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Potential Shatt moment
  • Shiro: ... yes??
  • Matt: Thanks man, Katie has always wanted to see space.
  • Shiro: You're not mad?
  • Matt: No I'm really pissed, but if Pidge didn't come along we'd probably all be dead by now.
  • Shiro: Tru.

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I don't know why ur actin up for attention. You're okay as a writer, but there are much better ones in the fandom who have far less recognition

You see. It all started when father returned from the war. He had never been an affectionate man, as much as I can recall. But after the war, the small nods and brief glances from him that I had grown to look forward to had disappeared.

He was quick to anger and quicker to drink. Sometimes I’d awaken in the middle of the night to find him standing in the middle of the quiet farm, bathed in moonlight and despondent. His eyes would be fixated on the moon and stars, unblinking.

“Papa,” I’d call to him, “you’re scaring me…”

Of course, he didn’t respond. He never did. Somehow, his silence instilled more fear than his anger. The eerie quiet when I wished so badly to know what he was imagining.

The chores on the farm soon fell on my shoulders, as my mother came down with a chest cold that never seemed to go away. Some days were worse than others for her. I remember running to fetch the doctor in the middle of the night when she couldn’t keep from coughing. Walking through the old wooden thresh hold he greeted my father, who sat unblinking once again in his rocker with the usual bottle of liquor in his calloused hand. The light from the candles flickered, showing glimpses of his eyes which were wide with madness.

Seeing now the state he was in, the doctor simply tipped his cap and tended to my ailing mother. And soon after that, the talk around town began. Not so quiet whispers accompanied by piercing eyes when I made my way into town to fetch mothers tonic or liquor for papa.

My trips became less and less frequent. Not only because I couldn’t handle the gossip, but it seemed papa would do something drastic every time I left. One day I found him in the coop snapping the necks of the chickens inside, feathers flying everywhere as the few remaining tried to escape his grasp.

“Papa! No!” I screamed for him to stop.

He dropped to his knees with shaking hands. It was the first time he had spoken to me in what seemed like years. His voice was more hoarse than I remembered.

“I’m…sorry,” he spoke through tears.

Heavy with the shame of what he had done, he dragged himself off as I took care of the mess and contemplated how we would get our eggs now. I didn’t see papa again until that night. He came stumbling inside near dawn, crashing around our old farm house in his usual drunken stuper and calling for my grandmother, who had passed some time ago.

Why am I seeking attention? Who knows…but reading this message I think back to those chickens and their snapped necks. Who can say why, but perhaps I am jealous of them a bit. For at least, even in a brief moment before their deaths, they felt my fathers touch. Something I never had.

“Much better writers with far less recognition?” I chuckled and inched closer to you.

When the fandom approached me, asking me to hand-choose which followers went to which blogs I was shocked, but proudly took on the task. Just as I had taken on the burden of my families farm, I would also carry out this task to the best of my ability.

I moved my lips closer to your ear, letting them ghost over the skin as my fingers delicately tucked your hair to the side. My warm breath was seeping into your pores as you waited for me to respond.

“I know,” I whispered so softly, “now unfollow me, bitch.”

You thirsty hos: Yukine is so cute!! Just give him a couple of years, and damn! Look at this body pillow I got of him lol isn’t it hawt uwu


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Okay, aside from the fact that i literally stalked your blog looking for more and more bughead fics, i just wanna say that your writing is amazing! Also, a prompt (if you're still taking them) - Jughead and betty both head off to college and meet each other after being apart for quite some time! *Goes back to obsessing over bughead, and cole sprouse*

Thankyou so much! And actually I love this one I’ve been itching to do a grown up bughead, in this one they have graduated college and have careers!


Betty smiled softly as she dismissed her classroom.

“Alright my loves, I’ll see you all tomorrow! Don’t forget tomorrow is Friday, movie day! so wear your most comfortable pjs.”

The first graders, jumped from their seats, heading to the door, but not before stopping for a hug or high five from their favorite teacher.

“Bye miss Cooper!”

“Bye guys.” Sighing as her last student left she leaned against her desk, a content smile on her face.

She loved her job. Being the first grade teacher at Riverdale elementary was not what her mother had in mind, but she loved her students and she loved riverdale. Always had.

She lived in a tiny apartment, smack dab in the middle of the town, her sister lived with her husband just fifteen minutes away and Ronnie came to visit every month.

She was happy, she had everything she could have wanted.

“Except a man.”

She laughed at her inner Veronica.

Veronica was constantly trying to set Betty up, sure she had gone on dates, but no one matched up.

“You’re 25 B, don’t you want babies of your own? A husband?”

She would just shake her head and smile at Veronica. Veronica was happily married to the head of a successful building company. They lived together in California. She didn’t have kids yet but Betty was pretty sure that was in the near future.

“When the right guy comes along I’ll know, for now I’m okay. I’ve got you don’t I?” Betty would giggle.

She hadn’t had a serious boyfriend since…

Well you know who.

Jughead jones, love of her young life.

They had been going strong all of junior and senior year, but when it came time for college Jughead had gone off to Chicago, they tried long distance but with hectic schedules it just never worked out.

She thought about him a lot though. What was he doing now? Did he have a wife? Was he a father? She always thought he would be a great father. She knew he was writing, she had three copies of his first novel.

Closing her eyes for a second she smiled. It didn’t help to think of the past, but sometimes it was an easy distraction.

Turning back to her desk she started gathering her papers. She had quite a bit of coloring to grade.

Jughead stepped out of his car and took a deep breathe.


He hadn’t been back here since the summer of senior year.

The air smelt fresh, and the quiet chatter of the residents walking home from work was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

Jughead was a writer now, fairly successful if he did say so himself, he had his own magazine business.

He mainly worked from home, all of his workers emailing him their articles and photos, while he worked on writing his next novel.

Chicago wasn’t working for him not anymore.

There was nothing for him there.

Riverdale was his home, even when he had been homeless he felt safe here.

He was a loner, always had been.

In his last year of college he had met a girl. She was great, funny, smart and beautiful.

They dated three months before Jughead called it off.

Surprisingly enough , out of all her amazing attributes , she was missing one major one.

She wasn’t Betty Cooper.

He had no idea where Betty was or what she was doing, she could be living in Paris for all he knew, but being here in riverdale, it brought back all those memories, the good and the bad.

He remembered the day he left, the way he held onto her so tight, he shouldn’t have let go.

Shaking his head of all those thoughts he made his way into pops, god he missed this place.

After hugging the man in charge and pops offering him anything he wanted on the house, his eyes zeroed in on his old booth, it was empty and he was sitting in it, laptop out, before he even had the chance to blink.

Sliding the burger in front of Jughead, pops smiled

“Somethings never change.”

He smiled, taking a huge bite of his burger before returning to his laptop, suddenly the bell chimed , and his eyes glanced up to see who had come in.

He dropped his burger on the plate, eyes wide and jaw slack.

It was Betty Cooper.

And damn did she look good.

Her silky blonde hair had grown long, and was resting in beautiful waves half way down her back, the curves he had been lucky enough to explore as a teenager were enhanced and accentuated by the little yellow sundress she wore showing off her long tan legs. Her pouty smile was present showing off her dimples as she waved a graceful hand to pops.

She was even more beautiful than he remembered.

Suddenly a little boy, had run up to her and she was squatting on the ground speaking to him and tweaking his nose before squeezing his shoulder as he ran away. She was always amazing with children.

As she made her way to pops, he finally felt the nerves he had been waiting for. He wanted to hide behind his laptop, but he also wanted to grab her and carry her away forever.

She was leaning against the counter talking to pops when suddenly she had whipped around , bright green eyes connecting with his ocean blue.

Her eyes widened, and a grin broke out on her face, before she made her way over to him.

“Jughead jones.” She said laughing sliding into the booth across from him.

“Betty Cooper” he smiled , before it slipped off of his face “sorry, I don’t know if Cooper is still your last name” his eyes glanced down at her slender fingers sighing in relief when he noticed she didn’t have a ring on.

“It’s still Cooper, although these days I usually go by ms. Cooper” she laughed

His eyes brightened

“You’re a teacher!”

Smiling proudly ,she answered

“First grade, riverdale elementary! And you’re a writer, I bought your first novel, it was amazing.”

He blushed looking down at his laptop

“Thanks bets, and I always knew you would work with children. I mean you had to deal with me all through high school, you have the patience of a saint.”

She giggled

“You weren’t so bad.” She winked.

Pops placed a strawberry milkshake in front of her, smiling and walking away.

She stuck her finger in the whip cream looking up at him.

“Just like old times right?”

He looked at her and nodded, a curious expression on his face.

As Betty stuck the straw in her milkshake , she started

“So what are you doing in riverdale? Stopping in for a visit of the old alma matter?”

He laughed

“No, I think I’ll be sticking around here for a while.”

She looked up catching his eyes and staring into them

“Oh, so do you have a place?”

He nodded

“Yeah I’m shacked up in the Riverdale apartment s for now.”

She grabbed his wrist excitedly

“That’s where I live! We’re practically neighbors!”

He couldn’t help the excitement he was feeling.

“Oh yeah? Well maybe you can help me unpack, you know how I am with organization.” He shrugged sheepishly

She was nodding like a crazy person, the gorgeous smile still present on her face

“Definitely! We can do that tonight!”

He smiled, matching hers.

“It’s a date!”

She blushed and went back to her milkshake.

He wasn’t going anywhere, not this time.

He was gonna get the girl. And he was gonna keep her.

BakuDekuTodo x Brooklyn99 'Into the Woods'
  • Bakugou: Okay, I know that things are not looking great right now, but you have to admit you were having fun earlier.
  • Midoriya: I-I'm not now. I'm more stressed than ever...
  • Bakugou: Maybe that's because, you're just focusing on the negative Deku, I mean look at Icy Hot. He's chill. I'm chill.
  • Midoriya: That's 'cause he's in shock! Y-y-you know what? The reason you're so chill is because, you have everyone cleaning up your messes for you. D-didn't bring food? The "Thermostat-bastard" will find some mushrooms. Smashed through a window? Deku'll do the paperwork.
  • Bakugou: HEY, I DID THE PAPERWORK!!!
  • Todoroki: Please, please, calm down. I hate it when you argue. It reminds me of when my dad used to fight with my best friend-my mom.
  • Midoriya: I'm done with this...I-I'm going to sleep. Shouto, spoon with me. We need to huddle together for warmth.
  • Bakugou: No, Midoriya, you're my best friend! -ignores Izuku's shocked af face- You're going to spoon with me!
  • Midoriya: -stomps foot- I called first spoon! Shouto, get over here right now!
  • Bakugou: Midoriyaaaa, don't throw away a lifelong friendship -dutifully ignores Izuku's absolutely done with him face- for a one-night spoon with Icy Hot.
  • Todoroki: Okay enough. We're gonna stop fighting. We're gonna lie down, and we're gonna triple-spoon like grown-ups! Come on, bring it in. Bring it in. -all three spoon with Todoroki in the middle- There. Okay, see? -pulls Izuku closer against his chest- That's better, right?
  • Bakugou: -hugging Todoroki- ...
  • Midoriya: -cradling Todoroki's arms around him- ...
  • -Please also check MOON & DOMINANT-
  • Aries: just because you talk loud doesn't mean you're right.
  • You are very aggressive and stubborn but you can't even make a valid point.
  • Please stop acting like you "just attract drama" and "can't help it"
  • Because you create the drama and like attention ffs just be honest
  • Taurus: You are so fucking stubborn.
  • To be honest it's a pain in the ass, please learn to act less like a brat and accept that you can't be right every time.
  • Also stop acting like you are a saint, because that act doesn't really work for you.
  • Gemini: oh my lord. Fucking hypocrites, like I can't even.
  • For example; You'll get mad when someone talks shit about you
  • But when you talk shit about them it's ok?
  • You aren't God jfc, get over yourself
  • Also control your mood swings, you're confusing as fuck and that's why no one gets you
  • So fix that and stop complaining about how you and your feelings are being "misunderstood"
  • Cancer: So so so so sensitive,
  • Like it's one of your best traits but also your worst
  • You cry about everything and you always act like you're the victim.
  • Maybe it works when you're 5 but when you're all grown up people will just see you as childish and immature.
  • Playing the victim won't help you in the real world.
  • Leo: hm i don't even know where to start, you are soooo full of yourself
  • You make friends to stay relevant and when you're done with them you just drop them.
  • You are kinda loud just like Aries.
  • you'll tell someone they are pretty and as soon as they turn around you'll just make fun of them
  • Virgo: you guys always want to be in control of all kinds of projects.
  • You like to have everything clean, neat and figured out.
  • You'll boil up your irritations when someone doesn't do something your way or "the right way" and then just explode and complain about everything
  • It isn't healthy and you come off as rude and unthankful.
  • Libra: You can be so two faced, honestly you're everything that the gemini gets hated for, and most people don't even realise it.
  • You act like you're so holy but talk mad shit and create soooo much drama, but somehow manage to stay out of it?
  • Scorpio: You have terrible mood swings.
  • And it's because you act tougher than you are, but you can't keep up the facade
  • You'll act all strong and shit and like you don't have any feelings.
  • But when you're all alone you could cry yourself to sleep.
  • The most sensitive of all the signs
  • Please stop hiding it because this whole tough and no emotions act makes you look unapproachable, nobody wants to be friends with some mechanic robot with unbreakable walls around them
  • Sagittarius: You are really what people say.
  • You just don't give a single shit about anyone's feelings except your own.
  • You'll pick out someone and make them love you because it's just for "fun", but as soon as they'll say the 3 words you just flee and go onto the next one.
  • You can drop the important people in your life without a single second of doubt, you're so impulsive
  • Watch out because you'll regret it
  • Capricorn: cold shits, you are almost incapable of loving.
  • You don't focus on the people around you, people are here for you
  • And all you do is put them aside to do the things that you want.
  • Every step you take is to reach another and higher destination.
  • But one day all of that will fade away and you'll be all alone because you ignored the ones that loved you and pushed them aside
  • Aquarius: You want to be unique so fucking bad.
  • No one is allowed to do something you do or steal something you already did.
  • Everyone else is boring and not good enough and basic.
  • You cut people off as soon as they say or do anything unoriginal.
  • You look down on people and it's not attractiv, stop it please you aren't God
  • Pisces: Every sweet thing you do is fake.
  • It's just to make people feel bad for you as soon as you fuck up (and you fuck up a lot)
  • As soon as someone gets mad at you you'll curl up into a little ball and act like they're the bad guy
  • They hurt you, you did all those things for them.
  • You're the type to make people feel bad for you being an asshole
  • stop being sweet to people without really caring about the
  • -
  • -
  • -and as always reblog for more

…I saw masaya90′s and got tempted to do the same. Thought it’d be cool to see how my fav childhood characters have grown in my styles :o 

You're All the Proof I Need

I hear people talk,
Saying you wangle
Your way into my heart.
But I’m a grown woman
With enough smarts
To see through such things.

What you do is prove
Day by day, touch by touch,
That your devotion
Is no mere ruse.
If they could only see
How your eyes light up
When they find mine,
Crinkling with your smile
Every. Single. Time.
And hear the way you speak
To me, so freely
But still respectfully,
Your voice rich with adoration
Even when we disagree.

And who are they
To say anyway?
They devote no more
Than a hurried “Hello,
How are you?” to me
Once in a blue moon…
So they have about as much right
Giving me advice for my life
As a penguin would to a baboon.

They are on the far fringes,
Too outside to know the truth–
Which is that while they may
Have a place in my heart always,
You take up more acreage
Than they ever have or will.

SO I DID A FREAKING STUPID. I had a prompt for this sentence opener, but I goofed and wrote the wrong pairing. Oops… anon who prompted tony/bucky, I will do you prompt – correctly – but I just didn’t want this stony drabble to go to waste.

“How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”

“My amazing good looks, mostly,” Stark replied breezily.

Bucky grunted, but couldn’t argue—Stark was one of handsomest men that worked in the Alliance’s base hanger. Not to mention that having Stark on your spaceship meant that you would pretty much have to be a complete krex to cause a major malfunction.

Still, though, he was a mouthy little shit.

Suddenly Stark straightened up, his eyes going wide. A charming flush crept up under his scruff. He turned and jammed his hands into the guts of Bucky’s fighter in front of him, feigning studiousness.

“Hey Buck.” Steve clapped Bucky on his flesh shoulder, mindful of the spurts of pain his mechanical one gave. (Stark swears up and down he could fix it, but being good at keeping a ship moving through space doesn’t mean Bucky trusts him worth spit to get into the wires that attach to his spinal cord.)

Bucky gave him a smile, leaned into his old friend’s hand.

Steve cleared his throat. “Heya Tony,” he said, much softer. Bucky felt his eyes narrow—there’s red on the back of Steve’s neck, and he’s licking his lips, nervous. Stark’s just as jumpy, looking shy of all things, like two hours ago he didn’t brag about getting on with what’s-his-name during dinner. “What’re you up to?”

When Tony peeked up through his eyelashes, Bucky honestly expected a smarting remark. Instead, Tony said, “Fixing up an issue with the gunner in Barnes’ baby here. Not a difficult fix, any idiot could do it.”


But Steve just smiled, dopey, like he was looking at the two moons and Tony ducked his head back down. The two gorram morons. Bucky hadn’t seen Steve this deep in since Peggy got transferred to the other side of the quadrant.

“So,” Tony said, voice sounding hollowed out. “There’s not much more until tomorrow when you can take her out for a training run so I can see exactly what's—”

Bucky points his metal finger right at Tony’s black flightsuit. “You.”


He turned, and yanked Steve over towards Tony. “You are grown ass men. Any minute now the Legion could attack and blow us all up to shit and you’re dancing around each other like teenagers.”

“Bucky,” Steve hissed.

“Don’t you Bucky me, Rogers. Go fwep this out of your systems so I don’t have to see it anymore.”

There was a loud slam as Tony all but threw his arclight spanner down. “Don’t be a krex, Barnes, Rogers doesn’t want anything to do with me—”

“How could you say that?” Steve blurted. “Tony, I—that is, I think you're—you’re really something.”

Tony’s expression broke Bucky’s hard heart just a little. He looked like a kid, all open and scared. Had no one ever told him something good before?

“You think,” he started softly, already reaching towards Steve. Steve dived forward to grab up his hand, greedy. “You think…?”

No,” Bucky interjected because damnation, there was a line. There was only so much he could take. “Do not make me see this with my own two eyes. I will actually vomit right here, I swear by all the stars. Go to your bunkers. Fwep. Anywhere not here.”

For a split second, they just stared at each other, fingers tightened around the other’s hand, affection making them look like there wasn’t a gorram war going on. Then they scampered off together like a buncha schoolboys and Bucky allowed himself one more smile before wiping it off his face because there was too much to do on this forsaken rock of a planet and too little time to do it in.

Still. Bucky couldn’t deny it felt good to see Steve happy again.

Disney Villain Based Sentence Starters
  • You fools!
  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
  • How quaint.
  • Come in. Come in my child.
  • We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. One might question your upbringing.
  • Not that I blame you. He is quite a catch isn't he?
  • She may be the key to _______'s undoing.
  • Memo to me: maim you after my meeting.
  • How do you kill a god?
  • Uh, fellas? ______ would be that way.
  • Go that way! The yutz with the horse!
  • Off with her head!
  • Do you play croquet?
  • I'm surrounded by idiots.
  • Run. Run away and never return.
  • Sing something with a little bounce in it.
  • Don't you disrespect me, little man.
  • I'm a royal myself on my mother's side.
  • To the secret lab!
  • Pull the lever!
  • Why do we even have that lever?
  • Is there anything on this menu that is not swimming in gravy?
  • It's called a cruel irony, like my dependance on you.
  • I never liked your spinach puffs!
  • AHAHAHAHAHA.....I win.
  • Is that my voice? Is that MY voice?
  • Look at you as fragile as a flower.
  • You know I hate to leave you after a fight. Especially when I've done absolutely nothing wrong.
  • Look in that mirror. You know what I see? I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. Oh look you're here too.
  • No no. I distinctly remember. You're birthday was last year.
  • Don't forget it. You'll regret it. Mother knows best.
  • So mature now. Such a clever grown up miss.
Overheard at a Party
  • "That cake was made for the dog."
  • "No, no, honey don't drink that. It's for grown-ups!"
  • "Did you see that dress? Did my shower curtain have children?"
  • "Guess who's drunk again."
  • "I just got another text..."
  • "Who parked on the lawn?"
  • "What happened to the case of wine?"
  • "I forgot to pick up the cake."
  • "Is that toddler not wearing pants?"
  • "Someone had to be the first in the pool."
  • "Keg's empty."
  • "I could have made a better cake than this."
  • "Where are the meatballs?"
  • "Are you sober enough to drive?"
  • "Stop staring. They'll think you're creepy."
  • "Just keep in mind I don't have renter's insurance."
  • "Today is all about me."
  • "You came wearing THAT?"
  • "That tie is awful. Had to have been a present from someone who hated 'em."
  • "This was a costume party. It clearly said so on the invitation."
  • "You might want to replace the towels in the bathroom."
  • "So this is a sleep wherever you fall kind of party?"
  • "I have a hard time with small talk."
  • "Who brought the fruit salad?"
  • "Do you have anything that's gluten free?"
  • "This is a party that's taking place in a backyard and you're complaining about dirt?"
  • "Maybe heels were a bad idea."
  • "Who's available here?"
  • "A disco ball? Really?"
  • "So, where's the pony rides?"
  • "Someone locked the bathroom door."
  • "I don't want to alarm you but we're running low on wine."

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*inhales* I really love your art! Both Sep Heap AND pjo!! You're a real inspiration, man! Aaaaaand I'm especially in love w/ your THM fanart, So, if you have the time, would u mind drawing the Tribe of Three as adults or in a time skip orrr???

Thank you anon!! But isn’t too early to want to see them all grown up?? I did something anyways because it was cute

sweetievalencia  asked:

Bloop!☺️ request ?? I'd like to request one where you're Jacobs best friend from the res and you end up getting close to Seth to the point that Leah even starts to hint that he thinks about you all the time (maybe Seth doesn't understand what an imprint is at the time?) whatever is fine!!keep up the amazing work!!☺️❤️

ah hello dearie! Thank you and by the way I love seeing you in my activity so I hope you like this one : ) 

Triggers : none 

You had grown up with Jacob Black and even when he joined Sam’s gang you stuck by him. It was impossible for him to keep a secret from you so you quickly knew that the legends weren’t just that. So here you were at yet another bonfire. Sitting on the end of a log by Billy who was perched in his wheelchair, a plate of food on his lap. The two of you laughed until you heard your name being shouted by Jake. You excused yourself and sprinted over to Jake with a large smile. 

“Y/N, these are Seth and Leah, Sue and Harry’s kids” he introduced you to the two standing at his side. Leah had a small scowl on her face but Seth was bubbly with a crooked smile. He looked about your age and you smiled wide back at them. Jake lightly pushed at Seth with a laugh. You let out a small laugh and waved at the both of them. 

“I’m Y/N, its nice to meet you!” you greeted giving a small wave. You could tell that you’d be friends with these kids. 

– time skip – 

You sat at the table in Emily and Sam’s house with Leah. Eating some muffins you were both laughing. 

“you should talk to seth” she stated through her giggles. You shrugged with a face full of muffins. “seriously, he won’t shut up about you on patrol, its like he imp-” she stopped in the middle of her sentence and you raised an eyebrow at her, swallowing your muffin. 

“Oh shit” she giggled, standing. “This is too good” she finished shaking her head and walking out of the house. Confused, you leaned back while shaking your head. Not soon after, you heard shouting outside and some of the boys came bounding in. When you saw Seth race through the door you chuckled and skipped over to him, his arms already open and waiting for the hug you two shared every time you saw each other. 

Laughing as he spun you around you could hear Emily shout jokingly at the two of you “Don’t break anything!” Seth finally chucked and set you on the ground. Leah walked back into the house with a smug look on her face

“Why don’t you two just go on a date already?” she asked with a smirk. Seth shrugged and looked to you, 

“yeah, do you wanna go to dinner some time?” he asked you with his arms still resting on your hips. You laughed and shook your head. 

“sure, sounds fun!” you answered with a laugh. This sounded like fun but you’d have to remember to ask Leah what she had been saying before she left 

This isn’t my best but I wanted to get this done and posted soon   

Shag, Marry, Avoid
  • *221B Baker Street*
  • Sherlock: *playing the violin*
  • Molly: *enters; rummaging in her bag* Morning...I've got your lab results.
  • Sherlock: *stops playing; bitter* Are you sure you wouldn't rather give it to Grant?
  • Molly: *confused* Sorry?
  • Sherlock: *still facing the window; shrugs* You want to marry George.
  • Molly: What?!
  • Sherlock: *turns to face her* I overheard you telling Mary you'd marry Graham.
  • Molly: *smirks* We were playing shag, marry, avoid...between you, Greg and Philip, I'd marry him-
  • Sherlock: *huffs*
  • Molly: *steps closer* I'd shag you.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* You ARE shagging me *pouts* and married couples shag.
  • Molly: *slips her arms around his waist* I'd marry you and shag Greg, then.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* I'm starting to wonder if this relationship is worth it.
  • Molly: *giggles* I'm just messing with you *kisses him quickly; returns to rifle through her bag* to be honest, you're pretty much all three.
  • Sherlock: *fiddling with an engagement ring box; smirks* I couldn't agree more.

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You're such a figure in the Bisexual community and I just wanted to thank you for all that you do.. You always come up in my highschool's GSA meetings! And I use your vines and posts to defend myself or others from Biphobia and it actually has worked! I love seeing you on my dash and it really does brighten my day so please keep being yourself for all the Bis out there because some of them really need you.

gonna make a grown woman cry.

i never intended to be a figure of any kind but it’s such an honor to be in a place where i’m able to help people in this way. thank you anon for brightening my day. you’re a light.♡♡♡


#erenweek day 1: songs for eren

a.k.a. Eren tries to be all grown up and seductive but fails enormously at it. Sorry not sorry if this is not the prompt people are expecting.

Companion piece for this one!

GhostStory!Marco is all flustered because he’s never seen pierced nipples hehehe poor baby. But then we’ve got the Marco that doesn’t even blink when he sees the d and who is a firkin’ sex god.  He’s grown up so fast ^^

Gonna draw the sex god too. I… need it for personal issues yeah

Ghost Story by avoidingavoidance