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漂洋过海来看你 Across the Ocean to See You ep.19

“Why are we doing pottery? It’s so boring.”

“Practising pottery can enhance your creativity and concentration, it’s good for the baby!”

60+ icons of fan bingbing.

so i made bunch of fan bingbing icons before i decided i was  gonna use shu..i might use them in future but idk. all are screencapped and made by me so please don’t claim as yours! like this post if you are gonna use them. enjoyy ovo.

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t h e d a r k n e s s to h e r  l i g h t

So. It’s nearly midnight. I got a paper due in the morning that I haven’t started and a bad cold. It’s time for me to actually express some opinions. 

So there’s this weird pattern I see a lot on Tumblr where you get these pastel uwu soft blogs being some of the nastiest and cruelest people on here, and I’ve been thinking a lot about why that is, because like it seems like such a contradiction? But I don’t think it is. It actually makes a lot of sense.

There are two perceptions of disabled people, especially neurodivergent people, in the media: innocent little angel and serial killer. Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s either that Split bullshit where anyone who isn’t cookie cutter whitebread Normal is a danger or neurodivergent folks are young girls in long flowing white dresses and mysterious telepathic powers that let them see ghosts or some shit.

Obviously, we, as a community, don’t want to be perceived as serial killers for a whole bunch of super obvious reasons. The problem is, a lot of us go too far the other way.

Some people genuinely identify with cute and pink and soft, and this isn’t directed at them, but I think a good portion of the uwu culture here on tungle dot hell don’t actually identify with it all that much.

Keeping up that sweet, innocent appearance is hard work and it leads to a lot of pent up aggression. You get this idea in your head that you’re not allowed to be angry or upset or confrontational at anything because you’re supposed to be, you have to be pure and innocent.

Which means that when you get angry, and you will, it can’t be because it offends you personally. It has to be because the person at whom you’re angry is actively trying to harm pure and innocent people like yourself.

So here’s my advice to the pastel discourse blogs.

You can be angry just because something makes you angry. You can dislike something just because it doesn’t appeal to you. You are allowed to have negative emotions without justification. nd if you act on those negative emotions, you have to accept the possibility that you’re in the wrong.

You don’t have to be pure. You can be a person. It’s okay.

zeldary  asked:

K so my dude my pal I need a scenario or headcanons whatever you see fit where 2pFrance crushes on someone and 2pAmerica or 2pEngland or 2pCanada (anyone you see fit) teases him and acts like a dick to 2pFrance in front of the crush (hinting that he likes them and such) I wanna see my bae blushing and shit uwu thank you! I hope you have a great day!

I gotchu fam. Also thank you I hope your day is enjoyable as well!! BTW this will go as a kinda fic thing based off of the headcanons from before you feel me? Coolio let’s go.

Uncontrollable Emotions (Future S/O x 2P France)

Ever since they’d walked, or rather stumbled, into his life he hasn’t been able to get them out of his head. They were a friend of Allen’s…. well kinda but that’s not the point. The point was that they’re adorable annoying laugh was stuck on repeat in his head and that whenever he saw that amazing stupid smile he couldn’t help but to get angry. What was it about them and why was he feeling like this. He had talked to Oliver about it but all he did was laugh and say it was love. Yeah right, like he could love after everything. However he came to realize Oliver wasn’t wrong and he got worried. How does he even begin to do this whole romance thing. Unfortunately Allen overheard and oh dear lord things were going to get complicated. Allen began spending more time with his friend just to get Louis jealous and he could see it was working. However he couldn’t imagine what would be coming to him. 

It was July 4th, Allen’s birthday and to say he was a bit tipsy would be an understatement. In his drunken stupor he thought it would be a good idea to tell his friend all about how much Louis loves them. But you see the thing was is he did it up on stage while giving a birthday speech. Louis watched in horror as Allen spoke before turning slightly pink and storming out of the party. Meanwhile though his crush was telling Allen off big time. “You absolute complete and total assmuncher! How would you like it if someone made fun of your feelings huh? If someone were to ruin your chance at a proper confession? I am ashamed of you Allen Foster Jones!” They would yell before going off to find Louis. 

While they didn’t exactly talk much because Allen can be suffocating, they knew they could find Louis at a bar where their (actual) best friend worked. When they got there they’d be relieved to find the silent frenchman alone at the bar considering it was a Monday at like 3 o’clock. They’d approach cautiously giving their friend a look to kind of leave them be. Their friend would smirk before walking to the back as they sat down next to Louis. “You know he’s kinda an ass, Allen I mean. He kinda ruined everything,” they started and looked at Louis for a response but all they got was him drinking more wine. The sighed and continued. “Listen I don’t know if he was telling the truth or not but I’m guessing he was based off of your reaction,” they prodded once more. “What do you want me to say? That Allen’s a dick and that I love you?! Because I do okay…” he froze and trailed. He hadn’t meant for it to come out anything like it just had. He looked over at his crush hesitantly only to see a dopey smile on their face. “Why yes, that is what I wanted you to say. I mean I’ve loved you for a bit but didn’t think…” they were cut off by the frenchman’s lips. “Shut up s/o. We’re dating now thanks to Allen being a dick but let’s not tell him that,” he said while standing up and guiding his new s/o out of the bar not paying attention to his s/o’s best friend taping the entire thing through the door. “This is totally being saved for their wedding~!”

To all you LGBT aces that have to deal with the cishets making a bad name for you

We get that a few bad apples don’t represent the entire ace community. LGBT aces who don’t tolerate the cishet ones forcing their ways into our spaces are a needed and integral part of our community uwu

I see you and you! are! valid!