i sent you this but you said nothing

Dear Tumblr,

Dear writers of Tumblr, commissioners of Tumblr, anybody who does writing for money, anybody who wants to do writing for money, anybody who has considered paying somebody to write for them -

A few days ago, I received a request for a commission. It was a fairly normal one, as far as mine go, but as we proceeded, it got more and more exciting. Yesterday night, I sent to him an estimate of price. He estimates price based on pages - I said that, going by 500 words a page, 5 pages would be $25 CDN.

His response was concerned, surprised and very nearly outraged. He didn’t say ‘How dare you’, he didn’t say ‘You’re a thief’’ - nothing like that. But he did say that that was very high for somebody with ‘no short stories in his gallery’.

Anybody who follows me well knows several things. All my work is on AO3 and FF, and I’m not shy about that (it’s said publicly on my DA and my commission form). I’ve been writing for years. And I do not, ever, post work I’m hoping to publish on a public forum.

I charge 10$ for 1000 words. Not only is this standard for this particular, hardly-regulated industry, it’s well below minimum wage. Ten dollars, for something that’ll take me between three days and a week to write. This man who was trying to commission me wanted that same amount for $4.

I said no.

Writers of Tumblr, know what your work is worth. There is a problem, a significant, far-reaching problem of us being undercharged, undervalued, treated like our work means nothing and is worth nothing. Don’t let anybody sell you on that. We all need work, and we all need money, but this is wrong and this is unfair.

So what do we do? We say no. We say ‘this is what we charge’ and we don’t cave. Maybe they’ll say fine, and go find somebody else who charges less, but eventually, there will be nobody who charges less. $10 per 1000 is our standard. That’s our minimum wage. Let’s stick to that. Let’s be absolutely, iron-clad clear that we will not accept less. And over time, let’s make it more.

Commissioners and clients of Tumblr. If you are part of the problem, fix it. If you’re not willing to shell out that money for writing, then write it yourself. Admit that what we do is important. Admit that what we do is worth paying for. And to those of you who do - to those of you who are respectful, and who don’t whine and complain about our prices - thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts.

Elliott Dunstan

We Were Married Last Christmas [Part 1 / 13]

In collaboration with @pleasecallmecaptain for December, we’ll be providing you with a daily drabble series from each of us. I’ll be posting on the odd days of December until Christmas day!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Suggestive Themes and Language. 

Word Count: 850

You laughed as you strode down the ramp off the Quinjet, grasping at the velcro straps on your gloves to peel them off your hands with your mission partner by your side. Your gaze was downcast and you only looked up when metal fingers curled around your elbow to stop you in your tracks, which brought an exchanged look between you and the soldier before Bucky dropped his hand and instinctively stepped forward to partially shield you.

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Jokers Daughter Imagine: Unexpected Love

Request: can the reader be j&h’s 16ish year old daughter and she finds a guy she rly likes and HE’S  BATTY’S SON but like he doesnt know his dads batman and hes just chillin w this girl he likes who happens to be the joker’s daughter. and j gets all weird and hateful and the resder gets angry and it kinda ends,, 

@ahsesque Thank you so much for the lovely message you sent me and the request! This is a great idea and I’ll try to include everything that was originally asked.


“Okay so we’re being nice tonight remember? No guns. no knives. no threatening, no nothing you promised to do this for me.” You sat next to your father on the couch waiting.

“Princess I promised I would meet him I said nothing about not threatening the little bastard.” The joker growled through his metal teeth, just the thought of this boy was making him angry.

“Well for me please… just this once. Then I promise next time you can threaten him all you want!” you teased him before getting up and going over to the mirror to fix your hair.

“If there is a second time” He muttered under his breath.


“Nothing princess nothing!” he sank into the couch and watched you style your hair. “Why do you doll yourself all up for him like that?”

“What do you mean? I just want to look nice.” 

“You look nice all the time. If he only likes you when you spend hours getting ready then he’s not in it for the right reasons.” You had to laugh at what your father was saying. You knew there was a very good chance your boyfriend could leave with a broken arm or worse like the others had, but hey at least it came from a good place.

The doorbell rang and you skipped to the door with glee. Harley came rushing in all excited as well and grabbed the Jokers hand to pull him off the couch. He rolled his eyes when he saw that she was all dolled up for the special occasion as well. She nodded at their daughter the okay and she opened the door. The sight of the boy made the Joker sick to his stomach. He was dressed in a black tshirt with jeans and black shoes. My precious got all dolled up for that? Before you or Harley could get a word out to invite him in the Joker jumped in front of you inches away from the boys face. He snarled at him like an animal and eyes him up and down. The boy’s eyes widened and his hands began to shake causing the flowers he was holding to lose a petal.

“Are those for me?” The joker asked condescendingly before giving the boy a smirk.

“Uh… no.. sir they’re for (y/n).”

“Aww you didn’t bring me any flowers? That wasn’t very nice of you.” Before your father made things worse you grabbed his arms and tugged him back and stepped in between the two of them.

“Don’t mind him Zach. They’re beautiful thank you!” You rolled your eyes at your father and gave Zach a warm smile to ease the tension. He smiled back and sighed in relief. “Please come in!” He stepped into the house and immediately extended his hand for Harley trying to avoid interacting with the Joker until the last second. Harley smacked his hand away and gave him a big hug. 

“Puddin shake Zach’s hand!” Harley said wrapping her hands around the Jokers arm. Instead of extending his hand he placed a firm grip on the back of Zach’s neck and led him to the couch. You and Harley exchanged nervous looks before following. The Joker sat the boy across from him and stared straight what felt like directly into his soul. You sat next to Zach and rubbed your hand on his leg to relax him. When Joker saw it, a fire ignited in his chest, he studied the boy fascinated by what it must have took for him to come to the house by his own free will. 

“I take it she hasn’t told you who I am?” The joker leaned in ready to interrogate the boy. He figured you wouldn’t want to reveal who your parents were because of course the boy would go running for the hills once he heard. 

You opened your mouth to answer the question for Zach but he beat you to it.

“Actually Sir she told me on our first date.” You and your father were both taken aback by Zach’s sudden confidence and sincerity. “She said she wanted to get everything out in the open before we got serious.”

“..Serious?” The Joker looked at you and you gave him a forced smile.

“Yes sir. We both agreed it would be best I met you once we were sure.”

“Sure of what kid?” Joker clenched his fist and Harley placed her hand on his to calm him down.

“Oh nothing daddy we just didn’t want to put pressure on you guys meeting or anything so what abou-”

“I wanted to meet you because I love your daughter sir.” Zach interrupted your nervous rambling and the whole room stopped. “I know who you guys are and none of it matters to me, I love her so we can work through anything.” You didn’t know what to say so you just looked at your father. To your surprise he had a huge smile on his face. As he widened it, it turned into that cryptic smile instead of one of approval. You sank into the couch and clutched Zach’s arm worried about what was to come next.

“So!” Joker stood up “Love is in the air huh? He looked at you to disprove what Zach had just said. But you couldn’t deny it. You shook your head yes. Confirming that you too felt it.

The Joker looked at you like you had just told him you were running away and he’d never see you again. He felt his heart ache. He wanted to lunge at the boy and carve his face off. If the boy said he didn’t love her then the Joker would have been furious, how could he not love her? Now that the boy said he did, the Joker was furious that the boy dared to love what was his.

“Tell us all about yourself hun!” Harley interjected to smooth over the tension. “What’s your family like!” she giggled before giving the Joker a side eye. The boy might be okay with who they were but it was the parents that worried them.

“Uh well ma’am my father is Bruce Wayne.” When Joker heard the name he scoffed out loud. Joker hated Wayne’s type.

“The yuppie cover boy?” he spat at Zach

“Dad! Be nice please, you promised.” you pouted your lips at him knowing he couldn’t fight back. The Joker was sucker for that look. He felt guilty when he saw his daughters eyes, she better know how lucky she is he thought, if she wasn’t here this boy would be a corpse.

“I’m turning 18 in a few months though so I plan to move out as soon as I can if that’s what your curious about. My dad doesn’t know who you guys are. He just knows that I love (y/n) very much and he approves of that.”

“So you’re 17 kid?” the Joker said, the curiosity in his voice surprised everyone. “You know my daughter is only 16. When you turn 18 this match becomes illegal.”

“Oh like you guys ever cared about what’s legal.” you said and everyone besides your father laughed.

“Oh you think that’s funny kid?” he made the room come down again. “In a few months you’re going to claim you’re in love with my underage daughter. About this place of yours, if I catch her there with you I’ll burn it to the ground.”

“Puddin!” Harley shouted at him but he didn’t take his glare off of Zach.

“Sir I don’t meant to upset you in any way.” 

“You think you can upset me? You’re worth getting upset over?” The Joker couldn’t contain himself anymore.

Zach was at a loss for words and grabbed your hand out of fear. As soon as Joker saw him touch you he jumped up again and grabbed Zach by the shirt and lifted him off the couch.

“Daddy let go of him!” you screamed and followed as the Joker dragged him to the door.

“Oh don’t worry princess I won’t hurt him too bad.” He kept his grip tight all the way to the front door and opened it and threw Zach out with such force he almost lost balance and hit the ground. “It was great meeting you Zach but you’ve taken up too much time I could have spent with my family.” 

“Daddy can you please just calm down and listen to me.” You pleaded with your father but he just laughed your plea off. You saw there was no reasoning with him. “Zach I’ll call you later, in the mean time tell your dad we would love to have dinner with him tomorrow!” you shouted out the door and saw Zach’s smile before your father slammed the door shut.

“What did you just say to him?” your father growled at you.

“You promised you would be nice to him and you acted like a jerk even after we told you we love each other!”

“Oh no no no no” the joker laughed under his breath “Princess he doesn’t love you. He doesn’t love you like you think he does. He only wants one thing.”

“Please don’t pull those cliche lines on me you don’t know him.”

“I know enough. I know he’s 17 and a Wayne. That’s a lethal combination for a sweet girl like you.” 

You were more furious at him then he was with Zach. You could feel tears building up. You knew this wasn’t going to go perfectly but you thought you could trust your dad not to physically remove him. 

“Daddy I wanted you to meet him because I really do love him. I wanted the two men I love more than anything to get along. It was really important to me that you give him a chance. Can’t you understand that?” the tears started rolling down your cheeks. 

“He gave you a chance because he loves me. You think he wanted to meet the Joker? Of course not but he did it because he loves me. If you love me like you say you do then you would have done the same!” you felt yourself getting angrier and angrier and just wanted it to be over. You ran to your room and slammed the door leaving your parents speechless.

Normally the Joker would run after his princess, he hated seeing her upset and always tried to make her feel better. This time he was at a loss of what to do. He was the reason you were upset and that hurt him more than anything. The thought of you questioning his love for you made his stomach drop. 

“Puddin she didn’t mean that, she’s just upset. I’ll go talk to her.” Harley said softly kissing his cheek but he didn’t respond. Your words and the sight of you crying made it impossible for him to move.

He wanted to go after you and comfort you put he knew nothing he would say would make you understand. He knew he was right. That kid wasn’t right for you, he didn’t deserve you. The idea that the kid actually believed he was worthy of loving you made the Joker want to roll with laughter every time. At that moment of not knowing what to do he was just happy the boy was gone and his princess was safe and sound in his castle.

Zach was shaking as he walked up to the front door of Wayne Manor. The meeting had scared the hell out of him but it didn’t change a thing. He loved her and it wasn’t going to change. He practically skipped into the house and called out for his dad. Bruce came walking down the steps and Zach blurted the words out in a frenzy he was so excited.

“Her parents want to have dinner with me? Are the two of you that serious already? Bruce inquired 

“Yes dad but there’s something you gotta know. Something you have to promise me that no matter what you won’t interfere with my relationship. No matter how bad it may sound. Understand (y/n) is important to me and since I’m your son you have to respect the decisions I make for myself.”

“All right enough with the hallmarks what’s going on son?”

“….it’s her parents” Zach struggled to find the words to use.

“….Well….what about them spit it out.” 

“They’re Harley Quinn and the Joker.”

Part 2

Emergency Assistance please!

All right guys, things are really bad here IRL. We will not be able to the the 575 USD rent this month, which is due December 5th. There is no where to go from here other than the street when winter is hitting hard. There is the Electric bill which is 190 USD on average, and the gas bill for heating which is 80-90 USD roughly. This is saying NOTHING of my medical bills…

We have no way of fixing this, no lines sent out for employment has hooked back, nothing has been sent back, called back, and places we visited to follow up on have said we’re not interested. We are about to become homeless, and my only source of income is barely there, but it is online type things. Unfortunately I can’t keep up these days very well.

We have a 17 year old cat, Penelope that is the most loving creature you’ll ever meet. She is this beautiful long hair Calico that will lay on you all day, purr without end, and her meows are all the same monotonus meow. If we loose this house, we will have to put down this old and perfectly healthy cat and I do NOT want that to happen. We will have to get rid of everything just to try and survive. This poor cat does not deserve that, my Sunbro does not deserve that.

Look I know I am not the best at writing these, and those i have didn’t get much response. But things are dire and down too the wire now… I’m giving tumblr a shot. You’ve saved my cat Diablo Gato before, so I hold hope in you.

Any donations or anything can help us keep our home, keep us grounded.

Our paypal is: macronder@aol.com

Please, anything is helpful.

Even if you can’t help one way, just a reblog to get the word out would be helpful.

So what? This is how it ends? No goodbye, no explanation. You didn’t even try. I guess this is what you really want. Why would you choose to lose me, when I made you so happy? What made you suddenly decide I wasn’t enough? One day you told me I was everything you wanted and the next day you said we would never work. After all the effort we both put in, is this really how it ends? Were all your promises lies? Did “I love you” mean nothing to you? I was everything to you and you were everything to me. Now, you’re everything to me and I’m nothing to you.
—  Text I never sent
No Makeup

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Featuring: Jay Park

Genre: Fluffy/Slightly Comedic 

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi! Can we have a Jay Park scenario where you sleep at his house with him for the 1st time and your worried he see you without makeup ^^? #something really fluff#

A/N: I changed it slightly. Extremely sorry on how late this request is  (╥﹏╥)

You were regretting coming on this overnight trip with your boyfriend. No nothing was wrong, in fact everything was perfect. Your boyfriend had thought about every single detail and made this the best get away trip. With that being said you couldn’t help but feeling silly about yourself. You were in the bathroom, you had washed up after a long day out but you just couldn’t bring yourself to step out of the bathroom.  Even though you and Jay had been dating for several months, you still hadn’t come around to show him your bare face. For some, this might seem ridiculous but for you it was such a big step, you hadn’t exactly noticed when your makeup had become so embedded to your persona; it was as if it  was now part of your identity. You felt a different type of confidence all doll-up, it was like mask you felt you needed  to face the world. Without it you felt an odd sense of vulnerability, almost as if you were exposed.

Wrapped in your white bathrobe, you rummaged through your bag. Maybe a bit of tinted moisturizer, would be ok; it wouldn’t be too obvious, would it? Or filling in your eyebrows a little bit. Suddenly you found yourself picking out item after item out of your makeup bag. ‘This is ridiculous.’ You thought to yourself as you took a cotton pad and wiped your eyebrows clean.        

“Hey babe, you ok in there?” Jay inquired from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Almost done.”  

“Okay just wondering if you need anything, just ask.”  

You had realized you had spent too much time in the bathroom, you had to come out eventually. Jay had to see your bare face at some point. You took a deep breath, ‘let’s just it over with.’ you reminded yourself.  You took hold of the doorknob and slowly  pushed the door open and walked out.

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You’re quite something Ackerman

“Sir” Mikasa said standing firm before her Captain. He was resting on a rock trying to enjoy a taste of water. Levi and her were sent on a recon mission that was fairly easy. They encountered several titans but nothing they couldn’t handle.

He moved his eyes to meet hers and gave her a familiar look.

“I want to join you in the upcoming expedition” she continued maintaining her usual stoic tone.

Levi sighed.

“No you don’t. You’re only saying that because you’re hurting” he said taking a drink of water. He was too tired to argue with the girl.

“N-no I’m not” Mikasa replied.  

“Mikasa look-”

“It’s true accepting Eren’s and Armin’s fate has had a toll on me. But I don’t want to join to pick myself up. I want to go because, Sir, I am strong. I can defeat more titans than most single handily and I am of the few who doesn’t fear death.”


Mikasa interrupted again. She position herself to solute her Captain in effort to convince him.  

“Sir, I owe the survey corpse this…I owe you” she muttered the last part.

“The expedition is 1 year long. What about Eren?“

He challenged her soft spot raising his eyebrow.

"He’ll be okay” she said faster than he assumed. Levi could see she meant business but something about her eyes caught his interest. A look he has seen too many times in his own reflection. This girl was broken.

“Will you?”

“Are you okay without Commander Erwin?”

“Tch” he said staying in silence as he considered Mikasa’s offer.  She waited patiently. He wondered if a broken girl can be of much help. He also remembered walking in the same footsteps and getting a chance to move on.  

“What happened with Armin can’t be repeated.”

“Understood” Mikasa nodded.

“Don’t make me regret this” he said savoring the last bits of water.

“You won’t Sir” she said taking her leave to a nearby tree to rest while Levi kept his sight on her thinking you’re quite something Ackerman.

I am permitted to post the art by artist @ineffablewitch.

What’s Love? || Hansol || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Final //

Word Count: 3002

Genre: fluff, romance, comedy, casual writing

Request: Could I request a long lost friend au for Vernon please~? I love your writing btw! I hope you’re doing well and I hope you don’t overwork yourself! Sending lots of love!

Summary: You and Chwe Hansol never had good impressions on each other. Hansol always thought of you as a witch when you two were children and you thought that he was a devil sent from Hell to make your life miserable. Now that you were older, this childish rivalry hasn’t vanished but Hansol might be developing some feelings stronger than hate. 

“I want to do nothing more than curl into a ball and die,” you groaned throwing your head forward.

Seungkwan let out a yelp and placed his hand under your forehead before your head actually made contact with the hard table. He glared at you and you lifted your head with a pout. “Aigoo…who raised you like this? Thinking about death when times get hard.”

“I’m so tired though!” you said, throwing your head back. “I want to go to sleep.”

Seungkwan shook his head, “Do you ever feel…bad? You’re always complaining when you have so much around you.”

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blackcanarydinah  asked:

I sent this to anita too, make of it what you will: Olicity + nostrils

a/n: that is the most random prompt lmao

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” she giggled.

She said nothing and yet her finger was getting dangerously close to his nose. For some reason he was curious about what she wanted to do. Felicity poked the side of his nose very gently.

“Felicity,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied, poking his nose again.


“Because you have very nice nostrils.”

Oliver couldn’t help himself and let out a laugh. “I think you had too much champagne tonight.”

“If Mayoral events weren’t so boring,” she whined, finally pulling her hand away.

“I know,” he leaned in and kissed her nose, “You have very nice nostrils too by the way.”

She giggled again. “Thank you.”

send me a ship/character(s) and a one word prompt and i will write a 5 sentence or more fic about it.

anonymous asked:

scott i had a dream the government stole one of ur dogs then a few days later some rando dog showed up in my yard and i was like "this is my dog now" and i cared for it and loved it and uploaded pics of it and then you sent me a message that said "THAT'S MY DOG" and i was like "no it's mine now" so you mailed a package to me with nothing but a gun inside and a note that said "die"


Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, @the-nerdy-stjarna​ from your Secret Valentine! As I said in the asks I sent you, I did go a little overboard and I hope that you can forgive me. But your prompt is definitely there, I promise. I won’t spoil it for anyone else!

if things go right, we can frame it

Summary: Twelve years ago, Cadets Fitz and Simmons met when they were paired together in a lab together. Their connection was almost instantaneous, and it didn’t take long (only 373 days, not that Jemma counted) before their connection bloomed into something more significant. Their connection continued through the Academy right through the moment when they were instigated as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. Now married, the paired Fitz-Simmons team were settled into their own team and given the chance to change the world, but when an Op turned sour a grieving family weren’t the only ones set apart. It’s been two years since this incident, and a lot has happened - including their separation - but everything changes when Agent Jemma Simmons turns up at the playground.

Sneak Peek:

“So you didn’t gain a lot of intel in the science division?” Daisy wondered, probably poking her nose in places it didn’t belong. “Or you just needed a different angle?”

“A bit of both,” Jemma said honestly, but wasn’t able to elaborate as the group waiting for them came into their view and she grinned. “Bobbi,” she said to the other blonde, moving to embrace her.

Bobbi squeezed her back. “Welcome home, blondie.” She said, and they both laughed as they pulled away. “Can’t believe you look better than me with blonde hair.” She said, feigning disgust. Jemma laughed, the sound freeing.

Daisy tucked herself under Trip’s chin and fell into his embrace. “It’s good to see you, girl,” he said lowly and she nodded. “I’m glad you’re safe,” he added, whispering it against the shell of her ear. She nodded again, feeling the same but not needing the words to express it.

Trip had been like a lighthouse, finding her in the midst of a bad storm and she’d be eternally grateful for his presence. He’d always been her biggest supporter, even during the times when she didn’t necessarily deserve the support.

Meanwhile, a curt, “Jemma?” cut the conversations to a minimum.

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Project Positivity for Bob Morley II

Hey everyone!! Firstly, I would like to apologize for my absence!! I appreciate all the messages people have sent in and am hoping to get back in touch with all you lovely people!! 

I’m actually here with another idea of a gift to present to Bob when I have the pleasure of meeting him at the Unity Day con in January!! I am working on gifts for all the cast, but in light of recent events, I thought it would be nice to give Bob some appreciation and positivity! With that said, ALL i need from you is just one kind compliment  for Bob!! It can be one or two sentences! But nothing super long!

What my friend and I are going to be doing is, we are making different tea blends for Bob (called Bellicious Blends)  and with each tea, we are going to attach a small note to it with a positive comment! It is just a daily dose of positivity for him! and i would LOVE to involve as many people in this as I can!! So feel free to send in any compliments either through my ask, or email!! In addition to the tea, I will also be giving him a mug with the postcard logo on it, and a couple of other things that I will share with you all when completed!!

On another note, I still have some extra postcards and would LOVE to send them out! SO if you would like one,  please just send me your mailing address via my ask or again, my email!! It won’t cost you a thing! If I have any extras, I can definitely bring them with me to the Unity day con!

My email is am.euphoria1001@gmail.com

Much love and hugs!!

Good Enough - Zach Mitchell

Requested by anonymous.

“Zach!” you called, running after him.

“Hey,” he said sadly.

“What’s wrong?” you said when you had caught up to your tall, dark haired best friend.

“Nothing. I just want to be alone right now.”

“Zach I’ve known you for most of my life, and you have never wanted to be alone. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Nothing, I just got in a fight with my mom.”

“Again? About what?”

“It’s nothing, Y/N, just leave me alone,” he said, walking off. You sighed and walked back to Gray. Your families had always been close, and when the Mitchell’s went to Jurassic World, your family sent you along as well. You had grown up with the Mitchell’s and were close with both.

“Where is he going?” Gray asked you.

“He said he needs to be alone,” you shrugged.

“I’d want to be alone, too, if I got yelled at like that by mom.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, she was yelling at him about how she thinks he’s a failure.”

“Your mother would never say that to him.”

“Well, I’m not sure what she said exactly, but that’s definitely what Zach understood her to mean.”

“So that’s why he ran off.” Gray nodded. You sighed, contemplating what to do. You and Zach had been friends since you were kids, but in the last few months, that friendship had turned into something much more. You could tell that Zach was feeling this way as well, but he had never told you. Perhaps because of the fights he was constantly getting in with his parents. If he truly believed he was a failure, he wouldn’t want to confess anything like that.

“Maybe I should go after him. Do you think you will be okay with Zara for a little while?” 

“Yes, but you owe me,” he said, running over to the British woman. You walked towards the way Zach had left. You tried looking for him in the crowd of people, but began to realize your efforts would be fruitless. You stopped and took a seat on a bench, trying to catch your breath. 


“Zach, I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” you said, looking up at Zach. He smiled slightly and sat down next to you.

“You found me,” he said, holding up his hands.

“Now will you tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I already told you that.”

“Will you shut up? Zach I know you too well. Now tell me what’s wrong. You can trust me.”

“My mom just chewed me out. About school, family, everything. She basically told me that I’m worthless.” You scooted next to him and took his hand in yours. 

“You know that’s not true. There’s just a lot going on in your family.”

“So what she takes it out on me? That’s unfair. And it would be great if they would share what’s happening in the family with us. Their stupid divorce is tearing the whole family apart,” he let out in almost one breath.

“I’m sorry, Zach.”

“It’s fine. She’s not telling me things I don’t already know.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Zach, you are not worthless. You are one of the smartest, most caring people in the entire world. You care more about the people in your life than you do yourself, that you often forget to take care of yourself. I don’t see a flaw in doing that. I see the person I’m falling in love with.” Zach looked up at you in surprise.

“You- you love me?” he asked, clearly surprised.

“Yes. And since you weren’t gonna say it first, I will. I love you, Zach. You are worthy of everything wonderful in life, and I wish you had better confidence in yourself.” Zach smiled and leaned closer to you. He hesitated for a minute, but closed the gap, kissing you.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

“Of course.”

“We should probably get back to Gray,” he said, standing up. He took your hand and began walking back to Gray. “I think I’m gonna call my mom. Ask her about what’s going on.”

“I think that’s a great idea. Show her who you truly are, Zach.” He smiled and pulled you in closer, wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

“I love you, Y/N.”

Puppy Love (Part four)- Dean Ambrose x reader

You made it to the three month mark and you were thankful it was almost time to see your pups.

“You comfortable sweet heart?” You heard Seth’s voice enter the locker room. You were sitting down in a lounge chair the company brought along especially for you. “Yea Seth, thanks for asking,” you said smiling up to him.

“Do you mind if I just hang out with you? To make sure nothing happens?” He asked. You and Seth were the only ones in the room. “You can stay, yea. Did he really send someone to watch over me?” You asked laughing. Seth sent a devilish smile, “Oh no, Dean didn’t send me. I just haven’t seen you in a while since he keeps you on locked away from us.”

“Well he does that for good reasons,” you stated. Seth shrugged and sat on the ground beside you. You poked him, “you know there’s benches you could sit on?” Seth looked up, “nah, I’d rather sit here.” “Whatever floats your boat Seth.”

Roman entered next, “Seth why are you even here?” Seth shrugged, “I dunno, I just wanted to talk to Y/N.” Roman shook his head, “Nah you don’t, you just wanna convince Y/N to let you name one of the pups.” Seth growled, “So, I have good names picked out!”

You started laughing over the petty argument. Dean came in and didn’t go ape shit on anyone for being near you. He kissed you and went to shower. Seth basically had his tail in between his legs the whole time while Dean was present. Roman whispered, “why didn’t he snap at you Seth?”

Seth shrugged and looked to you, “why didn’t he?” You had no clue but you gave an educated guess, “maybe he believes you guys were watching me for labor pains?” Roman nodded, “makes sense.”

After three minutes Dean came out fresh and dressed. The pups always moved so much when their father was in the room with you. You placed a hand over your tummy and felt the flutters. Roman looked to Dean, “Can I feel the pups?” Dean rubbed his wet moppy hair in the towel, “Yea sure. Be careful.” Roman stood by your chair, “where should I touch?” You grabbed his hand and placed it at the top of your stomach, “you feel them?” Roman waited for a minute, but nothing, “no not really.”

“Oh honey!” You called to Dean, “I think the pups are afraid of their uncle. Come over here to show them it’s ok to jump around.” Dean chuckled and walked over, “move kiddos! That’s just uncle Ro, he’s harmless..sorta,” he smirked. You felt the flutters start again. You saw Roman’s face light up, “whoa! There’s gotta be two small pups in there! They’re strong!”

Dean huffed, “just like daddy!” Seth smirked, “Oh god, we don’t need more Ambroses.” You sighed, “I think we do.”


That night you tagged along with the boys to the woods so they could let loose and run. You decided you wanted to watch the excitement from the car, you got out and sat on the hood. The boys shifted into their feral wolves and ran off. Occasionally one of them would pop back up from the brush to see if you were ok.

It was getting to be 3AM and you decided since you couldn’t leave you would sleep in the car. You sat down in the seat and leaned the seat back. You closed the car door and tried to position yourself in a semi-comfortable position for the night. You checked your phone one last time before going to sleep at 3:07AM on the dot.

You jerked awake at 4:30AM with a sharp stab in the stomach. “Owww fuck!” You breathed out. You turned on a ceiling light in the car to see your pants and the seat beneath you were wet. “Damn it, fuck,” you panicked. You opened the door and slowly got out. Once you stood a contraction hit you. You doubled over in pain, “why do you guys have to come now?!” You asked the pups.

Pain. Pups are coming. Lots of pain.

Dean stopped chasing a wild squirrel as he felt your stabbing pains. He also had that physical connection with you; your pains were sometimes his. His messy tail wagged as he tried to contain his excitement.

A long howl was released. And in that howl was a happy message that both Roman and Seth received and rushed back to Dean. The three alpha wolves ran back to the car hoping you didn’t run off to find them. They reached you; you were sprawled across the ground on your back grimacing.

“Hey fl-“ another stab jerked in you, -uffy, can’t you guys turn back?” Dean shifted back, the other two followed. Dean got up and popped the trunk open to grab a duffel bag full of clothes. He grabbed his pants and shirt; he threw the rest to Seth and Roman.

“Ok, Roman, you’ve delivered pups before, right?” Dean asked sitting down beside you. Roman nodded, “once before. I’m rusty. So uh Seth, help.” Seth wide eyed and confused nodded, he knew that he wasn’t much help, having never seen a pup delivery.

“Just- GET THEM OUT!” You screamed. Dean shushed you, “we gotta be quiet baby girl. We don’t want humans to know that we have a very pregnant woman giving birth to hairy pups. That shit ain’t natural to most.”

Your eyes turned a shade of yellow and you snarled at your lover. Dean raised his arms away and backed away. Roman laughed, “she doesn’t wanna hear your shit right now!” The two men pulled your pants off, cautiously.

Water and licks.

Dean stood up and tried searching the car for a spare water to give you. He grabbed one and walked back over to you, “I’m sorry, but drink this,” he opened the bottle and raised your head. He tilted the bottle to your mouth and you chugged it all. “Feel better?” He asked innocently. You continued to growl at him, “why did you do this!”

Dean ignored the question and kissed your forehead. You melted under the kiss, and grabbed him to pull him into a kiss of your own. You jerked from the passionate moment when your contractions became closer and closer. You reached for Dean’s hand to squeeze or break.

I smell blood.

You were pushing now hoping something would happen. “Fuck it feels like my hips have broken into a million pieces!” You said through clinched teeth. “Ro is she okay, I smell blood?” Dean asked concerned. Roman nodded, “yea! Without much effort from mom here she almost has puppy number one out.”


You gave another hard push and screamed in agony. Roman gently grabbed the pup out. Seth grabbed a towel and put the wet whimpering pup in it. “Dad, will you do the honors of cutting the first pup’s cord?” Roman asked holding up a pair of scissors. “Yea, yea,” Dean said moving down to the ‘sterile field’. He grabbed the scissors and cut the cord quickly.

“It’s a girl!” Seth chirped, “what are you gonna name her?”

Dean didn’t have to think, “Shiloh.” You looked up towards the men and nodded, “that’s such a pretty name honey.” Dean scooted back up to you, “and you can probably guess who told me the name.” You smiled and held his hand again, “fluffy,” referring to the wolf.

Seth gently rubbed the dark brown fur of the pup’s dry. He had to fight back the urge to coo and cuddle it. He tried setting the pup down in a nest of unused clothes to keep her warm, but when he did she howled out to be loved. Dean snapped, “the pup wants to be held Seth, hold her!” Seth quickly grabbed the pup up, “sorry little one.”

“Ok, momma, push when you feel the contractions,” Roman said holding onto your knees. “O-okay,” you let out, you were so weak and fatigued. After several minutes of waiting you felt the familiar stabs again. “Oh holy shit,” you said as your stomach muscles tensed. “Push,” Roman kept quietly chanting.

You gave out a defeated grunt, “I can’t!” You started to cry as Dean cupped your face, “You can, you have to. There’s no other way we can get this pup out. Just try.” You groaned into another push. “Hey, I see the head!” Roman proclaimed.

You howled an awful scream and gave it your all and it felt as if you were tearing all of your muscles as you pushed. “Stop! I can grab it from here,” Roman said as you relaxed. He grabbed the pup and pulled the rest of the way. Seth looked down at the little girl he had, “I’m sorry little one I have to put you down.” He put the pup in the nest of clothes and it howled for touch again.

Seth grabbed the wet pup and waited for the cord cut from Dean. Dean cut the cord and dropped them. “So what’s the-,” Seth peeked at the genitals, “BOY’S name?” Dean looked to you, “the wolf didn’t tell me a name.” You smiled, “mine did. His name is Ash.”

Seth dried off the light brown fur, “Oh Dean, he looks just like you! You got yourself a mini Ambrose!” Seth extended a finger to touch the pups nose but when he did the pup lunged and gummed his finger. The pup made a pathetic baby growl. You gasped, “Oh my god! That’s daddy’s boy to a T.” Dean giggled like a child at the sight, “see, ready to fight at any second.”

Seth laid the pup next to his sister, and Ash didn’t make a sound. Shiloh was still howling. “Give them to me!” You demanded. Both pups were wrapped and handed to you. “Look at you guys,” you said touching their little ears. “When do they turn human?” You asked. “Well around two or three months of age. Maybe later,” Roman answered. They both opened their young eyes and stared at you. This was the face, voice, smell, and touch of their mother. Dean wiggled his finger in front of his son’s face, “you gonna bite me little shit?” The pup only licked his finger.


Your little family was now settled back in at the hotel. The other pack members came in to visit and to congratulate you. “You and Dean make some A-DORABLE pups!” Sasha piped. Everyone took their turns to visit you by bedside. Once everyone got a chance to see you, they left. The Usos hauled in your new transportable crib, “from all of us, we wanted to give you this wicked crib. Now they can go to snooze town all night..hopefully “ You thanked the brothers and they left.

You gave the pups their last feeding and put little diapers on their butts and handed them to Dean. He held each pup in a hand, “Ash, Shiloh..” he said as he cooed, “you both are daddy’s and mommy’s world. Everything daddy does out there in the ring is for all of you. This life on the road might be a little hard. But I promise we’ll get home soon. I have a long break coming up. But between then and now, you better behave!” Shiloh stuck her tongue out. “Oh baby girl,” he cooed. He put the pups in the crib and locked the bars. “Pups are secured. Hopefully no one will cry because of poopy pants,” he laughed getting into bed.

Lilacs and Honeysuckles.

Dean nuzzled into your neck to give you a kiss. “Your scent is stronger than ever,” he smirked. You grinned, “You too mister, musky pine wood scent.”

“You’ve made my life complete. Within such short amount of time I found you, I claimed you. You had pups. And here we are,” he said playing with your hair. “Your welcome,” you said yawning, “can we sleep now before the pups whine about poopy diapers?” You cuddled into his chest and closed your eyes. And like many other nights, your calming scent lulled Dean into a deep sleep.

I’m not gonna lie
when the snap streak ended, it hurt.
I know you said we needed time but we worked for a long time to keep that shit.
Now here I am staring at nothing because you left
us with ashes from which I’m supposed to either rebuild or sift
but here I sit, listening to Flyleaf acoustic rifts reminding me that I’m so sick
despite what came from your lips saying you burned this but why does it feel like I’m the one covered in soot while indifference floods your veins? Why am I feeling responsible for the flame that sent the embers flailing into the ashen eve?
I guess it was symbolic that the flame would leave since as it seems you want me to erase the we and let what we were float into aerial effervescence
I wish I could overdose on analgesic to make this ventricle fracture go away but that won’t change the fact that I need you.
Or I think I do.
I’m still covered in ashes, lying here, staring at what was and trying to piece together how combustion alters what
but yet here I sit, not knowing what to do with the cremation.
But I guess that’s what’s the space was for. To erase flames and start pure.
—  “12:05 a.m. on a leather couch”

sonofqueen  asked:

risky ask: 1 and 3. Really risky asks; 2 and 8

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

Oh my, well I’ll only do the ones that i’m in the dogblr community with so I don’t hella confuse people with all my sideblogs. Weeeeeeell I’m friends with most of them, I think, so I’ll just put people I’d like to get to know better and/or be friends with. I’m gonna forget some people because my memory is garbage, whoops.

@crippledhockwalker @noodle-dragon @impish-iggies @pulldogs @achoirofcritters @paws-on-contact @keepitupwiseguy @tinybigpaws @perfectdogs

tbh if we’re mutuals and we’ve talked over messages one (1) time or more, chances are I probably already consider you my friend, sorry about that.

3. the last text you sent to someone?

My last text was to my mom on Tuesday, it said “Nothing just looking.” I was at especially for pets. I talk on my discord and facebook messages way more lmao

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Cookies and cream

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

Well, I do prefer it with ice, but it’s way too cold to drink it with ice on a regular basis right now

More than a Benefit - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Warning:  Almost-Smut

 He surprised you wrapping his long arms around your waist. “Come one we’re alone….” he seductively whispered in your ear, your heart fluttered, and a smirk spread across your face. It was just you and your friend. Draco’s lips sent chills down your spine.

“Draco….” you whined, “I’m studying…” you lied. Although you found him attractive, sexy, and beautiful, you weren’t satisfied with the nature of your relationship. Every girl must of been jealous of you, but lately you’ve felt like nothing but “Draco’s play thing.” At least that’s what everyone has been saying about you.

Draco’s breath was hot on your neck, and you shivered. He moved to sit down on the couch next to you. “Is everything alright?” he said confused that you shut him down. “No..” you lied again, “I just want to get some studying out of the way before dinner.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later?” he asked, you nodded and he got up and walked away. You now sat alone in front of the slytherin common room’s fireplace. Slowly you closed the book you were holding and set it besides you, and looked sadly to the flames.

Draco would never see you more than a “play thing” and it made you feel pathetic. You didn’t want to fall for him, but you did. In the heat of it all your physical love grew to a passion. Draco was more than handsome, he was really kind, smart, and charismatic. You got past his tough exterior and fell in love with the real Draco.

After a while it was time for dinner, and you hesitantly got up from the seat you sulked in for an hour. Now you had to go spend time and pretend like nothings wrong, while you watch girls flirt with Draco at lunch.

Lunch was just as unbearable as you imagined it would be, Pansy spent all of lunch flirting with Draco. Even worse Draco didn’t seem to mind it. You felt your blood boiling. You avoided eye contact with anyone, even though Goyle was talking to you, you looked down angrily at your food between envious glances at Pansy and Draco.

Pansy puts her hand on Draco’s shoulder and coos “you’re so handsome Draco…” and that’s the final straw. You shove your plate forward, hop our of your seat, and march away angrily out of the grand dining room.

“Y/N?” a voice shouts after you, you keep your pace quick and march out of the grand dining hall and start heading towards the slytherin dorms. “Y/N!” someone shouts again. 

You feel a hand wrap around your wrist and “What do you want?” you snap turning around to see Draco’s confused expression. “Y/N… what’s wrong?” Draco furrows his eye brows and studies you closely.

Tears fall onto your cheeks. “Draco I’m not just a play thing…. I’m a person with feelings…” you ramble “with feelings for y-you…” Draco blinks shocked with your sudden declaration. “I hate watching girls throw themselves at you, I fell in love with you, and you must take me as a fool for falling in love with you… but I don’t just want to be friends with benefits!” you rant.

You look up at Draco and feel your throat start to close up and more tears steam down your face. You open your mouth to say something, but Draco slides his hand around your head and leans down kissing you passionately.

You wrap your arms around him, and he backs you  against the wall. He pulls away and you look up to his eyes, he breathes heavily “I love you too…” you grab the collar of his shirt and pull his lips back to yours. He hoists you up, and you wrap your legs around his waist. He carries you through the door to the common room, and to his single dorm.

Draco lays you onto the bed without breaking contact with your lips. “Y/N…” he whispers, “I love you, you’re witty, beautiful, fun, charming, and so much more… I didn’t know you could love me back…” “Our love was so much more it was full of passion, and I could never love another…” you smile flattered.

he smirks as you unbuckle his belt. “You’re so much more than a benefit” 

anonymous asked:

what the fuck is your issue with tony stark? you know he's canonically a victim of abuse and parental neglect..? that's why he's narcissistic it's literally a pathological disorder that results from abuse. he learned his mom was killed by someone and the person he trusted most knew about it and said nothing. u don't think that experience would be fucking traumatic?? this is coming from someone who's 100% team cap btw. you wishing tony stark dead has real repercussions on rl abuse victims stop

Alright, so first of all I am not the op of that post so honestly why you sent this to me is beyond, but since you did I will offer my explanation. First off, I’m not saying he wasn’t abused, or didn’t have parent neglect. Half the characters in Marvel have at this point. Everyone has issues. I don’t think of Steve as a saint either, and the way tumblr treats Bucky makes me cringe. Cap knowing that Bucky killed Tony’s parents, didn’t really give him any sort of obligation to tell him. Like you said Tony had pathological disorders, him finding out through Zemo wasn’t the best way to know about what happened, but I mean if Steve did tell Tony before or after Ultron, he probably wouldn’t have reacted much better. Steve has his own issues to deal with and sitting down and talking to Tony, dealing with whatever thing he would have done after that, would have just been another mess Steve would have to clean up.

Now, about the abuse issue thing. I hate Tony beyond the reasons in the mcu, that you can read in any Anti Tony Stark Tag. I also have issues with a lot of characters in the Mcu, but Tony sort of is a prime example of most of the things that ‘trigger’ me. My father was an abusive drunk asshole. To the point where I can’t stand to be around any alcohol, seeing it, smelling, being in the same room with it, makes me sick. Tony being an alcoholic naturally makes me put off by him. The scene in age of Ultron where everyone is drinking, including Cap, made me leave the theater and wait till the scene was over before watching the rest of the film. (Which honestly I should never have come back to.) 

Also, the relationship Tony is building with Peter in these films is unsettling to me, because it’s quiet abusive, even if it wasn’t suppose to be. Which is very similar to a situation I was in. So, I’m sorry I hate a character for personal reasons. I have never been a tony fan nor will I ever be. If that bothers you then don’t follow me.