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I want know about them I don't know who people I saw mv make me want know people I want know about that profile


So from left to right we have: Nibansenji, Nichan, Aoi, Kimagure Prince, Tomitake, Shirofuku, Forgeru, Nozakibento and Nokkuso.

Now Sunflower is the one who knows the details about all of them, so I’m just gonna give you the fun, not serious version of their details ^^ If you would like to know more then please check here for our “official” profiles of them.

So I’ll go in the order of this photo ^^

Nibansenji: Nibansenji is one of my (Sakura’s) favourite members. He is a tall tall bean. He doesn’t really get a lot of lines which SUCKS but on the new album he does have a solo which makes me SO STINKING HAPPY!!! He also loves video games, and quite often livestreams. You can find his twitch account here. His member colour is emerald green.

Nichan: Nichan is a bean. That is the most important thing to know about him. If you’ve been going through MeseMoa’s older music videos you may notice that he isn’t there; that’s because he took a hiatus for a few years, but he’s back now! His member colour is passion pink.

Aoi: AKA the little shit. We call him a little shit A LOT because Aoi, despite being the youngest member by quite a lot, IS A LITTLE SHIT. The ironic thing is we actually all love him, he just posts really provocative selfies pretty much every day. He is very attractive and he knows it. He recently graduated from high school and he’s been dancing pretty much since he was born. He’s usually one of the centres for MeseMoa’s songs and he’s also in the unit Traffic Light along with Shirofuku and Kimagure Prince. He is one of the best singers and dancers in the whole group. He’s also the only member who didn’t bother to think up a stage name; his real name is Imagawa Aoi. His member colour is red.

Kimagure Prince: Also known as Punta, KimaPuri and Pun-chan (boy’s got a lot of nicknames cause his stage name is SO DANG LONG), he is one of the most beautiful people ON EARTH. He got his name from the Morning Musume song “Kimagure Princess”. Like Aoi, Punta knows he is stunning but somehow he isn’t a shit about it :3 He’s the sub-leader of MeseMoa and the leader of the unit Traffic Light. His dancing is also insanely elegant; like I swear he must have done ballet at some point in his life. His member colour is light blue.

Tomitake: AKA Sunflower’s favourite member. Tomitake is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated singers in the group. People tend to focus on Shrio, Punta and Aoi but Tomitan is AMAZING. He was one of the lead vocalists in Shadow Kiss which made me super happy (and just about killed Sunflower). He really loves singing too; he does karaoke a loooooooooooot. His member colour is pink.

Shirofuku: The leader of MeseMoa and my other favourite member. Nobody, I repeat, nobody, loves MeseMoa as much as this guy. You can tell how much it means to him whenever he sings or dances; he just has so much passion about the group. He gets very emotional very easily, which is why it’s good that Punta is the sub-leader as he’s usually able to calm Shiro down. He is also in Traffic Light with Aoi and Punta, and is pretty much always one of the centres for every song they do (given that he’s the leader). He got his stage name because in his old dance covers on NicoNico he would always wear white shirts. Shiro=White, Fuku=Shirt. His member colour is yellow.

Forgeru: Forgeru is so smiley. He loves coffee (literally, his entire instagram feed is pictures of either coffee shops or cups of coffee. Don’t believe me? Check here). He tends to be at the back like Niban for most things which is a shame because he works really hard for the group as well. He tends to be a little quieter on social media than the others. Oh, also according to Tomitake he is a crocodile. No, I do not know why. His member colour is green.

Nozakibento: Also known as Nozaki Bento or just Nozaki, he is the oldest member of the group (he keeps telling us on Twitter that he’s about to turn 31. Also his birthday is on the 28th of April, fun fact). “Bento” literally means lunchbox and I am certain that he picked his name cause the man freaking loves food. He tweets about food and drink a lot. Like he felt the need to tell his fans that he found a kind of ginger beer he really liked, then a few hours later just went, “I bought three.” I dunno, it’s kinda cute :3 He’s also really passionate about not letting younger idols overtake him. Like seriously, I hope I’m as energetic as him when I’m in my 30s! His member colour is brown.

Nokkuso: The alcoholic of the group ^^ Nah, I’m just kidding, he just really likes beer. He likes alcohol in general; he listed “drinking sake” as his special skill for MeseMoa’s official website so that tells you a lot :3 He always wears long sleeves when he’s performing which is a good way to pick him out from the group if you’re having trouble finding him (he’s also the only blonde one which helps, but sometimes people get him and Tomitake confused cause Tomitan has kind of strawberry-blonde hair). Similarly to Niban and Forgeru, he tends to be at the back which is a shame. His member colour is purple.

Other people you may see us posting about from time to time are Zeararu who was a member of MusuMen (MeseMoa’s name before they changed it) and who graduated from (left) the group in February this year (2017). His member colour was orange, which is now why MeseMoa’s overall colour is orange. Another is K’suke who is a very well known Japanese odorite (YouTube/NicoNico dancer) who was in the group for a brief time and now choreographs most of their stuff. He also sometimes does covers with the group (check this one out he did with Shiro, Punta, Aoi and Forgeru).

So yeah! That’s the basics about the members of MeseMoa! Anon, I hope this helped you (and anyone else who’s here because of Shadow Kiss!) to get to know the members better.

I had a lot of fun writing this actually! If you guys have any other questions please feel free to ask us!

~Admin Sakura 🌸

so in the new episode Zoro is wearing…..this and no one has pointed out that zoro seems to have…stuffed his overcoat in his pants?

like. What is that doing there, zoro.

Fashion AND function


So….Ceonn got pneumonia ;~~; meaning his cold got worse. Petri was asking us if we wanted a regular finale (meaning non-duets cuz the original plan was all of us would get a duet with Ceonn). And like I still can’t believe Ceonn agreed to 3 duets in the first place ;n; that’s so much stress on one person.

So IF Petri decides we wait a month for Ceonn to get better, I will stick to doing my duet of Howling with him. BUT if Petri votes to do a regular finale. I am gonna switch gears and do “There She Goes/Fame” from the Musical Fame.

It kind of has all sorts of elements that represents me. And the judges DID like my musical theater side a lot. So I’m gonna stick to that forte. The song is bilingual, has a message of wanting to reach for the stars, basically sums up what I want to do. Plus it’s a showstopper number, I can do a lot with it. I love Howling, but I’m not 100000% confident the judges will like it as much as my theater songs. I only got first place with Almost There and Cabaret. So, I gotta keep going strong with it and nail my strengths at the finale.

problems of a kpop fan

it’s like on one hand

but on the other hand

If I see one more comment about Zico and Touch Cookie I’m going to scream. Guys, come on. This is getting absolutely ridiculous and completely out of hand. 

It had so many hateful comments that I was afraid to even watch the damn mv because I thought it was going to be a complete disaster. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Granted, it had it’s moments that I didn’t care for, and it was a completely different direction I thought he would go with it considering the lyrics and message he was trying to say, but it wasn’t bad enough for people to hate on him to the extent they are (sending him death threats? Come on guys, grow up). 

Did I like that he used the word faggot? No. 

Did I enjoy the girls swinging their butts around behind him? No, not really. But let’s be honest (since I’ve seen multiply comments about it) Those girls were not twerking. Hell, I don’t think they even know how to twerk (side eyes off beat girl on Zico’s left). They were moving their booties around seductively, but there was no twerking involved in that mv.

Did I enjoy his grills and corn rolls? Not really, but then again, I didn’t like them when Taeyang, GD, Dara, T,O.P, C.A.P, Jongin, Yongguk, Joon, Dongho, CL(grills only), and so many others wore them proudly. 

Guys, I get that people got offended by this mv, it honestly was not my favorite, but he isn’t the first kpop idol to style his mv after American hip hop or wear bandanas and try to look like he’s from the hood. (I will gladly make a master post of all the mvs involving these things if someone would like me to).

Do I agree with it? Not really, but than again, I love kpop because it isn’t like North American music. It’s different. So this type of mv isn’t really my style. But be honest, is he the first person/group to do something like this? No. 

You guys need to calm down. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I understand why some of you would be upset. But you don’t need to shove your opinions down other people’s throats or turn your backs on him because of it. Disagree with what he did, but don’t be an ass about it - _ -

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I am extremely displeased. I do not get the mindset. 'Yay! My bottle hit my idol in the head and crackhead his head open! I touched the bottle so by the transitive property, I have touched my idol! He's now dead but I touched him!' WTF?!

SERIOUSLY what the hell do they expect? Like in Baltimore I was close enough to the main stage that really heavy things would carry and land onstage. Some girls a row or two behind me kept chucking their glowsticks on during BSE and one flung and nailed Harry in/around his eye…and they started screaming and jumping up and down in excitement. Like WHAT THE FUCK is that attitude???