i sent them a couple messages and they're really great people

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Can you write one where the reader is a street performer and the 2016 turtles regularly go to watch her from a sewer that they can see her from. But during one of her songs she sends them a wink and they kind of all freak out and blush cause they didn't know anyone could see them? She drops a note before she leaves to meet her someplace and she tells them that she's always known they watch her and she isn't afraid of them. She thinks they're all really cute and they all become great friends

You liked to perform. Whether is was in the day or in the middle of the night, you always found time for your music but being a street performer wasn’t so bad. It was better than being stuck in an office with a boss yelling in your ear. And you always had your audience who never seemed to miss you shows. And they weren’t just human. 

“Dudes, come on, I hear her starting!” Mikey exclaimed impatiently as he lead the way towards their special spot to look through without being spotted in the outside world. Raphael rolled his eyes but for once didn’t snap back a snarky remark because he, was also growing impatient. This was one of the things he could do with his brothers without being completely annoyed with them and that was watching the mysterious human girl sing at random times during the week. She never had a schedule. She just appeared. None of them could remember why or how they had passed by and heard the angel singing but they just did. It might have been after a long patrol or it could have been Mikey exploring the sewers. They had done it for so long it didn’t really matter.

“Mikey, calm down. We don’t want to be seen.” Leonardo scolded him, always reminding his brother not to make too much noise or they would be caught. Master Splinter would not appreciate that and yet he still let them attend the human’s daily concerts per afternoon or evening. A few times, their sensei had come along himself, intrigued by his son’s curiosity for her music. Tonight though, he had not come, feeling rather tired and wished some sleep while the four brothers hurriedly tiptoed throughout the sewers, hoping they could at least listen to one song.
Back at the surface, Y/N was finishing the song. She sighed, politely accepting the claps of an eager five year old with his mother and an elderly couple who were just looking at the time and heading off. The moon was high in the sky, highlighting the few hairs that had made their way into the human’s tired eyes and she pushed them back with a delicate finger. She glanced at the small opening towards the sewers that lay underneath the sidewalks of the bustling city. You were a bit disappointed that they hadn’t come tonight. You always looked forward to seeing their eyes light up when you strummed your guitar and tapped your foot to the beat. You looked at the time. It was time to go. You took one last glance at the opening and was met with four pairs of eyes and you smiled. They look surprised and then you remembered that you had never made any type of contact with them before. You hadn’t even made eye contact with them. You sent them a wink, thinking that it was about time that should change. 
You grabbed your guitar again and started playing, hearing vaguely their panicked hushes of being seen. 
“Did she see us?” 
“I think so.”
“Why didn’t she freak out?”
“Is it safe?” 

By the time you had ended the last verse they were still whispering, you took a piece of a brown paper bag that you had purchased with your lunch and took a pencil from behind your ear. You scribbled a note, creeping over towards the opening and slipped it inside, a small gust of wind carrying it towards the mysterious creatures. You heard a shriek that sounded like it came from a little girl and you tried to hide your laugh by quickly walking off and packing up your things. 

Back to the turtles, they stared at Raph who was covering his mouth sheepishly. 
“Aww, Raph, not need to be scared.” Mikey teased which earned him a large smack across the head. 
“What does it say?” Leo asked Donnie who held the messy piece of a paper bag in his trembling three fingered hand. 
“Meet me in the alley around the corner in ten. I think it’s time we met.” Donnie recited as his eyes scanned the words. 
They all exchanged a look of pure shock. Could it be? That someone wanted to meet them, even if they knew they were not normal? 
“Well, you read the message. let’s meet her.” 

You waited in the alley, your guitar case lying in front of your feet, rocking on your heels trying to calm your nerves. You were excited yet nervous. You knew these things were green, that they wore masks and had the complexion of what seemed to be reptiles, your guess, turtles. You expected them to have shells but you had no idea how big they were going to be. 

You first saw the manhole cover from a few feet away from you start to move, being lifted carefully over someone’s head. You tried to remain calm once they had emerged. You didn’t want to act like normal people, like scream, faint etc. They lived in the sewers for a reason, people obviously didn’t understand them and you didn’t want to make a bad impression. You watched them stand to their full height and you had to crane your neck to look at them all. You gave them a smile which the one in the orange gladly returned and the others seemed a bit stand offish. 

“Hello.” You said, holding out your hand to shake and that’s when you noticed they had three large fingers on each hand. 
Mikey gave you a fist bump while Donnie and Leo shook your hand and Raph sent you a polite nod. 

“So um… Who are you guys?” 
Leo stepped forward, bowing. “Miss, we’re ninjas.”
“And we’re teenagers!” Mikey exclaimed and Raph rolled his eyes. 
You giggled. “That’s pretty cool.” You said, which made the four turtles smile bashfully. “So, I’ve uh… Seen you guys around and I just wanted you to know that I’m not like afraid of you or anything, I think you guys are actually pretty awesome for coming to pretty much every performance. It’s kind of cute.” You blushed. 
“Awww! Leo! Can we keep her?!” Mikey pleaded with his signature puppy eyes which made you laugh out loud. Donnie chuckled and so did the rest of the brothers. 
“She ain’t a pet, Mikey.” Raph told him. 
You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. “What are your names? If you don’t mind me asking that is.” 
“Mikey is what the ladies call me.” 
“Nice. I’m Y/N.”
Usually people wouldn’t really know where they would go from here. But you did. You knew. You knew this would become a beautiful friendship with for four life long friends.

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oh you wanted to write long distance courferre but didn't know details you could write like BNF tumblr au where one of them writes fic and the other does fanart and they meet doing that and like flirt and watch new episodes together through livestream and bicker lightheartedly about characterization and stuff and discuss prevalent issues in the fandom with enj the sj blogger and then get together and write/draw each other cute things and the entire fandom tries to figure out if they're a couple

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I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the MPC tweet "Great idea for a partner challenge..." from MPC. Sam's own personal charity. Made up of people he trusts, tweeted get your partner-significant other-and get to checking those balls to kill time and they're referring to a pic of Sam and Cait to represent that partnership. It's not an in innuendo tweet. It's pretty blunt. Cait's tweet says a lot, the pic in itself says a lot. But damn. It's things like that that really settle it for me.

I just sent you an ask about the MPC partner tweet and idk why I didn’t think of this in my original message to you but Sam may even run that account from time to time? I’m assuming so but I don’t know for sure. I just know he seems really involved so maybe. So either one of his most trusted friends working with him on MPC used that picture of SC to reference partners, or Sam posted that himself under the guise of MPC flat out insinuating they’re partners. Either way they’re totes together. 🙌

FIRST OF ALL. I wanted to answer this earlier but I didn’t have access to a computer to post the screen cap but YES I think the partner tweet is HUGE. I was kind of blown away by the blunt-ness when I saw it. Pretty clear Sam and Cait are partners every day. and not just scene partners. 

Second of all: I think Sam used to run the account actually, before MPC was what it is today. I remember a couple instances of Sam being on twitter and tweeting from both accounts hahaha. I don’t think he still does. I remember hearing or reading that it had been turned over to others since Sam got so busy with Outlander etc. I’m sure he has access to it and I’m also sure if he didn’t want something tweeted out he would have the power to veto it or have it deleted. Slash the people who run MPC with him probably wouldn’t have tweeted something so blunt in the first place if they knew he’d have a problem with it. But….no problems here!! Pretty damn clear message Sam, Cait and everyone involved with them is sending.