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60+ icons of fan bingbing.

so i made bunch of fan bingbing icons before i decided i was  gonna use shu..i might use them in future but idk. all are screencapped and made by me so please don’t claim as yours! like this post if you are gonna use them. enjoyy ovo.

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To all you LGBT aces that have to deal with the cishets making a bad name for you

We get that a few bad apples don’t represent the entire ace community. LGBT aces who don’t tolerate the cishet ones forcing their ways into our spaces are a needed and integral part of our community uwu

I see you and you! are! valid!

anonymous asked:

asmo possesses yuuri again for the next 10 asks? (aroused anon)

((hmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN. Now should I, or would you like to see a sea demon possess him uwu))

look…..how far we’ve come…….

600+ followers!?!?!?!? WHOAA im so happy i got all these people to like my blog 

having you all here makes me feel really great!!! ill work harder from now on!! (ive already worked too hard on this blog tho my wrist is starting to hurt hahaha)

here’s todoroki in zuko’s outfit since that ask is getting popular lately hehehe


Y’all asked to see the base colors awhile ago (or was that just last week…..sobbs idr LOL) ANYWAY here’s Daniel’s base colors without the filters and with. 

ventoaureorun  asked:

HI I see you're open in here for some la squadra love uwu and headcanons for Melone confessing or getting confessed to?

lemme get an uh!!! yes!

Melone confessing/confessed to!

This boy is polar opposites when it comes to this.

  • If confessing, this boy is blushing and so nervous. He’s not used to love, only coldness from women.
  • “Eh…you know I’m not good with this..but, for you, I’d do anything.”
  • When being confessed to though? Greasier than a fast food restaurant floor.
  • He loves this, having someone so vulnerable in his hands. However, he isn’t that jerkish, you know?
  • “This will make a good thing to teach BabyFace! But..yes, I accept.”

It’s a floral crop top and skirt! ^-^ I got a little irritated when making it because I somehow exited the game and had to start all over ‘cause I didn’t save :///

I used @bramblescrossing floral tutorial to make this haha. It really helped a lot!

If you use it, tag me or tag it with #mzxydesigns. I’d love to see you in it!! uwu🌸

Also, if you need different skin tones, just ask, and I’ll try to fix it! ^-^