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Shownu: To Monbebe ♥. Hi, hello, annyeong. Already a year has passed. In 2016, it feels like we ran really hard with Monbebe without resting. In 2016, I was very thankful and happy, and it was a little tiring and I was also sorry, but let’s spend 2017 eventfully too heu heu. Bye, happy new year ♥
Wonho: To Monbebe: Monbebe, how are you? Does it seem like you spent last year well? Honestly, if I think about it, there are a lot of things I’m regretful about? I shouldn’t have been nervous on stage. When I made a mistake on stage or when things didn’t go according to plan, I should have slept less… I should have done more composing instead of other things… Once I fall into those thoughts, I’m not able to escape. However, every time I was like that, the thing that always helped me was Monbebes. If I think like that, in (20)16 I was a happy person. So now, in (20)17! I will become someone who is able to reach out my hand to Monbebes. – Wonho, who is always thinking of Monbebe on a rooftop late at night.
Kihyun: To Mon to the be to the be~. Our Monbebes~ It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you like this through our writing, right?! I feel quite strange and regretful because I’m already writing the message to end 2016!! It seems like I spent 2016 being really busy! It seems that means we met Monbebes a lot, right? However, we are not yet finished, so we will work more diligently and busily and show you lots and lots more performances and a cooler image!! 2017! I’ll look after you well, Monbebe, in the year that’s coming soon too ♥. They say the new year is the year of the rooster, I was born in the year of the rooster! Therefore, I will use all my strength and try to make it the year of Monsta X and Monbebe too!! I love you always, my Monbebes ♥ Fighting in 2017 too!
Minhyuk: To our Monbebe ♥ Hello! It’s Minhyuk. A sparkling new year is illuminated. It would be nice if there only were things that made you happier and feel better than last year and this year. We, Monsta X, are also planning to only have things that are better in the future too. We will make it so that our Monbebes also only have much, much better things!! I feel a like as time passes, it gets deeper, I want to feel this feeling for longer. ‘Let’s walk on this path’ together~ Happy new year, and let’s become someone who receives love from everyone. I love you Mon-eck, Monbebe ♥
Hyungwon: To Monbebe ♥. This is the third 1st of January that we have celebrated since No Mercy up until now. It seems like time has gone by quite quickly. Let’s throw away bad memories and only have good memories and good energy, and spend 2017 well together!! I’ll look after you well this year too, Monbebe.
Jooheon: It’s been some time since 2015… Now it’s already 2017. Monbebe! I was worrying about how to make everyone happy, in 2017 we will keep worrying and work diligently. Happy new year Monbebe! Please don’t forget that we can stand on stage because we have Monbebe. I love you all!! From Jooheon, who will give Monbebe happiness in 2017 ♥
I.M: To Monbebe~ ♥. I’m here~ Monbebe! You missed me, right? Me too ♥ No, I did more. 2016 has already passed like this, and a new and hopeful 2017 is greeting us. Did you achieve all the dreams you wanted to achieve last year? Those who couldn’t achieve them, we’ll keep working hard together. I will also! cheer together along with our Monsta X and Monbebe. And, I love you. I’m sorry that every time my expression is inadequate and lacking. Even so, my heart is always warm ~ Everyone, happy new year! We’ll! Walk powerfully from now! Let’s grow together our Monbebe ~ (Once again, I love you.)

Translated by FYHYUNGWON ✷ Take out with full credit.

A reminder for myself:

I choose to be happy no matter what happens. Even if things will go wrong and life seems terrible I will still going to be happy because I’m the master of my own body and I have control on how I feel. I won’t let anything get in my way of being happy. I’ll wake up with a smile on my face and I’ll go to sleep with a smile on my face. I choose to be happy because I deserve it.

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Elle do you prefer tantra or yoga? You are so feminine that I would like to say Tantra, but you're so knowledgeable about yoga it made me curious! You don't seem to rely on any one form of spirituality. Do you just help us with our questions and have your own path? :)

Neither and both. Tantra and yoga both have the same “goal”, but they have their own unique ways of getting there. I am not truly a yogi. Nor am I a total Tantrika. I am rest. I am stillness. Tantrika may eventually embody those things. Yogi may achieve those things… but you can only reach that state of existence and stillness when all methods and techniques have run their course. In the moment of transcendence you are no longer “doing” tantra even if you were using it 5 seconds ago. You are beyond technique. Surrender only occurs when you dissolve. When you dissolve, you can no longer cling to any particular method.

To give you some concrete background, I was once kicked out of an ashram. J I wasn’t there to do yoga or to follow the initiate’s path. I was just there. I was love. I was the guru when I saw the guru. I was the floor when I saw the floor. I was the sky when I went outside. Sure I practically had the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita memorized, but I wasn’t “doing” yoga. The guru saw that there was no point in me being there and asked me to leave! It was done in kindness. One of my friends was politely excused from a Bashar retreat because she had learned everything she needed to know from him and had no need to be there. I host and co-host tantra playshops when I am invited, but all I am really showing people is technique(s). I don’t really solve any of your problems. I don’t teach surrender.  I just point out many different options that are available and you choose the one that resonates with you the most! <3 A lot of people prefer to think of me as a Tantrika because my energy itself is far more similar to the transcendental nature of Tantra (non-dual) than it is to the step-by-step warrior’s path of the yogi. To be completely honest I have never found either path to be useful for myself. They feel the same in the end. Yoga taught me a way to breathe. Tantra taught me a way to observe the breath. But they were just methods. I didn’t know anything other than Presence. One moment I was yoga. Then I was Tantra. Regardless of either, I was One. Neither yoga nor Tantra taught me that. Such a state can be reached through those things, but that was not my experience.

When I am talking about yoga, I become yoga. When I am talking about tantra, I become tantra. When I talk about Sedona, I become Sedona. Such is the nature of a watery aura and totality. The empty is total and the total is empty. Everything is total since it comprises everything and total feels like nothing. Nothing is a thing since it can translate into language, but it is awareness without any opposites. I am Presence. I am your translation of stillness. To me it does not feel like stillness because I am not sure what the opposite of my state would be. There isn’t even an “I.” The incarnation you know as Elle = Presence. You can call it surrender, but I never thought of it that way. Stillness is beyond surrender. There is nothing to surrender “to” on that plane. There just IS. I could love surrender, but there is only surrender if there is no longer One. You can surrender to become One. But being One is not a state of surrender. It is the state after surrender. “I” feel a part of everything I see. I become the living spirit of whatever you wish for me to discuss. At any moment I can embody the idea(s) of yoga or tantra. Tell me you want to speak to aries and you will hear from aries. Ask a question that makes sense to a gorgon medusa and she will come right out of my mouth. Ask to speak to a Pleiadian and my parallel incarnation will speak to you. But I am none of those things. Those are just things that appear to come through me. I am not mind. I am not soul. I am not Elle. I am not Pisces. I feel a part of everything, but I am not those things. Love is easy. Love is at the core of everything, but it is found in its purest state when one is able to dissolve that which one thinks one is so that one may be One and be everything at Once. Really “I” am like the void. I feel as if I am nothing and that is why I always feel free.

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Sorry if this sounds mean or anything, but please try not to reblog sexualized art of female characters, specially if they're made by p0rn blogs of str8 guys...

This is the first time it happened, anon.
I’m usually always careful about that but I spend one to two hours every day checking the main tag and I don’t always have time to verify who posted a fanart that mostly seems alright compared to the incredible sexualized stuff I see all the time. So sometimes one thing ends up in the queue and it’s not a good idea to put it there. I apologize for that. But don’t be patronizing to me about this and don’t tell me what to reblog. Seriously, don’t. I don’t go to your blog and tell you what to do.

fanfiction.net VS archiveofourown.org

So this is just some thoughts of someone who spent their formative fanfiction years on FFnet, and who has since moved to Ao3 since it seemed like that’s where people were going for fic.

General opinion: FFnet is better for writers, Ao3 is better for readers.

One of the main things that for me makes FFnet better for a writer, is the fact that it doesn’t display the hits right there on the fic page. You have to search for them, be signed in, all that stuff.

I guess I’m very generous with kudos, in that as long as I was diverted by a fic and didn’t dislike it, I will give it a kudo. Because if you have made me smile or distracted me from my stress for a couple minutes, it’s the least I can do. However, I’m definitely the odd one out as most fics have a very small ratio of kudos to hits. So that can definitely weigh on you as a writer, when the hits climb but there’s no kudos, comments, or bookmarks to go with it. It makes you wonder what’s wrong with your fic.

So favs and follows on FFnet are individual numbers and not percentages. Not to mention it seems like people fav/follow on FFnet much more than they bookmark on Ao3.

However, I do much prefer Ao3 on the fundamental level, because it’s much easier to input and edit fics, and the tags give you an avenue to be rather specific about what you’ve written without it taking up valuable summary space.

Which leads into why Ao3 is better as a reader. Ao3 is not only friendlier to navigate and look at, but you can filter it down to the nuances. Way more filtering options, easy to see what you’re getting. There’s a lot more porn/smut on Ao3, but with the know-how it’s easy to avoid. People are generally very accurate about tagging ships on Ao3 too because it actually has the relationship tags, so you don’t have awkward moments where you think you’re reading a platonic fic that turns out to be ship.

So yeah. Pros and cons of them both. I am sticking with Ao3 mostly for the fact that I do prefer the user interface and it does seem like that’s where the traffic is now, but I do miss FFnet for the reasons stated above.

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I recently found your blog and I'm lovin it especially your blurb lmao. I do have a question, wha made you decide to convert your blog into a one path blog? Like before it seems u were sorta everywhere and then you became fb centered. (Lol yes I stocked your blog)

I wanted to draw in Fantastic Beast lovers and not be, as you putted it, everywhere trying to figure things out. It’s easier to be in one fandom too.


“Humans weren’t made to be alone, after all, so I was curious at first, thought you just might be an exception—but you seemed so… so miserable.”

In which Yuuri is the god of love and Victor forced himself into exile.

I got stuck in Dancing Daffodils hell, and if you haven’t read that fic yet, I highly suggest you give it a try!! I have just so many feels for it. @grayclouds is simply amazing. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I know many things probably won’t be as accurate, but I needed to get it out of my system. rip

Honestly, and mildly ironically, at this point, I think the way Steven will be able to fix things between Homeworld and Earth is because of Pink Diamond.

The Diamonds are grieving over the loss of their fellow Diamond, someone who, to them, creatures who lead the gems and are thought to be even more infinite than them, must have died only weeks ago.

They want to move on, though they have different ways of going about it. Blue mourns, seeming to somewhat neglect her court while wiling the days away in Pink Diamond’s quarters, while Yellow wants to destroy the Earth and the memories made there. She believes that will somehow make up for Pink’s death, make it easier for her to focus entirely on her court. 

That doesn’t make up for either of their actions, but it does help us see how lost they are. They’ve never lost a Diamond before. An army is replaceable, but a Diamond? Never.

They have no healthy ways of showing their loss, no way of getting the closure they desperately need.

That must be achingly familiar to Steven.

Steven never knew his mother, never had a reason to miss her, but all his life he’s lived in the hole she left her family with. Grief is an emotion that’s been a basis of his everyday life ever since he was born. He knows how it hurts the heart and mind; how it changes a person. 

And that’s how he can relate to the Diamonds. He’s seen personally what they’re going through, and he also knows what it means to actually move on.

Steven can show the Diamonds the path to forgiving themselves for the death of Pink.

Let’s talk about Yuuri’s and Viktor’s decisions to continue skating competitively, shall we?

Prepare for a gigantic MEGA rant just like last time when I wrote meta on Viktor after episode 10. I just have no chill because I felt the need to address it on a large scale to get lots of things cleared up. If you read to the end you’re the real mvp. So, here goes. 

It seems like this has riled up and disappointed some people, so I want to take a look at it and share my interpretation of what went through the character’s heads. I’ve seen various metas discussing it, and while I’m generally open minded and interested in various interpretations some have made me upset. Why? Because some have even suggested that their decisions were based on manipulation and emotional force directed towards each other, and it made me sad to see, for Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship is more beautiful than ever at this point. The narrative has built towards this conclusion from the very start. It wasn’t a last minute addition or something we couldn’t see coming. It makes perfect sense.

Let’s jump to the most integral piece of dialogue we have.

This is incredibly important, because what does it show? That despite their conflict in the hotel they were able to treat it like the mature adults they are and decide to face their future individually. I repeat that once again. Individually. Yes, Viktor and Yuuri might be in love, but they are still their own persons with their own goals and desires and they acknowledge this. Their decisions are to be made on their own will, and not to be forced or persuaded by the other. They want to face the future together, that’s obvious, but they are not about to bend themselves and compromise that future either. It’s their lives. Their choice. So they decide to reflect over it alone, and then share what they came up with. Their future is theirs and if they come up with conflicting decisions, then so be it. They both need to do what’s right and rings true to themselves

But let’s head back to the hotel, because didn’t Viktor say this?

Yeah, he does. Does that mean he was forcing Yuuri to do another season, or that he forced himself to compete for another season to manipulate Yuuri into continuing? No. For me, it does not. This is all the result of a huge misunderstanding built slowly over the course of the whole season. What misunderstanding? Well, it’s voiced rather clearly: Yuuri always planned to retire after the GPF, and Viktor had no clue. Remember this?

This scene is so sweet, and so heartbreaking. It’s so important that we even get a flashback to it later in the episode. Yuuri always planned to retire once the GPF was over, in an anxious ridden, “unselfish” (read: selfish) desire to “free” Viktor from his duties as coach. What do Viktor say in response? Basically, “I want to stay with you forever”. And Yuuri’s heart breaks because well, he loves Viktor so much and would like to stay with him forever too, but he can’t. Why? Because Yuuri thinks he’s a liability and a bother not worthy of Viktor’s time and career. It’s not true, of course, and we leave this scene with a Yuuri struggling to let go off Viktor and an overjoyed Viktor because he sees no obvious end in sight, at this point.

Which brings us back to the hotel again.

You might say that hey, doesn’t Viktor react negatively to the fact that Yuuri made an individual choice? Yeah, he does. But the reason for that was that there was literally no communication between them about this. He feels betrayed. All these months, all his love, all his passion for Yuuri, is seemingly swept out the door as if it was nothing. He loves Yuuri and wants to stay with Yuuri because Yuuri was both the door to the future and the person waiting behind it, and Viktor is not ready to be cast aside. Important to note is that Yuuri do this out of love for Viktor, because he believes it’s the right thing to do and Viktor’s happiness is his first priority. It ends up not working out the way he wants, because due to their miscommunication his will to ensure Viktor’s happiness ends up with Viktor crying. This is the last stepping stone to them becoming fully equal, which has been an important aspect in the show all the time. In the end they find a satisfying conclusion, that sacrificing yourself for your partner is not a good thing, and that they can seek happiness individually but also side by side as long as you trust your partner to make their own choice. But first, they need to have this argument.

Of course he’s mad! I’d be furious as well. But what I like about this scene is how maturely he handles his anger. There’s no over the top drama, he doesn’t scream his lungs out or smash things. He cries and slaps away Yuuri’s hand, which is entirely justified since he has a right to protect his personal space. Also take note that Yuuri touches his hair, which he has expressed concern about earlier, and that Yuuri also reveal both his eyes. It’s very intimate, and not weird at all for Viktor to force his hand away. Yuuri initially wears a look of shock on his face at this response, because Viktor has always encouraged and invited Yuuri into that personal space before. Not now, however. Yuuri is taken aback in return by Viktor’s rejection and negative response to his decision.

Oh, Yuuri. Did Viktor ever actually say this? No, he alluded that he would like to stay forever with you. I wish you’d never retire. Seeing Yuuri give up (because that’s what it is, in my eyes, supported by Yurio’s monologue) upsets him, and of course he wants to skate with Yuuri again as well. It’s the charming Katsuki Yuuri, right? Viktor wants to face him as well. On the ice, as equals. Just as Yuuri desired for the past 12 years. He had no idea Yuuri was retiring so soon, and had most likely already planned to skate with him next season at this point, or at least considered it (remember the smile in ep 8). Viktor has probably desired this more and more as Yuuri’s love slowly brought his passion for skating back. We can gradually see Viktor get more and more into what happens on the ice over the course of the season, only to peak in episode 11 when all the excitement rushes back to him through Yuuri’s skate. His life was void until Yuuri stepped into it and filled it with light, and now that light is pushing away the darkness that made everything in Viktor’s life dull and meaningless. That includes skating. Yuuri made it possible for Viktor to love skating again, and remember all the thrills it used to give him. I believe that at the start of the series Viktor has no burning desire to return to the competitive scene, but he has major character development over the course of the series, thanks to Yuuri, and this reflects in the choice he ultimately makes. He’s a changed person in the end, on to start a new chapter in his life, with Yuuri and newfound inspiration.

But still, they decide to think it over individually. They’re still upset, because now there’s a wall between them that didn’t exist before. Yuuri breaks down this wall rather excellently, but note that before his free skate, he is still very much determined to retire. Take a note of his use of “their”.

This is an important line as well, and after this things start becoming very interesting. Please head under the read more, and if you’re on the app you have my sincere apologies.

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Voltron Galra Theory

Ok guys, I was thinking and what if Galra isn’t a species, but something you become. Kind of like orcs in lotr are tortured elves. Think about it:

  • We have seen very few Galra women
  • We have not seen any Galra children or relationships
  • We have not seen any “home planet” for the Galra
  • All of the Galra we have seen are evil and it would be foolish to think an entire species is evil

How would this work out, though? I think it all comes backs to the quintessence. Notice that Galras’ eyes are the same yellow as quintessence. Zarkon strenghthens himself by regulary having quintessence infused in him. It doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to think that the quintessence made him Galra to begin with. Other things this would explain:

  • Why the Galra empire keeps hoarding quintessence
  • Why the Galra empire has so many prisoners and regularly has battles between prisoners. They want to find the strongest to turn Galra.
  • Why Shiro was so distruaght over Sendak’s whole one of us speech in the tube (which I think was all in Shiro’s mind but that’s another theory)
  • Why Keith’s arm turned purple when he touched the quintessence. With prolonged exposer, he would actually turn into a Galra.
On Why Viktor Was Absolutely Smitten at the Banquet

So I was rewatching YOI (as you do c;) and noticed this scene:

Seem familiar? 

Viktor had a very similar first proper interaction with both Yuris, and both of them had said startlingly similar things. With how much Kubo-sensei loves parallels, I don’t think this is any coincidence either. 

Viktor being completely enthralled by Yuri made me squeal and make inhuman noises 5AM in the morning, but I never really quite understood what exactly it was about what Yuuri had said that touched him so deeply.. until now.

What Yuri had asked of Viktor was a skating routine – Viktor just had to choreograph it, and hand it over to Yuri. Granted, he’d have to teach him, but it’s simply a passing of skills and his skating expertise to someone else. What Yuuri had asked of Viktor was for him to be his coach. A coach doesn’t just teach. 

Yuuri had essentially said that he wanted Viktor’s time and commitment– that he wanted Viktor himself, by his side [as i type this I realise that Viktor taking Yuuri’s words to mean that he’s asking for him to stay by his side, would explain why Yuuri performing his routine ‘Stay Close To Me’ would’ve been seen by Viktor as a reference and reiteration of his request at the banquet!] 

Yuri asked for a routine. Yuuri asked for Viktor.

GOD this anime is so beautiful and well thought out that it does THINGS TO MY HEART. . 

Okay I’ll seriously forget if I don’t do it now, so I wanna make a post about some of Victor’s scenes in episode 10. Mostly ‘cause I haven’t seen any other posts talking about it from this angle yet.

Some important things we get from having the episode be in Victor’s POV is that we finally get to hear, to some extent, his opinions on specific topics. Mainly, his break from skating and how it seems to effect everyone else (including him). 

It’s obvious what he thinks of Yuuri, but he specifically talks about other skaters and his relationships with them, and how his leaving for the season has been taken. One of the most notable, I think, would be this one about Chris:

“I can’t imagine a skating season without him, and he has said that he wouldn’t be motivated in a season without me, either. Despite all that, he was savvy enough to make it to the Grand Prix Final.”

Victor’s obviously been very observant of all the other skaters, and he’s been thinking about how his departure from the scene has changed things. He makes a specific note about Chris, probably his biggest rival on the ice, and comments on how not being able to imagine a season without him… only to acknowledge that Chris has done perfectly fine without having Victor to compete against. 

Skip ahead to the beach scene near the end, and we get to what I really want to talk about. Specifically, Victor grabbing Yuri and his hand shaking. 

One thing I keep seeing is people saying Victor’s angry with Yuri, that he grabs him out of anger because he was insulting Yuuri. However, Victor’s heard Yuri insult his charge on plenty an occasion. Both he and Yuuri are used to the name calling and are the adults in the situation, so they don’t let Yuri’s outbursts get to them. Why would that change now? 

No, I don’t think it’s about him insulting Yuuri at all. I don’t think Victor’s even really angry when he grabs Yuri - at least, he’s more upset than angry. 

So, the scene is set: Victor’s taking a walk, goes out to the beach to look at the ring Yuri gave him. He’s obviously thinking really deeply about something, and the fact that he’s at the beach with seagulls hanging around (a scene he’s mentioned reminds him of home) adds a layer of sentimentality to the situation without any words being said. 

And then Yuri very aggressively disrupts his train of thought with this:

This probably reads a lot like a comical ‘you’re dead to me!’ sort of line - understandable, given Yuri’s clear disdain towards Yuuri. However, this line is more important because it’s more or less Yuri summing up the entire dilemma Victor has been forced to confront the entire episode: that he is no longer the reigning champion, the idol, the inspirational pro skater. I read this as Yuri voicing Victor’s thoughts and worries out into the open, and forcing Victor to confront his fears about them in a more literal sense. 

Yuri says this line, then asks why Victor is happy choosing this life with ‘that damned pig’. Victor’s response to this is, “Did you want to compete against me?” A weird, very specific question to throw back, right? It seems almost completely off topic. But I think it’s Victor trying to confirm something.

“Don’t be so full of yourself. Not all skaters look up to you. Just go away already, geezer.”

And there it is, that’s the line that sets Victor off and makes him grab the fifteen-year-old rather aggressively - uncharacteristically so. We’ve never once seen Victor act like this. There’s even a nice little jab at his age in there, which we know Victor’s sensitive about. 

Yuri is basically summing up what Victor is slowly coming to accept, a truth that might even scare him - he’s fading away from the skating world. This sport that’s been his entire life is something that he’s now seeing can go on without him. The competitors he’s felt inspired by, who he could never imagine having beside him on the ice… they’re able to move on. 

“I’ll win just to prove how incompetent his owner is.”

Victor’s not angry - he’s scared. His hand is shaking because Yuri is basically throwing every worry Victor has about his choices back into his face. Rather than giving Victor the chance to be quietly reflective, Yuri is forcing him to confront it by voicing it. Yuri challenging the worth of the ring specifically means a lot. He’s suggesting everything Victor’s done up to this point - being interested in Yuuri, giving up skating to coach him, falling in love with him and wanting to stay - is all a big mistake that he’s going to regret. And then he’ll have nothing, because the skating world doesn’t want or need him anymore. 

As if any of this isn’t something Victor’s already thought about. The thing is, Victor also knows that if he hadn’t done any of it, he would’ve regretted that more than anything. 

“If I’d stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yurio wouldn’t be this motivated to fight. And neither would I…”

Even if this path is uncertain, is scary… even if it means giving up a huge part of himself and moving on from something he’s devoted his entire life to up until this point… Victor still sees it as the right choice. Maybe even the only choice. 

The scene doesn’t end on a bad note though! I thought Yuri’s parting remark (which I read as some form of indirect apology for riling him up so much) ties up the exchange quite nicely:

Don't screw your servers.

(warning: long story)

When I was just out of high school and still living at home I took a summer job working at my favorite dive restaurant. I had been going they’re for years and didn’t know that the owner had sold the place to someone else who didn’t change the name or menu.

The place was really small so often times it was just me (a waitress) and the cook, somedays I made a killing and other days the place was dead.

The boss seemed really laid back when I started. This was his first business and didn’t have a whole lot of management experience but since he only had 4 employees and we were all competent it wasn’t a big deal.

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OK but seriously is Blizzard ever going to explain exactly what spirit dragons are, and why this one Japanese mafia family is able to control them?

Have they been studied? Has anyone ever sat down with a Shimada and asked a few simple questions? Did any scientist ever ask “How can a single human being unleash a being of what seems to be made of pure energy and not get fucking annihilated?

Are they supernatural? Is the supernatural a thing in the overwatch world? Are there literal ghosts? Is the Junkenstein thing canon, are there witches? Does Mothman lurk in futuristic cities? Are the dragons conduits for spirits? Separate creatures that exist in a symbiotic relationship with a single bloodline? Can anyone else besides the Shimadas use them?

Are they even magic? Is it possible they’re just expensive and high tech hard light creating implants just made to manifest as dragons for the Aesthetic™️️?

Blizzard, please elaborate.

i would have really liked if the gg revival maybe explained or made more overt (if, indeed, it was intentional in the first place) that part of rory falling apart was from losing richard

obviously all the gilmores were super invested in rory’s future and her potential, but what made rory and richard unexpectedly click was that they just seemed to be kindred spirits in that i-want-to-travel-the-world-and-read-great-books-and-achieve-amazing-things way. richard had so much faith in rory that it was almost heartbreaking.

and i could totally see her falling apart at the loss of him, and having this heavy guilt that he had never gotten to see her reach her full potential because she didn’t achieve it in time, and that causing her to struggle and spiral downward even more.

i would have really liked to see that. i think it would have lent a real sense of emotional resonance to what rory was going through, in a way that would have felt like it really had its roots in the original series and the really important relationship she had with her grandpa.

One thing that’s bothered me about RWBY hasn’t actually been the show and the writing? It’s been the fandom, and how they’ve reacted to Yang losing an arm ever since it happened. Ever since then, people having been yelling about her getting a robot arm, and that’s just… made me really uncomfortable?

It just seems like people see her the way Taiyang seems to see her - not quite complete and could be doing more for herself, somehow, but Yang said that having one arm was normal for her now, and that’s a completely okay and valid way to feel. She doesn’t need two arms. She has the option, sure, and it might make things a little more convenient for her physically, but… I’m just gonna go ahead and say “so what?”

She doesn’t. need. two arms. And Yang is no less of a person if she chooses not to use the one Ironwood made for her. She put it on last time we saw her, but it was pretty clear she did that for Ruby’s sake, because she doesn’t know where her sister is and she feels like she’s holding Taiyang back from searching for her, not because that was something that Yang wants for herself. 

Maybe that’ll change, but maybe it won’t, and that’s okay too. Our first thoughts shouldn’t be about how much ass-kicking Yang might do if she gets two arms again, they should be about how she feels about potentially using that new arm and whether it’s something that’s good for her mental health and ability to cope with what happened to her.

So can we please stop acting like Yang using a prosthetic is some really weird narrative requirement? Because it’s just a little bit fucking ableist.