i seriously crying right now

hello confirmation that cyrus turning around was intentionally to show that he likes jonah!! can i just point out that they are clapping and cheering! i have never been this happy, i mean, look at them. look at josh. look at asher. listen to peyton. listen to everyone in the room. they support it. they are just as excited about this as we are. this is happening people & i couldn’t be happier!!

Watch “The Good Doctor”

Seriously. Go watch it. Support it.

I am crying right now because this show is about a young man with Autism who, his whole life, faced stigma even as he was a genius. He faced many hardships that neurodivergent people face every day, and yet he still pushes forward.

Throughout the episode - the first episode - I felt like someone was batting my heart with a baseball bat until the very end where they reached in and tore it out. The end left me in messy tears.

I never cry in movies. Moved? Yes. Cried? Never. Dogs could die and the main protag could lose it all, and I didn’t bat an eye. This had me crying.

The main character is a savant autistic young man who only wants to help people, help them live long and wonderful lives because of the tragedies of his past. He’s brilliant and has no ulterior motives to be at this hospital besides help people. Yet, even as he has one in his corner, everyone else sees his diagnosis and tries to shut him out.

But he tries. He tries harder than anyone else would. He does the seemingly impossible even as everyone else struggles to understand him.

This show is so important to me as someone who is neurodivergent and as someone who has grown up with autistic family. Please, please watch the show on ABC or hulu or some channel that streams it for cost because it needs support. It needs to stay on the air. It’s too important, already, to lose.

PS For friends, please be warned that this may be triggering. Emotional abuse and abuse of animals is present as is death. If these deter you, then please reblog and have others see it, understand the meaning of the show.

do you know what I live for?? what revives my soul in the darkest of times?? ANY, and I repeat, A N Y Neil and Kevin scene. the one on the court when Kevin promised that he’d still teach Neil to play??? I’m crying. After E******* when Kevin told Neil that he’s there to talk through it “anytime” (KEVIN DOESNT TALK ABOUT HIS TIME THERE. EVER. his alcohol consumption reduces his anxiety and allows him to detach from everything). OR,,,, the scene after jean escapes and kevin walks upstairs in the cabin,,,, and Neil follows???? and talks to him????? and I’m not cryin I just have a lil *banging pots and pans* I LOVE KEVIN AND NEILS FRIENDSHIP AND IT NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED MORE!!!!! In my eye.

bad influence sentence starters.

’ come on, it’s no big deal. ’
’ can you throw caution to the wind just this once. ’
’ why do you hang around people who are a bad influence? ’
’ my parents think you’re a bad influence on me. ’
’ it’s not going to kill you to do it this one time. ’
’ don’t worry, i never get caught. ’
’ it’s not like they’re going to catch us. ’
’ are you in or are you out? haven’t got all day. ’
’ you distract them and i’ll run inside real quick. ’
’ if we get caught just tell them i forced you too. ’
’ it’s not rocket science, just sneak out when they go to sleep. ’
’ come on, it’s not like it’ll be the end of the world. ’
’ it’s not sneaking out if they never find out. ’
’ i’m sorry, remind me of what a guilty conscience is again? ’
’ it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. ’
’ you can’t die from bending the rules a little. ’
’ they’ll never find out because neither of us will tell, right? ’
’ i won’t tell if you don’t tell. ’
’ are you going to snitch me out if we get caught? ’
’ are you going to come with me or not? ’
’ it’s not that hard to tell a little lie. ’
’ don’t worry, i got it covered. ’
’ stop being such a big chicken all the time. ’
’ you seriously need to do this stuff more. ’
’ this is not being a criminal, we’re just having fun. ’
’ i’m not under the influence, okay? i can drive. ’
’ it’s just a one time thing, how bad can it be? ’
’ it’s not like you have to do it every day. ’
’ they will not find out, i promise. ’
’ no one will know because we’ll do it at night. ’
’ it’s not like anyone can actually get hurt. ’
’ you’re going like that? you clearly over think too much. ’
’ it’s just some stupid party, calm down. ’
’ if you don’t come then who’s going to make i don’t do anything stupid? ’
’ you are such a party pooper sometimes. ’
’ stop being a sissy and just do it already. ’
’ stop being a crybaby, just do it. ’
’ i’ll do it with you, come on. ’
’ okay, on the count of three, you ready? ’
’ it’s not like you’re stepping out to commit murder! ’
’ stop thinking so much and just do. ’
’ why don’t ever wanna do something with me? ’
’ it’s not illegal, just come on. ’
’ you have to prove your not a chicken. ’
’ you never want to do anything, why not? ’
’ come on, we’re going to play chicken on the road. ’
’ it’s a harmless prank, can you just chill. ’
’ nothing wrong can happen with a prank. ’
’ just tell your parents you’re coming to my house for the night. ’
’ it’s not that hard to lie to your parents. i do it all the time. ’
’ one day, you’ll realize, it’s not that bad. ’
’ you cannot go and tattletale this time. ’
’ just so you know, no one likes a tattletale. ’
’ are you actually crying right now? i can’t tell. ’
’ seriously, man up already and do it! ’
’ for the record, nothing i do is actually illegal. ’
’ come on, it’s going to be so much fun. ’

When you read someone’s tumblr bio and they’re literally any type apart from INFP

So Misha confirmed he WILL BE in the first episode of season 13 for which I’m celebrating*

*By eating ice-creams………………In my bed………….. Sobbing………………. Actually wailing………………At 3 in the morning

Because Mark confirmed he IS LEAVING the show

I’m actually really sad to see season 3 end this season for me was very special. I finally started getting involved with the fandom more I didn’t wait until every episode was released to play the game. I have more people to talk to now who share similar interests, and it’s not like how it was in the past when I finished season 1 & 2 and I was like “well now what?” Like I said I’m talking to new people. IRL and online. This season in a way kinda made me come out of my shell? The Walking Dead (show, games, comics) will always hold a special place in my heart. It was such a great experience I loved everything about it thank you @telltalegames and thank you everyone else

Stay Away (Peter Parker imagine)

Stay Away (Peter Parker imagine)

Request: How about the reader likes peter and gets the courage to ask him out or whatever, but for some reason, he’s having a really bad day and doesn’t want to talk to anyone, so he responds with something like “of course I don’t. What kind of question is that?? You’re so stupid” and the reader is just,, heartbroken. You can end it with fluff or angst, it’s up to you ;)

Warnings: curse words ; p e t e r   b e i n g   a   c o m p l e t e   a s s h o l e   

A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted and i cried a bit writing this

                 i don’t know if this is angst or if it just plain heartbreak


After Tony Stark took Peter’s suit away, he just wasn’t himself. He felt angry all the time, he was failing tests, skipping classes, lashing out at others constantly. You didn’t know the reason behind it, but you knew it had to be something very bad if he was acting that way. 

Today, it was exceptionally bad. Aunt May was demanding an explanation, a teacher gave him detention, Ned didn’t leave him alone. You were excited to talk to him, you’ve been busy the entire day and now you had time to be with him. Rushing to his apartment, May greeted you at the door. You knocked on his bedroom door and then opened it. He was standing by his window, with his arms crossed.

‘’Hey baby!’’ You exclaimed, walking towards him and wrapping your arms around his body.

‘’Hi Y/N’’ he replied coldly, shrugging away from your touch. You frowned but didn’t say anything to him. 

Clearing your throat, you smiled. ‘’Do you wanna go grab some food?’’ You asked hopefully, kissed his cheek. He turned to look at you, and your eyes widened. The look on his face was scary. 

‘’No’’ he answered, his tone laced with annoyed.

 ‘’Uh… okay. How about the movies? Or maybe we can just watch one here?’’ You asked him again but you saw could see his anger rising up.

“No’’ he told you yet again. You were about to open your mouth to suggest something else when suddenly his desk went from one side of the room. You jumped back, scared.

‘’Peter! What are you doing!’’ You yelled when he grabbed his chair and threw it as well.

‘’Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!’’ He screamed. It was the first time that he raised his voice at you.

‘’Pet-‘’ he cut you off.

‘’No! I’m sick of you constantly talking in my ear like a stupid parrot!’ You felt your heart beating faster with every word he said. ‘’I want to be alone. Go away. Now.’’

‘’I can’t just leave you. You need me’’ you begged him, trying to get closer.

‘’Of course I don’t need you. Are you kidding me?’’ He laughed loudly. ‘’I never needed you.’’

‘’What? Baby… you don’t mean that.’’

‘’Yes I do. You were just so stupid that you didn’t realize I never did care about you at all’’ your eyes filled with tears and you bit your lip. ‘’Are you seriously going to cry right now?’’

“I-I-‘’ you started but you couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.

“Get out of my house and don’t ever come back. Don’t talk to me every again’’ he told you firmly, pointing at the door. You shook your head.

‘’No, I am not leaving until we solve this.’’

“Get out!’’ He roared. He was furious, his face was red and his hands were shaking too much. “Get the fuck out!’’

‘’Peter wait’’ you gave one small step towards him and he grabbed your wrist roughly, pulling you out of his room. Aunt May was about to yell at him to stop but the look on his face scared her. ‘’Peter, stop. Let me go, you’re hurting me!’’ You begged him, trying to pull your arm away but his grip was firm.

He dragged you down the stairs and walked outside the apartment complex. And he finally let you go. “Stay the fuck away from me, Y/N. You and I are done.’’

And with that, he walked back inside and left you standing there. You were sobbing at this point, and you still weren’t sure about what happened. The only thing that quickly settled into your head was that he broke up with you. And he didn’t even tell you why.

Swallowing my pride

Hey, so I told myself I wasn’t going to do this no matter what, but I’m kind of out of choices right now. Hi! I’m Niks, if you don’t know me. I’m a 23 year old GNC lesbian living with my girlfriend, and we are both disabled. I’m the provider of the primary income, but due to a slew of badly timed recent events, we’re in a tough place right now. This is us! I am the one doing a Blep.

I’m the primary provider for our income, working at a car manufacturing plant full time on night shift, but I only get paid biweekly. Normally it’s not so bad, but my car had to go to the body shop recently and as soon as I shelled out to get it back, Rent was due! I had enough to cover rent, but I have 1.96 in my bank account now and unfortunately I’ve already gone about two and a half weeks without the medication I need to function on a day to day level. It’s going to be the 13th when I get paid again.

My psych meds I can live without for the time being, I found an old perscription still completely full and the time between now and when I get paid is not enough for the allergic reaction to set in, so that’s going to be okay, but the one that helps me to stay awake, think clearly, and do things like drive the 12 miles to work both ways and get my job done are the ones I don’t have! I would tough this out but after taking 4 caffeine pills last night (equal to 8 cups of coffee) and still getting in trouble for my disease and being told that it has to stop, I’m desperate. 

I added a ko-fi link to my about page. I’m really desperate here, we don’t have money to buy groceries, put gas in the car, or afford medication. for a quick tldr?? omg. I’m sorry to ask this but if anyone has anything they can spare to help me out, I really might cry. Like a lot. 

I know that due to the impairment of my executive functioning and my mental illness, I’m not capable of doing art even for myself anymore let alone commission, but this is a route that i can try too if it comes to it? maybe thank you drawings?? I’m really seriously in a jam and every little bit helps. The email for my paypal is xxNIks@aol.com if anyone wants to donate directly there

Help us look like this again!

Super excited about the Hokkaido arc! The first chapter is so good and nostalgic, I can’t.

Why didn’t anyone mention that there’s also a novel by Kurosaki Kaoru being published in the same magazine, though? And that it’s amazing, and funny, and thoughtful, and about KAORU AND KENSHIN’S WEDDING? With Okina&Misao shenanigans? And more?

I’m seriously crying right now, OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. BLESS.

Suprize!!! TFCON DC!!!

Sooo… aparently thanks to some awesome stupendous fantastic friends of mine out of the goodness of their hearts buying me a plane ticket!!!


I’m honestly so shocked and feelz right now I can’t even I want to hug you guys forever. *Cries*I’m so gosh darn EXCITED I can bearly contain it!!!

I get to see my TF Family this year afterall!! Jfjsjakhdjfkdha!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

Top or Bottom?
  • Aomine: I'd top Akashi for sure.
  • Kuroko & Kagami: What?
  • Aomine: You know, when two people with the same gender. You have to choose which one is the top and which one is the bottom.
  • Kise: ... Aominecchi, we're talking about the exam coming up. Not this one.
  • Aomine: I bet in your relationship, Tetsu, you are the bottom.
  • Kuroko: Just hold on a second, Aomine-kun. Why am I the bottom? I'd like to stick it on Kagami-kun too, you know.
  • Kagami: ... I'm crying right now.
  • Aomine: Well, you have a small built body than Kagami. Taller guys are usually the seme.
  • Kuroko: I'll change that.
  • Aomine: You can't. You can't, Tetsu.
  • Akashi: What's with the conversation?
  • Aomine: Oh, we're talking about who would top you. I mean, if we were to date.
  • Akashi: Hm?
  • Kise: And Aominecchi said he'll top you.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: Right? Told you, Aominecchi. You won't-
  • Akashi: I bet I'm more qualify to be the top.
  • Aomine: Huh? No. I am.
  • Akashi: Daiki, you can't get me to be the bottom. Therefore, I am the top.
  • Aomine: Shut it, Akashi! I'm the top!
  • Akashi: No, I am.
  • Aomine: 'ch, fine. Let's test it out. Come with me.
  • Akashi: I prefer to do it in my house.
  • Aomine: ... You always want to do it in your way. Fine!
  • Kagami: Can we stop talking about this? And where the heck are you two going? Are you seriously going to test it out?!
  • Akashi & Aomine: Of course.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun, please come with me. I have to prove Aomine-kun that I can be a seme as well.
  • Kise: Wait, are you implying that you were an uke to Kagamicchi?! Kurokocchi, you'll be the seme if you date me instead!
  • Kuroko: No, I belong to Kagami-kun. Let's go, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ... I'm seriously crying right now.

Just finished paying my bills like…

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I’m seriously trying my hardest not to cry right now ;;;w;;; THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS!!! Expect some more art work from me in the future, I love your stories and would love to do little pictures based around them ^^ - The Friendly Anon / TeFA

I look forward to it, cutie pie! Thank you so much for sharing your art with me. It’s so pretty!