i see your thighs touching a big girl and it turns me on


Girl I can see your stress, 

Come rely on me for sex, keep your thighs in line

And hold on, get it right tonight and turn me on, 

Ain’t that what you need?

“No, please set that over there. Oh and place that piece over there beside the wall,” I instructed watching as everyone run back and forth placing things and there proper place. 

Today is the big day of the grand opening and my mind has gone into overdrive. I have been moving rapidly since my feet touched the ground this morning. This day is not only an important day for me, but for Javier as well. We both have worked so hard at making sure that today goes perfectly. I am currently handling the set up that he had drawn out for me while he is keeping a low profile and preparing himself for tonight. Because we both know that the media will be all over this we have gone through extreme measures to make sure that his little seceret does not get out and that means that he needs to be nowhere near the preparation. 

I was brought out of my thoughts by Blair calling out to me. 

“This place is looking dope!” she exclaimed in fascination. 

“I know. I have to give it Javier. His creative eye is genius.”

Hearing her mumble something under her breath I turned to face her with the raise of an eyebrow. 

“Something you would like to say Bee?” 

“I’m pretty sure you appreciate more than just his artistic ability,” she joked. 

I rolled my eyes and attempted to contain the sly smile that was threatening to peak through. 

“Whatever Bee, I don’t have time to sit around and play with you,” I spoke waving her off. 

She laughed loudly following behind me as we walked towards the elevator to go to my office. 

“Okay, well just tell me this. What is going on with you two?” 

Just as she ended her question the elevator went off letting us know that the doors were open. I stepped in and she followed behind me. 


She scoffed in annoyance. 

“I’m your best friend. You’re not supposed to hide anything from me. 

Here she goes pulling the best friend card. 

We stepped off of the elevator and she waited patiently behind me as I unlocked the door and walked in. I found no need to turn on the lights being that I left my blinds and curtains wide open and the sun was shining brightly illuminating inside of the room. I sighed plopping down into my sit and she sat across from me with a knowing look on her face. 

“Okay, so I wouldn’t say that we’re completely nothing. We just don’t have a title,” I finally confessed. 

“So you guys are fucking around?” 

“We’re having fun.” 

“And what the hell does that mean Avery?” 

“I’m trying not to think too much Bee. This is new to me. This whole entire thing with him is refreshing. Neither of us are in a rush to throw a title on it right now and I’m okay with that. We’re just going with the flow,” I explained. 

Her eyes widened and a large smile formed on her face. 

“Going with the flow? Okay what the hell has that man done to you?” 

I laughed at her silliness. 

“I’m trying Bee.” 

“Well just know that I’m for you. I mean this obviously can be good for you.”

I cocked my head to the left slightly and shot her a look of curosity. 


“Come one Avery. You’re my best friend and I love you to death, but we both know you have a problem with opening up and just letting loose. We’re not getting any younger and as cliche as it sounds, it’s time.” 

I nodded my head in agreement deciding that there was nothing else to say. Instead I placed my folder on my desk and opened it up and began to stude the paperwork in front of me. I went over the schedule for tonight and imagined how everything will go in my mind. I have mentally went over this day at least a thousand times. 

“So run it all by me again,” Blair demanded and just like that we were back to business. 



I listened closely as my assistant, Bray,  went over the notes for tonight. She continued to ramble on while my mind was elsewhere. This always happened whenever I was involved in a major event. My anxiety peaked knowing that the media will be swarming all over the place as soon as the doors open, but then I realize that I have people like Bray, my brother, my workers and not to mention now Avery to help me sort everything out without leaking the media to anything.

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