i seriously crying right now


i love kim hansol more than anything in this world and i seriously just can’t stop crying right now. I can’t go to any of toppdoggs showcases in korea, i can’t cheer for him and i can’t go to any fansigns. But i will always love and support him and the other members as much as i can <3
This is one of the most beautiful things that could have happened to me and even now i just don’t know how to express how faithful i am.
Not only did he remember me, he also said he loves me and my artworks-
I love him so much, I don’t even know what to say.
Him saying that he loves my art really makes me tear up. He’s the reason why I started drawin again and i have put so much time and hard work into my drawings for him ;;
He means the world to me and i just really hope he knows that <3

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OMG!!! Zuko was going to admit that no one understands him like Katara and that he's grateful he met her and Katara was going to say that she felt the same way about him!!!! I'm seriously crying right now!!! Where do you think Ehasz was going to make this scene happen? At the end of Book 3 or in Book 4?

It was supposed to happen in Book 4:

Zuko was going to admit that nobody understood him like Katara did, and how he was grateful to have met her. Katara was going to say she felt the same way about him. Neither Aang nor Mai could understand Katara and Zuko like they did with each other. Katara and Zuko begin to develop feelings for each other as they spend more time together but they attempt to deny this.
Aang would start to suspect something but would tell himself he was just imaging things. Aang would then leave on a self-searching journey after feeling the consequences of energybending and getting jealous over how close Zuko and Katara had become. Both Zuko and Katara would be very confused about this situation since Aang is their good friend. They don’t want to hurt his feelings, but their bond is continually strengthening as well, without them even realizing.

  • Asahi: What do you do when I'm away?
  • Nishinoya: [Tears in eyes] I wait for you to come back
Dear Jiary | 161003

The Best Bad Day | Dear Jiary (Jackson)

Genre: F

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Jimin rolling around on the bed as you work on something, whining and looking at you with desperate eyes. When you give him a look that says “What do you want?”, he rests his head on your legs before cooing: “Pay attention to me, I love you.”

It’s only 11am and I am already having a horrible day, I’m ill, I’ve come to work and I’ve only been here an hour but have already had to deal with two snotty, rude women, I had to tell my friend that I’m not coming to his dinner party tonight because I’m not well and he hasn’t replied to me so he’s obviously annoyed, I have already had some twat of a an anon giving me shit for trying to be positive, and quite frankly I seriously just want to cry right now

So just a heads up, if anyone else wants to give me shit today they are going to feel it, because on top of this I am PMSing so just…..please don’t.

What's the use of feeling blue NIGHTCORE
I wasn't the one who came up with nightcore animations Credit to rebecca sugar for making this precious cartoon What has come into my mind


I should be studying right now. Well, time to cram!


And now, Scott Adsit, T.J Miller, and Damon Wayans Jr. have been confirmed to be voicing Baymax, Fred and Wasabi for the series.

We got our main cast everyone!