i sell propane

Satsuki, ghet down here right now so I can kick your ass!

I sell Goku Uniforms and Goku Uniform Accessories.

That boy ain’t right I tell you hwhat.



Post for Jarrod LMFAO

The signs as King of the Hill Characters

Hank Hill: Capricorn & Leo

Peggy Hill: Libra & Sagittarius

Bobby Hill: Cancer & Gemini

Dale Gribble: Aries & Taurus

Bill Dauterive: Virgo & Scorpio

Jeff Boomhauer: Pisces & Aquarius

I was talking to a lady at work today and she told me a story of how her husband walked by a nunnery on his way to work every day and he would talk to them. Well one day one of the nuns looked sad and when asked why she said that the mother superior ha passed away and apparently the lady’s husband, without missing a beat, said “oh! good to see she got the promotion to the main office!”