your absolute least favorite character? 

I tag @myrish-lace-love @alittlestardustcaught @theon @greengableslover @manbunjon @riya-in-the-valley @jboobies @riahchan @eliamartvll

I’d love to see ya’ll’s answers!

Aaron Tviet singing Hallelujah in Boston, August 27th, 2016.

As Lin would say, I am pregnant from this. I was so excited to see Aaron was performing in Boston when I was there, and the show was ELECTRIC!!! Seriously exceeded my expectations! I couldn’t stop smiling and dancing and singing along. Here’s a video (the only one I took, I was too into the performance to film it), so that you could all see how freaking AMAZING this dude is! Love him and loved the show!!!

Just saw the Charlie Brown peanuts movie.

I honestly Loved this film, I was smiling the whole way through seeing all the characters on the big screen. The Animation was Incredible, the Voice Actors were perfectly cast,  As a fan of the series everything was just Fantastic. It really was nostalgic and it pulled that certain trope that, if you know me, Always ends up making me shed manly tears.   and they didnt try to modernize it like Smurfs and Alvin and the CHipmunks failed horribly at lol they kept it to Charles Schultz style.

 I seriously cannot say how much I really really Loved this film.

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My Spill Crew/Double Toasted Rating for this


Im tempted to give it a BETTER THAN SEX!! rating cause I enjoyed it the whole way through But im mindful of that when it comes to Kid Films so High Full Price.


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I was rewatching fd practice from gpf (what a great practice that was, and I am so grateful you filmed it and everything else, seriously, you rock!❤️) and I am pretty sure Scott goes in for a neck kiss during their final choreo lift during their run through.. I wonder how many times he's done it at home, like daily? lol. They were just so flirty and loving and touchy that week wow!

Well first of all THANK YOU 😍😍😍 (a plane ticket for Canada to thank me is better 😜)

I have never watched my videos … none of them … but I remember yess he always goes for neck kiss !!!

Can we dream about how many times he does that when they are not in front of camera or people ??? I’m not sure if it’s allow for my little heart 😔

Well this is Tessa & Scott’s world … boundaries don’t exist in this world


[❋] - “I think I can speak for the both of us that it’s one of our favorite Disney films.”

Attempt to make a post part.2

Oi  Sasha, i was spending some quality time on your blog (lol) and saw this post and decided to take a look further (meh. lol). Totally understand you being tired of this but bear with me, please… 

I think this girl is the “…I like girls that are a bit chunky in certain areas – the nice areas. I like a fuller woman…” Zayn was talking about in the Billboard article. I mean, she will be the personification of it. She totally matches the type so. Her name is Iskra Lawrence, british, curvy model, who loves 50 Cent. Lol. Seriously now, after creeping on her Twitter i think she has a very positive way of presenting herself, her body. and I’m very ok with any women fighting this “skinny body dictatorship” in the model industry (even if she just wants to be another Kim Kardashian). Anyway, she might be Zayn’s upcoming new video Muse. No homo in the fullest. What’s the new, right?!

This is the first time (i think) she mentioned filming a music video, on Dec 16th:

Then a behind the scenes pic, on Dec 22th:  

And now this one, on Jan 6th:

The last one matches this description: 


janicebmin: On photographing #zaynmalik for Billboard: ‘It was hard to make the kid look bad. We shot this at night using minimal lighting. He was up for anything and even had ideas himself. He brought two neon signs that were in his music video - he wanted to incorporate them somehow into our shoot. I liked him a lot. He wasn’t trying to impress anybody.’ Thanks @millermobley @jenlaskiphotovideo@jennysargent_ for phenom work.

(via agentnavi)

Really would like to know what you guys think of it. @that-regular-chick @ziamscreamssex @serentycollins002 (idkw i can’t tag) @limaandzaynie. And everyone else. 

Scandal’s Ratings and the Olitz Creepy Cult

Ya’ll Tumblr (and the Twitter) Peeps have been petty today and I love it!  LOL!

Seriously, this is just my opinion but the ratings need to drop more before the execs at ABC/Disney really take action.   But, if they do drop significantly again after next weeks episode, what really can or will they do?  How far along are they regarding taping?   They can’t just throw away what they’ve already filmed and start over.

Calling the fans a “creepy cult” is insulting and ungrateful.  It was the Olitz fans who watched Seasons 1 and 2 faithfully to support Kerry, Tony and yes, even Shonda Rhimes.  We talked up Scandal by tweeting, facebooking, tumblring and begging friends, family, co-workers and strangers to watch it.  It was the “creepy cult” who helped to make the show popular so the actors, writers and all of the other behind the scenes workers could keep their jobs. 

I know there are some crazy people on social media but most of the original fans who have been with Scandal from the beginning are educated, smart, intelligent, intuitive women (and men) who tuned in to see a drama about a smart, beautiful, imperfect woman who is a fixer with a scandal of her own to deal with.  Not the show it has become since Season 3 (an unrealistic, ridiculous, badly written spy story).

We are not watching Scandal because we want to have our way.  We are not watching it because the writing doesn’t make sense and is not consistent.  I’ve said this before but the first rule of writing for your protagonist is to know what they want and keep them from having it.  I have no problem with Olivia and Fitz being apart if the story is written well. 

I’ve also said several times that I have no problem with Olivia having another love interest.  But, in order for it to work, the actor would have to have just as much or more chemistry with Kerry as she has with Tony.  This would be next to impossible and it is painfully obvious Scott has zero chemistry with her.

My last comment is about Shonda Rhimes.  As the show runner, you don’t talk about “taking back” your show from the fans.  You respect and listen to their opinions on what they want to see and you then write a compelling story to keep them interested and watching your show.

It’s just that most really good-looking people are stupid, so I exceed expectations.’
‘Right, it’s primarily his hotness,’ I said.
'It can be sort of blinding,’ he said.
'It actually did blind our friend Isaac,’ I said.
'Terrible tragedy, that. But can I help my own deadly beauty?’
'You cannot.’
'It is my burden, this beautiful face.’
'Not to mention your body.’
'Seriously, don’t even get me started on my hot bod. You don’t want to see me naked, Dave. Seeing me naked actually took Hazel Grace’s breath away,’ he said, nodding toward the oxygen tank.
—  John Green (The Fault in Our Stars)
Author Interview - W000ly

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Time for another interview! I got to catch up with the amazing @w000ly today! She’s got so much going on but she was kind enough to humor me. Let’s see what she has to say, shall we?

Wooly! How are you?

I’m good! Stressed and tired because I’m in the midst of my finals, but it’ll all be over soon!

Finals. 😬 Something I left behind yeeears ago. So tell me - what drew you into the Everlark fandom?

Well. I had a few friends who had read THG and kept teasing me for being so much like Katniss. Out of spite I decided to never read the books… until one day I did, and it was the start of a whole new chapter in my life. The ending in particular resonated with me. There was a lot I was struggling with, and writing Everlark was a way for me to understand it, and work through it. I came to the fandom to find other people like me.

I love your spite! I would do the same. In what ways do your friends think you’re like Katniss? 

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jinki-bunny fan-account: SHINee "The Wizard" Concert

Seriously this is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

The below is all written from my own point of view! Sorry for the text spam ahead! I hope to share this with everyone so that you can read it and relate to the awesome fancam pictures circulating on tumblr right now, so please pardon me for any mistakes or typos (i’m still spazzing from the experience seriously. Plus im not fluent in Korean so..)

It is also not easy for me to attend a SHINee concert as well so I kinda understand how it feels.. I hope this can help my awesome tumblr international fan friends feel like they were there with me at the concert~ xD


Before the concert started, SM rookies performed many songs and dances. Seriously they are good! They even did items like Lucifer and Bonamana!

SHINee boys entered wearing pure white (my fav) and started with Hitchhiking, followed by Nitemare. Then Dream girl (Onew condition appeared and Jinki dropped his mic stand while spinning it. The performance still went on smoothly though!)

The boys then introduced themselves. (Minho said Merry Christmas!)

They performed Sherlock next. I am forever in awe of their perfect sync and coordination.

Then the boys went in to change and concert MV started. It was a magic show put up by the boys dressed in top hats n black suits (too handsome omg *squealing just by recalling*)

Followed by Jongkey performance! they started off really silly.. Jonghyun had a rudolph nose and they came on stage in tiny cars. (when getting out of the car jjong’s leg got stuck lol) They then walked out onto the extended stage to sing and dance and they threw things to the fans! (Did I mention that jjong’s jacket was open and you can see his torso?! It was covered with kiss marks omg. He even topped the sexy time by taking off his coat at the end while exiting I almost died.)

Then it was a solo by Minho. That boy is so full of aegyo and overflowing with cuteness. His charisma is really no joke! I managed to get a clear shot here yay! Then he suddenly pulled out a girl? from the fans and turns out it’s the 6th member of SHINee Jun Hyun Moo cross dressed LOL too cute seriously they all~

Taemin did a solo slow song next.. This boy’s singing is really good!

Finally the moment i was waiting for - Jinki’s solo performance. He sang In your eyes omg! He was wearing a suit.. so so so handsome kyahh!!! Then suddenly he exited the stage abruptly acting like he was crying (lol?)

And Minho appeared with a real messy wig and started dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. After a few silly antics, suddenly he discovers a bag. And he drew out a Mexican hat and stuck 2 black duct tape to his face to make a moustache LOL! And Jinki re-appeared with a similar hat and lots of duct tape on his face to make a moustache. Then they performed Macarena I almost died laughing they are so hilarious! Jinki looked so lost towards the end he’s really so cute!

Jonghyun, Taemin and key entered to start talking while OnHo went in to change. Key and Jonghyun danced the SHINee Macarena too~ xD *fangirls*

Then Minho and Onew came out together with their arms around each other’s shoulders!! They then talked a lot more but sadly I couldn’t understand korean well and there was no translation. =\ *mental note to self to really learn my korean more diligently*

They then performed Sleepless night, Honesty (Jinki asked the fans to sing along *i think!* and everyone sang together it was really such a beautiful moment), and In my room (all acoustic so so awesome really!) The boys are so sweet they thanked the guitarist and pianist every time!

The boys continued talking and Jonghyun seems to be saying something about him mixing up Japanese and Korean lyrics~ (I might be wrong but my korean is really level zero!)

Then they performed Run with me, followed by Dazzling girl (one of my favourites omg and Key waved in my direction during the song!!!!! *dies from happiness*)

Then it was the MV of Wizard of Oz! (LOL I really laughed so hard watching this) Jonghyun is sassy Dorothy with long red hair (he keep bashing the other boys lol), Onew is the tin man (who is forever in love with everyone omg damn cute seriously and playing around with that ax of his), Min Ho is the scarecrow (it was a cutout cos I think he was busy with filming to do this MV together) Taemin is the lion (omg he is sooooo adorable with that whiskers and all!) and Key is the witch (Now we know what his instagram pic means! It was the make up for this concert MV).. and best part, they defeated the witch (Key) by removing his eyeliner HAHAHA!! xD Best ever!

The boys then re-entered and performed 3(?) dance songs (Ready or not was one of the songs). (By then I was seriously so high and standing up jumping and dancing around at my seat with the boys. I think it was at this point (honestly I forgot when exactly) that they entered by the aisle near the fans OMG MINHO CAME BY MINE! Halfway through the performance Jonghyun came by my side on a moving platform OMG HE WAS SO NEAR!! I got a decent shot of him yay!!!)

After that there was a DJ stand in the middle of the stage, and Jonghyun re-entered first, followed by the rest of the boys and they did a remix of Lucifer followed by a remix of 아름다워 (Beautiful).

The boys changed into sweaters and coats, and they entered by the moving platform at the sides. They sang Haru while travelling around the concert area on that small moving platform OMFG they were so near me like 2-3m away only OMG OMG OMG I seriously can’t. I really died a little inside when I saw Jinki. He even high-fived some of the fans who ran down to the railing (urgh I din!)

Then they sang Bodyguard, followed by a slow song, then it was the end of the concert and they exited.

All the fans started chanting Encore~ followed by “SHINee, SHINee” non stop. We really carried on for a long while and then the boys came back!

They performed Everybody!!!!!!! IT WAS SO DAMN AWESOME TO SEE IT LIVE. Jinki did the propeller move but can tell that it is not as vigorous as before (im glad actually).

They then sat down to talk (Jinki was tying his shoe lace at one point, and he did the little bunny nose action that he tends to do!!! *kyahhhh!*) At one point I think they talked about hair color, and they kept repeating the word “colourful” in between their convos. I’m guessing they are talking about the MV released yesterday cos they mentioned something about merry Christmas as well.

They performed Green rain, followed by (OMG MY FAV) Colorful! Their dance is so simple, cute and sweet! After the performance, Jinki said something about his coat when he was turning around during colorful dance (I think he meant that it kept swinging around hehe)

Finally, the boys ended off with a speech each, starting with Onew (he was so cute he did some kind of aegyo voice at one point), followed by Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and then Key.

And then, they sang Selene 6.23 (*AFDHKJDF~*)

The boys are so sweet they went on to thank the fans on each part of the concert hall and along the way Jinki picked up this red bunny ears hairband and wore it *aww!!! Jinki bunny!*

At some point of their talking all the fans started chanting Saranghae and Minho (some of the other boys may have chanted too) chanted together with the fans omg so cute!!!

Then it’s the final end and the boys left. They then played a “Behind the scenes” video of their preparation for this concert. (LOL Key and the bird was so funny and cute xD)


(OK this post is the first thing I did when I got back to my hotel. Time to get some food and rest up and continue spazzing over this experience. It feels so .. urgh I cant even put it into words I’m just so happy! This Korea trip is really full of wonderful experiences and this SHINee concert was way unexpected and I can only say that I am a really lucky girl and I just want to share my joy and love for SHINee with all of you. Thank you if you reached this point (and is still alive reading). And once again pardon me for any poor descriptions or grammar.)

ok but seriously, what did we miss today while they were dangling andrew scott in front of us like a carrot?


Rob James Collier running the London Marathon 2015

Two of those watermark-ravished pics on here should be fine. Seriously, look at this hunk! He looks like a completely different person compared to a couple of months ago. I can’t believe it! lol I’m going to be shallow and selfish here and demand a shirtless scene in season 6. :D

Also, since the film industry is shallow and we as the audience, for the most part, are as well, just for the sake of Rob’s career I hope he keeps the training up. Because with a lovely face like that he will be type-cast as the handsome guy (action, eyecandy, demanding part acting wise, doesn’t really matter) and the way things are he would not get certain parts if he has a belly big enough to notice. If they are looking for a handsome actor they will chose the one with the lovely face and the fit body and this is particularly relevant because Rob has not had the big break yet when it comes to the big screen. I just don’t want him to disappear into mediocre tv obscurity and the offers he gets in the next months are important! So yes, it’s shallow and kind of sad but it’s probably a good thing for his career that he looks fantastic right now.


Got you covered

Dear Maya,
Where did the summer go? I was traveling all of July and half of August and all of a sudden the summer was gone! Meanwhile our beautiful girl has been all over the place! Directing her film, also traveling with good friends, and WOW - shooting magazine covers! Good heavens - what is it? Eight covers or nine just for September? One thing is for sure - she’s no damsel in distress. She continues to reign as queen.

K: hey cowboy

R: hey love! How’s my damsel?

K: what?……LOL LOL……you think I’m a damsel in distress?

R: I seriously think you are the furthest thing from a damsel in distress

K: If I pretended to be a damsel in distress would you save me?

R: I’ve got you covered honey

K:you better. I like when you cover me up

R: you’re my favorite cover girl. You’re all over twitter you know

K: whatEVER!

R: You’re causing quite a stir

K: yeah I saw

R: you were on twitter? nooooooooooooooo I can’t believe it

K: yeah……OK so I caved. I knew they would totally wetting their panties over the new pics of you and I was right.
Just waitin’ for the drama

R: so THAT’s what all the popcorn was about!

K: just sittin back and watchin’ the shitstorm. Jesus. Some of the shit is so ridiculous..

R: honey you’re the one who always tells me to ignore them. They don’t know anything about us

K: they sure as fuck think they do.

R: let them. They think they know us but they don’t. Fuck them

K: Dude! I am totally fucking with them.

R: The great pretender. That’s my girl

K: fuck yeah! I think I’ve perfected the pretender

R: you weren’t pretending last night


R: you can’t fake that honey. I would say I nailed it

K: always do. Speaking of nailing it………..Dude! Do they know you are fucking clueless with a hammer? Have you busted your finger yet?

R: what do you mean? I think I proved last night that I know how to hammer

K: LOL!!! yeah like you said you used to get hammered. Your twitter buddies were all over that one

R: they believe everything I say

K: that’s their problem

R: so back to the damsel in distress

K: I thought you said I wasn’t a damsel in distress

R: but if you WERE I said I’ve got you covered

K: and I said you were my favorite cover

R: I think I need to come cover you up right now

K: only if you bring your hammer. HA HA. I love you

R: you bet your gorgeous ass I will. ,,,, and I love you more

So sweet Maya
September is right around the corner!
There are film festivals to look forward to and who knows what other projects are being planned. It’s always wonderful to see our beautiful girl and her handsome man working and doing what they love. It’s going to be OK