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tbh, malec looked more like close co-workers than a sexually active couple. it's not believable. even not-endgame-climon got a more intimate, body close together scene for their first kiss than malec ever had. first time for malec (and alec!) and we got them to talk about it with other people?! not shocking since we never seen them even hold hands. i will not be surprised that spoiler hug and kiss in episode 10 is actually a buddy hug and a peck on the lips. or cut out altogether.

You know, Anon, that’s what kinda bugs me here. I mean I KNEW that we would never get some kind of “morning after scene” in this ep. Not after the framing of the ep from last week. But call me naive but at least I expected hoped for a scene where they would actually talk about this huge step and Magnus’ feelings!

Like… I cannot help it but as much as I enjoyed watching their first scene when Alec came over to tell Magnus about them throwing a party, you could really see and hear that there is still so much that needs to be talked about between them. Magnus like “You’re sure about this?” and Alec replying “Why wouldn’t I be?” Can we please go back to them having at least these real and honest conversations? This was/is pretty much their thing, so please.

So we ended up with nothing. They even cut the scene of Alec and Izzy short because Maryse and Max arrived. And instead we got the Jace and Magnus scene but where Alec had no idea that Magnus wouldn’t do this for anyone. Same for Alec. He kind of protected and stood up for Magnus against Maryse, but again, Magnus didn’t see/hear any word of that. And this actually disappoints me on a certain level.

I don’t need heavy making out (yes, I am still bitter, sue me) and 200 kisses in an episode but please go back to talk things over. Because right now I even doubt that they will ever talk about the cat eyes or Alec’s “attempted suicide”. And that is really annoying me right now. Since conversations were/are their thing!


It’s exciting that George Martin is still writing the books, you know. That we don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s very exciting for the audience, for the people making it, for the actors. It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the endgame because you don’t really know what it is.

It honestly makes me so happy to see how much all the members endlessly adore Dino like you can see it just dripping from their eyes and the way they treat him like he’s most precious, innocent, valuable baby and it’s so nice to just see them pouring so much love into their youngest member and they just completely thrive off seeing him grow up a little more each day and I’m so glad he’s spending his youth being surrounded by so much real real real love


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)


KC AU Week: Day 4 || All Human.

↳Assassin/Scientist AU

Caroline Forbes, professional assassin and con-artist is hired by one of the government secret agencies to seduce Klaus Mikaelson, aspiring and successful scientist who has uncovered a series of discoveries that will change the whole world, and steal his progress.

Now, if only he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, then maybe she would have been able to get it over with and finish this task.

But of course, he had to have dimples and an accent. In short, her own custom made recipe for disaster.

A Whole Year? What?

My goodness this blog is a year old already! I’m officially the NnT roleplay granny now. This also means that Merlin has made it 11 months longer than any other Tumblr muse I’ve ever had, and there was one big reason why I’ve made it this long – the people I met along the way.

So since today is Valentine’s Day and my blog’s birthday, it would be a shame if I didn’t just gush all about those people. Ready? It’s under the cut because… well, I gushed

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kylux pop update!

oh my gosh there are a lot of you beautiful people out here! hello and thank you SO MUCH for spreading the word. i seriously adore you all.

i promised an update “in a couple of days” and i swear i’m going to be better about timing once this actually starts. :D

the update is this: i’ve had a couple of asks to clarify what exactly will be eligible for the @kyluxpop, and how much you’re actually committing to if you choose to participate. i’ve also been considering the idea of prizes, because i really think it would be awesome to be able to give people a little something for participation. so i’ve got an amazing artist working on some art for me, and the plan is this.

1. at the beginning of the pop i will put up all the challenge topics so you can make sure your ideas don’t overlap unless you want them to.

2. every week i will post a detailed prompt, which will be reblogged a couple of times throughout the week at various times of day to ensure everyone sees it.

3. responding to that week’s prompt will earn you a digital badge, as follows:

mitaka: top of your class, lieutenant! at least 100 words but less than 1000.
tarkin: old-fashioned and hardass. exactly one hundred words. i will check.
vader: UNLIMITED MIDICHLORIANS. at least 1000 words.
yoda: words in an interesting order you must put. write a poem, any form, any length.
r2-d2: audio and video. take a photo of something, or assemble some pictures into a moodboard, or throw together a fanmix.
palpatine: DRAW AN ART. because drawing is some next-level sorcery.

you may do as many or as few of these as you like. do all of them every week if you want. all pop participants will also get a kylux pop 2017 digital badge featuring our beloved space jerks.

i would desperately love to send physical stickers to every one of you - but i have crunched the numbers every way i can and i simply can’t afford it. this is already going to cost me a few hundred dollars. so at the end of the pop, whenever i decide that is (yes i’ll tell you in advance), i will go through the weekly roundups to get a list of everyone who contributed to each topic, and any work you earned a digital badge for will get you one entry into a random draw to receive a physical sticker. so one vader entry in week one, plus a yoda and an artoo in week three and a tarkin in weeks four, six and eight will get you in six different draws. i will mail these anywhere in the world but you will have to be okay with giving a rando from the internet your mailing address. if you win a draw and don’t want the stickers let me know and i will redo the draw.

sounds good? sounds good to me.

and here are the rules and faq if you want to have another look at those.

schedule post coming soon. 

Fic Rec:  Under My Skin by @poetgirl925

“ AU Skyeward. As a specialist, Grant Ward values control and order in his missions. But when he’s paired for a long term undercover op with Skye, a former Rising Tide hacker he previously butted heads with, his infamous control is tested. Posing as a newly engaged couple, they’re wary partners in a mission that could prove fatal if they can’t learn to trust each other. ”

To all the fellow Jikook shippers

I know I don’t know half of you out there, but I know I seriously adore each and every single one of you. You’re all some of the sweetest people I have met and for us to come together in harmony and love this ship and just send good vibes out there for each other, not to mention all the love you guys/girls give makes me so happy to be apart of this ship!

For us all to be apart of something we love and hold so dearly in our hearts and see the beauty in despite some of the hate and criticize we get is truly something special and right now I feel all mushy, but I seriously feel like we’re a family.

I want to thank some of the blogs I follow that really bring joy to my everyday tumblr experience, you’re all absolute sweethearts and I love your blogs so much!

@kookie-time @neverbefake @koookie @jamkook @jikookiejar @jikookshit @jikook-net @placeyoursinshere @heyhosam @staycute1234 @minpuffs @gottalove95z @fy–jikook @baebsaes @97x95network @busan-brats @jikookielove @jiminthepark @jihyped @polkari-seuta @kookiesxscream @lightlsh @jikoooktrash @jiguknetwork @teamjikook (and many more blogs)

and how could I forget the three people I adore so much?

@beonjeon @pinkbtsme @tae-and-jams (ily girls ♥)

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(me to all of you beautiful people) again, thank you so much from the bottom of my little jikook loving heart.

                  FIRST  OF  ALL  BIG  BIG  THANK  YOU  TO  EVERYONE. for  welcoming  me back
                   to  the  marvel  fandom.  i  have  to  say  i missed  u  guys  a  LOT  &&  im super happy to
                   be  back  with  ward.  ward  has  been  a  super  awesome  experience   & im sure this time
                   rping  him  will  be  even  more  great. down  below  i  will list all the people i adore. seriously
                   everyone  of  you  is  freaking  awesome   im  super  jealous  bc  y’all  are  so perfect. i’m
                   also  super  lucky  to  made  so  many  new  friends  during  this  short  trip  of  mine   i’m
                   looking forward to even new ones & the time i spent with all of ya. you guys rock my world !!!

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I meant to do this when I hit 1k followers, but my life was a hectic mess at the time.  So here it is for the end of 2014, a list of all my favorite blogs.  :3  And even if you aren’t on here, I love you lots.


agentindy | agtwashs (misterdata) | captainstevergers | geoffshohohousegingertearjerker | godlygillanhowardweenieman | ifoundcoal | irwinsirwinisle-of-refugeesjesterofsouls | kneze | megneato | nissancubesyasirael 


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Hi guys!!!! I hope youre having a great day/night this is just a little psa that i know some of you have sent me some messages!! and trust me i see every single one of them i just have A LOT and i get really lazy to reply omg im so sorry!!


but i appreciate all of them and i WILL get back to you even if it takes a few days!!

im just slow bc 

1. im lazy as fuck

2. no internet rn

3. i dont wanna flood people!! 

ill probably answer quicker if youre off anon too!

[Good job, guys. So many people have put themselves down with that ‘not good enough’ post that Tumblr is asking me to wait before messaging more people. WELL GUESS WHAT. THEY CANNOT STOP ME FROM MAKING THIS POST, NOW CAN THEY?

No, seriously. I love you all, I adore your writing and I feel bad when I don’t get to read all of it due to my work schedule. I follow over 700 talented and amazing people and it kills me every time I see someone put themselves down or feel not confident enough to know that they’re talented and so much more beyond simple words of praise. Keep your head up, because I promise you that everyone around me inspires me to write better, to draw better and to be a better person.

You inspire me because you’re creative.

You write well and have gorgeous gifts.

You are a beautiful, talented person.

Never let ANYONE put you down, especially the reflection in the mirror.

Bark bark, you’ve been caught.]