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I want to say a b i g thank you to everybody who has followed me and helping me reach a milestone! 

Pretty good for a blog that’s only less than 2 months old! But despite that, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people here, and people who I call friends. Funny, now that I think about it. When I started this blog, I never thought I’d even reach 50 followers, much less gain some awesome and encouraging friends! With that said…

Each person is entitled to 4 entries, and I’ll be choosing the winners using a random number generator. Winners will be a contacted through personal chat a day after the raffle ends.

Good luck you lovely people!!

 gay and straight relationships are just as capable of being deep and loving or distant and abusive & perpetuating the idea that gay relationships are always more pure or good kind of raises problems when talking about abuse in gay relationships (and can be very harmful to bisexual people who have gotten out of an abusive relationship w someone of the same gender, and entered a healthier one that happens to be straight) 

i’m gonna agree with @deanwinchestar and say that this looks like my proud dads are taking a photo before sending me off to college. also pls excuse my face but jensen squished me against misha (who wrapped his arm around my neck) and i was trying not to freak out.

  • su: this is bismuth shes super angry and radical
  • me: i know shes so good and totally right, i love how open she is about her righteous hatred of the bourgeousie! finally someone who doesnt want to hug their oppressors into allies! justice takes many forms and anger is one of them!
  • su: no like...like radical in a bad way...she took it too far......shes bad............
  • me: ?????????

Full offence but-

If you’re a MAP, TERF, or SWERF please unfollow and block me immediately!!! I don’t want any blogs of those descriptions following me, and I’ll reblog this to my sideblog as well.


The new HigglyTown Heroes looks great.

60+ icons of fan bingbing.

so i made bunch of fan bingbing icons before i decided i was  gonna use shu..i might use them in future but idk. all are screencapped and made by me so please don’t claim as yours! like this post if you are gonna use them. enjoyy ovo.

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since i’m on the topic of ableism: if you don’t include addicts in your anti-ableism politics you’re either extremely ignorant on the topic or a moral purist asshole. even on tumblr, notorious for being ‘too liberal” and “too accommodating of the mentally ill”, hardly no one talks about addicts and even saying “they’re people who deserve food and shelter, you’re not automatically better than them” is apparently a controversial thing to say. no im not saying i want to see “uwu if you do coke to function you are VALID!!!!” i’m just saying addiction is a mental and physical illness that is best reduced throughout society when treated as a regular illness than as a crime, and yet we continue to stigmatize the addicted as “criminals” who just need to “get their shit together”. if you are in any way educated on the legal and prison system it’s glaringly obvious that the war on drugs is a way to make money for prison owners and take rights away from people, particularly PoC.

this is a little bit beside the point but: i’ve heard of people saying “yeah support addicts but if you have a charge for distribution fuck you for contributing to a habit” which is also incredibly ignorant and naive. it’s truly ridiculous how little of a substance qualifies as “intent to distribute” and in many cases it’s more compassionate to sell an addict a substance than let them try to get it somewhere else (as this is how people end up being in abusive situations or even in human trafficking, because of how powerful the drug’s hold is on an addict). drug dealers are also not, statistically speaking, across-the-board significantly more likely to be violent than all other criminals. in many cases they’re dealing to feed their own habit; if you were to go get the drugs and your friend paid you back for them, that also counts as “selling”. additionally, cops pretty much do whatever the fuck they want anyways and there are very little checks and balances to keep them from abusing their power, so i personally take criminal records with a grain of salt.

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