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Now that we’ve actually seen the trailer for 2x18. And actually all remembered that Lena has an ex-boyfriend. And apparently they are actually going to make out to some degree (under mind control or no), let’s all remember that Rahul Kohli is an actual sweetheart, probably got on extremely well with Katie (because they’re both nerdy as fuck) and not send him hate via Twitter or Insta during the hiatus (or at any time at all really)? Because that’s rude. He’s nice. Leave him alone. Also remember he has gifted us pictures of actual cryptid Katie McGrath too.

Because me trying something different almost always ends up with me drawing Lying, for some reason o.o
I dunno, I’m sure there’s a Lying out in the multiverse somewhere that plays the violin. Though this was modelled more after the Witch than anything, but hey ho.
I don’t know what’s going on with their shirt, I just thought it looked nice so I went with it, bit different to how I usually draw it, but it looks nice //shrugs.

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If you're down, please redraw your favorite Aizawa panel from the manga!! :D

I love this panel bc it’s one of the few times we see him smiling, and he’s smiling bc he’s happy that his son and daughter students figured out how to beat him in a fight and Momo got her confidence back. It’s Good

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I've never seen anyone say anything bad about you but then I found out apperently Aphobe Tumblr thinks you're a massive lesbophobe because?? you support aces I guess???

When I first made this blog they tried so hard to paint me as a massive lesbophobe for using the lesbian flag as my icon but then I added “ace lesbian” to my description and I don’t think they ever got over that salt tbh