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snowinahoodie  asked:

I'm the ONLY slytherin I know and 90% of other people are gryffindor or hufflepuff so they're all emotional and loud. How do I not be brutally honest and tell them I'll cut their tongues out if they don't shut up or stop being dumb? (Seriously though I can't stand it. Help a serpent out)

I have no idea. I’m extremely blunt and can’t really control what pops into my head. I clash a lot with my hufflepuff friend for some reason. He’s the only puff that annoys the hell out of me. Super annoying XD Man idk just like give them looks that works for me XD

Keep me where the light is

Member : Min Yoongi/Suga Aka the reason of all my struggles.  

Request : Yoongi or Taehyung Fairy au fluff 😍 when you find him lying in park or some other place and take care of him 💞 thank you. I changed it up a little hope you dnt mind 

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

It was just another lazy day at home. Your roommate was gone for the week, having contracted a bad cold and used it as an excuse to go back home, leaving you alone in the dorm. You filled the emptiness of silence without her continuous loud laughter with an even louder music, going through the homework you’ve been piling up out of pure laziness.

There was a loud thud from the inside of the shared bedroom. You turned the music down, just to make sure it wasn’t your brain creating a sweet distraction from the constant staring at the words which at one point seemed to all blend into a huge incomprehensive mess. After listening for a few seconds, stillness settling into the small dorm, you decided that it was indeed just the trick of your own imagination.

Bending down to replay the music from your phone when the sound reiterated once more, even louder than before. You jumped to your feet grabbing the first thing that looked like a weapon, which in this case was a small scissors that honestly couldn’t even hurt a fly, but to you it seemed the deadliest among the pile of papers and pens.

You made your way to the room, as slowly and carefully as you could afford with the silence amplifying the stomps of your feet against the floor, trying to listen further for any kind of movement from inside. You turned the doorknob, storming inside the room like a soldier ready for combat. One hand covering the soft side of the scissors while the other was still on the doorknob. But, there wasn’t anything nor anyone roaming around, or what you thought to be a thief, he was there, laying still on the ground as if lifeless, if not for the light rise in his chest you would have deemed him to be dead.

The man looked human but there was a glow illuminating from his entity. Not the romantic, love at first sight glow, his body was literally beaming with a faint silver light that enveloped his body like a cocoon contrasting with the slightly darker gray in his hair that seemed to fall just perfectly over his forehead. The hand you held up in defense was brought down to your side, he didn’t look like he was any kind of dangerous for a man who appeared out of nowhere, on the contrary he seemed like he needed help.

You took a few steps until you were towering over him, intently observing his soothing breathing, the quiver in his eyes as they moved under the tightly shut eyelids, and the way his full plump lips parted as he breathed. He was sleeping, or at least that’s what it looked like.

Don’t touch him Your mind, and senses, screamed when you sunk to your knees, your fingertips hovering over the bruise on his cheek, having a better visual of the blood damped strands of hair around the bad looking cut of his forehead that you couldn’t see before. For a moment, you did nothing but stare at his porcelain perfect looking complexion that felt softer than a baby’s skin, partially in admiration and partially in envy.

“ Are you okay ?” You whispered mostly to yourself, your voice getting caught in your throat, when his eyes squeezed tighter in pain as you tried to brush away the few hairs that stuck to the wound. The glow grew stronger, blinking a few times before fading completely. His sudden movement made you freeze to the core, his hand firmly gripping your wrist, yanking your fingers away from him. It took you a moment to process, jerking your hand away and moving back, pointing the ’ weapon’ you had at him.

He opened his eyes, a mesmerizing blue to them that disappeared instantly settling to a deep brown, sitting up. “ What are you going to do with it ?” He scoffed in a hoarse deep voice, almost as captivating as his looks “ Tickle me ?”. You didn’t have time to feel offended by his words, although it was present in the back of your mind. He squirmed in his place, letting out a low grunt of discomfort as he moved to face you, crossing his legs in front of him.

“ What … Who are you ?” You tilted your head a little, only now thinking about it, your dorm was on the sixth floor. You turned glancing at the only slightly opened window, it was impossible for him to climb up, at least not without being seen. You looked back at him, meeting his steady gaze, studying you the same way you were him.

“ Who are you ? ” He asked mimicking your tone.

“ You’re the one who broke into my house, you know ” Your voice rose a little in frustration, making him flinch by how loud you were being to his sensitive, sleep ridden ears.

“ I didn’t mean to, this was as far as I could go so calm down. I’ll leave ” He stood up, his mind going white for a moment with how fast he moved, stumbling back until he landed on the edge of the bed “ Maybe not ” He breathed out rubbing his temples.

You followed his lead, getting to your feet once more, putting just enough distance between the two of you just staring at him not sure whether to offer help, whatever that would be, or to call the police on the stranger. You sighed, letting your guard down completely, how ever the hell he was able to go in or who he was didn’t really matter he was questionably a human who needed help. Blame it on your kindness, blame it on your curiosity.

You looked through your nightstand, passing him with your gaze not even once wavering away from his deep hooded eyes. You were messing things around, creating a loud disrupting noise, murmuring something to yourself quietly.

“ What do you think you’re doing ?” He hunched back when you reached for his forehead with a cotton ball.

“ You need to treat that, stay still ” You pulled him back by his shirt, kneeling down between his legs to reach his face better.

“ What’s the use in that, if it’s going to heal on its own anyways ?” He scoffs pushing your hand away. You rolled your eyes at him, shaking your head in dismay.

“ What’s the use in living if you will die anyways ?”

“ I won’t die ” He mumbled under his breath. You cleaned the blood off his scraped cheek, earning a few low grunts from him as the alcohol settled on the cut, it looked like someone punched him square in the face. He sighed when you pulled away to get a bandage, which happened to be a very pinky and girly one, courtesy of your roommate.

“ Pink ? Really ?” He whined, pouting, but not moving away this time instead leaning slightly into your touch. He seemed to be letting his guard down.

For a split second, you saw his hair lighten up into the same color of the bandage, before settling into a light red. You furrowed your eyebrows and again you found yourself silently watching him, curiosity mixed with a little of fear brewing in your mind.

“ I didn’t think I was that beautiful ” He joked seeing the way you were lost in him.

“ Who are you ?” You breathed out, tilting your head waiting for an answer he was not giving. You had to ask over and over again, while trying to fix his forehead without hurting him even more.

“ Stop that ” He said, gripping your wrist, starting to get frustrated with your repeated questioning. You shook your head, slapping his hand away from yours, “ I won’t until you tell me who you are and how you got in. So, save us both the time and just tell me ”

“ You humans call us fairies” He spoke as if he was ashamed of the word which only made you chuckle at his pouty expression, unable to make fun of him.

“ Hmm, I see” You stood back up, messing his hair on top of the gauze to cover it, looking away for a moment then back at him with a smirk “ Do I get three wishes for helping you ?”

“ I’m not joking, I am a fairy ” He insisted when you laughed louder.

“ I’m not joking either. So, Mr. Fairy, what happened to you that you ended up in my room ?” You plunged down on the other side of the bed, leaning back on your hands, your eyes still on him.

“ Yoongi, just call me Yoongi ” Having had enough of your sarcastic tone, he gave up leaning back against the mattress shutting his eyes for a second “ And it’s a long story ”

“ Well, I’m not going anywhere, you can tell me. I’ll gladly hear you out” He sat back up, squinting his eyes at you then letting a short smile twist in his expression before he hid it away.

“ Why are you doing this for me ? You don’t even know who I am ”

“ I do though. You’re a fairy named Yoongi with a shitty temper ” You smiled back when he glared, letting it linger for a moment, “ I’m also an incredibly nice person so yeah, you should be thankful you landed on me. Or else you would’ve been sitting in a police cell right now ” He finally let his gummy grin show, his eyes disappearing into the smile in the cutest way possible. If he was captivating while serious, this was almost mesmerizing, maybe he was magical after all.

“ Thank you ” He whispered, hoping you wouldn’t hear, but still saying it loud enough for you to do so.

“ But seriously, do I get three wishes ?”

Why did I even think I can write fluff xD ? Sorry anon if this wasn’t what you had in mind <3


Nice to see Tenka put down personality type in their character profiles. 

So that’s what Shingen/Yakov type called ..  goukai & WILD (i’ll keep that in mind XD).

Nobun is cruel and heartless eeepppp *runs*

Mitsuhide is kuso majime 


Saizo is Kimagure (whimsical/misleading?). He’s the same type with Mikhail

Ieyasu is blackhearted ._.

AND What do you mean Kenshin personality is SEXY HAHAHHA