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HI GUYS!!! So I FINALLY sat down and recorded something, because how could I not after watching the perfection that was Islands and hearing this wonderful song? I did a ton of experimenting when I recorded this and tried stuff I had never done before… but I think I’m really happy with how it came out! :)

Also, thank you @cosmicowly for posting the chords!! If you haven’t heard their beautiful piano cover of this song yet, GO LISTEN TO IT!

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First Meeting

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Bold and Italicized= Khuzdul

Italicized= Elvish

Also this could be a very, in the future, spin off of this but like it could also be read as a oneshot. Whatever floats your boat.


You shrug out the elf’s grip. You could walk on your own. You watch the elves in the front and all of them have fiery hair or brown hair and it’s obvious that the one leading the group is of a different race of elves. You’ve heard that the Prince and King were of the Sindarin race but you did not think it to be true.

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My last week in Yosemite my roommate Devin and I repelled off of the breathtakingly beautiful 318ft Vernal Falls.  It is one of the coolest things I did while in Yosemite and looking at these images make me miss Yosemite so much, I miss being surrounded by such beauty.  *** be sure click on the images to see the large view and read the photo captions***

All I seek is freedom: ISTP
All I seek is adventure: ESTP
All I seek is passion: ISFP
All I seek is company: ESFP
All I seek is structure: ISTJ
All I seek is control: ESTJ
All I seek is approval: ISFJ
All I seek is closure: ESFJ
All I seek is identity: INFP
All I seek is connection: ENFP
All I seek is understanding: INFJ
All I seek is harmony: ENFJ
All I seek is objectivity: INTP
All I seek is novelty: ENTP
All I seek is truth: INTJ
All I seek is achievement: ENTJ

Experiencing beauty

Every photo I make falls short of the true beauty my eyes see. It’s impossible to completely capture a single moment of true beauty in life with just one frame. Beauty isn’t meant to be seen, it’s meant to be experienced.

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Tea in a tree, the John Muir tree, with my good friend Dede!! We found the best spot about 60ft up, a huge branch with room for the both of us. We sat there for awhile watching the sun slowly creep it’s way into the valley. It’s beautiful moments with beautiful people in which I live for, today was a good day.

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Enneagram Type Seven - The Epicure

Epicures believe you must stay upbeat and keep your possibilities open to assure a good life. Consequently, Epicures seek pleasurable options, and are optimistic and adventurous; they also avoid pain, and can be uncommitted and self-serving.

Focus of attention - Multiple options and idealized future plans

Life lesson - To reclaim and accept all of life, the pleasures and the pains, in the present moment

Speaking style - Sevens are exuberant, fast-paced, spontaneous, analytical and idea-oriented. Others may perceive Sevens as quickly shifting topics, making excuses, self-absorbed and indifferent to others’ input.

What Type Sevens tell us about themselves

  • Life is an adventure!
  • I seek pleasure and have an insatiable appetite for new experiences.
  • I am optimistic, active and energetic.
  • I see multiple options, but have difficulty with commitment.
  • I do not like limits and avoid boredom.

Relating to Sevens

  • Join them in having fun and envisioning new possibilities.
  • Appreciate their stories and positive ideas.
  • Let them know what you want or need from them.
  • Support them to move into painful situations and commitments.
  • Listen to their suggestions and avoid insisting on one way of doing things.

As movers and forward thinkers, Sevens usually are optimistic and positive with an interest in many topics and activities. They avoid limits and prioritize fun in travel, adventure and intellectual pursuits. They can be critical, frustrated or bored when reality doesn’t meet their idealized vision. Sevens find it challenging to focus in depth or to stay the course in work and relationships. Slowing down, being in the moment, and learning to tolerate their own and other people’s suffering can bring needed balance.

Basic Proposition - You can avoid pain and frustration by inventing options, opportunities and adventures.

Strengths - Adventurous, playful, imaginative, energetic, optimistic, quick-thinking

Challenges - Self-absorbed, dispersed, uncommitted, impatient, unrealistic

Defense Mechanism
Rationalization – staying in the head, or explaining away or justifying feelings and behaviors in order to avoid pain or accepting responsibility

Sevens use rationalization to avoid suffering and to maintain a self-image of being OK. They tend to see life through rose-colored glasses, reframing everything positively. Thinking of new options and possibilities allows Sevens to leave the present moment with its limitations and live in a seemingly boundless future.

Awareness Practice
Observe your habit of mind or focus of attention with as little judgment as possible. Ask yourself the following questions, while noticing your feelings and how your body responds:

  • How am I distracted by new and exciting ideas and activities?
  • How do positive options and opportunities absorb my attention and energy?
  • In what ways do I forget others’ feelings or needs?
  • How do I respond to challenges or obstructions to my plans, ideas or actions?
  • In what ways do I avoid distress, pain or negative feedback?
  • How am I insatiable?

Type Seven’s journey is to welcome all of life as it exists in the present moment – fear, pain, sadness, boredom and limitation, as well as pleasure, joy, excitement and options. Their tasks are to simplify their lives, delay gratification, empathize more with others, and steady their attention in the here and now.

Path of Integration

Mental: Planning > Work
Emotional: Gluttony> Constancy

The aspect of awareness called the Inner Observer allows us to witness the internal patterns that drive outer behavior. The practice consists of focusing inwardly and becoming aware of the thoughts, sensations and other objects of attention that arise within us. As we become more fully present, our type patterns begin to relax and we become more receptive.

For Sevens, take a moment to reflect on the following principles:

  • Uncomfortable or “negative” emotions are an integral, valuable and unavoidable part of being human.
  • Noticing hunger for stimulation and gratification is a reminder to return to the present.
  • When we stay on the surface, we miss the depth of experience and pleasure.
  • Feedback and criticism are opportunities for learning and growth.
  • There is a difference between a real feeling and the idea of a feeling.

As mental types, Sevens’ energy and attention tend to go up into the head and out into the world. Physically loose and flexible, their body armor is less about muscular tension and more about patterns of avoidance as seen in the upper chest and shoulders. Sevens retreat from sad or painful feelings into their minds; their challenge is to stay grounded in their bodies.

If you are a Seven…

Your task is to balance your tendency to move up with turning inward and down into your body and feelings. Breathe into your belly, notice physical sensations in your lower body, and feel your feet on the ground. When you notice you have left your body for the pleasures (or worries) of the mind, practice dropping back down to your belly and feet. Although this may not feel like fun at first, it will become more pleasant over time as you open up a whole new realm of experience, focus priorities, feel your feelings, and develop your capacity for emotional intelligence.

      Jon Jafari Oneshot

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      A/N: Hey guys. So, I’m a huge fan of Jonny boy and there aren’t much oneshots or Imagines on Tumblr of him so, I thought I’d write some Jontronxreader stuff. It’s really cheesy, but I hope I still captured Jon personality. Anyway enjoy!

      Living in New York certainly isn’t easy, but I mean what is? Life isn’t, most of the time and it surely isn’t boring. If you aren’t living in a small town where nothing ever happens. So of course, I found myself seeking adventure, seeking myself thing that I would enjoy.Because at this time in my life I was the opposite of clueless, I knew exactly what I wanted and that I couldn’t achieve it by just living in a small, little town nobody, outside of its population knows it exists.

      So, it was my first thought to move to New York City, the city of dreams and hopes. I don’t know what it was exactly but this city had me the second I set foot on it. There was something about it that fascinated me. From the first time, I visited New York with my family to now I played with the thought of moving there some day. My parents were far from pleased when I told them my wish but they didn’t want to stand in my way to pursue my dreams.

      So, one year later I actually stood in my own apartment in the big Apple. Of course, it was only a tiny one bedroom apartment, but I didn’t expect anything else. New York is pretty expensive, but I wasn’t as much worried about money as I was about finding friends. I am, after all not the most confident, outgoing person so how can I manage to find friends, I asked myself. And that happened the same way most of things in life happen, by accident.

      It was a rainy day. In fact, it was so rainy that I couldn’t even see where I was going when suddenly someone walked into me. I noticed that something warm was running down my shirt. I looked down and saw that the stranger in front of me spilled his coffee on my shirt, I sighed.  
      “I’m sorry. I didn’t do that on purpose.”, the stranger apologized. “Wait a minute. Is that a Banjo-Kazooie shirt? That is so awesome! Now I’m even more sorry that I ruined it."I looked up, right into the stranger’s eyes. They were warm brown and he had black, fluffy hair. "Uhm, yes it’s pretty cool. I’m guessing you played the game?” “Only a billion times! I’m Jon, by the way and you are?” “I’m Y/N.”, I said quietly while still being shocked that the stranger actually started a conversation with me. “I’m sorry, I have to go. But maybe we could exchange numbers and talk again about our love for the Banjo-Kazooie games?”, Jon asked with a big smile. “Yes, sure.”, I smiled. At this moment, I couldn’t believe that I made such a good first expression on a guy that he wanted my number. And I totally forgot, that my shirt was soaked with coffee.

      At first I only thought of him as a friend, but after a lot of bonding over videogames I started to realize my growing interest in that big beautiful man. You could even call it a crush. Since I didn’t know if he was interested in me as something other than a friend I decided to do nothing about it.
      Until this fateful Friday evening.

      He invited me to his apartment. I was sitting on his Couche and listened to him rant about “Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts”. I had to laugh nearly the whole time, because let’s face it Jon is just hilarious. But then he suddenly went quiet. I stopped laughing and looked at him.
      “What’s the matter, Jon?”, I asked feeling insecure. “I never noticed how cute you laugh.”, he smiled at me. I couldn’t look into his chocolate brown eyes as my face took on a light red color. Was he trying to flirt with me or just making a compliment?
      “Uhm, thank you. I guess.”, I stuttered. “No, really, it’s quite adorable.” Where was, he going with this?
      “Just like the rest of you.”, he muttered faintly, almost like he didn’t wanted me to hear. An awkward silence followed his sentence, while I thought about what to do or say next.

      “You know what? You’re pretty adorable too.”, I said quickly before I took his face in my hands and pressed his lips to mine. But noticing how desperate that must have looked I instantly pulled away. Our flushed faces looked awkwardly at each other.
      “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”, I stated while slowly scratching my neck. He smiled warmly at me. “It’s quite alright actually.” And with these words he pressed his soft lips against mine.

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      Hi! Could I have a Now You See Me, Maze Runner and Heroes of Olympus ship? I am 5'3, Asian, with shoulder-length brown hair, glasses and brown eyes. Although I am an ESTP, I enjoy some solitude regularly, to think and just 'be alone'. I definitely seek adventure once in a while though! Generally, I am rather goal-oriented, but often too impulsive and stubborn. But with friends, I am more easygoing and 'chill'. Hobbies are art and reading, particularly about history. Thank you so much!

      NYSM: I ship you with Daniel Atlas

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      TMR: I ship you with Minho

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      PJO: I ship you with Jason Grace

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