i seriously had no idea what to do with my face

That moment when you realize

I want to do die after this discovery

Let’s also talk about how Aelita and Allura are both elf people (aelita only in loyko tho) with stripes on their face clinging to memories of their father that they lost to an evil enemy that wanted to control a super weapon. They were then frozen in cryo for like, a bazilion years in a magic pod only to be discovered by the heros later, and both have some super magic like ability, with aelita being able to access the towers to go back in time, and allura being able to send their ship to where-ever they want to go through space.

Accompanied by your local nerd with glasses that can hack anything and everything, even a foreign super computer in a matter of minutes, the flirt sharp shooter that flirts with every new girl they meet, the emo one that fights with a sword and is way too serious and never talks to anyone about their problems, that black haired (probably japanese on shiros part? I mean his name, like, come on) serious character that takes things so hard you just want to protect them.

I got nothing on Hunk someone help me out here.

I finally got to show Jared and Jensen my Mark of Cain tattoo!

This was another fun photo op. I walked up to them and held out my arm, saying, “This is a real tattoo,” and Jared immediately goes “It is?” and pets my arm. I smile a little and confirm that it is, in fact, real. I then asked for them to do kinda what Sam and Dean’s reaction would be.

I had no idea what they were doing since they were behind me and all I saw in my periphery was their hands. I didn’t even realize Jared was on his knees until afterwards!

I turned to thank them, and Jensen put his hand on the back of my head and basically pet my hair. I was going to sass at him that it was such a tall guy/short girl thing, but I was already walking away with a smile. Maybe next time I’ll sass at them ;)

I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out! Their faces are perfect.

The Soul of Discretion

For @loyalty2waystreet , for prompt no. 61, “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!” 

Hey, Millie! So it’s finally done! It’s just a shame I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with it! Seriously, I wanted to do something really good for you, because you deserve it, but I don’t think I’ve succeeded. But I hope you at least get some enjoyment out of it, and know it was written with love, if not skill! Okay, I’m really putting you off reading now, aren’t I! I’ll shut up and let you judge it for yourself.😘😘😘

The Soul of Discretion

“What do you mean, they already knew? They can’t have done! We only just told them!”

“Harvey, I’m telling you! They didn’t just find out. They already knew! It was written all over their faces. Come on, think about it. We just told our four closest friends in the world that we’ve secretly been together for the past six months and not one of them batted an eyelid! I could practically hear Donna thinking, ‘Well, d’uh!’!”

“Maybe they’re just happy for us, like they said.”

“I’ve no doubt they are, but being happy for us wouldn’t preclude being surprised by the announcement. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. They already knew. I know they did.”

“Okay, say you’re right - how’d they find out?” Harvey’s eyes narrowed, zeroing in on his boyfriend’s face. “You told someone about us, didn’t you?”

“What?? No! I swear!”

“Well, you must’ve done something to give us away, Mike!”

“Me?? How do we know it wasn’t you?!”

“Because I’m the soul of discretion, with the best poker face on the East Coast!”

A sudden loud braying sound interrupted Harvey’s indignant little tirade. Turning to see what all the commotion was about, they spotted Jessica, Donna, Rachel and Louis gathered round Donna’s desk, where she had let them all listen in on the intercom.

Harvey yanked his office door open and stalked over to the hyenas.

“Care to fill me in on what’s so funny?” he demanded.

It took a minute, but Donna finally pulled it together enough to breathe out the words, “You are!”

“Me?? How am I funny??”

Jessica decided to field that one. “You? The ‘soul of discretion’? Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that, Mr. ‘He goes, I go’, Mr. ‘I’m not staying without Mike’.”

“Yeah,” Louis chimed in, putting on his best Harvey voice and adding, “Mike’s my guy! Stay away from him!”

The surprisingly good Harvey impersonation sent the three women into another fit of laughter.

“Do you even know how you used to look at me when Mike and I were together?” Rachel chipped in, when she had her laughter under control again.

When Harvey could only shake his head ‘no’, she continued. “Like I was Frodo, Mike was the Ring, and you were Gollum. I kept expecting you to start chanting, “My Precious!”, and drag him away from me every time the three of us were in the same room together!”

“Okay, you’re all exaggerating,” Harvey growled, not in the least bit amused at being compared to a jealous, possessive creature that made Dobby the House Elf look like Brad Pitt.

Infuriatingly, his audience only laughed the louder at his chagrin.

“We’re really not,” Donna replied.

Harvey was just about to launch into a scathing verbal beatdown of each and every one of them (okay, maybe not Jessica and Donna, but not because he was scared of them or anything) when he felt a warm hand slip into his.

“Let them have their fun,” Mike whispered in his ear, dragging him back into the office. Once inside he couldn’t resist asking, “Were you really jealous when I was with Rachel?”

“Of course I was,” Harvey sighed, pulling Mike to him and wrapping his arms around his waist, Mike’s arms instinctively slipping around Harvey’s neck in return. “I just thought I was doing a better job of hiding it.”

“Well, if it’s any consolation, you did a pretty good job of hiding it from me. I had no idea.”

“Well, at least someone didn’t think I gave Gollum a run for his money.”

“Don’t be silly, Harvey. You could never be Gollum.”



“You’re right. I’m really more of an Aragorn, aren’t I? Broodingly handsome, strong and a fearless leader,” he grinned.

“Nope. You’re not Aragorn, babe. You’re Samwise Gamgee.”

“A hobbit?? You think I’m a hobbit??”

“I think you’re the kindest, bravest, wisest, most loyal friend in the world. I think you’ll always have my back and you’d go to the ends of the Earth with me if I asked you to. I also think you’re kinda cute. So, yeah, I think you’re a hobbit. But you know the best part?”

Harvey shook his head, not trusting his voice, and once again wondering how he got so lucky as to have this man not just in his life, but in his arms, too.

“You’re my hobbit. Now, shut up and kiss me. Let’s show those jokers out there what they’re missing out on.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Frodo.”


You rolled your eyes and giggled, nudging the younger Winchester with your elbow. “That actually makes sense.” 

“Hey!” Sam exclaimed, smacking you with a nearby couch pillow. 

You snickered and held up your arms, ready to deflect any future blows. “But seriously, Dean.” You said, sitting up to face him once Sam had put the pillow down. “Why do we move a lot? I mean, the other kids at school don’t.”

“Y/N, you know why.” Dean huffed, looking up from his comic book. “It’s part of our dads’ job. They sell stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” Sam asked.

Dean shrugged. “I don’t know, stuff.”

“I bet they sell cars.” You proposed.

Sam nodded slowly, your idea making sense. “My dad does like cars.”

“My dad’s car is cooler.” You stated boldly.

Sam turned to you and shot you a look. “No, my dad’s is.”


“Yeah-huh!” Sam crossed his arms over his chest. “And besides, I’m 4 months older, so that means I’m right.”

“What? No it doesn’t!” You argued, throwing a couch pillow at him.

Dean smiled as you and Sam continued to bicker, glad that the questions had ceased- for now. He eyed the two of you, silently wishing that you and Sam could continue to be kids…for just a little while longer. 


Hairdye progress feat. my dumb face

(Haven’t felt this confident in a while - I keep grinning whenever I see how blue it is~ (/>w<)/)

Interview in Sato Takeru Photo Book X (ten) <5>

*continued from <4>


-You’re smart by nature, I suppose.

Hmm, I don’t know. I’m not ultra-smart without doubt. I’ve met people that I couldn’t beat no matter how hard I tried and studied.

-But you passed quite a high-ranked high school, didn’t you?

Actually, I had a mental conflict about it, too. I really couldn’t choose a high school facing my future. When I was a third year student in junior high school, I was not sure what I want to do. I had some interest in acting … or show business, but I had no idea what to do with it. So I wondered what the point was in going on to a high-ranked high school after studying hard. Then seriously, I couldn’t make a choice between a high-ranked high school rather far away from my house and another one which was more than 10 points lower in deviation value. I told my parents sincerely, ‘I can’t decide. When I enter high school, I’ll never study and only dance, I think. If so, it would be better to go to high school close to my house and continue to dance if I think about my life as a whole.’ Then they said, ‘You may be right.’ But I went to the high ranked high school after all … I don’t know why. Probably it was because of expectation from my teachers in cram school. The teachers in cram school made efforts to send me to high-ranked high school. I couldn’t ruin their efforts.

-I think I got a glimpse of Takeru-kun’s personality.

Consequently, I didn’t study at all and did nothing but dance as I had expected. (lol) But I think it was good I entered the high school.

-A high school student, around seventeen years old, is most sensitive, right?

Well, in that sense, I was not aware of many things. How should I say, a late bloomer? (lol) I’ve never thought that teachers can make mistakes because they are also humans, or that adults are such and such. I was interested only in dancing. In school, I was in the habit of saying, ‘I’m bored’. Looking back, it was really a waste. There are too many blanks in my memory.

-And its rebound?

No rebound, I think. It is not rebound but what I felt when I entered this business was the joy that there were quite a few who talked the same language as me! Not so many, though. About three.

-Three. (lol)

There may be less than three. Rather few. (lol)

-They are absolutely invaluable, I guess. By the way, do you get lonely easily?

Just like other people. Sometimes I feel lonely, but sometimes I prefer to be alone. I’m not the kind of person who can’t tolerate being alone.

-When do you feel lonely?

When I open the door, coming home after my job. At that moment, I wish someone were there at times.


At the current moment, I don’t have a packed work schedule, so I seldom think so. But when I’m busy with work, I want someone to be with me especially when I’m busy with work, I think. Since I started to work, I’ve never opened the door and found somebody there. I’ve never lived with anybody. So I’m seriously thinking of sharing rooms with my friend.

-For someone’s warmth?

Yup. In addition, it seems simply fun. I’ve never lived with anybody, so I’d like to try. With one of my friends, or if I had a loved one …

-Would you like to be spoiled by her? (lol)

Yup, I’d love to. (lol) I’m not a type of guy that pretends to be strong. Basically, I’m always my natural self and I think it important to let the stress out. So I sometimes depend on one who I can let my guard down to and find a way out of the stress by showing weakness in order to adjust myself properly. It is absolutely bad to tolerate anything and everything, right?

-Does it go with your aesthetic of a cool guy?

It may not to some extent, but it is definitely more important to restore a mental balance. If you get sick by pursuing your aesthetic, you’ll lose everything. It is uncool, I think.

-But you consider aesthetic of a cool guy all the same, right?

I’m always aware of it. And basically I don’t waver. Something is added to me, or I sometimes make progress or grow in some degree, but my standard … such as ‘Don’t complain’ and ‘My ideal is a man like Kenshin (in Rurouni Kenshin).

-Listening to you, I feel that you never change at the root.

Isn’t it a matter of whether you need to change or not? I’m not trying not to waver as a human but I’ve just believed what I have always had in mind. I don’t think I’m wrong, so I have no mind to change.

*to be continued to <6> :)

synopsis: looks can be deceiving; neighbor!woozi AU

pairing: woozi/you

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy this as much as i do! this idea popped into my mind and i seriously just find it so hilarious hehe.

963 w. / []  []

      You like to pamper yourself every now and then. Take a break from the world around you and ignore your problems for a day just to focus on yourself. Today just so happens to be one of those days.

You’ve ordered your favorite take-out, put on your coziest pair of fuzzy socks, and now you’re treating your face to what it deserves after the countless pulled all-nighters that entail from being a college student: a nice, homemade avocado-honey face mask.

Sprawled across your couch and completely indulged in the movie playing on your TV screen, you realize that all you’re missing is a snack. You pause the movie and stand up, making your way over to the kitchen; good thing you bought a few cartons of strawberry ice cream two nights ago.

You’re about to open the door to the freezer when you spot something move from the corner of your eye. You automatically freeze, tentatively tilting your head to your side.

On the wall by your refrigerator is a spider. It’s black, eight-legged, and unmistakably a spider.

You hate spiders.

After the initial shock, your brain finally registers its diabolical presence and you let out a blood-curling scream, stumbling backwards. It crawls upwards and you shriek, clambering onto the island of your kitchen counter. Your heart’s thudding against your chest and with every move the creature makes, you scream a little louder.

You don’t know how much time passes but it feels like eternity since you’ve been standing on your kitchen counter like a fool. You’re slowly starting to accept the fact that your only options are to either kill the spider yourself or be stuck on top of your kitchen counter till God knows how long.

Neither sound desirable.

Just when you’re about to accept your inevitable fate, you hear the sound of knocking on your apartment door.

“Hello? Is everything okay?” It’s the faint voice of a male around your age.

“No!” you yell, hoping that he can hear you all the way from outside. “It-it’s gonna kill me! I’m gonna die!” As if sensing your escalating fear, the spider moves about higher up the wall, now parallel to your face, and you get this dire inkling that it’s about to leap onto your face and attack you any second now, maybe even eat you alive.

There’s another set of knocks, more frantic this time. “Should I call the cops?”

Realizing that you’ve made it out to seem a thousand times worse than actuality, you hop off your counter and sprint to your door, “No! Don’t!”

You swing the door open and come to face to face with whom you recognize to be your neighbor, baseball bat in hand. His appearance and physique don’t necessarily fit the stereotypical macho-man-to-your-rescue image that you’ve envisaged in your head, but hey, if he’s willing to show up prepared with a weapon and save you from the monster in your kitchen, you’ll take it.

“Are you okay?” your neighbor asks, looking you up and down. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m okay,” you say, opening the door wider for him to step in. You’ve never talked to him before besides the occasional “hello” when you pass him in the hallways, but now that you can see his face properly, he’s actually really cute. You suddenly become conscious of your current state: oversized hoodie from high school and a pair of cow print pajama shorts.

Oh yeah, and your face is coated green from your face mask. Way to go, ______.

“Um, there’s a spider in my kitchen—”

“Wait, a spider?”

“Yes, a spider. I’m terrified of them,” you confess. “Do you think you could kill it for me?”

Your neighbor breathes out a sigh of relief. “I thought there was a break in,” his lips curve upwards as he holds up the baseball bat. “But yeah, I can do that.”

“Thank you so much,” you let him inside your apartment and shut the door behind him. Guiding him over to where the evil is, you point at the wall by the fridge, making sure to keep a safe distance. “It’s right there.”

“Ah, I see,” he steps closer to the spider with a smile. “Hi, little guy.”

You frown, feeling a bit guilty for making your innocent neighbor kill this not-so-innocent-spider for you. He doesn’t even look like he’s capable of killing a fly.

Within a matter of seconds your neighbor is swatting heinously at the spider with the wooden baseball bat, “Die!” He’s relentless even when the spider’s body falls limply onto the floor of your kitchen, obviously dead, but he’s still thrashing at it like a savage.

Your eyes double in size. Is this really the cute neighbor you let into your apartment? “Um,” you take a step forward, “I think it’s already dead…”

He ceases his movements and stands upright, wiping away a non-existent drop of sweat from his forehead. “Just for good measure,” he grins. “I’m Jihoon, by the way.”

“______,” you laugh awkwardly, staring down at the spider’s remains. “Wasn’t that… a bit too much?”

“Too much?” Jihoon frowns. “I just saved your life.”

“Oh, right,” you blink. He still has the baseball bat in hand and you shudder, careful with choosing your next words. “Well, Jihoon, thank you so much for that. I’ll see you around?”

“Definitely,” Jihoon grins and you subtly usher him over to the door. “If you ever need help killing a spider again, don’t hesitate to knock on my door.”

“Right. Thanks.” You wave goodbye to him and close the door when he leaves. When the door shuts, you lock it immediately and sigh in relief.

You make a mental note to never get on his bad side. Lord knows what else that boy is capable of.

Akashi Drabble

In which you punch Akashi in the face and live to tell the tale.

Your friend had begged you to come and visit her at the haunted house her class was doing for Rakuzan’s cultural festival this year. Though you did not see the appeal, and were already painfully squeamish, you decided that you would tough it out for the sake of your friend.

What you hadn’t factored into your plan of simply being brave, was the idea that perhaps her class took the haunted house a little too seriously.

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