i see your true colours

Because You Bested Me

Oops. Writing Malcolm is cathartic, especially under sleep deprivation.

This is a direct sequel to Citrus With A Hint of Tea. I may turn it into a series, but keep the one-shot angle.

As with CWAHoT, this will be on ff.net shortly.


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Taylor Caniff imagine for nobody that requested this

  “Just forget about!!! Forget everything!!” I screamed at Taylor. We were fighting again. Except this time all the other Magcon guys were out side the hotel bath room door, probably listen in on us.

“I wish I could just forget about us!” right when he said that it hit me hard. He didn’t want to be in relationship with me. He wanted to forget about us and the almost 2 year relationship we had built. I was about to say something to say something but he had beat me to it.

“You always yell and complain about me flirting with all my fans, when you are with on of the guys. How do I know that you aren’t screwing one of them behind my back?!?!?”

“Because I’m not like you!!! You’re a womanizer. I’ll be surprised if you haven’t fucked any one when my back is turned!! I’m starting to see your true colours Taylor and their not pretty.”

“I’m starting to see your true colours too Y/N. I see why no one wanted you for 10 years. I see why you went from foster homes to foster homes. I see why your mom gave you up for adoption.” At this point my eyes were starting to tear up. I quickly blinked them away, not wanting him to see me cry. “If you didn’t know it was because you’re not wanted. You aren’t wanted here or anywhere. I’m surprised Bart hasn’t dropped you yet from Magcon.” As soon as he finished he realized what he said, you could see it in the way his face filled with guilt.

Tears escaped my eyes as I quickly wiped them away. I needed air. I couldn’t breathe.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean any of that I was-”

“Hey, its okay every one is entitled their opinion right?” I said sniffing. “I’m going to go walk I’ll be back.” I opened the hotel bathroom door, instantly all the other guys look at me. “I’ll be back” is all I say to them before I run out the door and onto the elevator. I ran out of the hotel, the cold air hitting my face. I run to the next street, then the next and next until the bright lights of the city aren’t that bright.

I look at my phone and see all the text messages I got just in the last hour since I left. 7 from Cameron (Cameron Dallas of course!!!), 3 from Gilinsky, 4 from Johnson,  28 texts from Taylor and 2 missed calls.

I went on my twitter and composed a tweet. “I guess all things must come to a  end.” Once I posted it I knew he would get the idea. That no matter what Taylor would do or say, he had went to far this time.

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ajay: so I finally see your true colour…

pagan: and that is?

ajay: a special brand of red

fanart for izridgeline‘s fanfic blossom (in chinese, again, sorry), featuring a colour blind Ajay and Pagan tried to “fix” it.

it’s not really shippy in the fic but you know me :P and I just really like the idea of Ajay wearing glasses ★

甜餅很好吃♥ 謝謝招待(*´゚∀゚)从(゚ω゚`*)  

I’d like to talk about some things I’ve seen going on around tumblr lately with people that makes me really upset and angry. I’m not putting it under a read more because it’s actually very important.

It concerns bullying and “clique” behaviour. Intriguingly on tumblr most of the targets I’ve seen are actually “popular” but it’s important to remember that the notion of popularity within a fandom on a blogging website is pretty warped in and of itself.

These people find ways of isolating a person. There’s petty insults, backstabbing amongst other people and gratuitous use of the anon button because, unlike in real life, there are no consequences. Or at least so you think. But there are - the consequences of your actions are very real for the person on the receiving end who can no longer trust people, most of them innocent, who want to befriend them. It instills paranoia that can transfer to real life situations too and a lot of emotional pain. Sure, you can’t beat someone up online but you can cause plenty enough damage.

Often when caught out as well these people act like the victim. How dare you use _____ method to catch me, that’s rude and an invasion of my privacy! A few months ago I myself honestly had to install an IP tracker to my blog because I got a slew of hurtful messages from “you’re a bitch” to “kill yourself, the world is better without you // i hope you get raped”. I remember a friend of mine used a script that essentially disabled the anon button without a senders knowledge and got called out for being sneaky. Fuck that. Fuck that so much seriously, if you’re so bothered that you have nowhere to hide and people can see your true colours, you are the problem.

I think though, a lot of these people don’t see themselves as bullies. Online it’s all too easy to see everything as fun and games. To dehumanise people because you’re essentially just seeing an abstraction of their personality in some posts, tags, and messages. If you’re not close to them, perhaps it’s harder to view them as a person, like you would in real life?

You don’t know what someone is going through. You don’t know their struggles, their passions and yet you’re trying to bring them down. You’re trying to destroy them and their sanctuary here, on a website. Not only is that terrible but you have no idea how important and vital that respite from reality might be for them. It’s an awful things to do. We all make mistakes but the least you can do is realise you’ve done wrong and stop.

I hope this gets through to someone. Please treat others humanely and with respect.

Lyrics Harry should tweet.......

Just a little fun, these are lyrics Harry should tweet in 2015!

These are the lyrics Harry has tweeted so far - here


Snow Patrol - Your’re all I have:

‘A welcome arrow through the heart 
Under your skin feels like home' 

For obvious reasons, such a lovely song though…..


REM - At my most beautiful:

'I count your eyelashes secretly.
with every one, whisper I love you.
I let you sleep.
I know your closed eye watching me,
I thought I saw a smile’

Obviously because Louis has incredible eyelashes remember…. because you know Harry has done this……


Alanis Morissette - Head over feet:

'You’re the best listener that I’ve ever met
You’re my best friend
Best friend with benefits’

Because your lover should be your best-friend too…….


Dashboard confessionals - Hands down:

'And you kissed me like you meant it. 

And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it’

Louis likes to place his hand on Harry’s waist….


Bright Eyes - First day of our lives:

'And you said

“This is the first day of my life
Glad I didn’t die before I met you
Now I don’t care, I could go anywhere with you
And I’d probably be happy”

I just love this song…… 


The Zombies - This will be our year:

'don’t let go of my hand 

Now darkness has gone
And this will be our year 
Took a long time to come’

I wonder if 2015 will be Harry’s year?


The Cure - Lovesong:

'However far away, 
I will always love you. 
However long I stay, 
I will always love you’ 

Just because 'Home’ is their theme. because they travel so much, home is more than an house


Real Love - Regina Spektor version

'From this moment on I know
Exactly where my life will go
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for love’

Amazing song anyway, John Lennon, The Beatles…. but her version takes it to a whole other level, just stunning. The message is pretty obvious and the lyrics are beautiful


True Colours - Cyndi Lauper:

'But I see your true colours
shining through
I see your true colours
and that’s why I love you
so don’t be afraid to let them show
your true colours
true colours are beautiful
like a rainbow’

Maybe a bit cliché, but that is Harry - for the 1D rainbow army….


Just a bit of fun, hope 2015 is as fruitful and dramaful as 2014. I hope there are less Harry womanising and Harry the free in 2015. I hope this is their year and no one will care if they came out, except with love and positivity and celebration of how wonderful love can be.