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Doyoung’s honesty bringing out Taeyong’s laughter once again ❤️

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I am completely in love with Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady by @tyranttortoise and ended up doodling some scenes. It’s such a great and different take on the trope with absolutely wonderful characterization. I seriously recommend it if you haven’t already read it!



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“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”

Unexpected problems (SuperWolf)

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Pairing(s): ReaderxStiles, Sister!ReaderxBrother!Dean and Sister!ReaderxBrother!Sam

Summary: Sam and Dean decide to visit Y/N and aren’t exactly happy that she’s friends w/ supernatural beings.

It was a pretty chill day for Y/N until she had history with the coach.
She sat next to Stiles and Scott when a loud knock came from the door.
The coach opened it.
“Yes?”, he asked a bit confused.
“Hello. I’m Sam and this is my brother Dean. We’re here to visit our little sister.”, the taller one said.
Y/N’s eyes widened.
“Fuck…”, she silently cursed.
“Hey…what’s up?”, Stiles asked worried and softly patted her back.
“We’re fucked… Sam and Dean are hunters…”, she answered.
“What? No. Not again…”, her boyfriend of one year whined.
“That’s nice and all but who’s your Sister?”, the coach asked totally confused. “Y/N Winchester.”, Dean answered.
Stiles eyes widened in fear and Scott looked at her as well.
“Excuse you?”, Scott whispered in shock.
“I’m sorry… I didn’t knew they would visit..”, she whispered.
“WINCHESTER!”, the coach shouted. Y/N looked up and walked towards her brothers.
“Hi Sam…. Hi Dean…”, she said smiling awkwardly.
“Hey kiddo.”, they both hugged her.
“Uh… I’ll see you guys later…”, she walked back towards her seat and hoped she wouldn’t see them again.

After school ended Scott immediately called out for a pack meeting.
“We have a problem.”, he said seriously. “And that’s something new?”, asked Lydia.
“My brothers are here… They’re-”, in that moment they bursted through the door with guns drawn, “hunters…”, I finished.
“Y/N move away from them!”, Sam shouted.
“Guys…are the guns really necessary?”, asked Stiles.
“I SAID MOVE AWAY FROM THEM!”, Dean yelled at me.
I flinched and Stiles immediately put me behind his back.
“Nothing will happen to you… Listen guys… This is really unnecessary. ”, Scott assured us. Back home Dean shouted at me. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! WHY WERE YOU THERE?!” “Dean. Please calm down. They’re my friends.”, I answered frightened. “FRIENDS?! FRIENDS?! THOSE ARE THE THINGS WE HUNT, Y/N!” I flinched. I got up and walked out of the door. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?”, he screamed after me. “TO MY BOYFRIEND YOU FUCKER!”, I shouted back and hopped on my bike. At Stiles’ I rang the doorbell and prayed he was there. When Sheriff Stilinski opened and saw my tears he pulled me into a hug. “Stiles is upstairs, sweetheart.”, he said in a caring voice. I nodded and thanked him. Mr. Stilinski was always very protective of me. Upstairs I knocked at the door of his room. Derek opened and looked at me with hateful eyes. “It’s her.”, he said with a hint of relief and let me in. Same as his father, Stiles pulled me into a hug as soon as he saw the tears. “Did they hurt you?”, he asked worried. “I swear to god if they hurt you I’m gonna…“ “Scott. I know that you’re angry but if she needs somebody it’s her friends and the most, her boyfriend.”, Lydia interrupted. “Lydia’s right.”, Derek agreed. “Besides.”, I spoke up,“ They didn’t physically hurt me. Dean just screamed at me why I was friends at you and stuff like that.”, I explained and cuddled more into Stiles’ chest. Soon enough we were planning on how the pack would go through meetings and investigations and a school day without me having to leave until my brothers left. “The problem we’ll have to face is that my brothers will probably be watching me 24/7 as long as it’s possible.”, I told them. “But we don’t have any jobs at the school currently. How would they watch you at school?”, Malia mentioned. “They find a spot.”, I answered. And I was right. The next day in school Sam showed up as a literature teacher, a subject that I selected, sadly. But where was Dean? Well I should find out when I went to the Lacrosse practice with Lydia, Malia, Mason and Corey. Before practice started Stiles came over to me and kissed me. Cheesy and cute little bastard says it’s his lucky charm. “EY KID! GET ON THE FIELD! AIN’T TRAINING FOR NOTHING.” And I was wondering where Dean was. Turns out he became co-coach. Stiles sighed and jogged on the field. “Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find a way to get you and Stiles some private time.”, Lydia tried to cheer me up. “I just want to piss them off now. Look who’s sitting there and pretending to read Hamlet.”, I pointed towards Sam. “Okay. But what are you gonna do? We’ll help.”, Mason suggested. “Oh. I know exactly how to do this. They’ll be pissed off if I’m just cheering for them. But if you could help me cheering it would be amazing so they think it’s a common thing.”, I explained with a devilish grin. They all agreed and as soon as the training game of the guest team and our team began we began to cheer. “YOU GO BABE! SLAY THOSE FUCKERS’ ASSES!”, I screamed at the top of my lungs as soon as he scored the first points. Dean turned around and looked at me a bit annoyed. Soon Malia, Lydia and me started dancing together with Mason in a Cheerleader way. The coach chuckled. He probably knew I just wanted to piss my family and the other team off. We had so much fun that we only stopped to dance when Stiles, Scott and Liam came over after the game. My plan was pure gold. Revenge is sweet. I felt the looks of Dean and Sam on me. I seriously love my friends.

“Thanks cherry pie.”, Stiles smiled and kissed my cheek. I giggled slightly. “I think I’m gonna puke.”, I heard Dean say. “Next to you is a bin.”, I told him with a sweet smile and walked off. Back at home Dean stormed into the room with a torn Sammy. He didn’t knew which side to take. Dean looked like he was about to explode. “Listen I wouldn’t have to do this if you could just accept that-” “YOU REALLY THOUGHT I WOULD BE OKAY WITH YOU BEING FRIENDS AND ALL LOVEY DOVEY WITH THOSE CREATURES?” Well there was the explosion. “Dean, calm down. Those are my friends. Yes there are werewolves and banshees and what not. But Scott, Derek, Lydia, Malia, Mason, Corey, Liam, the rest of the pack and especially Stiles are not on the bad side. And also Stiles is human. He’s the son of the sheriff. Research, my dear brother. Mason is also a human. The rest are all pro human not ‘I’m gonna kill everybody’.”, I told him. “Do you even understand what you’re saying?”, Sam asked shocked. “Okay. I’m gonna live with the pack for now. Tell me when you did research on Beacon Hills. Every case in the last few years was solved by them. They saved the city more often than you did in their age.”, I told them, got my bag and left. For the next few days Dean and Sam didn’t talk to me. However, Cass showed up and met Stiles and the pack. They got along well and Cass really liked Stiles. So one day at a pack meeting to talk about the ghost riders (a/N sorry, I really dont know how they’re called in English. It’s just the translation from German to english) when Cass popped up. “Hey. The angel’s here.”, Stiles said smiling pulling me more against his chest, one arm around my shoulders. “Hey Cass.”, I smiled up at the Angel. “Sam and Dean are on their way here. I talked to them as well and told them what you all did for this city. They want to apologise y/n.”, he told me with a smile. I smiled as well. “Oh my Chuck. Thank you Cass. So, so much.” I jumped up and hugged him. At that moment Sam and Dean entered. I ran to hug them. “As long as I can keep them as my friends I’ll accept your apology.”, I told them. Dean looked up at Cass and laughed. “I was such a douchebag.”, he said. “You’re right.”, I let go of him and sat down again between Derek and Stiles. “So…. We heard you need help…”, Sam said.

Healer - the DVD teaser teasing us… [x]

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