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Okay, here goes~

I want a growth episode of Hunk where he really kicks ass. I want an episode where a bruised Hunk would literally chuck a grown ass Galra soldier across the room and one punch a robot. show his true strength in one-on-one battle with an enemy even Lotor would hate so much he’ll look at him like, “get fucked, scrub”.


but don’t have him loose his innocence, just have him seriously snap once and show his strength.


As an invested member of this fandom, I would just like to say a few things. As many of us know, the official paladin guidebook is coming out soon. This will give us more information on planets, people, lions, and the paladins themselves. And unless you are completely blind, you also know that there are constant shipper discourse wars going on in the fandom EVERY TIME we get new information, whether it be an episode, a motion picture, or an interview. This will be no different. But hopefully we can make it different. Shipper discourse is no fun for anyone- it’s just arguing to try to make other people see your opinion as the right one. Now there are times when discourse is ok- such as arguing for asexual and aromantic rights but I’m not going to get into that right now- but in a fandom like this, it’s not. Who you ship is your OWN OPINION. DO NOT try to force it onto people who may ship something different than you. Everyone’s entitled to what they like, and you can’t get mad at someone for something as harmless as thinking two fictional characters should end up together. Please don’t ruin this guidebook for people by bringing in relationships. Not only does it start to get annoying and ruin the fun that the book is supposed to bring, but it can put a bad name on your fellow shippers. For example, I do ship Klance, but I respect people who ship Sheith. I have nothing against that ship. What I do have something against is other Klance shippers trashing any ship that isn’t Klance. It makes friendly Klance shippers such as myself have a bad reputation for something we didn’t do. I don’t want to ramble on and on (any more than I have). I just want people to understand that we can coexist on something as simple as shipping. All it takes is respect and understanding that people have different opinions than you, and in cases like this, no one has a wrong opinion. Please respect your fellow fandom people and let’s make this guidebook a fun time!! 💙❤️🖤💚💛 (Please add more ships in the tags I think I missed some. I want to get this out to as many people as possible)

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Benedict's birthday Warning!

I’m just letting you know that since tomorrow is the Big B Day, I’ll be reblogging every single birthday post I find.

I hope there’s a lot to reblog! So if you want to avoid that, blacklist: Benedict 41 and happy birthday Ben! (but seriously, shame on you! lol)

That’s it! Happy Benedict’s birthday everyone! 😄

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I feel like a lot of blogs are way too cool for me ?? do u feel this way if so any "too cool for you" blogs you follow that u can't believe followed you back (or haven't whatever) ?

do you mean every single one of my mutuals?

no but seriously I feel this way all the time. I cannot believe so many amazing blogs follow me (a lot of which I used to lurk on when I was just starting to like dnp and was low key obsessed but too scared to actually follow people from my main). 

shout out to a few of them because I love them and hope they know that: @doinganap @ratinof @danslester @danieldaily @astronautdan @fringegaps @hobbithair @donthavetobebrave @fallinghowell @cuddlesphan @cringe-attacks @snowbunnylester @dandromedas @dannyhowell @dantlers @pseudophan @writerdan *insert an endless list of etc. because I know I forgot so many people sdfghjk and I seriously do feel that way about all my mutuals*

“Kindness… That’s something not everyone has, but I believe there is goodness in everyone’s heart.” 

200+ Followers… Which might include some ancient blogs from 3+ years ago that are inactive, cries. Either way, no matter if people forgot to unfollow me, stopped coming back to that specific RP blog, or honestly followed me because they… wanted to follow me, I really want to thank you all for sticking with this Deuce I’ve created. (Or maybe this might serve as a reminder to unfollow me, rofl. Understandable as how surreal and random this can be!)

SO, a little background about this Deuce! (You may all skip this horrendous essay so you can pat yourself on the back for being an awesome RPer, bless your heart and soul.) 

I actually started RPing as her back in 2012. It sprouted in the Twitter platform after some encouragement from my friends. It kicked off till… around 2013 (I think?) when I got serious in RPing the cutie pie. I doubt many would know about it, but this @fftype0deuce is where it all began. As you can tell, I don’t even know how to role play on Tumblr at that time, lol. She really went through changes over the years… and I’m hoping it’s for the best. 

No matter who I run to RP… I’ve always returned back to this account. From my first RP account outside of Final Fantasy (Mary from Shikkoku no Sharnoth @maryclarissachristiekitty-blog ) to a fandom I have literally no idea what I’m getting myself into (Admiral OC from Kantai Collection @admiralyoriemiko ), I’ve always run back to Deuce. An obsession? Perhaps. Passion? Well, I’m not sure. Maybe… I’m not the best Deuce RPer as I’ve seen plenty who role play her 20000000x better than me over the years. However, I can at least say I contributed to some part of the community by RPing as this character just like everyone with their muse(s)! I think…

Enough about my blabbers, FINALLY, the one you’ve all been waiting for…

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Can we all stop panicking that Nicole’s gonna die in 2x04/05 I mean for hell’s sake they’ve all talked about her having plotlines later in the season.

Wynonna Earp needs more live ratings, that’s like an actual fact, and tweets encouraging people to watch a major episode (like… where a possession plotline starts coming to a head) aren’t anything more than a show that people love wanting people to give the network more reason to renew it.


Previously: Ep. #1 | Ep. #2 | Ep. #3 | Ep. #4 (Part 1) | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul (Part 2): The Exo members decide to take Jongdae out for drinks to celebrate his special day, which leads to Baekhyun coming up with a special drink of his own that has everyone going a little crazy, which then later on becomes a wild goose chase all around the city as they receive intel from an anonymous messenger of where Jongdae could be, only for it to be fake all this time while Jongdae slept soundly asleep in his bed. He had a good birthday, but really, all he wanted was to get some sleep. Minseok, Sehun, and Kyungsoo accomplished that by keeping everyone away.

Happy Birthday Jongdae!!! Your members may be dumb sometimes but they truly do love you. I hope your birthday is better and doesn’t become like this at all. ^^ Except for the sleep part. Get lots of rest, Kim Jongdae. You’ve worked hard and we thank you for that.

This one sucks because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to at all. It’s not funny, and I shortened it way too much because I wanted to keep it at 10 posts. Oh well. It’s done. Shout out to Minseok for being one of the members that doesn’t drink on here and Sehun for drinking in another screen cap lol. Once again I’m sorry for using your videos to screen cap and doing a really bad job on them. If you’ve been enjoying the series so far, thank you so so very much. I think I’m officially done with them though. It was a nice fun little project to do for Jongdae’s birthday, even though I did it to just do it. That’s about it now. Bye. (Do NOT take seriously at all. It’s just a really bad joke that will probably never end.) Enjoy! *Horchata- (at least how I know it as): a rice drink with milk and cinammon and sugar and sometimes almonds mainly known to be a Mexican type drink.*

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so I was watching bits of old hockey games and I watched the game last year stars vs pens where tyler scored the gwg with 3 seconds left and then at the end of the game the team was cellying and I found this

basically jordie is looking at tyler with the same proud big brother face he gives jamie and so it has been decided that jordie is the team’s universal big brother and nothing can shake me of this I don’t care that half the team is older than him he’s everyone’s big brother

I’m so Happy Creation took the threats to Misha seriously.

I’m so Happy that the girl who made the threats had a security guard with her at all times and was banned from being in the same room as Misha.

I’m so Happy that @winjennster told Misha how much he is loved.

I’m so Happy @miss-devonaire made her comment about Tumblr loving Misha.

I’m so Happy that the Real SPNFamily was loud enough about their love for him He commented he couldn’t Hear the Haters.

Thank you, Real SPNFamily, for showing Misha he’s not just an “extra”.

Thank you, Real SPNFamily, for showing Misha the love and support He deserves.

Thank you, Real SPNFamily, for being the Voices those of us who could not attend wanted to be.

I don't care if you're not religious, or if you're not a Christian, please don't make posts mocking Easter. It is a very big holiday for Christians, and seriously, tumblr would lose its shit if there were posts mocking any other religions' high holidays. So, just keep your snarky opinions to yourself, or in the very least, don't tag them. It's not about the religion, it's about having some respect and human decency.

And same goes with Jesus. Just be cool and let everyone believe what they want.

heya friends

you might have noticed that i basically haven’t been online at all in the past days and that is bc

1) i decided to replay dragon age origins and dragon age 2 before the release of dragon age inquisition, i’ve been a fan of the franchise for the past 5 years (aka since release) so that consumes my time

2) as many of you probably know, there has recently been a “hobbit fan contest” were more than 100 fans got to watch bofa last week. And despite not being allowed to tell what they’ve seen, ive seen several anons in the past days sending messages to people, presumably spoiling the movie.

I don’t know if these spoilers are true, however, they might as well be since several fans have seen the movie and claim to have seen it in their messages.

And I’m outraged about this. I’m trying extremely hard this time not to be spoiled, and i go into a tag/scroll down on my dash and see anon messages blurting out spoilers. 

So therefore I don’t feel comfortable being online as much and i’m mad bc i shouldn’t even have to be concerned about people leaking stuff at this point. 

so if you’re one of the winners and saw the movie or if you’re just claiming to have seen the movie and spread wild, untrue info, then stop. It is not fair to any fans to be exposed to this merely by having anon allowed/being on tumblr. I know spoilers are unavoidable (obvs) but these spoilers are/can be very major in some cases and not rumors, which makes the situation kinda bad. 

Respect fellow fans (and the contract deals, if you’re in fact a contest winner) and stay quiet. Seriously. 

And if you want to publish anons talking about spoilers, then spoiler tag your asks and don’t put it in character tags where everyone can stumble over it by accident, please

being online is always a risk if you want to stay away from spoilers, i know that, but regardless do try to make it easier for people to avoid these things, it’s the most respectful thing to do