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Beauty and The Beast 2017

so I just saw batb for a second time today and thought I’d contribute my favourite things to the lists of favourite things!

•the intro is bloody beautiful. I love love love the live action films using the castles as the Disney castle •Dan fucking Stevens •BELLE
•"it’s never going to happen ladies" •'busy?’ ‘No…’ •"I’m not done with you" “Neither am I” •GASTON (the song but also just him) •all the songs •I feel like no one is talking about how good Kevin Kline was as Maurice!! •Forever can spare a minute •Lumiere and Cogsworth are so married •Lumiere being so loyal to Plumette, I am trAsh™ •maestro cadenza and madame garderobe are so in love I am gone •CHIP IS SO CUTE •d a y s i n t h e s u n •the beast hating Belles choice of books •then reading a romance bc she loves them •the BATH scene •LeFou being a loyal little bean •the drESS •the waltz//beauty and the beast song •"I suppose it’s foolish to think you could ever feel affection for a creature like me?“ “Maybe” THE SMILE HE HAS ON HIS FACE •e v e r m o r e still has me shook •the whole mob song and fight scenes were incredible inc LeFou’s line!! •I am not a beast •can I just say Luke Evans was perfectly cast. I mean they all were but he was p e r f e c t •you came back//at least I got to see you one last time •THE WHOLE ANTIQUES SCENE WERE SO SAD AND I WAS SO CONVINCED THAT CHIP WAS GONNA BREAK •all of the transformations •beauty and beast finale •everyone talks about it but THE GROWL •even the credits were gorgeous I am dead please please love this movie with me I can’t stop thinking about it
BTS Reaction to having a girlfriend that can sing


Jin would ask you to sing all the time! He would love to hear your voice every moment he got the chance. He would even sing with you if he knew the song you wanted to sing. Sometimes, he’d even give you little tips that he’s learned over the years to help you become even better. “You have the most amazing voice, baby. We should sing a duet!!!”

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He would absolutely adore your singing voice. He’d want to sing with you, but since he isn’t much of a singer he couldn’t. What he could do, though, was learn your favourite song to sing on the piano. Yoongi would sit down on the bench and call you over. He would start to play and smile at you. “This is the part where you come in.” He’d say, playing as you sang to his accompaniment.

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He would literally be your #1 fan. Every time you sang, he would dance to the beat. Every time you finished singing he’d clap for you and say how amazing you were, even if it was just a little hum while you were getting ready in the morning. “It’s over!? C'mon, jagi!! Sing more! Please?”

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Namjoon would just be amazed every single time you would sing. He loved how smooth and angelic your voice was. He even wrote a song just for you to sing, though he should have been focusing on work. Namjoon would give you the music as a little surprise on a day you were feeling down. “Baby? I hate seeing you so sad… I wrote a song just for you to sing? Wanna start?” He’d ask, smiling as soon as he saw you smile.

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Jimin would adore it. He would sing would you every chance he got. Your voice was like angels singing. He would compliment you all the time. He would even think you were better than he could ever be. “How are you so gooood? I wish I could sing like you, princess!”

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Tae would just love it. He would like to harmonize with you and try to get you to sing him silly songs. If he couldn’t sleep he’d ask you to sing him to sleep because your voice is so beautiful and calming. “How is one person so perfect? What’s your secret, cutie?”

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Jungkook would be aaaaaall about your singing voice. He’d ask you to sing on tracks with him, he’d sing with you around the house, he’d dance with you. You’d sing your favourite songs from movies together flawlessly. He would just adore your voice. “You should really think about becoming a full time singer. You’d be outstanding, jagi!”

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What are your thoughts on those 4chan threads, what with their thread themes and reaction memes? I've been creating the majority of them over the past couple of months to leverage the recent chapter developments and increase visibility/readership. I hope that they've been beneficial in some appreciable way or, at the very least, amusing. - ThreadAnon

Veronica: Get rid of the forced memes and obnoxious thirsty furries that plague all the other animal webcomic threads and they’d be pretty ace lmao

Were you the ThreadAnon who used to pick a theme song for each thread? I thought you were absolutely top-notch and was sad to see you go! It did help create some kind of community even if it didn’t take very long to devolve into xD xD Mollyposting after that :(

I read a bunch of webcomic threads and kicking them off with an attempt to discuss some plot or character is always better than aimless fighting, so I appreciate that you tried! And it did work! We definitely have a lot more visibility because of your effort, and we’re happy for everyone who sees the threads and gets the itch to figure out what the anime drama cat comic is about! Especially if they post readthroughs and start arguments!


For the anon who requested 25, 40 and 41 With Aaron Hotchner  “Stop giving me that look.” “On the count of three… one… two…” “Quick, kiss me.”

“No, Aaron, hold on stop.” You panted shaking your head and leaning on the sofa slightly, “ ‘s too heavy. Just call Morgan, or Rossi. Tell them we changed our mind and we need help.” Aaron gave you his BAU boss look for a moment before grinning that grin he saved for home and shaking his head.

“No, come on, just stop lifting with your back and you will be fine. On the count of three… one… two…” On three you both groaned and lifted the sofa you were currently trying to move from the rent-a-truck to Aar- your house. You made it a few more feet before dropping it, again panting.

“Let’s just leave it here, outdoor sofa.” You decided tossing yourself onto the cushionless, and surprisingly heavy piece of furniture.

“Are you telling me, that you can basically kick Morgan’s ass, but you can’t help me move a sofa inside?” Hotch teased, plopping down next to you, grinning. You rolled your eyes and playfully swatted at him. Jack came running out of the house, throwing himself down on the sofa next to you.

“What’s taking so long?” He asked, “Is there where we are leaving the sofa?”

“Yes.” You grinned,

“No.” Hotch laughed. “(Y/N) is just having a hard time mustering the strength to move it.”

“I dunno, Aaron.. I might be able to manage if I had someone else to help on my end. Do you know any other strong Hotchner men, that are willing to help move a sofa?” Jack perked up at that, pulling on your sleeve.

“I can help you!” You laughed and nodded, kissing the top of Jack’s head as you all jumped off the sofa once more. This time, with a little help from Jack you all managed to slowly but surely get the sofa into the sitting room.

That was one of your conditions on moving in; getting rid of the old, horrendous looking sofa that Aaron had owned since he moved out of his parents home. It had been falling apart, the cushions beaten into uncomfortable lumps. It hurt to sit on, let alone cuddle up on for a movie night. You’d agreed on replacing it with your much newer one, that conveniently still went with the other furniture in the home (which was apparently a big deal, even if that old thing didn’t even match itself.)

“Good job, team.” Aaron grinned, coming around the sofa and giving you a quick kiss on the lips.

“Ewwwwww!” Jack cried out, covering his eyes, “Gross!”

“Gross?!” You laughed, Hotch spun you around slightly before dipping you with a grin, and you laughed loudly wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Quick, kiss me! While my nosy son isn’t looking.” He joked, planting a few loving kissed all over your face.

“I’m not nosy!” Jack whined and you stood up straight, pulling away from Aaron and starting towards Jack with a mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Well you’re next, Jack, you know I have a soft spot for Hotchner men.” Jack’s eyes went as wide as saucers and he took off at top speeds as you chased him down. This turned into a game of tag as the three of you ran around your newly set up living room smiles never once leaving your face.


Getting Jack to bed that night was incredibly easy. He was tired out from a long day, and was excited for your first morning “officially moved in.” You tried to explain to him that it would be like any other night you slept over, and that he still had to go to soccer practice in the morning, but hell if it got him to bed it got him to bed.

Aaron was lounging on the sofa when you came out from Jack’s room, some college football game on and a beer in his hand. Another open beer sat waiting for you and you smiled to yourself. How on Earth did you get this lucky?

You walked up behind him and leaned over the sofa planting a kiss on the top of his head before going around to your stack of unpacked boxes.

“Can’t we do the rest tomorrow?” Your boyfriend whined and you laughed nodding your head.

“Yeah, I’m just looking for something specific hold on..” You opened a few boxes before letting out an ‘ah-ha’ re-shutting it and bringing it over to the sofa. You took the beer from Aaron and replaced it with the box, “Here.”

“What is it?” He gave you an odd look, shaking the box, it was light and made a slightly crinkling sound.

“A gift.” You smiled, “Open it…” Aaron opened up the box and started pulling out tissue paper so you began to explain. “I know you loved that sofa, and even though we all knew it had to go, I know you were sad to see it go, so I cut the back fabric off and had it made into a throw pillow, so at least we get to keep a piece of it..” You prattled on, but Aaron was just sitting there, staring at the pillow made from the god awful floral sofa he had for most of his life. You started to get nervous when he didn’t say anything. “Aaron?” His head turned up slowly and he just sat there looking at you, “Did I do something wrong? Please say something.. Stop giving me that look.”

“What? This look of absolute adoration.” He finally grinned, leaning in for a kiss, “This is why I am so in love with you, you’re kind and thoughtful, you did absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing. This is the best present I’ve ever received. I love you.” He ended his rant with another kiss and you grinned at him ear to ear.

“Glad you liked it.”

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A while back I was paired with Ignis (YEES) and things have been crazy for me lately... could I request a fic where Ignis' S/O has a parent with failing health, a stressful job that she has to quit as a result in order to help her family but hates to (leave the job) at the same time, and him comforting her over it? Also running hands through his adorkably messy hair because I am trash.


I hope you enjoy as much as I do <333

Tagging @themissimmortal BECAUSE IGNIS. YES.

Thank You

(Ignis x F!Reader)

The apartment door opened with the same annoying creak as it always did. The lights were already turned on, the sound of sizzling resonated from the kitchen and into your ears.

Ignis was here to visit.

A sense of dread shot through you at the thought of having company. Ignis, your boyfriend of several years, came over more than often and you always thoroughly enjoyed his company. Today, however, you didn’t feel like pinning a fake smile on your lips even for him.

Your head pounded like jackhammers on a city construction site. Every sound that emitted around you caused an aftershock of ache and stress to rocket through your system. You allowed your briefcase to fall from your grip and onto the hardwood floor. Even the sound of that collision made you wince with irritating pain.

The delightful smell that wafted from the kitchen kissed your nostrils.

He’s making Horntooh Meat Pie.

A simple dish, but a shared favorite of the both of you. It had been the first dish he ever cooked for you and only you. With only a single taste, it became your favorite meal. He only made it for special occasions.

Why was he making it today? There’s nothing to celebrate.

Puffing out a long, frustrated sigh you pushed yourself forward with your destination in sight. The couch. You yearned for it’s warm, cozy embrace since you departed from home this morning. You knew it was going to be a long, pain inducing day. Nothing could prepare you for it, but if anything were to cure you of your sorrows it would be that old, brown, velvet couch.

You kicked off your heeled shoes, not caring where they flew, and collapsed onto the couch, face first into the cushy armrest. You urge to scream your aggravation out into the armrest crept upon you.

The sound will be muffled. Just do it.

Ugh, why did Ignis have to visit tonight?!

His presence alone was what kept you from shrieking into the couch. You didn’t want to worry him with your muted cries. You didn’t want to draw more unwanted attention to yourself.

You laid there stationary on your stomach, tensing your muscles so tight you had to remind yourself to breathe.

It came to realization that Ignis hadn’t acknowledged your presence as of yet. As confusing as the fact was, it was comforting.

He’s a smart man. Maybe he just knows to not disturb you.

Several minutes passed before you felt the couch dip by your feet. The familiar scent of jasmine and lavender replaced the pungent, distinguishable scent of Horntooth Meat Pie. A gentle, gloveless hand graced your calf, caressing it ever so lightly. You tensed as you braced yourself for the sound of his silk like, bass voice. Yet only the sound of continued sizzles from the kitchen continued to pollute your ears.

Without thinking, you pushed yourself upward and glanced over your shoulder.  Ignis sat a single centimeter from your heels, his spectacle cased eyes remained locked on the ground before him.

“Iggy,” the words left your mouth in a breathless gasp.

Only by the sound of his name did his sea foam green eyes lock onto you.  “Yes, darling?”

The sound of his voice caused your eyes to sting with tears. Without consent, you felt a single wet tear drop slide down your cheeks. His facial expression remained unchanging, but his eyes were teeming with concern and sympathy.

You turned your body to face him before throwing yourself into his chest. Sobs escaped your swollen lips as a steady flow of tears streamed down your cheeks.  His strong arms wrapped around you, pulling you close into his chest. “Shhh,” he hushed, tracing light circles in your back. “It’s alright, my love. It’s alright,” he repeated in a low murmur.

A scream unintentionally burst from your lips, but was muffled by his lean, yet muscular chest. His only response was to move his hand to gingerly stroke the top of your head, smoothing down the runaway hairs that came undone during the day.

You remained locked in his secure embrace for several moments. Once your tears slowed to a stop, you pulled away and stared up with him. “Gods, I bet I look like a mess,” you forced a breathy laugh, running the back of your hands across your cheek to wipe the wet stream of tears away. Black markings covered your skin, revealing that your breakdown caused your make up to run.

“I think you look just lovely,” Ignis assured, pressing his soft lips to your forehead.

“I suppose… you want to know how my day went, then?” Your words were slow and steady. The tears you shed allowed the tension that surrounded your every molecule to greatly reduce.

Of course, he already knew what your day entailed.

“You needn’t to if you’re not ready.”

Today was the day you stopped stalling the inevitable. You had no choice but quit your well loved job at the Citadel.

It was your dream job. As the Royal Scheduler, you planned everything that took place in the Citadel walls. Diplomatic meetings, council meetings, speeches to the public… all of it. It was only an office job and nor was it glamorous, but you loved every second of it. It was the job in which lead you to meet your beloved Ignis. You enjoyed the paper work, the drama between your co-workers,  the stresses of getting things done on time. As busy as it kept you, you always went to bed with a smile on your face. You were more than lucky for such a job. It payed extremely well, you worked along side your friends and the love of you life. How could you not love it?

It was only a matter of time before reality kicked into your dream of a life.

Several month ago, your mother had fallen ill and was admitted into the hospital. She lived within the Crowncity so you were allowed to visit her hospital room often. Ignis was always by your side. Even on nights where you stayed with your mother well past midnight… he remained with you. He cared for your mother just as you did. Of course, she adored him as well.

Weeks and weeks past and your mother has been unable to recover. Her ailments have prevented her from helping your father with their family business; a small flower shop they ran within the city. Without your mother’s keen eye and organization, your father was struggling to keep the business afloat on his own.

After much thought and consideration, you decided to quit your job at the Citadel to assist your father with the family business. You had talked it over with Ignis once you came to this conclusion, he was nothing but supportive.

As kind and generous as Ignis was, you harbored a selfish wish.

You wanted Ignis to tell you to keep your job.

“I pack up my desk tomorrow morning,” you sniffled.

Ignis nodded slowly. “I see.”

“They were… more than sad to let me leave, but they understood my situation,” you exhaled, feeling more tears begin to sting at your eyes.

Without a word, Ignis wrapped his arms around your waist once more. “I will take care of your desk tomorrow, Y/N,” he assured. “You needn’t worry about that. Take tomorrow to relax. You deserve at least that much.”

A shaky breath escaped your lips, but you nodded graciously in silence.

“I made your favorite for dinner. Is that enough to cheer you up in the slightest?” He released you from his arms to stare at you with hopeful eyes.

“It just might be,” a sad smile began to grow across your face. “Thank you, Ignis.”

“There is no need for you to thank-“

“No, Ignis. Please. You’ve stuck by my side through this ordeal since day one… and I can’t express in words alone how grateful I am for you,” you pressed your hands to his cheeks. “I thought I didn’t want company today,” you admitted. “But of course, I find that I need your company, as always.” Slowly, you moved your right hand from his cheek to run your fingers through his tawny, silk-like hair. “I love you, Ignis. Thank you for all you do for me and my family,” your words were completely genuine and serious. You kept your eyes locked on to his, trying to communicate the sincerity of your words with eye contact alone.

“You are… very welcome, Y/N,” his words were hesitant but were as genuine as yours.

A small giggle elicited from your lips. “Kiss me, Ignis Scientia.”

“As you wish,” he more than happily complied to your order. Your lips connected as if being compelled by a magnetic force.  Together you shared the thoughts that were too passionate for words into your tender kiss.

You both remained breathless as the kiss ended. Though your lips disconnected, your foreheads remained pressed together. Your fingers laid still entangled in his soft tawny locks.

“I should… get back to cooking dinner,” Ignis muttered with a smile as you pressed a quick peck to the very tip of his nose.

“If you insist,” you teased. “I’ll… go clean my makeup from my face.”

“Dinner will be on the table when you finish. Would oppose to me running you a bath afterward?”

“That sounds delightful, Iggy. I would love that. Thank you.”

When did you get so lucky to earn a man such as Ignis’s love?

to lose

i bring you fluff!!!!! to help soothe any present or future wounds over schism….

“No.” His refusal was stated adamantly, leaving no room for argument.

“Sasuke…” She tried to turn her wide, doe eyes on him. It wouldn’t work, not this time. Not if he wasn’t looking directly into the pools of lavender.

She grabbed his crossed arm in a show of desperation. “I promise that what happened last time won’t happen again!”

The Uchiha was deliberately looking away from his girlfriend. She wouldn’t rope him into going, no way.

“What if…” She was thinking, exercising her options. “What if I take you to that weapon convention you’ve been wanting to go to? I can call out of work?”

He shook his head, steadfast in his decision, still staring off elsewhere.

“I’ll cook tomato dishes for a week!”

No response.

“A month?” She cringed at the thought of consuming all of those tomatoes.

“You could cook tomato dishes for a year and I’d still say no,” he was monotone, unimpressed with her attempts.

Hinata huffed audibly and laid her head on his shoulder in exhaustion. She had been trying to convince Sasuke to go to the Hyuuga dinner party for weeks and he hadn’t budged, not even an inch.

He uncrossed his arms and put one around her to tuck her into his side more comfortably. He wasn’t mad at her or anything - he was just asocial and especially didn’t want to attend this prestigious family event. Staying home sounded like a much better alternative. He wouldn’t have to bat off snide remarks and ignore frosty, accusatory glares.

Silence settled between the two, with Hinata stewing over a good scheme to get Sasuke to go. The man in question was relaxed on the couch, grateful for the reprieve.

Suddenly, Hinata turned to face him with a slow grin spreading on her face.

He raised an eyebrow in suspicion. That expression can’t be good, at least not for him.

She placed her lips near his ear and spoke in a low, sultry murmur.

Onyx eyes widened at her proposition and Sasuke nodded immediately. He would go to the damn social function, but only because he’s wanted to do this for so long.

She pulled away to look at him, beaming.

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Things We Lost// Dean Winchester

Prompt: “You know what, I’m done. I don’t even know you anymore.”
“That makes the two of us.”

Warnings: Language, mentions of lost

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   I woke up as I heard the main door of bunker open and close. I turned my head and saw the flashing red numbers on the clock beside my bed, it read 04:16 am. I hissed hearing his heavy boots making their way towards where I was, it was showtime. Poor Sammy really, I’m pretty sure he will wake up to the sound of Dean and I yelling our lungs out. “So you found your way back.” I said, seeing his tall frame at the door. “I figured you wouldn’t be back tonight.” I could smell the reek of strong alcohol on him. “What the hell is it you if I come back or not?” he asked with a cynical laugh, “Not like you care anymore.” There we go, he of course would accuse me of not caring. “I am not even going to have this right now, I’m too fucking tired.” I said looking to him and that’s when I saw it. There was lipstick stain on his neck! “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me,” I gorwled, getting out of bed. I couldn’t believe it! Yes, things were a liittle, hell a lot, rocky between us but going and sleeping with some chick he met at bar, that was out of the damn line. “I can’t fucking believe you Dean! How could you do that to me huh?” I said my voice getting higher with every word, he seemed confused but as he traced my eyes that were still glued on the bright red stain on his neck, he knew what I was talking about. “Look (Y/N), that’s not-“ I didn’t let him finish. “Don’t you even try, Dean Winchester, to come up with some pathethic excuse ‘cause if you do so help me. I am so sick of this,” I gestured wtih my hands now practically yelling, “this whole thing going up between us! You being even more pissy than your usual self, leaving and not coming back for hours, reeking of whatever alcohol you’ve drowned yourself in and now this! You know what, I’m done. I don’t even know you anymore!” Normally even the thought of being done, saying these things to Dean would make me laugh but I was seeing red, I just didn’t care anymore. I could feel the hot tears in my eyes as I looked at him. He dropped the clothes he was holding in his hands, his voice was hard and cold as he looked at me dead in the eye and said the next six words, “That makes the two of us.” The calm state he was was just like the silence before a storm, I never thought I would say this but it made me scared. That was it, I was not gonna have a breakdown in front of him, I angrily put on my shoes, grabbed a jacket and stormed outside of the bunker. I couldn’t breathe, I was gonna choke, oh god I was gonna choke! Tears blurring my sight, I blindly started running deep into the forest that was surrounding the small entrance of bunker.
  After runnig for ten minutes I stopped and looked around, it was almost sunrise time, I could see my surroundings. I bitterly smiled when I realiesd where I was, it was a small lake with rocks around it that you could sit on. On good and bright days Dean, Sam and I would come here, taking a break from the monsters of the world we live in. I sat on one of the rocks, facing the pale blue lake as I thought about these past weeks. I knew what Dean was referring to; this was all about a case we took a while ago, that damn case. I skipped some small rocks on the lake, even thinking about that case made me want to kick myself. It was a simple case really, just your typical angry ghost, nothing a salt and burn couldn’t fix. I had learnt about it just a day before Sam found the case, three dead teenagers were found in this ‘supposedly’ haunted house, just a couple towns over. It didn’t occur me that I should find an excuse and stay out, now thinking about I know I should have done that. Only two hours spent in Dean’s baby, we were in the town. Did our classic interviews, the fake badged FBI agents and the whole gig, it was coming up pretty easy. We got into the haunted house to find the remain that was keeping the angry spirit tied to here, she popped in and started messing with us. She threw Dean and Sam across the room, knocking the boys out. She then turned to me and before I could throw some salt at her she threw me s well and banged me to the bookcase across the room. I felt it then, I felt that I had lost it. After getting it confirmed, I was sure, it was gone. That thought of it being my fault was too much for me. I couldn’t bear such a pain, even though I had seen and experienced some crappy shit during this life. I didn’t tell Dean about it, I kept telling myself that he didn’t need this pain that I was already going through. I was quiet the whole ride back and after that. I was too scared that they would find out how big time I messed up, I didn’t want to face them, face Dean, ‘cause I knew seeing the pain in his eyes would make this even worse. I guess the situation we are in is already bad enough though. Sam found out, don’t know how he did it, but knowing how observant he is unlike his big brother I wasn’t much surprised. After spending at least half an hour begging to him how he can’t tell Dean, he promised that he wouldn’t. It has been at least a five weeks since then, since I isolated myself, since Dean and I started crumbling apart.
  Too occupied with thinking about what had happened and how we became so different than what we used to be like, I didn’t notice the heavy-stepped walking of Dean coming behind me. “Hey.” He said, his voice softer than before, softer than it has been in this last couple of weeks. I turned around swiftly, reaching for the blade I always kept in the pocket of my green jacket. I dropped my hand when I saw him standing with his hands in his pockets, his eyes also gentle just like his voice. “Hey” I said, my voice hoarse, I didn’t realise I had been crying when I zoned out with all of the events of the past. I noticed his cheeks were wet, I wondered myself if he had been crying, and if yes, what about? Before I could blurt out my question though he gave me the answer. “Sammy, he told me what happened a couple of weeks ago. I, (Y/N), why did you kept it from me? I could have been there for you, I had,” his voice became muffled as he looked away trying to keep the tears from spilling. He turned his head towards me, his green eyes looking into mine. “I had no idea, sweetheart,” he looked away once again. I no longer could keep myself, I jumped to my feet closing the distance between us. At this point we were both sobbing, clutching to each other. “I couldn’t Dean, I couldn’t see how sad you were, it has been destroying me, this is all my fault! I-I was pregnant and I lost our baby! How,” I choked on my own words, this was the first time I actually let the words slip out of my mouth, hearing them out loud like this just made the whole thing even more real.  “I wish you had told me baby, I thought you hated this relationship, you were not eating and not talking and you were melting in front of my eyes and I could do nothing for you! I kept asking myself have I done something, have I not been enough to make my girl happy? What had changed and tore this thing we had for over four years now? I wish I knew, we could have gone through this together,” he kept saying as he kissed my forehead. “I didn’t, by the way, slept with some chick at bar, I would never do that to you, she came onto me and I pushed her away.” I sniffled against his chest, this was all too much, I didn’t even have the energy to fight anymore. “I believe you Dean,” I whispered. I could feel my limbs getting weaker by the each second passing. Dean must’ve felt that too, as he put and arm around me, placing another kiss on my temple. “Lets just go home and get some rest babygirl, and we can talk later, this has been hella hard on both of us. I sure as hell can use some sleep right now.” All I could do was to mumble a slight “Okay” as we made our way back to our home.

Feedback is always welcome! This was fun to write, I’m a sucker for angst haha~ I was thinking about a part two, what do you guys think?

Troublemaker (Part 2)

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Epilogue

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jungkook is trouble, the kind of boy your mother warned you to stay away from, the kind of boy that would leave you heartbroken and alone without a second thought. You know he’s only going to hurt you, but you can’t stay away.

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Chapter 2: Summer

It wasn’t until early summer that you saw Jungkook again.

It was in the midst of a particularly violent summer storm, he was sheltering underneath a bus stop just outside your school as you were walking home.

Your encounters with him always seemed to be in the rain, you noted.

 He had a cigarette in his hand and you watched as he took a drag, breathing in deeply and then releasing the smoke from his lips, it curled away from his mouth and disappeared into the air. It was a strangely beautiful sight.

He’d been gone from school for more than two months, at first the teachers had furiously looked for him, ringing his home and questioning where he was. But now they never even spoke his name, like he’d never even existed at all and you’d figured he must have transferred schools or something. You’d hated that you were slightly disappointing at the idea of never seeing him again.

Yet more importantly, it had been more than two months since you’d felt Jungkook’s soft lips on yours, more than two months since he’d touched you and told you you were pretty. You craved it, now even more strongly than ever, you craved his hands on your body.

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  • *Patrick leaves*
  • BBC: Ooph. Well. Ahh. How sad. I mean. Bye class. See ya later. You were fun while you lasted. Time to say goodbye. No more show writers sorry time to close up shop!
  • The Class fandom : B-but... you have so much money??? And you have Moffat??? Who helped with the series already??? Are you even tryin-
  • BBC: *sweeping class quickly under the rug while nervously sweating*
Fatherless Son, Part 3.

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Words: 1,235
Author: Mel

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Jackson was laughing and playing with Sam until Pizza arrived. The delivery guy, Owen, who was usually all smiles, was a bit less friendly this time around. When Dean put his hand over yours, to stop you from paying, Owen gave you a confused look at how you blushed.

Sam came and took the pizza. Owen wasn’t short, but even he had to look up to Sam, who gave him a dimpled smile. “Keep the change.” Dean told him, handing him the money.

When Owen looked down and saw how much he had been given, he had to ask,  "Are you sure?“

"Yeah man, have a good night.” He tapped Owen on the shoulder and walked back to the patio table. “Jackson! Come eat!.”

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I just want your heart

“Our love could be kinda gory. Far from boring, We’d meet at a post.. apocalypse..~”

Fell Palette walked up to Goth clothes covered in blood with a knife in his hand. Goth backed away from him eyes wide.

“Yeah I’d be slowly, walking in a group stalking. You, you’d be the only man alive I could not resist.”


Fell Palette chuckled and pinned Goth to a wall, he then put the knife up to the others neck.

“Then all of your friends.. they’d try to kill us..” he pointed his knife to another Palette who was dead along with an Fell Goth. “But only because they’d be jealous.. that our love is deeper then there’s..~”

Goth had tears streaming down his face as he broke into sobs.

“If I were a zombie.. I’d never eat your brain..” Fell Palette wiped away Goth’s tears. “I’d just want you heart.. yeah, I’d want your heart..”

Goth slid to floor trying to get distance between the two but it was invalid. Fell Palette went over him. “Cuz I want ya..~”

Time shifted and Goth sat up in bed breathing hard. He sighed softly. “It was just a dream..” he said as he got up and went to the bathroom. He went up to the sink to wash his face.

Goth looked up after he splashed his face with water and saw Fell Palette in the mirror. His eyes went wide and turned around pulling out a scythe.

“Scythe in your hand taking out the slow ones..” Fell Palette leaned on the door frame crossing his arms. “Then you see it’s no use..” Goth swung his scythe and Fell Palette ducked the scythe getting stuck in the wall. “And I’d keep my head..”

“Then your friend.. will be trying to kill me..” Fell Palette pinned Goth to a nearby wall. “But it’s no use.. for my love is stronger then his might..” He cupped Goth’s cheek smiling softy.

“If I were a zombie.. I’d never eat your brain..” Fell Palette leaned in and Goth teared up. “I’d just want your heart.. yeah I’d want your heart..” before Fell Palette kissed him time shifted again and Goth sat up gasping.

Goth shakily brought his knees close to his chest and hugged them tightly. Fell Palette popped up next to him smirking.

“And I’d try.. to win you over.. because.. I love you so much..” Goth was about to scream but Fell Palette covered his mouth and pinned him down to the bed. “Yeah that’s why.. I waited till he was gone..”

“And my happiest moments.. would be picking off all your friends..~” Goth teared up yet again and let out a chocked sob. “And they’d see.. my love is so deep.. it won’t stay burried…”

“If I were a zombie.. I’d never eat your brain..” he held Goth down with one hand while the other want to cups Goth’s cheek. “I’d just want your heart.. Yeah I’d want your heart..” Fell Palette went down to Goth’s check and purred. “Cuz I want ya..~”

Goth sat up screaming and Palette bolted awake next to him. “G-goth..!? W-what the..” Palette trailed off as he saw Goth curl up tightly sobbing. “Hey..” Palette pulled goth to him and hugged him tight.

“P-palette..?” Goth looked up at him and Palette who had a soft smile on his face. He wiped away Goth’s tears and pecked his forehead. “Don’t worry.. what ever happened is over..” Goth nodded slowly then snuggled closer to Palette closing his eyes. Palette rubbed his back and pulled Goth closer.

‘if I were alive.. I’d never want to see you sad.. I’d just want you happy.. yeah I’d want you happy… Cuz I love you..’ Palette closed his eyes slowly.

Goth, Fell Goth: @nekophy
Palette, Fell Palette: @angexci
Song: The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey (tweaked a bit to fit all your poth needs..~)

Pranked your heart

“Hey, Phil.” Dan started, making his voice shaky and cracked, rolling his eyes at Louise who was already chuckling.

“Hi, babe.” Well, that meant he couldn’t use the video then. He stifled a sigh. “Are you okay? Are you with Louise?”

Dan pinched his skin, which made his voice naturally a bit more sorrowful. “N-no,” He winced as Louise held her breath, wondering what Dan was going to say. “I w-went out to g-get a prop and - and I crashed the car, Phil.” Louise burst into muffled laughter and Dan followed her, though it may have sounded like crying.

“What? Oh my god, are you okay?” Dan could sense just how worried Phil was, in turn making him slightly guilty.

He carried on regardless. “I-I flipped the car, Phil.” Louise was holding her stomach. “I’m r-reall hurt.” He lied, trying to stop himself grinning.

“Oh god, oh god.” Dan bit his lip and Louise did too. It sounded like Phil was crying. “Dan, please, hold on, okay? Baby, it’ll be fine… Just, I love you, alright? I’ll call an ambulance and -”

Dan decided to stop it there.


“Hi.” Dan greeted awkwardly as Phil came in, not looking at him. Phil had hung up shortly after Dan told him it was a prank. He hoped a fight wasn’t going to occur.

“Hey, Dan.” Phil sighed, taking off his jacket.

“Look, I’m really sorry. It was just for the video…” Phil looked up and Dan took a few steps forward, seeing how sad Phil looked.

“I thought you were really hurt, Dan!” Phil raised his voice. “I thought you were going to die!” His voice cracked. Dan opened his arms nervously and Phil grabbed him, pulling him into a tight hug.

“Don’t do that again.” Phil muttered, pulling away slightly. Dan shook his head, grinning. He dove in and kissed Phil briefly.

“Idiot. I’ll never leave you.” Dan promised, parting them fully. He shrugged. “Wanna order Chinese?”

Lams Angst Poetry

Disclaimer: Not mine, bla bla bla, words about how someone else owns the characters, idk, you aren’t here for the disclaimers, lets get to the good shit.
Note: Alexander’s word are bolded, Laurens are italicized

Where have you gone, my love, my dear
I’m clutching to dust, why aren’t you here
We were like the sun and moon, you and I
Playful lovers, dancing in the sky
You’ve left me now, burnt yourself out
I need to keep going; of that there is no doubt
You would be so sad if I didn’t, mi amor
And god, to see you sad is something I abhor

You were my balance, you stayed by my side
A fact I can say filled me with pride
We separated with hesitation, unwilling to depart
I believe it was then I told you that you had my heart
You smiled so brightly, oh, it was the sunrise
We hugged one last time and said our goodbyes
I guess that was meant to be it for us two
I’m so sorry we couldn’t see it through
Once you know that I am gone
Please fight, please hold on.
i love yo-

Aruani Zombie Apocalypse AU:

Armin gets bitten on his way back to the save house, knowing that he doesn’t have much time and that he can’t trust his friends to kill him before he turns and kills them he spends his last moments of humanity writing letters to Annie apologising for getting bitten and reminding her that he loved her to the very end.

In one letter he left an engagement ring.

Panic Attack

I found your blog and I love it!!! Could you make an imagine where you are stressed out about college and your crush/boyfriend finds you in the kitchen having a anxiety attack and he just drops everything to make you stop crying and calm down. Then he comforts you in the end… (Fluffy please…) (Also, your blog is amazeballz)

You would be lying if you said you were okay. You had huge papers due for college and you’ve just been stressing all week. Your outfit only consisted of a large shirt and underwear and some socks. You were in the middle of studying when you got a text. You ignored it and powered through continuing studying when you suddenly got two more texts.

Babe hey let’s do something.

Come on you’ve been studying all week I miss you babe

I’m going to come over so I can kiss you and I’m bringing snacks

You rolled your eyes. You had no time right now to just hang out. You continued studying hoping he would just leave once he stopped by. Your eyes were burning from typing on the screen and your throat burned. You headed to the kitchen to get some water but also brought along a textbook to continue reading. As you were walking you felt a slight dizzying in your head but thought to yourself it was probably just because you were dehydrated. You set the text book on the counter and continued reading. You could just not keep the information in your brain. It went through one ear and out the other. You tried reading it out loud and looking away trying to memorize it. It just wasn’t working. You looked around and saw the textbooks and articles scattered all around you. A failure is the only way you saw yourself. Tears were brimming your eyes. You looked around and saw how much you’ve read but you couldn’t remember any of it. So much was going through your mind and you suddenly felt yourself forgetting how to breathe. Everything was becoming a blur. Your heart was beating through your chest like it was trying to get out. The words of the book kept going through your mind. Tears were streaming down your face and you tried clutching onto the fridge or something but your tears blocked your vision. You had nowhere to go and you felt your body collapsing before you could catch yourself. Your breaths were short and you could swear you heard a noise. Something fell on the ground and you could hear footsteps come closer. A pair of arms were wrapped around your shaking body. You felt the soothing voice of (c/n) and his breath on your neck. “(y/n) baby it’s okay.” Your head was buried in his chest and the tears stained his shirt. You mumbled short sentences like, “I’m a failure” and “I’m never good enough” but he always denied it right away. “(y/n) you should already know your the best girl out there and I love you so much.” His back was leaning against the cabinet and your arms were on his chest and you were grasping his shirt for something to hold on to. Your legs were extended out behind you and you felt as if you were paralyzed. He lifted your chin and kissed your lips lightly. It was like this for ten more minutes and no words have been said. You felt as if you had no more tears left in you. Your breathing calmed down and your eyes stayed closed. The warmth sent from (c/n)’s body made you calm and his hand grazed up and down your back. The scent that lingered off his body made a small smile form onto your lips. It reminds you of times when he gives you his shirt or sweatshirt to wear. Those always brought a smile on your face. You took a deep breath and lifted your head from (c/n)’s chest and he looked at you with a gentle smile, never letting go. You both stand up without words and he grabs under your legs motioning for you to jump and you wrap your legs around his waist as he brings you to your bed. When he’s walking away from the kitchen you see his keys and some bags at the floor. His phone is on the floor too. He dropped everything when he saw you on the floor. 

Once he was in your room he went to the bathroom and set you on the counter. He took a washcloth and let you wipe your face a little bit and then he took off his shirt and you followed already knowing what he was thinking. He gave his shirt to you and you put yours in the hamper. He gave you a small kiss on your forehead and nose.

You kissed him on the lips slowly and surely to let him know you were better and when you pulled away you nodded. He picked you up once again and brought you to your room and carefully set you on your bed. You didn’t even bother pulling back the covers. He took off his pants and shoes. You smiled at how goofy he was when he almost fell over from trying to step out of his pants. He looked at you and smiled even more when he saw you smile. He climbed in and sat next to you and sat with his back on the headboard. He grabbed your hand and stroked your hand with his thumb. It was silent before you spoke up. “Thank you so much.” “You don’t need to thank me babe. I just want you to take a break and forget about everything for the day. You are just so beautiful and I don’t want to see you be sad.” You were so happy when he said that and you climbed onto him and straddled his waist and kissed him deeply. You out your hands behind his back and rubbed his back

Your hands found his hair and his hands found your waist. You pulled away and went back next to him and he followed. Your heads were on the pillow and you were looking at each other. 

He pulled you on top of him and he wrapped his arms around you. You went into the crook of his neck and kissed his neck and shoulder. “I love you so much baby girl.” Right then and there with the smell of his shirt and his breathing lulling you to sleep. This was then best feeling. All those past memories were now thrown behind you and you were more happy than you’ve ever been.

Hey guys sorry this one os short but i wanted to post. Thanks so much for everything. I love you guys. And well i have had a panic attack but i wasn’t really sure of what goes on. I got a panic attack while playing a sport so this is a little different but I hope its okay. I am one away from 200 followers so thank you so much.1056 words


“…Y/N… You were dead”, he whispered with tears in his eyes. He could barely look at you as he seemed to have never been able to predict seeing you ever again. It made you unsure. Was he happy to see you? Mad? Sad?

“I never… I’m alive.” You were unsure over your choice of words. Klaus looked up into your eyes, and it wasn’t until then that you realized what he was. It was shown so clearly in his eyes. He was scared. You breathed out a pained breath as you rushed towards him and then embraced him in your arms. 

“Is it true? Are you really here?”, he wondered in a broken voice. You nodded with tears in your eyes while still embracing him. 

“I’m here, I promise, and I’m not going anywhere.” He released a sigh of true happiness as his arms came around your waist and he pulled you close to him. The happiness that he was experiencing was the best feeling he had felt in a long while. Your presence had freed him from the ache that constantly engulfed his heart. He finally had what he had always wanted.

anonymous asked:

Hello! May I ask for a pool party type of thing with lev, Kenma, tsukki and yamaguchi? Just like team pool part or any pool stuff, and like playful and fluffy please ^.^ Thanks!

Okay so I tried to give everyone a different scenario and I hope this is what you had in mind :) I listened to Free! songs while writing this, I’m not even sorry

Haiba Lev //

“Hey, ____!”

At the sound of someone calling your name you turned towards the pool and looked for the person who wanted something from you. “What?”

“You wanna play Chicken with us?” It was Inuoka, standing together with Kuroo and your boyfriend in the more shallow end of the pool.

When Lev had invited you to come with him to the Nekoma training session, you had expected lots of rigorous workout in the water to strengthen their muscles. But you should have realized that going to a pool with a bunch of pubescent boys could only involve that much training before it ended in games and fun.

“Depends on whose shoulder’s I have to sit on.”, you answered, walking over to the side of the pool and lowering yourself into the cool water. A shiver went up your spine and goosebumps erupted on your skin from the drastic temperature change but you had to admit that it was much more pleasant than sweating in the hot air.

Wading over to the boys you watched Lev proudly point a thumb at his chest and exclaim “Mine, of course! I’m your boyfriend after all.”

“Should’ve brought a parachute then.”, you teased, playfully splashing some water in his direction.

You were met with laughter coming from the two other boys and grinned at them but when you looked back at Lev he was nowhere to be seen. The water sent slight ripples in every direction though and it took you a second too long to realize where he had gone. When you had put two and two together you already felt hands on your thighs and were suddenly hoisted out of the water on the broad shoulders of your boyfriend.

Letting out a startled gasp you quickly clasped onto his head to keep your balance. Lev on the other hand was grinning brightly, holding your legs tightly to make sure you wouldn’t fall before you two could win this match.

“A warning would’ve been nice.”, you chuckled, leaning forward to meet his eyes looking upward. He just smiled wider, showing you two rows of white teeth.

Your moment, however, was ruined when water splashed you both in the faces.

“Less talking, more fighting!”

Glaring at Inuoka, who was sitting restlessly on Kuroo’s shoulders, you motioned your boyfriend to take a few steps forward.

“You know I’m high enough to kick you in the face. Don’t tempt me.”

Kozume Kenma //

Hoisting yourself out of the clear blue that was nipping at your body in soft ripples, you brought your legs up to stand upright. Your hands came up to remove the excessive water out of your hair, your legs already moving towards the towel and umbrella you had previously occupied.

There, under the shade but with a hat on top of his pudding strands nonetheless, sat your boyfriend, his trusty PSP in hand, not even looking up when you unceremoniously let yourself fall on your butt next to him.

“Are you already done with swimming?”, Kenma asked, eyes still trained on his console.

Coming with your boyfriend to the pool was something you had wanted to do for a while now but never found the time to. Now that you were actually here, you loved the fact that you could enjoy some cooling off from the scorching sun but you couldn’t help but feel lonely without Kenma next to you. This was supposed to be a shared amusement.

“Not really. Just taking a break.”, you answered. Knees tugged into your chest you put your head on top of them turned in Kenma’s direction so you could observe his facial expressions. He didn’t have any though.

You noticed some sweat drops slowly sliding down his temple. Leaning forward you pushed his hat back and rubbed your still wet hand over his forehead in order to cool him down.

Kenma startled but didn’t recoil when he noticed what you were doing, continuing to play his game. Still, he was too hot and that made you worried.

“Why don’t you come into the water with me?”, you wondered and sat on your knees, putting a hand on his arm to lower his game and gain his attention. “It’ll do you good. It feels heavenly, trust me.”

He quickly shook his head. “I don’t like swimming.”

Nodding you thought about a different solution that could bring him closer to the cool water without actually getting into the pool. You respected his limits but you still wanted to combine your two favorite things.

“How about sitting at the edge and just dipping your legs into the water?” You smiled brightly at him, proud of your idea. “That way you don’t have to swim but you’ll still be able to cool down.”

Kenma bit his lip and looked at you uncertainly, setting down his game. But there wasn’t really much he could do when you looked so happy, knowing that saying no would bring you down and that was the last thing he wanted. And your idea wasn’t that bad anyway.

“I suppose that’d be okay.”, he slowly said. A warm and fuzzy feeling filled his chest when you beamed at him and took his hand in yours to pull him to the pool.

Slipping into the water you waited until he was sitting before moving a bit farther away to fully submerge yourself. A hand shot out, however, and latched onto your upper arm. Seeing the distress in Kenma’s eyes, you quickly waded back to his side.

You set your arms next to him on the edge and laid your head on them. And when you felt your boyfriend scoot closer to make sure his hand would keep touching your arm, you closed your eyes, now fully content with your little vacation.

Tsukishima Kei //

In retrospect you should have expected it. Tsukishima was a stingy and salty asshole –  and you meant that in an affectionate kind of way – so seeing that he was not cooperating with you at all shouldn’t have surprised you.

Going to the pool together was always one of the top date ideas you could think of but when your boyfriend refused to even get close to the actual pool, instead choosing to lazily read a book under the umbrella when all you wanted was some fun in the sun and water, things became stressful.

Because of course you wanted to spend time with him. Of course you wanted to be by his side. But you could read a book at home. You could chill in your garden under an umbrella all the time. But there was just no fucking pool in your garden you could enjoy. So excuse you for wanting to have some fun with your boyfriend who almost never had time because of his training. Excuse you for not wanting to be boring all day at the fucking pool.

Admittedly you felt the hands at your inflatable mattress and you probably could have done something to stop yourself from fully getting submerged in the water – because let’s be honest, there was no way you could have stopped it from turning at all – but you were too busy sulking and thinking of ways to get your boyfriend to join you to react quick enough.

Immediately recoiling from the cold water since you had solely soaked up the sun for the past twenty minutes, you grasped onto the nearest person, the same that had pushed you in, which was your darling boyfriend.

“Why the fuck did you do that?!” Your voice was hoarse from having swallowed some water and it sounded squeaky and not at all like you which only fueled Tsukishima’s satisfaction.

“Are you still moping?”, he asked, ignoring your question completely. Because let’s be honest there was no real reason why he had done it, it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Contrary to all that, he still held onto your form, desperately clinging onto him to escape the cold water.

Turning your face away from him to hide the blush growing on your cheeks your displeasure with the whole situation was clear to see. “I wasn’t moping.” You both knew you were. “I was simply sad because my own boyfriend seems to prefer some book over me.”

“Well, the book doesn’t get angry if I don’t give it my undivided attention 24/7.”

“Well,” you imitated his voice, receiving a raised eyebrow, “the book is out there though and you’re here with me, so I guess that means I win.” Triumphantly smiling up at him you additionally wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

Supporting you with his arms under your butt, he said “You have a weird definition of winning.”

“I take what I can get.”

Yamaguchi Tadashi //

“Are you sure about this, ____?”

Shooting a bright grin and a nod in Yamaguchi’s direction, you kept on pulling him toward what was probably his soon-to-be death. It wasn’t like he hated water slides. In fact, he actually enjoyed the thrill and adrenaline that came with most of them. And if he had you to hold onto, even better.

But the thing you were heading for looked more like a deathtrap than anything else. Spins and turns and even though it wasn’t very high it was long and Yamaguchi was afraid he’d pass out before he even reached the end of it.

You on the other hand couldn’t be more excited. You had seen the slide upon arriving at the pool and were determined to try it out with your boyfriend at least once. It looked thrilling and like a lot of fun and you were positive both of you would enjoy it. But only if you managed to get him to actually try it.

The queue was rather short for such an infamous attraction. Yamaguchi was fidgeting next to you and he was clearly shaking but every time you asked him if he would rather sit this one out he determinedly said no and continued to bravely follow along. After the fourth no you received, you reached for his hand and tightly grasped it with yours, squeezing to reassure him. It helped a bit and he ceased his nervous actions.

When you two finally made it to the beginning of the slide Yamaguchi wanted you to sit in front of him on the floating tire so he could concentrate you instead of the ride. You agreed and happily sat down waiting for him to follow. His cheeks flushed when he put his legs on either side of you and your arms touched them while grabbing onto the handles of the tire, and he thought that maybe he could actually do this.

The ride started slowly, building up speed on the way down. There were spins and turns and Yamaguchi swore you were up side down for a second but since he had his eyes closed most of the time he wasn’t sure. He tried to concentrate on the feeling of you touching him, on your shouts of glee and the cool water that splashed his face from time to time. Just when he thought that maybe he had lost his lungs along with his ability to breathe somewhere along the way, he was suddenly engulfed in water and it took him a second to realize that the ride had ended.

Breaching the surface a moment later than you gave him the opportunity to see your beaming face before anything else. And when his breathing returned back to normal and his hammering heart slowed down a fuzzy feeling spread in his chest, filling him from head to toe.

He didn’t notice that he was grinning until you jumped at him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “I told you it’d be awesome!”, your smile shining brighter than the sun you were trying to escape from. Instinctively he returned the hug.

Yamaguchi couldn’t exactly agree with you but maybe he’d go with you on another ride. Maybe he just wanted, needed you to give him that smile more often.