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someone is getting married. that someone is dragged to a strip club for their bachelor party by the rest of the RFA+V+Saeran. just how much of a hot mess would this nightmare be?

A/N: Can y’all imagine though, can y’all imAGINE I WANNA SEE THEM IN A STRIP CLUB LMAO~Admin 404

Not even gonna lie i’m the person who says “nooo it’s embarrassing” but take me there and i’d be stuffing dollar bills down thongs like no tomorrow ~ Admin 626


-is he even alLOWED IN HERE



-He’s a blushing mess the whole time, he can’t even look anywhere

-Seriously, he covers his eyes every time someone walks by because??? They’re half naKED


-Text: “MC, they dragged me here I swear I’m not looking at anYONE I’M NOT LOOKING, I’M NOT TOUCHING, NOTHING” Response: “yoosung wtf”

-Saeyoung tried to get him a private dance and he literally screeched and ran away


-Overall he did not like it. He was so nervous, and could not enjoy himself. Blew up MC’s phone telling them how much he loves them, stood outside or hid in the bathroom a lot of the time as well


-He literally has no interest

-He had no sexual interest in people before anyways

-Well at least not any interest large enough to act upon

-He loves you for who you are, not your body

-That being said, he kind of just sat there all night with an uninterested stare

-He felt a little awkward every time he saw a fellow business man (especially ones he knew or has done business with)

- “a lot of these men are married why are they throwing money at these half naked people”

-Zen kept telling him that he was killing the vibe at his own bachelor party and he just shrugged

-He was so bored the entire time, he absolutely hated it

-Silently judged everyone in the room just to pass the time, also tried to secretly text you until the others noticed and took his phone


-He didn’t care about the strippers

-He danced along to almost every song that came on



-Wasn’t about having the strippers dance up on him though

- pls i am a child of god do not do this

- i am devout to my MC, they are the love of my life get away from me with your sIN

-When his song came on you can bet your sweet ass he jumped up on the stage

-Seriously he was workin’ it. Strippin’ it. Putting his thing down, flipping and reversing it.

-Saeran had to drag him off of the stage before he could do anything else, but Zen had already recorded it and sent it to MC, who in turn, laughed their asses off and refused to let it go for years


-He does not like other people

-Let alone strange, mostly naked people


-Absolutely hates it there and wants nothing more than to go home

-He misses his precious MC ;A;

-It took A LOT to get him where he is in the relationship he has with you

-He wouldn’t do anything to mess it up

-Not to mention, he has literally NO interest in anyone else but you??

-Saeyoung tried to get him to get a personal dance but that idea was shot down fairly quickly when he was almost punched in the face

-He actually spent most of the time just sitting there. Most people wouldn’t come near him because Death Glare™. Did not enjoy himself, not at all




- like yeah they got nice bodies??? But u know who has a nicer body???



- ofc he doesn’t dance up on anyone, he’s a saint, he loves MC




- B L U S H I N G



- she just DOWNS drinks to get through the night, she wants to be supportive

- she drunk texts u a lot

- “hey,,, hey MC,,, are u a whistle cause i want to blow u,,,”

- “There will be only seven planets remaining after i destroy ur anus,,,”

- “if u were a potato,,, I’d mash the hell out of you,,,”

- MC screenshots everything and sends it to the group chat

- Jaehee looks at some of the strippers for candidates for a possible threesome ;;))))


- this sweet, innocent boy doesn’t know what to do

- he wants to support his friends but???

- he’s not really someone who gets drunk and he’s definitely not for watching strippers

- so what does he do???

- he imagines ur the one stripping instead

- like he’s seriously just staring at a wall pretending ur there

- at some point though, saeyoung manages to drag V up on stage??




- he just follows along with saeyoung???

- everyone seems to be loving it so he must be doing something right???

- he ends up loving it

- considers stripping as a career

- then he decided that you’re the only person he strips for me ;;))

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Hello! I just read QI in one go, I couldn't put it down! It was just so good. Much kudos to you and good luck to your new book! I look forward to reading it. I do have a lil prompt for the short QI-verse oneshots you're doing tho, if you have the time. I love seeing hardass chef Gordon Ramsay being all gooey and kind to children, so how bout Chef Lexa in Master Chef Junior or a similar kids cooking show, Clarke melting at how good Lexa is w kids?

First and foremost, thank you so much!  I’m glad you are enjoying it.  Below, find your oneshot of Clarke seeing Chef Lexa being kind to a kid with some cutesee domestic stuff in there, too.  Oneshot time!

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Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 3. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

         But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

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           Jimin hadn’t intended to take things that far…not with you at least.

           He hopped into the shower while Hoseok was cooking a late-night snack for them, letting the warm water hit his taut muscles as he recalled the events that had happened simply an hour ago.

           Since you had mentioned meeting V at the ball after his company Christmas party, he had planned to check out the place himself, knowing that a lot of girls looking for romance would probably frequent there. Dually, he wanted to see this V guy for himself so he waited in a booth, watching you at the bar. He had thrown on one of the masks he was creating for the trainees at the Club, having kept it instead because it was a masterpiece. He gelled his hair differently, put colored contacts in, and stuck insoles in his shoes, trying to look different.

           Time ticked by and you seemed anxious, turning away guys who approached you and desperately looking around for any sign of your precious perfect match. He glanced at his watch. It was already ten minutes. Judging from your worried expression and wandering eyes, you hadn’t received an assuring text that he was still arriving. So Jimin jumped into action. He grabbed a rose from the center piece and waltzed over to you.

           Honestly, he expected you to figure out his disguise in a short amount of time. But wanting to make the surprise more hysterical, he altered his voice. It was one of his talents, especially since some of his clients had different accents and tones as specified turn-ons. He imagined you smacking him and cracking up at his princely attire, asking what the hell he was doing spying on you.

           But then you thought he was V.

           He missed the timing to reveal himself because he hadn’t seen you so excited and relieved before. He honestly felt guilty breaking the news that you possibly had gotten stood up by someone you truly believed to be your perfect match.

           So as you two danced closely, he hesitantly acted. He pulled back when you tried to grind into him nervously. This was something you had never done with each other and he wasn’t sure what he should do when you were being so forward.

           You grinned as you grabbed his arms to pull him closer to you.

           "Are you afraid of me?“ You had asked him.

           He shook his head, telling the truth. "I just didn’t want to do anything you didn’t…”

           You closed the distance and pressed against him, “I don’t mind…if it’s with you.”

           Although he knew it was directed at V, rather than him, he couldn’t help but smile at your comment. If you never found out it was him, then what was the harm? He wasn’t Jimin or Red Mask at this point. He was Maroon mask, someone different. So he pulled you flush against his body.

           You grinded into him needily and he felt himself grow harder. He tried hard to control his urge, knowing it was you. Gripping at your waist, he attempted to think of an excuse on why you shouldn’t continue. But he couldn’t think of any.

           This was neither of your first times flirting with a complete stranger, and he hadn’t lied about anything. He meant everything he said…although he was leaving out the significant factor of his identity, which for the record, you never asked nor confirmed whether he was V or not.

           Then your hand traced his mask, down to the side of his face softly, and he closed his eyes, taking in your gentle touch. He had only felt this when he was wasted out of his mind and you had to take care of him and Hoseok. Or when he was deathly sick and you had to baby him back to health. This was a completely different situation. You weren’t taking care of him this time, and he wasn’t intoxicated or even ill.

           When you leaned forward, he inhaled sharply and pulled back, his heart racing. Of all the times he joked and flirted with you, he knew that you both had drawn a clear line. You both walked beside the line at times, but there was a distinct barrier. That was why he was so open with fooling around with you. You never seriously took a second look at him or fell for his antics.

           "What’s wrong?“ you had asked him, your eyes filled with worry.

           "Well…we haven’t done this before…” he hesitated, trying to figure out an escape route. He wasn’t lying. You both had had many drunk close calls, but you both came back to your senses and laughed it off. This was going to be a first. He wasn’t sure how to feel about this.

           "Well of course not. We just met.“ You chuckled then you looked down shyly. "Am I going too fast for you?”

           That’s right. He wasn’t Jimin. He had a mask on. He was Maroon mask. You clearly wanted someone tonight, and he would vow to take this night silently to his grave. It was just going to be a one-time thing. As your best friend, he had a duty to help you feel better about being stood up and rejected. What was the harm in a kiss anyway? He had even kissed Hoseok because of a truth or dare game once, so it didn’t– it doesn’t– mean anything.

           So, he shook his head and cupped your face. “Not at all…”

           Slowly, he opened his mouth and captured your lips sweetly. Immediately, you both melted into each other.

           And damn, he knew he was in trouble immediately.

           The images of your essentially bare body, your hands, your neck, your legs, and the things you said to him, the way you sounded, floated around his head.

           "Holy shit.“ he exhaled as he leaned his forehead against the shower glass.

           He had to take this secret to his grave. He could never tell Hoseok or anyone.

           His hands wrapped around his dick as he imagined how you had finished him. Then he froze and raised his hands up.

           "What the hell are you doing Jimin?” he scolded himself.

           He had finally experienced a fraction of how fantastic you were in bed and it sent shivers down his spine. He licked his lips as he shut the water. Hurriedly, he grabbed the lotion by his sink and began stroking himself as he reminisced on how he had come completely undone at the will of your hand alone.

           His body wanted to know what else you could do, but the memory of this night and his rampant imagination coupled with his knowledge of your escapades and talents would have to suffice.

           At least, for now.

           "Jimin! The food is getting cold! Hurry up!“ Hoseok called from the other side of the door.

           "Hold on! I’m jacking myself off!” Jimin answered truthfully.

           "Dammit Jimin! I told you not to tell me these things!“ Hoseok groaned.

           "You wanna help?” Jimin teased.

           "God, Chims. I’m taken! Just hurry up and fucking wash your hands before you come out. I don’t want your jizz on my meal.“

           "Will do ~”

           "Geez, did you not get fucked at this ball you went to?“ Hoseok hissed.

           "I did!”

           "Then why the hell do you need to jack yourself off again?“

           Jimin’s lips curled up, "It was one hell of a hott time.”

           You felt Jimin’s eyes on you as you walked around Club Masquerade, taking inventory of all the new kitchenware that had come in. He hadn’t approached you as he usually did when he walked in so you thought he was just having one of his off days. You didn’t bother him and went about your business, but you could feel his stare from across the room as you moved.

           Exhaling, finally having enough of his ambiguously prolonged gaze, you turned and marched to the table he was sitting in, sipping tea uncharacteristically.

           "Okay, say what you need to say.“

           You slammed your hand onto the table and he grinned. He had been willing you to come over to him first and childishly, he was ecstatic it worked.

           "You’ve been watching me since you arrived, and what the fuck is with you sipping tea?” You raised an eyebrow then gasped. “Did you meet someone?”

           He blinked, “What?”

           "You have that blank look. Oh I know that look. You got hella fucked this weekend!“ You clapped your hands and Jimin blushed, remembering how he didn’t even get to showcase his skills at the ball. What an embarrassment to his title.

           He frowned.

           "I did not get HELLA fucked this weekend.”

           "But you definitely had sex.“ You pointed out happily.

           "Well what about you then?” he smirked, expectantly. “When are you going to tell me about how meeting your Prince Charming went?’

           You stepped back, "Oh, we didn’t get to meet. Something came up.”

           "Oh?“ Jimin pressed. "Then what happened when he didn’t show up?”

           "Nothing.“ You shrugged.

           Jimin pursed his lips. "You’re totally lying to me!”

           You rolled your eyes. “Okay, so I was stupid and thought some other guy was V.”

           "And?“ Jimin blinked, expectantly.

           "Well I gave him a hand job and that was that.” You simply stated.

           "Wait–that was that?“

           "I don’t know what else you want me to say Jimin.” You snorted.

           "I mean,“ he leaned, trying to sound cool and nonchalant. "how was he?”

           You looked at him, amused. “I mean, he was okay.”

           His face fell in horror. “JUST okay?”

           You furrowed your brows, “Yeah. Just okay. I jacked HIM off so it was just okay for me.”

           At least that’s what you swore you would say to people. But in fact, you hadn’t stopped thinking about this mysterious Maroon mask all weekend. Something about him was completely magnetizing, but you pushed that aside, believing it was because you didn’t get to actually sleep with him. You had thought he was V and that you would have more time to get to know him, so you were filled with what ifs. That was simply the reason.

           Jimin glared at you as you walked back to your boxes.

           JUST OKAY? He had never been called ‘just okay’ his entire life. Not when it came to sex at least. He huffed and marched towards her angrily.

           "How could you say that about a guy? Maybe he didn’t get to show his full potential that night.“ he defended.

           You glanced at him, amused. "Why’re you getting so worked up about me having an 'okay’ time with some random guy I jacked off?”

           "Well something about him must’ve drawn you in enough to do that?“

           You laughed as you lifted a box up, "Chims. I didn’t know you were so interested in my sex life.”

           He grabbed the box from you easily and you picked up the other. “I’m not. I’m just saying it could be hurtful to the guy if you tell others that it was 'just okay’.”

           "I wouldn’t tell his friends considering I don’t even know who the hell he was.“ You giggled. "Don’t worry about the poor guy. He probably has forgotten about me already anyway. Boy, was he a smooth talker though. I’ll give him that.”

           Jimin grinned and perked up. “See? He had a good quality. What else did you like about him?”

           You rolled your eyes. “I’m not having this conversation with you, Chims.”

           "Why not? We tell each other everything!“ he pressed.

           "Would you like me to tell you then when I suck V’s dick this coming Friday?” you smirked.

           He halted. “What? V?”

           You turned and nodded, “Yeah. We rescheduled our meeting for this coming Friday. He apologized and I clearly had no right to complain about being stood up if I had mistaken him for some other man.”

           Jimin blinked. “So you’re still set on meeting him?”

           "Yeah.“ You laughed. "They had an emergency surgery for one his pet clients and he rushed to the animal hospital. Who could be mad about that?”

           "That’s true.“ Jimin hummed as you instructed him where to place the box. "Did you tell him about the guy you slept with?”

           "You’re the only one that knows.“ You hushed. "I felt kind of stupid assuming things. Plus he doesn’t need to know about that. We’re not anything yet.”

           "But you don’t regret it right?“

           You shook your head. "Nah, I had a good time so what’s there to regret?”

           "Ha!“ Jimin beamed. "You said you had a good time! So he wasn’t just okay!”

           "Seriously? What has gotten into you?“ You laughed as you ruffled his hair. "Go get changed, Chims.”

           He smiled lightheartedly, “'Kay!”

            You scratched the back of your head, puzzled, as you watched him skip to his dressing room happily.

           V: I know you’re at work, but I found this cute picture of the puppy you said you wanted!

           You smiled as you slipped your heels on and sat at your desk.

           Coffeegirl: IT’S PRECIOUS OMG! Is it one of your clients?

           V: Haha no, I can’t reveal their identities. Each client is protected from their information being leaked. I could become a convict!

           Coffeegirl: LOL. You certainly can’t risk that.

           V: I found it on the internet. Wanna see a video of the puppy doing something cute?

           Coffeegirl: I welcome all fluffy animal videos.

           V: Haha once we finally meet, I want to take you to the animal hospital. I’m sure my pet clients will love you.

           Coffeegirl: I’d really like that :)

           V: Thank you again for understanding about this weekend :/ I can’t get over it.

           Coffeegirl: Honestly it’s fine! haha I’m over it and we’ll start fresh on Friday.

           V: Don’t worry. I bought an external charger and an extra battery for my phone, so something like that will NEVER happen again.

           You giggled. He was as endearing as ever. Your stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of finally meeting him. How tall was he? What did his voice sound like? What did he look like?

           Suddenly, you glanced at the door as it opened expectantly, but it was just one of the hosts. Your face fell and you went back to marking your planner. You didn’t want to admit it, but you had actually grown accustomed to Taehyung’s visits before opening. However, he hadn’t shown up yet and it was almost time for the clients to come in.

           You hummed.

           "CHIMS.“ You called out.

           "Yes, my love?” he popped out from behind the veil at your call.

           You rolled your eyes at his pet name. “I’m going to go to the Burlesque club for a sec. Man the desk for me.”

           Jimin shook his head disapprovingly. “Y/N….”

           "What?“ You mumbled.

           "Once you meet with V, you’re going to have to stop flirting with this Taehyung guy.”

           "Which do you think I should date?“ You smiled.

           "In my opinion… neither.” He rolled his eyes.

           "Well I wasn’t going to listen to your answer anyway.“ You laughed as you grabbed your phone. "I’ll be right back.”

           "Yep.“ Jimin sat in your chair and propped his legs up on the desk.

           "Feet off the planner.” You scolded.

           "Right.“ He put his foot down but put it right back up when you disappeared.

           You hurried over and entered the Burlesque Bar curiously. It was oddly quiet and you finally spotted Taehyung, dozing off on the counter. You swallowed when you noticed that his shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way up and his hair was sexily disheveled.

           How can someone look this attractive sleeping?

           But then again, Taehyung was attractive even when he was making weird faces to get you to laugh out your nerves. You smiled and reached out to touch his hair carefully. It had always looked so fluffy and soft, and you were happy to discover that you were right.

           However, he stirred and you wanted to run away hurriedly before he spotted you. Except when you heard your name emerge from his lips, you found yourself unable to move.

           Had you heard correctly?

           His chocolate eyes opened and glanced over at you. His lips curled up sleepily.

           "I knew it was you.” he hummed, shutting his eyes again.

           He sat up and stretched sluggishly. “What brings you here?”

           You blushed. You couldn’t tell him you were expecting and waiting for him to visit.

           "I just missed you.“ You admitted meekly.

           He grinned widely, despite the drowsiness still evident in his actions.

           "I missed you too!”

           Your heart fluttered.

           "Can I feel your hair too?“ he tilted his head.


           "You felt mine so now I want to feel yours.“ he laughed innocently. "It always looked so soft.”

           Your cheeks turned a shade of pink as you leaned forward. He reached over and gently stroked your hair, his face close to yours.

           "Good Y/N.“ he giggled as he petted your head playfully. "Thanks for checking up on me and sorry I didn’t get to go visit you today.”

           You shook your head. “I should visit you sometimes too.”

           Tae chuckled, “I’m not nearly as busy as you, so you don’t have to do that. Though, some of my alcohol friends like Heineken and Smirnoff might miss me if I’m gone too long.”

           You grinned, “Oh well we can’t have that.”

           You stared at each other intently and you broke the eye contact first, finally remembering that you had put Jimin in charge, and that your Club could possibly be participating in a massive orgy at this point.

           "Well I have to go.“

           Tae nodded, still smiling happily. "It’s opening night woo! I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

           "See you.“ You breathed, forcing yourself to walk away from this handsome man and out the door.

           It was finally Opening Night for the Burlesque Bar & Lounge, and you were frantically pacing back and forth backstage. You were the lead of the Opening act and you suddenly were regretting accepting such a role.

           "Whoa there.” Tae grabbed hold of your shoulders as you almost ran into the curtains. “They aren’t ready for you out there yet.”

           You gave a nervous laugh, but you couldn’t bring yourself to think about anything else but everything that could go wrong during your performance.

           "Hey.“ he softened his tone when he saw the fear in your eyes. "Heyyy.”

           He smiled and rubbed your arms, trying to meet your shy gaze playfully. Your lips curled up as he adorable face came into your line of vision.

           "You’re going to be fantastic.“ he whispered. "You’ve been practicing harder than anyone else here. And I know cause I walk you out.”

           You chuckled.

           "You’re going to blow everyone away.“ he stated confidently and grabbed your hands, giving them a reassuring squeeze. "If you can’t trust yourself, trust in me.”

           You glanced up at him.

           "I believe that your efforts aren’t going to go to waste. And the talents that you have won’t go unnoticed anymore.“

           Your eyes watered from his kind words and he beamed at you.

           "You need to have fun, okay? This stage is for you, not for anyone else.” he continued.

           You nodded. He was right. You wanted to perform for yourself, not for anyone else. But your heart also desired to perform for him to show your gratitude for everything. Tae had discovered you after all and he continually encouraged you when you doubted yourself.

           It made you wonder what your perfect match V would say if you shared your hopes, dreams, and ambitions with him. You had been nervous to do so because it paled in comparison to his selfless goals of saving animals. You knew he wouldn’t judge you; that it was really only your own self underestimating the importance of your dreams.

           "Thank you Tae.“ You squeezed his hand in return.

           He cupped your face gently.

           "Make them all fall for you out there.”

           "Everyone?“ You fluttered your eyes flirtatiously.

           He smiled, "Everyone.”

           Your heart flipped over. Had he just asked you to seduce him? Or was that just what you wanted to hear him say?

           Jimin found himself a seat at the bar comfortably, looking around for any sign of his unpredictable friend and the object of your evident fancy. He spotted Tae scurrying out from backstage and he pursed his lips in annoyance, assuming he had probably been with you.

           "Jimin!“ Tae greeted immediately.

           Jimin hurriedly changed his expression. "Tae!”

           "Thanks for coming, man!“ Tae laughed as he got behind the bar. "First drink’s on me.”

           "Thanks bro.“ Jimin smiled and Tae slid a beer his way. "How’s my girl doing?”

           Tae grinned, Jimin’s purposeful use of possession flying over his head.

           "She was a bit nervous but I calmed her down.“

           Jimin’s eye twitched, "Oh?”

           "She’s so cute.“ Tae giggled. "She’s doing the opening number. So prepare yourself.”

           Jimin was about to reply when the music began. His eyes immediately shot to the stage, waiting for you to emerge. The curtains flew open and the crowd cheered obnoxiously. Jimin swallowed hard as the silhouette of your figure was outlined by the dim lighting. You were wearing the high leather stiletto boots you had been parading in a few weeks ago and essentially leather underwear, cupping your firm ass tightly.

           Tae whistled and clapped along with everyone. Jimin shook his head in disbelief and joined them. The music began and you spun around, belting out the first few notes. You were wearing a leather corset, pushing your breasts upwards and closer together. Confidently, you marched down the decorated steps placed on the stage. Jimin licked his lips as he watched your boobs bounce as you did so.

           Taehyung clutched his heart as you sent a wink in his direction, and Jimin couldn’t help but glare at him. Your lips were seductively red and plump, and they had drawn in a mole under your eye, which made your gaze sexier and more inviting than usual.

           Your voice echoed throughout the lounge excitedly as you began dancing and singing about the things you wanted a man to do to you. Swaying your hips according to the tempo, shimmying deeply towards the audience, demanding their undivided their attention. Your hand traveled down your chest and people raced towards the stage as you smirked and pulled out a handkerchief from between your breasts, throwing it to them.

           Jimin and Tae cracked up at your playfulness.

           You lifted your leg up onto a speaker and caressed it as you fluttered your eyes seductively at the closest men. They reached for you and you flirtatiously walked away, swaying your hips to accentuate it.

           The music slowed down and you stood at center stage belting the last note of your song, holding onto the zipper of your corset. Jimin felt himself at the edge of his seat and everyone was holding their breath anxiously. You winked and bit your lip while you unzipped your corset. The lights shut as soon as it was unzipped and Jimin, along with a few in the crowd loudly exhaled, disappointed he hadn’t seen anything.

           "Damn. She’s hott.“ He heard a group of guys exclaim beside him.

           He smiled happily. That was his best friend after all.

            "She’s really something.” Tae moseyed back to chat with Jimin. “She’s a natural.”

           Jimin snorted. “You can’t even begin to imagine.”

           Tae tilted his head, inquisitively.

           Jimin coughed, “Yeah. She’s always been really good at moving her body.”

           Tae smiled and Jimin turned around, and made a face of panic, praying that his statement didn’t make him sound like a total sleazebag.

           What was he saying?

           "Damn, Tae. Hit me with a shot.“ A customer sat at the bar. "That opening girl has got me hot and bothered already.”

           Tae grinned proudly as he poured the customer a drink, “She’s in every number today, so you’re not out of the steam yet.”

           "Gosh. I’ll be here every night if her ass is shaking on that stage.“

           Tae giggled, "I’m sure she’d appreciate the support.”

           Jimin’s eyes flitted back on stage as the music began once again. His eyes popped out of its sockets as you appeared in simply a red bra and underwear, with matching high leather boots, all topped off with a harness, which hugged your waist and chest snugly.

           Jimin’s eyes locked with yours for a split second, and his mind immediately flashed back to the night at the Masquerade Ball. This time, you were wearing this outfit, but dominating him as you did previously. He gulped.

           "Tae.“ he called.

           Tae didn’t pry his eyes off of you on stage as he slid to Jimin. "Hm?”

           "I need something stronger than this.“ Jimin choked out.

           Tae laughed and handed him a shot of Everclear. Jimin downed it and hissed as it burned his throat, trying to return to his senses.

           Tae was grinning widely as he watched the look of pure joy in your eyes as you continued your performances. While he was reveling in your beauty, Jimin was just plain being tortured by you. Now that he had you once, he wanted to know what else you could do.

           "Hit me again, Tae.” he croaked, trying to get a hold of himself.

           "Take it easy, Chims.“ he chuckled. "Want something to eat?”

           "You’re right. Yeah.“ Jimin nodded as he threw back his second strong shot.

           Tae smiled at him warmly. "I’ll put in the order for you.”

           "Thanks, man.“

           "She’s one of a kind, huh?” Tae questioned, eyes still watching you intently.

           Jimin glanced at Tae and found an expression of pure admiration on his face. Something inside him lurched at the realization. This man had fallen for you and not just for your body, but for you. Jimin chugged a bit of his beer before replying.

           "Yeah, she’s always been one of a kind.“

           Tae beamed. "I’m glad I found her.”

           Coffeegirl: So can I tell you something?
           V: Of course. Anything ^^

           Coffeegirl: Umm I’m kind of embarrassed to say it…

           V: Whenever you’re comfortable to tell me then. Don’t rush :)

           Coffeegirl: I umm well my dream is to perform…

           V: Like a singer?

           Coffeegirl: Yeah…but like, not exactly mainstream. I was hoping Broadway one day.

           V: THAT’S AWESOME! Why’re you embarrassed about that? That’s an amazing dream!

           You smiled as you patted Jimin’s back. You were sitting on a bench out on the sidewalk in front of the Burlesque lounge. Jimin had a few shots too many and Tae took care of him while you were still performing. You laughed, amused, when Tae explained that Jimin was so impressed by you he just kept asking for shots. You were pretty sure that wasn’t the reason, but Tae’s proud expression was something you couldn’t refute. So here you were, waiting for Hoseok to drive a drunk Jimin home.

           "Seriously. This is such an off day for you. What happened this weekend?“ You exhaled as you continued to rub his back.

           He whined about his headache and leaned into your shoulder.

           "Well I’m surprised your liver didn’t explode. Everclear has 95% alcohol! You know that.” You scolded him.

           He pouted and nuzzled into you. “Your voice is too louddd. Stop yelling!”

           You exhaled as you patted his head. “Just sleep, just sleep. You become such a baby when you have too much alcohol.”

           Jimin closed his eyes and immediately fell into slumber in your arms. Using your free hand, you messaged V back.

           Coffeegirl: I always thought it was kind of childish, and I mean…I’m not saving anyone like you are.

           V: No way! Music is universal! It heals more people in a quicker span of time than I ever could for animals.

           Your heart welled up.

           Coffeegirl: That’s definitely a better way to put it. Although, I guess my reasoning is pretty selfish.

           V: What’s your reason?

           Coffeegirl: I just want to sing and perform. It makes me feel good.

           V: Isn’t everyone doing something that makes them feel good though?

           You hummed and nodded. He had a point.

           Suddenly, Hoseok’s car pulled up in front of you and you slipped your phone into your jacket.

           "Geezus.“ Hoseok laughed as he stepped out. "I feel like I’m in college again. What happened?”

           "I was performing so I have no idea what was going on with him. He’s been off all day. Did something happen this weekend?“ You questioned.

           Hoseok pondered. "Well he said he went somewhere– I forgot– but he said he slept with someone. Nothing past that.”

           "Wow. Not describing his conquests? That’s new.“

           "I think she really fucked him good if you asked me.” Hoseok whispered.

           You gasped, your interest piqued. “Seriously? What happened?”

           "He was jacking himself off in the shower.“

           "So he was reminiscing?” You breathed. “This is groundbreaking Hobi.”

           "Right?“ He giggled. "But I don’t want to make a big deal yet.”

           "Chims getting fucked so good that he actually remembered what happened is HUGE.“ You laughed.

           Hoseok pried Jimin off of you, but the latter tightened his embrace around your body. You blushed as he pressed his face into your boobs.

           "Jimin. You perv.” You smacked him and he winced, immediately letting go.

           "Up we go.“ Hoseok stood him up as he wobbled.

           "Oh? Hobi? You’re taking me home?” Jimin giggled and hugged his friend. “Can I sleep with you??”

           "No. My girlfriend is over and you can count your lucky stars we weren’t in the middle of something. Cause you can bet I’d leave your sorry ass on this street.“ Hoseok hissed as he dumped Jimin into his backseat then turned to you, his face kind this time. "Want me to give you a lift?”

           You smiled and shook your head. “I can walk, don’t worry. You have a bit of a drive. And Silver’s waiting for you.”

           "Alright. Be careful, Y/N. It’s late.“ Hoseok worried.

           "I’ll be fine.”

           "Take it easy then.“

           You waved as the car disappeared. Grinning up at the night sky, you finally were alone with your emotions. You had finally performed, and you were without a doubt addicted to it. You remembered the way Tae had kept his eyes on you the entire night. You had been performing for him. You wanted to show everyone that he didn’t make the wrong decision. He believed in you and you didn’t want to let him down. The way he hugged you tightly at the end of the night was the only reward you needed, but then he whispered into your hair.

           "I knew you were something wonderful.”

           You hugged your phone as you giddily made your way home.

           "Hey.“ Jimin was back to normal the next morning and as usual, he stopped by to order coffee from you.

           You smirked. "Hey champ. Back from the dead, huh?”

           He laughed, “4 coffees this time. Usual though.”

           You swiped his card and he stepped to the side slightly as he continued speaking.

           "When do you have your lunch break?“

           "Um lunch time. Noon.” You answered as you pushed in the next customer’s order with ease. “Why?”

           "Eat lunch with me.“


           "I don’t like eating lunch alone.“

           "You have Hoseok, Silver, your fan girls.” You smiled at the next person and took their order.

           "Yeah but I’m a third wheel and I’d rather eat with you.“ he pouted.

           You exhaled and glanced at him, exasperated.  

           "Mr. Park?”

           Jimin turned and you recognized your next customer as one of the co-workers you had met at the Christmas party.

           "Oh my gosh. Hi!“ she spotted you. "Mr. Park’s girlfriend! I can’t remember your name.”

           "I never gave it.“ You mused. "How can I help you?”

           Jimin burst out in laughter at your snark reply and played it off as a cough.

           "He always came in with this brand of coffee so I wanted to try it for myself.“ she explained unnecessarily.

           Peripherally, you could see Jimin cracking up silently.

           "I didn’t think he’d be coming here to see his girlfriend every morning! How sweet!”

           "Yes, very.“ You curtly agreed. "What will you be having today?”

           "Oh right. Whatever Mr. Park gets here.“

           "Coming right up.” You smiled fakely then hurried to make the orders, sparing a glare towards an amused Jimin.

           "You need to stop coming by. Tell them you dumped me or something. I don’t care.“ You hissed as you prepared the coffees.

           "Hey you shouldn’t complain. I’m attracting you customers. They’ll tip you more when I tell them about the baby.” he winked.

           "Don’t you dare…“ you whispered as you handed him the 4 cups in a cup holder tray.

           He took one out, smirking. "One’s for you, babe.”

           You laughed and sipped it happily. “But caffeine isn’t good for the baby.”

           Jimin chuckled, “I’ll pick you up for lunch.”

           You rolled eyes, knowing he wouldn’t have taken no for an answer anyway. And how could you turn down free food? Jimin always paid considering he was rolling in money while you were struggling.

           "See you at the office.“ He pointed at his co-worker and she beamed, excited that he didn’t forget her.

           You handed her her order and whispered, "You should give up. You’re not his type.”

           She looked at you alarmed at her feelings being exposed.

           "Well if you hurry you could probably walk with him to his office.“ You batted your eyes innocently. "Tell him his girlfriend sent you.”

           She blushed and sprinted out of the cafe as you chuckled playfully. The amount of girls Jimin attracted always astounded you.

           "So you admitted to being my girlfriend?“ Jimin grinned cheekily as he slid the seat out for you.

           You sat down at the table and laughed, "I just felt sorry for them. They aren’t your type.”

           Jimin propped his elbow onto the table and cupped his chin. “What is my type to you then?”

           "Mmmm…well…“ you pondered. "sexually it’s anyone with a vagina.”

           The family beside you coughed and gave you two an angry look. Jimin laughed as you bowed apologetically.

           "Okay so you never go for someone who is super into you UNLESS you’re really desperate.“ You lowered your voice. "You go for someone who you think is a challenge.”

           "Do I?“ he smirked.

           "You know you do.” You rolled your eyes as you opened the menu. “Cause it makes you proud when you conquer them.”

           He laughed, “It does.”

           "I swear you’re going to get fucked over one of these days.“ You shook your head.

           Your curse earned another glare from the family so you leaned forward closer to Jimin. He did the same so your faces were inches apart. You whispered so that only you two could hear your conversation.

           "One day, someone’s going to fuck you so good you won’t know what to do with yourself. You’re going to be looking for her, but you’ve already run out on her in the middle of the night. Not even having grabbed her number and not even remembering her face. And suddenly… you realize you can’t keep a woman for too long and you’ve let a damn good one slip through your fingertips because you followed your dick.”

           He moved closer and smirked, “That won’t ever happen, babe.”

           "Don’t come crying to me if it does.“

           You scoffed and leaned back in your chair.

           "I’ll probably just order the usual.” You shut your menu.

           "I figured. So I ordered ahead of time when I made the reservation.“ he smiled, still staring at you with a playful expression.

           "What?” You eyed him.

           "So about the way you performed last night. Woo.“ He fanned himself.

           You cracked up. "Stop.”

           "That was amazing. Seriously.“ he grinned. "I had to get drunk so I wouldn’t jump you afterwards.”

           "Oh how flattering.“ You chuckled.

           Your orders came out in no time, and since you were both were starving, you dug in hurriedly. The family left and you two were finally left alone in your section.

           "Oh good. Now I don’t have to censor myself.” You exhaled.

           He chuckled as he took some of your meal into his plate. “What’s on your mind?”

           You hummed, trying to figure out how to put your thoughts into words.

           "Have you ever wondered what it felt like to have sex with the added emotional connection?“

           He stared at you intently and you tilted your head, expectantly. He smiled gently.

           "I guess I’ve thought about it but then I’d always think –isn’t mutual lust an emotional connection anyway?”

            You shook your head and frowned. “You know what I mean Chims.”

           "Well I think with my dick. You know that.“

           You rolled your eyes. "This is why you’ve never held a legitimate relationship.”

           "It’s not that I can’t.“ He pointed his fork to you. "I just don’t want to.”

           "Why not?“

           "It’s a lot of effort and why would I want to do that? Plus I can’t imagine having sex with just one person my whole life. It’ll probably get boring.”

            “But you’re never boring.”

            “Yeah, but I need someone not boring to keep me entertained too. It’ll get tiring if I’m always the one doing something new. If I had to be tied down to one person for my entire life, they really need to keep me on my toes.”

           "It’s exciting to teach them though.“

           "If they’re willing.”

           "That’s why emotional connection is good! So they’ll want to learn for you.“

           "OR it could scare them.” he stated firmly.

           You two stared at each other intently, neither of you wanting to give up on your opinions. You eased up and exhaled.

           "Well I’m so glad I never slept with you.“

           Jimin immediately choked on his drink.

           You handed him some napkins and waited for him to compose himself.

            "Why?” he strained.

           "Cause sometimes sex isn’t just about the excitement, Chims.“ You shook your head. "Atleast, I’d like to hope. It’s about expressing your feelings for another person.”

           He raised an eyebrow, “By ramming my dick into them?”

           "By making them feel good, cherishing their vulnerability…“

           "Don’t get sappy on me now, Y/N.” he snapped as if trying to bring you back to reality. “I need you with me.”

           You laughed. “I’m just curious why so many people stay with one person. Doesn’t it feel like we’re doing it all wrong?”

           "I, for one, can make a girl feel good without needing that emotional connection.“ Jimin chewed.

           "And when was the last time a girl made you feel good without it?”

           Jimin swallowed too quickly as the image of your hand around his dick flashed across his mind at your question. He began coughing again.

           "What is happening with you?“ You cracked up as you pushed his water closer to him. "Chew slowly, Chims.”

           He glanced at you laughing and decided to change topics for his sanity.


           You groaned as you hopped around, trying to zip up your costume. Everyone was in the current act and your solo was next so no one was backstage to help you.

           "Curse my inflexible shoulders.” You hissed.

           Suddenly, warm hands covered yours and zipped you all the way up. Surprised, you turned around and was taken aback to find Taehyung in front of you.

           "I was going to check to see if you were nervous, but it seems you had bigger issues.“ he teased as he handed you a glass of water.

           You laughed as you took a sip. "Thanks. How am I doing?”

           "Perfect.“ he smiled as he stared at you.

           "Y/N, you’re up!” the manager called you.

           "I’ll be back.“ You breathed.

           "I’ll be watching.” Tae grinned as he watched you hurry away.

           "How was I?“ You scurried to the bar once your half of the performance was over.

           Tae grinned at your welcomed entrance and leaned over the counter.

           "Amazing… as usual.”

           You blushed and gave him a shy smile.

           "Do you want anything?“

           Tae was wiping down a glass as he glanced over at you.

           "Something sour.” You stated.

           "Coming right up, milady.“

           You spun in the stool to watch the stage, wondering if you looked as beautiful as the girls when you were up there.

           "Hey! You’re my favorite girl!” A man pointed you out happily and grabbed your hand. “You’re absolutely fantastic!”

           "Thank you.“ You blushed. "I still have a lot to improve on.”

           The man cackled. “No honey. You turn on everyone in here when you’re up there. If you improve anymore, we’ll get heart attacks!”

           Tae slid you a small glass, his eyes twinkling happily. “Alright, alright. Ease up on the fanboying. She’s on a break.”

           "She yours, Tae?“ The guy chuckled. "Hit me with a beer please.”

           "Coming right up.“ He knocked on the counter and gave you a subtle wink before grabbing a beer from the other side of the bar.

           "He’s a good guy, honey.” the man pointed at you. “I’ve seen many sleazy bartenders, but he is as sweet as they get.”

           You smiled as you watched Taehyung fondly.

           "Your beer, good sir.“ Tae uncapped it for him.

           "Thanks Tae. Keep up the good work.” He patted your leg. “Both of you.”

           You grinned then turned to Tae.

           "Hope he didn’t say anything weird.“

           He worried and you shook your head.

           "He said you weren’t a sleazy bartender.”

           Tae laughed out loud. “I sure hope not.”

           "He said you were actually sweet.“

           "And what do you think?” he flicked his eyebrows up playfully.

           You giggled and cupped your chin with your hand. “I think…”

           "Hm?“ he leaned forward, closer to you.

           ”…that I have to get to know you better before I make that judgment.“ your lips curled up flirtatiously as you took a sip of your drink.

           Tae laughed and shook his head.

           As he usually did, you found Taehyung waiting for you outside your dressing room after everyone had left already.

           "You really don’t have to wait for me.”

           "Cause you’re a slow poke?“ he scrunched his face.

           You chuckled, "Yes, cause I’m a slow poke.”

           "Why do you take forever in there anyway?“

           "Mmm…” You pondered whether to reveal your secret, but his innocently curious face reassured you. “Cause I stare at myself in the mirror.”


           "I just feel beautiful with the clothes and the make-up and the hair.” You admitted shyly. “It seems like such a dream still whenever I’m on stage or getting ready. I wanna savor it just in case it disappears.”

           Tae slid his hands onto your cheeks, smiling down at you warmly.

           "Nobody’s going to take this away from you.“ he whispered.

           Your lips curled up, enjoying the warmth of his hands on your face.

           "And I think you’re always beautiful, so I’m glad we can relate by wanting to stare at you for a long time.”

           You laughed at his comment.

           "Let’s go?“ he blinked cutely, his eyes bright and endearing.

           You nodded and felt a bit forlorn when his hands dropped back down to his sides. As always, he walked you outside and bid you good night. Part of you wanted him to escort you home so you could talk for longer, but you also realized that was a bit foolish considering he lived only a block away from the lounge.

           As always, you watched with a growing sadness as he made his way home, slowly increasing the distance between you two. But not like always, he paused after a few steps and you perked up in anticipation.

           "Hey.” Tae turned around as you averted your eyes, not wanting him to see you staring at him walk away.

           "Hm?“ You blinked.

           "Do you umm…” he scratched the back of his head. “…wanna grab some… dinfast?”

           You laughed and nodded, “Sure. I’d love some dinfast.”

           He grinned widely and outstretched his elbow. “Your hands will be warmer here.”

           Your lips curled up and you scurried over to him, wrapping your hands around the crevice of his elbow.

           "Have you been to that diner down the street?“ he questioned.

           "Yeah. I used to go there after my other work. Hands down the best pancakes I’ve had.” You beamed.

           "I HAVE BRUNCH THERE ALL THE TIME!“ he bellowed excitedly.

           "Ugh. I always wish I lived closer, just for the pancakes.”

           Tae giggled as he opened the door to let you in first. You were both quickly seated since it was such an odd hour to be out.

           "I love these seats.“ Tae bounced in the booth excited and you laughed at him. "Sorry, stopping.”

           You shook your head. “No, it’s fine. I feel like during work hours you seem so chic and mysterious behind the bar, so this is good.”

           Tae grinned. “What about you though?”


           "You definitely don’t act like you do on stage outside of work hours.”

           You blushed. You kinda did…at particular times, but it was too soon to divulge such a secretive part of yourself.

           "So how come you never decided to perform before? You’re such a natural.“ Tae started after you put in your orders.

           "Fear, really.” You hummed. “And also just the whole thought about not being in a stable field. It was always just me and my dad so I’ve always been working to help out. The thought of not having a job was scary.”

           Tae frowned. “Oh I’m sorry.”

           You chuckled and waved your hands. “No, no! It’s not a sad thing. Please, don’t be sorry.”

           Tae smiled. “Well, I like how you turned out.”

           "Me too.“

           "And I feel like everything has a time, you know?” he added. “Like people don’t always meet who they’re meant to be with until a certain time when they can handle it.”

           Your eyes fluttered towards him.

           "And your path may not always be clear until it’s ready for you.“

           You grinned. "You’re right.”

           "I for one am glad that you walked by me when you did.“ he giggled. "I was on my last two minutes of my shift outside and I thought I’d get yelled at for not giving out at least one flyer.”

           "Why didn’t you hand it out to any attractive girl you saw?“ you tilted your head.

           "Not to be cheesy…” he looked around shyly. “…but you were the only girl that passed that I thought was attractive.”

           Your heart raced and your cheeks hurt from the permanent smile that had been plastered on your face since you entered the diner.

           "You’re just saying that.“

           "I promise I’m being honest.” he laughed. “It’s all a matter of preference of course. I’m quite picky about who I give my flyers to.”

           He wiggled his eyebrows teasingly, causing you to crack up. In no time, your pancakes arrived and you two clapped excitedly like children as they were placed in front of you.

           "Syrup first or butter?“ he eyed you.

           "Butter.” You answered.

           "Oh good. We can stay friends.“ he exhaled playfully and you giggled.

           "What brought you to the Burlesque Lounge?” You chewed.

           "Mmm…“ he hummed as he worked on his food. "My good friend runs a bunch of businesses. He asked me if I wanted to make some cash on the side by being a bartender. I’ve always been interested in music and performing so he promised me that it wouldn’t be a boring job.”

           "And has that been true?“

           "It’s been more than I expected.” He stared at you intently but his eyes returned to his food when you glanced up at him curiously.

           You smiled shyly, having caught the end of his lingering gaze. Your stomach was filling up with butterflies the more you spent time with Kim Taehyung. You weren’t exactly sure what to do with yourself, but he made things so easy that you didn’t have to worry about it for too long.

           After dinfast, you essentially floated on clouds back to your home. It was full of laughter, getting to know each other, and flirtatious banter. It gave you hope that maybe he was as interested in you, as you were in him.

           You stepped into your house, humming an upbeat tune, but nearly screamed when you found Jimin sitting on your couch, wearing his glasses and reading.

           "JIMIN.“ You yelled clutching your heart. "What in the world?!”

           "I let myself in.“ he smiled cutely.

           "Clearly!” you exhaled, hanging up your coat; your heart still racing from the shock.

           "Where have you been?“ he sniffed the air. "Did you go to the diner without me?? Who’d you go with?”

           You smiled coyly as you held up your leftovers. “I didn’t finish it if you want.”

           He hopped off the couch and made his way to the kitchen. Then he realized he had gotten distracted.

           "You never answered who you were with.“ he firmly stated.

           You blushed. "Well Tae asked me out for some dinfast…”

           "What the fuck is dinfast?“

           "You know dinner + breakfast? Cause it’s too late for dinner but too early for breakfast…”

           "You actually said yes to someone who says 'dinfast’ and 'linner’?“ Jimin looked at you disapprovingly.

           You rolled your eyes. "He’s cute and sweet. Why shouldn’t I have said yes?”

           "Well for one, he makes up words.“ Jimin chewed as he counted with his fingers. "And second, you’re going to leave him for your 'perfect match’ after Friday anyway. Why’re you leading him on?”

           "I’m just doing what feels right, Jimin.“ you shrugged.

           He squinted. "So you won’t get mad at someone if they’re doing what feels right?”

           "Well I mean, I’m not about to condone murder because 'it feels right’.“ You retorted sharply. "I’m going to change. I’ll tell you about my date after I get into something comfy.”

           "Mmkay.“ He munched on your leftovers nonchalantly. Then he got up and padded to the bathroom, needing to pee. He passed by your room and noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Looking around, he walked backwards lightly and peeked in. He gulped as you unhooked your bra and pulled a tank top over your bare torso. Then he noticed you were wearing a similar pair of black panties that he had seen you in, and he hurriedly stepped away from the door.

           This was dangerous.

           He scurried to the bathroom and splashed water on his face.

           And although he feigned that he was paying attention to your stories, his mind continually wondered back to what he witnessed a few minutes ago. How many years had you been sitting across from him on this very couch, not wearing a bra underneath your pajamas? It drove him crazy. Just how comfortable were you with him to do that? Or did you just do that with anybody? It wouldn’t have been obvious since you always wore an oversized sweatshirt, but now that he was aware, his eyes floated to your chest every so often curiously, until your voice brought him back to focus.

           You were a lot more dangerous than he had thought.

           Jimin slowed down as he spotted the tall, lean bartender standing by the entrance of Club Masquerade the very next day. He squinted curiously as he passed by.

           "Hi Chim-Chims.” Tae grinned.

           "Hi…“ Jimin greeted cautiously. "You know Y/N is inside.”

           "Oh yeah, I popped in to say hi already.“

           "How nice.” Jimin stated flatly and continued walking, but he felt fingers curl around his arm.

           "I was actually waiting for you though.“ Tae smiled shyly.

           "Oh.” Jimin glanced down at his arm then back at the handsome man in front of him. “Sorry, I don’t swing like that…Maybe a one night stand if you make a good enough attempt.”

           Tae giggled light-heartedly at his joke. “That’s good to know. But I wanted to talk to you about Y/N actually.”

           Jimin blinked. “What about her?”

           Tae blushed and looked down at the ground. “Would you like to grab a drink at my bar?”

           Jimin’s lips curled up. “Can’t turn down a free drink.”

           "But let’s stay away from Everclear this time, hm?“ Tae chuckled.

           Jimin laughed, "Yeah. Y/N would probably beat me if I saw my clients drunk.”

           Taehyung waltzed into the empty lounge, which strangely looked like a coffeehouse without the obnoxious flashy lights and scantily-clad women.

           "A beer good?“ Tae asked.

           "Mhm.” Jimin slipped onto a stool, studying the place. “So what’s up?”

           "Um…“ Tae glanced around nervously as he sat beside Jimin. "I’m going to ask her on a date…”

           "Oh.“ Jimin commented. "Oh! You don’t need my permission to ask her –”

           "Oh no. Don’t worry about that.“ Tae laughed. "Since you two are close, I wanted to get a second opinion on whether my date plan will be something she likes.”

           "You sure you don’t want to just ask her if it’s okay?“ Jimin sipped his beer.

           "I want it to be a surprise.” Tae blushed and fiddled with his hands.

           Even Jimin thought this man was adorable. It was hard to dislike him when he was just so damn nice.

           "Well then shoot.“ Jimin nodded, giving Tae his undivided attention. "Let me hear this date plan of yours.”

           Tae explained everything down to the last detail, animatedly. His hand motions were wide and large like he was telling his toddler a bed time story. Jimin listened intently, nodding his head, sifting through the years of information he had stored about you and your previous short relationships…if either of you could call them relationships that is.

           "I’d say it’s a great plan.“ Jimin smiled gently and laid a hand on Tae’s shoulder. "You don’t need to be so worried. She honestly loves everything, especially if it’s so well thought-out like this.”

           Tae beamed brightly and grabbed Jimin’s hands. “Really?”

           Jimin squeezed Taehyung’s hands, reassuringly. “I know so. Believe me when I say that no one’s taken her on something as great as you plan to do.”

           Tae frowned. “That makes me sad.”

           Jimin chuckled, “Why? Wouldn’t that make you happy that you’ll be the first to do that for her?”

           "Well…she’s such a great person…I think she deserves to be treated preciously. It makes me sad that she hasn’t been.“

           Jimin smiled, feeling Tae’s sincerity. "I think so too.”

           He chugged the rest of his beer. “But at least she has you now, Tae. Just be yourself bro.”

           Jimin hopped off the stool and stretched.

           "Oh, and she falls for people who get her flowers.“ he added. "Although she says she likes chocolates better, she just says that so it doesn’t seem like she’s cliché. Getting both is your best option, but it might be overkill for a first date so I’d just go for a single flower.”

           He started walking away then paused.

           "Oh she also gets cold super easily, so to be smooth, bring an extra jacket, gloves, or scarf to bundle her up in. And she loves hot chocolate with those little marshmallows, so I’d take her somewhere where you can get those. It goes along with your festive date plan.“

           Tae grinned. "Thanks, Chim-Chims.”

           Jimin smiled and nodded, knowingly. Without another word, he made his way back to Club Masquerade.

           "Chims!“ You greeted him happily.

           He smiled at you as Tae’s words flitted across his mind.

           I think she deserves to be treated preciously.

           "Where have you been? You’re a little later than usual today?” You chimed. “Busy day at work?”

           He chuckled. “I was with a friend for a bit.”

           "A friend?“ You scrunched your face teasingly. "You have those?”

           Jimin lunged at you playfully, pulling you into a headlock. “Then what do you call yourself, huh??”

           You giggled as you tried to get out of his hold. When he finally let go, you fixed your hair and caught your breath.

           "Oh right. Are you really coming to our college friend’s wedding on Thursday?“

           "Why wouldn’t I?” Jimin smirked.

           "Well I mean you SLEPT with her Jimin. Then left her the next day, claiming that you weren’t ready for commitment.“ You exhaled. "I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

           "Well you know….“ Jimin took a seat on your desk.

           "Oh no. What did you tell her to make things okay?”

           Jimin smiled as he grabbed your hands. “Don’t get mad…”

           You knew immediately. “Jimin!! You didn’t!!”

           He guiltily grinned at you. “I didn’t think she’d still think of us as friends let alone invite us to the wedding.”

           "How many people have you been lying to that we’re in a relationship?“

           "Okay. So here’s the thing.” he shifted in front of you, holding onto your hands tightly in fear of you smacking him. “I didn’t exactly say that. She just assumed.”

           "WHAT did you tell her?“ You glared at him.

           "That I wasn’t ready for commitment because I was in love with you.” he admitted.

           There was silence between you as the words sunk in.


           "Aaand…at the time, you were in one of your friends with benefits escapades…so I thought it was an easy escape. The whole unrequited love thing.” he trailed. “I thought she’d have forgotten it.”

           "So how does that translate to the now?“ You raised your eyebrows.

           "Cause our profile pics are with each other.” He explained.

           "And Hoseok.“ You added.

           "But Hoseok is in an official relationship.”

           You groaned. “I hate being your excuse, Jimin. You know that.”

           "I know.“ He rubbed your hands. "I promise this is the only other time I’ve said that. Can’t we just go with it this last time? So she doesn’t knock me out with a chair?”

           You exhaled then looked up. “You just wanna go cause there’s a chocolate fountain.”

           He grinned. “You caught me.”

           You rolled your eyes. “Alright. As long as you give me a ride in one of your nice cars.”

           Then you pointed at him before he could cheer.

           "AND no drinking cause you’re driving home, got it?“

           "No drinking for you either if I’m bringing the nice car.” he furrowed his brows. “I don’t want you hacking in it.”

           "Fine.“ You stuck out your pinky and he locked his own. "It’s probably for the best so I don’t flirt with anyone else at the wedding and look like a hoe.”

           "Well if you come like this, they’ll immediately think that.“ he pulled at your skirt.

           You slapped his arm and he winced.

           "I’m not stupid Jimin.”

           "I wouldn’t mind if you did.“ he winked.

           "Ugh. This is the LAST TIME, Park Jimin. I won’t keep up this farce anymore after this.”

           "You’re the best.“ he grinned cheekily. "I promise to love you forever ~”

           You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Go change. Shoo. I have things to plan.”

           "You’re my favorite! Remember that!“ he called out as he threw hearts at you gratefully.

           "Yeah, I know.” You snorted as you went back to writing in your planner.

           "I say we clean up nice.“ Jimin grabbed your hand as he opened the car door for you. "Nobody would think I slept with people as a side job and you as a classier stripper.”

           You rolled your eyes. “Jimin, shut up.”

           He grinned as you two were ushered into the wedding venue. The whole ceremony was heartwarming and the look of desire, awe, and sadness on your face didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin. He reached for your hand and gave it a squeeze comfortingly. You smiled at him knowingly. He leaned over and whispered.

           "You’ll be up there soon with your precious V.“ He teased and you elbowed him. "Or will it be Tae?”

           You glared at him and he preferred that look on your face than what you had been displaying.

           After the ceremony, everyone made their way to the reception where you and Jimin waltzed around, engaging in small talk. His arm was around your waist protectively as you chatted with people he knew had a thing for you back in the day. You babysat a glass of champagne to be more social, but it was exhausting for both of you to keep up with the pleasantries.

           "Damn, this is hard.“ Jimin breathed as you both finally sat at your table.

           "Lying?” You smirked.

           "Pretty much.“ he groaned.

           "There, there.” You patted his back. “That’s what you get for being a two-face man hoe.”

           He glared at you. “That’s hurtful.”

           You laughed loudly, “Well I can’t say I’m any better.”

           He smiled and straightened up.

           The entire night, it had been gnawing at him that you looked absolutely breathtaking. And it made him puff out his chest proudly that you two had such a strong bond. He could’ve easily been one of the people that was simply reconnecting with you temporarily, but he wasn’t. You had let him in and he had stayed.

           "I’m gonna head to the bathroom.“ you patted his leg and he nodded.

           Soon your seat was replaced by one of the guys in college that always rubbed Jimin the wrong way at parties.

           "Man, bro. I didn’t think you’d settle down.” he jeered. “Much less with her.”

           Jimin furrowed his brows. “What do you mean by that?”

           "I mean, bro. I heard she’s slept with a shit ton of guys. She must be used and worn by now, huh?“ he nudged Jimin, who was getting more heated with each word.

           "Don’t talk about my girlfriend like that.” Jimin snapped.

           To hell with his nice facade, something inside him stirred.

           "Calm down man.“ the guy chuckled. "If you ever get tired of her, I’d like to give her a try. You think she would?”

           Jimin grabbed his collar threateningly. “If you so much as touch her, I will personally cut your dick off.”

           He pushed the guy away and marched to the bathroom where you had disappeared to. His heart was racing as he worried. He knew he had been a jerk to some girls, but he wasn’t that bad was he? He shook his head. No, he had never talked about a taken woman that way. As rough as he was, he made sure to respect them.


           You stepped out of the bathroom, flapping your hands to dry them and his body acted on its own. Jimin pressed you against the wall, taking you by surprise.

           "What’s going on?“ You blinked.

           He leaned down, putting his face closer to yours. "Would you believe me if I think you look extremely beautiful tonight?”

           You chuckled and smacked his chest. “I am literally wearing a floor length dress. My boobs and legs are covered and–”

           "Exactly why you’re beautiful.“ Jimin smiled and left you silent, seeing that he was being genuine. "I guess I’m just so used to seeing you exposed and being classy sexy that seeing you being classy is absolutely stunning.”

           You stared at him; the air between you guys thickened as your gazes continued to stay locked. His eyes dropped down to your lips as he pulled a strand of hair around your ear gently. You felt your heart flip over at the subtle action. Your eyes stayed on his, trying to read whether he was pulling your leg, if he had gotten drunk in the time span you were gone, or something completely different.

           You weren’t sure what was happening. But your eyes traveled down to his lips, plump and soft-looking. Instinctively, your lips parted and Jimin leaned forward, seeing as how you hadn’t pushed him away yet. You were entranced, yet you knew you couldn’t do this.

           Not with him.

           You felt his breath ghosting over your lips when you placed your hands on his chest to gently nudge him back. He glanced down at you worriedly and you smiled reassuringly.

           "Let’s go get some food from the chocolate fountain before it disappears.“

           He nodded and returned your smile. You outstretched your hand and he grabbed it.

           "Let’s go go go!” You grinned and dragged him down the hallway, ignoring the thumping inside your chest.

           Jimin watched you from behind, relieved that his attempt hadn’t made things awkward between you, but a bit disheartened at your rejection.

           You had known Park Jimin for a long time. You had had many friends who had fallen into his charms, only to be ruined and distraught. And you swore to yourself from the beginning that you would never become one of them. So you always set a clear, strict, and distinct boundary between you two. Though you both danced around it, you always prided yourself in never ever giving in to his attempts. You knew his lust was temporary and that wasn’t worth losing the long lasting friendship you had created.

           You were sure he felt the same way too.

           But why had he tried to cross the line?

           You felt a squeeze on your hand, pulling you out of your thoughts, and you glanced back to find him grinning at you.

           "It’s this way silly.“

           He dragged you to the chocolate fountain and cheered once you had arrived. His eyes twinkled childishly and he hauled you over so he could grab a plate. You laughed as he drenched his entire plate underneath the fountain, too impatient to drizzle one item at a time.

           After he dropped you off, he returned to his apartment, his head full of thoughts. Why had he done that? What was he doing? He knew you were on his mind ever since the Masquerade Ball, but why and in what way? He plopped down on his back, staring up at his room ceiling.

           After some serious contemplation, he sat up in his bed. He was certain now that he absolutely needed to sleep with you in order to save your friendship.

           He needed to get it out of his system like he always had.

           But not as himself of course.

           He glanced over at the Maroon mask that was on his shelf, seemingly staring back at him, waiting to be used again. A smirk formed on his face.

           It was time for him to shine.

PART 4 – Grab Your Water Buckets From Your Wells! Incoming smut ~

Koro’s Top 5 Anime Of 2015

The end of the year is here and that means we should clear gear, dear… Just kidding, I was just trying to make that rhyme. Well, the end of the year means all kinds of “ Best ____ Of 2015″ so let me join the hype and create my own top 5.

TOP 5(+1) ANIME OF 2015!

While making this list I realized something: compared to previous years, I’m having trouble making a favorites list. I checked my 2014 favorite anime list and it was a top 10, A TOP 10! and it was full of anime that I love even now! plus honorable mentions! but this year I’m having a bit of trouble making a top 5(+1)! there’s something definitely weird here. You may also say that I just didn’t watch enough anime this year but I actually watched even more series this year than 2014, an amazing total of 56 anime series (Winter: 14/ Spring: 14/ Summer: 14/ Fall: 14), not including short anime, so that’s definitely not the reason. Maybe I’m just becoming a horrible anime elitist! Someone stop me before it’s too late! Now my top 5(plus one, yeah) :

#5- Hibike! Euphonium.

It’s not a secret that all of Kyoani’s anime are animation masterpieces, but this time Kyoani created one of the most aesthetically beautiful anime: Hibike!. I like music anime and I like Kyoani so this was definitely going to be part of my 2015 top 5 anime.

What Is This Anime About?: Hibike! follows Kumiko, a high school student who plays the Euphonium in her school’s brass brand. The intention of said brass band is to qualify for the national band competition but it seems to be impossible, given the fact that, well, most of the members of the band suck. As they try to achieve their dream, the members of the band grow as musicians and as people.

What I really like about Hibike! is not only the animation but also the fact that the interactions between characters feel really natural, like something that could actually happen in real life. The characters are not stiff, their voices are not “Anime Voices™” you know, the high pitched girly voices, I’m sure you have heard them before at least 100 times. Another thing I really like is Kumiko’s monologues, they make it easier to understand what Kumiko is feeling at the moment. Overall the voice acting is really one of my favorites of the year, it feels “real” and believable.

#4- Death Parade.

“Everybody! Put your hands up! Now we’re flying! We’ll become wings!” We have all seen Death Parade’s opening, I’m sure. That funky song, sick dance moves, upbeat rhythm and just happy feeling… but don’t be deceived! Death Parade is actually a heartbreaking anime, it will make you cry and cry and reconsider your own life and decisions so far.

What Is This Anime About?: When humans die, they’re usually sent to the “void” (yeah, pretty much hell) or they’re reincarnated, but sometimes, some souls arrive at Quindecim, a bar attended by Decim, one of our protagonists and an arbiter. An arbiter’s job is to draw out the true feelings of a soul to be judged according to them, they decide if said souls go to the void or if they reincarnate. This is Decim’s everyday, until a mysterious black-haired woman appears and starts to change Decim a little.

*SPOILERS!* I really liked Death Parade’s message: humans are not completely black or white, everyone is different and complex, making the system to judge souls not a good one. *SPOILERS OVER!*

Death Parade is a really deep anime that will seriously make you think twice before judging people and life. Plus! incredible animation and art-style (thanks MadHouse!)! 

*Warning: this anime includes dark topics such as depression, death and suicide*

#3- PunchLine.

I’ll be honest, I hate most types of fanservice, panty-shots and I absolutely hate ecchi anime, I seriously can’t stand them; so when my favorite T.V block, NoitaminA, announced PunchLine, an anime all about panties and fanservice, I lost it. I said to myself “Hey, you may be a NoitaminA fan but this is just too much, there’s no way I’ll watch it” but I still gave this anime a chance, and I’m glad because it turned out to be one of my top anime of 2015.

If I had to describe PunchLine using only 5 words it would probably be something like these: Panties, Ghosts, Meteorite, Cinnamon and Confusion (I mean, just look at that screenshot).

What Is This Anime About?: This anime is about Yuuta, a very special snowflake. When this guy sees panties he just gets so excited he faints right at the moment. One day, Yuuta gets involved in a car accident and his soul leaves his body, making him a ghost. how will he get his body back?

If you watch this anime because you like panties: Great, you’ll get tons and tons of panty-shots during the first episode but luckily (at least for me) the level of fanservice drastically drops after the first few episodes; now, if you like to watch ecchi shows for their “plot”: Congratulations! There’s actually a plot this time! PunchLine’s plot line is a bit confusing, so be sure to pay attention to everything if you want to understand what’s going on, expect lots of comedy, sadness, tears, drama, spirits and songs.

*Warning: The plot is confusing so maybe you will have to watch this anime a second time to catch something that you didn’t notice the first time, also obviously lots of panties*

#2.1 (You Can (Not) MOE)- Non Non Biyori Repeat.

I’ve been a fan of Non Non Biyori since 2013 so you can’t blame me for including it in my top anime of 2015. At first Non Non was just going to be a honorable mention but I felt too guilty.

There’s no way of describing this anime without using the word “cute”, believe me. The animation and art style are simply beautiful and jaw dropping, every scene is as astonishing as it could possibly get. 

What Is This Anime About?:  Cute girls doing cute things, that’s it, this anime has even less plot than your average harem or ecchi. Non Non is about life in the countryside, there’s no Wi-Fi so everyone is bored and they just pretend to have a life, a job and friends. Renge is one of those bored souls, she and her friends have fun together all day long. They go camping, fishing, catch bugs, tell horror stories, it’s all good and fun.

What I really really like about Non Non is the calm feeling it gives, it’s relaxing and peaceful, no fights, no drama, no angst, pure moe calmness. This anime since the very first season clearly stated that there’s no actual plot so don’t expect this anime is gonna go somewhere because it isn’t. Heck, Non Non even makes the countryside look interesting, even if there’s no Wi-Fi.

*Warning: SLOW PACING, cuteness overload maybe*

#2- Yuri Kuma Arashi.

Shock! Kuma Shock! My second favorite anime of the year is also something I had never expected to like: Lesbian Bear Storm. The director and creator of the anime, Ikuhara Kunihiko, is well know for his same sex relationships in anime, and all of his previously directed series ( Revolutionary Girl Utena and Mawaru Pengindrum ) are believed to be masterpieces; Sadly I have yet to watch them, but if they’re as good as YuriKuma, then I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. 

What Is This Anime About?: As the title implies, YuriKuma is about lesbians and bears, sometimes lesbian bears, finding true love and kisses. Some time ago, there was an asteroid called “Kumaria” and well, that asteroid exploded. The little pieces of Kumaria rained down on Earth, making the bears become violent and attack humans. The humans build up the “Wall of Severance” to stop the bears, and things finally calmed down. Or so was supposed to happen….

My favorite episode of YuriKuma is episode 4, it tells the story of Lulu (my favorite character of the anime, if you have seen this anime already then you know the struggle), the princess of a Bear Kingdom, in the bear world, and her little brother, who loves his sister so much he would do anything for her, this episode, like most of the episodes, is funny without being a comedy but it’s also really sad, this one being one of the saddest episodes in my opinion.

YuriKuma is not only about the relationships and love of the characters, it’s a social criticism to the way homosexual women are excluded, specially in japan, it is a different point of view to same sex love, it’s a gorgeous story with beautiful art-style, it’s an anime you don’t want to miss, shaba-da-doo.

*Warning: if you don’t like same sex relationships, sexual imagery, bears, symbolism or guns, then this anime is definitely not for you*

#1- Kekkai Sensen.

If you have been following my tumblr for a while, I’m sure you saw this coming. Kekkai Sensen (also know as Blood Blockade Battlefront) is without a single doubt my favorite anime of the entire year, and also one of my top 3 anime ever. This masterpiece was directed by the genius Matsumoto Rie, who is now my favorite anime director. Every single episode of KS is full of action, colors, incredible animation, funny scenes and jaw dropping revelations. This anime has many things to tell in just 12 episodes (and one recap), so sometimes you will find yourself rewatching scenes to completely understand their meanings but even if the anime is full of all kinds of ideas, Matsumoto Rie is extremely skilled, making it possible to pack so much content in this anime without it feeling like a mess.

What Is This Masterpiece About, Koro?: Well… KS is about lots of things, from cute aliens eating hamburgers, to satan, demons and biblical references to the apocalypse. It’s a great show, indeed. As for the plot: One day like any other in New York City a portal opens to the “Beyond”, creating a door for monsters and aliens and all kinds of creatures to come and go as they please. It’s Libra’s (a crime fighting organization) job to prevent trouble and fights in this crazy melting pot of living things, trying to create a peaceful everyday life. The main character of the story is Leonardo Watch, a simple human with some sort of superpower, trying to help his little sister. He comes across Libra and that’s when things get hectic!

I’m in no way kidding you when I say it usually took me around 2 hours to watch a single episode of the anime because I kept rewatching and rerewatching the same episode over and over again just to be sure I understood what was happening, just to make sure I didn’t miss even a single detail in the animation, or to try to figure out the meaning behind a certain camera angle, but this is just me, it was a bit of an obsession, you see. Most of the watchers of this anime only watched it once and still understood what was happening, so no need to rewatch this anime 4 times to understand it.

I could spend hours talking about how much I love this anime and that still wouldn’t be enough time to express my love entirely; The animation, the OST, the plot, the characters (all of them. even the villains, even sonic), the seiyuu, the OP/ED, I love absolutely every single scene, every single thing… I love it.

*Warning: Epilepsy triggers here and there. If you are epileptic please be careful while watching this anime. Also some blood once in a while*

Honorable Mentions:

  • Osomatsu-San (Best comedy of the year)
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan
  • Akagami No Shirayukihime (Best shoujo of the year, yes I watched Ore Monogatari and I still think Shirayuki is better)
  • Gakkou Gurashi! (Oh, that first episode, someone hold me please!)
  • Shokugeki No Souma (Another ecchi anime that I surprisingly liked)

So there it is! my top 5(+.5+.5) anime of this year! I hope I’m not forgetting anything, that would be a disaster. I also think the reason I had so many problems this year making my top 5 (+2-1) is because compared to Kekkai Sensen, the rest of the anime I watched were not as good. Yes, I liked KS THAT much. Thanks for reading.

The great Tuscan capital is built to impress and inspire. Indeed, it’s home to innumerable masterpieces as well as being a masterpiece itself. Wandering along the river Arno, with its surface meticulously mirroring its bridges, you get a glimpse of the cypress-lined hills in the distance. The natural magnificence and symmetry of the birthplace of Renaissance is truly spectacular and is reflected in every aspect of the Florentine essence, from its art and architecture, to its food and culture.

Still inebriated from the dazzling high of Venice, I expected to fall hard and fast being anywhere else but the Floating City. Though I perhaps wasn’t as starstruck with Florence than I had been with Venice, I was still in awe with all things Florentine. Dawn and dusk were my favourite times to breathe in the splendour of the city, and drink in the feeling of motion and lightness characteristic of so many of the Renaissance masterpieces. Sadly missing out on classic must-do’s like the Uffuzi gallery and the Boboli gardens due to budget restrictions, unfortunate timing and/or our inability to endure queues, we explored Florence with our tastebuds and tightly gripped wallets. Here are my favourite ways of discovering Florence.  

I don’t think it’s possible to describe the euphoric moment when my tongue first caressed the mint green pistachio cream. It gave way and moulded to the shape of my tongue like a long lost lover’s embrace. I held on tightly to the perfect curves of the waffle cone, willing it never to end. It lasted slightly longer than most (the portions were huge, and I had gotten the smallest waffle cone for the modest sum of €2.50), but sadly, as all loves like this do, it ended. I came back for more: limone and frutti the bosco the next day, chocolate fondante and tiramisu mousse the day after.  The tiramisu mousse was the deal breaker (and also the fact that we were leaving the next day).

In all seriousness though, this was hands down the best gelato of the whole trip - every flavour was utter creamy perfection (except for the mousses, avoid those at all cost). The ice cream was delicately flavoured and was the optimum lightness without being airy. The limone was probably my favourite, striking a perfect balance between sweet and sour, and was just oh so creamy. Disclaimer: my boyfriend was fully aware of this affair and was very encouraging of it. It ended up being more of a polygamous thing and we were quite sad to return to our infinitely less exciting two person relationship.

How to get there: Right off the Ponte alla Carraia which is the second bridge west of Ponte Vecchio, on the Oltrarno side. Piazza Sauro Nazario, 25/R - Ponte alla Carraia

Opening hours: Everyday 11:00 am to 12:00 am

Prices: €1.50 for small normal cone, €2.00 for medium normal cone, €2.50 for small waffle cone, €3.00 for medium waffle cone, €5.00 for big waffle cone, €6.00 for chocolate and nut cone.

These two make quite the power pair on a normal basis (though not together) but even more so when you have them à la Florentine. There’s just something about topping loaded carbs that you just can’t get enough of. What would be a quick, mindlessly slapped together meal anywhere else, is transformed into a true art in Italy and especially in Florence. Watching the making of your meal performed right in front of your eyes is really a stunning thing to watch and definitely whets the appetite. The slicing of prosciutto, the chopping of tomatoes, the drizzling of truffle oil is swiftly, gracefully and meticulously carried out.  

After our failed attempt to find the famous Panini Toscani, we were adamant on getting our hands on a panino (panini is plural). It was a struggle finding one that was a) open on a Sunday and b) open for dinner but we finally uncovered the gem that is Il Bufalo Trippone. I had the schiaccata Briaco (Drunk) which had porchetta, cheese with wine and truffle spread. The combination was perfect but what really made it was the thick, lightly toasted on the outside, almost fluffy on the inside schiaccata bread that glistened with olive oil. My boyfriend had the schiaccata Marina with Tuscany salami, pecorino and eggplant, which was amazing as well. He raved on about it and even claimed that it was probably the best meal of the entire trip.  

How to get there: Via dell’Anguillara, 48r - 50122

Opening hours: Everyday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Prices: €3.00 for basic sandwiches and €4.50 for special sandwiches

We had our best pizza experience at Gusta Pizza. The eat in area was already buzzing when we arrived and a queue had also formed outside for the takeaway. Despite the bustle, we didn’t have to wait long for our Napoli and Gusta Pizza. We were eager to feel the cool dusk breeze against our skin, an immense relief from the day’s sweltering heat, so we carried the steaming boxes to Plaza dei Pitti which was right around the corner. We sat on the slight incline, still slightly warm from the day-long pounding of the sun’s rays, and dug in. The Gustapizza was a well-loved classic: tomato sauce, mozzarella, rocket and parmesan (€7).The ingredients were incredibly fresh and it seemed as if each flavour was whispering to my taste buds in turn, begging to be experienced and appreciated. The Napoli, however, really did it for me. I usually don’t like anchovies on account of them being too salty but I really loved the combination of tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, capers, oregano and olive oil (€6). It was a perfect harmony of taste and texture, leaving me full and completely content, albeit a tad thirsty. After the insides of the boxes were licked clean, we used them as makeshift mattresses, lying face up towards the immense night sky. As if on cue, a busker started playing a lovely tune on his violin and I inadvertently let out a sigh because, with my head resting on my boyfriend’s chest and our breathing in sync, I couldn’t think of anything else that would make the moment any more perfect than it already was.  

How to get there: Via Maggio, 46R 50125 Firenze

Opening hours: Everyday from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm, 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm (Closed on Mondays)

Prices: €4.50 - €8

I have a penchant for judging a view corresponding to the effort expended to get there because in my mind if a view doesn’t make me work for it then it doesn’t really deserve my admiration. Reaching the top of probably the steepest hill I have ever climbed, calves throbbing and gasping for air, we realised that Giardini Bardini was closed. I was about to throw a mini tantrum, when the woman at the desk told us to check out Forte Belvedere which was right next to the garden, and good thing we did. This view definitely deserved my admiration for the breathtaking (both literally and figuratively) bird’s eye view of Florence. On one side you had the magnificent Fiume Arno and its bridges as well as the entire city of Florence. On the other side you can admire the deep green tuscan hills, the lush greenery which seem to swallow the brown roofs right up. An added bonus was the Human exhibition which constituted of lots of statues of humans in random, strange positions.

How to get there: Walk eastward from Ponte Vecchio on Via de Bardi, turn into Coasta dei Magnoli and continue onto Costa S. Giorgio all the way up the hill. Via del Forte di san Giorgio will be on your right where the fort is.

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (June to September), 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, (April to May and October to November, closed on Mondays), closed during winter time.

Prices: Free admission

After spending every possible moment together in Venice, we decided that we did still need our alone time and thereafter began my early morning explorations. Since I naturally wake up early, around 7:30 am, it made sense for me to go out and explore while the air is still fresh, the sun is not yet scorching and most people are still tucked in bed. One of my favourite morning walks was along the river Arno. The water reflected the buildings on the bank in a stunning replica, without a ripple in sight. Being near the sedated flow was so calming and it seemed as if my steps became in sync with the lazy river. I watched two gondola type boats part the perfect reflection and the owners waving to one another. All the bridges and their reflections are magnificent and I really took in the beauty in its pure, unadulterated form, without the bustle of the crowd.    

If there were to be a single legitimate reason to put my coffee ban on hold, Italy would have to be it. I had a €1.40 beautiful cappuccino drunk at the bar and before 10 like a true Italian. A perfect balance was struck; it wasn’t too strong but there wasn’t enough milk to make me feel sick. It was so interesting people watching as I stood with my cappuccino in hand (a man turned up and downed some type of colourful liqueur at 10:46 am). The cafe itself was also beautiful, kind of old fashioned but still chic with gold embellishments as the running theme. It also makes sure that no one breaks the no-cappuccino-after-10 rule as it closes at 10:30 am.  

How to get there: Piazza di San Giovanni, 19/R, 50129 Firenze, Italy

Opening hours: 7:00 am - 10:30 am

Prices: €1.40 for a cappuccino at the bar

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I just stumbled upon your punk!Luke fic like 20 minutes ago and I'm already obsessed with it!!! When will part 6 be up?❤️❤️

It’s up right now! punk!Luke part 6, ladies and gents! (click here for part one, here for part two, here for part three, here for part four, and here for part five) i can’t believe this is already part six, it feels like i just posted the first one!

(huge shoutout to punk-years for the awesome edit!)

This is shorter than part five so it’s about the same as the rest. There’s a big announcement for the band in here but it’s not super interesting, I’m sorry :( The next chapter will have a big twist for you guys!

PLEASE NOTE: This chapter contains mild smut and, as always, punk!Luke. It also skips ahead two weeks so their relationship can move along a bit quicker.

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Just Like Christmas – A Be My Princess Fanfic Featuring Prince Glenn (and Alan)

Written for grayace from her Secret Santa (me!)

Rated G (Because we don’t want to corrupt little Alan!)

Merry Christmas!!

The castle of Oriens was a beehive of activity on Christmas Eve morning, with servants rushing to and from the roaring kitchen and the nippy courtyard, hot chocolate and cookies in tow. It was an annual Royal Casiraghi tradition to treat the citizens to a winter festival, where they had a chance to enjoy some sweet treats, tour the festively decorated gardens, skate on an improvised ice rink and listen to live music amongst other holiday activities. Your excitement for the party, and the dreamy prince you would be attending it with, had been brewing for weeks; but to your chagrin, Glenn broke the news to you the night before that he could no longer accompany you.  His father, the King, had come down with the flu, leaving Glenn to preside over the festivities.

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Do you have a favorite pic/pics of Louis? And what is your favorite Louis' solo?

Okay, this is a lesson in ‘Sydney is the most indecisive person in the entire world.’ Because I was like ‘alright, they said pics, thank God, I can do more than one.’ Then I decided 20 was probably a good number. But, I couldn’t narrow that down, so I decided 50 was a good number. And… I eventually ended up narrowing it down to 100, so, you know. Considering there are thousands, that’s pretty good, right? (I’m so sorry to all the other Louis pics out there. I feel bad for leaving you out. I love you anyway.) But, alright, under the cut are 100 of my favorite Louis photos, with semi-coherent narration.

(I can’t handle deciding between Louis solos right now. I’d just end up telling you every song. I’m sorry. I’m really not good at making choices.)

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