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I was bored and this happened 

The Signs as Iconic Monsters From 1980s Fantasy Films

Aries: the Skeksis

Taurus: the Red Bull

Gemini: the Eborsisk

Cancer: Beetlejuice

Leo: Ludo

Virgo: the Ohmu

Libra: the Luckdragon

Scorpio: the Horrible Will Vinton Claymation Nome King

Sagittarius: the Horned King

Capricorn: That Beholder-Thingy Lo Pan Used

Aquarius: the Darkness/Tim Curry Satan

Pices: the Ray Harryhausen Kraken

Ophiuchus: the Rodents of Unusual Size

okay, so I know we’re all here for Even sticking up for Isak and like, same, but the boys, all of them, sticking up for Even? right? like, for example, can you believe that yesterday evening, all of them were at a house party that Even invited them to, Mahdi slightly too drunk after what could not have been more than two beers, Magnus slightly too excited about getting to party with some of Even’s friends, Jonas slightly too smug about catching Isak and Even fighting over whether or not a certain pair of jeans looked good on Isak, just before they were leaving the apartment, and hearing him say Even, not all of us have such great butts as you do, okay, I’m putting on something else.

and the four of them are just chilling at this party, sticking close together in a corner because sure they have big mouths and big dreams, but when it comes down to it, they’re simply not that great at mingling, and so they hang back, watch Even steal the show instead. charming this boy and that boy, reaching out to grab a shy girl by the hands to twirl her around the room, taking a second in the middle of this choreography that has the girl throwing her head back and laughing gleefully, to wink at Isak, then grin at him in such a way that it makes the rest of the guys awkwardly look at their shoes.

and they’re just enjoying the show, feeling so glad he’s part of their little crew now, hurricane Even in all his glory, when they hear it behind them. a guy whispering something like, how about this dude, right? and another answering with, if she only knew what he’s been up to over the years, both voices so thick with jealousy, with contempt, it makes Isak’s hair stand on end. and he’s waiting for Jonas to grab his arm, so familiar, for Mahdi to try and lighten the tension by softly telling him, let’s try and not get in any more fights at parties, shall we, like, who knows what rumors will start circulating now, they might start thinking you’re into girls again. but they’re all quiet, instead, when they turn around to look these guys up, four pairs of arms crossed over chests as Magnus swirls around his drink in his glass, looks beside him to tell Mahdi, if only she knew right? and Mahdi nods, if only she knew. a beat then, yeah, she’d probably like him even more, from Jonas as he shrugs, not that he has a lot of competition. shame you don’t have the guts to go out there and charm her yourself. and it’s fitting that Isak hears Even’s loud, gorgeous, beautiful laugh in the background when he steps forward slightly, backed up by his boys to deliver the final blow, tells the two guys now staring awkwardly at something in the distance, but don’t worry, pal, like, in a parallel universe you probably did get out of this corner to get with her real good! and that’s that, no one fucks with Even on the boys’s watch anymore. 


Snake in sheep’s clothing

Sorry, for making you guys wait for so long, but to make it up to you I think this is the longest imagine I have ever written. I hope you’ll enjoy. I also combined two reqests for this one. I hope that’s okay.

Request: Could you write an imagine about Ivar getting wounded in battle and the reader takes care of him? Thank you.

Request: Are you taking requests at all? If so could you do one where the reader takes control in bed and Ivar has to sit back and take it?

Warning: This contains smut and blood, the essentials of the Ivar fandom.


You pulled your sword back and the soldier in front of you dropped to the ground. You turned, looking for your next opponent but no one was there. It took you a moment to realize that there was no one left. The battle was over. The last few survivors of the once large hostile army were fleeing to save their lives. All around you the warriors started to cheer in triumph, you would have joined in but for some reason you didn’t feel joyful at all. You were still panting but the rush of the battle slowly died down. And as the adrenalin left you, the strange feeling that something was wrong only grew bigger. You tried to tell yourself that you were only worried because Ivar wasn’t beside you like usually. He always stayed close to you in battle and you were used to fight side by side with him, often even riding in his chariot with him. But today you had somehow been separated. In the immediate rush of battle you hadn’t thought much about it but now that you were calming down you felt worry sneaking into your heart. You looked around, hoping to spot Ivar somewhere.

You could see Hvitserk with a small group of warriors not far from you. They were still cheering and slapping each other’s shoulders. Ivar was nowhere to be seen, so you went over to his brother.

“Y/N.” He greeted, a wide smile on his face. “Good to see you in one piece.”

You nodded. ”You too. Have you seen Ivar?”

“Not since before the battle. Was he not with you?”

“He was, but we got separated.”

Hvitserk must have noticed your worried tone. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’m sure he is okay. It takes more than a few Saxons to kill him.”

You gave him a half-hearted smile. “You’re probably right. See you later at the camp.”

With that you turned to look for Ivar again. You climbed up a small hill so that you could overlook the other side of the battlefield that was lying behind it. When you made it to the top you gasped in shock. You could see Ivar’s chariot, the white horse was covered in blood and had started to graze between the fallen warriors but Ivar was nowhere to be seen. You felt your stomach twist with fear. As you hurried towards the empty chariot you heard someone call your name. You turned to see Ubbe running up to you. By the look on his face you could tell that something was wrong.

“Where is Ivar?” You asked him, your voice sounding strange and high pitched.

“He was wounded. We already brought him back to the camp.”

Panic shot through you and you felt your legs start to tremble. “I have to see him.” You said, your voice shaking. Although you weren’t sure you could trust your legs to support you, you started to stride towards camp. As you walked past Ubbe he caught you in his arms.

“Y/N, wait. Calm down. It is not that bad. I’m sure he will be fine.”

“I have to see him.” You repeated stubbornly and tried to wind yourself out of his arms.

Ubbe looked at you with pitying eyes for a moment, but then let go of you. “Alright, I will come with you.”

You stormed into the tent where the wounded were treated and searched the rows of bleeding warriors. When your eyes fell upon Ivar you felt like your heart stopped for a moment. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed. As you got closer you could see that a long cut had gone through his armor. Blood was oozing out of it and running down his side. Cold fear began to rise inside you, but with it came a stubborn determination. You would not lose him.

“Why is no one tending to him?” Your voice was fierce and demanding.

At the sound of your voice Ivar opened his eyes. He looked tired and was a little pale but he smiled at you. You ran to his side and dropped to your knees, clutching to him as if your life depended on it.

He chuckled. “Are you trying to squeeze all the blood out of me, woman?”

You softened your grip around him. “I was so worried. When Ubbe said you had been wounded…”

“Shhh. There’s no need to worry. It’s nothing.”

Seeing all the blood that covered his chest and ran down his side, you weren’t fully convinced by his words.

Ivar’s eyes had followed your gaze. “I said there’s no need to worry. Most of that blood isn’t mine anyways.”

You ignored him and rose to your feet to stop one of the women that were hurrying along the rows of the wounded. Most of the women that did not fight in the shieldwall were assigned to take care of those who were wounded in battle.

“Why is no one tending to him?” You repeated your question from earlier.

“Because his wound isn’t that deep. We have much more serious cases to deal with first, so even a prince will have to wait.” With that she shoved you out of the way and scurried off.

You thought about calling her back when heard Ivar chuckle.

“I told you it is nothing. Do you believe me now?”

“No.” You said stubbornly and turned to Ubbe who was still standing close to the entrance, trying his best not to be in the way. “Can you help me bring him to our tent?”

“Why do want to bring him there?”

“I will take care of his wounds myself. Now come help me.”

You could see a pleased smirk grow on Ivar’s face, he seemed to like the thought of you tending to him instead of some old woman.

It was quite a struggle to get Ivar into your tent with him wounded and only Ubbe to help you, but you finally managed to lay him down on your bed.

You gave Ubbe a thankful smile.

“Do you need any more help?”

“No, thank you.” You said and he left the tent.

You turned back to Ivar and carefully opened the strings that held his armor together. Then you helped him to sit up to get it off him. As the hard leather scraped over his wound, his face twisted with pain but he didn’t make a sound. You took out your knife and simply cut open his tunic in order to spare him from having to move even more. You loudly sucked in a breath at what you saw. The cut went from his left shoulder almost to the middle of his chest. You examined it closely and were relieved to find that the woman had been right, it wasn’t too deep. What worried you was that it hadn’t stopped bleeding yet. It would clearly need stitches.

You rummaged through your things to find what you needed. Ivar hadn’t said a word since you had brought him here. He just kept watching you, seeming quite relaxed, a small smile on his face, almost as if he was enjoying himself.

“Why are you smiling?” You asked him as you stepped back to the bed.

“I just like to be the center of all your attention.”

“You won’t like it as much anymore once I stick that needle into you.”

He just shrugged and followed your movements with his eyes as started to carefully clean the wound. You were quite consumed with your work when you felt Ivar’s hand slide under your shirt. First you tried to ignore it and kept working but that got more and more difficult as his hand slowly slid up your belly and his fingertips ghosted across your breasts. You ignored the warm feeling that spread through you and fiercely grabbed his arm and pulled it out from under your shirt.

“Ivar, this is really not the right time. Please let me patch you up first.”

He grinned at you, full of mischief but placed his hand back on the bed, while you fumbled with the needle.

“Does it hurt much?” You asked him as you had made the first few stitches.

He shrugged. “I’m used to pain.”

You nodded, unable to stop your eyes from wandering to his legs. If Ivar had noticed, he ignored it. You forced yourself to concentrate on your work.

As you were almost finished you could feel his hand on your hip again, fingers caressing your stomach. He hooked two fingers into the waistband of your pants and let them slide along it until he found the lacing.

“Ivar, this is really not the time, you should rest.” You said as he started to fumble to unlace your pants.

He gave you a dark grin. “You asked me to let you patch me up first. That I did. Now it is my turn.”

“You have lost a lot of blood. You should rest.”

“I can’t. You look to irresistible like this.” He whispered and slid his hand into your pants. First you didn’t know what he meant but then realized that you were still as much covered in blood as he was.

You opened your mouth to protest and tell him that he really needed to rest, but that moment his fingers slid over your folds and the words caught in your throat. Ivar noticed your reaction and smirked, knowing that he had already won that battle. His hand cupped your sex and one his fingers sneaked between your folds stroking up and down. You moaned and couldn’t stop your body from moving against his hand. His skilled fingers found your sweet little knob and he started to circle his thumb around it. You moaned out his name at the exquisite feeling. As he felt your wetness spreading under his fingers, Ivar let out a pleased little groan. Your whole body was trembling as you pressed yourself against his hand. Much too soon for your liking Ivar retrieved his had from your pants. Since he couldn’t use his left arm terribly much he to break contact to slide his right arm around your waist and pull you into the bed. As soon as he had you pressed to his chest, his lips crashed onto yours. Without breaking the kiss his hand sneaked back into your pants. He drew a few more circles around your clit before he pushed one finger inside of you. Your head fell backwards as you let out a pleasured sigh. He started to move in and out of you, his pace slowly increasing. You moaned out loudly and rocked our hips to meet his movements, already feeling the heat building up inside of you. But all of a sudden he stopped. With his head he gestured towards you shirt.

“Take that off.”

You did as he had said and he sighed as your breasts fell free from the fabric. He started to move his hand again and at the same time his mouth found one of your breasts. He was taking turns in sucking at your nipple and letting his tongue swirl around it. Soon he added another finger and thrusted them inside you more forcefully than before. Your moans got louder and louder and you could feel the heat spread from between your legs through your whole body. He let go of your breast and looked at you, a devilish grin on his face. Then he curled his fingers upward while keeping up his pace. Stars exploded in front of your eyes. He was hitting exactly the right spot. You knew you couldn’t take it much longer.

“Ivar.” You panted between your moans. “I… I’m about to…”

“That’s right.” He cooed. “Come for me, Y/N!”

Hearing his words you let go and let yourself become consumed by the pleasure he was giving you. He kept moving his hand until you were coming down form your high. As the trembling of your body subsided he pulled you on top of him. You rested your head on his chest, careful not to bring any pressure on the fresh stitches. You lay like this for a while and he stroked your hair. As you shifted your body to get more comfortable, you felt his erection press against you. You looked up to him almost in surprise.

“After you have lost so much blood?”

He shrugged and gave you a crooked grin. “It’s what you do to me.”

You smirked back at him and moved to open his pants and pull them off his legs. You gave the top of his cock a teasing lick and then moved back up to kiss him again. Very slowly you worked your way back down, trailing kisses along his jaw, his neck and down his chest. Ivar followed each of your movements, looking at you in awe. When you were back down you gave his cock a long lick from base to top and Ivar let out a long sigh. You gave him one last playful smile before you took his member into your mouth and softly started sucking while stroking its base with your hand. Ivar let out low growling noises and tangled his hand into your hair.

You were surprised as he tugged your head upwards after a while.

“Enough.” He said, his voice was thick with lust but it still had a commanding tone. “I need to be inside you.”

You bit your lip and moved back up to straddle him. You positioned yourself over his tip and moved your hips so that your folds were brushing over him making just the tiniest bit of contact.

Ivar narrowed his eyes at you. “Stop the teasing, woman. You know I’m not a patient man.”

He put his hands on your hips, as if he was ready to pull you down on him at any second.

You shook your head at him and pressed his arms back to the bed. “You still have to go easy. You lost a lot of blood today, so relax and let me do the work.”

He gave you frustrated growl and you chuckled. “I think have already suffered enough today.” You decided and slowly began to let yourself sick down on him.

You closed your eyes and relished the feeling of his thickness stretching you out. As your hips met his he filled you completely and you took a moment to adjust before you slowly started to move. You rocked your hips against his and moaned at the feeling of him sliding in and out of you. Ivar’s hands moved up your sides to play with your breasts, while he watched you bounce up and down on top of him. As you started pick up more pace he seemed unable to control himself any longer. His hands closed around your waist and he pushed you to the side in order to get on top of you. You clicked your tongue disapprovingly and shook our head, while you fought to push him back down on his back.

“I said I will do the work, otherwise I will leave and let you rest like you should.”

You knew it was an empty threat, for you wanted this as much as he did, but it seemed to work. He gave you an annoyed growl, but relaxed and looked up to you expectantly. You smiled and nodded, almost in disbelief that he had obeyed you. You placed your hands on his broad chest and started to rock your hips again. Ivar’s hands moved to your hips again but he left you in control. You kept moving your hips against his and leaned down to kiss him. But before your lips touched his he slightly turned his head and licked over your cheek. Then he kissed you deeply and you could taste the blood he had licked off your skin.

“You taste like the goddess of war.” He breathed against your lips.

As you sat back up to pick up a little more pace, Ivar dipped his fingers into the small drops of blood that were still dripping out between the stitches you had made on his chest and drew a line from your throat over one breast down to your navel. Then he repeated his actions on the other side. When he was done he looked at you, seemingly pleased with his work before his hands went to your hips again, steadying your movements. You moved faster and faster while moaning out his name. The heated knot in your stomach was growing fast. Ivar’s grip on your hips became tighter and he roughly thrusted upwards to meet your movements. You could feel yourself tighten around him as you fell over the edge. You whole body spasmed for the second time that night, while Ivar’s strong arms held you in place as he kept pounding into you. You were still riding out your orgasm as he gave one last forceful thrust and then pulled you down on him, burying himself deep inside you while he spilled his seed.

Totally out of breath you collapsed on top him. You lay like this for a while, both of you panting heavily.

Now I feel like resting.” Ivar rasped as he wrapped his arms around you.

SVT VOCAL TEAM- Pinwheel (Eng Trans)

I’ve been looking forward to seeing you
its like the cold wind keeps blowing

the very small pinwheel standing alone
its like its staring while waiting for someone desperately
it’s like me doing things breathlessly

with so many things, going around breathlessly
what type of world is this where we keep getting further away
its like i’ve done nothing wrong
its just like decorating but i cant even do that and just stand there while getting hit by the wind

to you in the distant future
i won’t be sorry
always waiting for me, yeah thats easier

losing the way here
even if it takes a long time
turning round and round as long as you find me again
to you in the distant future

people on the outside
ask me if i get hit by the wind
they just ask that and pass by
if you’re going to lose me again why did you ask

to you its like calling the wind
just waiting with no words

with so many things, going around breathlessly
what type of world is this where we keep getting further away
its like i’ve done nothing wrong
its just like decorating but i cant even do that and just stand there while getting hit by the wind

to you in the distant future
i won’t be sorry
always waiting for me, yeah thats easier

losing the way here
even if it takes a long time
turning round and round as long as you find me again
to you in the distant future

this time its like hiding you by my side
to take you

can’t i see you like this sometimes i have bad thoughts
like forgetting your appearance

but still don’t cry
even though it seems sad
remain dim
smiling for you
losing the way here
even if it takes a long time
turning round and round as long as you find me again
to you in the distant future

korean lyrics: @MWonooRPS
eng translation by: @mochicheoi

“goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end … i’ll see your face again”

…..I did it lads……

All 9 Paragons of Klaxxi (only busts but hey ho) on one canvas

Some designs of Paragons that I’ve drawn before changed a bit to better fit what I had in mind

I hope my hc’s made the bugs some justice…. ;_;

running buddies waiting for the train to pass

Here’s the thing about selkies: they’re creatures of water. Our air is their water, in a way. Have you ever noticed how streams of water over your face make you blink and shut your eyes? The wind does the same thing to them.

If you ever see humans with eyes too big, too limpid, that cannot stay open against a gust, make sure you don’t fall in love.

It can be painful. Especially if they can never look at you.

I control the winds, you see. All the air that runs through this city (never mind its name) is mine while it is here. In a way, the life that lives here is mine, too. I am the gardener, you see.

I do not boast when I say I am the best gardener for miles. I sow more seeds, plant more things than the average green thumb could aspire to. I am the one who carries the pollen around, making more of the beautiful flora that this quaint little city is known for. I don’t bother the soils too much, instead blow fallen greenery into it. Fertile soils, you see. And I do more than that. I pick just the right plants so that there’s always flowers around, always light and joy. Just the right flowers that are always close at hand to spark the blossomings of romance. 

It is one of my hobbies (indeed there are many) to blow hair just the right way, to cause eyelashes to flutter, precious things snatched out of hands, blown just the right way, into the right hands. I am the reason the eyes meet, the reason for shy smiles and spontaneous offers of “Coffee, sometime?”

There is nothing I love more than watching love blossom among my loves, my loves that populate thus city with their busy, determined faces that would too easily forget to “Stop awhile, and smell the roses”, if I weren’t around to remind them.

So I sow my seeds and watch patiently as flowers and romance bloom hand in hand. Daffodils, Camellia and Bloodroot in spring, more Sunflowers that the eye can follow in summer, deep, red roses in the fall, and Snapdragons and Daisies to tide through the winter. I watch the flushed cheeks and wonder, with a bittersweet ache in my chest.

And then all of a sudden, cutting into my world like a winter wind, came Nerida. I watched with wonder the thick brown waves that flowed down her back, a flower I had never seen before in her hair. Waterborn. I wondered at how she could not hold her ground against even the tiniest of my breezes, blinking as if someone had thrown cold water across her face. But that was the thing. Cold water across her face wouldn’t even make her flicker. It was me. The deep rooted ancestral dislike of the air and those who breathed it. The fact that it felt like a slap across the face, even after the water had been diluted many, many times over with blood.

The bittersweet ache was replaced by a rush of a different kind of pain. The pain that tore and rented, fed you a mixture of hope and despair until there was only chaos, and only one thing to dispel it.

The flowers began to grow wild, and they were mixtures of flowers of celebration and mourning. The chaos was still beautiful, and I could see her watching it in delight. The flower in her hair never wilted.

I noticed something odd. She seemed to have taken it into her head that she would face the winds with a will. She would often sit in the midst of the clusters of flowers, forcing her eyes open, joy lighting up her face when she managed to keep it up a little longer than the last time.

How could I stay away? I began to help her with her struggle, starting with just whiffs of wind that got stronger and stronger, until nothing short of a gust could make her press the long lashes together.

As I watched the joy move across her face (I would never tire of that), she looked straight up at me and smiled. The rush that went through me blew her eyes shut, but they were open again in an instant. She spoke to me as only selkies and cats can, with a drawn out blink that means more than words ever could, and confers worlds. I could feel the flowers rejoicing around me as I blinked slowly, rapturously back.

Ooh, I really wanted to get in on the selkies fun like everyone else, and this time I finally could, thanks to @caffeinewitchcraft. Of course, it’s nowhere near as moving as her story with Isolde (I still fangirl over that), but perhaps a little story to make your day a little brighter. *stares longingly into the sunset, wishing for a love life* Hope you guys have fun!!!

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Me: Has two finals tomorrow
Also me: *practices lettering with “the name of the wind” quotes*

“You lack the requisite spine and testicular fortitude to study under me.“ 

The name of the wind is a fantastic story. It was so epic (well duh its an epic fantasy book) and mysterious. It’s so different from what I normally read but I loved it. If you’re looking for an epic-adventurous-fantasy book/story, I highly recommend this series. It’s not a light read and it’s a little slow at first but it has an amazing writing and really interesting characters plus incredible quotes!! (also yes i know i made a mistake with the u on fortitude, sorry lol) 

🎧 You will be found- Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack

Autumn Leaves. (G.D)

Word count; 500

Warnings: Just fluff, lil swearing.

Just a short lil blurb I wrote for Gray.

The chilly autumn wind whistled through the air, causing me to shiver slightly.     Honestly, I’d rather be in bed sleeping, and cuddling my boyfriend Grayson.

But today was the first of October, and the leaves outside of Grayson’s family home in Jersey where we were currently visiting, was covered in leaves, and Grayson being the wonderful son he was, decided to help his parents out and rake the leaves so they didn’t have to, which I had to admit made my heart melt. He was honestly such a good guy, even at the age of 17 he had a heart of gold, which was one of the trillions of things I loved about Gray.                           But right now, I was shivering and cold, and would much rather be inside drinking some hot cocoa, cuddling in front of the fire with Grayson while watching The Night Mare Before Christmas, than raking some leaves.                  But, Grayson insisted I helped, to spend some quality time together, which is something I’d never turn down. 

As, we raked for what felt like centuries I grew extremely bored, and cold.

 “Here, you need my jacket baby?” Grayson asked , seeing as I was shivering due to the cold wind.

“No! You need it to stay warm, i’m fine Gray.” I argued

“Here, I’m fine it isn’t that cold, here take it.” He offered taking his quite large jacket off and placing it atop of my shoulders.

“Thank you bear.” I said, going to the top of my toes in attempt to peck him on the lips. The peck, turned into a full on makeout session, Grayson’s tongue fighting against mine. 

“Hey, I think we have a good leaf pile going on here, care to make love on it?” Grayson offered

“Grayson no! We aren’t having sex on a leaf pile!” I argued, while laughing at his absurd question.

“Well… You better watch out!” Grayson yelled out, playfully tackling me on top of the large pile of leaves we’ve raked up.

As he pushed me on the leaves, I managed to gather a hand full and threw it atop of his head, and tried to flip us over so I was on top. But to no avail as Grayson had me pinned down with his large strong arms.

“You know you look good under me right?” Grayson spoke, bringing his soft lips gently against mine.

“Yeah, you look good with leaves on your head.” I responded, brushing a few broken leaves from his hair, as he stared at my lips.

“Hey lovebirds! Come in mom made some hot cocoa!” We heard yelled out from the backdoor interrupting our  romantic moment, the voice belonging to Ethan.

“Race you to the door?” Grayson challenged.

“Oh you’re on Dolan.” 

Kiss Me Instead. [m]

smut // Junmyeon thinks there are much better and worthwhile things to do that going to dinner.

Junmyeon is a charming man, and you are not a resilient woman.

“Let’s say here, mh?” His voice bounces against your neck, sending chills down your body.

“Why?” You ask boring your eyes into the mirror, his lips were marking their spot against your neck.

“Because we’d end up doing this anyway,” he said. “Let’s not wait”

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