i seriously have no idea what i'm doing anymore

tbh…if you want to bitch about things in fic that piss you off…either keep it to yourself or tell a friend about it privately

don’t put a huge long ranty assholey post in the tags so that everyone has to see it

and don’t act like fic writers…have an obligation…to write fic the way you like it?? we’re not getting paid?? we do it for fun in our free time?? I mean if you want to pay me I’ll write what you want how you want but otherwise be quiet because we’re all just trying to have fun here

and fic writers contribute SO MUCH to fandom….you just need to not. just literally don’t. cancel the post, close your computer, go do something else. if you think a fic is bad just close the damn tab, don’t yell at the author and don’t make nasty posts on tumblr.

some manners and consideration. seriously.

Max -  ‘ sees Chloe fall’ No……..

Mr Jefferson - I bet you never even guessed it was me ….


‘pushes through the drugs and rewinds to the beginning of the game” 

Mr Jefferson - Now Max, since you’ve captured our interest and 


Victoria - It looks like she’s finally lost it. Sad face

Max - Screw you Victoria, I know you like me ‘walks over and kisses Victoria’

‘Victoria blushes and looks down at her feet, twiddling her thumbs’’

‘Max breaks out her cell phone’

Mr Jefferson - ‘notices cell phone’  Max, put that away

Max - Shush. Hey Chloe. It’s Max, I’m going to text you an address of some old barn. Meet me there NOW. No I don’t care if you need to see Nathan. I need to show you something, so make sure you bring the step-douche, and a few guns ‘hangs up’

Mr Jefferson - Max, I don’t know what’s going on here, but if you don’t sit down right now…

Max- You dirty old hipster murderer, you’re going to get in so much trouble 

‘walks towards door’ 

Max - Victoria, Kate. You’re both my girlfriends now. Let’s go 

Victoria - Yes Max ^^

Kate - ‘gets up looking really confused’

Mr. Jefferson - What in the WORLD is going on …..





‘Cops walk Mr Jefferson and Nathan to separate cop cars’

Mr Jefferson - This is impossible, that vault was so well hidden !. HOW DID YOU KNOW !

Nathan - ‘screams incoherently about feminazi’s’

Chloe - Wow Max, you sure know how to make an entrance. Not only did you take down that murderous sack of shit, but you also managed to save my Rachel =)

‘Rachel steps forward’ 

Rachel - Thanks for that by the way

Victoria - Seriously though, how did you know ?

Max - I guess ‘puts on sunglasses’ I had too much time on my hands

‘camera zooms out’

Things you should never say to The Signs
  • Aries: "Are you really doing what you're supposed to be doing?"
  • Taurus: "I don't believe you."
  • Gemini: "Can you shut up for a second?"
  • Cancer: "I did love you, I just don't love you anymore."
  • Leo: "In all reality, nobody likes you."
  • Virgo: "You have control over your own thoughts, so it's your fault you are thinking this way."
  • Libra: "I'm going to kick your ass."
  • Scorpio: "Stay away from me, okay? Just never speak to me again."
  • Sagittarius: "You seriously have no idea what you're talking about, do you?"
  • Capricorn: "Obviously you didn't try hard enough."
  • Aquarius: "That's nice, but I don't care."
  • Pisces: "Quit overreacting."

anonymous asked:

I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in Scorbus stickers drawn by you! Of course, I'd need more details before I can commit... (Seriously, though, you've got no idea how excited I am about this! I LOVE your art! <3) I'm not on tumblr anymore but I'm @strangebabbles on Twitter. :)

Ahh hi there, I’m honored you would! And of course, I understand - I have yet to decide on a price anyway :’) In the meantime if you (or anyone else out there!) want to tell me what kind of poses or expressions you’d like me to draw for these stickers, feel free to do so!

(I’m soooo including the cinnamon roll chibis though (without the text and the discombobulated Albus). I need them badly, and you guys probably do too.)

grey's anatomy inspired sentence meme prt. iv
  • can you hear me?
  • hey, look at me.
  • we need to let go.
  • it's okay, slow down and just breathe.
  • no, you don't get to talk anymore.
  • don't just stand there!
  • everything hurts, all the time.
  • you're tired and you're angry.
  • this doesn't feel real, does this feel real to you?
  • you need to pull yourself together.
  • I can't, I just can't.
  • that was so gross.
  • there was an accident.
  • I ate a lot of doughnuts when ____ died.
  • you have to tell him/her.
  • I don't owe you a damn thing.
  • hang in there, just stay with me.
  • I need to tell you something and I need you not to panic.
  • I cannot talk to you right now.
  • can you eat?
  • did you cry?
  • you being here, just being here and not saying anything helps.
  • are you sure about this?
  • you are far more twisted that I ever imagined.
  • not now, please not now.
  • you have no idea what I've given.
  • please, just back off.
  • I just need a minute.
  • what do they have that I don't?
  • I don't know how to thank you.
  • you're gonna regret this.
  • have you slept?
  • honestly, I'm better now.
  • you're grumpy and inappropriate.
  • I don't sleep anymore.
  • I can't be this useless.
  • what is your problem?
  • you're freaking me out.
  • seriously, what's going on?
  • I just want to feel better.
  • I'm using work and sex as a distraction.
  • that is so rude.
  • I mean it, get up.
  • I don't care what you do.
  • I'm scared to move, scared to breathe, I'm scared of everything.
  • my problems are real, and if we're together that makes them your problems to.
  • I don't want to hurt you again.
i'm gonna ship danny and mattie fight me
  • they both have “boy” names which means it’s obviously tru laf 
  • carmilla is super grouchy because she thought she was finally rid of at least one ginger idiot
  • carmilla is secretly pleased because she can finally get mattie back for literal centuries of teasing
  • carmilla might be a sap but seriously mattie fell in love with a heroic werewolf amazon can she be anymore of a cliche??
  • at least carmilla’s girlfriend still sort of respects the whole vampire deal
  • somehow they’re dating while still working at odds with each other
  • stop killing my monsters do you have any idea what a legal liability you are jfc!?!
  • i can call them something ridiculous like Summer Board or Manny
  • they’re hot and i’m shallow
  • danny will be there

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The thing is, I'm so tired of asking for help. I've asked so many times and people always say either "this is a phase" or "you're just being dramatic"...I have no idea what to do anymore...I'm afraid of what's going to happen...

stop asking for help, instead say that you NEED help. I had that with my mom and when I finally just looked at her and told her I needed someone to step in because I didn’t know what I was going to do she took me seriously. 

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I just saw that TLC Germany is still airing 'The Duggars' which really shocked me. Now I'm contemplating writing them an email to disclose my feelings about this hoping that they won't show it anymore. Good idea or not? Will I actually be able to change anything?

Do it! Seriously! You can make an incredible impact. Our good friend @teashoesandhair wrote in to a company about their disgusting advertising strategies, and they immediately took the ads down! You never know what might happen and you have nothing to lose. Your voice is important!

I draw tumblr people 2.0

I switched my domain back to the normal one so the original post isn’t working anymore and I decided to make an art blog so yay cheers


If I made one for you, maybe send me drawing ideas?

  • could be Sherlock related
  • anything
  • also please