i seriously love this film lol

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Confession: you are seriously the most amazing person on the planet. I feel like I can talk to you about anything and I don't know you personally lol. We both like zombie shows/films, were both black and slaying it (well you more than me) anyways, and we both love richonne๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ not to mention you're gorgeous too. (This isn't the first time I'm saying this to you ๐Ÿ™ˆ) but I seriously mean it, you're one of the best blogs out there and I'm too chicken to say this off anon haha

Anon, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I do not deserve you or your kindness. I’m crying?! Because this is so sweet and I got people out here looking at me like I’m crazy because I’m reading this message with a huge ass, borderline creepy smile on my face. Like, I’m not worthy of such kindness, but seriously thank you anyhow. You’ve made my entire month. I love you. 😢❤

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Rob James Collier running the London Marathon 2015

Two of those watermark-ravished pics on here should be fine. Seriously, look at this hunk! He looks like a completely different person compared to a couple of months ago. I can’t believe it! lol I’m going to be shallow and selfish here and demand a shirtless scene in season 6. :D

Also, since the film industry is shallow and we as the audience, for the most part, are as well, just for the sake of Rob’s career I hope he keeps the training up. Because with a lovely face like that he will be type-cast as the handsome guy (action, eyecandy, demanding part acting wise, doesn’t really matter) and the way things are he would not get certain parts if he has a belly big enough to notice. If they are looking for a handsome actor they will chose the one with the lovely face and the fit body and this is particularly relevant because Rob has not had the big break yet when it comes to the big screen. I just don’t want him to disappear into mediocre tv obscurity and the offers he gets in the next months are important! So yes, it’s shallow and kind of sad but it’s probably a good thing for his career that he looks fantastic right now.

ok but seriously, what did we miss today while they were dangling andrew scott in front of us like a carrot?

My thoughts on SPN episode 11x09:

  • That is one low cut dress Amara is wearing. Gotta dress up when preparing to strike people down with lightning.
  • Oh heeeeEEEEEEY Lucifer! What up? We missed you!
  • WELP NO MISHA IN THIS EPISODE *grumbles unhappily for the rest of episode* 
  • This episode has a weird camera/filming/angles vibe - anyone else noticing that? 
  • LOL the Darkness going to a church to set up a meeting with God, love it
  • I do appreciate how protective Dean is being over Sam
  • Dean wouldn’t ignore Sam. PROOF THAT SOMETHING IS UP Y’ALL.
  • This music is channeling LOTR… you are working too hard SPN
  • I’m digging Lucifer’s glowing red eyes 
  • Rowena totally has a crush on Lucifer OMG
  • Meanwhile, Adam is still stuck in the real cage like WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?!?!
  • At least Dean TRIED to kill Amara. Ugh. 
  • Well. This has taken an unfortunate turn of events.
  • Dude. This chick is cray. NO MEANS NO, AMARA. 
  • Sooooo where did Amara send Dean? 
  • Lucifer is like SURPRISE, GOT YA! 
  • Samifer shippers… this episode is an early Christmas present for you!

In conclusion: I legit do not understand how/why Castiel was completely ignored this episode. Also, WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED???!??!

Scandal’s Ratings and the Olitz Creepy Cult

Ya’ll Tumblr (and the Twitter) Peeps have been petty today and I love it!  LOL!

Seriously, this is just my opinion but the ratings need to drop more before the execs at ABC/Disney really take action.   But, if they do drop significantly again after next weeks episode, what really can or will they do?  How far along are they regarding taping?   They can’t just throw away what they’ve already filmed and start over.

Calling the fans a “creepy cult” is insulting and ungrateful.  It was the Olitz fans who watched Seasons 1 and 2 faithfully to support Kerry, Tony and yes, even Shonda Rhimes.  We talked up Scandal by tweeting, facebooking, tumblring and begging friends, family, co-workers and strangers to watch it.  It was the “creepy cult” who helped to make the show popular so the actors, writers and all of the other behind the scenes workers could keep their jobs. 

I know there are some crazy people on social media but most of the original fans who have been with Scandal from the beginning are educated, smart, intelligent, intuitive women (and men) who tuned in to see a drama about a smart, beautiful, imperfect woman who is a fixer with a scandal of her own to deal with.  Not the show it has become since Season 3 (an unrealistic, ridiculous, badly written spy story).

We are not watching Scandal because we want to have our way.  We are not watching it because the writing doesn’t make sense and is not consistent.  I’ve said this before but the first rule of writing for your protagonist is to know what they want and keep them from having it.  I have no problem with Olivia and Fitz being apart if the story is written well. 

I’ve also said several times that I have no problem with Olivia having another love interest.  But, in order for it to work, the actor would have to have just as much or more chemistry with Kerry as she has with Tony.  This would be next to impossible and it is painfully obvious Scott has zero chemistry with her.

My last comment is about Shonda Rhimes.  As the show runner, you don’t talk about “taking back” your show from the fans.  You respect and listen to their opinions on what they want to see and you then write a compelling story to keep them interested and watching your show.

I wonder what MJ would say about a whit man playing him in a film right now...

…I’m sorry i couldn’t help myself not make that pun. XD 

But seriously, Michael has said that he would not want something like this to happen so if you think this is a travesty too, please sign the petition to recast this awful film, I know we  should just boycott it completely but this might be our only chance to change something about this. And please even if you are not an MJ fan, you know this is wrong in so many ways so please, help stop Hollywood from not only whitewashing michael, but also other people of color.



Got you covered

Dear Maya,
Where did the summer go? I was traveling all of July and half of August and all of a sudden the summer was gone! Meanwhile our beautiful girl has been all over the place! Directing her film, also traveling with good friends, and WOW - shooting magazine covers! Good heavens - what is it? Eight covers or nine just for September? One thing is for sure - she’s no damsel in distress. She continues to reign as queen.

K: hey cowboy

R: hey love! How’s my damsel?

K: what?……LOL LOL……you think I’m a damsel in distress?

R: I seriously think you are the furthest thing from a damsel in distress

K: If I pretended to be a damsel in distress would you save me?

R: I’ve got you covered honey

K:you better. I like when you cover me up

R: you’re my favorite cover girl. You’re all over twitter you know

K: whatEVER!

R: You’re causing quite a stir

K: yeah I saw

R: you were on twitter? nooooooooooooooo I can’t believe it

K: yeah……OK so I caved. I knew they would totally wetting their panties over the new pics of you and I was right.
Just waitin’ for the drama

R: so THAT’s what all the popcorn was about!

K: just sittin back and watchin’ the shitstorm. Jesus. Some of the shit is so ridiculous..

R: honey you’re the one who always tells me to ignore them. They don’t know anything about us

K: they sure as fuck think they do.

R: let them. They think they know us but they don’t. Fuck them

K: Dude! I am totally fucking with them.

R: The great pretender. That’s my girl

K: fuck yeah! I think I’ve perfected the pretender

R: you weren’t pretending last night


R: you can’t fake that honey. I would say I nailed it

K: always do. Speaking of nailing it………..Dude! Do they know you are fucking clueless with a hammer? Have you busted your finger yet?

R: what do you mean? I think I proved last night that I know how to hammer

K: LOL!!! yeah like you said you used to get hammered. Your twitter buddies were all over that one

R: they believe everything I say

K: that’s their problem

R: so back to the damsel in distress

K: I thought you said I wasn’t a damsel in distress

R: but if you WERE I said I’ve got you covered

K: and I said you were my favorite cover

R: I think I need to come cover you up right now

K: only if you bring your hammer. HA HA. I love you

R: you bet your gorgeous ass I will. ,,,, and I love you more

So sweet Maya
September is right around the corner!
There are film festivals to look forward to and who knows what other projects are being planned. It’s always wonderful to see our beautiful girl and her handsome man working and doing what they love. It’s going to be OK