i seriously cant stop listening to it


i present the greatest song ever written. listen to it. 

Beauty and the Beast 2017 is a remake done RIGHT

ive felt the overwhelming need to rave about beauty and the beast since i saw it a few days ago. **SPOILERS**

lets begin from the start

  • it would’ve been hard to go wrong with cast members like Emma Watson, Josh Gad, etc. i had extremely high hopes and was not disappointed
  • Dan Stevens (beast) deserves some appluase for being able to wear that amazingly ridiculous makeup in the opening scene (i fucking loved it)
  • the question of how the hell this village that is within a days ride of the enchanted castle is completely oblivious to its existence is explained
  • they give Gaston a reason to be so creepily obsessed with Belle. i mean that doesn’t justify his behavior at all, but still. he’s just come back from a war and is clearly still exhibiting behavior (violence, dominance, desire) that are products of being at war.  
  • LEFOU !!!!!, i knew i would love Josh Gad in this role. “but she’s so well-read and you’re so….athletically inclined” 
  • they didn’t alter the core story/plotpoints from the original but instead, added some amazing content that really fills many of the holes from the original and more. 
  • Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle is just phenomenal, she keeps the essence of the character while fleshing out some things that Belle sort of had (defiance, courage, wit) that were only hinted at in the original. 
  • We get a pretty plausible reason for the absence of Belle’s mother, and it explains why Maurice is a little bit odd. 
  • BEAST HAS A REASON FOR IMPRISONING MAURICE. its a stupid one. but at least its something. it always bothered me in the original that Beast locked Maurice up for no apparent reason other than the fact Maurice trespassed (to escape horrible weather mind you) and sat in his favorite chair???? at least here its because Maurice steals a rose (i said it wasn’t a very good reason). i also believe this concept is from the ORIGINAL story written by the french novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (don’t quote me on that though)
  • Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellan don’t need explanation for being amazing. (someone better invent immortality before Sir Ian McKellan meets his fate)
  • Belle is badass, she TRICKS her father so that she can take his place because she fucking loves him so goddamn much
  • Belle also has an accurate reaction to objects being able to move and talk. throwing a stool at them.
  • the question of HOW the fUCK Belle got Beast up onto Philippe after the wolf attack on her own is finally solved (thank god that even bothered me as a child)
  • we are told why the servants care for Beast so much even though he’s kinda dickwad AND we are told why he’s such a dickwad, not just cause he that’s who he is but because his father fucked him up
  • Belle knows about the spell. not how to break it, but she knows that it exists and she knows that a human is behind all the anthropormorphic objects and Beast which makes it A LOT less weird that she falls in love with Beast. In the original, she knows the castle is enchanted but she has no idea about the spell so it’s kinda weird she falls in love with (what she thinks) is just a freak of nature. 
  • for some reason, it feels as if Belle in Beast know each other for a lot longer in the remake than the original which is nice. 
  • i will now take the time to rave about the music. it’s beautiful. the original songs are gorgeous and everything they added to them (altered words and such) make them better. i havent stopped listening to the soundtrack
  • all newly composed songs are so good and fantastic additions
  • EVERMORE (song sung by Beast when Belle is freed from him) HAD ME SOBBING, HIS VOICE PENETRATED MY SOUL
  • Maurice and Belle are badass as fuck, i swear, partners in crime getting themselves out of the carriage so that Belle can go warn Beast. i died when Maurice just casually handed the asylum guy the picked lock. 
  • of course i have to note i was all for the gay lefou storyline

i feel as though i have probably missed some things but that about sums up my thoughts. I could go on about the technical side of it and commend the amazing CGI but that’s a whole other story that would just make this post longer than it already is. 

i was so hesitant about remakes when Disney started doing them, but if the rest of them can be to this caliber - sign me up. 

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To 5 jealousy Jikook moments!!!!

ummmm okay so this was actually very hard bc i tend to try to not be swayed by my shipper heart and always stay with my feet on the ground so for me there’s actually very few “jikook jealousy” moments in which i think there’s actual jealousy involved but lets go (this is mainly by jk’s side bc i think his expressions are funny af and bc the only time i thought jimin was jealous he looked scary so i dont like it lmao)

1. that fansign where minjoon was being the cutest and touchy as hell but jungkook didn’t seem to be enjoying it

jk, probably: pretend ur not seeing

and then when jimin sensed the dark cloud above the younger’s head he kept on trying to create conversation by REPEATEDLY calling his name bc jungkook was >>>>blatantly ignoring him lmao look at his face

when he finally gave jimin attention he asked jungkook to do a heart for the fans

and he did

i seriously cant stop laughing asdjkfksh u can find the whole moment here to take ur own conclusions

2. listen this moment i love for various reasons that does not only involve jikook

first: jihope being an extra married gay couple


third: The Bitter Couple™

3. this isac was wild

tries not to look


looks away sulking in hopes they will stop

they dont

remains sulking w arms crossed like a five year old lmao

4. jm: “v-ssi came out looking handsome”


5. this im not sure if it was jealousy but that radio interview in which the mc asked hoseok which member he would like to present to his sister and he answered “jungkook” so jimin almost immediately shot “you cant, its illegal” (jk was a minor back then). everyone laughed and the mc asked how old she was and hoseok said she was a 90’ liner so jimin started doing siren noises asdjkajfk i lov this moment so much its so funny

aaaah this was fun to do, thank you for sending love !! and sorry for the delay asdjkljf i slept

Can we discuss the fact that the trainer praised Ha Sung Woon saying that team Never will 100% succeed with Sung Woon but then moved him to team Show Time???

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Rfa+V+Saeran all loopy after dentist? Who do you think would cry, who laughs, who stares into nothingness?

Based on me! After I got mouth surgery so all the things said and done…….happened to me.


~”Yoosung I cant pheel meh moufh” You mumble slurring the works making him chuckle.
~He sighs knowing this is gonna be a long day for the both of you guys and proceeds to try to get you in the car
~”Nooooooo~ Yoosung I dont wanna goooo~”You cry refusing to get in the car.
~He pushed you in the car and buckles you in then got in he looked over to you trying to see what you would do next when he sees you knocked out cold
~When he gets you home he puts you in bed and sighs trying to make you some soft food that you can eat


~”Hey princess how do you feel?” He said as you drowsily opened your eyes welcoming you back into consciousness
~” I feel… fucking fucked the fuck up” You stutter and he just blinks before busting into a laughing fit.
~You start to stroke his rat tail whispering softly to yourself as he just looked very confused 
~You started panicking before touching your knees and going “Oh good…they’re still here”
~He found it so oddly entertaining watching you do all this stupid shit and he kinda felt like an asshole for laughing but he quickly reminded himself that you wouldn’t remember tomorrow 


~”MC stop chewing on your stitches!” 
~”MC get in the car!”
~”Yes MC…..your thumb is still there…”
~She kept reassuring you that everything was still there it was just in fact numb or else it would hurt and you wouldn’t want that would you
~Probably handles it the most maturely only chuckling a few times at the funny stuff you said


~He has only the best™ dentists for you and they told him that you would be a bit loopy….he wasnt prepared for this
~”Hey…Jumin…” You slurred 
~”Yes MC”He said looking at you
~”Juuuuuummmmiiiinnn”You whined
~”Yes MC?”He sighed
~”Whats your name Jumin..”You say before passing out on the couch
~He just has to take a minute to register what just happened and why you said that


~This little shit has his camera ready from the minute you wake up 
~”Saeyoung…..”You say touching your cheek
~He points the camera at you trying to hold back his giggles “Yes MC?”

~”My moufh is soooo full I pheel like a squirrel”You say with a dazed look on your face
~He doesn’t even try to hold back his laughter on that one he may sem like hes all laughs in giggles but he is seriously worried
~But that doesn’t stop him from spamming that chat with stupid videos of you saying dumb shit


~He is blind and you are drugged what will happen??
~He tries but ends up calling Jumin because he cant see so how is he supposed to take care of you
~But he still talks to you and doesnt laugh just listens
~”V!! The wallpaper is dancing” You say excitedly
~”Im sure it is MC…”He sighs facepalming 


~OK he cannot do this alone so hes bringing Saeyoung along to help with you and shit
~Hes bought some ice cream because he hears that helps and it totally not just another excuse to eat ice cream
~But anyways drugs and shit make him feel very uncomfortable so before you went under you told him it would just make you really loopy and tired 
~And tired you were, you were falling asleep and waking up then falling asleep it was kinda cute to him
~But the things you said in between your little naps were hysterical 
~”Im a bunny wandering through the clouds….woah…..”

H̶i̶r̶o̶t̶o̶Tatsuya: I love you.

Modorikawa: I love you too, babe.

Tatsuya: No. Seriously. I cant stop thinking about you. My heart starts hurting when you not with me. I cant stop listening to stupid love songs that remind me of you. And I just miss you so much.

Midorikawa: Fine. I get it. You want a sandwich.

Tatsuya: Love you, babe.

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I just wrote some new evak if you wanna read it (lots of chapters are prewritten already so don't worry about slow updates) i cant send links in this message but my AO3 user is the same as this one (i love your fic recs thats some good stufff)

Oh my-! Listen, not gonna lie, your fic is pretty much they only thing that I’ve been reading today and I’ve already devoured all of the chapters you posted, so seeing your ask made jump up from happiness a little. Seriously, I’m so hooked, please don’t ever stop writing this!! It already has its rightful place in my next (in progress) masterpost, but I feel like I have to mention it here already because it’s so brilliant and everyone needs to read it asap :) Major kudos to you babe!

  • super rich kids by koolranchkidz
    Summary: travel!au; The van was parked on the side of the empty city street, next to an apartment building. The sun had begun to peek out from behind the horizon and the streetlight had been turned off for the past ten minutes. Even heard Jonas grunt, “Fucking finally! Jesus-” from the front seat. He turned to face the other car window and froze in his spot at the sight. He saw a boy coming down the apartment stairwell lugging an over-packed, black suitcase lazily behind him with one hand. In his other hand, the boy was holding a cup of KB coffee with drips of brown down the sides. He couldn’t make out the boy’s face from that far away, but going by his body language, Even could tell he was exhausted. Or: In which Jonas is rich as fuck and takes The Boysquad™ to the Bahamas after graduation, and many, many things happen.
Lovey dovey with Himuro Tatsuya
Taniyama Kishio
Lovey dovey with Himuro Tatsuya


Translation by:  希望の彼方へ 

Huh? What is it? You want me to kiss you more? You’re such an easy to read person aren’t you. Your eyes closing like that… Even though you said that you didn’t want to do it, you’re reacting this way to me. Well, even I can’t hold back anymore.
Ah, wait, I’ll look for that first… I wonder where it is… Oh, here it is—hm? What’s this? Ah, a rotor huh? Hey, want to try this out? Stuff like these are made to be tried out, right? I want to make you feel good, let’s try it just once, okay? It’ll be fine, and if you say no, I’d stop at once, so let’s continue?

WAAAAH!  The feels! This CD Drama is Kare Pillow Vol. 02.
While I was listening to this CD I imagined it was Tatsuya! Oh my god! My ovaries just exploded haha. joke! But seriously, this cd is awesome you should download it. :)

someone please stop hyungwon before i really fucking die of an asthma attack

if youre going to criticize taylor for her feminism, fine.  but i can literally only count like 2 famous feminists who actually do an okay job. on top of that, even if taylor spoke out about issues that have 2 do with poc, yall wouldnt care because she’s white (i know i dont care when famous white ppl are talking about being good “allys”). stop saying she’s evil for things she cant controll like who is “supposedly” listening to her new music and stop saying all her fans are white (how many times do we have to fucking go over this) because when you say all her fans are white you KNOW you’re implying that we all have the same beliefs you THINK taylor has (i.e. supporting trump) like get your head out of your asses and think for a fucking second 


가사..재윤 (SF9) - 다시 우리 만나도 .. 란제리 소녀시대 OST Part.1

Jaeyoon’s OST for Girls’ Generation!!!

It’s such a happy song, i cant stop smiling just listening to his voice all throughout it! :D

I seriously feel blessed for FNC giving Jaeyoon another OST to do <333 HE’S THE FUTURE OST GODDD!!!!!

Get to know me tag

I was tagged by @omghappysimming,thanks a bunch of grapes gurl

1.Your first and middle name

  • first: zizi
  • middle: sybil(its french fancy eh)

2.Your zodiac sign

  • Virgo

3.Your best tumblr friend 

  • I mean I talk to ppl but i dont really have one,you,yes you reading this,could be mine just msg me

4.How do you feel right now

  • rn,neutral but we just don’t know what it’ll be in 5 minutes

5.Your current relationship status

  • single ready salted walkers crisp

6.Favourite movies-ya’ll should watch all of these

  • fantastic beasts and where to find them
  • the breakfast club
  • clueless
  • all back to the future movies
  • forrest gump
  • the dark night
  • most disney films,even old
  • la la land
  • kubo and the two strings
  • i need to stop
  • your name
  • seriously stop
  • ghost in a shell-the anime
  • k i’ll stop

7.Favourite Series

  • i cant pick one and if i started listing them it’ll be like my movies list

8.Favourite song(s)

  • cant choose so ill say who i listen to the most: kendrick lamar,young the giant,queen,chance the rapper,harry styles etc

9.How tall are you

  • I have no idea

10.3 things you love

  • my dog,games,my fwiends

11.Celebrity crushes

  • tom holland,kit harington,chance the rapper,rihanna,harry styles,gaten matterenzzo,caleb mclaughin

12.Can you cook

  • yup

13.how many tattoos/peircings do you have 

  • two…one in each ear (that counts right)

14.Where are you from

  • Nigeria

15.Do you speak any other language-aka my chance to brag

  • mandarin-i can read chararcters and speak pinyin
  • french
  • igbo
  • not fluent tho

And finally i tag