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29. “I thought you were dead.” Andriel?

bitch i heard andriel not andreil so that’s what you’re getting ayt

fic meme 1-100: andriel (andrew + nathaniel) + 29. “I thought you were dead.”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc, but you can send me anything) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

“The last time it got this bad, I remember having to go to… extreme measures to handle it.”

Andrew stiffened at the thought of whatever methods Betsy was implying. Surely she meant healthy and valid preventive measures, which are proven to have worked, designed by reliable and credible psychiatrists?

Then again, when had he ever trusted any psychiatrist? Ever since Neil, really, when had he ever trusted anyone? Betsy didn’t count, even if she was the closest to what Andrew considered the definition of trusted.

Dissociative identity disorder, he learned a long time ago, wasn’t just Neil Josten forgetting himself. It wasn’t just Nathaniel Wesninski coming back to life whenever he wanted to.

It was Andrew needing to have the capacity for two entirely different beings, separate but so intricately intertwined that they were forced to live in the same body, and had no choice in the matter. Because they weren’t conscious of the concept of being separated. Nor could they be.

Putting his hand on the doorknob, Andrew asked, “Who is he today?”

Betsy sighed, and put her hand on Andrew’s shoulder, gave it a reassuring squeeze. She took it away before Andrew could flinch.

“He’s Nathaniel today,” Betsy replied, shoving her glasses up the bridge of her nose. As the door went ajar, she added, “He hasn’t been Neil for weeks. So he might not know who you are.”

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have you ever listened to the mad girl’s love song? 

if you think you have, know you heard her all wrong.

inside her head is where you do not belong. 

now run, before her hold on you is, oh no, too strong. 

-Alexandria Drzewiecki

I’m truly sorry. Anyway, I know the whole thing is impossible, but this idea just came into my head and I needed to draw Levy with giant muscles (but still people, I’m so sorry). Also, english is not my first language so I’m sorry about all grammar mistakes

Every high schooler taking an AP Test this week

“Haha, who has an ap test tomorrow? I have an ap test tomorrow. Who didn’t study? I didn’t study. Who’s going to fail? I’m going to fail.”

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haha it doesn’t really come up much in class actually. My students mostly know me as the teacher who gets inordinately excited about literature and writing.


I was tagged by @sudikshajt23 to describe myself only using pics i already had on my phone, and i couldnt download any new…THIS SHIT WAS HARD CAUSE OUT OF 1302 PICS ON MY PHONE 1100 ARE OF B.A.P THE REST IS RANDOM SCREENSHOTS, BTOB, DREAMCATCHER AND MY CAT!! How  the fuck can i realistically describe myself using only that?? But well here it goes:

 1 - MY CAT MY BABY BOY WHOM I LOVE SO MUCH!! I’m a huge cat lover, they are the best beings ever, i love to pet cuddle and play with them :3 well tbh not just cats, I’m a big animal lover :> cats, dogs. birds i love all :D (except bees, and spiders, and wasps…)

2 - I’m a math student in uni and, even tho this first year is going completely down the drain, i’ve always loved math (except those two years in hs when i had the worst teacher ever) and i’m going to do my very damn best next year cause i dont want to be a huge ass disappointment to my parents since i already dropped out once   and thanks to @koiiha i once again want to become a math teacher lmaoo (also if you see this, yes Hana the pic is one you sent me, hope you dont mind me using it ^^) 

3 - HIMUP!! I love these two sooo much! seriously as much as i say the other members wreck me on a daily basis (which they most definitly do) I dont think they will ever top himup, I’m pretty sure i will not stop biasing them, and even if I become triple or even OT6 biased, these two will always be my Ult bias :) Not even my BtoB or Dreamcatcher bias will ever top them, nor any other bias from any other group i may stan in the future. They managed to catch my heart and i dont see a way out and just MY MOON AND MY KING I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OK???

4 & 5 - You know how i said above that i have a bunch screenshots? heres why: Whenever i see someone (*cough* @7tobap6  *cough*) whos constantly refusing being *inserts name here* biased and i see they posted something or wrote something in the tags that shows otherwise I screenshot it as proof of the fact that they do indeed bias *insert name here* :))) Another thing i do is when i see someone (in the 5th pic case Sudi ;) ) being wrecked by *insert name here* I will without a doubt end up tagging them in a post with gifs/pics of that persong wrecking them and enjoy their reactions lmaoo 

6 -  MY KINGS, MY BOYS THE BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT GROUP B.A.P!! I swear they took over my life and i dont mind since cause of them I managed to meet a bunch of amazing people who i can call friends with whom i talk amost every day and that I love really trully with all of my heart, seriously this fandom is full of amazing and beautiful people! Also, i’ve always loved music (reason why i started watching tenimyu in the first place) but istg these boys managed to make me love it even more, I can honestly say i dont know how i would live without music, since i listen to it all the time now: when i go out, on my way to uni, doing housework, while studying, etc. tbh music is one of the things that make me happy. B.A.P is one of the things that make me happy. I smile when they smile, I laugh when they laugh, I cry when they cry, i become mad when people badmouth them, proud when they acomplish something, worried when they become sick or get hurt, I just really really love them :)

And its finally done lmaoo this ended up being huge and cheesy af holy shit  im sorry xD but ok I will now tag @b-124a-p-224 @banghim-baby @7tobap6 @sparklechanup @hana-bunny @holyjongbutt @koiiha @solosorca ofcourse only do it if you want to :)


[ 9-10/100 ] days of productivity - 5.8.16

my library opened a few days ago after being redone, so i went yesterday and studied for about an hour with coffee of course :] and today i made lots of chem flashcards for the periodic table and bought this beautiful notebook at crate and barrel. it has three different types of paper, has all french titles and is bound like a book! i’m in love omg


AU in which no one is dead and everyone is friends and celebrates Christmas at Lydia’s Cabin in Tahoe.


remember when yoojung didn’t slay you? yeah, me neither

I have some announcements to make~!

1) I know this has been mostly a Kpop blog but I’m going to be blogging about that Dream Daddy game (if you haven’t checked it out you should now!!!) and about learning Korean. Since I’m going to be minoring in Korean I’ve been taking studying very seriously and have studied about four hours today haha. My head kind of hurts but it’s a good hurt, if you know what I mean!

2) I think I’m going to update Cherry every Wednesday! Monday and Wednesday are my days off so I usually write whatever I please during my time off. I think this will be official, but I’m not sure yet what I want to do. We’ll see how it goes!

The Coronation Party - chenziee - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: It’s Historia’s coronation party but why does Eren look like he’s going to rip someone’s head off? Meanwhile, Jean struggles to find confidence in his new status as Mikasa’s boyfriend and Armin is done. 

Tags: Implied YumiKuri - Freeform, implied springles, implied aruani, it doesn’t look like it, but it’s actually, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Canon Compliant, Historia coronation party, manga spoiler if you squint, Possessive Eren Yeager, proof-reading is for the weak            

And another one. Oops. This idea came to me when I was thinking about that scene in Antarctica where Pitch says “Fine, you want to be alone? Then BE alone!”. It’s true, if they don’t want to be alone they can just be with each other… Eheh. I love these dorks to bits.