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Come marching home, brave little soldier girl

*crosses fingers* please work! 

Every so often, it’s nice to cry and let everything go.  And even though I’m sure Lin probably didn’t cry, part of me feels like once everything’s over she might…

Here’s to hoping she gets her bending back! 

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“What’s that?” he asks.
“My cell. You can call me, too. Whenever you want.”

fanart of the wonderful fanfiction “The Sense Of Me” by @anders-holmslice :)

Hello, all! This is nymre here /

Hope you all are having great holidays so far and I just wanted to thank you for participating in this avatar/lok secret santa! It was amazing to see all your gifts and the fun y'all had with it :D

In any way, I also wanted to give a huuuggee shout-out to mod lotuschai because holy shiz she seriously did like 95% of all the work (if it isn’t more lmao) And hell it was a lot of work since this project got over 300 participants. She organized, kept everyone updated and basically much much more so well. So yea really, the one you need to thank and give credit to for this project’s success is lotuschai. You’re rad.


Heyo guys ^^

I’m not sure if people are sick of patreons or not, but we’ve started one up as sort of a half commission half support for our game project.

I’ll be doing a few commissions there (they’re limited) but this is sort of our attempt to move away from commission work to allocate more time to our project. The Patreon is only really set up right now for very small pledges that we hope more would contribute as we release updates and previews of our work. The story has been in the worked and reworked for 3+ years and we’re finally to a point substantial enough to produce off of.

Seriously if all everyone pledged 1 dollar we’d be set to work on this full time for a year.

… ok, that probably won’t happen at all but any amount helps! Check it out ^^

They’re on a homework date at a coffee shop but the only thing Oikawa is studying is Iwa-chan…. seriously Oikawa do some work ur gonna embarass him by staring so much…

(also on a side note thank you for 500+ followers on this blog!! (ノ*゜▽゜*)) 


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Trixie Story Arc because…


I have no words…

OK I have words. lots of them. XP But I will try not to be long winded!

Thank you all for following my blog!  Seriously without you guys there would be no OutofWorkDerpy!  When I 1st started this blog I had hopes but I never would have thought that Derpy and her out of work shenanigans would have taken off as well as it did! 

I’ve been trying to think about what to do to celebrate for a few month now, and as much as I would like to do something massive or crazy, I just don’t have the time, and it would take away from being able to get updates out, which is what you all are here for in the first place.  So instead of doing something fancy, I think I’m gonna do the good old cliche… A Contest! So without further ado…

Out of Work Derpy 5K Contest! 

Grand Prize! (1 Winner)

The Grand Prize Winner will get a fully shaded commission of a pony of their choice! This includes a white & transparent background version. 

Runner Ups! (3 winners) 

The runner ups will get a pony mugshot sketch of a pony of there choice.  

Rules and Participation

To participate in the contest you have to be a follower, reblog this post, and answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How did you find my blog and become a follower?
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  • Do you have a constrictive critique of the story or art style? 

You don’t have to write an essay or anything, just a short paragraph is fine. the Deadline is April 15th.  Winners will be chosen randomly from those who followed the directions.  Anything hateful or neglectful of the spirit of the contest will be disqualified for fairness of those who are actually trying.   

I think that is everything… Again think you all for following!  

Mod’s Patreon page

Even the smallest of contributions help out! And patrons get extra goodies and rewards.   ^_^ Thanks!


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CRACKSHIP SOUTH MEETS NORTH |  MaheshxDeepika @caught-between-worlds

Is it so bad that I hope every now and then that the call I get at work would be about Hannibal? I mean, sure, I’d be happy to help you out with your broken stuff or your email problems but hey, it’s not wrong to wish that I’d get a call that begins with “Have you heard about Hannibal?”, right???

ok lol but seriously, let me back track.

For those of you who hadn’t been updated, I’ve been spending this past month training to be a phone consultant (oh wow it sounds fancy when I say it ahah), The company I work for handles several sites and guess which site I ended up with? That’s right, Amazon. I could’ve been handed to Amazon Kindle specifically, or maybe even Microsoft, but fate seemed to have understood my fannibal feels all along. I understand that Amazon has already said their “No” about taking care of the show, but it’s never too late to let them know how much interest there really is for it. Mr. Bezos is certainly aware, that’s for sure.

Now going back to business: (Please understand that this post may potentially get me fired but I want to take the risk because this show is just too fucking beautiful to let go. Don’t worry, there won’t be any illegal activity involved lol. Just a little know-how from the inside, and I emphasize little because I wanna keep this safe. All the info will be under the cut.)

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SLBP - #17 Kojuro

Anonymous wrote: Congrats on your 30 followers!! I love ur writing! Its ok if I request 17 + kojuro? keep up the good work!

Hello anon! Well, I was in the mood to write something a little sinful, so I hope you enjoy this suggestive, possessive Kojuro! Also, I have only played his event routes, so I apologize if he is a little OOC.

#17: I’m your husband. It’s my job.

Pairing: Kojuro x Reader

Category: Suggestive, Jealously, Implied Sexual Relations


Masamune scowled. Kojuro flinched. Shigezane rolled his eyes.

“Seriously. What has gotten into these maids,” Shigezane huffs, feeling quite put out. He sorted some documents that Masamune signed and placed them into neat piles.

Kojuro pinched between his eyes and grumbled, “It’s those damn new retainers, apparently there is one that is quite the looker.”

Another scream can be heard just outside the room.

Masamune frowned. His good eye twitching in frustration.

Shigezane sighed, “I remember when it used to be all the ladies were screaming over us. Now we’re just old news.” He frowned and looked around, “Hmm? Where is ____? Shouldn’t she be back with the tea by now?”

Kojuro looked up. “You’re right. I’ll go see what’s going on.”

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*a very long sigh* we have to stay positive ARMY ok? I know the guys are tired, feeling down, and doubting themselves even. They have worked so hard and I really hope they get time to rest and to not be pressured. It is our job to support their decisions though. We have to support their music and actions if we consider being an ARMY. That means if we get some videos that break our hearts from them we have to, cheer them up and give love. They have work and lots of it and complaining isn’t going to do anything. They have control on their lives so believe them when they say they are fine. If not them still give positive messages and please remember to love them all. They deserve the world. Our precious boys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ok guys, seriously. I spent all day working on this. All day. My back hurts from the position I spent drawing this in, and my fingers hurt like crazy. I seriously hope you guys like it, cause I’ve been wanting to draw a fight between Deadpool and Spawn for ages, and now it’s finally done!

I’m getting very sick seeing all the hate towards J-Hope on twitter. I mean, why do people trying to bring him down?

I joined to ARMYs like a few months ago and I wasn’t going to say anything because I though it was unnecessary, but this pissed me off so much…Seriously, he doesn’t deserve to be in bts? Are you fucking kidding me? Bangtan wouldn’t be bangtan without him or any other members. He is an incredible rapper, dancer, singer….He works so hard to do what he loves, always with a smile in his face, making laugh everybody and he really loves ARMYs with his whole heart. So, I don’t really understand why do people keep saying stupid and unnecessary things and keep hating all the time. If you don’t like him or bts, it’s ok, but don’t go spreading hate.

I really hope he doesn’t see this kind of bullshit because he doesn’t deserve any of it. And I know he won’t be reading this, but Hoseok, there are a lot of people who love you, so don’t let this make you feel bad because you didn’t do anything wrong, you are an amazing person and artist.

Just keep smiling Hobi! You deserve a lot!

UPDATE: I know that the hastag #weneedyouhoseok was just an appreciation tag to say how much people love J-Hope, and that there were a lot of confussion with that. Maybe because of that confussion people started to say lots of things (good things and bad things). I actually saw a few comments on my own language talking about shit of him, that’s why I decided to do this.

I sketched this out today and kept telling myself that it just won’t work out because the anatomy is effed up and I just wanted to shut it down like every two seconds but I kinda think its looks okay?! I mean yes the anatomy is not as good as my other ones but idk I kinda liked it, I hope you guys will too when Im done with it. 

Ok, I usually don’t post “sneak peeks” of my fics, but

I seriously need someone to kick my ass and tell me to “just sit and freaking write” Because I’ve been trying to finish this for the past few days but I’m advancing reeeeaaaal slow.

So yeah. If you like this and want to read the whole thing once and for all, please feel free to go to my ask and kick my butt so I get to work.

It’s one of the prompts, btw. “Kiss on naughty bits” (I hope the back count as such) mixed with an AU where you can make your soulmate’s scars and wounds disappear if you kiss them.

He returned with the aid kit they kept in the bathroom and opened it after sitting next to her on the fluffy carpet.

“You first” he said, and she knew he wouldn’t have it any other way. She sighed, tired but with a small smile dancing on the corner of her lips and turned away from him.

“I can’t see.” She said simply taking her pigtails in her hands and moving them out of the way.

He realized she was asking for him to help her take off the suit and gulped. He searched for the tiny zipper that was at her back and undid it slowly with a trembling hand. He averted his eyes when she pulled her arms off the spandex and hugged it to her chest. He would probably have marveled at her skin if it weren’t full of stinging marks. He could tell she had gone a little tense, so he tried to lighten up the mood.

“I hope it doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks; you got a lot, my Lady.” He ran one finger through one of the larger ones and she hissed. “S-sorry!”

“I was hoping it looked better than it hurt, actually.” She sighed and wetted her lips. His unforeseen caress almost made her shiver.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna take off my glove, ok? I don’t wanna hurt you more.” She nodded and he took off his right glove. Luckily he was wearing his ring in his left hand today.

He cleaned the dirt of the fight and traces of blood from the wounds with a gauze and alcohol, and she tried her best to ignore the sting. It was surprisingly easy because “Oh la la, those are his actual fingers touching my bare skin” was the only thing in her mind. She denied even to herself the fact that it was his skin against hers what actually got her jumping every now and then instead of the alcohol against her sensitive flesh.

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anonymous asked:

if disney hires j lawrence to play mulan i hope the movie gets boycotted. i mean why is it so hard to hire a chinese actress to play a chinese character? why do they think its ok to whitewash? why cant they learn from their mistakes? didnt pan flop? these people never fucking learn. im pissed

The o n l y person I would accept lawrence to play is the Matchmaker and even THAT is a Stretch

@ Disney seriously why ???? you had so many Chinese people working on the animated version but Chinese actors aren’t good enough to be seen on the big screen under your name? R e a l l y ?