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How to deal with a concept you do not understand
  • Breathe. If you are starting to feel flustered, stressed, frustrated, take a break. The more angsty you feel, the less likely you’ll be able to focus on the actual concept. Take a break, study something else, but make sure when you’re trying to tackle a difficult concept, you are calm, cool, and collected. 
  • Re-read your notes. This one is obvious but ask yourself if you’re actually re-reading your notes or if you’re just glancing over the page. Sometimes it helps to rewrite your notes in a different way. 
  • Read someone’s else’s notes. Sometimes reading something in a different way can help you understand a concept you are struggling with. 
  • Ask someone but make sure whoever you’re asking won’t confuse you further. To be safe, ask a TA, your professor, or an experienced tutor. I cannot count how many times I’ve casually asked someone to explain a concept and I end up leaving 10x more confused. Make sure you’re asking the right people. 
  • Google it. Seriously. There are many amazing resources out there that may be as close as the click of a button. 
  • Re-watch a lecture, if possible. Some professors webcast their lectures and going over your notes while listening to them is really helpful when you can’t quite grasp a concept. 
  • Be patient. Sometimes, you’ll need to work at a concept over a number of days and that’s perfectly okay. The most important part is that you try your best to understand and that you realize everyone learns at different paces. 
  • Do NOT wait until the last minute to tackle a difficult concept. Procrastinating on this kind of stuff right up before an exam can increase your anxiety and deplete your self-confidence. Make sure you tackle these difficult concepts as soon as you encounter them so you can take your time to understand everything. 
Writing Advice For The Rest Of Us

This post is my message to everyone else who also reads a lot of writing advice lists and feels frustrated and broken as a writer because so much of the near-universal advice doesn’t seem to work. 

1. Don’t write if you don’t feel like writing. Some writers thrive on forcing themselves to crank out words they hate. Uh, bully for them? Every time I try to write when I don’t feel like writing, I end up not only deleting all the crap I spew but also staying in a don’t-wanna-write mood for a lot longer than normal. If forcing the words doesn’t work for you, don’t do it. Give yourself time.

2. Editing before you start writing is fine. “Don’t do it!” they holler. “Make new words, don’t get stuck rewriting forever!” Fuck you, Hemingway reread every time he wrote and so can I. Even if you do wind up editing the whole time and not writing any new words, so what? Improving what you’ve got is perfectly worthwhile.

3. It’s okay to be a perfectionist. Sometimes it takes an hour to write a sentence. That is fine. Wordcount is not the end-all be-all of productivity; quality matters too. The “your first draft is just gonna be shitty, accept it” attitude doesn’t work for everyone.

4. Procrastination is good. Man, I seriously cannot tell you how much less stressful writing has become since I decided procrastination was a crucial part of my process and stopped feeling guilty about it. It gives you time to work through things subconsciously, and sometimes you get a whole lot of housework done in the process. Or a whole lot of Netflix-watching. Whatever. It’s okay. You’re okay.

5. Writing advice is a pile of bullshit. Yep, even this writing advice. The only writing advice you should really listen to is the stuff that comes from people who know you and your style and your flaws well. Everything else is a suggestion, and anyone who thinks their advice is a magical exception that applies to every writer is not worth your time.

You are not alone, and you are not broken, and you are not a bad writer just because your process is different from others. Hang in there.

Spider-Man was fucking DOPE!

Man, I haven’t seen a Spider-Man movie so good for a very long time. I disliked Garfield’s version and I wasn’t really expecting much from Tom Holland, but after Civil War, my hope actually did skyrocket. And Spider-Man: Homecoming has not disappointed me. Though, it had one small minus.

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Here’s my list of things I totally loved:

  • Bear papa Tony Stark. Seriously. A++++ character development. Tony is nothing but a sweet angel, I promise. He doesn’t steal the show either.
  • They chose not to follow the boring-to-death Mary Jane/Gwen Stacy bullshit, instead they chose a NORMAL high school-like hardcore crushing/relationship. Not the big, eternal love at the age of 15. Yes, Peter was clearly having strong feelings for Liz, but it wasn’t all unnecessarily too much. They kept it totally natural and realistic. I will love them forever for that.
  • Biracial relationship, biracial marriage. Nice.
  • Many POC characters.
  • Ned is basically me the entire movie, honestly
  • Did I mention they kept it all REAL? Peter cried more than once, because he was in danger, because he was confused, because he is still a kid. Yes, he is tough, he is smart, he is strong and brave, but he is also only 15 and he is allowed to be weak and to learn out of that. I think it was really, really awesome.
  • Zero plot holes. Like, literally, none. They packed it all up nicely, addressed issues from CA:CW and Avengers both 1 and 2. I wish all the other movies and TV-show makers would do the same with their stories.
  • Karen, the suit lady and her instant-kill mode. Yup.
  • The Bank of Queen’s scene, with criminals wearing Avengers’ masks, so a casual viewier would get the “they’re seen as cirminals now” vibe. Small thing, done mostly for fun, but I like it anyways.
  • Also, Happy mentioned the plain contained “materials for Cap’s new shield”. I think I had an orgasm just by hearing that.
  • Oh and about Cap: I can’t even imagine the amount of fun Chris Evans had by jumping into his old Captain America costume just to film those lame educational movie clips
  • Also, the amount of trolling in the post-credit scene is strong. Very strong.
  • Assholes. Seriously. And Chris Evans’ shit-eating grin when Cap said “patience” was the worst. Fuck you, sir.

Things I did not like:

- Peppers Potts. What the even fuck. Like why? Where did she pop out from? Seriously? Just ????????


Ok guys, I feel like I need to clarify what I meant with Pepper.

It’s not that I don’t like Pepperony, or Pepper Potts herself. I freaking love Pepper Potts (as an individual character and not a part of Pepperony ship) and if Tony can’t be with Steve, then Pepper is honestly the best choice for him. (reason I’m saying Steve would be better is because Steve is much more understanding and delicate when it comes to Tony and that’s something Tony desperately needs)(but Stony can happen only if Stucky cannot tho. Stucky #1, always).

Anyway, all I’m saying is just that she popped out of the blue and it looked like nothing happened? Judging by Tony’s face in CA:CW when he said Pepper “needed a break”, it looked like she dumped him permanently, because she disliked his lifestyle and/or was too stressed herself (and that’s totally understandable, tho). It was probably the big drama effect that was meant to contribute to Tony’s general stress, frustration, and the feeling of not being in control of his life (again). I get it now after watching Spider-Man, it actually makes sense.

I just don’t like the way they put Pepper back in the story. Like nothing happened, like Tony was never heartbroken, and they’ve been happily together since 2008. Even though I love to see Tony happy and and head over heels in love, I wish they would save it to the Avengers movie and explain what actually happened between them and how did they resolve the conflict.

Pepper Potts is a strong and smart woman, she’s definitely the Stark Industry boss material, and of course she is a human being that’s constantly put into stressful situations thanks to Tony and his identity as Iron Man. I am not saying that she should block her own feelings just to make Tony happier, but if his lifestyle is too stressful for her and she cannot accept it, maybe it would be better if they weren’t together. Not because they’re not in love, but because Tony needs someone who will stay with him no matter what. He needs this psychological and emotional stability, and I don’t think it does him any good if Pepper constantly changes her mind whether to be or not to be with him. Either she stays and accepts him, and Tony of course does everything to soothe her stress, or they split. I just don’t like the emotional roller coaster Tony is constantly put through: he deserves cuddles, soft kisses and patience. Pepper deserves psychological stability, too.

That’s why I disliked the way they put them back together: I simply cannot know how they resolved the conflict. I miss it, because I wanted to see if they’re actually doing it properly this time. If they did, then I’m totally happy for Pepper’s return too.

Just a little lower Marco.

But seriously, this scene i majorly symbolic of the implied relationship of these two. It is their breakup, Marco passed and now they have to part, and because of who and what Hekapoo is and what the flame was, there is no way to rekindle it. It’s time for his clock to turn back and hers to move forward. This is somber and sad if you think about it as the end of what seems like a very touching relationship, the parting of lovers or friends. Old friends.

I cannot wait until she returns.

Here’s a silly one. Rank Katie’s roles in terms of hawtness (@rtracker).

Alrighty. This killed me, because personally, I would just choose them all. Can’t I just have them all??? It was almost as difficult as having to decide which character I would date (a high point in my life), so thanks for that! But first I had to consider my criteria for Maximum Hawtness™. It was necessary. I mean we all know Katie is gorgeous and hot af no matter what. So instead I had to consider things beyond Katie’s perfect face.

Sooo personal style, attitude, the way she carries herself, innocence vs. …naughtiness? Sauciness? Can that be a thing? Sure! Oh, and chemistry and interactions with other characters. That’s a big one. Leaving out the usual characters. So here is my list.

1. Kate Foster (But of course!)

Pretty sure a lot of you have seen me freak out about Kate. When it comes to judging hawtness, I am all for the sharp and pointy. When did the question of wanting fries cause anyone to become uncomfortably aroused?? When Kate Foster asked the question, that’s when! Kate is smooth, seductive and she spends pretty much her entire date with Erica looking like she is ready to rip her clothes of with her teeth. …Yeah that’s pretty hot. Bonus points for the lingering touches and the sex hair the morning after. #shooketh

2. Lena Luthor

Originally posted by luthorial

The perfect combination of sharp and pointy and soft and squishy. There is definitely something about her that has drawn so many in. The heart-eyes, the perfect buns, the eyebrows, the lip-bite, the red lipstick… Then there is the fact that she dresses like she’s on her way to view the next big line during fashion week (That Magenta Coat™ tho). Speaking of the lip biting, heart-eyes, and eyebrows, is it me or is Lena more flirty than pretty much all of Katie’s characters combined? Throw all of that on top of the fact that she is an angel and classy af and you can just consider me deceased.

Pssst. If you are for any reason interested in more of Katie being hot and/or my somewhat warranted opinion/endless thirst, keep reading! Ok let’s move on.

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I’m not ashamed fragment

(this post is just a kinda joke, don’t take it seriously. aand sorry if there are language mistakes, I am not an English native speaker) 

So, I watched some parts of film “I’m not ashamed” earlier with face fulled of confusion and “whattafuckness” and I cannot keep silence cause it’s sooo fucked up. The whole film is nothing but a mistake like the birth of Justin Bieber or Bulgaran singer Azis. 

I just whatched and analized (if I can say so) only this 14 minutes fragment consist of “Eric” and “Dylan” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKAkHR5Xb9w 

And… I was laughing so hard cause I haven’t seen anything more redicilous connected with Eric and Dylan before.

this was my face when I was watching it:

- I saw a 40years old musclebound man wearing grandpa shorts and blue like a summer sky t-shirt who appears to be Eric.

really? you wanna make me believe that he was wearing just blue t-shirt without any print and… it’s blue. we all know about Eric’s preferences of dark colors in clothes.  just look at him.  I would fucking bully him for these clothes too cause it’s terrible

- then I saw Dylan in a “wrath” t-shirt 

Dylan. In a WRATH t-shirt. In his daily life at school. Just wearing this. Yeah. Sure. Maybe he was shooting school every time he was wearing that t-shirt? 

Dylan: Oh, today’s Monday. What I am wearing every Monday? A wrath t-shirt. Riight. 

what is this? jocks in white hats to be worn bill backwards? yeeeahh 


- wait a minute… what Bones is doing there 

Well, I assume this whole scene with baby oil is nothing but a concentration of confusion.

- the teacher is talking bout nazis and natural selection at the class. it seems like teacher gave Eric an idea of natural selection stuff. and it seems like teacher doesn’t know the difference between natural and artificial selection. his autistic facial expression betrayes himself.





-I can’t believe Eric was wearing red shirt like this. red shirt like a blood which is streaming from my eyes instead of tears while I’m watching this





Eric: hey, Dyl, we should shoot up the school and yeeess it’s totally mine idea. 

Dylan: woooww duuude you scared me aloooot cause I never thought about school shooting before 

-Eric in Natural Selection t-shirt at school. I’m done. I’m fucking done. 

-no, i’m not done yet because… because whhatttafuck?? can someone explain me why they are whatching this at class?? 

damn girl, it was just a homemade video, why are you shitting bricks  like they were tearing apart a little yeanling on the screen


-no comments

-and yes. they are talking about dog. oh, sorry. God. they are actually were talking with her at that moment. yeah. why not. 

Well. I wasted 14 minutes of my life watching that. “14 minutes not so much” someone can say. but these 14 minutes were the most wasting time minutes in my entire life. I would rather watched  video with totally white wall than this.

I don’t wanna offend anyone who did like this film (lying). But just admit it: it’s bad. It’s really bad. Really. 

I came across this video of being this person being a negative kpop fan (not like they hate the genre, but they love it and they want people to know that kpop isn’t always positive and these idols aren’t perfect like how we want them to be) but I scrolled down in the comment section and read this comment and I cannot agree more (i crossed out the part where this person was just talking about how they always watch their videos and focused on the main idea, apologizes because I crossed this out on my computer and my mouse skills are weak). 

But seriously, we can’t bash these idols for things like dating each other, smoking, sleeping around and such. Because they also were normal people before, but the title of an “idol” just gives a perception that they are perfect and pure. 

Also, if an ever idol comes out about their sexuality there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would still support them regardless what their sexuality is. But I know that there are people who will be triggered by their idol identifying with lgbt, and I just want to say, stop assuming that these idols are the way you want them to be.

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on off colour dobes? I found an fb group dedicated to "all colours" and some claim to health test hips, etc - which I find is decent to do regardless of what you're breeding. But I understand blues have alopecia issues, I could never get a blue due to that. But if someone's health testing their white and solid black dobies and doing some sport or work outlet, and they where AKC registered, would you find that okay or unethical? Why or why not?

There is no such thing as a white doberman. All “white”, “cream”, “double dilute”, “cremello”, etc doberman are actually albino. Though many albino supporters will say otherwise, this is not debatable nor is it Fake News™. The gene mutation creates one of the many types of albinism we know can affect living creatures with pigment, and this specific one causes albinism in primates (including humans), rodents, and dogs. Many albino doberman breeders will tell you that all albinos are pure white with red eyes, but that is a very misguided and ignorant idea of what albinism looks like. Humans with this form of albinism (and gorillas) frequently have blonde hair and purple, green, or even blue eyes. Some even have brown eyes! However, all mammals affected by this type of albinism are intrinsically disabled at birth due to photosensitivity, an extremely heightened risk of cancer at a young age, and various systematic issues as pigment is used in many processes besides skin/hair/eye color such as digestion and brain function.

Mice and dogs with this type of albinism are extremely prone to intense fear reactions and seriously unstable temperament. I have a theory part of it is because they cannot see well (which is a fact- they are all photosensitive to some degree, many are cross- or wall-eyed, and some are completely blind in all but extremely low light situations due to pain caused by even overhead lights in a house) and they are bred to react to visual stimuli, they are automatically given a disadvantage in determining the difference between threat and safe.

Albino doberman are also extremely inbred as they all come from matings between a “white” bitch and her normally colored son. This makes them extremely prone to many, many more health problems than even the non-albino dobermans out there, and it’s not like the breed needs any more help being unhealthy.

So no, anyone deliberately producing albinos is not an ethical breeder, and I don’t care how much health testing or titling they do with their dogs. They are deliberately producing puppies with debilitating disabilities for profit by shrugging their shoulders and saying their dogs are “just fine” and super healthy, all the while discouraging those who buy their puppies from actually looking into the science behind it by dismissing it as fake news. Additionally, I have a bit of a personal problem with albino breeders, as they are a bit tone-deaf on the words they use to gather support for their dogs and the racial issues that surround US politics both when Sheba first was born and now.

Solid dobermans also do not actually exist- they are all one of two things: tan pointed dogs with extremely dark and muddy markings, or mixed breeds. The entire doberman breed is tan pointed. It is not genetically possible for a doberman to be born completely missing tan points. They have been all tan pointed since the “look” of the breed was finalized in the mid 1910s. This is not like German or Miniature pinschers where the solid stag red is present- that was bred out a very long time ago. As such, “solids” are produced solely by color-first breeders, who do not take long-term health and temperament into consideration, and who again rely on ignorance of their buyers to be able to continue to deceive and cut a profit. 

There are plenty of doberman out there with very dark or muddy markings that at first glance do look solid, some even are well bred (they are relatively common in working and european lines, which focus on dark dark pigment). However, if you look at any of these dogs in the sunlight, you’ll be able to see that they are indeed tan pointed, just that the tan is extremely dark. If their breeders are at all concerned about breeding to standard, they will also admit that the look is not desired, and that particular dog should be bred to another with lighter markings to fix what is a mostly cosmetic fault. Most “solids” that are actually solid trace their lineage back to either dane or viszla crosses, and many are also closely related to or bred with albinos.

Blue and fawn are allowed in the AKC standard, but are not in the FCI standard. While I would not buy a blue, the only color-specific problem in the dilutes is CDA, which is honestly mostly cosmetic and for most dogs easily controlled. At this point in my life I will likely never purchase a dog bred to the AKC standard as I vastly prefer the euro dogs, so I will never have to make a decision on supporting a breeder that intentionally produces blues or fawns because that standard does not allow them. However, here in the US, it is not considered unethical to produce dilutes so long as you are doing everything else you’re supposed to (but you should warn new owners about CDA and advise them on how to manage it).

Harry Styles. Thats who you were paired with on the biggest project for your class. Cocky, smug, king of laziness, frat boy Harry Styles. You weren’t sure how he even passed classes because it seems he always did the minimal amount of work, if that. It was probably that charm of his. As much as you loathed him, you had to admit that boy had some good looks and charm helping him float through college.

“Like somethin you see love?” Harry’s remark brought you back to reality. You didn’t realize but while you were in thought about how annoying but good looking Harry was, you had been staring at him. Him catching you caused you a blush to form upon your cheeks. You hoped he didn’t see that because god knows he’d enjoy that and never let you live it down.

You rolled your eyes at him and scoffed “As if Styles. I wasn’t even staring at you, I was zoned out thinking about our project we should be working on” You watched as he chuckled Ann’s proceeded to smirk that god damn Harry Styles smirk at you.

“I was thinking since you’re so smart and nerdy that you could do most of it and I will present it. Ya know since people actually enjoy it when I talk.” He flashed you a smile, set back and propped his feet up on your chair and just shrugged.

It took all you had not to scream at him. You could feel your cheeks heating up and not with a blush this time, no, with rage. It always happened when you got really mad. You pushed his feet off your chair and took a deep breath.

“If you think you’re gonna charm your way out of doing your part for this project like you always do you are dead wrong Styles. I will not do this on my own” You slammed your pen down on your notebook, crossed your arms and glared at him.

“Wait wha was that, ya think I’m charming?” Harry wore another smug look. You didn’t think that boy knew any other look. He was always thinking everyone found him so hot, and so charming. Really all you found him was irritating as hell. Well maybe a little easy on the eyes as well. But you’d never let him know that.

“Seriously?! That’s what you chose to focus on? Out of everything I said?! God you push my buttons” you sighed and sat up straight and looked him in the eye. “Look Harry, this project is a huge part of our grade. I cannot do all the work, and if you don’t do your part half isn’t done and that’s an F. School and grades may not matter much to you, but it does to me” Your voice got weaker and more quiet as you finished speaking. “We all can’t not give a shit and fly by with our good looks and charm.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Hey, I’m sorry okay? I didn’t realize how much this mattered to ya. I know I can be cocky asshole sometimes,” you rolled your eyes and he flashed you a quick smile, “but I didn’t mean to get ya all upset. To be honest yeah school isn’t my thing, but I don’t want that to affect your grades. I’ll do my part, promise.”

Harry’s voice sounded genuine, and full of compassion. Not his typical smug tone of voice with his signature smirk. Matter of fact, he wasn’t smirking, he genuinely looked like he had meant what he said and actually cared. He stuck his pinky out at you, “pinky promise.”

You couldn’t help but smile a bit at that “Alright Styles, pinky promise. But break your promise, I break your pinky.” You took his pinky with yours and made the promise.

“Oh love, I would never want your gorgeous self to break my pinky, it’d break my heart” Harry caught your eye and winked. You hid your face in your hair so he didn’t dare see the blush and small smile his words had caused. This was going to be an interesting and long project together.

The Transmedicalist Debate

A simple list of arguments and their answers…

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans”

You do, without the condition you cannot safely transition. If you do not wish to transition, so be it, as transition is not the best option for everyone. This is not an excuse to claim the label of “trans” without having some form of dysphoria.

“Transmeds Gatekeep”

It is important to define the line between one with a medical condition, and one without a medical condition. You can be whoever you want, but if you need validation by assuming a label that is not yours, then the problem is not us gatekeeping but your lack of self validation. 

“I’m not dysphoric because I don’t hate myself”

Dysphoria is not self hatred, it is a feeling of unease towards your primary and/or secondary sex characteristics. This can manifest in discomfort, a lack of recognizing self, or depression and anxiety towards gendered events as your birth gender (example: getting an erection, getting one’s period, having sex, etc ) This is not a be all end all as I am not a doctor and symptoms may manifest in combination.  If you think you may be dysphoric, consult a doctor or therapist.

“Being trans is about identifying differently from your birth sex”

Dysphoria causes one to identify outside their birth sex and desire to physically be a sex one is not. It is almost entirely internal and physical, although “social dysphoria” does exist as an additional symptom. It cannot exist on it’s own with trans people. “Identity” in this argument is often described as a “feeling,” thus one should ask themselves “What does ‘I feel like a man/woman.” really mean. If the answer is exclusively anything but “Having X body parts, X sexual characteristics” then you should seriously consider the possibility that your “gender identity” is caused by external factors (IE sexism, feminist views, etc) or another mental condition (gender dysmorphia, social anxiety, life dysphoria, etc).

“Some people don’t want to transition!! Not everyone needs to transition!!”

In a world where transition is free, transition has no medical side effects, transition has no cosmetic side effects, transition is quick, transition has no societal bias associated with it, transition does not sterilize you, transition could be “non binary”, would you transition? If no to all of the above, you need to find yourself a new label and stop appropriating our condition. 

“Truscum/Transmeds want nonbinary people to die”

There is little no scientific evidence that nonbinary people exist thus far. Our belief is based on science, so it makes sense that some of us are skeptical of nonbinary people. That does not mean we all are, and plenty of us are fine with nonbinary people. Our beef as a community is with nondysphorics, not nonbinary people.

“Gender is an oppressive social construct that must be dismantled”

Sure, but gender to trans people is so much more than gender roles. Our condition doesn’t stem from society. It stems from ourselves and how we see our own bodies, not from how society sees it.

Gency Week: Day 2 - Feathers // Small Genji POV of this.

Genji grit his mechanical jaw. He told himself to breathe. To most, he would appear outwardly unaffected by what he’d just been told to do. Being largely cybernic, he’d lost most of the nuanced body language that humans enjoyed. Sometimes it proved useful to appear stoic to others when he was anything but. In this case, however, there was no hiding the rage that now flowed through him. Not from this person.

“You want me to what,” Genji spat.

“Write letters to someone from your life,” replied the melodic, metallic voice. Of course Master Zenyatta remained unbothered by Genji’s rudeness. He truly had patience only a monk could possess. “Please choose someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing the lessons you learn while here.”

“I don’t have anyone in my life! Everyone I’ve ever cared about has abandoned me, betrayed me, or been killed!” yelled Genji. Red tinted his vision. How could his master ask this of him, knowing his circumstances? “Forgive me, Master, but I traveled deep into these mountains to get away from the world!”

Zenyatta shook his head. “I know you seek to find balance within yourself, or you would not have accepted my help-”

“-More like I accepted your help because you would not leave me alone,” Genji muttered.

Zenyatta continued unhindered by the interruption, “-But one cannot find true balance through isolation. Just as it is important to take time to oneself to meditate and reflect on one’s experiences, it is equally important to remain connected to the world so as to generate more experiences.” 

The monk gently rested his hand on Genji’s shoulder. “These letters will serve as your connection to the world, my student. They are a part of your training and I hope you will take them as seriously as you do my other lessons. Go and reflect on those you have encountered. I am confident you will return with an answer.”

Genji swiftly turned, ripping his shoulder out from under his master’s hand, and sprinted away. Zenyatta let him go.

He could hardly feel the icy wind whipping around him. Another small - if meager - perk his cybernetic body offered. This high in the mountains, the snow was almost constant year-round. Though the wind and ice barely affected his body, at least his temper had begun to cool. Genji perched himself in a tree looking over a cliffside. A place to think.

He went through all the people he’d known one by one. Dead. Dead. Tried to kill him. Dead. Left without a word. Dead. Dead. Dead…

An hour had passed and he still could not think of a single person to whom he could write. “ARGH!! There has to be someone!” Genji screamed in frustration. He let his head fall back against the tree trunk with a thud

It was at this moment that his eyes caught sight of something unusual. Sitting up, he reached into the branches above him. A nest? Here? Birds were few and far between high into the mountains. Examining it more closely, Genji realized it had been long abandoned. Only feathers left behind.

Plucking a white feather from the nest, Genji fiddled with it idly. While admiring the feather, a faint image began to glow in the back of his mind. Letting it slowly materialize, he saw the silhouette of golden wings on an angelic figure. Wings.

Ah. They had barely known each other during his time at Overwatch. He had been told that she was the one who had saved his life. She had helped him relearn his motor functions. She had refused to upgrade his body to include weaponry. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in many years. Not that it mattered - they had never been close.

Genji fiddled with the feather for only a few more moments. It’s worth a shot, he thought.

Powder Spells: An Introduction, and Powdered Luck

Image Credit: Juniper Wildwalk (post author) (BY-SA licence)

Sometimes, brewing a potion or constructing an altar is either impractical, expensive, or simply impossible. In those situations, it’s often possible to create a simple powder spell that will perform the desired action, and is also transferrable between people if you want to make the spell for someone else or give it to them as a gift.

What is a powder spell?

A powder spell is a piece of magick that uses the mixing together of different powdered ingredients to create a magickal powder. This powder can then be use as a form of incense in some cases, but more commonly is carried around in a pendant or is sprinkled around a doorway, on an object, or even on a person or animal you want to imbue with magickal properties.

Powdered Luck

This powder spell will bring luck to all those who use it. There are two versions – the one with pennyroyal, and the one with peppermint.

The pennyroyal spell is more potent, but cannot be consumed or burnt! Pennyroyal is extremely poisonous, and could seriously injure those who inhale the smoke, consume the herb, or sometimes even touch it if they have an allergy. The pennyroyal version should be considered pendant and altar-only. Do not use it on or around living things, and never set it on fire!

The peppermint spell is still quite strong, but not as strong as the pennyroyal version. However, it CAN be consumed and it is safe to burn, and so I recommend crafting this version unless you specifically need pennyroyal.

You will require:

  • 1 part dried, powdered peppermint OR pennyroyal
  • 1 part ground black pepper
  • 1 part cinnamon
  • 1 part fresh soil
  • 1 part sugar
  • 1 part ground nutmeg

Mix your powders together within a pot or bag, and push a little bit of magick inside the pouch to kickstart the reaction. Think of the magick you give it as being the seed you plant into the Earth, and the magick you get out as the harvest.



A note about powder spell history

Powder spells are a combination of European and African/Hoodoo traditions, and as such you must respect that a part of this practice came from another culture. However, since it has ALSO been an element of European practices, those witches who practice European witchcraft can feel free to use powder spells, provided they’re not appropriating original Hoodoo recipes without permission. Please respect original Hoodoo spells and their workers by refraining from appropriating old recipes. 

– Juniper


How many of my rants will it take for people in the astro community to realize that SUN SIGN COMPATIBILITY MEANS NOTHING????

“Compatibility” in general is just mainstream society’s way of making you either get false hope or making you disappointed. It’s literally part of the reason why astrology isn’t taken seriously. What you really have to do is look at synastry, composite, and compare the general energy in the two CHARTS (notice I didn’t say “the two signs” because you have to look at EVERYTHING).

Astrology can tell you HOW the relationship will work/not work/play out and can give you a sense of the general energy that will surround it, but it CANNOT TELL YOU WHETHER OR NOT IT WILL WORK. TO MAKE A RELATIONSHIP WORK, YOU HAVE TO PUT ACTUAL EFFORT IN. ANYTHING CAN WORK REGARDLESS OF ASTROLOGY. Plus, there are pros and cons to any combination of two charts in astrology no matter what.


Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 21

Still blown away that ANY of my works have reached 20+ pages. This story is so much fun, though, and such a challenge. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without @diversemediums and her amazing brain. (We seriously had a long brain-vomit text match the other day and it was amazing.) I cannot wait for all the spinning pieces to come into play and get all worked out.

Catch up on chapter 20 HERE

Finally a week had gone by and Claire was ecstatic to see Jamie again. Murtagh left a short, vague note for Raymond informing him that they’d be back within twenty-four hours.

Much as she’d rather be in the cottage with Jamie, locked in their room for a day, Claire agreed they should stop for supplies first. With Jamie on full lock-down, he couldn’t leave to get food or other necessities. So she and Murtagh stopped to shop for a little bit before they made the rest of the drive to the cottage.

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How can anyone who watched that video think that any part of it is a stunt!

I genuinely cannot understand how people can be so blinded by their obsession over a ship, that they will literally accept any possible explanation as to how an incident relates to babygate/closeting/bearding etc… no matter how implausible that explanation is!

There is honestly something seriously wrong with these people 😳



A wonderful side effect of growing up in isolation with only an affectionate cat as company.

So, consistent with his ES where he licks MC’s wound, and MC’s lips, in his MS Baby Firefly does the licking too.

MC was wandering off at Kasugayama in the dead of the night and saw Fuu-chan (Kaede’s flying squirrel familiar) who brought her not so good tidings from Mitsuba.

MC needed to make a decision soon to save her clan. She despaired but bit back her tears. Then she heard Hotaru’s voice calling her name.

She turned away, not wanting Hotaru to see her vulnerable. But he held her and gently cupped her cheeks to meet her eyes. 

“I’m sorry, I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“I know”

And then so gently, he whispered.

“You can cry.”

And just like that tears started falling out unbidden.

MC wondered if this is Hotaru’s kotodama power at worked when she felt his arms around him and he whispered.

“I will help you. It’s alright.”

And she just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed in his arms.

When she calmed down she looked up at him she thought Hotaru looked a bit more grown up. She closed her eyes and sighed.

Then she felt something brushing her cheek. Then she realised that he was licking her tears…

When she truly calmed down (and felt somewhat relieved but flustered), she asked.

“Hotaru-kun, why did you lick my tears?”

“Because that was what Tora did when I was sad.”

MC’s heart was breaking and she felt that everything turning complicated and she couldn’t bear to look at Hotaru’s face.

He brought her back to her room and they parted for the night. For the longest time, MC hasn’t slept as deeply as she had that night after the cry.


Little things from TouMyu Bakumatsu Tenroden Live to enjoy

(Apart from Yasu’s cuteness)

aka “why you should definitely buy it if you can afford it”

(if you were wondering, no, I don’t have a life)

1. The Venice-like opening and the way they just throw their mask away

In other news, they all are welcome to fuck me any day
Also, everything about these costumes. Good. 10/10. Shame they don’t keep it longer but well, they can’t really dance with that cape I guess…

2. Avoiding responsibilities, Kotetsu level

[this isn’t a gif, don’t wait for it to load]
No seriously I know this isn’t probably what’s going on but the only thing I can think about to caption this is “must look busy to not get interrogated”

3. Covering your eyes: you’re doing it wrong (but let’s be real, everyone wants to see Kashuu’s abs)

I can’t with the amount of cuteness here. My brain melt everytime I look at this gif and I can assure you I’m looking at it pretty often. (I’m in love with Horikawa btw)

4. That part where Yasu, Kashuu and Nagasone revealed that they actually were acrobats all along


5. Kashuu being a bitch

I love him (sorry Yasusada)

6. The otp standing next to each other

[This isn’t a gif either because I’m lazy and I’m already crying too much over this] 

7. Yeah so I’m pretty sure that this should be illegal

Imari Yuu is too beautiful for this world

8. I still can’t believe this is official content

Someone save me from this hell please

9. Also please someone keep Soji away from me because he is such a cutie I can’t deal with it

Make Kondo-san proud Soji, we all super believe in you!

10. Fuck this guy

But also fuck him (do him Horikawa. do him for all of us)

“I would like you to consider very seriously today whether a big part of the solution to all of our worldwide ‘crises’ does not lie simply in more and better technology, but in the recovery of the soul to the mainstream of our thinking. Our science and technology cannot do this. Only sacred traditions have the capacity to help this happen.”
— HRH Prince Charles of Wales

anonymous asked:

Hi Mary! I'm only 18, and the pressure for settling down with a man and having kids have already been there for years, even tho I'm not really that interested in either. Whenever someone comes with the "I can't wait for you to have babies of your own!!"-comments, I usually reply with stuff like "I don't want kids.." Or "well, I'm going to be a great Aunt some day!", however the "baby pressure" just grow stronger and stronger. What can I do to stop it? Because honestly I'm getting tired of it.

Hey Nonnie!

I swear people need to stop dictating others’ lives or I will have an aneurysm one of these days.

If logical arguments don’t work with them (arguments like: I don’t want to/I don’t see myself fit/I don’t want to bring kids into a crazy fucked-up world/I want to concentrate on myself/I DON’T FUCKING WANT TO), time to get creative and troll. Yes, you heard me right. Trolololo, because otherwise, we’ll lose our minds.

So, the next time someone suggest you should do something with your body and life that you really, reaaaally don’t want to, here’s what you should tell them:

- it would be unfair to my cat/dog/the ant living in my basement

- but I’m already a mom to my hedgehog/cat/dog/the ant living in my basement

- I already have a stable relationship with alcohol, I don’t want to change that

- I can barely deal with my own temper tantrums and you want me to add to that?!?! fuck no

- I really, really want to devote all my attention to my cat/dog/the ant living in my basement, they might be the chosen ones and having kids would prevent me from indirectly saving the world

- I’ll have a baby as soon as they’re worth more on the black market

- I’m part of the Voluntary Human Extinction Program, and an honorary member, I can’t betray my beliefs, sorry don’t try again later

- taking care of kids would seriously take me away from my knitting/stamp collecting/watching paint dry hobby and that’s something I cannot give up

TROLL TROLL TROLL. It’s the only way to deal with close minded people.

Have a lovely day <3