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whenever antis provide ""sources"" about how ""fiction affects reality"" it's literally just articles about how fiction increases empathy. seriously. once an anti was like "here's 15 sources :) can't argue with me now :)" and i went through EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. and it was just "fiction increases empathy" one after the other. NONE proved that problematic media fosters abusive behaviors, which is what antis mean when they say "fiction affects reality." since when is more empathy a BAD thing?

If anything it would be empathy to the victim, which you think would be a good thing.

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Ok so I am torn between being out of my mind stoked for johnlock to maybe (totally) finally being real (it has to be) and sad that Moffat is saying there may not be another series. That would be SO bittersweet. Do you think it's just the usual teasing stuff they do every year or they are legit worried the gay stuff will sink them? I wouldn't think so, I mean the BBC seems to be super supportive so I can't see that being the reason....I think it's just teasing eh? Maybe? AAAh anyways yay!

Oh Absolutely teasing!

I’ve talked about a similar thing here before, but before S4 even filmed, both Moffat (here and here) and Ben confirmed a fifth season, and Radio Times recently stated that the interest in a fifth season is there. At the screening on Thursday, Moffat vaguely confirmed a fifth season

Seriously, they do this EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Sherlock is one of their top-rated shows and one of the BBC’s biggest money-makers; they’d be foolish to NOT do another season. The interest is there from all parties, but it’s difficult to schedule around Ben and Martin’s filming, which is WHY it takes so long to get them out (remember, they’re doing 3 feature-length episodes in a condensed timeframe). Plus, I suspect that Mofftiss and Sue are worried about how canon Johnlock will be received, so they don’t want to FOR REAL confirm anything, but I feel like that they will leave TFP at a “good place” where there will still be smaller plot holes to fill up, which is why S5 will be about and the Johnlock proposal :D

That’s what I think anyway :)

okay I always see so much shit about how the dialogue in Life Is Strange is sometimes really awkward and yes yes Max is a total dork sometimes and the writers probably thought this is how “us young folks” talk.

but have you seen Until Dawn, the game everyone is obsessed with atm? The dialogue there is at least equally cringe worthy but somehow no one seems annoyed at that? Is it because it’s an “adult horror game” with a huge budget instead of an indie game aimed at a younger (and arguably female) audience? Is it because it’s mostly young men saying those ridiculous things (which instantly makes them dorky and funny) instead of teenage girls (which instantly makes them ridiculous)? I don’t know tbh but why does this happen???

  • Black Widow: And what happens if we come to a decision you don't like?
  • Ross: Then you retire.
  • Black Widow: ...
  • Black Widow: bahahaha wtf? Did you forget you're standing in a room full of people who could kick your ass 16 ways to Sunday?
  • Scarlet Witch: I could literally blow you up right now.
  • Vision: I could blast you into nonexistence without batting an eyelash.
  • Captain America: I could break every single one of your bones without breaking a sweat.
  • Black Widow: Seriously what makes you think you have ANY say in whether we listen to you or not? Our entire job is doing things you and your entire army can't handle. Piss off before we have Vision show you where you can stick your accords.

I don’t think maren are appreciated enough. Have you ever stopped and looked at them and thought about them?

They have claws (big ones too, from the looks of it). They ingest poison to fuck with anything that uses its teeth to fight (which is most things when you’re in the water). They have greatly respected warlocks (I’d assume witches as well). They fight sharks and whales regularly enough for it to be a common position. Out of all the beast clans, they are perhaps the most technologically advanced. They built cities that could rival any dragon lair.

I like to think that Maren are sometimes called Sea Serthis because of the claws+poison+body shape.

I want to see more maren characters.

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What do you think of that black out shit tomorrow? They can have a black out but we can't have a white out wtf is that bullshit

Lmfaooo what??? I think it’s a nice idea and I’ll totally be reblogging some of my black followers selfies calm yourself white people don’t have to steal every single thing from black people seriously if ya’ll wanna see whiteout go google pics of the US government or look at Fox News anchors or some shit lol

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Hey Connor, I'm 16 and I recently found out that I'm gay but... I don't want to be. Like I'm already a disappointment my family and this won't help. I don't even think I'll be able to come out or tell anyone. I've tried to "straighten" myself and I can't. I grew up around people who have never taken homosexuals seriously as humans and who loathe them. Plus I don't want to come out to friends either because they won't see me, they'll only focus on "gay"... Please help. Thank you for your time

This makes me really sad. I can understand the fear associated, but there is not a single thing you need to “fix” about yourself. You are not broken. You live and you love just like everyone else. The only thing different is the people you love. But even that is not “different.” There are so many people out there who are going through what you’re going through, and all of these people, myself included, are rooting for you. You’re also assuming the worst of your friends. Some of them might not be great, but some of them might also be just what you need to help you get comfortable with you. You should only come out to people when you feel it is safe to do so, as hard as that can be. You also don’t have to come out to everyone. If you can find a few people you trust, they might be able to get you more comfortable with yourself. You have to find a way to fall in love with yourself as is. You are beautiful. You are not a disappointment. You're a being who’s very essence, the atoms that make you up, was created in the hearts of stars. You are not wrong. You are oh so right. I love you and wish you all the luck in the world, as well as all the love. You’re beautiful. Try and learn to see that. <3

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I was wondering if I could get some advice. I am in my 2nd year at university and I seem to have lost all focus/motivation. I have had straight A's until now, but I just finished midterms and they went terribly. I zone out when studying, or my mind wanders in a zillion different directions (worrying about things that are going to happen months from now). I dread every single day bc everything just feels so "blah," and I can't go a day w/o crying. I'm so unhappy. How do get back on track?

Well, given what you just said I think you ought to consider the possibility that you have depression, whether it’s seasonal or not (both types should be taken equally as seriously). However, there are other things you can do that might make things better.

Sit down and plan out your week (I would also recommend you plan out every day either the night before or the morning of). Sometimes just having a concrete list of what you need to do makes it easier for you to get something done. You won’t be standing around wondering what to do off of your seemingly never-ending to-do list because you will have written down exactly what needs to get done that day. This may not be the case for everyone, but organizing myself usually motives me.

Make sure you’re taking time for yourself. This may seem impossible to some people, but it’s very much necessary. The people I know who don’t believe free time is an option are seriously unhappy people. And, unfortunately, they fail to realize that simply reaching for success and doing nothing else will never satisfy them… They will always want more and thus always be miserably working themselves to the bone. This doesn’t have to be anything extensive or elaborately planned out, either. It can be something as simple as reading a good book for 15 minutes before bed, taking an extra few minutes to relax in the never-ending hot showers of dorms, taking a nap, doing your nails, or calling up your best friend.

Fake it ‘til you make it. Really. It actually does work. Force yourself to sit there and smile. After a little bit it will actually make you feel good. Tell yourself that things aren’t that bad and that you can be happy. Perhaps even create a list of affirmations that you read out loud to yourself each morning.

Tell yourself you’ll only do one problem or only read for 1 minute. Once you get started it’s very likely you’ll just keep going. Getting started is usually the hardest part. But if you can get past that you can do anything.

Talk to someone. If your school has free counseling services, use them. They will know what you’re going through and will have the professional expertise to help. If that doesn’t make you comfortable or you don’t think that’s enough, talk to your friends, as well, or even your family if you’re close. Having a support system is really important for your mental health. You might also consider talking to your academic advisor. He/she may have some unexpected but very useful advice for you. After all, professors are people, too!

Stay hydrated and eat well. Poor hydration and nutrition can have a huge effect on how you feel. You’d be surprised to see how much of a difference properly hydrating yourself can make. Additionally, though everyone knows it, eating healthy and nourishing foods helps your brain and body function better. Sometimes a reminder is all it takes to get you back on track. You don’t have to have a perfectly clean diet, but trying to make healthy choices as much as possible will do you well.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. This is a common problem amongst college students, and also one of the most underestimated in terms of how much it can affect your mood and overall performance in your classes. Getting adequate sleep should not be considered an option, it should be considered a requirement. Even those who have healthy sleep patterns get off track every once in awhile, but just do your best to maintain proper sleep hygiene.

Try not to worry yourself over all of this. That is very hard to do, I know, but try. Even if your grades aren’t ideal right now, it’s not over. It’s only one semester and you still have two full years ahead of you. Try not to dwell on what has already happened and just focus on what’s to come, what you can do to make things better. Reflect on your experiences in order to help elucidate how you should tackle your future. 10 years from now this experience will be reduced to only a small blip on the radar, so consider that–whatever happens this semester–it will not condemn you in your future.

Good luck!