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How do you think the guys can confess their love? If they had to make a love confession?

!!! Ok this will be cheesy af 🤣!

He’s way too shy, as if he forgot how to speak.
“Listen I… I think I… You know when you l-l-like someone so much you want to hug them, watch them sleep, protect them from everything? When just seeing them smile makes you happy and there’s nothing else you’d ask more than their own happiness? Well… I think that’s how I feel about you… I don’t just like you… I love you. I love you.
“You’re talking to a mirror, dude” this was Urie.
And yes, he was rehearsing lol

He smashes hands on the table.
“For once and for all! Look at me!” The stare is real.
“I’ve always been there for you and I’ll always be! Don’t be scared of anything out there anymore, I’m going to protect you as more than just a cousin. Let me be your lover, I’ll treat you like the queen you are in my eyes and in my heart!” He then hugs her tightly.

He hides behind a huge floral bouquet.
“My little butterfly is this not enough? I will buy you a whole greenhouse of beautiful flowers then, even if I doubt they would be as gorgeous as you are.“
He approaches her and kisses her hand.” Would you be my lover? I promise I will love no one but you, my sweet angel~“

He suddenly hugs her from behind.
“Fufufu~ did I scare you?” he gets closer to her neck. “You don’t need to be scared. It’s me, after all. We’ve already got close to each other, I can’t stand it anymore when you’re away from me. You know I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you… but me” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Let’s be together”

He comes from afar, yelling: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”
He stops running right in front of her, and then screams: “GO. OUT. WITH. ME. I’M. YOUR. MAN. FOREVER.” He’s out of breath, heavily breathing too.
There’s an awkward silence.
“… Pretty please?”

He takes her hand softly.
“I think I… feel conflicted, somehow. I’ve only thought my love for Maksis-sama was the one and only, but lately… Lately I’ve been thinking about you more, I can’t stop feeling the way I do, I think I… cherish you. And you have to forgive me for saying this, but I’ve fallen in love with you, my princess, would you go out with me?“

*dies for the amount of cheesiness in this post* I hope you liked it, it was fun to write!


I’m literally dying right now…

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I have nothing more to say about you except YOU ARE GREAT SO IS YOUR WORK !!!!

OMG… (๑♡⌓♡๑) This is too much for my little heart, THANK YOU SWEET ANON ILY

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this is my favorite thing because niall is dancing so ridiculously and then in the background harry picks up this tarp thing and starts dancing with it like a fucking weirdo and when niall sees him he pauses for just a moment and then continues dancing like there is nothing fucking weird about this

Sexy Moves.
  • Samu (zu Kandidatin): Ich muss fragen: Hast du von Rea diese sexy moves gelernt, diese *macht Hüftschwung und shake that ass*
  • Rea: *prust* Jahahaha...
  • Samu (zu Rea): Du machst diese moves immer at the backstage, all the time.
  • Smudo: *gackert*
  • Thore: DAS STIMMT!
  • Rea: Was in backstage passiert... bleibt in backstage.