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Urban Fantasy AUs

(A collection of prompts that are up for grabs - if anyone did one, I’d love to see.)

- “You used to pick on me and hex me in middle school and now we’re all grown up and you’re really hot but I still don’t trust you” AU

- Person A can erase peoples’ memories - or so they think. In reality, they merely remove them, and those misplaced memories have to go somewhere…

- Person A is an inhuman rights lawyer and activist. Person B is a shady politician with a secret who constantly butts heads with A over local/state policy.

- “Look, I’m just saying, it seems a little sketchy for a vampire to be running the blood drive.”

- Person A is a cheerful necromancer who’s tired of stereotypes. They own a shop that specializes in restoring peoples’ dead plants and pets to life. Person B is a healer with the opposite of a green thumb and their plants are always dying on them. Needless to say, they’re a frequent customer.

- A is a siren who desperately wants to be a voice coach/music teacher, but their students are always falling in lust with them. Enter B, who is asexual. A is thrilled at finally finding their dream student - until they start to fall for B.

- A is a private detective who’s a walking lie detector. B is an illusionist who moonlights as a burlesque dancer and has underworld connections, and is usually willing to help A out… for a price.

- A is a shy, virginal succubus/incubus who has no idea how to go about seducing anyone. Their next-door neighbor, B, is a sex worker of some sort. A is desperately attracted to them and feeds secondhand off their sexual energy to keep from starving. What happens when B finds out is up to you.

- A is part of a werewolf pack that’s constantly fostering orphans and looking after the neighborhood kids. B is the uptight lone wolf that’s all reclusive and never wants to come to block parties or do anything fun. A becomes determined to get them out of their shell and make them part of A’s pack.

- “Look, I am but a simple merperson who wants a decent education and I can’t spend the whole semester in the bathtub or avoiding the quad when it rains” AU

- A is a shapeshifter who has a huge crush on B, but has never shown B their real appearance, and now they can’t remember what it is.

I have so much to say yet I can’t seem to fit the words in the right places and even if I could, complacency is the devil I dance with because only in its arms do I feel fully understood. I crave meaning but the skies in my heart feel gray and the blood that keeps it beating doubles as the only thing that keeps it warm and the flowers in my soul feel misplaced and every letter I write lacks imagination and sometimes I feel like the world around me spins on an axis where the timing is always off only by seconds. I know that if an artist painted my mind, it would lack stars and the sun wouldn’t shine — and these are the things that once defined my soul but it seems I’ve left myself somewhere stranded, the only place my memory unfolds: in the hearts of those who have tried to build a home out of my bones but the only home I’ve ever known is the one inside of my own. I learned how to love and I learned how to live I just never learned where to go when my mind, heart, and soul turned into a war whose soldiers are the ghosts of the people who stole the light and words that kept my spirit warm.

However, in the shrapnel and flames I will find the answers to the riddles that darkness has named and sooner than later my inner peace will rekindle but for now I am both fire and ice and I am still standing on my feet and defeated will only ever be a word to me, not the title to the story I have made myself out to be.

—  A Description of Writer’s Block

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The MidCin guys flirting with the princess but failing.

*Hubby and I were throwing hilarious pick up lines at each other the whole day so yeah, pick up lines are going to be used here. :P

Giles: He was reviewing documents to be signed by the princess that morning while she was reading a science book on the couch in his office when an idea suddenly entered his mind. Focusing his purple orbs on the princess, he asked, “Princess, are you made of Copper and Tellurium?” “Huh? What are you talking about, Giles? I’m a human being so basically I’m made up of fat, bone, water muscle.” “…” He didn’t even get to finish his pick up line. Thinking about it later, the royal chamberlain wanted to punch himself.

Robert: “(Y/N), are you an artist?” he asked her one time he was painting at the garden and she happened to pass by. Stopping with a confused look on her face, she asked, “No, Robert. Why?” “Because you are such a masterpiece.” He was expecting her to blush but then she just looked at him in a strange manner. “Robert, if I am the masterpiece, shouldn’t I be a painting not the painter?” “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

Leo: He accompanied the princess to the town library that morning when she told him she wanted to check on a few books that only said library have. His crimson orbs lit up as he watched her try to reach for a book that was placed quite high on the shelf. Approaching her and getting it effortlessly, he smiled as he handed her said book. “You know, (Y/N), if you were a library book, I would check you out first.” She rolled her eyes at his pick up line. “I wonder how many library books have you checked out already, Leo.”

Sid: He was walking with the princess along the palace corridor one afternoon, the two of them headed to Giles’ office. She was busy reviewing some papers while he was just letting his gaze roam around in boredom. Then as they were passing the huge window overlooking the garden, he saw a maid sweeping the dry leaves there. His dark blue eyes then shifted to the princess, who was still busy reading while walking, and said, “Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.” She looked up at him before her brows furrowed, not quite like the reaction he expected her to give. “Sid, are you saying I look like a broom?” “No, of course not!”

Alyn: “Are you sure you’re not a microwave oven? Because you sure make my heart melt.” The moment those words came out of his mouth, Alyn immediately regretted it. Most especially when he saw the princess, who was in the process of taking the lasagna out of the microwave, freeze. “No, I’m not. But I can be a stove, Alyn. I can burn you.”

Byron: He was staring at her the whole time, his gaze intense, which made her quite uncomfortable. “Err, King Byron?” “Yes, (Y/N)?” “Why are you staring at me like that?” He smiled gently at her question. “There must be something wrong with my eye cause I can’t take them off you.” “…I think you just need a new eyepatch.”

Albert: His scowling face was the first thing she saw when she opened the door to her room that afternoon. Albert was there in Wysteria on a diplomatic trip for three days. “Yes, Al?” “How is it that I have to climb a thousand mountains to get to you, but you only have to smile to get to me?” “Al, you were riding a horse, not climbing mountains.” “…” “…” “Why do you always take it literally?!” “!”

Nico: A mischievous, yet charming, smile was on his face the moment he and the princess were introduced to each other for the first time. “Hello, my lady. I’m Nico, your butler. I’m also a thief and I’m going to steal your heart.” “Good luck with that, Nico, for I seem to have misplaced my heart somewhere.”

Louis: The two of them were having their usual ballroom lesson when he suddenly asked, “Want to get some air?” Looking up, her eyes met his. “Louis, are you alright?” “No, cause you took my breath away, (Y/N).” She stared at him for a moment before she grabbed him by the wrist and began pulling him outside. “Okay, you do really need air.”

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hello!! i know you're probable busy and you don't really do requests, but ium i was wondeing if you could draw some riku/namine? it doesn't have to be romantic!!! i just really love how you draw and the fact you drew platonic nami/riku a long time ago just makes me really happy

thank you anon! X)
I actually had another Namiku drawing in the works but… I seem to have misplaced it somewhere? I can’t find it anymore lmao here are some happy kids 

The start of something strange and lovely -Freddie Highmore imagine

Here you go sweetheart, I hope you like it! xxx

“Shit shit shit, I am so so sorry!” I said in an almost panicked tone.. Don’t judge me, ok? I literally made this guy drop his Starbucks coffee all over himself.
“Hey it ok.” He laughs and brushes his coat, trying to get rid of some of the coffee.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to walk into you like that.” I said and just stood there looking at him, not knowing what the hell to do.
“Hey hey, it’s ok trust me. It’s just coffee.” He said and looked me in the eye, with a small smile dancing on his lips.
“I’m still sorry. How much did the coffee cost?” I asked and found my wallet, trying to find some money.
“No no, don’t worry about it, I won’t take your money.” He said with a slight giggle behind his words.
“Oh ok.. I just.. Hmm..” I mumbled and felt my cheeks starting to burn.
“Hey, don’t feel bad.” He said and placed his hand lightly on my shoulder looking down at my face with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. For some reason he looked familiar, but I was pretty damned sure that I’ve never met him before.
“I’ll try” I said and brushed some hair away from my face.
“Freddie.” He said and reached out to shake my hand.
“Y/n… I’m sorry, have we met somewhere before?” I asked and he giggled a bit before responding.
“Ehh I don’t believe so.. But I’m an actor.. Soo..” He squeezed his lips tightly together and scratched his neck.
“Oh really? Cool! That might explain why you seem so familiar. What have you been starred in?” I asked curiously and he smiled at me, with lightly blushing cheeks.
“Have you ever watched ‘Finding Neverland’?”
“Yes! Gosh I love that movie!”
“I played Peter Davies” he said looking kind of misplaced but proud at the same time.
“You did?”
“It must be so much fun to be an actor.” I mumbled.
“Trust me, it is. The traveling, colleagues and the friendships you make.. It’s pretty cool.” He told me, and started to look a bit more confident.
“I’m just wondering.. Ehmm.. Would you like to go get some coffee? Of course you don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to, it’s just really cold out here and I thought it would be nice to talk and..”
“Yeah, that would be nice” I said and blushed a bit.
“Is Starbucks fine to you, or do you want something a little more fancy?” He asked and winked at me.
“Starbucks is just fine. Then I can also pay you back for the coffee.”
“No I’ll pay for myself.” He grinned and we started walking towards the nearest Starbucks.
“But I owe you coffee.” I pointed out and he looked at me with a warm smile.
“No you don’t. Actually, I’m pretty grateful that you walked into me so I spilled my coffee.”
“Why’s that? I probably ruined your jacket.” I said and gave him the mixture between a witty and confused look.
“Probably not, I’ve spilled much worse things on it. Plus if this didn’t happened, we would probably never have met.”
“That’s true.” I said and reached out for his arm.
“I think this is going to be the start of a strange but lovely friendship.” He said, as we arm in arm walked into a busy Starbucks.


This Happens Every Day

Me: *scans item(s)*

Customer: Wait, shouldn’t that be marked down? It’s supposed to be (insert price.)

Me: *double-checks the item(s) for a clearance sticker, checks the computer for any deals on that/those item(s)* No, sorry. It doesn’t seem to be marked down.

Customer: But there are signs right over there *points somewhere* saying it’s on sale/buy one get one (x)% off.

(As I’m apologizing to them, I’m thinking: “You most likely read the sign wrong, or the item was misplaced and you didn’t notice. It’s most likely your fault. I’m not responsible for the item’s price OR for advertising sales. No one tells me about the sales and I have never seen these signs. I’m not responsible for your reading comprehension failure. It. Is. Your. Fault.”)

Customer: *glaring* Well, you need to take those signs down/Tell someone to take those signs down. This is f***ing ridiculous.

(One lady even told me that when this happens, the cashier usually just marks the price down for her. Yeah, right. I may be new to this, but I’m not stupid.)

Lost and Found

TITLE OF STORY: Lost and Found


AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster


STORY GENRE: Romance, Fluff

STORY SUMMARY: Loki casts a spell to find things he’s lost. It doesn’t work as planned.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Inspired by this prompt that writernotwaiting tagged me in.


“Dammit!” Loki cursed as checked under his bed for the fourth time. “Where is it?”

The item in question was a gold ring in the shape of a serpent that his mother had given to him for his five hundredth name day. He didn’t wear it often–it was far too precious for that–but on special occasions Loki would retrieve it from its velvet pouch with the same joyous feeling as the first time. Except this time it wasn’t there. It had almost been a year since he had last worn it, and there was no reason for it to be anywhere but in its pouch, tucked away at the bottom of a locked chest at the foot of his bed. Loki had then proceeded to empty the chest, then his wardrobe, and then the rest of his room, in search of the missing item. The prince collapsed amongst the ruin of his room and groaned mournfully as he tried to find a solution to his problem. Of course he could try and find a spell to assist him, but that’s what got him into this mess in the first place.

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Preference #142: Misplaced backstage pass/Accused of sneaking in

Harry: It was a last minute decision for you to fly out to where Harry was, and surprise him at the concert that night. He knew nothing of your plans. He thought you were home. No one knew anything except Zayn, who was helping to make sure Harry was there whenever you arrived. So when you got to the stadium, you texted him; feeling so excited to see Harry. As soon as you placed your phone in your pocket, you walked up to the guard who was watching the gate. “Um, hi, I think Zayn put my name down or something. I don’t know how this works. I’m [Y/N].” The guard looked so confused, “There’s no list. Do you have a pass or not?” “A pass? No. I just flew it to surprise Harry.” “I’m sure many fans would love to do that,” he said sarcastically, “Now go away.” “I’m not a fan. Well I mean, I am, but I’m Harry’s girlfriend,” you argued, reaching for your phone again, “Zayn knows I’m here.” “So you’re dating Harry, but Zayn knows your here?” the guard asked, clearly not believing a word you were saying, “I said go away.” “But…” before you could finish that though, your phone began to ring. You answered it quickly, after seeing Zayn’s name, “Hey Zayn.” “Okay, he’s…” You cut Zayn off, “They won’t let me in. Can you figure out a way to get me in, please?” Zayn laughed, “Yeah sure. I’ll go find someone to go out there and let you in. Anyway, he’s in his dressing room. I told him to wait there, but he doesn’t know why. I’m sure he’ll be excited to see you.”

: Liam was always busy before concerts, and so you spent a lot of time waiting backstage for the few minutes you’d have together. Which is what you were doing, when a security guard walked up to you. “M'am, are you supposed to be back here?” Hearing that question you quickly glanced around the hallway, looking for whoever he was speaking to. “Me?” you asked, when you saw no one else around. He nodded his head, “Do you have a reason to be standing here?” “I’m waiting on my boyfriend - Liam. I didn’t think I was in the way.” “Do you have a pass?” he asked, ignoring all your words. They didn’t matter to him. “Um, yeah,” you answered, while digging in your purse, “it’s in here… Um…” You couldn’t seem to find it, and began panicking, “It’s here somewhere.” “Mhm,” the guard wasn’t buying that, “Come with me please.” “I’m not lying! Ask one of the guards who actually works for the boys. I swear, I’m supposed to be here!” With an annoyed huff, he reached for his walky talky, “Can someone come to hallway C. I have a girl back here claiming she’s misplaced her pass.” “I did,” you told him, feeling nervous, though you knew you were doing nothing wrong. Within 30 seconds, a second guard was there, and this one worked for the boys, and knew you. “Tell him I’m supposed to be here!” “Yeah, that’s [Y/N]. She’s with Liam, she’s okay.” You smiled at him, glad this was over, “Thank you.”

Louis: Though you were on tour with Louis, and had planned to do so much with him, you couldn’t even leave the tour bus. Somehow, though no one else was sick, you had the worst cold, and all you wanted to do was sleep. You were passed out in your bed, your fever actually breaking, when you were shaken awake. “Who are you?!” That was shouted at you, while you were still trying to wake up. “What?” You were in tears. The medicine, the sleepiness, and the fact some strange man was shouting at you was just so much. “I was told to watch this bus, and I’m glad they did. I’m calling the cops.” “For what?” Your heart was pounding, “What is going on?” “You broke onto a bus, and you’re acting shocked you’re in trouble?” Finally his shouting made sense, “What? No, no. I didn’t! I’m here with them.” “Sure you are,” he replied, as he grabbed your arm to pull you out of the bed. “Don’t!” You argued, as you tried to think of what to say or do, “I promise I didn’t break in!” As you had been screaming, the door of the bus opened, and someone else came running in, “What’s wrong?” “I found..” the first guard tried to speak, but was cut off by the second guard rushing to your side, “Are you okay?” “She broke in!” The second guard face grew red, “No, she didn’t. We were asked to watch this bus because a sick girlfriend was asleep on it!” “Oh…”

Zayn: “Do you have a pass?” you were asked, as you tried to get back to Zayn, after leaving to go tell a friend hi who was at the concert that night. “Yeah, I do,” you nodded, as you reached to grab it from around your neck, but nothing was there, “I must have left it in the dressing room. Sorry.” The security guard shook his head, “Then you’re not getting in here.” “You’re joking, right?” you asked, trying not to draw attention to yourself, with the thousands of people all around, “I just walked out of here ten minutes ago. You saw me.” “Doesn’t mean you were rightfully here the first time either,” he responded, doing his job properly, “Without a pass I cannot let you backstage.” You rolled your eyes, and crossed your arms. It seemed a little ridiculous to you. He knew you were back there earlier, talking to everything, and now he was saying no. “You can go now,” he stated, not budging at all, “You’re not going to be getting pass me.” You decided not to stand there arguing with him, and instead just walked away. You had your cell phone with you, and it would be easy for you to simply call someone to bring you your pass. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just annoying, but you knew he was just doing his job, even if it just seemed like a waste of time.

Niall: Being with Niall, traveling the world as he toured, was exhausting. You truly did not have to do much at all. You mostly just went from city to city and enjoyed yourself, but the jet lag was really getting to you, and the constant screams that seemed to follow him were another tiring aspect. Your hotel room should have been the one place where you could relax, and feel calm; instead you were being kept from going inside of it. “I have a key!” you argued, as a guard blocked you from unlocking the room you were sharing with Niall. “That means nothing. I’ve heard the stories of girls somehow getting into the rooms, and that is not happening today.” “No, it’s not. This is MY room, I’m not some girl sneaking in,” you snapped, waving your key in front of him. He ripped the key of your hands, “Go away before I call the cops.” “I’ll call Niall,” you argued back, instantly reaching for your phone. He reached for his as well, but you were quicker to dial, “Niall, please come up to the room. Some guard won’t let me in, and I’m so tired.” “Seriously? Why? Tell me when I get there. I’ll be right up,” Niall answered, before hanging up. “He’s coming,” you told the guard, who had yet to actually call anyone, “I promise, I’m not breaking in.” “We’ll see,” he replied, still not convinced of anything. Until Niall got there, he did not believe a word that you were saying.

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Was there a guide somewhere about how to write in cities that you've never visited? Or am I just making this up? My story takes place in Atlanta, somewhere I have never visited and most likely won't be able to any time soon but my characters have lived there all their lives. do you know how I would be able to make Atlanta believable? Or that guide I've seemed to have misplaced? (If it existed at all.)

(If such a guide exists in the Tumblrsphere of writing blogs, I cannot seem to find it. Tumblbuds?)

Here is what I managed to turn up for you:

The short answer is research, and lots of it. Books with maps and pictures, Google Maps, and Google Earth can show you what it looks like. Reading books, blog posts, articles about Atlanta can help you get a feel for what it might be like there. Get in touch with people who currently live in Atlanta and ask them your questions.

Nothing will beat firsthand research, but we can make do with books and the Internet. Let us know if you have further questions for us.


012: You lose your engagement ring

Master List | Inbox

Thanks for the idea, anon.

I hope you enjoy this preference :) All five boys included as always!

I wrote this while listening to MITAM. I love History, Walking in the Wind and Wolves so much right now! What are your favourites?
Would you like preferences based on the songs when I have finished the requests on my to do list?

There are some swear (curse) words in Niall, Liam and Zayn’s preferences.

It didn’t take long before you noticed that your ring was missing, although you didn’t notice it straight away either. Suddenly, something just didn’t feel quite right and you knew deep down that something must be lost. You looked down at your hands, not because you were hoping to find the answer there but because you weren’t quite sure where else to look, and that’s when you noticed it had gone.

Panic washed over you like a tidal wave, drenching you in fear. You looked around quickly, kneeling to the ground and running your hands all over the floor, desperately hoping that it had only just slipped off.

The ring had only been on your finger for a week, and you still weren’t entirely used to it being there, you guessed that was why its disappearing act had managed to go unnoticed. Your heart pounded as you frantically searched for the ring.

“Love, are you okay?” You hear Harry’s voice from behind you and you stand up quickly, unsure as to what to do.

“Yeah, I’m totally fine.” You say, not wanting Harry to be upset that you had misplaced your ring.

“Are you sure? Were you looking for something? I can help.” He offers sweetly and you now feel even more guilty that you have lost the ring. You fight back tears as they threaten to fall and turn to look away from him so that he won’t see you upset. “Hey, what’s the matter darling?” He asks calmly and you curse his ability to read you like a book.

“It’s my engagement ring.” You whisper, on the verge of crying. “I’ve lost it.” You manage to say before the tears splash down your cheeks. Harry doesn’t hesitate in pulling you towards him and into a close embrace.

“Try not to get too upset, Y/N. I’m sure it will turn up. Where did you last have it?” He asks you, rubbing your back soothingly.

“I.. I don’t know.” You murmur, feeling even worse that you can’t even remember where you last had it.

“Well, lets retrace your steps today and see if we can find it.” Harry suggests, pecking the top of your head gently.

You agree and the two of you start to search the house in the reverse order of your morning routine.

“Before I got in the shower, I took off my nightie and put it in the washing basket.” You say, as the two of you finish searching the bathroom.

You and Harry head towards your bedroom and you start to search the ground beside your bed whilst he looks in the washing basket. You search for quite awhile, hoping desperately to find the ring when suddenly Harry clears his throat from behind you.

You turn your head around quickly to look at him, only to find him down on one knee in front of you. You look at him a little confused when from behind his back he reveals his hand, holding your engagement ring in front of himself, a wide grin on his face. You let out a small gasp, so happy to see it again.

“Y/N, will you do me the honour of marrying me?” He asks you, suddenly looking quite serious.

“Hmmm.” You say, pretending to think about it. “Of course I will, you dork!” You grin at him, before holding out your hand for him to slide the ring on, again. You look down at your ring and then kiss Harry on the lips as he stands up. “I’m so glad you found it. I’m going to be so careful with it.” You promise.

“Good.” Harry smirks, pecking your lips. “Because I love seeing that on your finger and knowing that you’re going to be my wife.” Harry grins, proudly.

Click to read Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn’s.

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We’re Not the Same (Ch. 6)

Hello again– here’s Chapter 6. Let me know what you think and if I should keep going with this thing.
This is the first one that has defied the trend of word count growth.

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Word count: 3663
Series summary: Displaced Peridot discovers Lapis Lazuli’s gemstone.
Content Warnings: Negative verbal altercations, some physical intimidation, no violence.

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