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Our absolutely amazing pal and fellow smutketeer @peetabreadgirl has a birthday on February 23rd. @xerxia31 and I were wondering if you'd be willing to accept a submission from us in her honoUr?

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Happy Birthday @peetabreadgirl! By special request, Here’s a birthday drabble crafted just for you!

Biggest Fan

AN – Happy Birthday PBG! This is part 1 of 2 because your birthday is too special to cram all into one day!

Mesdames et messieurs, votre attention s’il vous plaît. Les passagers de la vol Air Canada 8637 arrivent à la gare vingt-quatre.

Peeta Mellark bobs up on the balls of his feet, eager to see around the crowd of tired commuters coming in on the flight from Montreal to Quebec city. Just a few more minutes and he’ll finally lay eyes on the infamous KatsEye, the best beta in the Avengers fandom.

And his best friend. Possibly the love of his life, but hey, he figures he probably should lay eyes on her in real life before he declares his undying devotion.

The crowd is thinning a bit now as the business crowd moves toward the airport doors, a sea of suits and muttered French. He checks his phone. Her text had said she was near the back of the plane. Surely she’ll be out soon.

Kat<3: I’m wearing an orange sweater.

When he looks up again, he sees her coming through the gate. Her aviator glasses are perched on her head and her hair is tied up in a side braid that spills over her shoulder onto the gorgeous coral sweater she’s wearing. It causes her olive skin to glow even though he can tell she’s not wearing a stitch of makeup.

His artistic sensibilities practically giggle at the idea that she’d consider the shade to be orange. It’s softer, more muted; kind of like a sunset at the end of a sultry summer’s day.

Regardless, it’s his new favourite colour.

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Shoot your Shot Part 1 - Auston Matthews

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Now this is my first imagine and don’t be mad if you actually like it because it doesn’t have a lot of Auston in it all. I want this to be a series if people actually like it  maybe like 4 or 5 parts? I feel like you need to get the main character first so most of this is about her. I’m working on part 2 and if this part has a good response I’ll post part 2 sometime tomorrow. Sorry again for the lack of Auston.
Words: 1810
Warnings: Some cursing, mentions of some penguins players
Finally being able to go a NHL game and watch your two favourite teams play is like a dream come true. The Penguins have always been your number one team but moving to Toronto has made you fall in love with the Maple Leafs. Auston Matthews may also have something to do with your new-found love for them. Moving to Toronto has been one of the best things that has ever happened to my family. My mom and dad got a pretty nasty divorce a couple of months ago. They never got along and were always fighting when they were together. He caught my mom cheating with his best friend. It broke his heart, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so sad before. He ended up moving to Toronto after getting the job of Head of Peds Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children and taking my 4-year-old sister Madeline with him. I stayed with my mom in Quebec to finish the last month of senior year with all my friends but the day after graduation, I hopped on a plane straight to Toronto. Me and my mom never got along, we would always be fighting and yelling at each other, so I couldn’t wait to get to Toronto. I had a great summer here, maybe even the best summer I’ve ever had. I met a lot of great people. A couple of days ago my dad saved the life of 6-year-old boy. He suffered from a brain injury. It was a very difficult surgery; about 5 hours long. They kept losing him and didn’t think he was going to make it. But he was a fighter and pulled through. His father was so grateful that my dad was able to pull it off. Him and his son came to Toronto to see the Leafs game but they couldn’t go due to his sons’ surgery so he offered, scratch that, he MADE my dad take the tickets for everything he did. My dad never really followed hockey, only watched games when I was watching them, so he gave me the tickets and I took a friend with me. She was a huge Leafs fan so she was ecstatic when I told her I was taking her.

 It was game day and I couldn’t be more excited. I thought about wearing my Geno jersey to support the Pens but I decided that wasn’t a good idea going to a Leafs home game. I decided on just wearing a blue shirt seeing as I didn’t own a Toronto jersey. I had a tough time trying to find something seeing as me and group of friends were going out afterwards to celebrate my 19th birthday. I wouldn’t have time to go home and change after the game, so I was trying to find something that wasn’t too flashy to wear to the game but nothing to boring to wear to a club. Finally finding an appropriate outfit, I started doing my hair and makeup.  

“Logan, can you come downstairs for a minute?” My dad yelled.
“Yeah, I’ll be down in just a second!” I replied, finishing up my makeup. Making my way down the stairs, I’m greeted at the bottom by my dad, Madeline and my best friend Kenzie. Dad holding a cake with lit candles, Madeline had some balloons and Kenzie was holding Madeline. All of them wearing birthday hats.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Logan, Happy birthday to you!” They all sang.  
“Thank you guys so much!” I exclaimed, after blowing out the candles.
“LOG, I made you a gift!” Madeline yelled excitedly squirming out of Kenzies arms. She went running into the living room and came running back out with a poorly wrapped gift that you could tell she did herself. After she handed it to me I opened it up to reveal a framed picture she painted of me and her. It had macaroni, feathers, pom-poms and way too much glitter.  

“Thank you so much Mads, I’m gonna hang it on my wall so I can see it every day.” I told her giving her a big hug. Madeline, or Mads as I call her, is only person I’m closer to than my dad. When she was born she had a heart defect and doctors didn’t think that she would survive. I knew the moment I first held her that I would do anything in the world just to protect her.

“I’m glad you love it so much” She said.
“I love it almost so much as I love you” I told her kissing her cheek.
“Alright, time for my present” Dad said handing me a gift bag. I opened it up it find an Austin Matthews jersey.
“I know you wanted to wear your Dino jer-"He started
"Dad, its Geno” I corrected him laughing
“Whatever or whoever it is, I know you wanted to wear his jersey but I also knew you secretly wanted to this guys jersey more, so I got Kenzie to help me out because I have no idea who any of this people are” He stated.
“Thank you guys so much” I said giving them both hugs, “It’s my second favourite present” I told them winking at Mads.
“Well you never got my gift yet, just wait till we get the club after the game. I’m gonna get you fuc-… fudge, yeah I’m gonna get you fudge!” Kenzie corrected herself after my dad gave her a look because Mads was in the room. My dad was used to giving Kenzie this look. My best friend is very talkative, outgoing, and tends to say more curses than a grown man. My dad wasn’t too sure of her the first time he met her but Mads just loved her. I met her my second day in Toronto at a small café. She works there as a barista and when I ordered my coffee, she wouldn’t shut up about how much she loved my make-up and that I had to do hers later that night because she had a ‘hot date’. She wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I needed up doing her make-up for her date. We talked and got to know each other very well. Later that night at about 1 or 2 in the morning, I got a text from her saying that because of my make-up skills, I helped her get the love her life and also the best sex of her life. They have been dating for about 3 months and they’re hands down the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. Kenzie would have my back for anything. She’s helped me through my parents’ divorce and to get over my summer fling. I would be lost without her.

“Well it’s 7:30 now so you guys should be heading out now if you want to make it on time” Dad told us pushing us out the door. Kenzie decided on driving to the game, leaving the jeep there after the game and getting an Uber to the club. She wasn’t too worried about leaving the jeep there because it was her brothers and she didn’t care what happened to it. Her and her brother were nowhere as close as me and Mads. Also, according to her both of us needed to get very fucked up tonight because I didn’t live in Toronto for her 19th so we had to make up for lost time.

“I’m so excited for this game. Maybe you’ll even catch a certain Mr. Matthews eye with your new jersey if the seats are close enough.” She said wiggling her eyebrows “Where are we sitting anyways?”
“Yes, I’m going to make him fall in love with me while I’m screaming at refs at all of their stupid calls but I believe were glass seats near the Toronto bench but I’m not sure, I don’t know my way around the ACC that good yet” I stated. The rest of the 20-minute drive was just us screaming singing, very badly may I add, to our favourite songs. We finally made it to our seats just in time for warm up to start. Our seats were glass seats right next to the Leafs bench. Kenzie insisted that I had to sit in the seat closest to the bench because there’s no way my future husband wasn’t sitting on that bench. Ever since me and my summer fling broke things off, she has been trying to set me up with just about any guy that looked my way. She says I’m too pretty to just waste life away by myself but I’m perfectly fine without a boy. I don’t think I need a guy so I’m not really out looking but I happen to stumble upon a good one I wouldn’t say no.

“Oh my god there’s Geno and Jake and Crosby, this is the best day ever!” I exclaimed to Kenzie
“I think you might be at the wrong home game, like how are not excited over Marner, Matthews or Nylander. My god Logan you’re wearing a Matthews jersey at least pay some attention to the Leafs.” She said to me laughing.
“Yeah yeah whatever, I guess you are right though. Matthews looks pretty damn good in person” I told her laughing as well, “These seats are amazing, I’m gonna have to go to the hospital and thank the guy who gave them to my dad. You know what, there’s still 15 minutes left of warm up I’m gonna go get something for him and his son. I’ll be back in a few minutes” I walked out to the concession stand area. They were selling everything Toronto out there. I picked them out some small things like a Toronto teddy bear, foam finger, and a bunch of other knick knacks. Remembering how the dad was saying he was going to buy his son a jersey at the game to surprise him, I even picked up a small jersey for the little boy. Making it back to my seat with 5 minutes left of warm up.

“Good your back, now I really think you should shoot your shot with Matthews and if that doesn’t work try Nylander. Now I know Matthews has a reputation of sleeping around a lot but I think you could tame hi-” Kenzie started before she was interrupted by a puck hitting the glass.
“Jesus Christ!” I screamed while jumping. I was too busy listening to Kenzies’ 'plan’ that it scared me more than it should have. “Who did that?’ I asked as we both searched the ice to find the source.
"I believe it was your future husband” She said as she pointed towards the ice. I followed her finger to Marner laughing and Matthews waving at us.
“I guess he’s shooting his shot first” I said waving back to him.

Auston Matthews- New Leaf- Chapter Eleven

Auston had text me That coach called for a last minute practice so he wouldn’t be able to pick me up. Steph said that he will be there to though. I was nervous to see them. I finally feel that weight lifting from my shoulders. I finally feel that I can live my life.

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Well well...

I never expected to get 2000 followers (blocking the undesirables) on Tumblr…heck I didn’t think I’d get 10 followers. 

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Why are you here?? My World War I centenary interest? …. or… my bizarre interest in polar explorers??….No??

What could it be?? 😕😕

Ha! Who am I kidding??? 

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It’s this guy!

This dapper suit wearing, hands flailing, tongue licking, family loving,  book nerd of an actor. Without even knowing it he’s changed my life for the better.

Yes you have..

Who knew that was even possible when I joined tumblr. Certainly not me.

So many things I didn’t expect when I joined. You are (in my part of Tumblr anyway 😏) a book loving, tea drinking, Brit boy mad community. You’re all so passionate! Many times you make me think about things in a new way. Or inform me about subjects I never knew I was eager to learn about. I roll my eyes. I get angry at certain posts…disgusted by others. But it’s been amazing.

So I thank you! 

I didn’t expect to make so many friends! Mutuals!  Whatever the tumblr word of the day is… Too many to count now! You all know who you are. You get me through so many sad, bad, frustrating days I bless all of you! 

I love messaging and fan girling about our guy. 

I didn’t expect to then meet up with some of you! I’ve been to NYC and Toronto and a few other cities. I’ve seen plays. I’ve drunk way too much. I’ve  stayed up practically all night  talking. I’ve loved every minute. 

I never expected to have certain dreams come true (twice!) in such difficult and surreal circumstances! God Bless Eddie!!  Bless @vintagelouloukins ! 

So thank you all!! 💕💕


Part Seven: Losing the Gamble
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2340
Warnings: Fairly certain the control issues are no longer implied.


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Where is Yuzu? How is Yuzu?

Posted on March 18, 2015 by BevSmithWrites

With all the hubbub about the world figure skating championships to come next week, you might be wondering: “So where’s Yuzu?”

Well, the lithe, mosquito-waisted Olympic and world champion, Yuzuru Hanyu, has spent a great part of the season at home in Japan – not Canada where he has trained for his biggest triumphs – and is preparing for the world championships in Shanghai, China, in an extremely unusual way: by correspondence with coach Brian Orser.

“I have not seen him at all,” said Orser the other day at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, adorned with banners cheering on European champ Javier Fernandez and new Canadian champion Nam Nguyen who train there. On Thursday, the club is staging a little world championship sendoff for its favourite sons – sans Hanyu.

“Yuzu has been faced with so many challenges this season,” Orser said. “His comfort zone is in Japan when he’s recovering from something.”

And he’s had much to recover from over the past seven months or so. It’s been an annus horribilis, as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has been known to say about the rocky roads that can assail a person’s psyche.

First a back injury caused his withdrawal from Finlandia Trophy. Then he collided with Chinese skater Han Yan during the warmup for the free skate at Cup of China last November. He skated with a bandage on his head, fell five times and stayed in Japan for recovery.

With the NHK just two weeks away, Hanyu remained in Japan. He started feeling intermittent pains in his abdomen, which seemed a mystery. But he completely triumphed in the Grand Prix Final, for an astounding 288.16-point win, 34.26 points more than his closest challenger, Javier Fernandez.

Next up? The Japanese championships, which he won by more than 30 points. Obviously, he did it with some pain. He was already scheduled for surgery a few days later to repair a urachal remnant, attached to his bladder. In other words, he suffered from a rare infliction, in which the fibrous remnant from his umbilical cord failed to dissolve as he became an adult. Orser said Hanyu developed a cyst that became infected and had to be exised.

Fortunately, doctors did it by arthroscopic surgery, Orser said. “They didn’t have to cut any muscle, but they did have to cut the fascia.”

Although the hospital stay was expected to be two weeks with another four weeks away from the ice, Hanyu actually was laid up and off the ice for five weeks. Orser thinks Hanyu remained in hospital for most of that time. “I know that he has some allergies to a lot of medications, so he has to be careful about that,” he said.

The black clouds never parted. Soon after Hanyu returned to the ice, he sprained an ankle, perhaps because he began trying too much too soon. “Of course, it would be typical for him to want to get going and do everything right away,” Orser said. Coming back to Toronto to train didn’t seem to be an option.

None of this has put Orser in an ideal situation to prepare Hanyu to defend his world title next week. He admits he’s been a little frustrated with the lack of communication. But the channels have been cleared since, and Orser says he hears from Hanyu by email every day.

”I’m giving him some things to think about and do on every session, and what kind of run-throughs to do,” Orser said. “I think at this stage, it’s just refreshing to have a little bit of instruction, rather than going out and wondering what you should do and how you feel. This way, you have a bit of a plan and you follow it.”

Currently, Hanyu is training without a coach in Japan and by himself. Orser finds it hard, because he doesn’t see what Hanyu is doing. He’s trying to advise him from a distance. “It’s a little bit of a challenge,” he said. “He says he’s skating well and he’s doing his run-throughs, so that’s all I can ask for. I guess when I get there, I’ll see.”

Right now, Hanyu reports that his quad Salchow and his quad toe loop are just fine. Earlier in the season, he seemed to struggle with a triple Lutz. “We’ve discussed that through emails and he says it seems to be fine now,” Orser said.

Hanyu is relying on some video files on his iPad that remind him about the technique of jumps. He has a Lutz file. And a Salchow file. And a loop file. The only thing that worries Orser is the difficulty of finding motivation when skating by oneself. “But he’s pretty driven and I think he’s able to manage it,” Orser said. “I think he would prefer to be out there skating with Javi every day.”

Hanyu tells Orser he misses the club and “he misses us.” But the travel from Japan to Toronto is hard and strength-sapping. And the way it is now, Hanyu faces a one-hour flight to Shanghai in the same time zone, while Orser and the rest of his boys will be dragging their heels from the opposite side of the world. No matter, says Orser. They will arrive in enough time to have three good training days before the event starts.

At any rate, Orser feels he and Hanyu are back on track. He wants to cut Hanyu a lot of slack this year because it’s a post-Olympic year, he’s the Olympic champion, his life has changed and he has so many demands and responsibilities. “Hopefully we’ll get back on track for next season,” said the coach.

He feels the information he’s getting from Hanyu is accurate, that his star pupil is feeling strong and that he’ll be ready when the trumpet sounds next week. Hanyu has a way of rising to the call, of battling magnificently. He’s done it twice during this terrible year. We’ll find out soon enough what he’s made of.

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I swear I've never seen a person look at someone they way H used to look at Louis on the early days. And it's so sad to think that they were conditioned to ignore each other. I feel like this affected H more, I love that they are starting to interact again but I've noticed that Louis fonds more openly and it's like H is still scared to do it and he still avoids looking at Louis for too long. But he wants too, I remember how he looked at Louis in the big screen in Toronto & Newcastle, beautiful.

Did you not know that Season 5 is out? Watch it. Here is some:









 I walked down the street the cold air hitting me harder and harder every step I took. I’m so nervous. what is he doesn’t love me anymore? What if he has someone else? What if he has changed? Questions race through my mind as I walk closer to the hotel. 

I was going to surprise my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in 2 months

The boys were currently in Toronto, Canada and they were on a one day break.

I slowly walk up to the hotel whispering motivational things to myself. “This is it” I whispered to myself before talking to the lady at the front desk.

“Hello, Im (Y/N), I called earlier about surprising my boyfriend?” I asked her slightly scared.

“Yes! miss (Y/L/N) He’s on floor 2, room 246.” She replied quite perky. Gosh these Canadians are to happy.

“Thanks” I said politely 

I slowly walked to the elevator, creating scenarios that could happen when we see each other again.


“Luke Im scared” I told my boyfriend of only 2 months

“babe its alright just hold my hand” He whispered calmingly as he stoked my hand.

“what If they hate me!” I asked with a lump in my throat.

“Babe if I love you, they will love you” He said nonchalantly not even realizing what he had just said.

“W-what?” I said in disbelief.

“I-I-I” he said starting to stutter realizing what he had said.

“Luke babe, its ok calm down-”

“Shit sorry (Y/N) It was to early to say that wasn’t it aw fuck, I’m SO stupid” He cut me off.

“I love you too” I whispered into his ear


I smiled at the memory of him admitting he loved me for the first time. It felt like almost yesterday that it had happened. I hear a ding signalling I was at  the floor. I walk down the hall until I reach door number 246. This is it no turning back now.

I knocked.

I heard scurrying and then the click of the door.

“(Y/N)!!! What are you doing here?!” Calum asked looked stunned, and nervous.

“Im surprising Luke! Don’t tell him i’m here” I laughed and told calum

“I think he may be asleep he left back from the restaurant 1 hour before all of us” Calum said 

“Thats ok, Ill wake him up." 

I slowly walk to his room which Calum had showed me.

I slowly knocked on the door. I heard ruffling of the sheets and a quiet moan. Wait. Lukes voice is not that high. I barged in the room only to run back out. There he was my beautiful boyfriend lying naked beside a naked red-head. I didn’t know what to do. I just ran and cried. 

PART 2: http://katt5sos.tumblr.com/post/78159274983/imagine-luke-part-2



Part I: our one regret about our wedding was that we didn’t have professional photographs taken that day and so this fall we had belated photos taken to share with our family and friends. we took them at La Cubana Ossington (the first restaurant we ever went to together in Toronto, back when it was Delux!) and High Park which we used to live across the street from. they were a christmas gift for our parents and so we didn’t share them anywhere near facebook so some of you may not have seen these before! we are so happy with them (and each other). thanks to Scarlet O'Neill for helping us create these beautiful memories!

This part includes photos taken at La Cubana, including some photos during which Scarlet had us write down separately what we wanted to do in 2016 (no, there’s no baby…yet)


Well, it’s yet ANOTHER cold and snowy winter’s day here in Toronto.  Luckily my cousin brought back the warming sunburst of this 1966 Gibson ES-125 from his trip to Bernunzio Uptown Music in Rochester, NY!

I have been to Rochester twice in the last year and I love their guitar shops.  Other than Bernunzio, Rochester also boasts a great guitar shop called “House of Guitars”.  It’s like no other guitar shop I have ever seen anywhere ever, I can’t even describe it properly except to say that I think there was a show a long time ago called “Hoarders”?  Well, “House of Guitars” could have been featured on an episode of “Hoarders”!    

Spaces - Jack Gilinsky Fanfic

“I love you” Jack wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. “I love you so much baby girl.” He whispered before pressing his lips softly on my temple. I rested against his body and took a deep breath of cold air.

“I love you too” I smiled. In the middle of our chaotic lives, it amused me how we still made time for each other. In the center of all the fame, the cameras, the fans, and the lights, here we were 365 days strong of a relationship that survived off 4AM phone calls after studio sessions, and 2 hour waits at the airport just to see each other for 3 seconds before having to hand each other over to fans and paparazzi. Even dealing with that, we found ourselves here at 11 PM staring at the city lights in the heart of Toronto. “We should go to bed.” I mumbled turning around to face Jack who had a disappointed look on his face.

“Babe, we haven’t seen each other in 2 weeks and the one night we have together, you want to go bed early?” His hands rested gently on the small of my back. “I know I’ve got a 5 AM wake up call, and you got to be at rehearsals by 7, but it’s just one night.” He frowned, and put his head down.

“Hey, G..” I lifted his chin so he’d make eye contact with me. “We can do whatever you want.” I gave him a hopeful smile, and got on my tip toes to kiss him. “I promise.”

At 1:32 AM we were wrapped up in the warm sheets of the bed, his body pressed on top of mine. “You don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting for this” Jack chuckled before planting soft kisses on my lips, my neck, and my torso. He fumbled with the clasp of my bra, and then sat up in frustration. “Can you take it off? Please.”

I giggled and slipped it off with ease before finding myself on top of Gilinsky, giving him sweet kisses on his body. His hands stroked my thigh as I left love bites on his neck. “Baby girl.” He whispered, and I stopped, straddling on top of him. “Yes G?”

“No one told you to stop” He smirked before sitting up as well, resting his hands on my bum. He leaned in for kiss, trailing his kisses down to my breast sucking tenderly, leaving a hickey or two. “Let me get a condom.” He mumbled, planting another kiss on my lips. I bit my lip and nodded. “Hurry up.” 

Authors Note: Feed back would be absolutely amazing from you guys,it allows me to know if I should continue writing. I do take suggestions, and will soon begin making imagines and preferences. 

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Maybe Liam is doing it so Harry and Louis won't. Remember the interview where Liam said if he could be one person from the band for a day, and he said Harry, but not in a, "I get to be Harry Styles for a day,'' kind of way more like a, "I'll be Harry so Harry doesn't have to be and he can get a break.'' Since most of the time, there are rumors of Harry and any girl he is possibly seen around, by a pap or fan.

Yea maybe. The other boys have really stepped it up a little bit lately. Zayn got papped at dinner the other night. Niall played tennis in Toronto. Liam with Sophia. I do think they try to take some of the burden off of Harry (and Louis too) whenever they can.