i seriously crying right now

bad influence sentence starters.

’ come on, it’s no big deal. ’
’ can you throw caution to the wind just this once. ’
’ why do you hang around people who are a bad influence? ’
’ my parents think you’re a bad influence on me. ’
’ it’s not going to kill you to do it this one time. ’
’ don’t worry, i never get caught. ’
’ it’s not like they’re going to catch us. ’
’ are you in or are you out? haven’t got all day. ’
’ you distract them and i’ll run inside real quick. ’
’ if we get caught just tell them i forced you too. ’
’ it’s not rocket science, just sneak out when they go to sleep. ’
’ come on, it’s not like it’ll be the end of the world. ’
’ it’s not sneaking out if they never find out. ’
’ i’m sorry, remind me of what a guilty conscience is again? ’
’ it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. ’
’ you can’t die from bending the rules a little. ’
’ they’ll never find out because neither of us will tell, right? ’
’ i won’t tell if you don’t tell. ’
’ are you going to snitch me out if we get caught? ’
’ are you going to come with me or not? ’
’ it’s not that hard to tell a little lie. ’
’ don’t worry, i got it covered. ’
’ stop being such a big chicken all the time. ’
’ you seriously need to do this stuff more. ’
’ this is not being a criminal, we’re just having fun. ’
’ i’m not under the influence, okay? i can drive. ’
’ it’s just a one time thing, how bad can it be? ’
’ it’s not like you have to do it every day. ’
’ they will not find out, i promise. ’
’ no one will know because we’ll do it at night. ’
’ it’s not like anyone can actually get hurt. ’
’ you’re going like that? you clearly over think too much. ’
’ it’s just some stupid party, calm down. ’
’ if you don’t come then who’s going to make i don’t do anything stupid? ’
’ you are such a party pooper sometimes. ’
’ stop being a sissy and just do it already. ’
’ stop being a crybaby, just do it. ’
’ i’ll do it with you, come on. ’
’ okay, on the count of three, you ready? ’
’ it’s not like you’re stepping out to commit murder! ’
’ stop thinking so much and just do. ’
’ why don’t ever wanna do something with me? ’
’ it’s not illegal, just come on. ’
’ you have to prove your not a chicken. ’
’ you never want to do anything, why not? ’
’ come on, we’re going to play chicken on the road. ’
’ it’s a harmless prank, can you just chill. ’
’ nothing wrong can happen with a prank. ’
’ just tell your parents you’re coming to my house for the night. ’
’ it’s not that hard to lie to your parents. i do it all the time. ’
’ one day, you’ll realize, it’s not that bad. ’
’ you cannot go and tattletale this time. ’
’ just so you know, no one likes a tattletale. ’
’ are you actually crying right now? i can’t tell. ’
’ seriously, man up already and do it! ’
’ for the record, nothing i do is actually illegal. ’
’ come on, it’s going to be so much fun. ’

So Misha confirmed he WILL BE in the first episode of season 13 for which I’m celebrating*

*By eating ice-creams………………In my bed………….. Sobbing………………. Actually wailing………………At 3 in the morning

Because Mark confirmed he IS LEAVING the show

Swallowing my pride

Hey, so I told myself I wasn’t going to do this no matter what, but I’m kind of out of choices right now. Hi! I’m Niks, if you don’t know me. I’m a 23 year old GNC lesbian living with my girlfriend, and we are both disabled. I’m the provider of the primary income, but due to a slew of badly timed recent events, we’re in a tough place right now. This is us! I am the one doing a Blep.

I’m the primary provider for our income, working at a car manufacturing plant full time on night shift, but I only get paid biweekly. Normally it’s not so bad, but my car had to go to the body shop recently and as soon as I shelled out to get it back, Rent was due! I had enough to cover rent, but I have 1.96 in my bank account now and unfortunately I’ve already gone about two and a half weeks without the medication I need to function on a day to day level. It’s going to be the 13th when I get paid again.

My psych meds I can live without for the time being, I found an old perscription still completely full and the time between now and when I get paid is not enough for the allergic reaction to set in, so that’s going to be okay, but the one that helps me to stay awake, think clearly, and do things like drive the 12 miles to work both ways and get my job done are the ones I don’t have! I would tough this out but after taking 4 caffeine pills last night (equal to 8 cups of coffee) and still getting in trouble for my disease and being told that it has to stop, I’m desperate. 

I added a ko-fi link to my about page. I’m really desperate here, we don’t have money to buy groceries, put gas in the car, or afford medication. for a quick tldr?? omg. I’m sorry to ask this but if anyone has anything they can spare to help me out, I really might cry. Like a lot. 

I know that due to the impairment of my executive functioning and my mental illness, I’m not capable of doing art even for myself anymore let alone commission, but this is a route that i can try too if it comes to it? maybe thank you drawings?? I’m really seriously in a jam and every little bit helps. The email for my paypal is xxNIks@aol.com if anyone wants to donate directly there

Help us look like this again!

Top or Bottom?
  • Aomine: I'd top Akashi for sure.
  • Kuroko & Kagami: What?
  • Aomine: You know, when two people with the same gender. You have to choose which one is the top and which one is the bottom.
  • Kise: ... Aominecchi, we're talking about the exam coming up. Not this one.
  • Aomine: I bet in your relationship, Tetsu, you are the bottom.
  • Kuroko: Just hold on a second, Aomine-kun. Why am I the bottom? I'd like to stick it on Kagami-kun too, you know.
  • Kagami: ... I'm crying right now.
  • Aomine: Well, you have a small built body than Kagami. Taller guys are usually the seme.
  • Kuroko: I'll change that.
  • Aomine: You can't. You can't, Tetsu.
  • Akashi: What's with the conversation?
  • Aomine: Oh, we're talking about who would top you. I mean, if we were to date.
  • Akashi: Hm?
  • Kise: And Aominecchi said he'll top you.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: Right? Told you, Aominecchi. You won't-
  • Akashi: I bet I'm more qualify to be the top.
  • Aomine: Huh? No. I am.
  • Akashi: Daiki, you can't get me to be the bottom. Therefore, I am the top.
  • Aomine: Shut it, Akashi! I'm the top!
  • Akashi: No, I am.
  • Aomine: 'ch, fine. Let's test it out. Come with me.
  • Akashi: I prefer to do it in my house.
  • Aomine: ... You always want to do it in your way. Fine!
  • Kagami: Can we stop talking about this? And where the heck are you two going? Are you seriously going to test it out?!
  • Akashi & Aomine: Of course.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun, please come with me. I have to prove Aomine-kun that I can be a seme as well.
  • Kise: Wait, are you implying that you were an uke to Kagamicchi?! Kurokocchi, you'll be the seme if you date me instead!
  • Kuroko: No, I belong to Kagami-kun. Let's go, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ... I'm seriously crying right now.

thanks sosoososo much!!!!!
i am really really glad and its an honor to have you all here with me.
i love having you here and i apologize for posting such a negative thing and for making you all worry about me. even though i get really happy to know someone worry. ////

as i said in another post, you all deserve as much as attention as i do. ;; even more! so lovely…
i feel all warm receiving such cute messages and it cheers me up so much i am really thankful…!
i promise i’ll keep doing my best in this blog and i won’t give up easily if i have you all with me. <333

thanks a lot…!!! —i will hug everyone ;;

i hope you all stay by my side and keep enjoying my art //// i will work hard!!!

and thanks for all the reblogs i have been receiving im so sdfjgdkngh GRATEFUL AAAAH

sorry for not replying individually i dont want to spam or anything but if you all want, you can IM me so we can talk more!! i would love it~~ ;; i dont talk much but i love attention so sdfnggnkdfnh *dies from embarrassment* 

thanks for filling my inbox with positivity ;////; it means a lot!!!!!


kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: another request this is so amazing i’m so unbelievably grateful!! i could seriously cry right now, i love every one of you so much. this one is for @lexiiferr from this list and requested number 14

A life like his is nothing but mundane.

Of course, people are unpredictable, but his own life will pass like the seasons. The ninja of Iga live and die for the same reasons, and he has known his end since his very beginning.

And, yet, somewhere along the way, he found hitches in his life’s plans.

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New shawol, may I ask what happened in 2013 that was so important for shinee ??

hi there! welcome to the shinee world c: /cough cough/ 2013 wAS SO IMPORTANT let me just, let me just take a second to breathe-

okay so! in 2013 shinee didn’t just come out with the beautiful master piece that is the misconceptions of you album but they also came out with the misconceptions of me and the later repackage album, the misconceptions of us. these albums not only were gods work, but during the second one, jonghyun was in a car accident and couldn’t film the music video ;A;, butttt when he came back-he went on to promote and sang live, and omg we missed him so much ;;

and like alongside that tHEY ALSO came out with the Boys Met U album, in japan and that was a work of art on its own tbh. and they did a mv for the singles, fire, annnnd breaking news

plus they did a concert in japan, so our boys were hella super busy!

and with all this work they did, guess what? THEY COME OUT WITH YET ANOTHER ALBUM.

the everybody album is literally a gift from the lord above, god bless. and sm did a live stream on youtube, so international shawols can see shinee perform, and they performed symptoms and litERALLY SO MANY PEOPLE DIED. //they were all so perfect omg/// aaaaaand they came out with the colorful mv which was super duper cute

and then, the final thing that made 2013 so dang important.

shinee winning artist of the year at the melon music awards

tears were everywhere, jonghyun was loudly sobbing, kibum was crying while thanking everyone for the award, jinki was bowing the entire time so no one would see his tears, taemin /taemin/ was crying, the kid that never cries was crying. and lil baby minho, who doesn’t ever cry, had to stop mid-sentence because he was sobbing.

and they didn’t even expect to win the award, exo had to go up there and cheer them up because they were too busy crying and thanking everyone and saying that they’ll work harder to actually accept the award

everyone cried, shinee cried, shawols cried, and honestly, that just took the cake. it made 2013 the year of shinee, it really did. it made me super proud to be a shawol. 

2013 was something so amazing to experience, from the albums that kept on coming, to jonghyun getting into an accident and the joy of having him back safely with silver hair for the first time, then the japanese promotions, and another album, and then having them flat out sob onstage in front of thousands.

it was amazing man. freaking amazing.


Seventeen done fucked me up, I can not with these boys. LIKE OH MY HOLY WHAM BAM DAMN. Like wooooooah. I’m so in love with this comeback song, no lie. But then again, I’m in love with all of their songs. Anyways.. like wow. The beat, the visuals, the anesthetics, the everything. LIKE YAS. I’m so happy, this song is so different from their other comeback songs and I like how it has sort of a mature feel to it. I can see Seventeen doing so well with this comeback. I hope they get at least 1 win, they really do deserve it with this comeback. It’s amazing. I’m so damn proud to be a Carat, like slipping into the Diamond life was definitely real 2 years ago. Here’s to being a Carat and here’s to appreciating Seventeen like there is no other. And here’s to Seventeen’s comeback and hardwork! You know what I just realized? The song doesn’t really have a “ rapping” part.. except for Wonwoo’s and Mingyu’s little bit at the end but other than that, they’re all singing. WOAH. Also… HOW NICE WOULD IT BE IF SEVENTEEN LEARNED TO STAY IN THEIR LANES?! Okay, let’s go look at gifs. LOL.

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Okay I’m sorry, who else is annoyed by Jun’s shirt? And his damn sexiness… BRUH.

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Found a harrie on Twitter calling Niall a "fat lazy fuck!!!!" like, first of all RUDE! And secondly Niall is not fat! He's thick, there's a difference! And he looks good with some meat on his bones! I wanna kiss his little tummy and nip at the little double chin he's getting! 😍😍😍😍 He looks good, very healthy! Being on the thicker side is sexy to me. This fandom split is making me cry!! 😢😢😢😢




this is seriously so disgusting, fat shaming is NEVER ok’’

and i dont even… like niall is perfect! his body is so freaking perfect its actually insane. his tummy is the best thing ever. i love it sooo sooo much!

So I wanted to find this post about Prince Charles acting all chill yet classy when someone attempted to assassinate him. Instead, Google took me to “Prince Charles x Camilla fanfiction”

I am seriously crying laughing right now.

Okay that fucking Liam one-shot needed to come with a massive trigger warning, seriously. I’m feeling nauseous right now, I was crying so hard. I know that Liam has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts quite a bit, so hearing him run a game where he’s some dystopian future Akira psycic monster begging his friends to kill him, talking about how lonely he is, and giving a long-winded “farewell I loved you all” speech was just heartwrenching.

Honestly, I’m … I’m really shook up right now.