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Paladins Talking to Their Lions Appreciation Post! 

In “Across the Universe,” both Pidge and Keith talk to their lions, pause, and then answer, “Okay…”

It sounds like the lions spoke back, though we don’t hear the “words.” Not sure if this is the same sort of communication that Lance explains in “Rise of Voltron” - “Well it’s not like [Blue’s] saying words, more like feeding ideas into my brain, kind of. “

But it really seems like the lions speak to their paladins. Can I see more of this? Please, VLD!

(Makes wonder about Shiro and Black, though. When Shiro speaks to the Black Lion in “Space Mall,” Black responds with actions, not words. I wonder if that’s a Black Lion/Black Paladin trait, where they show their affection through demonstration or maybe I’m just reading too much into that.)

This may be a bit stretched out, but I recently saw a post, questioning why the pearls are there, and I had this theory or something.

From What’s The Use of Feeling Blue,  The Pearls seem to theatrically show what the Diamonds are singing about.

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And with the way Blue Pearl looks in the picture, she seems to look like a puppet, or a marionette. 

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Have you considered making evil supply co mugs? Or travel cups of any sort? I'd love one but I understand if it doesn't seem like a good business venture

Between early summer and mid-autumn (definitely in time for Halloween), mugs will be coming to Evil Supply Co.

The following various things will also soon be available with this update

  • Shirts
  • Posters
  • Tote bags (again, though different designs)
  • Pillows
  • Mugs (listed here as above for easy post skimming)
  • iPhone cases
    • Android are in development but I do not have a timeline yet
  • There are more things but these are the big water pistols
Guns // Jungkook

Genre: Assassin AU
Word count: 1.9k
Blood, murder, I mean it’s an assassin AU you get the point
Would you do anything for those dark eyes, even if it meant staining your hands with someones blood?

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

A/N: I don’t really know what happened here, it went to a pretty dark place. Seems like I’m not good with fluff. I can’t for the love of God write smut either, so this happend. I’m sorry?

Based on this post.
@rninyoonqi said 1 and 149
1. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”/ 149. “I just need ten minutes.”

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you know, i think what i love about most 80s horror and fantasy films is that they choose plain storytelling with smooth direction instead of hot, post-modern tricks with the camera and the whole simplicity and aesthetic integrity of it, so free from all pretensions, is just beautiful. idk. what'd be your favs of the genre? nicely shot 70s-80s horror or fantasy or fairytales with pretty gals i mean. love your blog, btw.

I agree…one thing I always notice and admire about genre films from that time is how economical and resourceful they were. Granted this is largely due to small budgets/shooting schedules/etc. but at the same time the filmmakers seemed to have translated that into a more ‘elemental’ stripped-down look (this includes the relative lack of ‘polish’) and it forced them to experiment with film language as a whole. There were also no digital crutches of course.

I imagine many people including yourself have already seen a lot of my favorites. Some are:

  • Fata Morgana
  • Daughters of Darkness
  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
  • Al otro lado del espejo
  • Belladonna of Sadness
  • Silent Night, Bloody Night
  • Arrebato
  • Night of the Hunted
  • The Beyond
  • The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Miss Osbourne

Those tend to be my ‘old reliable/go to’ films for cinema from the time, but they’re also pretty well celebrated among people who are into this stuff…or they’ve at least become better known since the re-evaluation of Franco, Rollin, Borowczyk, et al in the last ten years (I’d like to eventually see a similar re-appraisal of 1980s slasher/supernatural horror films from North America from a point of view outside of the Carol Clover/Barbara Creed/Kier-La Janisse/female neurosis angle, which while interesting can be reductive and negligent of other artistic qualities those films have).

Anyway, I’ll list a few I’ve seen for the first time in the last few years that I would consider favorites and also meet your criteria (it goes without saying that the women in all of these are lovely):

  • La muneca perversa [Rafael Baledon, 1969]: Weird and frightening. Family secrets, murderous impulses. Contains many of the ‘pharyngeal arches’ of both European giallo and modern slashers. Norma Lazareno is stunning and scary. 
  • Nightmares [Juraj Herz, 1970]: A 30-minute short made for Czechoslovak television about vampires, seduction, and romance, set to music performed by pop star Nada Urbankova, views of an ornate opera house, and unique fantasy sequences and makeup effects. Probably my favorite Herz, though everything he made through the 1970s is worth seeing -not just the genre films. 
  • The Boarded Window [Janusz Majewski, 1971]: Atmospheric and claustrophobic, based on a short story by Ambrose Bierce.
  • Smile Before Death [Silvio Amadio, 1972]: I like this a lot more than Amadio’s better-known film Amuck, which I thought was kind of boring. I’ve also sat through several very bad films solely for Rosalba Neri and this might be the only film featuring her that I like. Domestic thriller, not precisely a giallo, nice sets.
  • Horror Rises from the Tomb [Carlos Aured, 1973]: I think Aured’s Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll is an overall better movie, but the color schemes in this are great and Emma Cohen is in it.
  • Lifespan [Sandy Whitelaw, 1975]: Strong ‘Invention of Morel’ vibe throughout.
  • The Child [Robert Voskanian, 1977]: Ostensibly a psychic thriller and a zombie film, but the best parts are the ‘70s recreations of the early twentieth century and scenes where nothing happens save building atmosphere. Empty farm houses, trance states, bizarre dreams.
  • Daughters of Fire [Walter Hugo Khouri, 1978]: Somewhere between an occult film and a ghost story. Some very strange episodes and a great dynamic between two very different women.  
  • Love Massacre [Patrick Tam, 1981]: Incredible-looking slasher film, elemental and painterly in the way it’s put together, and with much emotional gravity. The art gallery scene is a masterpiece.

But, I know many people reading this probably have their own recommendations. Lay it on us.

I sometimes wonder if Bioware fully considers the implications of decisions characters make in their games…? Like Alistair seemed like such an asshole in Redcliffe, but he had good reason to be furious with Fiona.

Thoughts under the cut.

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Would you be okay sharing how you make money from your art now, and how you got there? You seem so happy in that post you made a while back, and in your tags sometimes!

hiya nonny <3

sorry for the late reply, i knew i wanted to take some time to answer this properly and i had to wait until now ;;;;;;;;;;

i hope you’re still around to read it ;;;;;

i’m gonna put this under a read more because i ended up rambling and wrote an entire essay (and it’s probably way too honest but that’s the only way i know how to talk to people and maybe someone can get something out of this lolol)

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Somehow that part of the scene felt pretty important and I was actually pretty surprised by Luffy’s reaction. As soon as Jinbei mentions Akainu, Luffy immediately clutches his chest, which is exactly where his scar is located.

Note this, as I am posting this, this is the only time since he received it that Luffy took notice at the existence of his x marked scar. By the look of his expression, not only does he seems to show hatred, but also show more of a fear of the pain he experienced towards. Almost as if he wasw grabbing onto his scar because he imagined back to what the pain felt (yes I knew he was unconscoius when he received. But I’m really certain that he did feel quite the pain on his chest when he woke up.)

Now I’m not sure if this part is canon in the manga. But if it is, its quite interesting.

poor baby. I’m gonna murder that lava guy

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There was this one fic and Tyler was like Spanish or something and him and josh did the nasty and Tyler was like speaking Spanish or something and o can't find it

this one? i found one more that seemed kind of similar so please let me know if this isn’t it, and i’ll post the other one i found -Madi

when you speak, angels sing from above (when you kiss me heaven sighs) by orphan_account (1/1 | 1251 | Mature)

tyler is the cute new foreign exchange student and josh thinks his accent just isn’t fair.

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Regarding your posts on sibling relationships, how are things different when one sibling is much older, especially when the older sibling has moved out of the family home before/very soon after the younger was born? 'Cause it seems like it would lead to more of a nibling-ish relationship, but I know a couple sets of siblings like that and both from the older and the younger it seems a lot like a typical sibling relationship (at least from outside), but without the sharing a childhood part??

You’re right, Anon, I didn’t really talk about age gaps when it comes to siblings, and I really should have. Thank you for bringing it up.

Shared history doesn’t just mean events where both are present:
I would argue that while they perhaps do not have a shared childhood in terms of having it simultaneously, they actually likely have very similar experiences between their childhoods. They both grow up in the nuclear household with only their parents, and it’s not as though the parents become drastically different people in the intervening years. They’ll grow up with the same family traditions including how they grew up celebrating holidays and birthdays, the annual Family Pilgrimage to wherever. They’ll both hear the same stories about Wacky Aunt Eleanor and the time Pete’s fish grew three sizes from when they caught it to when they got it home. Both children will have had to learn how to navigate certain emotional trigger points with their parents.

Sometimes, the very birth of a sibling can become the trigger point for the siblings not ever getting along. Suddenly the eldest is no longer the only, and the baby gets way more attention than they do now, and that’s distinctly unfair. That hatred and resentment has the potential to immediately grow siblings apart before they ever get the chance to become friends. One sibling has stepped on the other sibling’s metaphorical toes, and that shapes a sibling as they grow up. Siblings dealing with an age gap don’t have that to come between them. By the time another sibling comes around, the eldest has had all the love and attention and reassurance from their family that they need; they have been able to become their own person before their world changes. They’re better prepared to handle that change and not be angered by it. The odds of the siblings getting along has a better chance already because they’re both able to grow up without a world-shaking change to their fundamental understanding of themselves.

Family values and personality will be more integral:
How close the siblings become/remain will depend a lot on the siblings’ personalities and how much they came to find that family–the concept and the people–is important to them. It’s up to the siblings, for the most part, to make the effort to keep in contact and reach out to each other. Additionally, if the parents while they were raising the children didn’t make a point of keeping in contact with their own siblings, it often passes along the ideal to the kids that it’s not important, not really something they need to do. But if the parents are more enthusiastic about their family and speaks well of them and emphasizes the importance of at least keeping in contact if not, like, weekly phone calls, then the kids will be more likely to take that to heart and try to keep that going with their siblings. It helps if all parties got along when they were living together, if they like similar things, or at least have open minds in a way that they’re able to be happy for someone else even if they don’t particularly care about the topic. This is what family values are all about: preserving behaviors that are believed to be beneficial and worth the effort. Unfortunately, not everyone does get along, and sometimes children fight back against values they grew up with, and those things are lost. That’s where personality comes in again. They have to be willing to go that extra step to get to know each other outside of the few times per year they’ll see each other.

It’s built on the ability to commiserate and some advice with low stress:
So shared history, right, that idea that they will both have had similar experiences growing up, even if they weren’t both present at the time. With one sibling being old enough to be on their own, the younger sibling feels like they have someone they can talk to who not only totally understands but has also gone through the same thing. When adults do this to kids, or even an acquaintance does it in conversation–”I remember that when I was your age…”–it feels patronizing and annoying because, while that person went through something similar, it was with different people in a very different time. For siblings, yeah, it’s a little bit of a different time, but it’s still the same people, and it’s not like the difference between an entire generation. The parents will still have the same tics and both siblings will be able to groan, grin, and giggle about them. The older can give advice or at least provide comfort in those kinds of situations without it feeling patronizing because, yes, they really did go through this same thing. There’s piece of wisdom out there that usually gets passed along to folks headed to college: Don’t room with your best friend. While it’s not always true, generally speaking it’ll tear the friendship apart. Not only is it a difference in what’s acceptable and a factor of spending too much time together in a small space, it’s also the added pressure of being “on” all the time. Siblings who don’t grow up together don’t have that pressure. It’s a low stress relationship because neither has expectations for the other beyond, “Help me manage the parents; they’re doing That Thing again.”

All of this is not to say that the relationship can’t grow differently or won’t be nibling-ish, but what does it mean for a relationship to be nibling-ish? I’m actually planning on talking about this in an upcoming post, so hold tight, but the basic reason that it’s similar but not quite the same is because it’s sibling–shared parents is a big deal because how the parents act around their own kids is very different than how they act around their niblings. So both children are dealing with the same parents, not two different experiences of those parents. I’ll clarify and get into this a bit better in the future, so if that didn’t make sense, don’t fret. It’s coming soon. Thanks for the question! I hope this has helped put a perspective on it for you. -Pear

Life’s been… weird lately. I’ve been stuck at a job that I hate since December and it leaves me feeling exhausted and depressed all the time and I wish I could get back to drawing more. It sucks, but hopefully that can change soon.

My mom’s been gone since late February but she’ll be back on Saturday so that’s good. She went to help out my grandma in France while my grandpa was in the hospital for a really nasty heart attack. Although he seemed to be doing better he died earlier this month and that’s hit me really hard.

I did!! go to Japan!!! in March for 2 weeks and I loved it. I already miss it a lot. I ought to do a post on that because I spent most of my time in Shinjuku but spent a few days in Hakata to hang out with a twitter pal. I also went to Disneyland and Disney Sea so that was cool! I almost called my travel agent after that first day to immediately book a flight back home because I had a bad scare because of some creep trying to take advantage of me being lost and on my own and that was traumatic. Last couple of nights were rough too because of another creep butttt I mean beyond that I don’t regret that trip at all. Like I said I miss it and would like to go with someone next time.

Oh yeah and I’ll be going to AX this year so that’s fun.

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✢ I like your characters ✣ I like the way you express your muse ❋ Your blog is one of my favs ✦ I like seeing you on my dash ✩ You intimidate me ✪ You seem like a cool person ♥ TBH THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH YASOPP HE'S AN IDIOT ALSO YOU'RE LIKE THE BEST PERSON TO TALK TO IN SOME CASES?? ANYWHO THANKS

//pffffff thank you



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Semi-hiatus to indefinite hiatus

Posts if any will be done via sporadic queuing. Please do not message me ooc. I won’t respond. I want to contact with anyone for reasons. Skype and discord have been deleted completely of mobile and my system. On other knees apart from this I will use this time to think weather or not I want to stay on tumblr. Regardless of the good things this site has grown more anxiety and stressing for me and I think it calls for me to finally retire. We will see. For now I am cutting contact with everyone. Let’s say I hit a final straw and before I end up feeling like an even more human piece of trash it’s best I step away from everyone’s life like I should have long ago. See ya later. Maybe.

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First of all, I LOVE all your posts and analysis. You're always spot on and reassure my ridiculous anxieties. One fun thing I noticed (probably not the first), 13 seems to have a significance to the writers. 13 stations (with Polaris), 13 clans (with Skykru). 6 (years) + 7 (weeks) = 13 I feel like I'm forgetting more parallels to the number 13 and was wondering if you, or your followers had more insight? Still new to the Tumblr world so thought I would throw it out there! 😬❤️🙌🏻

Thank you!

That’s a good catch. I didn’t make the connection that 6+7 was13. It seemed random to me. I’m going to toss this one out to the followers, because I’ve had a distinct lack of sleep lately from the tension of this show and am also a little scattered from answering asks all day. Not very focused. 

I did know about The Last Supper

At Jesus Christ’s last supper, there were thirteen people around the table, counting Christ and the twelve apostles. Some believe this is unlucky because one of those thirteen, Judas Iscariot, was the betrayer of Jesus Christ. From the 1890s, a number of English language sources relate the “unlucky” thirteen to an idea that at the Last Supper, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table.[13] (wikipedia)

and then there’s Loki

It is believed that Loki was the 13th god in the Norse pantheon—more specifically, Loki was believed to have engineered the murder of Balder and was the 13th guest to arrive at the funeral. This is perhaps related to the superstition that if 13 people gather, one of them will die in the following year. (wikipedia)

And both of those stories have thirteen gathering, and one dying… which happened with both the 13 stations (Polaris) and the 13 tribes (Flokru.)  So that’s an interesting thing.

all right. that was too much for my tired head. anyone want to add or hypothesize?

harrysdimplesarethedeathofme replied to your post: harrysdimplesarethedeathofme replied to your…

Harry also said in one of his promo interviews, when asked about Dunkirk, that he “loves pretending to be other people” (don’t remember the exact quote) but I think it’s something he definitely does in both acting and songwriting.

And he obviously personifies things/concepts, which extends that even more. In fact, it seems to me that at times he personifies aspects of himself even. Kind of like trying on different characters/guises.

Honestly, because I’m a huge fan of NaruHina, seeing them in all the Boruto stuff makes me kinda sad. Disclaimer: I haven’t gotten to watch boruto yet so idk the full context, but from the posts I see here it seems that they don’t really show much affection for each other. It seems almost like they just sorta got married for the sake of getting married, and now that they have kids they just kinda do their own things. And Naruto actually feels sort of like a letdown to me too, cause he seems really careless and insensitive. I mean he was always a bit reckless but idk, I guess I thought he’d be more attentive and caring as a husband/father/hokage. Idk, I just feel a little sad or disappointed in him and how he interacts with Hinata after they’re married. Then again I’m a huge romantic who prefers to imagine everything being perfect lol.
And who knows? Maybe I’m totally wrong, since I haven’t watched any Boruto stuff yet (except the movie). But this is just what I’ve gathered from the posts I see on here.

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i was so afraid you were going to delete your blog after that post. i'm glad you didn't. it's very refreshing to see a harry potter blog where people aren't full of hate for one character or another. keep up the lord's work.

Thank you. And thank you to everyone who sent me the hugs and kind wishes. Tbh, this site has become rather toxic lately. A lot of hate posts, a lot of hate comments, and it seems there’s no shortage of people who can’t take the most innocent of posts and turn it into something racist or horrible and then the following comments become completely unrelated to the post. I get more hate messages than kind ones, and it hasn’t felt like the fun community it once was. I kind of have one foot out the door, but I’ll still be checking my tracked tag and making original posts (although not as frequently as I was).

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Based off da promos & Aqua+Topaz lack of a reaction of findin out Steven is Rose, y is no 1 seems fazed that Steven looks nothin like Rose? Jasper seem shocked when she saw Steven hav her gem & even asked why she so small. From wat I believe, Jasper probably never met our Rose specifically, so they must know how she post 2 look like. Im not gonna buy that they just dont care cuz she shattered a diamond & that is a big deal 2 DA DIAMONDS. U would think they care enough 2 prosecute da right gem.

Gems can change form. And Steven does have a Rose Quartz gem in the same place as Rose herself. I was a little surprised that Aqua’s reaction wasn’t a little more shocked than it was, but we already got that with Jasper. With as much as there was in My Mom that was already rehashed from The Return, I can see them not wanting to repeat anything that they don’t absolutely have to.

I don’t think Homeworld gives a shit and a half what Gems they prosecute. Why would they?

cutekittygerman13 replied to your post: Why’d the two even perform welcome to the madness…

I like your theory. Very cute and seems logical for yuri. What 16 year old wouldn’t do something like that just so they could get more attention?

He’s a teenager after all. He did it to out-shock Viktuuri. He is alluring as hell though, that’s most likely intentional too. He’s seen some things in that club. I’m thinking lots of grinding.