i seek adventure

HI GUYS!!! So I FINALLY sat down and recorded something, because how could I not after watching the perfection that was Islands and hearing this wonderful song? I did a ton of experimenting when I recorded this and tried stuff I had never done before… but I think I’m really happy with how it came out! :)

Also, thank you @cosmicowly for posting the chords!! If you haven’t heard their beautiful piano cover of this song yet, GO LISTEN TO IT!

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i only came on tumblr for 5 minutes to tell u that i didnt feel like my hair was fully appreciated by my fellow associates today, and i could really use the positive (or negative tbH) attention. please carry on.

All I seek is freedom: ISTP
All I seek is adventure: ESTP
All I seek is passion: ISFP
All I seek is company: ESFP
All I seek is structure: ISTJ
All I seek is control: ESTJ
All I seek is approval: ISFJ
All I seek is closure: ESFJ
All I seek is identity: INFP
All I seek is connection: ENFP
All I seek is understanding: INFJ
All I seek is harmony: ENFJ
All I seek is objectivity: INTP
All I seek is novelty: ENTP
All I seek is truth: INTJ
All I seek is achievement: ENTJ

I never really aesthetically admire random men the way I do other people and it bothers me so much because I can’t figure out if it’s compulsory heterosexuality that makes me think I SHOULD admire pretty men or if it’s fear of men that makes me avoid them even in my own brain or if I’ve internalised the way our culture objectifies women and the male gaze is in my brain seeing human beings as decorations.

I was inspired by the video I saw.
Because it’s what I am as well, a traveler.

I usually love staying home, to draw
but if you let me out from my room, I go everywhere.
I seek adventures outside, new places, risky ways, doesn’t even care if I was sick if I enjoyed a lot climbing on rocks just to get on top of cliff besides the seashore. Taking the scuba diving to dive and see the ocean world by myself. 

Planning where to go next is what I mostly liked to ask
Experiences to me are more valuable than anything else.

Even if I have anxieties sometimes around people, I still could able to step my foot out and runs around, everywhere, anywhere. I was enjoying it. A lot. It was my nature.

So, where will we go next?


This is a glimpse into my everyday life here in Yosemite.  I’ve lived here for almost 5 months now, everyday is a new adventure!  

Sometimes I feel like leaving without telling anyone.

I wish I could just leave a message saying, “I’m going on an adventure. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be back and I’ll call you”. But I guess I can’t. I wish I could though.

It’s not fair. I don’t want to be in the same place all the time. I want to go on adventures. I want to learn and discover new things. 

Life’s meant to discover and explore. It’s about the journey not the destination. And I don’t want to be stuck in one part of my journey.  

Experiencing beauty

Every photo I make falls short of the true beauty my eyes see. It’s impossible to completely capture a single moment of true beauty in life with just one frame. Beauty isn’t meant to be seen, it’s meant to be experienced.

trev lee