i seriously cannot get over just how cool this is

chapter 78 dna spoilerzz



stop trying to act cool fam.. i mean, whats this??

like, what is he trying to do??? hahaha 

btw i am kanemaru
he probably thinks like “this fucking bastard. getting all high and mighty just because he got an article..” but in reality, he wants to have girls approaching him too

miyuki and kuramochi grinning at each other.. what is this. out of character, is this even the real raws? declined. cannot accept that. 

furuya expression hasnt changed at all.. its the usual 

btw this is the new sawamura, i seriously cant get over this. trying to look cool WITH HIS HAND GESTURE I CANT ACCEPT HOW HE HOLD HIS HANDS I MEAN  W H  A  T


i will probably spam my twitter becaucse this is killing me
dont try too hard fam


I lied to you. I didn’t walk to the gym. It was just too dang nice out and I needed to run!! My legs are going to seriously hate me tomorrow. 1 mile to the gym, an hour of lifting heavy things (arms), those burpees, and then 1 more mile to get back home. I attempted a few lunges as well… nope.  

2.0 miles / 23:03 / 11:32 pace

That brings me to over 23 miles for the week. Score! I cannot even express to you how much my mood has increased since I upped my game this week. 


I’m being an adult now: Started cleaning, breakfast muffins are cooling, and I meal prepped this for dinner with leftovers…

*Drool* So proud of myself right now. I’m actually excited to weigh-in tomorrow morning and see what the scale says. Also, I’m wearing Nike shorts right now and feel dang sexy. 

OKAY. Gotta adult some more. BYE.