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Do you know any good theme blogs and reblog blogs? There doesnt seem to be many

My personal favorite theme blogs (this is gonna be so long so i’m sorry):

@fukuo  my biggest/long time inspiration. He makes some of the coolest and innovative designs I’ve ever seen, tumblr or otherwise. Really nice, big fonts too.

@linthm introduced me to the concept of flexbox, and they’re so good at it. Their layouts and color schemes are so creative, and the focus on accessibility is always really appreciated.

@yukoki  I used yuko’s themes for years before starting my own theme blog. The themes are so cute and and full of amazing features and effects, which matched my main blog, at the time, perfectly. So talented and sweet. 

@magnusthemes  She has such a unique style ! Perfect blend of clean and more minimal designs without being boring or plain. Also really nice use of accents colors!! 

@odeysseus amazing minimal designs! Simple yet elegant, and honestly refreshing to look at.

@bychloethemes  Chloe’s designs are so original and clean looking and is a godsend for the undocumented documentation !

@leopardraws  I ADORE Fael’s blog’s theme. As far as the actual themes go, the sidebars are my favorite. avatar placement is so aesthetically pleasing.

@neothm‘s designs are SO COOL.  Has a great, clean design aesthetic I wish to achieve. Very professional looking. 

@nemurou  Amy is so talented when it comes to layout. The sidebar for nameless specifically is so neat and unique! the theme for nemurou is also very pleasing to the eye.

@sheathemes Doori’s post info styles are so unique. Their themes and pages have a lot of nice shapes and accent colors to them. 

@acuite  unbelievably talented. Acuite’s designs are some of my favorite minimalist themes ever ! I also love the posts and colors in the previews so much

@peachthms - Very clean designs! Some of the best pages I’ve ever seen, especially press play

@baechys Her designs are so cute! Lots of adorable contained themes and technology inspired layouts. 

@glenthemes their themes are breathtaking. Their sidebar designs are so unique and very versatile for normal blogs or fansites.

@borntobewildcodes I actually used their themes years ago, around when I first started using tumblr, so this blog has always held a special place in my heart !

@warugaki-themes I LOVE the use of shapes so much. Like the bat shaped theme! very adorable and original themes. 

@saturnthms Sol is SO unbelievably talented. The icon font is honestly better than font awesome in my opinion. The amount of effort and creativity that’s put into every theme, widget, etc made by saturnthms is inspiring. 

As far as reblog/resource blogs, I can only think of @resourcemarket, @themegalore, and @theme-hunter at the moment :/

Sorry that was so long! 

let’s talk about aron.

because I’m in my emo mood, but let’s talk about aron.

i’ve been in this fandom for the 5th year now (i joined post hello era) and in some ways, i’ve felt like I’ve not only just watch these boys grew up, but grew up along them. so, let’s talk about aron. i was an aron stan before i truly knew it - i just liked how he seemed so fun-loving and derpy, how he can sing and rap and writes his own lyrics.

and what really sealed the deal for me was him on radio with music access. it’s not the most stellar of his records - we all knew about the past that haunt him till this date. but this post isn’t about that because it’s long over. for those that had never, ever heard music access, you wouldn’t know how much the radio meant to international fans. aron not only hosted the most successful radio show in arirang that he got an article written about him connecting international fans to kpop during his stint, he also helped to build this community known as music access family.

loves who tuned in from all over the world sort of knew each other, some closer to others as they’ve interacted. i kept to myself more, so i don’t really know others, but i remember hearing certain names from different regions, seeing certain ids over and over again. and aron does too, because he might not have seen our faces, but he remembered our stories if you write in to him enough. he remembered the time he name a pet or the time you’ve met a slump, he gave words of encouragement to people who felt like they’ve hit a wall, he made us laugh at some of the silliest things.

there were moments where you can tell that he’s not in the mood, that he’s sick and he’s tired, but aron is human and we know that. so we appreciate even more the effort he tries to keep focus on the show. and he has helped so. many. people in ways that people don’t seem to realise.

aron lost a ton of fans after his supposed controversy, and as an aron bias, this hurts a lot. it hurts a lot because we see how his apologies are buried over by sheer hate; we see how a man so confident and straightforward has changed for the better but ignored and dragged on for months, even now. it hurts because we know - he knows - that no matter what, this thing has stained his history and there’s no turning back.

and yet, at the same time, we have taken steps forward. aron’s changed a lot. but him appreciating fans a lot is not new. in many fancams you can see how aron interact with loves, and how he make his rounds during fanmeeting to shake as many hands as possible. someone i knew said that she missed out on a high touch with aron during a fanmeet, but aron rounded back on his way to the stage; personally, i’ve see them twice in real life going down the stage to greet fans and twice, aron has impressed me how thorough he is with high touch or greeting them.

it’s the reason im an aron bias, after all.

aron always had very little korean fans, and even lesser fansites. a lot of his old fansites ceased operations, not because they disliked him, but because real life has taken over. a fansite i knew stopped because they wanted to focus on their career. another left the country. and then…for what seemed like close to a year or two, we had to look at aron through previews of other members. on some days, it felt like aron wasn’t there - he’s cut away from the previews or only an arm’s showing in the next; his face was blurred and there were none of his personal photos.

it got to the point where other member fansites posted photos of aron because there was none if they didn’t, because they wanted to help their fellow friends and fansitemasters who weren’t able to make it to the event. and we cherished it, all aron-stans. for every preview we had, we cried in joy, hyping it in our social media and kakao chats. we’re glad to see a photo of his full outfit, because most of the time, an arm or a leg or part of the back of his head is all we got.

( and even then, we told ourselves that we were lucky, because at least we knew the color of the shirt he wore. )

and it hurts too, frankly speaking. i’ve shed tears over this because of how more aron seemed to be hidden away and invisible. i’ve pondered why my bias doesn’t seem likeable to others when i firmly believed otherwise. i wondered, worried, if aron actually knew?

and i think he does. because he tries.

“i’d work on my korean.” “thank you for coming” “i’d try to post in the fancafe more often” “thank you for cheering on me too”

you’ve heard him said the last sentence in their last fanmeeting as nuest w, but did you know he’s pretty much been saying it since forever?

but now…im glad. there are more and more aron fansites again, and ice tea nim even came back briefly. for all the slumps we’ve witness aron gone through, to seeing his tears on their first win, we’re truly, truly happy for him. because now people are loving him as a member of the group, and people are willing to learn about him.

and most importantly, they knew what he said and they acknowledged his apology, and they’re giving him a second chance like how they’re giving nu’est a second chance, and it’s in this that i cannot be more grateful about. because i don’t think aron - or the boys - are perfect, but they aren’t as mean or an asshole as some people make them out to be, and they learn and matured and poured in their hard work time and time again to be who they are today.

words just can’t describe how proud i am, and glad to know that they’re accepting aron as he is, his changed self and his derpy self, his smart caring self and his hardworking self.

so yes, let’s talk about aron, because he deserves to be loved as a member of nu’est too. and thank you, to every love out there, who may not like him (yet) but at least given him a chance.

as an aron stan, thank you, for giving him a reason not to regret staying for his dream, for his brothers and fellow loves. this boy gave up new york university and was apart from his family members, coming to seoul alone when he speak none of the language nor understand the culture and it would never have been easy. but now, i think, at least he wouldn’t leave with any regrets years down the road.

so, thank you. ; u ;

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Have we become too loud?

This is excellent. I struggle with this on a daily basis and I often wonder if all the complaining we do on social media is doing more harm than good. Myself included. Although it seems fun, by doing this we’re no better than a classroom bully or the D*stiel minions. Although I am by no means a “fencesitter”, recent events with both the boys have caused some disheartening feelings.

And, as much as I WANT them together with all of my heart, I have to take several steps back and remember what is is about them both individually and together that reminds me of why I love them and respect them. Their happiness is what’s important. Not what we think their happiness should be. We can assume and suspect all we want. I STILL believe that they do have each other and they are together, but I’m going to tone down my trash talk because it’s not benefiting them.

It’s not respectful. I’ll save it to share with close friends off of public media. We should all practice what we preach or else, like I said, we are no different than other parts of this amazing fandom ❤

Hello, darling!

Your thoughts sound very familiar to me. Even though I try to weed out my worst thoughts and wildest speculations, something that later makes me feel uncomfortable always seems to get through. Talking about a closeted couple that one truly cares for is difficult. One wants to remain tactful, respectful and very careful. The stakes are high when one only wants what’s best for them.

I don’t, under no circumstances whatsoever, want us to shut up about them. I think that would be counter-productive, should they be looking for supportive fans during a difficult time. It’s a fine line to walk on, if you can even find it. I’m struggling with it everyday, going from full-on blabbermouth to eerie silence in a span of just a few days. It’s sometimes so hard to tell which things are worth clinging onto and which aren’t. I suppose there are as many approaches as there are fans. 

You’re absolutely right about us not having a say in what they do. We don’t know what sort of situation they aim for, so how could we be so presumptuous as to think we know what’s best for them? The only thing we can do is to be here for them, approving and appreciating their beautiful love, showing them we know about them and support them. If we start pushing them, aren’t we just putting them from one prison to another? What about what they want? 

I believe they’re making the best out of a bad situation. It’s unfair to make a person choose between love and livelihood, but they have survived this show for twelve years, and will no doubt continue to make every effort to keep both aspects of their lives healthy. It’s not always pleasant to watch, concerns and frustrations do emerge, but sometimes it’s best to talk them over in confidence rather than put it all out there for PR interns to find. 

Thanks for the lovely comment, dear! 

Here are some Before the Storm thoughts I came up with high. Spoilers below ⚠️

My theory is that there is going to be two endings. One leads to LiS, the other implying it leads to different events where Rachel and Chloe DON’T die.

I think the ending that leads to LiS could be the FRIENDSHIP route.

Chloe is queer. That’s canon. It doesn’t matter if you choose friendship options and play her as straight as you can, she’s at least bi.

If you choose to play the game as Chloe being honest with herself and pursuing Rachel, we start to see her coming to terms with her sexuality. There’s her journal posts, starting to talk to Steph about it, and best of all - really acting on it! I think that’s only going to grow further in ep 3. In LiS Chloe seems waaaay more closeted, even in comparison to the content we’ve seen so far. The difference is crazy.

In LiS Chloe dares Max to kiss her and pulls away quick/seems flustered if you do it. If this game was following BtS with the gay content, you’d think she’d be used to “girl-on-girl action” by then.

Chloe refers to Rachel as a friend in LiS. If she sucked face with Rachel, and with how damn romantic this game is, you’d think she’d tell her best friend that Rachel was more than that. Especially considering she writes to Max about having feelings and making out with Rachel in her journal.

From what I’ve seen/read of the friendship angles (too gay to play it that way) LiS makes way more sense to follow that.

You’ve probably been thinking DIFFERENT DEVELOPERS this whole post.

I know!

BUT! Deck Nine was tasked to make a game that makes sense before LiS, and from the romance angle so far (unless things get really drastic next ep) I don’t see it.

Also everyone keeps talking about Rachel Amber and what’s going to happen to her, but this game is about Chloe and the choices she’s making during a sensitive time in her life. If things went this way I’m theorizing I think it would send a nice message to accept yourself, the choices you make and how you handle issues in life matter, or else you might wind up at a point of no return (LiS). Max’s powers couldn’t control Chloe’s choices.

And then Chloe and Rachel could be (kinda) off the tragically long list of dead lesbians in the media!

Maybe! 🤷‍♀️

For those of you who are out, if you want to post something on Facebook about Asexual Awareness Week (they even have a frame for profile pictures) here’s what mine looks like:

So for those of you who don’t know: I’m asexual, demisexual to be more exact. But I wanted to take a moment to write this out for you guys because October 22nd-28th is Asexual Awarness Week. It is estimated that anywhere between 1-6% of people fall on the asexual spectrum. That may not seem like much, but 1-6% of 7 billion is a lot of people. That’s a minimum of 70 MILLION people. That’s almost the entire population of the United Kingdom.
Most asexuals spend a majority of their life thinking they are broken or weird because they don’t experience sexual attraction or only experience it under very specific conditions. So that is what this week is about. It’s so people out there can find out that they aren’t so weird/broken/etc. So get ready to learn about asexuality this week my friends! It’s time to get E-D-U-C-A-T-E-D!

If you guys are interested in the other factoids I plan on posting this week for Facebook, you can like or reblog this. 

<3 Mod Kit

p.s. Feel free to use this if you would like, no credit necessary. 

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Do you think that zigi and chiam share a stunt team? Or is it just there there only so many stunts to go round?

Hi anon,

I don’t know though I do think they all take leafs from each other’s books and you see it with every celebrity ‘couple’ out there that seems to be more PR than anything.

1.  Buy a dog

2. talk about home cooking 

3.  Wear ‘each other's’ clothes

4. Grab a pic from google or the person who is bearding for you or who you’re bearding for’s Instagram and post it with a heart eyes emoji or some naff comment.

So yeah I definitely think there’s only so much you can do on SM, and given that’s by and large the only way Zigi and Chiam still live on and courtesy of Liam talking all sorts of bunkum about Bear etc., then yes things will look repetitive after a while. 

It’s infinitely more preferable than the pap pics though and less impactful mentally on them I’m sure.  (in terms of SM strictly because I don’t think for one second that Liam isn’t impacted by what he has to say). 

Meanwhile on the subject of Liam,  nice to see that the Sun felt the need to reconfirm that BF isn’t about Cheryl even tho Liam yesterday was all ‘Oh yeah we laugh at people who say about it’ and also clarified that the song that he says is about the LT relationship etc., is coming on the album with a title he won’t name (pssst Man on a mission or Make it with you please Liam).  Find it fascinating that the stuff he wrote may remain as album tracks rather than singles. 

And also as I put in tags - Liam out there doing the opposite of every other parent and saying that he wants to work work work now, and then he’ll spend more time with Bear.

When he’s started school.   lol. 

Anyway, it’s the Sun so lord knows. 

I’ll be critical of authentically bad writing as much as the next person, but I see two phenomena after episodes written by Buckner and Ross-Leming:

- the Plot Hole Hunt. People start pointing at everything calling it a plot hole, eventually someone proves that it’s not a plot hole, in the meanwhile the post gets notes and everyone chants plot hole

- people seem afraid of saying they enjoyed the episode or scenes/characterizations/lines/etc in it, almost like they expect to be criticized unless they start with expressions like “I don’t like Bucklemming but…..” 

Those writers might not be the best and their worst is pretty bad, but they have made some good stuff too. Possibly nothing as memorable and iconic as other writers have done, but they have written enjoyable episodes and some very interesting arcs and scenes (I don’t care if it was all them or the showrunner(s) helped, it’s not really relevant).

Let’s not be afraid of saying that something about their episodes wasn’t bad. It’s okay. They’re not monsters.

So I was never really a man of Saw’s characterization post-Clone Wars bc of the whole “making the black person the Radical Extremist” trope but I do think they handled him much better in In The Name Of The Rebellion then they did in Ghosts of Geonosis.

In Ghosts of Geonosis, namely the second part, it felt like Ezra was just a mouthpiece for the writers to give the Moral Of The Episode while Saw was mostly villainized, and it just seemed really forced. Here we see more from Saw’s perspective and we’re given a chance to understand his actions, even if they aren’t always morally right.

In addition the moral dilemma with Saw and Mon Mothma was handled pretty well as neither of them was truly in the right. Obviously Saw’s methods aren’t exactly right, but they’re effective, and Mon at this point naively believes that peace can still be made with the Empire even though they’ve shown time and again that it isn’t. Basically they’re opposite extremes and neither is completely right or wrong.

So all in all it was a solid two-parter, and of course the Rogue One connections were a lot of fun.

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hey lan! i've been following your whothehelliscassandracain? blog and i have gotta say that the more we learn about David Cain apparently training other kids BEFORE cass the more it ruins his character. i don't know... i get why dc chose to go down that plot route but dang i just feel like it makes his character less human/complex you know what i mean? And the more they go into the more i'm like blah he's a 2d supervillain now -even if he is an interesting one. What do you think?

Hey anon! Thanks for your ask :) Warning, long character analysis post coming up.

Keep reading

I understand that everyone wants Suzie to turn out good and kill The Mage but honestly it would make much more sense for her to join him. Afterall he’s the one who gave her control over her life again in some way and I don’t see why she would turn against him, she has no link to the others and I feel like he could be very persuasive (though I still don’t understand what’s his end game because I feel like he doesn’t NEED more help he seems pretty powerful judging from the way Silas fears him). Also we’ve seen that Suzie can be cruel and I feel like she has a lot of rage inside her.

I hope Taylor knows how insanely grateful we are for every single thing that she does for us. She really gives us so much and it’s really unbelievable to think about. The amount of time that Taylor spends making sure that we know that she has our back never ever fails to render me speechless. The way she seems to pop up just when we need it. The comments she leaves. The posts she likes. The letters she sends. Sigh. The way she reaches out and reminds us that we are more than enough. No words could ever express how proud I am of all that she is. I hope she knows that we will always always always have her back too. I hope she knows that the love and support we have for her is unwavering and unconditional. I love her so much :’)

I feel like Taylor doesn’t know me for me and it’s heart breaking because she’s liked posts from my blog three times total. Two of which were from other people and one of which was an original post. The most recent one she liked, the girl constantly self reblogged and just had another post liked and was replied to by name and I can’t help but wonder if I should be more selfish and only reblog myself when Taylor is online because those seem to be the people she’s noticing but every time I think that I can’t bring myself to actually only self reblog when she’s online because I know how annoying that is and I want people to be noticed and if my blog helps them be noticed then that’s great but I’m having such a hard time with this and it’s so stupid but wow.

I legit can’t be selfish even when I want to be. And I hate myself for not being able to be selfish…

As I’ve said in the last post, I’ll be talking about the main characters a bit.

The protagonists, Jaike and Dalia, come from a mystical kind of beings known as Tenebrin.
On their home planet Tenebrae, the people of Tenebrin have lived peacefully for centuries, never interfering in outside affairs of others.
But nothing lasts forever and one day, the planet Tenebrae was annihilated by another kind, the Phot.

For what reason or purpose it seemed unknown, the calamity came as a shining beam of light, destroying the planet and it’s people in an instant.
The Tenebrin where no more…except for the one that survived. Whether by luck or fate, Jaike was spared along with his ship Jackal.
Having lost his whole planet and its people, his grief was immeasurable, he has lost everything.
Filled with anger he swore revenge on those responsible, the wretched Phot. Thus his journey begins.

But Jaike was not the only remaining Tenebrin, one called Dalia was alive as well. Long ago Dalia left her home in desire to explore the wast world beyond hers, something uncommon for Tenebrins who have always lived on their planet.
On her own, with her ship Dahl, she traveled from one place to another, discovering new things along the way.
The news of her planet’s demise came as a sudden shock. Confused and in disbelief, she sets out to find the truth of this.
To her dismay this was everything but a lie, her home was gone, vanished into dark abyss.
On her way to this revelation she stumbled upon the Phot, who recognized her for what she is and attacked.
Having nothing left, the only thing she could do is run.

That’s it for the introductions, you will be able to find out the rest of this story in the game, hopefully.

Interesting to note is that this was not how I originally planned the story and that it went through a few iterations.
Without going too much into details, originally all the characters where supposed to be human and the events would revolve around some kind of powerful magical artifact.
But as the story further developed in my head, it became something else.

I always wanted to do something with fantastical beings,
something undefined and unknown that I could build from the ground up, I think it’s more fun and interesting that way.

The character designs come from me wanting to make something outlandish and unique with the theme being darkness of space or to be more specific, black holes.
That’s where their name comes from as well, with tenebrae meaning darkness in Latin.

The mentioned opposing race, Phot will have the theme of stars or rather stars within darkness. Their name simply comes from light particles, photons.

I’m not an artist myself, so I can tell you it took some effort to get the art to be the way it’s now and even that is nothing special.
The full body portraits silhouette was done by tracing the outline of some 3d models found within a tool meant for creating drawing references.
However all further editing, drawing clothing, coloring and shading was done without any tracing or reference.
Name of the tool used for those initial references is Design Doll. Basically a digital version of those wooden mannequin miniatures some artists use.

I got stuck on the shading for a while, but I managed to get it to look at least serviceable in the end, I think.

All of these sprites are still not final though, I keep tweaking them constantly in hope of improvement.

Worth mentioning is that the dialog portraits will feature some different facial expressions. I think it’ll add a bit to the conversation and help in better conveying character’s emotions.

Something I didn’t mention, though you might have already noticed in the gameplay videos, is that the characters posses special powers that are represented in the gameplay.
The main power being energy absorption, which ties into the theme of black holes.

Next post I’ll return to game related progress. Thanks for reading!

@notactuallyaduck replied to your post “Deacon’s never 100% sure if his feelings for Bullseye are because she…”

Ironic he says trusting your gut instinct is usually a good way to go and he can’t even figure out where his gut is.

Yeah, exactly. I think he still follows that mantra, just more like he just can’t always figure out if his gut is working for him or for the RR and it bothers him that he can’t tell. Charlotte seems so sure, so in it to win it. He feels personally cared for, and it bothers him that he’s not so sure because he wants to be sure because I think he feels its the least he can do. He’s ok not being honest with people, but this might be one of those times where he hates that he can’t be, or doesn’t know how to be, honest with himself.

@sorrelchestnut replied to your post “Deacon’s never 100% sure if his feelings for Bullseye are because she…”

I really like this. The idea that his goals and mission are so tied up in his personal life that he genuinely can’t separate them rings very true to me, for him.

I think figuring out his place in the world with the RR’s mission accomplished, untangling himself from the organization, could be a big chunk of his post-game story. Not even rediscovering himself because it’s been so long, but discovering himself almost for the first time. I’m thinking of friends and family who’ve retired from high stress, emotionally consuming jobs and the mind fuck they go through, and they didn’t subsume their personalities to do their job.

Would he be devastated by Charlotte’s death because it would hamstring the RR or because he’d lose his closest friend, and which one makes him more upset? I think questions like that bounce around in his head and when he doesn’t have clear answers, it’s upsetting.

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In response to your post about the bi Craig stuff; as an actual bi person myself honestly I feel the same? Like it's canon he's gay and to me that feels much more accurate anyway (the line about hot bikini chicks is directed at the player not for himself) also how come it's only Craig and not tweek? Everyone is accepting tweek as gay or more so it seems? I wonder if that's anything to do with how tweek is often portrayed as the "weak one" of their relationship 🙄 Craig is gay

with the whole tweek thing, ppl arent mistaking him cuz he never really had a problem with saying he was gay. in tweek x craig he approaches craig and tells him they should “get back together”, his dad was “supportive” of the relationship (somewhat, he kind of just profits of the publicity and fetishizes it but hes accepting of it) so tweek doesnt really have any trouble with the whole situation after the fake break up. the difference with craig is his dad was homophobic, and craig is always known as the tough kid so to say. he didnt want to be gay. THATS why he told tweek “you made me sound like a manipulative cheater, now ill never get any chicks” and thats why people seem to be “confused” on whether hes gay or bi. but whatever lol. craig is gay and says it in canon and its listen on official south park sources so im nit sure why people are trying to erase it.

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I'm going to one of the next liveshows and I was thinking of doing a cosplay. Lup's my favorite character, but I was wondering if it is okay for me to cosplay her since I'm a cis girl and not trans. I don't want to be rude or overstep my bounds.

i for one can’t really give you a definitive answer, i’m not a trans girl and can’t give you the best answer so i do recommend finding opinions from actual trans women but from what i can say from the tag that i’ve seen a couple people posting is that it is a mixed bag of either being okay with it as long as you are respectful and would cosplay her as any other character (and definitely not make yourself seem more masculine) but some trans girls are not comfortable with cis women cosplaying, so honestly, i’d look for some posts written by trans women and come to an informed decision on your own

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Any thoughts on the demise of NeoGAF? Or is that topic too controversial?

I hope it comes back. The style of the site (traditional forums, highly moderated) seems antiquated today, but I tend to prefer that to the styles that ended up replacing it (Reddit, image boards, little-to-no moderation). I liked reading Neogaf more than any other videogames forum.

It would be a shame if Neogaf went away due to what came out about the owner, as those forums were around before Evilore. It (or something similar) should be able to go on without him.

I’m sure the forums themselves will go back up, but it’s the people that makes a forum worth reading. If they don’t want to continue posting on Neogaf after it comes back up, then what the owner chooses to do doesn’t mean much.