i seriously can't colour but i tried


like i even need an excuse to draw shirtless OP characters at this point, but once upon a time, many, many moons ago i asked corazosan if i could draw something based on their AU/poseidon fic and they were very kind about it and being the trash child i am it took me months to actually do it… i was originally going to draw the part where Kid is in the tub and being a nuisance and getting water everywhere, but the idea of him floating past the sub windows and making rude hand gestures at Law was just too good… 

this is just a WIP still but i’m not sure when i’ll have time to finish (i will someday though!!) so i figured i’d post it anyways. sorry it is so late and still very scribbly (and inaccurate, holy shit i’ll fix some of that i promise) but i hope you like it a little at least, and i just wanted to say thanks for writing such fun fics :)