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You watched in surprise as Jeongguk immediately whipped the muffin piece into his mouth, gave you a nod, and then his head bent over his notebook, his face turned away from you. The top of his ears glowed pink. 

Huh. Maybe Jeon Jeongguk was okay after all. 

a tale of bunny love~ (Shifter!AU)

Genre: Fluff, Very slight angst, Shifter AU (similar but not exactly like my other scenario Born Tiger)

Length: 6.5k

A/N: this wasn’t supposed to be so long, but i hope you like it *hides in rabbit hole*

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(amazing aesthetic by @seoulraindrops , with permission)

For a freshman, Jeon Jeongguk was a mountain of a boy. 

You’d noticed that the moment he’d walked into the second-level composition class when his shoulders just barely cleared the door frame, thickly corded muscle hidden beneath the laughable coverage of a black t-shirt and faded jeans, and for a second time had stood still when he’d paused at the bottom of the stairs, surveying the classroom for a seat. You’d looked over your shoulder curiously, and in the silence of the classroom you could hear the sound of at least ten couples breaking up over text and an almost deafening burst of sexual tension swept through the nine rows of the small auditorium. 

You curled your nose, slightly repulsed at the wave of pheromones that began to dust the air like too-sweet perfume, and wished you could head back to your little apartment and fumigate your sinuses. Your nose started twitching, growing pink and more rounded, so you rubbed at it to stop the itching and forced back the impulse to shift. Most rabbit shifters got a bit antsy around predatory shifters, but you’d managed to break out of your tiny, bunny-friendly town in Busan and make it to Seoul University in a class of over six thousand carnivores, and fuck if you’d let anyone intimidate you at this point.

When the smell finally started to get to you, you pulled your sweater over your nose and blinked away the tears prickling at the corners of your eyes, before jumping a foot in your seat when a textbook and notebook slammed onto the table next to you. 

Jeon Jeongguk at least had the decency to look sheepish when he caught sight of your wide eyes and stiff back, muttering as he slouched into the seat, “Sorry, heavier than I thought.”

You stared at him for a second before giving a simple nod back, scooting your notebook and pencil case slightly closer to you. The tinkling of your many keychains caught his attention, dark eyes glancing over at the case and then narrowing slightly, like he’s annoyed at the sound. You huffed slightly, forcing back the instinctual urge to hide at the appearance of a larger shifter, and played with the keychains as you waited for the professor to arrive to make a point. 

You were not afraid of Jeon Jeongguk. Even if he was probably some kind of bear or giant cat shifter, and just a hint of his irritation had your instincts vibrating beneath your skin like a live wire. Your thumb brushed over the plastic dome of chibi Levi’s head, taking comfort in the cartoon scowl and dead eyes, the tiny grey sticks of his 3DM gear. 

Small could be pretty fucking powerful too.

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Cuddle Drabbles Part 7

Word Count: 300

Warnings: Swearing, competitive Bucky

Summary: Bucky’s kicking your ass at Mario Kart 64, but you’ve got the best seat in the house.

A/N: You guys are absolutely crazy. Thank you for all this love! You are all wonderful little muffins! Be sure to check back tomorrow at 11am Central Time for the next part!

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I hope you guys enjoy this part!

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(Seriously, this dork is going to be the end of me. I love him so much.)

“I’m gonna destroy you, Barnes!”

“Who are you?! You’re coming in dead last, Y/N!”

Okay, so it’s true. You were starting in 8th place on Mario Kart 64, but you were still determined to beat Bucky this time. He was ruthless once he learned a video game. He sent out all kinds of deterrents once he got them – beit bananas, red shells, upside down question marks. Anything to keep you away from his winning streak.

However, you really loved purposefully losing just so you could throw blue shells at Bucky and watch him lose his shit.

Bucky peeled out as soon as the light turned green, and you mashed your A button to accelerate as quickly as possible. Bucky had an annoying habit of moving his controller with his car’s movements. Well, it was only annoying because his controller was directly in your face.

You were sitting between Bucky’s legs, leaning back against his broad, warm chest. He was sitting against the couch with his arms propped up on his knees. You had to keep smacking his wrist down so you could see. Which you did while he was turning around a corner.

“Hey! Cut it out, Y/N!”

“No! You quit putting your controller in my face! You cheater!”

“Well, you shouldn’t be sitting there.” He nudged you with his knee.

You elbow his leg away from you. “I’m only sitting her because you told me not to sit next to you!”

“I only said that so I could do this–!” He smacked your controller out of your hands and you lost control of your car.

You screamed in surprise. “Bucky! You ass!” You elbowed him in the ribs before picking the controller up and getting yourself out of the grass. “You are so dead!”

“Bring it, princess!”


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Top or bottom?” Stiles asks, off to Derek’s right.
“Bottom,” Derek says automatically, not really looking at him. “Wait, what?”
“Of the muffin,” Stiles says, waving two halves of a muffin at him when Derek looks up. “And, seriously? Who likes the bottom half of the muffin?”
“Oh,” Derek says, feeling the back of his neck flush. “I thought you – never mind.”
“Wait, what?” Stiles says, parroting Derek’s words back at him. “You thought I wha – oh my God.”
“Shut up, Stiles,” Derek says reflexively, desperately hoping that’s not a blush creeping up his cheeks. “Just give me the muffin.”
“You thought I was choosing this leisurely breakfast to casually ask you about your bedroom preferences?!” Stiles’ eyebrows shoot up his forehead and his eyes stretch so wide Derek’s a little afraid they might fall out of his head.
“Are you that surprised?” Derek asks, raising an eyebrow of his own and trying to recapture his calm.
“That you thought that?” Stiles asks and Derek nods a little, shrugs his shoulder. Stiles thinks for a moment then snorts. “Okay, fair point.
Apple event

So I’m going to write down as much as I can remember. First of all Caitriona Balfe is absolutey gorgeous in person. Like seriously, wow. When I get to her age, I hope that my skin is just as beautiful. A lot of times I hear folks say that Sam is much more attractive in person but dayummmmm ginger muffin is yum yum. Tobias…..ahhh Tobias. I’m starting to have a soft spot for you. You completey get the brotherly vibe between him and everyone else. He was the butt of the jokes but in a very loving and family way. They are kinda like the 3 Musketeers sometimes.

The event was like most so far. We saw the trailer, the Claire in the hospital scene and the scene with Jamie and Claire in the bed that was released today. The Q& A with the moderator was fairly good. She then went on to sort of ask “the question”. Let me tell you, before she could fully form “the question” (even though she said that she wasn’t going to ask that *insert smug look on her face*), this was the reaction from the crowd: “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”. There was no booing or anything but the looks on Sam and Cait’s face was akin to “Oh shit”. I was honestly cringing when I heard the reaction from the audience. Based on that, part of me thinks that majority of the audience thinks that it really is no ones business and people need to stop asking because no one really cares (that kinda sounds a little harsh but I think their love for them as individuals, actors and for the show and books overshadows the them wanting to know about their personal life).

Of course the “we’re great friends” line was used. I think people need to pay more attention to Tobias when this question comes up. He had that “oh my damn” look on his face that was priceless. Bottom line, thes two get a wee uncomfortable when that question is asked.

Random bits:

Tobias has this tendency to have this far off look on his face sometimes. Like he checks out and just stares off at something and then snap back in. It was kinda funny watching him.

Sam and Tobias…your bromance is adorable. When the moderator almost asked the “are you a couple” question, Cait did that thing again where she deflects with a joke about Sam and Tobias being together.

Cait had to wear 3 different size bumps and the middle one is Sam’s favorite. She said that while wearing the belly, she really started to act pregnant. Walking with a wobble, sitting differently, asking for footrubs from her costar. It was cute how she spoke about it.

Sam and Cait…guys they are really like 5 years old kids sometimes. Making funny gestures at each other for time to time. At one point they were doing that mirroring thing again. The hand at the chin move.

Did I mention they like to look at each other…like a lot lol.

Maril is a sweetheart. She needs to do more stuff like these because she was nice to listen too.

Cait made a joke about Sam being the Pied Piper when they mentioned him being Grand Marshall.

A sweet fan gave Sam a handknitted sweater (“it’s a jumper, darling” said Cait) and Sam said that he’ll share it with them.

She was wearing the ring.

P.S. If there are any spelling errors or confusion…sorry😳😊. Trying to get it all out on the train while it is still fresh in my mind.