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Posters {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and Shawn visit your childhood home to meet your parents and there is a poster of him on your bedroom wall 

author’s note// hey guys for once in a friggin blue moon i kinda like a request!!


You met Shawn by complete and utter chance. The chance was that your older sister had decided to take you to Paris for your senior trip. Well, it was in the summer after you had graduated, but it still counted as your senior trip, and you weren’t arguing. You were going to Paris, for crying out loud!

You expected to see some cute French boys, hoping to make out with some French boys, as you had just broken up with your long term boyfriend because he was moving away for college, and he didn’t want to do the long distance thing. 

You met a cute boy, that’s for sure. He was just Canadian instead of French. Shawn was filming part of a music video for “There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back.” His features caught your eye, but you instantly knew he was famous. You hated to admit that you were actually quite the fan, and even went to one of his concerts some years ago. You saw him with a girl, seemingly his girlfriend, and thought you had seen something you weren’t supposed to see. You thought that Shawn was the biggest douchebag you had ever met when he came over to try and hit on you. You almost threw your drink in his face, non-alcoholic since your sister refused to buy you an actual drink. 

“Wait no calm down!” He stifled a chuckle, holding his hands up, seemingly incredibly embarrassed from the scene you had just caused in the middle of an outdoor restaurant. “I’m not dating her, I’m actually filming a music video and she plays my opposite. Not anything serious you can ask her yourself if you want.” He chuckled, and you fell deep in. Shawn told you he was there for the rest of the week, and oddly enough, so were you. The rest of that week, you were with Shawn.

Your sister, of course, only minded for a couple of hours until she found herself a European bar tender whose muscles would put football players to shame. It felt like it was a whirlwind, and Shawn even tried to suggest to his producers you be the leading lady in this music video. Of course, they turned him down in rather a hurry, knowing it would cause an uproar in his fanbase. The whole week was a complete dream, Shawn taking you places all around Paris, the romance was absolutely indescribable. You felt yourself falling into an intense and deep love for some pop singer you had just met only days ago. He took you to restaurants, he took you to the top of the Eiffel tower, he took you everywhere you had dreamed to go with a man such as himself. You basically soared around on pure infatuation, and you never wanted it to end. He never wanted it to end. 

“Come with me.” He had whispered in your ear as you were tangled together in his hotel room, completely exposed to one another, only the moonlight illuminating the room. 

“I can’t.” You tangled your fingers with his sloppily, pulling his fingers around, taking in every curve of his skin, every wrinkle of his body. “Come home with me.” You suggested, almost emptily. You never in a million years expected to hear this word come out of Shawn’s mouth at a moment such as this one, and agreeing to something almost absurd. 

“Okay.” He buried his head in your hair, peppering kisses across your neck. 

“What?” You raised your voice, almost destroying the quiet beautiful mood that had been created in this penthouse hotel room Shawn had been staying in, and you had been staying in, during his stay in Paris. 

“I’ll come home with you. I can only stay for a few days, but I will and maybe then you can come with me or something we will make it work, honey I promise.” With those absolutely heart wrenching words, you crashed your lips into his. After that, the romantic mood was put back into the room. 

Shawn was going to come home with you. Shawn was going to meet your parents. Shawn was going to see your house. The idea put your stomach in knots, though other things helped with that as well. 

The next morning came, both of your bags packed, and an extra ticket back to your home state. You had no idea how he had scored it, and though it was no where close to your seat, he had gotten a ticket on a sold out flight. The entire flight was spent you losing all of the shit you had in your body over the fact that your possible boyfriend was about to meet your family after one week together. How in the world do you explain to your parents that you met a freaking pop star in the midst of a trip with your sister. Of course your sister was crying about the man she had seemingly ‘fallen in love’ with that bartender and she called your mother, asking if she could stay, and she had said no because you were still only seventeen and couldn’t get on a plane without a legal adult, and though you vouched for Shawn counting, it was still a no. 

Of course, it was a hassle getting Shawn on here without his security or his manager, since they were to meet him to pick him up to get back on tour. It was going to be incredibly hard going out and being with Shawn without the extensive amount of security. 

The real hassle was getting off of the plane. Your sister was moping next to you as you scurried to the front to make sure you met up with Shawn in time. You quickly slid your hand into Shawn’s, your fingers tangling around one another. He had to look down, his hood pulled up so he could disguise himself, making sure no crazed girls recognized him and tried to kill you. It would honestly be a threat against your life if you held Shawn’s hand in public. 

“I’m nervous.” You leaned over and whispered in his ear as you made your way down the skinny hall, your sister grumpily trailing behind the two of you. He gave your hand a tiny squeeze and leaned over, having to crouch just a little bit too, since you were a good bit shorter than him. 

“Don’t be.” He pressed a tiny kiss on your temple, and you heard your sister start to make faux vomiting noises. “It’ll be just fine, I promise. I’ll behave.” He growled a little bit, jokingly mainly. 

“My parents aren’t home.” You nudged him, you yourself halfway joking. Your parents weren’t home. Your mom and dad would be at work until dinner time, you had both known that. Of course, it hadn’t been a prominent issue before, but now it put a pit of excitement in both of your stomachs. 

“Well in that case, we better hurry back.” Shawn actually growled this time, and you were almost certain that this time he wasn’t even a quarter joking. He picked up the pace, making sure you got your bags and you were out of that airport and in your sister’s car in a matter of almost seconds. Well, obviously not, but that is exactly what it felt like. You felt Shawn’s hands trailing up and down your thigh, and your skin started to ache for his touch. 

“Shawn.” You warned when his hand was trailing too high for your liking just yet. He threw his hands up in defeat almost. He wasn’t one to push you further than you were open to, but you physically could not wait until the two of you got home. You had two whole hours, since you had physically begged your sister to go visit a friend or something until your parents got home. It only cost you your next paycheck, but it was worth it. Oh, hell it was going to be worth it. 

The second you got home, you both didn’t bother to get your luggage, knowing your sister would be back in a couple of hours. 

“Don’t fuck each other too hard.” Your sister grumbled, pulling out of your driveway and off to her best friend’s house, probably to go on and on about that bartender guy for what would feel like years. But that was no longer your issue, you grabbed hold of Shawn’s hands and you basically sprinted inside the house, and you were instantly pressed against a wall, Shawn’s lips attached to your neck, most likely leaving dark marks on your skin. 

“Shawn.” You groaned, tilting your head back. You were nervous almost, but the nerves melted away as you felt his hands travel underneath your shirt. 

“Can we go up to your room? I really want to see it.” He mumbled against your skin, his teeth nipping at the skin, causing shivers to run through your body. You grabbed his fingers and laced your fingers with his and led him upstairs, him trailing excitedly behind you. The moment you stepped into your bedroom, Shawn didn’t really take much time to look at you room before he pushed you down onto your bed, his lips attaching themselves to the other side of your neck since the other already had numerous bruises forming. You let out soft moans as his hands traveled around your body, yours holding firmly to his torso. After a while, his lips completely left your skin. 

“Shawn.” You whined, your body beginning to ache again. Much to your surprise, you felt Shawn start to chuckle on top of you. 

“Hey, sweetie?” He let out another giggle, which was so out of character for him. 

“What?” You sighed, running your hands up and down his sides. 

“Is that a poster of me on your wall?” He lost it in a fit of laughter, and you instantly felt your cheeks redden. You had completely forgotten that you had hung that poster up some months ago and you could barely breathe. “That’s adorable.” He added after some silence and him noticing how incredibly embarrassed you were. 

“Oh, fuck off.”


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Have you seen the new footage with the Yurio's gala preview? Becausa all I could think about while watching it was your Yakov comic and how Yakov would react seeing Yurio's performance.


Sexy Scrabble

Word Prompt: Game

Title: Sexy Scrabble

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: Mentions of sex


Originally posted by wehavesass

“Pietro?” His name leaves your mouth as you release quiet, breathless moans. A small hum rumbles from his throat as his lips continue to claim your neck. You take that as your cue to continue. “Don’t you th-” His mouth reaches the spot that makes you weak in the knees. A small whimper escapes your lips before continuing. “Don’t you think we should do something else?”

Pietro looks up from your collarbone while rolling his lustful eyes. “What do you mean?”

You open your mouth to respond, but his lips attach themselves back to your skin. You take a shaky breath before speaking. “I mean, we’ve just been fooling around for the past week.”

“I don’t see any problem with that.” Pietro nips your neck in retaliation. You physically pull him away from your neck with a small glare plastered across your face. Pietro pushes a hand through his messy hair and releases an exaggerated sigh. “Oh, come on (y/n). What do you want me say?” Pietro begins to use his famous puppy dog eyes as he pushes out his bottom lip. “I just want to make out with my gorgeous girlfriend.”

You turn your head away from his pleading stare and take a deep breath. “I’m not falling for that this time, Maximoff.”

“But (y/n),” You look back to his pouty face. “I love you.” You attempt to keep a straight face, but what can you say, pouty Pietro is too adorable.

“It’s not going to work.” You turn away from him, using all the restraint in your body to not place kisses all over his face.

“Seriously, babe? We’ve been training our asses off, and now the universe gives us a break and you want to waste it?”

You shake your head at his overly melodramatic attitude. “I’m not saying we’re going to waste it. I was just thinking maybe we can do something with our clothes on.”

“Like what?”

“Maybe we could go down to the beach, or go to the amusement park, or even just walk to the park. We’ve been in this apartment for days. Lets go and explore the outside world.”

Pietro’s eyes gaze over to your face as a devious smirk forms. “You want to go out? Okay.” He begins to scooch closer to you. “You just have to take care of your sex hair first.”

A small gasp leaves your mouth as your hands fly up to your wild mane. Your hand pushes through the knotted mess, only to get caught. “I guess we can go out tomorrow…” You sigh in defeat.

“So now that that’s settled, lets continue where we left off.” Pietro begins to remove his shirt.

You get off the couch and glare at your boyfriend. “Pietro Maximoff, we are not having sex.”

“But (y/n)-”

“Just because we aren’t leaving the tower, doesn’t mean you’ve won.”

Pietro groans loudly as he collapses on the couch in dismay. “Fine.”

You raise an eyebrow at your boyfriend; you’ve never won this battle before. “Really?”

“Yeah…” He stands up and places a light kiss on your flushed cheek. “Lets go watch a movie or something.”

“I was actually thinking that we could play the scrabble game Bruce got you for Christmas.”


“Scrabble?  You know, that game where you sit away from each other and spell stuff?”

“(y/n), I know what scrabble is.”

You smile at your annoyed boyfriend and walk towards the closet that holds the game in question. “Perfect.”

“Babe,” Pietro’s arms wrap themselves around your waist as his chin rests on your shoulder. “How about we make this interesting?”

You allow a small smirk to make it’s way onto your face, already knowing where this is leading. “What do you have in mind?”

 "Just a small, little wager.“

  You turn to face your devilish boyfriend. "I’m listening.”

“Okay,” Pietro takes the game from you hands and begins walking towards the plush sofa. “If I win, we continue with what we were doing. If you win, we can go to Central Park, bowling, or maybe even that market you love. We can do whatever your little heart desires tomorrow.”

“Whatever I want?”
“Whatever you want.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Quicksilver.” You take a seat on the couch, as Pietro plants himself on the ground. The both of you set up the game and handout the first set of letters.

“Alright,” Pietro cracks his knuckles while looking up to you. “Since you’re so beautiful, it’s only fair that you go first.” You send your boyfriend a small smile and look down to your letters.

       P I K R C T A

 You place the letters T-R-A-C-K on the board and smirk at Pietro. “The game is on, Maximoff. That will be 22 points.”

Pietro smiles at your behaviour and marks down your score. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t get to full of yourself.” Pietro looks down to his letters, and places down C-A.

“Really Pietro? Cat?” You release a small giggle and mark down the 5 points he has earned.“

"I’m just warming up, babe.”

The game continues with your mediocre words, and Pietro’s third grader words. The two of you are on your last set of letters, resulting in the final round. You’re sit at a strong 167 points, and Pietro sits at 71 points. “I think it’s safe to say I’ve won, babe. You better dig out your sunscreen for tomorrow.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, (y/n). I still have another turn.” Pietro begins to place down a Q.

You shake your head in amusement. “I highly doubt you’re going to get 100 points.”

“You’re right. I’m not going to get 100 points.” Pietro stands up off the ground. “I’m going to get 162 points.”

“What?!” Your head snaps down to the game board. “Quartzy? How is that worth 162 points?” You look to your boyfriend and see a huge smile stretched across his smug face.

“It isn’t. It’s worth 54 points.” He moves next to you on the couch. “The triple word score is what made it 162.” He places a small kiss on your neck. “Now (y/n), you know the deal.”

You begin to unbutton your shirt as he continues to plants kisses over your neck. “I want a rematch tomorrow.”

Marichat May: Rooftop Kisses




Marinette smiled as familiar claws wrapped around her middle, a large form curving against her back, warm lips coming down to press at her neck, a hot breath sliding over her skin and making it tingle pleasantly. She set her hands on those claws, leaning back into the firm chest that loomed over her. She lightly chided, “I’m a married woman, Chat.” Below her from where she was on her balcony, Paris glowed in the evening air, colors soft and shining.

He gave a growl behind her, lightly nipping her neck. “I don’t see your husband anywhere,” he returned, lips tickling her neck. “Certainly not inside. And what he won’t know…”

She hummed with giggles tickling the sound. She turned in his hold, sharing an amused smirk with him. “A cat coming to play while the husband away, this is scandalous Chat.”

He flashed her a toothy smile. “You’re not exactly pushing me away.”

Laughing, she brought her husband’s mouth down for a long and dragging kiss.

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A thing I just noticed from your car wash pic. You can see Yuuri's nips in the line art pic.

I am going to assume you mean can’t? :O
Maybe it’s too far away? XD
Idk, I’m sure I was just lazy P:

Daddy Kink Series: Jung Hoseok

Park Jimin  Kim Namjoon  Kim Taehyung  Min Yoongi  Jeon Jungkook  Kim Seokjin

Hyun-ju scooted in closer to Hoseok as her finger swiped down rapidly on the story she was reading. Her heart thumped against her chest in hard, spaced out beats. She nibbled on her bottom lip as she rubbed her legs together. 

Hoseok had one arm around her and the other on his own phone. Normally they’d be giggling, play fighting or something fun. However he was exhausted from the concert they had a few hours earlier and just wanted a silent cuddle with his girlfriend. 

As Hyun-ju read progressively, she felt the warmth around her grow. She would never admit or address what she was reading, because she knew she’d never hear the end of it from Hoseok. Hyun-ju had a secret daddy kink, and thrived for any written material she found online. Pornography wasn’t really her thing, and she would never have an opportunity to watch it when she was in the mood. 

Since Hoseok was so tired, Hyun-ju decided to let herself get all worked up and excuse herself to use the bathroom and relieve herself. She tried her best to not be obvious that she was beyond horny, since Hoseok could always tell. Hyun-ju practically fought back tears because she was so ready to hurry up and cum.

As always, curiosity got to Hoseok. He felt Hyun-ju wiggling around and his eyes hovered over her screen. As he read, he slowly understood why she wasn’t initiating sex. The poor girl was barely comfortable enough to ask for blindfolds during sex. 

At that moment, Hoseok decided to play a game. He flipped over on his side and placed his arm around her waist, pulled her tight against him. “Can daddy take care of you?” Hoseok mumbled into her ear, rubbing her thigh. 

Hyun-ju’s whole body froze, her breath left her body. “What are you talking about?” From instinct, she instantly closed her phone and put it down.

“Baby, you’re a terrible liar and I can see your phone.” Hoseok’s lips nipped at her neck, his hands roaming further and further down. His fingers lightly grazed over her clothed center over her shorts, earning a small moan from her. “Call me daddy, baby.“ 

Closing her eyes, she tried her best to fixate her focus on his touch. Hyun-ju tried to grind against his fingers as best as she could, but the two layers were too thick to relieve herself. "Daddy..”

That simple, five lettered word make a big impact on Hoseok. He groaned and sucked down on her neck, pressing roughly against her clothed clit. He didn’t think he’d ever get off to being called daddy, but he could already feel his cock hardening against her ass. 

A sudden detachment made Hyun-ju look up. She saw Hoseok stripping vigorously, obviously ready to get down to business. Catching on, she started practically tearing off her clothes as she felt her excitement getting the best of her. 

Hoseok waited till her thong was thrown to the side before he pounced on her. His hands gripped her thighs, pushing them open as his tongue slicked over her lips, a low groan escaping his. As if it was instinct, his fingers pushed into her center as he rested his head in her neck. “Say it." 

Hyun-ju’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as Hoseok started finger fucking her. "D-daddy.” Her fingers laced into his hair, tugging at it as if it was her lifeline. That only made his fingers thrust into her faster, making her closer to cumming. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum." 

Hoseok immediately pulled back, looking at her. "I want to save that for me, baby girl.” He smirked as he sat back, taking a deep breath as he looked down at Hyun-ju. Gripping his cock, he pumped it a couple times as he readied himself. “What do you want daddy to do?" 

Sitting up to lean against the pillows better, Hyun-ju smirked to herself. "I think you know.” Keeping her legs together, she fought back the need to go ahead and pounce on him. 

Clicking his tongue, Hoseok shook his head. “Are you trying to be a bad girl? Daddy doesn’t like that.” In one second he had her legs spread wide open for him, the tip of his dick pressing against her clit. “I’m going to ask you again. What do you want daddy to do?” His teeth lightly pulled at her ear lobe, his hot breath sending chills down her spine. 

“I want daddy to fuck me.” Hyun-ju bit her lip and braced herself, closing her eyes as she waited. About ten seconds had passed before her eyes slowly opened to see Hoseok smirking at her.

“You’re really kinky aren’t you? Fine by me.” His hands grabbed onto her thighs as he slammed his dick into her, making her yelp in pleasure. Licking his lips, he shifted her down slightly before lifting one of her legs above his shoulder, helping him slip deeper into her. 

Hyun-ju’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as Hoseok fucked her deeper and deeper. Her slender fingers clutched onto the bedsheets above her, already a moaning mess. She couldn’t help but be so turned on, her secret fantasies becoming true.

Grunts above Hyun-ju suggested Hoseok was just as turned on as she was. His grip on her thighs tightened ever so slightly every time his dick was fully in her. “Say it again, baby.” His eyes lazily looked at her as he fucked her, watching her breasts bounce by the force. 

“Daddy.” She moaned out his new name, feeling her insides clench around him. The sudden hard flick of his hips told her he loved it just as much. Taking a shaky breath, she decided to push him a little further. “Y-you feel so good, daddy." 

Hoseok couldn’t take it anymore. He dropped her leg and leaned down, his hands grabbing her ass to lift her up as he fucked her the fastest he could. His lips left dark purple marks all over her neck as he felt himself pulsing with need to cum. 

"Daddy I’m-” Her dripping cunt already started cumming before she could finish her sentence. Hyun-ju screamed as her body completely arched in ecstasy, her legs wrapping around Hoseok. 

“Hyun-ju..” Hoseok moaned in her neck as her throbbing insides made him cum right after her. He stayed buried deep inside of her as they both caught their breath, a film of sweat chilling them. 

Hyun-ju moved Hoseok’s sweaty hair from his eyes as she kissed his forehead. “Thank you, daddy." 

Smiling meekly, Hoseok nodded. "Let’s do that again.”

((This took so long omfg late Hoseok birthday present af but Jimin is next 👍))

Love Child Part Two.

You can read one here.

“Not now Jai.” You whispered back just as harshly as all three kids looked on curiously at you and Jai. Jai looked back at the kids and found himself staring at his son.

“Alyssa can you take them back upstairs?”

“They wanted a snack.” Alyssa informed.

“Of course. There is plenty in the fridge or they can have some of what Lisa and I made earlier.”

All three kids found a stool to climb on to see what goodies they could eat. You glanced over at Jai and his face was hard as stone. It was as if he was frozen in place as he stared at his son. You could just imagine what his mind was going through.

“Mom I want some spring rolls.” Your son told you. Out the corner of your eyes, you saw Jai flinched when your son called you mom.

“Sure baby. Wait until Alyssa bring some plates for you, Lola and Nakola.” It seemed forever as Alyssa grabbed three plates and filled them with what the children requested. You and Jai were silent and just watched the children as they grabbed their plates and headed back upstairs. As if he was holding his breath the whole time Jai exhaled sharply as soon as the kids were out of sight and he turned his attention back to you.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jai voiced raised at you.

“Jai, I had good reason-” Jai cut you off.

“What was it? What could it possibly be for you to hide something as important as my child from me?!” Jai walked up to you as his voiced raised even more at you to where he was almost shouting. You flinched at his massive figure towering over you as anger radiated throughout his whole body.

“I was thinking of your career. You could not be tied down with a child. You were just starting to get big roles. You would not have the time to be a father. I know acting is your passion and I was not going to be the reason if you had to give it up.” You tried to explain. Jai searched your face for a few moments and you both stared at each other. You were silent as you let what you explain to him process. Maybe you should have said something as you saw his beautiful blue eyes turn a stormy grey.

“Are you fucking kidding me!!” Jai was now screaming and you noticed his massive body trembling with anger. “That is the most bullshit I have ever heard in my life Y/N! You had no right to keep him from me!”

“Jai please calm down.” You told him as calmly as you could.

“Calm down! How the hell can I calm down after finding out that you kept me from my son?!” Jai yelled.

“Yo! Brother calm down.” You heard Jason’s voice enter the kitchen. You sighed with relief as Jason grabbed Jai’s arm and pulled him out of your personal space. Lisa rushed in the kitchen her face frowned with worry.

“So I guess he knows.” She whispered to you as she pulled you further away from Jai.

“I knew this was a bad idea.” You whispered back as your body started to tremble also from Jai’s reaction.

“He needed to know.” Lisa told you as Jason pulled Jai out the kitchen.

“You need to calm down Jai. The whole house heard you.” Jason told him as he motion for Jai to sit on the couch.

“Did you know?” Jai tried his best to calm himself down.

“They just recently told me when you and I first met. Trust me it was hard for me not to tell you but I promised my wife I would not tell you. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now but you can’t yell at Y/N like you just did. I know you are angry at her but just put yourself in her shoes. She did what she thought was best at the time. Lisa told me it was very hard for her.”

“Hard for her?!” Jai had to stop his voice from rising again.

“Why don’t you concentrate on getting to know your son.” Jason suggested.

“Yeah…..you are right. I just don’t know if I could ever forgive her for this.”

“You will in due time. Let’s just take one step at a time. Get to know your son. He is a great kid.”

Jai nodded his head as he let out a long sigh.

“You think you are calm enough to talk to her and not yell?” Jason asked as he got up from the couch.

“Yeah.” Jai said as he also stood up to face you again in the kitchen.

“He is so angry Lisa. I have never seen him so angry before.” You said biting you nails as you paced back and forth in the kitchen.

“Y/N can you blame him?”

You shot Lisa a look.

“Who’s side are you on?” You asked angrily.

“Hey don’t get pissed at me. I have always told you to tell him. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it. He deserves to know his child. How can you deny little Jai from knowing his father? That is something I never understood with you. Y/N I love you very much and you know I would do anything for you but you are dead wrong in this situation.” Your best friend told you.

You sighed as you stopped pacing and slumped your back against the fridge defeated. She was right. Hell she was always right. That was one trait that irked you about your “twin”. You both looked up at the entryway of the kitchen as you heard Jai and Jason walk in.

“Is he calmed?” Lisa asked protective of her friend.

“Yes.” Jai answered as he looked at you. The anger was replaced with pain in his eyes and you felt as if a dagger stabbed you in the heart. How could you have hurt him so bad? How could you keep his son away from him for so long? How could you do this to someone you still loved after all these years?

“I’m sorry.” Was the first thing you said when Jason and Lisa left you two alone once again.

Jai let out an angry chuckle. “I’m afraid that does not even scratch the surface.”

“I know.” You looked down at your feet. “What’s done is done Jai. What do you want me to do?”

Jai walked up to you and you found yourself mesmerized by him as if he was not even real. After all the years that past here he was standing before you.

“You can start by letting me get to know my son.” As angry and in pain as Jai was he could not help but softly pull on several of your locs and twist it around his index finger. He had a son. A son with you, the woman he could never get out his system after you broke his heart.

“Don’t you want a DNA test? I’m sure your girlfriend and family would want you to have one just to be sure.” You tried to step away from him but he would not let you move.

“I knew as soon as I looked into his eyes he was mind. My God Y/N he looks so much like me I might as well gave birth to him.”

“I want you to have a test done for anyone who may question it.”

“If that is what you want then fine….but I want to spend time with him and tell him who I am.”

“Not tonight. It’s getting late and don’t you have to get back to your girlfriend.” You tried not to say the last sarcastically but it came out that way and Jai noticed it. A small smile played on his lips at your obvious jealously.

“Tomorrow then….you stay with Lisa and Jason?”

“No. I have a place not too far from here.”

“I need the address.” Jai stated as he leaned in closer to you. Your breath start to quicken as the father of your child pressed himself against you.

“Jai what are you doing?” You whispered as he pushed your locs behind your ear, leaned in and lightly grazed your earlobe with his lips.

“Is this still one of your spots? I have not forgotten what turns you on.” Jai said in your ear just before nipping your earlobe.

“Jai please don’t.” You almost let out a moan.

“I see it still is.” Jai nipped your ear one more time before pulling away from you. “Give me your address.”

Jai now allowed you to move from the fridge and get a pen and paper. You wrote your address, phone number down, and handed it to him.

“Noon tomorrow good?”


“I want to say goodnight to him.”

You called for Alyssa to bring little Jai down.

“How was the spring rolls little man?” You asked your son as he carefully walked down the stairs.

“How old is he?” Jai asked you as he watched his son come down the stairs.

“Four and a half.”

“They were good mom.”

“Mr. Jai wants to say goodnight.” You told your son as he reached the bottom of the stairs. “He is also going to come over tomorrow to see you.”

Little Jai smiled at his father. “Is it because we have the same name?” Your son inquired.

“That’s one reason.” Jai told him as he picked him up. “It’s so nice to meet you Jai. You sleep good tonight and I will see you tomorrow and we can do something fun together.”

“Ok.” Little Jai said excitedly. Jai reluctantly let his son down and watched as he walked back upstairs. Jai looked at you and his eyes were red and misty.

“He is beautiful.” He told you. You nodded in agreement. “I better go before I get angry at you again.”

You had nothing to say in defense. He most likely will be angry with you off and on for a long time as he gets to know his son.

Jai sat in his car and stared at his house. He needed to get himself together emotionally before he went in. As he was driving home, he could not help but cry in anger at you. As tears fell down his cheeks he thought of all the years he missed out on his son’s life. If he had knew about his son he would have been there every step of the way. People have careers and children all the time so your excuse angered him even more. Jai wiped his face with his hand as he watch his front door open and his girlfriend step out waiting for him to get out the car. How was he going to tell her he found out tonight that he was a father? How was he going to tell her that in the last couple of hours his feelings for her had completely shifted? Jai sighed as he got out the car. It was going to be a long night.

Part three (the last part…I am vowing to myself) will be up soon.

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Bed All Day: HyunA Smut

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Based off this request

Pairing: HyunA x Reader

Word Count: 840

Content: Girl x Girl and morning sex

Written By: Bambi 

Authors Note: It’s shorter than I intended and it took me long enough but I hope you all enjoy it! This is also my first girlxgirl smut so feedback would be greatly appreciated!  Happy reading! 

 The morning was slowly ending by the time you opened your eyes for the day. Noon was fast approaching and you were finally fed up with the  sunlight streaming in through the blinds, onto your face.

 “Babe,” Hyuna’s voice was soft as she snaked her arm around your waist.”You’re finally up I see,” She squeezed your waist softly and nipped at your ear with her teeth.

 Her touch made you perk up, a grin spreading across your face as you covered her hand with yours. “You too, huh?”

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Not a teenager anymore - Harry Styles

“I can’t believe it.” You groaned, flopping down onto the bed.

“Can’t believe what, babe?” Harry said, pulling you closer to him in the bed.

“You’re twenty now! I’ve known you since you were 16 and we’ve been together ever since! When’d you get so old, Harry?! What happened?”

“You’ve gotten older too! Don’t try to blame all of this on me, now.” He said playfully, twirling his fingers in your hair.

“Yeah,” You agreed, pulling his head down to kiss him. “But I’m still 19 while you’re now an old man.”

“An old man!” He exclaimed, leaning down so that he could whisper in your ear. “I don’t think an old man could fuck you the way that I can, love.” His words sent a rush of heat between your thighs, causing you to squeeze your thighs together for some type of relief. “I loved the clothes and other gift you’ve gotten me today but I’d much rather have another gift from you, sweetie.”

“And what would that be, Harry?” You knew exactly what he wanted but you wanted to tease him even though it was his birthday.

“You know what I want, y/n. I’ve been waiting all day to rip these fucking clothes off of you,” He moved his body so that he was hovering over you and slowly moved his hands to your jeans, snapping the button open. “and now that we’re finally alone, I’m going to do just that.” You lifted your butt up slightly to allow Harry to pull your jeans off and throw then across the room. He groaned when he saw your choice in underwear. It was his favorite—bright pink lace with small bows on the side. “Fuck, does your bra match it, baby. You know how much I love it when you wear them both.”

“I don’t know, Haz. You’re gonna have to check, I guess.” You smirked as you saw Harry’s eyes darken, his hands gripping onto your shirt, practically ripping it over your head. He grinned when he noticed that you were wearing the matching bra.

“As much as I love these on you,” He said, literally ripping your panties down the side. “I need to see your beautiful fucking body.” He lowered his head and nipped at your jaw while he arms reached behind you and un-clasped your bra.
“Beautiful,” He mumbled as he pulled the bra off of you. “So fucking beautiful and all mine.” Harry’s mouth attached to your left nipple as he started sucking and biting on it as he was massaging your other breast in his hand.

“Please, Harry. Stop teasing me now.” You mumbled, attempting to push his head down to where you needed him the most.

He chuckled, stopping himself from his assault on your nipple to look directly in your eyes. “It’s my birthday, baby, shouldn’t you be the one pleasuring me? Not the other way around?”

“Then get off of me so I can.” You said, pushing on his shoulders so that he rolled off of you.

You instantly climbed on top of him and straddled his hips. You could feel just how tight his jeans had become beneath your butt. You attach your lips to his and he instantly pushed his tongue into your mouth causing him to bite down on your bottom lip. Your hands moved down his chest and un-buttoned his tight jeans. “Hurry up, baby. I can’t wait much longer.”

“Take your shirt off for me then, Haz.” He obeyed as you quickly took his leather belt off and threw it across the room then pulled his pants, along with his boxers, down. His cock instantly hit against his stomach as he grinned, proud of his length. You took him in your hand, spreading the pre-cum around his tip but doing nothing more than that.

“Don’t tease me, y/n. It’s my birthday…” He said as he took a fistful of your hair in his hand to bring your head closer to it. You obliged and licked up the vein before you moved up and swirled your tongue around his tip but, just as you did so, he pushed your head down further, forcing his entire length into your mouth. He cursed as he felt you gag around him, thrusting further into your mouth. His hips continued to buck up from the bed and deeper into your mouth and you could tell that he was getting closer because his moans just got louder and louder. “Gonna come in your mouth, baby. You gonna swallow like a good girl?”

You moaned around his dick in a way to tell him that you would. The vibration of your moaning must have been enough to put him over the edge, spilling himself into your mouth which you quickly swallowed and waited for him to come down from his high. When he had finally finished, you pulled away and wiped away some of his cum that had escaped your mouth, licking it off your fingers before you placed one small kiss on the tip of his cock, causing him to groan from the sight. You smiled as Harry moved you so that you were straddling his once again but this time, you were both naked. His lips crashed against yours once again and he could taste some of himself left over in your mouth.

“Y/n, I want you to ride me, baby girl. I want to feel you wrapped around my fucking cock.” Harry moved his cock so that it was positioned below you as you lowered yourself onto him. “Faster.” He groaned out as his hands rested against your hips to help you bounce against him faster like he wanted. “You’re so wet. W-Who made you this wet, y/n? Huh?”

“Y-You.” Your voice faltered as you tried to reply but with Harry’s lips wrapped around your nipple and his fingers played with your clit.

“What about me, y/n? What did I do for you?”

“Fuck, Harry. More please.”

Harry growled when you didn’t answer his question and quickly flipped you onto your back, completely stilling the movement of his hip against yours. One hand rested near you head to support his weight while the other continued against your clit though he had stopped thrusting into you. “When I ask you a fucking question, you answer me.” He growled into your ear, biting on your ear lobe slightly. “Now, who made you this wet?”

“You did, Harry! Only you. Now please, please move. I need it.”

He seemed pleased with that answer as he grinned and started to thrust into you once again, twice as hard as he had when you were on top of him.

A string of profanities fell from your mouth as he gave one particularly hard thrust that hit your g-spot perfectly and caused you to come. Harry came minutes after, letting out a few grunts as he did so. He pulled out of you and lied down next to you.

“That was amazing.” You sighed, moving to lie on his chest.

“Yeah and I don’t think an old man could ever fuck you that well, y/n. Don’t you ever forget that.”

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"Have you been a good girl for daddy?" Noctis groaned in your ear as he thrusted faster. "Yes," you breathlessly answered back, face tilted towards the ceiling. "You see, I just don't believe you." He nipped at your ear while pulling you harder against his chest. "Drautos, you may need to teach her a few things." He slipped away from you as Titus entered your vision. "I can teach you to be a good girl," he grinned before pulling you into a hard kiss.

spare me. mercy. ;~;

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Well This Is Awkward...

Can you do a mike fuentes smut where y/n’s dad walks in on them having sex and her dad hates him so he’s pissed?? U can choose the ending love ;3 UR BLOG IS RAD


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Dirty Preference #17 - He Fingers You In Public

Harry: You were trying to stifle your moans back the best you could but Harry wasn’t letting up. You were sure the minute the movie had actually started, his hand was down your jeans, toying with you. Now half way through the film and you were struggling. His hand was under the material of your underwear, rubbing violently on your clit. You wanted to moan out but you couldn’t, in fear of drawing any attention to yourselves. His pointer finger was running up and down the slit teasing your opening. You were wet, soaking through your panties and partially onto your jeans. And his fingers just kept taunting you. Your hands were gripping on to the arm rests as you squirmed in the seat, biting onto your bottom lip as he finally slipped two fingers into the slippery opening between your legs. “Shit, ” you whispered, just wanting to let it all out. But you couldn’t and Harry knew it. You tried opening your legs wider, but the seat size restricted it. Harry was slamming is hand against your sensitive area, making you release more juices than you imagined. You quickly brought your hand up to your mouth, biting down as your orgasm hit. He pulled out his fingers, rubbing you slowly to finish. You felt the liquid running down your leg as he pulled his hand away, licking his fingers. You buttoned up your jeans again, panting, putting your jacket over your waist so when the lights came back on, you would be able to hide the mess.

Liam: The pool was pretty packed. Children with their mothers, teenagers and other couples surrounded you and Liam as he had you pressed up against the side of the pool. “I wanna try something,” he said right up against your ear, rubbing his hands on your hips. “What’s that?” you replied, smiling as you felt his lips on your neck. He didn’t answer your question… He showed you. Under the water, he pushed your bikini bottoms aside, letting the water caress your sex before he did that himself. His fingers made a triangle around the opening, along with all your sensitive spots, teasing. “Liam…” You hissed in his ear but you didn’t pull away. You looked around to make sure any of the many people weren’t looking. Once you were sure, you sunk deeper into the pool, reaching down to make his fingers move closer. He took the hint and began rubbing your clit. It wasn’t much longer before one finger had slipped inside, making a ‘come here’ motion. “Ungh…’ You moaned, thrusting your hips up to engulf his fingers more. “Yes, yes Liam.” You grabbed onto him, kissing his neck to hold back any noise. Finally he pulled them out, leaving you panting into his skin. “Not fair,” you mumbled. “I promise we’ll finish at home,” he chuckled, pulling your swimsuit bottoms back into place.

Niall: The day of your anniversary couldn’t have been any more perfect. A whole day with no one but you and him, and to finish it off, he had booked a lovely little table at a fancy restaurant in town. The two of you were seated next to each other, not being able to keep your hands off one another. The waiter had come by a couple minutes ago to take your order so you had a little time before he got back. You pushed up into Niall’s side, foreheads pressed against each other. His hand was resting high up on your thigh and as you continued to tease him, it only went higher, hitching up the skirt of your dress at the same time. “Niall what if he comes back?” You mumbled into his ear. “He’s not gonna be back for a while. Trust me.” He lifted your dress so it was around your waist, revealing the translucent, black lace underwear. His hand moved to the inside of your thigh, thumb rubbing lightly over the material. “Niall,” you groaned, reaching your hand down to make him go harder. Once you did that, he took the hint and pushed the material to the side, pushing two fingers in without hesitation. Your mouth opened slightly as you spread your legs a little more for better access. “Yes…” You breathed out, letting him get to work. Slowly, he pumped in a out, getting his fingers covered in your juices. He had turned you on so fast and the fact that you were in public only made your adrenaline pump faster. “Faster,” you begged, closing your eyes. Niall obliged, pushing his fingers in deeper and faster. “Mmm fuck!” You yelped as he hit your g-spot. But it didn’t last long. The orgasm was about to hit full force and you were ready, but before you knew it his fingers were out and he was closing your legs for you. Just in time for the waiter to come with your food.

Zayn: Pressed up in the corner, piled of books surrounding your two bodies, you had to stay quiet. Zayn’s hand was down the front of your leggings, going to work on your wet sex. In and out his fingers went, thumb rubbing your sensitive clit at the same time. But doing it in the library had its disadvantages. For one you had to be quiet. No moaning, nothing unless you wanted to get caught. The second disadvantage was that anyone could turn around the corner any minute. But you really didn’t care at this point. You were on your way to an amazing orgasm and nothing would interrupt that. You could hear his fingers going in and out, slapping the skin with his palm. “You’re so tight,” he growled into your ear. “Zayn, fuck Zayn,” you whispered. You had to bite down on his shirt in order to stop yourself from screaming as you came. All over his fingers. You could feel it run down your thighs and your leggings soaked some of it up. He pulled out and left you panting. “I promise we’ll finish at home,” he smirked, taking your hand and bringing you to the car.

Louis: “Are you sure nobody will see?” you asked, looking around the somewhat crowded beach. “Babe I promise. No one will see.” Louis put his mouth to your neck, nipping at the skin while his hand slipped under your bikini bottom. Your eyes kept wandering just to make sure nobody was looking, but once Louis had slipped one finger inside of you, your eyes fluttered shut and a soft moan left your lips. Finger after finger he kept adding them until all but his thumb was inside. You were gripping the beach towel, grains of sand going in between your curled toes. “Ungh, yes yes Louis faster!” You moaned and whimpered, sitting up and spreading your legs more, opening up more for him. He was twisting and turning them, making the liquid leak out around them and drop into the towel. Your breathing got more rapid as the orgasm neared and before you could prepare yourself, that organs hit, making your cry out and arch your back. Louis pulled his fingers out and kicked your cum off his fingers before coming up to kiss you. “Perfect baby.”

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I've got some major deacon feels rn can ya hook a sista up with some reads (fluff and sin welcome) <3

“Mmm..stop moving.”
“Deacon, I have to get up.”
“No…no you don’t.” He mumbled, face buried in their arm pit. An arm and leg draped over them, he was more on them than the bed they were in. “Deacon.” Their voice came again, a mix of annoyance and amusement. “Five more minutes.” 
“You said that ten minutes ago.” 
“I hit the snooze button twice.” He rubbed his face into their side, making a distressed sound. “C’mon, we never get to spend time together like this.”
“That doesn’t change the fact that I have to pee.”
“Just go here.”
“Deacon, you’re fucked up.”
“Only for you, baby cakes.” They pushed him away from them, flipping up the moth eaten blanket and headed for the door.

“You let all the warm air out!” He bitched, sliding onto their spot where their body had left a warm spot. He curled up on it, looking up at the door. “You better not take my spot!” They called from the bathroom.
“What’re you gonna do about it?” They returned in a few moments, standing with their hands on their hips. “You’re cute when you’re pissed. I can see your nips through your shirt, babe.” In a blur, they were on top of him, tickling his sides. “Pervert!” They laughed as he suddenly overtook them, pinning them to the bed and kissing their neck. “I’ll prove I’m one,” he mumbled against their neck, his hand grabbing their side. “Always got sex on your mind, huh?”
“That and lying, but there’s no reason to lie to you.”
“You did when you said you had eight inches in there?”
“Ouch! That was a low blow.” 
“I’ll give you a low blow.”

Deacon smiled, eyes crinkling as he kissed their lips. “I’m all for that low blow.”

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I see that you have included "nip" in your list of alternatives to the word "walk," but I have had trouble finding your definition anywhere else. Could you explain this? Is it by chance strictly British? When I search my dictionary or even Google for the definition of "nip," I never find "to walk briskly as if on an errand" (paraphrasing your definition). Thanks.

Nip, a word on our Word List: Alternatives to “Walk,” is primarily a Britishism (though I think Aussies and Canadians also use it). 

Here are two definitions from around the internet:

Cambridge Dictionary Online

Nip (v)

to go somewhere quickly or be somewhere for only a short time:

  • Can you nip out/round/down to the shop for me?
  • Shall we nip in to the café for a bite to eat?

Free Dictionary

Nip (v)

to move quickly; to make a quick, usually short, journey.

  • I’ll just nip into this shop for cigarettes
  • He nipped over to Paris for the week-end.

I’ve added some further explanation to the original post, and I hope this clears things up a bit!



EDIT: See the comments for further explanation!