i seriously love each and every single one of these albums :)


Hey @taylorswift ! You’ve been so supportive, kind to us, and just incredible recently and I just wanted to put something together to thank you. You’re honestly the best, greatest thing in our lives and we all appreciate your consistent support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is a collage of about 100 fans just to thank you for how kind you’ve been recently.

We all love you SO much. Thank you for being our best supporters and such a huge source of happiness for us all. I hope that you see this and know how much we love you and how many people have your back.

People also submitted messages that I added below. I know that they would love for you to read them. Love you babe.

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Members of groups like The Pussycat Dolls, Spice girls, Little Mix etc. were contractually allocated a specific personality and given certain characteristics/mannerisms to make the group dynamic aesthetically perfect. Individual traits must be relatable or else no one would associate with the group. The idea when forming these groups is to increase diversity so that the group as a brand becomes more appealing to all types of people. Their cohesive image must be attractive and appealing to both men and women. And that’s a beautiful thing, until the label use this to their advantage. This all falls upon how they treat the individual girl. Now, this distribution of personas within groups are put in place to influence an individual’s musical contribution to a record. Their behaviours become contractual agreements. Through allocation of these mannerisms, we can see how it influences the verses given per individual on a song. The more likable you are, the more verses you’re given.

From the off, contractually Lauren became the label favourite. At 16, she eluded maturity and talent. Look at their debut single, ‘Miss Movin on’, Lauren and Camila lead. Now, let’s forget “camren” as a concept for 5 minutes. Their voices melodically together sounded beautiful and when together, their personalities complemented each other. There’s one thing no one can deny, and that’s the consistency of Camila’s vocals. From 2012 to now she has always been the one to deliver a flawless performance. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the girls as a 5 piece live three times. Each time, Camila was the one that stood out. She had absolutely no issue with breathing control and her vocal range excelled her talent. I think from 2013, the label favourite then contractually switched to Camila. She became the ‘it’ girl. Her personality is relatable, she’s real and everyone fell in love with that. When Epic realised this, it influenced their treatment towards her. Her being the ‘it’ girl meant they realised she had potential as a solo artist. This is when they begun preparing her and schooling her in a career outside the group, offering her a solo contract for 2015.  If I’m honest, I think they completely declined Lauren’s potential and at a point, her confidence fell hence she behaves the way she does. Laurens vocals have changed drastically from 2012 to now, she’s lucky the rasp suits her but I am concerned about further vocal deterioration. I think possibly the label considered her lifestyle choices in regards to her ability and reallocated her parts to someone who took the preservation of their voice more seriously. Since then, she has lacked influence on some of the girl’s most successful hits. Verses in ‘Worth It’ and ‘Work from Home’ were reallocated so Lauren’s vocals were played down. She’s simply a chorus in both. As for Reflection, both Lauren and Dinah were barely heard. Their potential on those records could have been so much more. Unfortunately, that’s purely the labels fault and clauses they induced in the girls contracts. Now personally for me, Dinah is the most capable. She is by far the most underrated out of the 5. Ally and Normani both have unique and incredible talent, however for me nothing compares to Dinah, not even Lauren or Camila. Dinah has misplaced her confidence because she has been a victim of vocal allocation on the debut singles, Reflection and 7/27. I understand during live performances, Dinah struggles with breathing control, but when that is the case, it becomes the label’s responsibility to minimise the choreography and allow her vocals to excel. It’s only when the girls perform acoustically are we really allowed to appreciate Dinah’s capability. At last, on this new album we are witnessing Dinah’s artistic potential. We can feel her vocal range in ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ (slightly biased but that’s my personal favourite off the album) and it’s amazing. The combination of her and Lauren’s vocals are ethereal. Her temperament is incredible. She is such a sincere, genuine, compassionate young woman. For me, Dinah deserves to be the ‘it’ girl of the group. So regardless of the alloction, its fair to say that groups formed on talent shows are unnatural. Relationships are forced and obligated because participants simply have no other option. If any of the Fifth Harmony girls didn’t sign that initial contract on that day in 2012, none of them would be where they are now. That’s a fact. But this is the reason Epic offer young applicants these contracts. Those formed on X-Factor; Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, One Direction etc. All were aged between 15-19 when they applied. They were manipulated and operated through contracts. More specifically, 5H, Epic/Syco took advantage of 5 young girls and their families who were clueless on industry law. The label morphed their talent and personalities into the mould of a ‘successful’ girl group. They completely belittled their dreams and aspirations down to a contract and a pay cheque. Every single creative and personal right was snatched from the girls the second they signed that initial contract in 2012. Each name; Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren and Normani became a brand. Their humanity as young girls/women was stolen from them by a legal piece of paper. Over these 5 years, they’ve been robbed of time, money and optimum success. 

Fifth Harmony was never a girl group; it’s was nurtured into a brand from day one. It’s a brand that has been manufactured and marketed for the sole purpose of financial profit at the girls expense. It would be ignorant for fans to not understand that their label is failing them.


What’s the saddest part, is that the girls lives are now nothing but a contractual obligation.

Fifth Harmony

It was the sixth anniversary of Fifth Harmony and what better way of celebrating another milestone in their careers than by singing in front of thousands of people. It wasn’t just any other concert. It was in Madison Square Garden, New York no less. This was their biggest concert by far. Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke sang and danced to their songs from Reflection, 727, and their self-titled album Fifth Harmony.

My innocence is wearing thin

But my heart is growing strong

So call me, call me, call me

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (ohhhhh)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (hey… yeah yeah)

Yeah, I’m movin’ on



“Madison square garden thank you so much for having us tonight!” Dinah speaks loudly through her microphone. The crowd goes wild as the four girls move closer towards the centre.

“Tonight is a special night for all of us as you know. Six years of Fifth Harmony and we couldn’t have a better celebration tonight. We started off six years ago with thirty to forty people coming to our mall tours now we have 85,000. This is unbelievable” Normani says with extreme awe at the crowd in front of them. Indeed, through that six years, their fan base has grown bigger.

Ally took her turn to speak. “We’d like to share this special moment with you as we all look back to our journey. So, join us as we view this short video of Fifth Harmony through the years”

All four of them turn around to look at the screen in front. A montage starts playing. None of the girls has seen this video. They knew something would be playing but the management never told them what it would be. A surprise for them as well in some sense. (video would be something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W32qiV5rSz8 credits to owner)

As much as they try not to be emotional, they can’t help themselves from tearing up. One drop follows another. The crowd too had tears in their eyes, witnessing the transformation of young dreamers into the pop stars that they are now. Before anyone realises it, Camila appears on screen and cheers can be heard all over the place. Even the girls were quite taken aback by her participation on the montage.

“Thank you so much harmonizers for supporting the group through the years. We won’t be here without you guys. Seriously, thank you so much. I’m so proud of the girls for what they’ve achieved, for their success, and will always be proud of them. To my girls, I will always love you. You are my sisters for life. We may have had our differences but deep in my heart I still love you so much. I will always be a part of Fifth Harmony and you will always be a part of me.” Camila ends her message by blowing a kiss to the camera. The video continues to play, recounting all the awards and achievements they received in their six years together. The last frame ends with simple words, “Thank you Fifth Harmony.”

The girls try to clean up their faces before turning around again to face their fans. Everyone claps their hands for a wonderful video that summed up the years of Fifth Harmony.

Normani is the first to speak amongst the four. “We were five normal girls trying to reach our dreams and here we are today standing proudly on this stage. If not for you, we wouldn’t be here today so, thank you so much harmonizers. I would like to thank our families too for keeping our feet to the ground and protecting us and loving us no matter what. Our dream was very small. It was just an idea of us recording our own songs and maybe one day sing it in our own concert. Then it got bigger and bigger. Our lives did change.”

“We’ve become who we’ve always wanted to be. With you and our families and our team, we’ve gotten something not every fifteen or sixteen-year-old could have. We started touring the world and wherever we were there were people screaming at us. We didn’t know what was happening. You guys are one of the main reasons why we’re still here tonight. My mom, my dad, my siblings, and every one of you thank you all so much. You have truly been amazing.” Lauren says through her tears, her raspy voice sounding even raspier.

“We’ve had our sacrifices our differences but at the end of the day, we made it through the crazy because of you. I believed in myself because you believed in me too, in us. Thank you guys so so much. My family, my relatives, every single one of you, thank you for making everything possible. You made our dreams come true over and over again. We’ve met people the people we’ve met because you lined up in our concerts, bought our albums, you did everything for us. It’s been absolutely incredible.” Dinah blows a kiss after her own words.

Ally then speaks up after the youngest amongst them was done. “The past six years would literally be nothing without you. We’re so blessed to be here in front of such lovely crowd because of your support and love. Thank you, harmonizers. We appreciate what you’ve done for us and you made us realise what we’re doing was something amazing. You’ve supported each and everyone in the group through our ups and downs. Once again thank you so much. And to our families thank you for supporting us in our six years.” Cheers go louder as the tears on the girls’ faces pour down. Smiling through tears is something not easy to do.

Lauren clears her throat as she recomposes herself for her next words. “Sadly, the time has come for us to say goodbye.” Gasps from the fans can be heard all over Madison Square Garden. “Trust me we’re all dreading this” she continued with her voice breaking. “Our lives have changed drastically and it’s very overwhelming. We didn’t know what was happening to us and here we are six years later saying goodbye to it all. It’s not an easy thing, I tell you” Lauren wipes her tears as Dinah comforts her with a side hug.

“This song, this next and last song is very special to each of us in Fifth Harmony. This started everything for us; our dreams, our career, everything. This means so much to us and we hope this would mean something to you too.” Normani introduced their finale song and the melody starts playing as she spoke. “May this song remind everyone of you here right now that everything is possible. That the impossible is possible if you just believe. You believed in us and we got to do everything for six years because of all you here tonight.”

“Madison Square this is ‘Impossible’ and this will be our last memory of Fifth Harmony so make it a good one!” Dinah tried to put the crowd in hype despite her own voice betraying her. Ally shouts “We love you” before they started singing.  


I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


And now when all is done

There is nothing to say

You have gone and so effortlessly

You have won You can go ahead tell them

Tell them all I know now

Shout it from the rooftops

Write it on the skyline

All we had is gone now


Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken

All my scars are open

Tell them what I hoped would be


[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]



I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


The song becomes very emotional like every word sang by them is a blade plunge to everyone’s hearts. This their last song and it was their very first song together. This is mainly the reason why all four of them decided to end their journey with the same song that fired up their dreams. It felt…home.

At the end of the song, Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah hugged each other just like all their other performances. They broke off their embrace and started speaking again starting with Ally.

“I’m trying my best not to cry but I’m crying.” Ally tries to joke around. “We’re all crying. Lauren’s crying, Dinah’s crying, Mani’s crying, you guys are crying. It’s really hard to hold back our tears tonight, isn’t it? It’s really true when they say ‘as one journey ends, another one begins.’ Fifth Harmony maybe closing its book but four stories will be opening after tonight. Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and I will be braving the world as solo artists but we’ll continue to support each other nevertheless. These three ladies right there are my sisters. Thank you for being my sisters. I’ve had the best time in my life more than you could ever imagine. We’ve literally had so much fun and I couldn’t imagine doing it with someone else. I love you so much ladies and I will always be here for you.” There were a lot of ‘awws’ heard in the audience with Ally’s speech.

Normani followed after with her own words of gratitude. “We started out as strangers from different states and walks of life but we’re ending our story together as sisters. It’s been a wild ride but no matter how fun every ride is; it just has its end. Despite that, I know I would always have these ladies with me. Lauren, Dinah, and Ally, you are the sisters God forgot to give me. Your parents are my parents and my parents are yours. My three best friends in the whole world, thank you so much for our time together. No matter what, regardless of any circumstance you are always in my heart. I am and will always be proud of you. I love you”

Seeing as though they were speaking by age, Lauren took the chance to speak after Normani. “To my sisters Normani, Dinah Jane, and Ally, I love you so much I hope you know that. DJ I’ll miss your annoying arse pranking us 24/7, and Mani I’ll miss your chicken wings cravings, and Allyson Brooke, the sunshine of the group, I will definitely miss your cooking. We’ve spent our teenage years together and you’ve been my pillar through everything that was thrown my way. You’ve accepted me for who I am when I was confused and scared and trying to figure out myself. I just want to give a massive shout out to the three of you. You all are such amazing ladies. I love you so much.” Lauren was beaming with pride for her sweet speech. It’s true that the girls have been there for her no matter what and thanking them through those short sentences was not enough but it would have to do for now. “Also to Camila, Camila who’s not here with us tonight, thank you very much Camz for all the love and all the time you gave us when you were still in the band. We love you very much.” Of course the fans especially those who have been rooting for any interaction between Lauren and Camila have their spirits on cloud nine for Lauren’s unexpected message to Camila. Dinah Jane smiled to herself thankful that Lauren had done that. In the end, Dinah never stopped being Camila’s friend.

“Alright. Alright, my turn I guess. What’s up Madison Square? Six years with these girls were crazy. Imagine living with four hormonal teenage girls. I have a bunch of siblings and when I got into Fifth Harmony I gained four more. These three girls, Ally, Mani and Lauren will always be the big sisters that I will look up to for the rest of my life. I can do stupid things and I know they won’t judge me. We may be halfway across world away from each other, I know they’d be wherever I was if I needed them to. I love you girls so much. Imagine all the aeroplane rides and the buses we’ve been on. You’ve given me millions of memories I will keep forever. I love Y'all.” The four of them gather again for one more hug. Dinah broke away however so she could shout something one last time. “Me and my girls will always conquer the impossible!”

The crowd claps their hands for a very touching night. It’s been surreal to witness a very wonderful performance that turned out to be a finale performance then witness again the goodbyes of the four girls.

“There’s also one more person who also would like to join you ladies there on stage if you’d like me to.” The girls are startled with the footage that played behind them. They are very familiar with that view. It was the passage from the backstage towards the front stage and the person in the view is no other than their former member, Camila Cabello. The fans go wild again upon seeing Camila joining the rest of the girls in her old costume.

“I’ve spent four and a half years with you ladies and I just couldn’t miss paying my tribute to this band that I once called family. Like I said we’ve had our differences and troubles but we’re all past that now. I wanted to take this chance, we all wanted to take this chance to give you this proper goodbye that you all deserved. No more letters. Here I am joining my sisters in this stage for this final moment. And I also would like to use this time to give a special shoutout to the four of you. People always ask, ‘what’s your favourite memory of Fifth Harmony’ and I guess this one of those favourites. I will never forget this night just like all those times we’ve had together. Dinah, Ally, Normani, and Lolo, I love you girls so much. Thank you for everything” The girls welcomed Camila to their embrace after her heart-warming speech. They may have had some trials and tribulations before but none of those matters anymore tonight.

“After 6 years of being together, we are doing this one last time,” Dinah announces to the crowd as she smiles to her girls.

“Hi, I’m Dinah Jane,”

“Hey, it’s Normani Kordei,”

“Hi, I’m Lauren,”

“Hey, I’m Ally,”

“Hi I’m Camilla”

They all took hold of each other’s hands, interlocking them together. Normani on the farthest right with Ally on her side. Beside Ally is Dinah who has Lauren in between her and Camila. For the last time, they spoke the words they’ve mastered by heart.

“and we’re Fifth Harmony!”

They raised their interlocked hands up in the air before taking their final bow. The confetti dropped on cue while the girls continued to bow in every side of the Madison Square Garden. “Once again thank you Madison Square Garden and the rest of our Harmonizers all over the world. Goodnight everyone and goodbye!”

Six years together, five sisters brought by fate, four promotional singles, three albums released, two record labels, and one story that ended in harmony. They are and will always be Fifth Harmony.

Stevie’s favorite things

I have received a request to post Stevie’s favorite things (”music, books, food, poets and all things beyond, far and in between”), so I gathered some things from several interviews and Q&As.

I feel that I have to add some sort of disclaimer though - This list could never be a thorough look into Stevie’s likes as she’s a very private person (as she should be!) and I’m far from being an expert. All the things listed here were mentioned publicly and I have no intention of intruding or disrespecting. I hope you enjoy it, and if you think of things I’ve left out, please drop me a line. 

▬ Music

It’s almost impossible to gather all the artists, bands, and songs Stevie has cited as favorites in just one place… Nothing I post will do justice to her love of music. “I have a love of music that goes far beyond what I do onstage.” (Dailytelegraph.au, 2017) 

 • ”Tom Petty is my favorite rock star.“ (BST Hyde Park Festival, 2017) 

•  "If you could do a duet with anyone in the world, with whom would it be?” “I would say James Taylor.” (Facebook Q&A, 2014) 

• “So I got got the flamboyancy and the attitude from Janis and then I got the humbleness and the grace from Jimi Hendrix. And then one other thing, I got a little bit of slinky from Grace Slick.(South by Southwest Music Festival, 2013) 

 •"I have striven to live up to the songwriting of Don Henley and Glenn Frey, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell.“ (1981) 

• “If I can sit down and be going through a crisis and I can listen to Joni Mitchell or something and I can feel from her that she understands, even though she doesn’t know me, then, for me… I love that, and that’s what I try to do.” (1976)

Here’s just a little of what she has mentioned over the decades: Her Grandad, Leon Russell, The Everly Brothers,  Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Foo Fighters, Vanessa Carlton, Haim, and so many more. Click here for a playlist containing 73 songs Stevie has mentioned during interviews.

▬ Poets

“Do you have any poets you enjoy?”
Yes, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe.” (Q&A, rockalittle.com) 

I think that poets and songwriters have a lot in common because a songwriter really has to be a poet first. That’s how we live our lives. It’s the same kind of thinking. Unlike people who write fiction or make movies, we put our stories into these small little containers filled with mostly short lines and verses. This is how we talk about the way we feel and talk about things and explain the world and ourselves.” (The Creative Independent, 2016)


The Mabinogion Trilogy - Evangeline Walton 

These four fantasy-fiction books by American author Evangeline Walton (The Prince of Annwn, The Children of Llyr, The Song of Rhiannon and The Island of The Mighty) are based on traditional Welsh myths. Someone sent them to me back in 1978 because I’d written a song called Rhiannon 5 years earlier. Walton started her work around 1934 and finished in 1974, which was right around the time that I wrote Rhiannon, so I felt like when her work ended, mine began.

• Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys

Wide Sargasso Sea is inspired by Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre. The novel explores the life of Mrs Rochester, ‘the wild woman in the attic’, in 1830s Jamaica before she was brought to England by Mr Rochester. Jean Rhys wrote this book as a precursor to Jane Eyre because of her love for the Bronte novel. I saw the film adaptation of the book in the early 1990s and it inspired me to write the song of the same name on my album.

• Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

I first read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights (written by Charlotte’s sister Emily Bronte) when I was in college in California in the late 1960s. They are two of my favourite books because they’re just so brilliantly written. The beauty of both these classics is that they were fantastic when I was a teenager and they still appeal to me now as a 63-year-old woman.”

• The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

“I’ve read all of Poe’s poetry as well as Lord Byron’s and Oscar Wilde’s. He is deep and brooding - you can make many songs from his poems. I like Byron for the same reason - his characters are dark and intense like Lindsey. Oscar Wilde’s work is more flamboyant, but he was a really good storyteller.”

Out of Africa - Karen Blixen 

 “This memoir recounts the time Karen Blixen (a Danish author) spent in Kenya from 1914. When I saw the 1985 movie version with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, it just killed me and inspired me to read the book. Both make me sob so much I can hardly breathe. Later, my assistant gave me a beautiful old copy, which makes me treasure the story more. I even stayed in the Karen Blixen suite at the Hotel D'Angleterre in her native Copenhagen. The relationship between Blixten and the Safari hunter Denys Finch Hatton broke my heart. It’s a book about finding and losing love.”

The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

I first discovered The Little Prince when I was in high school and fell in love with the book straight away. My make-up artist has a tattoo of the Little Prince on the side of her leg, so I’m often reminded of what a beautiful story it is. It’s a sweet fable about the relationship between a little boy and his love for a rose. There is such a strong philosophy of love and loneliness running throughout the book that I can’t help but return to it again and again.” 

The Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), a song on my new album was written about New Moon. The song is about what happens when a relationship breaks down or, more specifically, when you are abandoned in some way. I could totally relate to that. I think that Meyer’s stories are magnificent and I’m amazed at how she built her complex world. Writing a song seems much simpler that writing a novel - a song is just five verses and a chorus! I think the love story between Edward and Bella is going to live on forever, like Beauty and the Beast.

• “Right now I am reading ‘Wheel of Fortune’ by Susan Howatch.” (Q&A, rockalittle.com, 2000s)

• “On the bookshelves are volumes about the Kabbalah, Madame Blavatsky and Arthurian legend; a copy of The Johns Hopkins Consumer Guide to Drugs sits beside Luxury Hotels of the World.” (Stevie Nicks: a survivor’s story, telegraph.uk, 2007)

• “She is gurgling scales along with a recording of her vocal coach while flipping through a new memoir by Janis Joplin’s road manager. ”Look,“ Nicks says, perking up, “I knew Janis wore sling-back heels.” (Rolling Stone, 2015)


• Mentioned: Jean Cocteau’s “La Belle et la Bête”, “Mary, Queen of Scots”, “Julia”. 

• Stevie’s favorite horror movie is “The Haunting of Hill House”, however… “Nicks has very little experience with horror: she’s seen only a handful of old horror movies, like “Bride of Dracula”. “They don’t scare me,” she says. “I just love the costumes.” - (AHS:Coven interview, 2014) 

• “I can see a movie—say, it’s a movie with Michael Fassbender called “The Light Between Oceans”—and I can’t get this movie out of my head. The tragedy of this movie is so intense and so beautiful you can hardly stand it and you go home and think about it for days afterwards.” (The Creative Independent, 2016)

▬ TV Shows

• “I worked on the edit of my documentary about the making of In Your Dreams. And then I got pneumonia. With my pneumonia and my mother’s death I watched the entire first season of Game Of Thrones—so that was great! That certainly took my mind off everything.” Not only did the series distract the Grammy winner, but it re-ignited her creativity, inspiring her to write some G.O.T.-centric fan poems. Explains Nicks, “I’ve written a bunch of poetry about it—one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow… On Arya…. On Cersei and Jaime.” She also says that she has a talent crush on the author of the Game of Thrones book series, George R. R. Martin, who is her age, and “would love to write some music” for the show. (VanityFair, 2013)

• Among the TV shows she loves, besides American Horror Story and Million Dollar Listing, are The Good Wife, Ugly Betty, Glee, Elementary (“That guy [Jonny Lee Miller] who used to be married to Angelia Jolie, oh my God, he’s amazing. I’d marry him. In a second”), and “all of the creepy shows,” like the Law and Order franchises, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and NCIS: L.A. (Vulture, 2014)

• “Judging Amy is my favorite!” (Q&A, rockalittle.com)


I ate with Stevie… You have two girls with a sweet tooth, it’s like carnage.” (Chrissie Hynde, talking about Thanksgiving with Stevie, November, 2016) 

I am always on the Weight Watchers diet. I kind of eat food that is fixed for me all over the US. I don’t really get to eat my favorite foods, like vanilla bean ice cream, gelato, cherry pie, and lemon cake, and chocolate chip cookies. I’d love to have them every day, but I don’t. I have to zip back into that long, black, seriously tight dress! (Facebook Q&A, 2014) 

“I eat one yogurt every single night right before I go to bed. It’s my, like, special time.”

Mexican is my favorite, but I don’t eat it very often. I can make a GREAT omelet!“ (Q&A, rockalittle.com) 

It’s so interesting – when my mother was pregnant with me, the only thing she could keep down was enchiladas and refried beans. As for me, whenever I’m sick, the only thing I can tolerate is Mexican food! So the fact that they actually pulled that out of the air was so great. Because if I was ever going to have a restaurant that’s what it would be." 

"Stevie really doesn’t have alot of time to cook… but if we can get her to, she makes one heck of a sandwich!! (It’s all about the sauces she makes…) (Ask Lori [Nicks], rockalittle.com) 

"I just eat the airline food, but I always get a Starbucks soy latte before boarding.” 

"Stevie is an iced tea kind of gal.” (Q&A, Cory Buckingham, 2003)


I like antiques, I love old things. I must be very old underneath because I love beautiful old things. I love dancing. I love most of all writing songs. I love animals!“ (1977)

I absolutely still draw. I have 4 drawings out here with me right now. Drawing for me is like a tranquilizer. It puts me into another state of mind and takes me out of the Rock N’ Roll mind and puts me into that drawing I’m working on. I can just sit and draw for hours and hours. It is food for my soul. Someday I will put our my art, just as I have begun putting out my polaroids.“ (Facebook Q&A, 2014) 

Painting in my room that looks over the ocean. That is my favorite thing.“ (Q&A, rockalittle.com)

"I like to decorate! I like to go decorating shopping at furniture stores. I’m constantly changing around the rooms in my house, so that’s something I really love to do. You’ll be at my house one day, and 2 weeks later, you’ll come in and it’ll be different.” (Facebook Q&A, 2014)

“Nicks moves among the collection of colourful Art Deco lamps that stand on every surface, carefully orchestrating the ambient light. ’That’s the famous blue lamp that’s been in lots of photos; that’s a Tiffany,’ she says. ’And so is that one. I don’t know about the others.’ (Stevie Nicks: a survivor’s story, telegraph.uk, 2007) 

Hawaii, Paris, New Zeland.”  
I would have to say it is New York City. There is so much energy in the city, and so much to do there. It is a very exciting city for me.”  (Favorite destinations, Q&A, rockalittle.com)

Stevie actually goes out a lot. In every city she goes shopping and out for dinner, at the least.” (Q&A, Cory Buckingham, 2003) 

Stevie also shops a lot, and in perfect female form, jewelry shopping tops her list. She loves it when a group of people, maybe 8 or more, get together for dinner. She can sit and chat and laugh for hours on end. Literally. Although I didn’t travel with the band, and we were very rarely in the same cities, I do know that Stevie goes out a lot on days off. She loves shopping, whether it be for something she actually needs or wants, or just strolling around window shopping. She and her posse go out to dinner a lot, and also spends time writing and taking pictures. She really a lot of fun.”  (Q&A, Cory Buckingham, 2003)

“You want your journals written by hand in a book, because someday, if you have daughters — I don’t have daughters, but I have fairy goddaughters, thousands of them — all of these books are gonna go to them, and they’re gonna sit around just like we are now, and they’re gonna read them out loud, and they’re going to be able to know what my life was.” (New York Times, 2014)

And finally one of the passions I believe many of us fans share with her:

Yorkies are my favorites because they have such amazing personalities.” (Q&A, rockalittle.com)

Picture Perfect - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi o was wondering if you could do a dean x reader imagine where she’s like taking cute polaroids of him and he realises he loves you :)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1,682

Warnings: None, I guess.

A/N: Fluffy Dean. I feel like this is too simple and that that’s what gives it the charm I craved for. Let me know what you think! ;)


Originally posted by frozen-delight

“DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” She cheered, storming inside his room and jumping to his bed.

Dean groaned in response. He had been sleeping until then.

“Wake up, I found something great!” She insisted, trying to tickle him.

Dean extended an arm, wrapped it around her body and pushed her to be by his side.

“Dean!” She squealed and Dean covered her mouth with a heavy hand.

It was weird how his relationship with (Y/N) was.

Of course, they weren’t dating, but they weren’t friends like so neither. What he felt for Charlie was far too different from what he felt for (Y/N). There was obviously something more between them, but Dean wasn’t completely sure what it was.

At first he thought it was mere sexual attraction, but that got discarded when he realized he felt something else and away from his pants. Yes, she could turn him on with the simplest action, but there was also something more.

That’s when he thought he thought of her like a sister, but then on New Year’s Eve he felt the immense need of kissing her – without mentioning the many times he craved to have her physically and emotionally – so that too got discarded.

It ended up in him admitting he liked her. It wasn’t love, just a small need he had developed and that would end when he found the one. However, since he started feeling things for her, every other woman seemed to be less interesting, less beautiful and less funny.

Dean no longer dated anyone else, and he stopped having one night stands. He claimed that it was because he was too old to be fooling around with girls, and that the world needed him to focus, and many other excuses.

It’s not like he didn’t want to fully admit his feelings for (Y/N), but the exact opposite. Dean had grown fond of her – feelings or not – and he knew that if he ended up screwing things up because he confused friendship with love his whole relationship with (Y/N) would be affected. Therefore, he remained quiet about it until he was certain of his true feelings for her.

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #189 - Spy

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #358

Format: Blu-ray

1) So the movie starts by introducing us to a sort of typical white guy spy. A James Bond type, but without the British accent (for some reason). It starts with the familiar, the usual tropes, before really fucking them over when Jude Law (who for some reason is trying to do an American accent and he’s not doing it well) sneezes and accidentally kills a guy.

Originally posted by foxmovies

Which is an excellent joke to introduce is into the film’s wonderfully strong sense of humor. If you think you know how a trope is going to play out, you’re probably wrong. In fact, the entire opening sequence is a strong representative of how the film blends quality action with quality humor which will be consistent throughout the film.

2) Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper.

Originally posted by replicants6

McCarthy is the foundation on which the rest of the film is built. From the very first minute we spend with her character she is established as not only good at her job but incredible at it. It is easy in spy spoofs for the main spy to be a bumbling idiot, but Susan’s continued competence is in fact one of the key factors which makes this film as incredible as it is. Especially considering the fact she does have some insecurities at the beginning, insecurities which are largely unfounded because she is fucking good at her job. McCarthy is able to have incredible warmth, heart, and vulnerability as Susan which she doesn’t always show in her film roles. But also when the script calls for it she can have this amazing brashness and humorous loudmouth/angry quality. Susan goes through an incredible transformation from the moment we meet her to the moment we leave her and McCarthy is able to play that absolutely perfectly. It’s HER story, it’s HER movie, and we are just along for the ride in an amazing way.

3) “Who Else Can You Trust?” is abbreviated in the film’s opening credits (I own the full version found on the album) but feels like a real Bond song with the opening credits feeling like a real Bond opening credits. This is part of the reason Spy is able to differentiate itself from other spy comedies like Austin Powers. It takes the genre, action, and stakes seriously throughout. This is real danger and true villains who are trying to get their hands on a nuke. It’s not like “oh, it’s funny because the spy is stupid and the bad guy’s want to kill all cats” or something like that. This sort of silly comedies can and have worked in the past, but Spy’s comedy is born out of its strong sense of characters and performances from the actor. Not by making fun of the genre, but embracing it in a wonderfully fun and funny way.

4) Jude Law’s Bradley Fine often times steps over the line which divides nice guy from Nice Guy™.

Susan: “Could you imagine me as a spy?”

[Fine, who has seen how badass she was in training, laughs at the idea.]

He’s an idiot and kind of a jackass. He may not actively be trying to belittle her but that’s what he does in pretty much 99% of their conversations. He’ll talk about how great she is but he gives her chores which she is overqualified for like picking up his laundry. It’s frustrating but then it’s supposed to be. It’s one of the key conflicts in the film that Susan is underestimated and belittled by all those around her because she’s not what a spy is “supposed” to be like.

Originally posted by summersroot

5) This film is pretty freaking great, but it could’ve used a little more Morena Baccarin.

Honestly, everything could use a little more Morena Baccarin.

6) What the fuck is this bullshit? He’s secretly SLEEPING with this bad guy and yet…

Fine [upon being caught by villainess Rayna with a gun]: “An awfully big gun for such a little girl.

Originally posted by mulder-scully-gifs

7) Allison Janney is someone who I love in literally everything I’ve seen her in. Even when she’s pretty much the straight man in this, the CIA director, I am just drawn to her. I just really fucking love Allison Janney.

8) Jason Statham as Ford.

Originally posted by gendrybaratheonn

Holy fucking shit. Somehow Jason Statham is in a movie with modern day comedic legend Melissa McCarthy and ends up being the funniest person in the film. He is totally committed to Ford’s arrogance, jackass qualities, intensity, and hyper masculinity in a way which is 100% hysterical! It’s a tricky business because Ford doesn’t think he’s funny. Ford doesn’t think he’s weird or an idiot, and Statham plays it like that knowing it will derive the most laughs. Ford is basically the super testosterone filled action hero in every movie ever and Statham doubles that while stealing every single fucking scene he’s in. And his chemistry with McCarthy is off the charts funny! Melissa McCarthy is the bedrock this film rests upon but Jason Statham is the fucking cherry on top (I think I’m mixing my metaphors but whatever), he is absolutely amazing.

9) I love this because it makes me angry.

CIA Director Elaine Crocker [about why Fine pressured Susan to stay out of the field]: “Yeah, he sniped you.”

Originally posted by simplybridal

THIS IS REAL! THIS IS FUCKING REAL! MEN IN CHARGE KEEPING WOMEN DOWN BECAUSE THEY’RE WOMEN, WHETHER THEY KNOW THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING OR NOT! GAH! I mean, the film including it is fucking awesome and handled really fucking well but holy shit it pisses me off that this is even a thing.

10) I find it endlessly frustrating (and I think I’m supposed to) that all of Susan’s aliases and spy gear are not the “sexy” stuff but things which could be considered “frumpy”. Why can’t she be a gorgeous baroness with a super slick ride and men on her shoulders? Have you seen Melissa McCarthy? She’s fucking gorgeous.

11) Melissa McCarthy has a very strong chemistry with Miranda Hart, who plays Susan’s best friend Chummy in the film. Their relationship in many ways is much more important than the ones Susan has with any other character in the film, including Fine. And you understand how good friends they are with each other as the movie continues. It’s really great.

Originally posted by ludi-lin

12) Ugh.

Ford [after McCarthy points out he didn’t even like Fine]: “It’s called the rivalry of men!”

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

As a man I can say, “The rivalry of men,” is the equivalent of, “who’s dick is bigger,” because society has convinced us that we’re not a “real man” unless we’re the “biggest” man in the room. It’s fucking stupid.

13) One of the key things that makes Susan as strong a character as she is are her motivations. You understand what is driving her VERY clearly: her memory of Fine. It evolves into more than that as the film goes, it evolves into her just doing her job, but you understand why she does things which are outside of her norm. It’s because she is in pain over Fine’s (supposed) death and needs to make right by him. It’s clear and powerful and helps make the film as good as it is.

14) Aldo - as portrayed by Peter Serafinowicz (legendary character actor who can be found in Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I, and most recently “The Tick” on Amazon) is incredibly funny. Every overly sexualized moment with him & just his general chemistry with McCarthy makes him a worthy addition to the already stellar ensemble cast.

Originally posted by foxmovies

15) As I mentioned in note #10, I don’t understand why McCarthy is given all the frumpy gadgets and covers when she can pull this off:

She’s fucking gorgeous.

16) I’ve mentioned this with a few pairings before, but McCarthy and Statham have this intense/incredible comedic chemistry which is born out of their strong bickering. This is most plainly seen when they’re both at the hotel/casino arguing and I think the fact I’ve mentioned it so often is just a sign of how well put together this fucking cast is.

17) There is an incredible sense of tension that plays through most scenes (for example: when Chummy is trying to kill power to the casino) which ties into what I mentioned in note #3: it helps elevate the film over silly spy spoof into this engaging and riveting action comedy.

18) Rose Byrne as Rayna.

Originally posted by spiderliliez

Rayna was apparently originally written as a 19 year old girl (this according to IMDb’s trivia section), which makes a LOT of sense considering how much of a BRAT she is. Don’t get me wrong, Byrne is absolutely excellent at giving of the appearance of this elegant and sophisticated socialite. But that’s where the humor is from. The juxtaposition between what you expect from her (a refined Bond villainess) and what she actually is: a moronic spoiled brat. Byrne plays the humor and juxtaposition perfectly. The key part is that - like Statham - she’s not actively going for laughs. She’s not hyping up the stupidity or the silliness, acting like Rayna knows she’s stupid, but instead trusting the script and playing it in a way where Rayna takes herself seriously. And THAT’S the gag! And it’s great!

19) At this point Rayna has called Susan a child multiple times, compared her to a depress homeless clown, and insulted her ability to address herself.

Susan [to Rayna]: “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

20) I’m starting to sound like a broken record but McCarthy’s ability to hold her own against how Byrne plays Rayna’s horridness is a testament to her talents as an actress and the chemistry between the pair. God, this movie is just so fucking funny.

21) I mentioned earlier that McCarthy gets the chance to play Susan as both more reserved and brash. It is when McCarthy is acting like “Amber Valentine” (the cover Susan uses to make Rayna trust her) that she gets to show off this aggression WONDERFULLY. It’s also wildly cathartic because a lot of people - including Rayna - have just been consistently putting Susan down for the ENTIRE film. Now she gets to go off on them and it’s amazing.

Originally posted by myawesomeblog99

22) I’d like to point out that very few women die or get “fridged” in this film, not when compared to the men. I think during the entire movie only one woman dies but that’s a nice proportion swap to most male dominated action films. (How many women have died on Bond movies versus the men?)

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

23) The Budapest car chase scene is one of the strongest action set pieces in the film. It’s filled with this intense and enjoyable action, sprinkled with just enough jokes to make it hysterical, it’s well choreographed, and just altogether a fun ride.

Originally posted by spy-it

24) But even the Budapest car chase can’t compare with the kitchen fight.

Originally posted by fuckyeahnargisfakhri

The action is INCREDIBLY well done. The fight choreography and energy throughout is just truly kinetic and it just grabs your attention and NEVER lets go. It’s just insanely well done and by far the best scene of the film.

25) I would like to point out - similarly as I did in note #4 - that Fine is kind of a jerk to Susan. He attributes her continued success to Rayna’s inexperience just casually, like it’s no big deal, not realizing he just undermined all the amazing things she just did in this film. Meanwhile the creepy sexpot of Aldo supports Susan and reminds her she’s been doing an incredible job in this film.

Originally posted by findreactions

26) When Susan learns that Fine is alive, her entire initial motivation for going the distance of being a spy is gone. But that doesn’t matter because she’s not doing this for any man anymore. She’s doing this because it’s the right thing to do and because she knows she CAN do it. I love that. And when Susan embraces this and kicks some serious ass, Fine sees her for who she is.

27) Wait…I just realized that Ford didn’t actually DO anything in this film. He just kept getting caught and screwing up.

Originally posted by spymovie

I love that! It’s so much funnier for me that way! :D

28) I love that it’s Chummy who saves Susan in the end. Not Fine, not Ford, but her best gal pal. Friendship over romance/sexual attraction is something I really appreciate.

29) And by the time the film ends, all three of the main guys - Aldo, Fine, and Ford - want Susan now. But she doesn’t chose a guy, she choses Chummy. She choses a night out with her girls instead of even Fine, the guy she’s been pining over FOREVER. I love that.

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Spy is an incredibly funny and heartfelt film with a powerful message about competence/self worth. Melissa McCarthy gives an absolutely stellar performance and is surrounded by a just as strong supporting cast, with Jason Statham being a particular stand out. The action is crazy, the humor is spot on, the characters are well developed, and the relationships are pure. All in all, it’s just a really freaking good movie I think everyone should see.

It’s been maybe one hour since I thought of Chlolyalilanette but I’m already dying, so here @megatraven enjoy being garbage for another ship 

  • Chloe, Marinette and Lila have the habit of always going lingerie shopping together and they tease Alya with Snapchats 
  • Alya responds with snaps of her with oh oops unbuttoned flannels and they’re just too gay for this Alya w h y 
  • Chloe will always drape herself over someone’s lap. She doesn’t care if it’s in public or not. They have constant bets on wo the next person will be. Alya always guesses correctly, Lila is 50/50, and Marinette? always says the wrong person 
  • Chloe, Lila, and Marinette’s favorite person to cuddle is Alya because she always wraps you up in her arms and you feel safe as if all the misogyny can’t touch you anymore 
  • Marinette’s!!! Hugs!!! Are just widely accepted as the gateway to heaven between the other three because she comes from living near ovens all her life so the bakery warmth has seeped into her bones it is part of her now
  • Chloe and Lila are completely hopeless in the kitchen but they’re so eager to learn that Marinette always attempts to include them 
  • Alya leaves the kitchen every time because she cannot deal with it anymore, but in reality she’s secretly recording the three of them in the kitchen 
  • And posting it on her snap months later confusing them because when??? did she even take that????
  • Lila will start taking pictures randomly and she also has the bad habit of zooming in on people’s faces in photos. She has thirteen albums for each of her girlfriends and in her mind they look adorable in every single one 
  • In their minds, they need to burn her storage because Lila, please delete that
  • No matter how hard they try to retaliate by taking bad pictures of Lila, they fail because of course she’s photogenic, the little git
  • Chloe and Marinette pretend to clash over the stupidest things because Alya always crushes Chloe into a tight hug and Lila will pepper Marinette’s face with kisses all over 
  • Lila and Alya know they’re not actually arguing but they’re nice girlfriends so they play along 
  • The four of them constantly complain about each other’s snoring, except no one ever goes to sleep any of the other rooms because fuck that, I love you and love means I endure your terrible snoring
  • No, seriously, when the hell did Alya record them because wasn’t she out of the country when that happened wtf????
  • When they’re returning home from their date nights, they always have piggyback races. So far, Marinette and Chloe are in the load which is really unfair because they always cheat
  • “You can’t cheat at piggyback rides tho???”
  • “I don’t know how you assholes did it but you definitely cheated.”

catja  asked:

ngl i was hoping you'd reblog the reunion prompts list, “you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au seemed super bellarke and also super your thing, slight preference for famous clarke but either way is great

under 2k it’s still good it’s still good

Bellamy would like to say he doesn’t care that his ex-girlfriend is famous. It’s not really a big deal, after all. Her fame came long after they’d stopped dating, high-school sweethearts who broke up in the natural way when they went off to different colleges. They kept in touch for a few years, saw each other on breaks and over summer vacations, but then his mother died and his sister went to live with his grandmother, and he started going home to a new state for breaks, and two years after that, Octavia told him Clarke was a singer.

So now he knows that his ex-girlfriend is still beautiful, still bright and just a little too serious and not great at being a celebrity, and if he still knew her for any reason except that she was famous, he’d probably call her up.

But it’s the fame thing, so instead he just keeps track of her as best he can without feeling like a creep. He buys her album, which is amazing, doesn’t actually follow any of her social media, but instead checks her official Twitter, which she absolutely does not run, and keeps track of all her singles and public appearances. Which is, he has on good authority, hilarious, because he’s generally the least musically aware person on the planet, and now he is an expert on exactly one pop-culture figure.

“You should absolutely call her,” his sister tells him. “Like, come on. It’s not like you’re some random creepy fan.”

“Yeah, I’m a specific creepy fan. That makes it so much better.”

“You guys dated,” she points out, not unreasonably. “Not that I want to think about this, but I assume you’ve seen her naked.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you naked is a great way to start a conversation with a celebrity, O. It just makes them think you’re threatening to release a sex tape. Which I don’t have,” he adds, quickly. “Don’t worry. Just–seriously, it would be weird. I probably don’t even have her number any more.”

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Had a heartwrenching daydream where Nino at age 22 was wandering Paris with a guitar singing mostly to himself and he sets up in a park and he sees a little boy maybe 10 years old playing an accordion trying desperately for tips, so he walks over and puts everything he had in the little kids cup and the little kid almost cries before saying thank you and running away. Nino follows him because he’s really worried about this little guy he looks malnourished, and tracks him to a little crew of about seven of them ranging from 8-13. Five boys and two girls. They skitter at the sight of him and vanish into the city and he’s trying to find em but he can’t. He reports it to the police and checks in at the station every few days because that poor starving kid with the accordion just wont leave his mind, it really rattled him, but the police say they never found them or even seen them. They sort of think Ninos got them on a goose chase but on his own Nino goes back to where he spotted them at first, and he finds a couple bent guitar picks, some frayed bowstrings, and one broken string that could be from anything. He thinks its insanely weird, but he can see a few cups and things with pennies and nickles still left in them, so he starts asking around about kids playing for money. He gets Adrien in on it (who secretly uses his standing as Cat Noir to recruit Ladybug and find the children, however they run even from the heroes).  

A week or two passes and Nino keeps living his life, focusing on mixing songs and work and what not, but part of him is really stuck on those kids. He wishes he could find them and help them somehow, he wasnt a rich man but maybe something more than money. Everything he had by way of his apartment came from being roommates with Adrien, but he wanted to at least notify authorities that some kids looked like they were in a bad way. Alya suggests checking foster homes and orphanages but he doesnt have the heart, what could he even do if he found them then? It would be the foster homes responsibility not his. So finally, one day at night about two weeks later he takes his guitar and starts walking, playing softly and singing. He walks clear across the city, passing on purpose through every park and the place where he saw them. He plays and sings and never looks backwards, just walking along the river with the moon high and bright at a time of night where Paris came the closest to being asleep as possible. A very select few would see the small line of children following him, listening, each with an instrument in their hands. Nino doesnt turn around even when he hears them start to sing, playing with him quietly in an absolutely gorgeous show. Their voices are young and gentle but their playing exceeds their years, a small group of prodigies so he thinks. His feet ache and his hands are raw and his voice rough but he keeps going and loops all the way back around to his apartment, and pulls up in the alleyway beside it and brings the music to a halt, turning around slowly to face them all. 

They don’t run, they just lower their instruments and look at him like not a single one of them know what to say. But the little boy with the accordion steps forward first and says “You’re really good mister.”

“You’re all amazing,” he replies immediately. “Seriously. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard. Absolutely stunning.”

A few of them smile, a few others nervously look to the floor and fidget with their violins or guitars or ukuleles or tambourines or harmonicas, the list goes on. 

“I want to help you,” he says genuinely. “You all look like you could eat something” the kids look at each other nervously before nodding, and he smiles to put them at ease.

Adrien wakes up to hearing noise in the house, getting up and rubbing at his face blearily before freezing in the doorway, staring at Nino and seven rag tag children eating literally everything in the house. Nino smiles sheepishly and Adrien just blinks, standing there shirtless before sighing and turning around to say “Let me get dressed before you explain all of this…”

Nino gradually develops a relationship with all of these children, finding them again and again in the city and taking care of them. He starts saving up all of his extra cash and working really hard to buy them shoes and food and clothing. He manages to keep them around through this kindness and also taking care of their instruments, learning how to maintain them all. The kids all are runaways from orphanages and what not and do not want to go back, so he is stuck in a tough place where he wants to help but they refuse to go back to the places they came from. In an effort to raise money for them Nino starts organizing them to perform together, writing songs (with their help, he has a lot of study and theory and learning on his side but these kids are prodigies) to have more impressive numbers that earn them tips. Adrien also starts befriending these kids, showing them with as much money as he can slip by his dad (who still has control over adriens portion of the fortune for various reasons). Alya and Marinette fall in love with them all, and though the kids are skiddish they really grow close with them all. Marinette fixes their clothes and tutors them since they arent in school and Alya redistributes all of her little sisters handmedown things and clothes. 

Nino writes music for these kids for them to perform and earn money with, and it becomes a local phenomenon about a group of different pairings and combinations called “The Rag Tag”. A bunch of mismatched extremely talented kids and the man that sometimes plays with them. 

Especially the little boy with the accordion (Evan) looks up to Nino like a father, and Nino finds himself so entirely committed to helping these kids. He fights so many long horrible legal battles (backed up by Adriens legal team and money the whole way, but the victories really come from Alyas ruthless cutthroat methods for getting their way) and goes to nearly a hundred court meetings and CPA hearings things like that, and it takes almost a year, but in the end Nino finally legally adopts all seven children. And how does he financially pull it off?

In the time of the legal battles Nino professionally recorded using his own equipment all of the kids and made an official album with all of their music. He features all of their original pieces, all combinations between them and also large group numbers where they all sing and play together. Their music is so beautiful and genuine, that as soon as its released it skyrockets in popularity. Alya does everything in her power to write the story of the seven children and the man who protects them in a way that won them international favor, utilizing her position as a reporter to make their story known. Through this, people from all over the world buy the album, beg for more, purchase tickets to shows and donate thousands and thousands of dollars to this incredible story, and it gives Nino enough money to buy a house and put them all in school while they pursue their love for music together as a family. 

Its a lot of work and not at all the direction in life Nino thought he’d take, but in the end he loves his kids more than anything. The day he finally legally adopts them all and gets them back from the system that took them away from him they crowd around him and hug him and they all cry. And little ten year old Evan hugs him and buries his face in Nino’s chest and says “I love you dad.”

And it was the first time any of them had ever called him that, and Nino is overwhelmed that he finally has them all back again. He remembers so potently when authorities really caught on to the fact that this group growing in popularity were essentially homeless though they often stayed crowded in Nino and Adriens apartment (the girls often took half of them at night) but it wasnt legal. Nino wasnt their legal guardian so one day the police showed up and took them all away from him. The kids were screaming and fighting them and Nino was desperately begging, going so far as to assault an officer and was imprisoned for only a night before Adrien posted his bail. But now he had them back, and no one was taking them away and Nino was going to give them as good of a life as he could. So he tells them that he loves them too, and lets them all refer to him as their father. They call Adrien their Uncle and the girls their Aunts, and Nino will push the couches aside in the living room of their modest home as they all crowd around him with their instruments and sing for them the same song he did when he first found them all, and they play with him. 


I kind of liked/hated writing this.

@stylishmuser; 18!!!

18)“Baby no more showing up at my front door when your not sober.” 


The breakup had been bad for the both of them

And when I say bad, I mean horrible.

It took them both to places that they swore they’d never be in,places they’d never thought of being stuck in.

With Harry,he tried to push the break-up to the back of his head,attempting to forget about what happened..Forget about her.He tried and tried to forget her by spending most of his time at the studio,writing songs for the new album or for someone else, he even spent his time writing songs that he’d never release.He wrote and wrote in his journal,on tissues,scrap paper – on anything just to get everything out.And when he wasn’t at the studio,he was out with his mates, going to pubs and restaurants,joking around and laughing at unfunny statements…Just like he used to,before her.He also no longer spent nights in his own house,instead he spend nights at different houses,sleeping on the sofa.Sleeping on the sofa was bad for his back but he’d rather choose that then go home and be alone.

With Y/N,all she could ever do was think about the break- up and how it was the worst decision she’d ever made.She regret going to his house that day and saying the words thatwould never leave either of their minds. “I want to break up.”If there was a chance of going back into the past,she’d have done exactly that,she regret breaking up with him that much.Before the break- up,everything was fine; she still had a job,she looked forward to each day,she was content with life as it was.And then the break-up and her life turned upside down; she became unemployed from her day job after arriving late 4 times in a week,she dreaded waking up to do things,she was sad.And because she was sad (so sad that on certain days,she couldn’t even leave the bed), she drank.Drank all the types of alcohol there ever was,which made her sadness increase cos she wasn’t supposed to be like this.She wasn’t supposed to be the girl that cried over a boy every single night,she wasn’t supposed to be the girl that drank away her sorrows.But she was.


Harry didn’t like going back to his house.It reminded him too much of her,though he had no choice.As uncomfortable as he was living on his mates sofa,he felt more uncomfortable showering there;so during the day when the house wasn’t as dark,gloomy and spacious as it was at night,he went back and took a shower,collecting clothes and stuffing them in a duffel bag, before he made his way back to a friends house.

And this day was like no other.After having a shower,he began to search through his wardrobe,pushing each hanger to the side to grab something comfortable.He finally found his Nike jumper and a pair of jeans that were an exact copy of the ones he wore earlier on.Grabbing the clothes,he made his way towards his bed before stuffing them inside the duffel bag he emptied and abandoned.

Hoisting the straps of the bag on his shoulder,he made his way downstairs hastily to put his shoes on and leave.Inserting one foot in his shoe had been a struggle because he was so desperate to leave the house he called a ‘hell-hole’.When he was finally done with the two, he heard a knock.

He furrowed his eyebrows as soon as heard the knock,standing up straight,holding a gaze on the front door.His eyes arrowed,his lips parted in confusion.Who was there?No-one knew he was back home,he’d already informed everyone that he wouldn’t be available.And if there was someone out there,how had they passed the gate?There were only two people that knew his code.Him and her.

Harry’s eyes suddenly widened as he jolted with shock.Was the girl he loved outside?Had she come back for him?

He stepped closer towards the door,raising his arm as he did so.Unlocking the door with such heightened emotions,he found Y/N clutching a bottle.

“Hey.” He spoke,nervously,not knowing what to say.His hand that opened the front door was now at the nape of his neck as he stood before her.

“Hi.” She said the greeting so quiet,he’d have thought he imagined it if he wasn’t paying attention.

“Why are you here?” The question escaped Harry’s mouth before he could stop it.

“ I – I  miss you H.I miss everything we had .We were so perfect and I fucking ruined it,” she slurred,taking a step towards him.She rested her left hand on his cheek,thumb caressing it, as she continued. “Everyday I regret what I did.I shouldn’t have left you the way I did..Shouldn’t have left you at all to be honest.You didn’t deserve it,” She mumbled to herself,hiccupping as her eyes began to flood with tears.

“ I can’t -,” she cut herself off before she began to sob.

“Baby!” Harry called out,urgently, reaching out for her as he brought her body to his.His arm was wrapped around her body,like it how used to be.

“ ’s okay.I hate what happened but it still happened.And no matter how many times you want to go back in the past and change what happened,you can’t.But that’s okay,isn’t?You can change the future , can’t you?” He comforted her as best as he could at the moment,making sure to not over step any unspoken boundaries.He knew what he said had been the right thing because from where she was,he could tell that she stopped crying

“Baby,” Harry softly said,releasing her body from his hold.He rested his hand on both of her shoulders,maintaining eye contact with her.

“Before I let you go, and before I regret this for the rest of the day,I’m going to say something.Baby,no more showing up at my front door when you’re not sober,eh?” Harry smiled sadly,glancing at her teary eyes.Was he seriously letting her go?

She nodded, “I’m going to go,” she mumbled to him,pointing at the gate.

“Yeah,” He didn’t know what to say,his mind was all over the place.

Leaning towards him,she pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek,making her way around him, to walk back to the gates entrance.

His stance became tense knowing that this was the last time that she’d be leaving him.He closed his eyes painfully,knowing that he wouldn’t bare the pain of her leaving for the second time.

‘Please.Please don’t leave,’ he quietly uttered out.

But it was too late.

She was gone.

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My fair ladies of Imagine, I love you all in a insane manner, but this one is for Gotham. I loved We Live for Love - there's something so unique about their relationship in that story. So, even respecting the fact you feel that it's done, I would love to have a glimpse of their future - perhaps their first big concert together and how to deal with fame? Or our couple receiving an award? I'll leave the rest up to your brilliant mind! Much love, Kal.

They Live For Love

By Marsali MacKimmie

Exclusive to the Wilmington Gazette

If you didn’t know anything about Claire and Jamie Fraser – the millions of albums sold, the thousands of concerts on six continents, the ups and downs that come with any long-lasting career in the music business – the one thing that’s immediately apparent is their unwavering love and commitment to each other. That much was clear throughout the several hours we spent chatting over whisky at the trendy, yet understated brewpub in downtown Wilmington, where the Frasers played three sold-out shows last week.

“My ancestors in Scotland distilled whisky on their farm,” Jamie, 58, told me as he rolled up his sleeves after the second round – showing two arms full of colorful tattoos. “And I grew up with my father making his own in the backyard. This place has the good stuff.”

“Oh hush,” Claire, 63 and with wrists full of silver bangles, turned to me with a raised eyebrow. Somehow I got the impression that this was a typical exchange in their household. “He’s full of shit. His grandfather proudly got arrested during Prohibition. And Jamie’s been known to make his own whisky – even get the girls involved from time to time.”

The girls would be the two Fraser daughters – 31-year-old Faith, who just finished her residency in pediatric medicine, and civil engineer Brianna, 28. Both grew up touring with their famous parents – but never dreamed of a musical career of their own. “It’s interesting to us how they both chose jobs that keep them close to home – which I guess makes sense, since we dragged them all over the country when they were growing up,” Jamie mused, oozing with pride as he scrolled through picture after smiling family picture on his phone. “But now that they’re both settled, it means the wife and I can tour more without feeling guilty about it.”

Touring is something that Claire and Jamie Fraser have done since just about the moment they met – she was a recently divorced cabaret singer with a big dream, he was a down-on-his-luck guitarist living gig to gig in what was then the rough and tumble Alphabet City neighborhood in New York. “I used to crawl over junkies on my way home – and now on that same corner is a high class wine bar!” he laments. They released their first album in 1981, and the first single – “We Live For Love” – rocketed to the top of the charts. Eventually it hit number one in fifteen countries, and turned Claire Fraser into an overnight superstar.

“We were so unprepared for fame,” Claire says quietly as she looks away, thinking. “We’d been rehearsing and performing, and that’s fine – you can deal with that. It’s amazing to play for 100,000 people, and so cool to travel to all the places in the world you’d only seen on TV. But being followed by photographers to restaurants and having reporters go through our garbage – ”

“Nothing can ever prepare you for that,” Jamie added. “Thank God we had each other – otherwise we would have gone nuts from the stress.”

“Not to mention that this was the early 80s – there weren’t many successful female rock singers, like there are today. The stories I could tell you about asshole program directors or chauvinistic record execs – it would just stun you.” I watched Claire reach for Jamie’s hand, and he automatically took it. Effortless. “I had to put up with so much bullshit, just because I was female. I know I had to work harder, sing harder, just to get taken seriously.”

When Jamie said, “It was all I could do to not knock their teeth in” – I couldn’t tell if he was joking, or was serious.

That Claire Fraser endured her fair share of difficulty is well-known – she’s spoken about it numerous times over the years – but all that hard work paid off. Eleven records released – including a collaboration with, of all things, traditional Scottish musicians. Twenty million albums sold. Five Grammy awards. An Emmy for a live performance that was one of the first to air on HBO.

And now a special 35th Anniversary Tour – celebrating the 35th anniversary of the release of their first album, “Outlander.”

“We get asked all the time – who is the Outlander?” Jamie smiled. “And we both have different answers.”

“I always say that it was me,” Claire insists, running her hand through her trademark curls – gone gray now, but still vibrant. “Because when we were making the record, I was a complete outlander in the studio – I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing, and I realized just how much I had to learn. About rock music, about how to make records, and about the whole industry.” Then she turns to her husband and raises one eyebrow, waiting.

He takes his cue. “And meanwhile, *I* say that it was *us* - the entire band. We had a very unique sound and nobody quite knew where to put us. We had to fight every damn radio station to put us in with the Rock rotation, rather than the Pop rotation. We had to fight to get photographers to take shots of Claire that weren’t gratuitous – that showed her off as the kick-ass singer that she is, not just some chick in tights.”

“Hey,” she playfully shoved him. “You happen to *like* the chick in tights.”

“I do,” he laughed. “I do, very much.”

So – how much of this tour is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the album, or their 35th anniversary as a married couple? (Jamie and Claire married right before “Outlander”’s release).

“Oh, it’s definitely both,” Claire is quick to reply. “Because as far as we’re concerned, it’s one and the same.”

“The first single – ‘We Live For Love’ – that was the first song I wrote for her. We still play it every night – it’s the one song that everyone always wants to hear.” Jamie pauses, thinking. “And I find that so incredibly gratifying, because it was *our* song – and it still is – but now it’s *everyone’s* song. I had no clue that’s where I’d end up – that it’s where *we* would end up – when I wrote it in my shitty Alphabet City apartment, hoping and praying that Claire would feel the same way. And yet here we are.”

“Here we are,” Claire smiles at her husband – and suddenly I feel very much like an intruder. “Would you believe that he tells the crowd the same corny love story with that song, every night?”

“Yeah, but you love it,” he rolls his eyes.

“You know I do.”

And they know that we do.

Reference: Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo interview at SXSW, 2016

Monsta X: as fans of their s/o, who’s an idol

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Shownu; Ever since your company allowed you and your members to have boyfriends, you were practically open with your relationship with Shownu and Shownu, being a big fan of your group, would always do his best to support you. Whenever you have like M/V making, he’d always be there to bring the staffs, your members and you some snacks with a sticker of your face on it. And when you have concerts, he’d also be there to watch you with his friends. When you’re also having a comeback, Shownu would literally make his friends and fam to vote for your group and would even send you encouraging messages to keep you going. Shownu would also be there by your side whenever your down and would remind you that this was your dream and that he’d always be there for you to support you.

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Wonho; This boy would probably be at every fan meet your group has and would surprise you with flowers to be honest. He’d have a cheesy pick-up line written on a card and he’d give it to you and he’d also be the reason why the line gets to move so slow since he doesn’t want to let go of your hands yet. Wonho would also be the type of fan slash boyfriend to have all of your albums and would even post about it, writing a written message below every picture and would also promote you guys to be honest. And sometimes when you’re away in tour, he’d send you a couple of video messages with him sending you hearts and would be like i miss my bias… can my senpai notice me? and whatnot. Sometimes, during a concert, Wonho would be the loudest among his friends, he’d have a banner raised for you and would literally smile widely when you’d wink at him or something.

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would be at the very front rows during your concerts and would even surprise you whenever you were coming back from another country. He’d be extra early at the airport with a banner in his hand while he waits for you to walk down the arrival gate. Sometimes, he’d be like Shownu, he’d also have a lot of snacks prepared for your group and staffs and would be cheering extra hard for you when you’re doing some recording. Whenever you’re stressed out, Minhyuk would also send you a dance cover of your new song, only to have you spirits liven up. And when you’re on your world tour, he’d be at one of venues, totally surprising you when you saw him reaching his hands for you. Minhyuk would also be the type of fan who’d be cheering for you loudly whenever you come out from the stage or even at fan meets.

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Kihyun; Kihyun would also be the type of fan to make some lunch boxes for you and your group mates. And he’d also be the type to send some snacks for you and your friends to munch on and he’d also bake a congratulatory cake whenever you get your first win and whatnot. Kihyun wouldn’t be that out of his efforts but he’d always be there to support you during your concerts and fan meets. And sometimes when there’s this surprise video message from a family member or special someone during a concert, Kihyun would be up to send you the greasiest message ever, making everyone squeal even louder when he comes out with a bouquet of roses. Kihyun would also be a member of your fan cafe and he would seriously urge your fans to vote for your group.

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon wouldn’t be that showy but he’d be there during your fan meets, surprising you with a big hug and a kiss, making the fans squeal. Sometime, he’d send your events flowers to congratulate all of you and would also send you fan gifts. Whenever the two of you are hanging out, he’d always have a lot of candid photos of you that he’d also like post it on his own blog, making you chuckle at the thought. And when he’s at your concert and you spotted him, he’d send you a finger heart before he gets teased by Jooheon. Hyungwon would also be the one to buy albums for your comeback and would give them to his friends who are also a fan of yours and would encourage them to vote for your group.

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Jooheon; Jooheon would also be there to help you out to be honest. Sometimes, when you’re on V Live, Jooheon would always be watching every single V Live you guys have and he’d always send some comments, making you smile. When it’s your groups anniversary, he’d buy you and your members presents or he would even hold an event with your fans to surprise each and everyone of you. Jooheon would also be like Wonho to be honest, he’d be cheering for you loudly during a concert and would have a banner written ‘I love you [y/n]!!!” Jooheon would also buy your albums and even merchandises in order to support your group and he’d also be the type to go to the fan meets and have you answer a couple of questions for the fans.

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I.M; Changkyun would be the type to text you right away after watching your M/V, like he’d be whining why you’re so beautiful or hot and what not. Changkyun would also be the type to bring the crew and your members sandwiches or bento boxes during a photoshoot of yours and whatnot. Changkyun would also be part of the crowd during your performances and would also take care of them by giving them hot packs and he’d also hold meetings with you and your fans during your birthday and anniversary. Sometimes, he’d also make a coverof your song and have it posted on youtube and he’d send it to you to be honest, only to have you share it with your members and even the president!!

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

It had been over a week since you first met Harry and gave him your number. You two had been texting and talking on the phone since that day, but you haven’t actually seen each other in person. You still weren’t sure how being friends with Harry would look at work, at least until after your article write-up on him was published. 

It would be going online and getting printed in the magazine at the end of the week. You were in your office, working on a new article, when Madison, the girl who was supposed to interview Harry, walked into your office. 

“Hey, Madison,” you said. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, at least until I read your interview with Harry,” she said with a sour look on her face. 

“Why? Is there something wrong with my interview?” you asked turning around in your chair to look at her better. 

“You didn’t use any of my questions! That was supposed to be my interview and you should have used only my questions,” she said with clenched fists. 

“You’re seriously upset with me over not using your questions? I looked over them and had every intention of using them, but Madison I wasn’t going to ask him if he’s single or what he looks for in a girl or if he would get back with an ex and shit like that. I was there to ask him about his album and single, which is what I did,” you said. 

She rolled her eyes at you. “No, one cares about that shit, Y/N. We’re a celebrity gossip magazine, our readers want to know if music’s biggest heartthrob is single and if they might ever be his type.” 

“Wow,” you laugh shaking your head. “You can’t be serious. Our readers don’t care just about that, I think you’re the one who does. Be honest with yourself Madison, you didn’t want that interview for the magazine or to promote his new single, you wanted that interview, so you could try and get him to ask you out. And now, you’re bitter because you not only didn’t get to do the interview, but you don’t know the answers to your stupid ass questions.” 

She gasped, glaring at you with a stomp of her foot. “In case you forgot, I’ve been here longer than you, so I know how things work around here.” 

“Well, we’ll just see about that, once my interview with Harry is published. We’ll see what the readers actually think,” you said picking up your bag. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” She said blocking you. 

“I’m going to lunch, not that it’s any of your business,” you said pushing her out of the way. 


Harry was meeting up with his sister and his mom for lunch at a local cafe. He hadn’t told either of them about how he was talking with you. He had to admit that he was feeling a connection with you, something that he hadn’t found with anyone in a while. 

It wasn’t sure where this newfound friendship would go, especially since you two have only known one another for a week and he wasn’t sure how you even felt. 

Plus, there was the issue with your job to think about as well. 

The three of them were seated at a table and while his Mom and sister were looking at the menu, Harry was looking at his phone to see if he had any missed calls or texts from you. 

“Expecting a phone call?” Anne asked him looking over her menu. 

Harry quickly put his phone on the table and shook his head. “Oh, uh, no.” 

The waitress comes over and takes their orders. Anne then looks over at Harry. 

“So, what’s been going on your life since we last spoke?” She smiles. 

“Nothing much, really. I’ve had a few interviews over the past few days and I leave for NYC in a few days,” he shrugged. 

“I’m so proud of you,” she smiled. 

“I know, Mum,” he laughed. 

“How long are you going to be in New York?” Gemma asked. 

“Just the weekend,” he said. “Then I’ll be back,” 

She nods. 

The door to the cafe opens and Harry looks up when he sees someone familiar. He instantly recognizes you and he does a terrible job of hiding his face when he realizes it’s you.” 

“What’s your problem?” Gemma said looking behind her to see what he was staring at. “Oh,” she smirked. “Do you know her?” 

“Sort of,” Harry coughed. 

“What do you mean sort of?” Anne asked cocking an eyebrow. 

“She interviewed me last week and we’ve sort of been talking since then,” he whispered. 

“She’s in the media?” Anne asked. 

“Technically,” he nodded. 

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” She asked. “I mean, how do you know that she’s trustworthy and won’t go off writing up lies on you.” 

Harry bit his lip. “I don’t know that she won’t do that, but I honestly don’t believe she’s like that. When I asked her to lunch last week after the interview, she didn’t want to go at first because she didn’t know if that was exactly professional. And I just feel like if she didn’t want to be seen with me because it could look bad on her job or something, she wouldn’t do something like that.” 

“But you’ve only known her for a week,” Gemma stated. 

He sighed running his hands through his hair. “Yeah, I’ve only known her for a week, but just because she’s in the media doesn’t mean she’s going to use me or something. I mean don’t you think it’s wrong to judge her just because of what her job is? Would you want her to judge me because of how I get portrayed in the media?” 

“No,” Anne said shaking her head. “But I just worry about you and I don’t want you getting hurt by another friend using you like you have in the past.” 

“Yeah, we’re just looking out for you,” Gemma said. 

“I appreciate that I really do, but I’m older now and I can tell when someone is being genuine. If it turns out that she’s not, then that’s on me, okay?” He said. 

“So, why don’t you go talk to her, then?” Gemma said. 

“I don’t want to freak her out,” he said. 

“Just go, or I’ll go over there and introduce myself,” Gemma smirked. 

He groaned and quickly got up from the table and walked over to where you were standing to wait on your to-go order. He walked up to you and cleared his throat. 

“Hey, Y/N,” he whispered. 

You turned around and saw Harry standing there. You smiled when you saw him and were thankful that you actually took the time to do your hair and makeup this morning before work. 

“Oh, hi,” you smiled. “Are you stalking me now?” 

He laughed. “No, I’m having lunch with my Mum and sister,” he said nodding in their direction. 

You looked over at their table and saw them wave at you. You blushed a bit and gave them a small wave back with a smile. 

“I know that you’re still unsure of us hanging out in public, so I was wondering if you might want to come over to my house one night when you’re free? I could make dinner and we could just have like a proper chat without a cellular device in the way?” He laughed. 

Was Harry asking you on a date? To his house? 

“I uh, sure,” you said nervously. 

“Great, I leave for New York in two days, so if you have a free night between now and then, let me know,” he said. 

“Oh, well, I’m free tomorrow night,” you said. “If that works for you.” 

“Tomorrow night is perfect, wanna come around 5?” he asked. 

“Sure, sounds good, but I don’t know where you live,” you laughed. 

“Oh, right, I’ll send you my address,” he smiled. 

“Great,” you smiled. 

“Order 501,” the worker said bringing out the food. 

You take it from them. “Thank you.” 

“Well, I guess I better let you go,” Harry said. 

“Yeah, I have to get back to work, and I’m sure you need to get back to your family,” you smiled. 

“Well, it was great seeing you,” he smiled. 

“Same here,” you smiled. “Have a great rest of the day.” 

“Bye Y/N,” he smiled at you as you walked out the door and he headed back to his family. 


You were at your flat staring at your closet trying to find something to wear to Harry’s house tonight. You didn’t know if this was considered a date or just a friendly hang out. You also weren’t sure how “dressed up” you should go considering you were just going to be at his house. 

What if you were a nice dress and Harry end’s up wearing like sweats or something? What if you wore nice jeans and a top, with some Converses, and he was wearing some sort of thousands of dollars suit? 

You groaned biting the inside of your cheek. You could solve all of your problems by just giving him a ring or a quick text, but you didn’t want to come off as nervous or something over what could just be a simple hangout. You laid back on your bed and looked at the clock. You had about an hour before you needed to leave to get to his house by 5, 

After contemplating for over ten minutes, you finally got up from your spot on the bed and went into your closet. You decided you were going to mix match some ideas. You were going to wear something casual, with something a bit more dressed up, just to sort of cover your bases. 

You grabbed a nice pair of jeans and a nice top from your closet. Then you were looking at your shoes, you ended up just grabbing a nice pair of heels and throwing everything on the bed. You took off the towel you had wrapped around you from when you took a shower earlier and quickly got dressed. 

Once you were dressed, you went into the bathroom and just did a quick over with some makeup and braided your hair. It was just about time to leave, so you grabbed your bag and keys, heading out the door. 


Harry was pacing around his room. He was super nervous about tonight. When he asked you to come over to his house, he wasn’t sure if this was going to be a date or just the two of you getting to know each other as friends. He wasn’t sure if all the candles he had put out throughout the kitchen and downstairs, would make it obvious that he wanted this to be a date and if you would be freaked out by that. 

He was looking through his closet trying to find something a bit more simple than what he might wear if he took you to a fancy dinner. While he wanted to look good tonight, he didn’t want to seem like some rich prick, who just lounges around in an expensive suit. 

He quickly put on some black jeans and a button up before styling his hair and going down to the kitchen. You would be here in about thirty minutes, so he took everything out he would need to cook dinner. 

He put on some music before starting to prepare everything. He cooked this meal for himself, countless times before, but with his nerves on edge for this night, he was having a hard time focusing on what he needed to be doing. 

Eventually, he got lost in the music and was able to get everything into the pan. 

You were in your car outside of the house. You arrived five minutes ago, but you hadn’t pressed the button to let him know that you were here. 

What were you doing here? This house was as big as the entire building that your flat was in, he was some famous rock star, who’s dated, other famous models and singers. Maybe this wasn’t a date, perhaps he was just being nice and thought you would make a great friend. 

Maybe you were being friend-zoned by Harry Styles. You groan leaning back against your seat. Were you crazy for even being here right now? 

You shook your head, you weren’t being fair. You shouldn’t be judging him for his past, or for his career when as far as you knew, he was a great guy. 

Plus, he was the one who invited you over to his house so it would be extremely rude of you if you were to not show up. 

You took a deep breath and put your car in drive, pulling into his driveway and leaning out of the window. Damn, your short arms, you were having to lean halfway out of the car to press the stupid button. 

You waited a few seconds before the gate opened and you drove through. 

Well, it was now or never. 


Harry had the door opened by the time you got up to the front door. 

“Hey, you made it,” he smiled giving you a hug. 

“Yeah, I did, it wasn’t that hard to find actually,” you smiled pulling away from him. 

“Well, come on inside. Dinner is just about ready. Would you like some wine or another sort of drink?” He asked. 

“Oh, wine is fine,” you smiled placing your bag on the table near the door. 

“You can take off your shoes as well if that’d make you more comfortable,” he said. 

You smiled taking off your heels and placing them by the door. You then follow Harry into the kitchen and from the atmosphere, this was really starting to look like a date. 

Did that bother you? No. Should it? Probably. Did you want to be on a date with Harry Styles? Hell yes. Should you be on a date with Harry Styles? Maybe not. Did you care? Not right that minute. 

“Do you need help with anything?” You asked leaning up against the counter. 

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I invited you over, so you’re my guest,” he smiled. 

“Really, I don’t mind,” you smiled. 

He laughed. “Well, if you insist, you can check on the veggies I have steaming,” he said. 

You nodded and walked over to the stove. You lifted the lid to the pot and stirred around the vegetables that were steaming away in there. Once you figured they were done, you took the pot over to the sink and emptied out the water before pouring them into a bowl that Harry had on the counter. 

When everything was ready, the two of you went over to the table and sat down. 


After dinner, the two of you quickly cleaned up before making your way over to Harry’s living room. He had a fire going since it was a chilly night in London and you could still hear the soft sound of music playing over the crackling of the fire. 

You both had spent the entire dinner having some small talk and decided to move to a more comfortable location. You sat down on the couch with your wine and Harry joined you on the other side. 

“So, we’ve had a bit of small talk tonight and I have another idea for a way for us to get to know each other,” you smirked. 

“Oh, really? And what is that exactly?” he asked. 

Well, since I know you love this game so much, how about Never Have I Ever?” You smirked. 

Harry laughed rolling his eyes. “Yeah, my track record with that game isn’t so great, especially in public.” 

“Luckily for you, we’re not in public,” you giggled. 

“Okay, okay, fine, fine. But you get to go first,” he said. 

“Okay, um, Never Have I Ever, had a number one hit single,” you smirked. 

“Seriously? Is that the game we’re playing?” He laughed taking a sip of his wine. “If you keep that up, I’m gonna get drunk here.”

“Maybe, that’s part of my plan!” You joke. 

He laughed shaking his head. “Okay, my turn. Never Have I Ever written an article for a magazine.” 

You rolled your eyes taking a sip of your drink. “From now, on only serious ones.” 

He nods. 

The two of you continue to play this game for a few more rounds before the questions start to get a bit heated. You weren’t sure if it was the wine flowing in your veins that was giving you the courage or if for the first time, you were just comfortable around someone to be yourself. 

At the start of the game, you both sat on opposite sides of the couch, but somehow, at some point, you were sitting quite close now. 

You still weren’t if this was a date and you still didn’t know if Harry was even attracted to you, but you were about to take this game to a different level. You just hoped it didn’t make the rest of this night awkward. 

“Never Have I Ever kissed someone I’ve only known for a week,” you whispered nervously. 

Harry’s hand stayed still as he didn’t take a drink of his wine. “Neither I’ve I,” he said. 

“I think that’s the first one tonight, where we both haven’t done something,” you laughed. 

“We could change that,” he said clearing his throat a bit. 

You looked up at him and he had moved even closer to you. 

“If you want, I mean,” he coughed. 

“I want, if you want,” you whispered. 

He smiled a bit and moved his almost empty glass of wine to the side before leaning in towards you. His free hand caressed your face before his lips touched yours. You responded to the kiss by moving closer towards him. 

He deepened the kiss for a bit before pulling away. 

“Wow,” you mumble. 

He laughed a bit. “I’m thinking the same thing.” 

You put your glass on the coffee table and look over at him. “It’s uh, your turn.” 

He put his glass next to yours and then leans back against the couch. “Never have I ever, made out with someone I just met a week ago.” 

You smirked. “Wanna change that?” 

He smirks over at you before pulling you close to him. When your lips touched that time, neither of you were really holding back. It didn’t take long before you were sitting on his lap, with your arms around his neck, and his were on your lower back. 


After almost an hour, you two finally pulled away from each other, but you still kept your place on his lap. 

“You have lipstick all over your mouth,” you giggle trying to wipe it off. 

“I don’t mind,” he smirks. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a bit more on there.” 

He said giving you another quick kiss. You laugh pulling away for a bit. 

“Before we go any further, we should probably talk about a few things first,” you said. 

“Okay,” he nodded. 

“So, I think it’s safe to say that I like you and I would really love to see where this could go, and I would assume that you feel the same way…” you said nervously. 

Harry nodded. “I do, I really like you.”

“But there are a few issues…” you sighed. “My job for one, I don’t know, I mean I don’t think it would be an issue, but it could be.” 

“Have you looked into it, yet?” he asked. 

“No, I mean, I never really had a reason to before…” you admitted. 

“Understandable,” he nodded. 

“But just because this may or may not be an issue, I don’t want to not see where this goes,” you said. “I mean, we don’t need to tell the whole world that we’re seeing each other right?” 

“Of course, not. I do like to most of my private life private,” he said. 

“Well, then if you’re okay with it, can we continue to see each other, even if we can’t tell anyone right away?” you whispered. 

Harry smiled. “As long as I get to be with you, I’m okay with it.” 

You smiled giving him a quick kiss. “Now, that we got that out of the way…” 

He laughed. “Hold that thought, I noticed it’s getting quite late and that you’ve had a bit to drink. I don’t want you driving tonight, so if you want I could call you a car or you could stay in my guest room… And just so you know, If you decide to stay, I’m not expecting anything in return…” he said awkwardly. 

“I don’t mind staying, if that’s okay with you,” you said. 

“I’d rather you be safe,” he whispered pushing some hair out from your face. 

“Then I guess I’m staying,” you smiled. 

“Perfect,” he smiled. “I’ll get the guest room ready for you…” 

“Actually, I think that could wait for a bit, we have something we needed to finish first,” you smirked. 

“Oh really?” He asked. 

You nodded as you planted a kiss on him. He smirked into the kiss and pulled you into him. You both stayed on that couch for rest of the night before you two feel asleep next to each other. 

The Truth About Love - Marvel Series

I’ve started a series based of P!nk’s 2013 album with the same name. Each chapter will be based on a different song from said album, with each chapter based on you and a different marvel/avengers character.

True Love (Bucky x Reader) Part 1

Warnings: none really, fluff, humour, a stupid argument and a sexual innuendo if you squint hard enough.

Words:  765

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

God, it was one of those days. 

You had mentioned to Bucky, your boyfriend of 7 months, that he forgot to take the laundry to the washing room, again, which resulted in a pile up of dirty clothes in the hamper. The team had gone out for their lunches, missions, meetings, the like. You and Bucky had stayed behind, having nothing to do, which lead to…

Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say…” Bucky huffed, pacing around the coffee table.

Yeah? Well… Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face!” You stuttered back, earning a strangled noise of annoyance from the tall man in front of you.

There’s no one quite like you, Y/N… You push all my buttons down! God damn it, woman,” Bucky watched as you narrowed your eyes at him. The grumpy expression on his face made you want to squish his cheeks and make matters worse by tormenting him. You didn’t do it, though, instead, you walked up to his towering form and wrapped your arms around his waist.

I know life would suck without you, Bucky…” You breathed, the smell of coal tar soap and steel filling your nose as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders. 

But, at the same time, I want to hug you but then I want to wrap my hands around your fucking neck. You’re such an asshole, sometimes, but you know what? I love you, and you make me so mad I ask myself why I’m still here.” You tilted your head up towards him, an arched brow adorning your features. “But where could I go?

You both laugh then, there was an unbreakable bond that a sniper could detect from miles and miles away. Bucky walked from the lounge to the kitchen and you followed him like a lost puppy, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and making yourself a drink of water.

You’re the only love I’ve ever known… Buck, well, apart from Mr Tiggles.” You snort, a few little tears forming in your eyes.

I hate you, I really do… So much I think it must be true love.” Bucky grumbled, he turned around to face you when you choked on your drink at the words.

True love? It must be…” You giggled, “Nothing else can break my heart like true love.

Well, doll, no one else can break my heart like you.

You leaned up to kiss him then, love and adoration mingling between your lips.

Bucky suddenly pulled away and looked at you with accusing eyes. You tilted your head like a confused puppy and looked side to side. 

“You could just once try not to be so mean. Swatting my ass and making me jump when I’m trying to have a serious conversation with Sam or Steve or Tony for that matter. I have feelings! Wrap your brain around them!” Bucky chirped.

You bit the inside of your cheek, you thought the small argument was over but it obviously wasn’t.

Well, maybe you could take me out once in awhile? Some flowers for being a decent girlfriend? I BUY YOU TAKE OUT!!! Those butt pinches aren’t for nothing you know! Repeat after me R-O-M-A-N-C-E, c’mon, I’ll say it slowly if you want. You can do it, babe!” You reprimanded sarcastically. Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes.

NOW I’m the one that wants to wrap my hands around your fuckin’ neck, Jesus Christ, Y/N. You can be such an…an idiot. You seriously rub me up the wrong way sometimes, doll. Why do you say the things you say?” Your shoulders slumped at his words, suddenly the kettle became more interesting than his steely gaze. “Why DON’T you mention things like this? I can’t take non-verbal hints, I can take stuff like, ‘Oh! Bucky! I passed by this flower shop and they had the loveliest Carnations!!’ Or, ‘I really need a back massage’ or, better yet, ‘Oh Bucky! Please make love to me toni-’”

You slapped your hand over his mouth then, biting your lips to stop from laughing as his muffled words continued to flow freely from his lips, poorly imitating you.

Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be together.. Jerk.” You let Bucky take your hand away from his mouth, pulling you against him tightly.

Cos without out you I’m incomplete, punk.

Ah, no one else can break my heart like you,” You huffed. “now, you mentioned a massage…

Indeed, nothing breaks someone’s heart like true love, but nothing breaks your heart like James Buchanan Barnes.

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Guess who’s going on a cruise in December? This bitch right here! :D

Finally, all these years of entering contests and putting my name into prize draws has paid off! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise guys. A whole two weeks out on the beautiful blue sea. Away from stupid work, away from all my responsibilities, and more importantly- away from freaking winter.

I’ll make a special tag for my cruise album so you all can keep up on it. Hearts!

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Marauders Headcanon: Pictures (Jily & Wolfstar + an awkward Peter)

•Lily Evans loved taking pictures.
•She took pictures of anything: her drink at Hogsmeade, classrooms, her friends, nice angles of the Gryffindor common room, the Whomping Willow, etc;
•All her pictures were beautiful.
•When she started dating James, he appeared in the pictures bit by bit until Lily had a whole collection full of them.
•She loved her collection of his pictures.
•Lily showed the other Marauders the album of James photos and they couldn’t stop laughing.
•James was red-faced in every single one.
((Apparently Lily didn’t notice this because: “He’s so annoyingly cute and distracting. Ugh.”))
•Now, knowing these boys, how could they go on from there without teasing James about how much he blushed around Lily?
•It was actually Peter’s idea on what to do.
•They were going to remake every picture he was in with Lily to show how awkward he is.
•Peter took them, Sirius and Remus copied the poses.
•Some pictures got a little too close for their comfort, but they will do anything to tease James about this. ((”Seriously, mate, how does Prongs get that red!”))
•As James and Lily’s relationship grew, James blushed less. As for Remus and Sirius, who were still remaking the pictures, they started blushing more.
•Peter noticed first.
•He’s been showing Lily and James the pictures since this endeavor began and soon enough, they notice too.
•James makes a brilliant plan: get more feel-y in the pictures, and see if they keep making them.
•Lily and Peter agree.
•Everyone is finding it obvious they are developing crushes on each other, and this could at least make it quicker for them to get together than when James and Lily were in this stage.
•When the Hogsmeade trip comes, Lily takes as many cute couple pictures with James as she can.
•Kisses on the cheek, holding hands at a table while drinking their butter beer (thanks, Peter), James running around like a goofball, and their favorite from this “photoshoot”: James picking up Lily, their foreheads against each other as they kiss.
•Peter thought this could push Remus and Sirius off the edge and either begin or end their relationship.
•Lily told the pair that she had new pictures of James.
•They got excited. More things to tease James about ((…and more time to hold each other…))
•They look through the pictures and before they even reenact them, they’re already red-faced.
•Peter is holding back his laughter as he sets up the camera.
•A thought that’s rushing through his mind the whole time: will they actually kiss…?
•Before they had started, Peter had notified James and Lily the remakes of the picture were about to happen.
•They decided to sit in the common room and wait for them to finish.
•Sirius and Remus get through the hand holding, the scene at Hogsmeade, and all the others until they get to that one.
•For a second, they stand there, awkwardly avoiding eye contact.
•It’s Sirius that speaks first.
•"I won’t make you do this if it makes you uncomfortable. We don’t need to go that far to tease Prongs…“
•"I’m not doing this for James anymore…” Remus replies.
•They both look up and blush like mad.
•Peter is standing behind the camera, ready to take a picture of anything interesting happens.
•They seem to forget he’s there. The only thing they notice is the other and the smile plastered on each face.
•Sirius is the first to speak again: “So you won’t mind if..If I..?” He pauses. “I can’t do it! You’re my best friend and I care too much about losing you and if this could make or break everything, I just can’t do it! Moony, I just-” He’s cut off.
•Remus had kissed him. They stayed that way until they heard a snap!
•Sirius glances in Peter’s direction, probably ready to chew him out for taking a picture of them, but Remus pulls his face back towards him until their noses touch.
•"Why’d you do that?“ Sirius whispered.
•"You talk too much,” Remus replies and pulls Sirius into a tight hug.
•And as if on cue, all three laugh so loud and happily that they later get questions about what was going on.
• Peter finds James and Lily and shows them all the pictures.
•They get to the one with the kiss.
•"They didn’t do it exact like the picture,“ James teases.
•Peter can only say, with the brightest smile: “That’s not a reenactment of yours. It’s one of their own.” The couple hold hands as the redhead bounces in her chair.
•Lily is ecstatic.
•The next day, she finds them and starts telling them all her great ideas for double dates and she had never seen Sirius and Remus so confused.
•"You thought I didn’t see the pictures you remake? They are originally taken by me, y'know.“
•Sirius turns beet-red and Remus hides in his hands.
•They later feel comfortable enough to finally go on dates, and sometimes with James and Lily.
•Peter tags along sometimes, too.
•Can’t forget the guy who snapped the picture of their first kiss, right?
•Lily kept taking her pictures.
•Why would she ever stop?
•Now, she has more subjects for her photos albums: a loving boyfriend, an adorable quirky couple, and an awkward Peter.
•Lily couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by such amazing people.

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Headcanons for Hamilton characters as modern-day college students?

Okay this is super long, so I think I’ll have to cut it short to HamilSquad + ABURR + Schuyler Sisters. I’M SORRY!! If there’s anyone else you want me to do, let me know! 

Alexander: Pre-law- Political Science. He’s roommates with Aaron Burr who is also in political science. They get along with each other for the most part, but Alexander is extroverted and likes to talk, whereas Aaron is super quite. They’re both pretty clean people, but Alexander gets chaotic when he’s writing an essay (which is all the time). There’ll be papers everywhere, and everything he has is untouched. His bed will barely be slept on since he lives in the library. He’s never in his room tbh. Tried joining the debate club, but was kicked out for picking fights with everyone. Has a soft spot for John, and he’s the only one who can calm John down when he gets into a fight. Same with John, he’s the only who can calm Alexander down. Despite loving to debate with people, he’s actually more interested in policy making. 

Aaron: Pre-law- Political Science. He’s super clean, super smart, and super in a bunch of debate clubs I’m pretty sure. He’ll be president of the debate club or something. Usually he doesn’t even debate, but he’s not afraid to educate the hot-headed newcomers (coughAlexcough). Everyone thinks he’s a master student because of how mature and quiet he is, and everyone just assumes he has his life together. He’s never late to anything, coffee in hand, going to 8:30 classes, dressed to a T. He never sleeps past midnight, and wakes up at sunrise- probs doesn’t even need an alarm clock. He strives to be a lawyer. He doesn’t get angry much (like at all), but there are rumours that he’s willing to kill a man when he’s angry… 

John: Environmental science. I don’t know why but I see him being a nature lover. He loves hikes, and just going out. He’s roommates with Hercules, and they both get along relatively together. He’s kind of quiet, and doesn’t drink as much (he can’t take alcohol), but he goes out with Hercules every weekend to drink. He has a pet turtle (of course). He’s pretty quick to anger, and doesn’t hesitate yelling at someone for not recycling. Everyone thinks he’s this smol child who needs protecting, but he’s super feisty. Everyone compares him to Alexander, but they soon found out that Alexander and John has a soft spot for each other. They’re the only ones who somehow can calm the other down when they get angry. He’s barely passing his classes. 

Hercules: Engineer. He’s really good with his hands, and loves knitting as his hobby. He’s a big guy who loves going to the gym. He’s rather loud, but he listens very well. In a group setting, he’ll somehow still be on top of everyone’s conversation- it’s rather scary. He’s VERY graceful with his actions- everyone thinks he’ll be gruff and boisterous- though his mouth is, his actions are far from it. When he puts a hand on someone’s shoulder they expect a slap, but it’ll be a gentle touch, and he’s very tentative when touching other people… idk if that makes sense, but he’s just SUPER GENTLE WITH PEOPLE OKAY?? He’s also an extrovert, but when he’s not with people he likes reading manuals. He’s doing super well in his classes, and no one knows how he does it?? 

Gilbert: Communications Studies (w/ focus on International relations). He’s good at language and he’s charming. He’ll definitely grow up to be an ambassador, or something along those lines. But he’s an international student who lives in a single room in dorm, and he met the HamilSquad by being a bit too friendly in the bathroom. He probs went around having conversations in the bathroom without even a towel. He goes through classes with a breeze. Like he doesn’t even buy the textbooks or goes to classes, but he’s on the Dean’s Honour List. 

Angelica: Pre-law- Political Science. Like Alexander, Angelica is more into policy making. She’s interested in looking at the protocols of various admin groups, and making sure it’s fair for everyone. She hates to see people get ripped off, and would be more than willing to help anyone fight for their rights. She’s super intelligent- everyone thinks she’s the female version of Aaron, but seriously she’s so much better. She keeps cool in tough times, and doesn’t falter when it comes to stressful times. She also has two younger sisters who goes to the same school, and she adores them! They’re pretty much together at all times- they have a house near the school. It’s a little harder to approach her because of her tough exterior, but she is such a sweetheart when you get to know her (especially if you’re a woman). She’s the MOM FRIEND who will make sure you pay your phone bills on time, enrol in class, and makes sure you actually GO TO CLASS. 

Eliza: Nursing. She’s a huge people person, and super friendly with everyone. She’s more approachable than Angelica, but she does have a temper. She’s pretty hot-headed at times, but no one usually sees that side of her. If she doesn’t agree with someone she’ll rant about it to Angelica at home. She is top at her class, and she’s a tutor to the younger nursing groups. When someone is having trouble with bedside manners during their hospital rounds, she’ll be the one to teach them. She bakes a lot, and would bring homemade cookies to study group meetings, and to her class, and just anyone she meets. She probably smells like cookie dough. 

Peggy: Music. She has A BEAUTIFUL VOICE, and just will suck your soul out with her singing. She has a youtube and is already super popular there. She’s seriously so good, and I don’t even know why she’s in school bc she already has a contract with a major music label! She’ll be releasing her first album soon- all she’s been doing is covers/singles so this is pretty exciting for her. She knows how to play various instruments: piano, violin, guitar, and saxophone. She really likes jazz and R&B, but she’s pretty well-rounded with her choice in music. She’s in the choir group in the university, but she dropped out because she didn’t feel comfortable with everyone putting her on a pedestal there. On Friday nights you’ll find her in the nearest bar on karaoke night or in a coffee house, singing. She’s really passionate about her music, and her sisters WILL ALWAYS see her performance- no matter what. 

161216 SINGLES Magazine: BTS Feature

(t/n: I refer to “BTS” as a singular collective noun.)

J-Hope’s jacket and pants - Kwak Hyun Joo, shirt - Vivienne Westwood
Jungkook’s look - Jang Kwang Hyo (Caruso)
Rap Monster’s look - Moon Soo Kwon
Suga’s jacket and pants - pushBUTTON, shirt - ANDY & DEBB (Courage)
Jimin’s jacket and pants - Jang Kwang Hyo (Caruso), sweater - BESLOW, shirt - Uniqlo 

누군가는 방탄소년단을 단지 ‘초통령’이라고만 설명한다. 하지만 이들은 지난 앨범을 통해 2016년 모 시상식의 가장 높은 자리에 이름을 올렸다. ‘대세’라는 수식어가 부끄럽지 않은 방탄소년단은 더 큰 목소리로 자신들의 이야기를 전한다.

Some write off BTS as nothing more than ‘elementary students’ president’ (t/n: BTS was named the most popular/adored idol group among elementary school students.) However, through their recent album, they have risen and placed their name on the highest point (most prestigious) of certain awards ceremonies in 2016 (t/n: referring to them winning two of the most prestigious awards ‘daesang’s so far: ‘Best Album of the Year’ at the MelOn Music Awards and ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Mnet Asian Music Awards). BTS, not at all shy about their label as a ‘hot trend,’ is in fact sharing their story with an even louder voice.

Rap Monster’s jacket - Noirer, choker - VLADES 

노래 작업, 연습, 활동, 공연. 쳇바퀴처럼 도는 일정이 다른 사람에게는 지루하게 보일지 몰라도 우리는 무척 재미있게 생각한다. 하고 싶었던 일, 너무나도 좋아하는 일이지 않나. 대신 스트레스는 피규어로 푼다. 카우스(Kaws)나 코스토이(Coarsetoys)의 아트토이를 모으는 순간이 요즘 제일 행복하다. 게다가 빡빡한 일정에 지칠 때면 머릿속에서 누군가가 계속 가사를 쓰라고 말한다. 꾸준히 곡 작업을 할 수 있는 동기부여 비결이랄까? 좀 웃기게 들릴지 모르겠지만, 동기부여는 영혼이 끊임없이 해주는 거다, 하하하. 데뷔한 지 3년이 넘었지만 아직도 못 해본 게 많다. 매번 말하지만 아직도 윤하, 타블로, 이소라 선배님과 함께 작업하는 날을 꿈꾸고 있다. 블랙(6lack)이나 킹 크룰(King Krule) 같은 해외 뮤지션과도 컬래버레이션을 하고 싶다.

Working on music, practice, promotions, performances. This cyclic (t/n: literally: “hamster wheel rotation-like”) everyday routine may seem boring to some, but we think it’s a lot of fun. It’s what we wanted to do, what we love to do, is it not? However, I relieve my stress through figurines. Lately, the moments when I am collecting Kaws or Coarsetoys art toys are the times when I am happiest. On top of that, when I am exhausted during the tight schedule there is someone inside my head that urges me to continuously (constantly) write lyrics. I could say that’s the secret to my motivation for consistently working on songs, I think? It might sound kind of silly but motivation comes from the soul, ha ha ha. It has been over three years since our debut but there is still so much I haven’t been able to do yet. I say this every time, but I am still dreaming of the day I am able to collaborate with Yoonha, Tablo, Lee Sora sunbae-nims (t/n: sunbae is an honorific). I would also like to collaborate with foreign musicians such as 6lack and King Krule.

Suga’s jacket - Kwak Hyun Joo, turtleneck top - BESLOW

13살 때부터 음악을 시작했지만 방탄소년단 활동을 하면서 아이돌과 뮤지션의 정체성에 대해 많이 고민했다. 하지만 지금은 더 이상 그런 문제에 매달리지 않는다. 좋은 음악은 어떤 식으로든 인정받기 마련이니까. 아이돌이 만든 노래든 뮤지션이 낸 앨범이든 그게 무슨 상관인가. 난 그저 음악을 하는 사람이고, 좋은 노래를 많이 만드는 게 우선이다. 아이돌로 인기를 얻고, 뮤지션으로서 인정을 받는 것은 그 다음 문제다. 요즘은 다른 멤버들과 함께 음악 작업하는 것이 무척 즐겁다. 처음에는 서로 랩 하는 스타일이 비슷했는데, 지금은 함께 지내는 시간이 흐르며 각자의 개성이 점차 뚜렷해지고 있다. 함께 이야기를 나누다보면 더 좋은 노래를 만들 수 있는데, 그 과정이 무척 재미있다. 부담? 그게 안 느껴진다면 거짓말일 거다. 하지만 지금은 그보다 책임감이라는 단어가 더 잘 어울리는 것 같다. 매번 더 좋은 음악을 들려주고 싶으니까. 건방진 소리라고 느낄지 모르겠지만, 이건 우리의 스웩(swag)이다. 건방짐과 스웩은 다르다.

I began music at the age of 13, but through BTS promotions I seriously contemplated (worried) over what the identity of an idol and musician was/should be. However, I no longer hang onto such issues now. Because it is certain that good music will always be acknowledged/recognized in some way no matter what. What does it matter if it is a song made by an idol or an album released by a musician? I am just a person who makes music, (and so) making many great songs is my first priority. Gaining popularity as an idol, being recognized as a musician—these issues come after that (t/n: they are of secondary importance). Lately, working on music with the other members is a lot of fun. At first, our rap styles were similar, but now, as the time we spend together passes, our individual personalities are gradually becoming clearer. One can make even greater songs the more s/he shares their stories, and this process is a lot of fun. Pressure? (t/n: can also be “Burden?”) If I said I didn’t feel that, it would be a lie. But now I feel that the word ‘responsibility’ is more appropriate. Because I want to let them (you) hear even greater music each time. It might sound arrogant, but this is our ‘swag.’ Arrogance and swag are different.

J-Hope’s shearling cape - Noirer

가사를 쓸 때마다 부담이 컸다. ‘이 부분에서는 이 이야기를 해야 해!’라는 강박에 시달리기도 했다. 다양한 시도를 하면서 느낀 것은 어떤 틀을 정해놓고 가사를 쓰면 진정성이 사라진다는 사실이다. 하지만 이번 정규 앨범 <WINGS>를 작업하며 다시 한 번 가혹한 ‘피땀 눈물’을 경험했다. 앨범의 시작을 알리는 ‘Intro: Boy Meets Evil’에서 메인 파트를 담당하며 솔로 랩과 안무를 선보여야 했기 때문이다. 안무 연습을 할 때 맨발에 전해진 느낌이 아직도 생생하다. 바닥과 내 몸이 하나가 되는 느낌이 무척 인상적이었다. 무대를 준비하는 모습이 그렇게 섹시해 보일 수가 없더라, 하하하. 난 하나에 빠지면 그것에만 집중하는 편이다. 방탄소년단 활동은 물론 사랑도 마찬가지다. 내가 생각하는 사랑이란, 사람을 바보로 만드는 거다. 사랑에 빠지면 한 사람밖에 모르는 바보가 되지 않나. 그나저나 뷔와 진도 함께 촬영했으면 좋았을 텐데. 다른 스케줄 때문에 함께하지 못해서 너무 아쉽다.

Every time I wrote lyrics I felt a lot of pressure (t/n: or “the burden was great”). ‘At this part I have to talk about this!’ I suffered from such obsessions/constraints. What I have felt from various trials is the fact that if you write lyrics after deciding on a framework (t/n: literally “mold”), then the authenticity disappears. However, while working on our recent full-length album <WINGS>, I once again severely experienced the ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears.’ This is because as the one responsible for the part that sets the atmosphere for the album, the ‘Intro: Boy Meets Evil,’ I had to show off a solo rap and choreography. The memory of what I felt on my feet when practicing the choreography barefoot is still vivid in my mind. The most memorable feeling was the feeling of my body becoming one with the ground. I looked incredibly sexy preparing for the stage, ha ha ha. Once I become absorbed in one thing I tend to focus only on that thing. This applies to (working on) BTS promotions of course, and in love as well. What I think love as, is something that makes people stupid. Don’t you become a stupid person who only knows one person when you are in love? Anyway, it would have been nice if V and Jin could also shoot with us. It’s really too bad that they couldn’t be with us due to other scheduled conflicts.

Jungkook’s shearling outer - Burberry, turtleneck top - BESLOW

형들과 함께 숙소 생활을 하면서 불편하다고 생각했던 적은 한번도 없다. 오히려 따로 살게 되면 얼마나 불편할까를 걱정한다. 다른 멤버들도 마찬가지다. 독립의 필요성이나 숙소 생활의 불편함을 느끼지 못한다. 가끔 랩몬 형이 태형이형(뷔)이 방에서 게임을 할 때 짜증을 부리긴 하지만(랩몬 “헤드폰을 끼고 게임 속 팀원들에게 이런저런 지시를 시끄럽게 내리는데 그걸 듣고 있으면 좀 혼자 방을 쓰고 싶긴 해요”). 그럴 때마다 가위바위보를 잘해서 다행이라고 생각한다. 룸메이트를 정할 때 방이 하나 남아서 누군가 한 명은 독방을 쓸 수 있었는데, 우리는 민주적으로(?) 가위바위보를 했다. 그리고 내가 이겼다. 덕분에 행복하다, 하하하. 그래서 지금이 화양연화의 순간이냐고? 그건 아니다. 시간이 흘러 나중에 ‘아, 내가 그때 많이 행복했구나'라고 느낄 수 있다면 그 시간을 화양연화라고 부를 수 있는 거 아닐까?

I have never once thought that dorm-life with my hyungs felt uncomfortable. In fact, on the contrary I worry about how uncomfortable it will be if we end up living apart/separately. It’s the same for the other members as well. We don’t feel the need for independence nor the discomfort of dorm-life. Sometimes Rap Mon-hyung will get annoyed when playing games in Taehyungie-hyung (V)’s room but (Rap Mon: “He has his headphones in and commands his teammates to do this and that loudly, and when I’m listening to that I do wish I could have an individual room”), every time (that happens) though, we figure it out by rock, paper, scissors, so I think that’s a relief. When we were deciding roommates there was one extra room so someone could have a single (individual) room, but we democratically(?) used rock, paper, scissors. And I won. Thanks to that, I am happy, ha ha ha. Is that why right now is my most beautiful moment in life? No, that’s not it. As time passes by, later if I am able to say ‘Ah, I was really happy then,’ then is that time not the moment I call the most beautiful moment in life?

Jimin’s coat - Bottega Veneta

“정규 앨범의 제목을 <WINGS>로 정했을 때, 맘껏 하늘을 나는 상상을 했다. 목적지를 정하지 않고 넓은 하늘을 여기저기 날아보고 싶었다. '거부할 수 없는 유혹’ 콘셉트? 그때도 내가 언제 가장 섹시한지 생각했다. 유혹하는 사람이 섹시해야 거부할 수 없는 거 아닌가. 다른 멤버들은 곡 작업이나 안무 연습을 할 때 혹은 무대 위에서 자기 일에 집중할 때 등 멋지게 대답할 것 같은데, 난 눈이 부어 있을 때가 제일 섹시하다(슈가 "지민이의 눈을 보면 모두가 빠져들죠”, 랩몬 “본능적으로 섹시한 게 최고잖아요. 그런 점에서 가장 어느 누구도 지민이를 못 이겨요”). 맞다. 난 항상 부어 있다. 그러니까 언제나 섹시하다. 사실 나는 언제 가장 섹시한지 그리고 언제가 가장 화양연화였는지 묻는 질문에 대답을 하는 게 조금 불편하다. 특정한 시기를 염두에 두지 않기 때문이다. 중요한 것은 마음가짐이라고 생각한다. 내가 가장 기대하는 내 나이? 스스로가 꿈꿨던 모습이 되는 때가 아닐까? 비록 지금은 그게 어떤 모습인지 정확하게 말할 수는 없지만, 중요한 것은 내가 지금 그 답을 찾는 과정에 있다는 거다.”

When we confirmed our full-length album’s title as <WINGS>, I imagined flying the sky to my heart’s content. I wanted to try flying the vast sky, here and there, without deciding on a destination. An ‘irresistible temptation’ concept? Then, too, I thought about when I was the most sexy. The temptor (person) must be sexy in order to be irresistible, right? (t/n: I’d like to point out that in English ‘irresistible’ is an adjective, but here, in Korean, it’s a verb clause. He is literally saying ‘unable to be rejected/resisted.’ So, in a way it is more accurate to say ‘A temptation you can’t resist’ or ‘The temptor must be sexy so that you can’t resist him, right?’) I think the other members will all respond in a cool way, ‘when they are working on songs,’ or ‘practicing choreography,’ or ‘when they are focusing on their work up on stage,’ etc. but I look the sexiest when my eyes are swollen. (Suga: “When they see Jiminnie’s eyes, everyone falls into it, of course,” Rap Mon: “Being instinctively sexy is the best, you know. In terms of that, (he is the best), no one can beat Jimin.) (t/n: In English, “innate sexiness” is another close translation that may be easier to understand. However, in Korean there is one word that means you are born with a trait or talent, aka “innate talent,” and another word that means it is an “instinct,” like an animal’s “basic instinct.” In this case, Rap Mon’s uses the word, “instinctively,” and thus I chose to translate it literally rather than use “innately” because it is has a much stronger meaning in the Korean context.) That’s right. My eyes are always swollen. So I am always sexy. To be honest, I am a little uncomfortable answering the question ‘when are you the sexiest’ and ‘what moment in your life was the ‘most beautiful moment in life’.’ This is because I don’t have a specific time period/moment in mind. I believe what’s important is your mindset (t/n: depends on how you choose to believe/think of some situation; your mentality). The age I am looking forward to the most? Wouldn’t it be the moment when I become the person I myself dreamed of becoming? Although I can’t say exactly what kind of person that is right now, what’s important is that I am currently in the process of finding the answer to that question.

Editor: Kang Hyojin, Kim Yonghyun
Styling: Lee Hanwook
Makeup: Kim Dareum
Hair: Kim Jihye, Seo Jinyoung
Assistant: Hwang Hyein, Kim Moongi, Kim Junghyun

Trans cr; Joyce @ btsofficialtrans

too good at goodbyes // wdw

Pairing - Why Don’t We x reader

Warnings - death and sadness

Requested - by anon

Summary/Sentence - ‘Can you write an imagine with the boys she tells them that she has cancer and they all are there for her but sadly she ended up dying’

Word Count - 1,125

Written by: Swizz - @unlimitedgazebo (twentytwofourteen by the album leaf is a 10/10 listen for this)

kinda edited


You should have known the headaches weren’t normal, the hours of excruciating pain you would endure every other day should have been a sign that there was something very seriously wrong, but it wan’t. And that’s how you ended up in a children’s hospital hearing the words “you have an aggressive malignant brain tumour” after suffering a violent grand mal seizure whilst backstage at your best-friend’s concert.  

When the words left your oncologist’s mouth, everything stopped. You felt the breath leave your lungs, you weren’t daft - aggressive and malignant in the same sentence would never result in a positive outcome. The doctor kept talking, but you didn’t hear a word he said, you already knew. 

“How long do I have, weeks or days?” the doctor’s expression fell significantly at your blunt question.

“Your tumour, well, tumours, are sadly inoperable, Y/N, we also do not believe that you will benefit from chemotherapy or radiation due to the aggressive nature of the cancer. My best bet would be a couple of weeks,’ his heavy sorrowful tone caused a lump to appear at the back of your throat. You tried so many times to swallow it down, but to no avail, “I think it’s time to call your family, Y/N.” So that’s what you did.

You waited agonisingly for Daniel to answer his phone, he was your family, the boys were your family. “Hello, Y/N, is that you!?” you could hear the desperation in his voice, god, it broke your heart.

“It’s me Danny, it’s me,” your voice matched his broken tone, “I need you, I need my boys, please.” you hadn’t let any tears spill until this very moment. No pain came close to the thought of leaving your boys, your family, your everything. 

“We’re coming Y/N, just hold on, we’re coming.” You heard the common sound of commotion between the 5 boys, only this time it was more frantic, with more swearing, you smiled to yourself.

“I love you boys, so much.” The chorus of ‘I love you too’ was the single most heart-warming sound, so much so that you forgot about everything, but as the line once again went silent, you were left with your thoughts.

You were writing goodbye letters to your loved ones when the boys walked through the door. There wasn’t a chance of you explaining to them how little time you had left, so you rushed to tuck them away, it was for their own good.

“Y/N!” Zach spoke rather loudly, causing you to wince from the sudden impact on your ears. Jack wacked him upside the head mumbling something absurd you were sure.

“Zach, my child, how are you?” Despite the pain he unintentionally caused you, it didn’t obscure the love you have for him.

“I am so good, you are here, I’m here and you’re okay, couldn’t be better honestly, and you my daddy?” Your hurt sunk, to the bottom of your stomach, no, that’s not far enough, it sunk to the depths of the ocean.

Swallowing the lump in your throat his comment caused, you replied “I could be better, but all is well and I am so happy you boys are here.” All is not well.

You had your separate little conversations with each boy before breaking out into a group discussion of your health and the cancer, with you speaking little white lies here and there, before the boys were ushered to leave due to visiting hours closing. You gave each boy a kiss on the cheek, them returning the favour then leaving you once again alone with your thoughts. The only thing you could think to do was finish the letters you crumbled under your leg. You smoothed out the paper and continued your emotional goodbyes, giving every last ounce of energy you had for the night. 

You were always curious as to how it would feel to die, did it hurt or do you just disappear? Today you found that out. You felt a sudden wave of a certain debilitating energy, it didn’t hurt, but you knew. The last thing you felt was the warmth of a tear roll down over your cheek as you finally let go.

None of the boys knew you were as sick as you were, keeping it from them was your plan. You knew they would drive you towards the chemotherapy or radiation, you just wanted to go peacefully, happily with them smiling by your side. Their smiles fell the moment the news reached them. It was when they came to visit, mere hours after your first feeling of death. “I’m so sorry boys, Y/N passed away today”.

The only boy to respond was Daniel with a drifting “no”. 

“Were you boys aware of how sick your friend was? You seem awfully baffled, we didn’t think this would come to as a shock or we would’ve been better prepared.” The doctor’s tone was laced confusion, matching the expression on the band member’s faces.

Daniel was once again the only member to respond; “She told us she was fine, she’s fine.” It was clear he was panicking, so the doctor insisted he take the boys into a quiet area and explain the situation.

It took a while, to fully get the thought of Y/N passing away into the boys heads, it was only once he passed them a stack of crumbled pieces of paper, consisting of letters titled with each boy’s name, that they knew it was real and she was gone. They all cried until they couldn’t breathe, they couldn’t fathom to read those letters, not right now anyway, it hurt too much.

“I would now like to welcome Y/N’s five best-friends to read short excerpts from the letters Daniel spoke of earlier in his speech” The funeral was coming to and end, and as you were being lowered into the ground, the boys, barely holding it together, closed off the gloomy day.

I am so sorry I’m not there to name a cat ‘Old El Pasto’ with you, that was my one promise.

When you propose to Christina, remember I am looking over you - I will be in your heart, don’t you forget that, you can do this.

Whenever you think of me, please don’t cry, smile and remember when you sent this to your mum ‘my papiii made me so happy when she gave me those cute marshmellow pancakes on my birthday’.

Do not let anybody tell you, you are worthless, do not let them belittle you if you are sad, you are allowed to feel these emotions, you can cry, you can laugh, do not feel like you need to hold this big, bad boy character.

I love you.