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The worst part about coming out publicly is not the negative response. There has been no negative reactions yet. 

No the worst parts are the people who give heart felt comments of support go back to joking with their transphobic friends about pronouns.


gifset request from anonymous: Owen and Amelia pushing each other into rooms so they can talk. Parallel 11x20 // 13x17.

Got Your Back

Requested by anon

Pairing: Owen Grady x reader

Summary: When the new assistant falls into the raptor cage, your husband Owen has to save him. But what will happen when Owen needs someone to save him?

Warnings: Mentions of injuries/blood, swearing

A/N: I may do a part 2 to this, because it was a pretty long request so I may not have covered everything!

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I Can Fix That - Owen Grady One Shot

Reader falls into cage and is pretty shaken up so Owen distracts her with sex

Warnings: Smut (hence the description)

Requested by anon!

Being around dinosaurs everyday always had something new to bring.  Some days the girls would listen exceptionally well and follows their commands the first time around, weren’t so great. And on those days you could cut the tension with a knife. Thankfully, today was not one of those days.

Coming out of your thoughts, you turned to look at Owen as he began calling out commands to the girls.

“Blue! Hey, Don’t give me that shit.” Owen shouted in  alpha voice.

“And we’re moving. Good. That’s damn good. Hold!”

Taking that as your que to bring over the bucket of rats, you smiled at Owen from afar.

“Hello Y/N,” Hearing Hoskins say your name made you cringe on the inside. “Did you consider my offer?” He said referring to the date you declined a few days ago.

“I already said no.” You said letting the annoyance slip. Thankfully Owen say Hoskins harassing you and stepped in.

“Ah, Owen! You and I both know what I’m here to talk about, as I’ve been talking about it for the past month or so. The raptors responded wonderfully today.”

Both you and Owen rolled your eyes as you ignored Hoskins and walked back towards the girls with Hoskins still following you.

Handing Owen the bucket, you complimented him on the good work the girls have been doing. Hearing him mumble a thanks, probably still pissed at Hoskins even having the audacity to continue asking about using the raptors for army purposes.

Tossing each of the girls one rat each, Owen dismissed them.

“Pig Loose!” The newbie yelled from the other side of the catwalk. Hearing that, Hoskins pushed past you as you reached down for an animal grabber.

It all happened so quickly, one second you were standing beside to Owen on the catwalk, the next you were lying on your back gasping for air.

“Y/N! Don’t move I’m coming!” Owen yelled as you felt the pounding of feet on the ground.

Maybe this was it, this is how you were going to die. Accepting this fate, you braced for the first bite. Instead you heard the opening of the safety cage and Owen yelling commands telling the girls to stand down. You sat up clutching your probably broken rib as Owen came to stand in front of you.

“Blue, stand down! Hey! Delta I see you.” Owen said as Blue kept creeping forward as you backed towards the safety cage.

“Barry come grab her. I said stand down Blue!”

Barry wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you on to your feet as you scrambled to get into the cage.

“Close the gate.”

“No!” Barry and you said simultaneously.

“You guys have to trust me on this. Close the gate.”

Looking towards Barry, he shook his head as he regretfully hit the button to shut the gate.

Forgetting to breathe you watched as Owen backed up and skillfully threw himself under the gate as the girls ran after him, sticking their muzzle into the slots between the bars.

Standing up and dusting off his pants, Owen looked up at you.

"Y/N, are you okay?”

He said putting his fingers under your chin moving your head around so he could see if you had any scratches or marks on your face

“I think I broke a rib or two but other than that I think I am okay,” You said pulling him into a hug. “But thank you. For saving my life.”

Finishing off your sentence you smiled at the way he slightly nuzzled into the crook of your neck. But not wanting to get too comfortable you pulled away, trailing your hand down his arm.

“Well, I’ll take you to the doctors and you can come back to my place and I’ll keep an eye on you-”

Owen said, possibly embarrassed at the last part. “Unless you aren’t comfortable with that?”

Nodding at him with a slight smirk you said “Sure, I’d like that.” Gesturing for him to lead you to his motorcycle.

Once the doctor had finally finished the x-rays and gotten them printed out, she informed you that you hadn’t broken any ribs, but you were going to need someone to keep an eye on you for a week or so.

Pulling up to Owen’s bungalow, you couldn’t help but gape at the view he had. Feeling the bike shift, you snapped you head to look at Owen who was holding a hand out to you. Taking it you blushed slightly at tingling sensation you got from the contact, but grimacing slightly at shooting pain you got from your abdomen.

“You okay Y/N?”
“Just shaken up a bit. And my back is sore. But other than that I’m swell.”
“Alright, lets get you inside.”

“Mi casa es su casa.” Owen said holding the door open for you, stepping into the bungalow you noticed that it was fairly clean; for a guy. Planting your butt on his couch, you thought about how close you were to death. Tears welled up in your eyes as you shifted your weight sending pain shooting up your back which made you wince.

“Woah, be careful, Y/N. Don’t need you injuring yourself any further.” He said helping you move on to your back. Patting the space behind your head Owen sat down and moved the hair out of your face.

“You know, I’m so grateful I had you there to be my knight in shining armour.” You said giggling slightly.
“I think it’ll be awhile before I go back to the raptors.”

You didn’t even need to think about the girls before you got goosebumps.

“I’m glad you think that,” He said smirking at you. ”Do you want anything to drink or eat?”
“No thanks. I just need something to take my mind off the pain and stuff.”
“I might have something in mind.”

When you said you needed something to take your mind off of the pain, it wasn’t in a sexual way. Sitting up to face him, you were about to say that but he had already pulled you on to his lap.

There was no denying that you thought Owen was attractive, you just thought that this would never happen. Especially like this. Looking into his eyes for like what felt like forever you couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss him. Letting yourself get carried away, you ran your arms up his and laced them in his hair, grabbing on to it as he lightly bite you bottom lip. Owen placed his hands on your waist, being careful to not hurt you. Smiling slightly into the kiss you pulled away desperate for air.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”
“Owen I’m fine.”

Locking lips once again he ran his hands over your butt giving it a slight squeeze, causing you to moan into the kiss. Taking the chance Owen slipped his tongue into your mouth. Owen, who was most definitely anxious to get his clothes off with any girl surprisingly took his time in moving both of you to the bedroom.

He gently laid you on the bed you couldn’t help but stare at his toned body as he pulled off his shirt. Just the thought of him naked was enough to make you ignore the pain in your back and nearly tear your shirt off, aching for Owen’s touch. Pulling him down into a fierce kiss you moved your hands down towards his belt buckle fumbling to get it undone. Finally getting it undone, you ripped it off as Owen pulled your hands away from him and placing them by your side.

“If you feel any pain or are hurting you have to tell me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Nodding, you pulled him back down to you. He peppered kisses down your neck and in between your breasts, stopping to lift you up to unhook your bra in one swift motion. Owen began attacking your neck, running his tongue over spots on your neck he had viciously been sucking on. Your breathing was erratic and you couldn’t handle the fact that you and Owen still had barriers, blocking your skin-to-skin contact.

“Up.” Owen said letting you lift your hips so you could discard of your shorts.

Pushing him off of you on to the bed next to you; you straddled him, leaning down to suck on his tan skin, starting at his neck and making your way down to his highly toned abs. Slowly backing off his hips, you looked up at him and flirtatiously bit your lip as you toyed with the hem of boxers after you hastily removed his pants. Hearing him groan as he threw his head back only made your heat pool even more in your panties. You slipped off his boxers to reveal his wonderfully sized dick, erect with a bit of precum coating the head. You couldn’t stop yourself from putting up your hair and starting strong. You licked up and down his shaft before licking the head and taking in his entirety.

“Holy fuck, Y/n.” He said, a hint of shock laced in his voice.

Bobbing your head up and down, you looked ahead to take in Owen’s expression. Seeing Owen like that provided a whole new perspective for you, his eyes were screwed shut, and his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Occasionally in between moans he would try to complete sentences which mainly consisted of your name and “fuck, shit”, etc. His voice filled the room when you continued at a faster pace. Pushing yourself to the limit deep throating him every time you moved down, you could feel him throbbing in your mouth. Taking him out of your mouth you wrapped your hand around his shaft, stroking him at various speeds to finish him off.

“Just like that, baby.” Owen managed to get out while watching you lick up all of his cum.

Once you finished swallowing you moved over him and kissed him lightly. Owen pulled you close and flipped you so you were on your back. As he hovered over you a smirk played upon his lips before planting soft kisses over your breasts, taking some time to suck on the skin around your nipple, then sucking on it; appreciative of the head he just received.

Moving on from your breasts, he gingerly kissed down your stomach and stopped at your hip bones before kissing on the inside of your thighs. Taking his first lick your breath hitched in your throat surprised by the sudden pleasant sensation.  

Lick after lick, you began to squirm as he sucked on your clit earning a moan from you. You were extremely sensitive when it came to being eaten out and with every touch you swore you could feel Owen gazing at your small frame squirm after the slightest touch at your clit.

“Fuck! Owen! Fuck, yes!” You half moan, half yelled.

He kept his head buried between your legs as your euphoria took complete control of your body while you fought to keep your moans in.

“Fuck-” Similar to Owen you could barely make out sentences. “I’m- Oh fuck! I’m going to cum, Owen!”

Feeling him smile against your heat you nearly fell apart as he slipped a finger in, and then another, moving them slowly as he discovered (quite quickly you would say) where your g-spot was.

“Are you this wet for me,Y/n?”
“Yes-Oh, fuck! Owen, oh!” You said, as he picked up the pace hitting your g-spot each time, making you arch your back.

A tense feeling in your lower stomach began building up and soon after you felt your juices leak over Owen’s fingers. You took a few deep breaths before finding the courage to look at Owen as he licked his fingers clean of your cum. Seeing that made you feel like you could cum all over again. Both of you sat up to face each other breathing heavily before leaning in once again.

“Are you sure you’re okay, you haven’t said anything the whole time. Except when you said I was going to make you cum.”
“Yes, I’m fine. But just take it slow at first please.”

You kissed Owen once more before latching your lips on to his neck, leaving a few marks that were already forming bruises.
Owen grabbed you by the waist and laid you down as he slid inside of you, letting you adjust to his size.

Even though his thrusts were slow and causious, he continued to make you feel amazing. With every stroke he hit your g-spot and with that you could feel yourself coming undone as he complimented that with the way he massaged your breasts and left you hickeys wherever he wanted them.

“Owen, faster. Oh! fuck me harder please!”

You could feel him hesitate above you but you gave him a reassuring kiss. You were thankful that Owen didn’t go too much faster, but fast enough to make your vision cloudy with each thrust.

“Shit, Y/N! Fuck! You’re so beautiful.” Owen said in short and choppy breathes.

Wanting more you moved your hips up to meet his. Racking your nails down his back as his hips met yours at a faster pace. Looking up at Owen you embraced the sight of his body, sweat glistened on his arms and face. Your face also had a coat of sweat but nobody looks nearly as good as Owen did in that moment.

“Owen, just- Oh! just fuck me, please!”

Eventually you heard Owen mutter something along the lines of “screw it”, and the outcomes of that were oustanding.

At first it cause your back some pain but it faded into a new kind of euphoria. He thrusted at a rate that made your eyes roll to the back of your head and made you ball your fists in the sheets so much your knuckles looked like snow. Owen and you were really going at and after awhile you could feel your legs go numb. Curse words and moans were the only things that left both of your mouths until you moaned to Owen once again that you were going to cum.

“Fuck! Owen- Oh god!” You yelled as you pushed yourself up to meet his thrusts.

Feeling the familiar release of tension in your stomach and the dripping of your juices between your legs, you closed your eyes and slowed your breathing. Owen placed a kiss on your forehead as he collapsed on the bed.

“That was really fucking good.” Owen said before pulling you into him and wrapped an arm around you.

“I could say the same Mr.Grady. But I never pegged you as a cuddler.” Snickers came from the both of you as you quickly passed out in Owen’s arms.

From the Ashes

This is just a short little fic based on a prompt from @omeliafics​. Thanks @shepherd-hunt​ for encouraging me t5o read it5 and to @francescabuccino​ for proof reading it.

Prompt: Owen and Amelia get trapped inside the elevator wen the hospital is on fire.

Amelia Shepherd was having a bad day. No, scratch that, she was having a horrible day. A patient died on her table this morning in a routine craniotomy. There was intracranial bleeding that no one could have foreseen, it wasn’t her fault but she was still kicking herself for it. To make matters worse she has barely gotten any of sleep the past few nights. She loved her nieces and nephew, but her sister-in-law’s place was much busier than she was used to, and it was starting to take its toll on her. She missed the peaceful quiet of her and Owen’s home. Owen. Amelia felt a pang in her heart when she thought of her husband. Amelia, do you still even want to be married? That question broke her heart. The uncertainty in his eyes. He thought she was running from him, he thought she didn’t want him anymore. If only he knew how wrong he was. She may have run from him but she didn’t run away, and that was a big step for her.

Amelia was still reeling from her loss in surgery. She walked to the elevator on autopilot, not paying any attention to her surroundings. If she had, maybe she would have noticed the panic on her coworkers’ faces, or the nurses and doctors running around preparing for disaster. But she didn’t, instead she pushed the button to call the elevator. With a familiar ding the doors opened and Amelia stepped on. She was so distracted that she didn’t even notice anyone else was in the elevator until she heard a throat clear behind her. She turned around and came face to face with him, the one person she had been avoiding all week. Owen. He was the last person she wanted to see right now. But he was also the only person she wanted to see. The one she wanted to seek comfort from. She needed him.

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Me @ me: why are you following all the g/otg and mar/vel blogs?? 

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New guy // Carl grimes

Requested by; @carlsavagegrimez

I’ve been trying to resist posting this until tomorrow but I have 4 written requests and couldn’t help myself.

You were woken early to a knock at the door. Carl continued to sleep next to you, his arm loosely wrapped around your waist and his warm breath fanned the back of your neck as he slept. Carefully you slid his arm off of you and threw on one of his flannels that went down to mid thigh and crept down the stairs being careful not to wake a sleeping Judith or Carl.

You opened the door to come face to face with Owen. His group arrived only 3 days ago after being rescued by Aaron and Daryl after being shelterless for almost a year after there sanctuary was destroyed by a herd.

“Oh, hey” you say know Carl didn’t like you being around him, he didn’t trust Owen after he caught him flirting with you at the welcoming party.

“Hi, sorry for waking you up I was just wondering if I could borrow some ingredients” he said and you nodded, welcoming him in. You felt slightly uncomfortable standing in front of him with just an oversized flannel on. You could practically feel him eyeing you up.

“What do you need?” You asked reaching the kitchen

“Ahh, flour and cocoa powder” he took a while to answer and you wondered if he really came here for ingrediants. You looked around the kitchen, only finding the flour.

“I don’t think we have any-“ you spun around only to find yourself cornered, Owens arms where against the wall above your head practically trapping you. “C-can you please move” you stutter feeling extremely uncomfortable, your only thought right now was Carl.

“I see the way you look at me” Owen whispers, his lips coming closer to you and you’re suddenly confused at his words.

“no, I said get away now-“

“Get away from my girlfriend” You hear your night in… A pair of boxers? Owen growls and moves away. you immediately head over to Carl letting him wrap his arms around your waist tightly showing Owen who you belong to.

“If I see you near her one more time I swear to god I’ll kill you myself” Your boyfriend threatens which you find kind of hot. Owen heads to the door, but not before sending you a small wink


“Hey babe” you groan and see Owen with his signature smirk

“I’m sorry about this morning, you’re just so damn beautiful I couldn’t help myself”

“Go away before I get Carl” you threaten, his smirk drops at the mention of your boyfriend “I want you y/n, I could treat you so much better than him” you roll your eyes at him and continue watering the few flowers around Alexandria.

“Plus wouldn’t you rather date someone with two eyes?” You drop the watering can, hearing it hit the ground and feeling the water splash up on your legs. You spin around and hit him directly in the nose, you hit him again and he falls to the ground, blood begins to drip down your knuckles and all you can see is red as you continue to hit him.

“Leave me and my boyfriend alone!” You scream as you feel arms wrap around your waist, you can tell its Daryl as he drags you away.


You we’re currently getting your knuckles fixed up by Deniese who was actually proud of you for what you did. You had broken his nose and given his multiple bruises, after she fixed him up he had been kicked out of Alexandria by Rick for Harassing you.

Carl burst through the doors “Y/N?! Daryl told me what happened I can’t believe you would do that. I wish I saw it fuck that would’ve been hot” you laughed at his last few words as he pulled you in for a long kiss. You begin to feel dizzy but not from lack of air, from being on cloud nine.

“That’s my girl” he said against your lips “He deserved it” you laughed and he nodded

“How bad do your knuckles hurt?” He asked and grabbed your un-injured hand. “It’s not that bad, just a bit of stinging” you say and feel his thumb running over your knuckles.

“He’s finally gone” Carl smiles

More Than Your Drunk Dial

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,098 before lyrics
Warnings: Sex but not smut, foul language, drinking, Crowley being out of character
Request: (Anonymous) Can you do a Crowley fic to the song “Alone With You” by Jake Owen with a fluffy ending ?

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Lovesick (Owen Grady x Reader)

Inspired by this anon’s headcanon: Imagine bae is a nurse/doctor on the island and Owen goes to the infirmary for every little thing because he just wants to see her and talk to her. (& he’s not even hurt but she desperately needs to look at that bruise bc owen is in soooo much pain)  

It was your first day on the job, and already you regretting taking it. At first it’d been ok. A few people showed up requesting band aids for blisters on their feet, and one or two had fainted from the heat, but other than that, there was nothing too difficult that you had to deal with. But then he came in.

Another man had his arm around him for support, as he hopped in on one foot, grumbling and muttering about how being there was unnecessary; but the trail of blood he was leaving behind said otherwise. You rushed to his side and gasped. On the back of his calf was a deep laceration that had to be at least six inches long.

“What happened?” you asked quickly as you helped him to the nearest cot.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” he replied bitterly, earning a roll of the eyes from his companion.

“We work with the velociraptors,” the other man said. You nodded, not needing any further explanation.

“Okay, well I’m going to need you to lay down on your stomach, sir,” you instructed with your back turned to him as you searched around in your supply kid to grab the items you needed for sutures. Your heart was racing. You were fresh out of school and this would be your first time giving stitches without an instructor watching over you to make sure everything went ok.

After scrambling around a bit, you gathered everything you needed on a tray and approached him first with a pair of scissors.

“Ah fuck. Do you really need to do that? These are my last good pair of jeans.”

You raised your eyebrows. Clearly he’d been through this process before, but that didn’t surprise you one bit.

“Yeah. I’m sorry, sir. I won’t be able to get to the wound without cutting the clothing away.”

“Owen,” he said shortly. “Call me Owen.”

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Weapon X: New Age Part 10

Beginning: Weapon X: New Age Part 1

Warning: Cussing.

Weapon X: New Age Part 10

Chapter 12

“Here we have our library slash lounge.” Jace said, as they walked up to two heavy wooden doors. “We have a lot of books for research and for the hell of it. And…” He looked back at them, smiling. “We have tons of X Men comic books.”

Jace turn back around and push the doors up. They stepped inside and took a look around. They notice a tall, thin guy standing at one of the tables with his back towards them. Owen walked over to him and stood behind the man.

“Is that you death?” The man said, lifting his up before he turn around to face Owen. “Oh Owen, it’s just you.”

“Close enough Clark.” Owen said, winking.

“I see you got a scratch on your neck and.” Clark said, looking down at Owen’s pants. “ Some dirty on your knees and holes at your ankles. You know Owen.” He looked back up at him, smiling. “No means no.”

“What can I say.” Owen said, smirking. “A little rough play never hurt anyone…much.”

“I hope this time you’re actually going to keep your word and call her. And when I say her.” Clark said, smirking back at Owen. “I really mean him.”

“Yeah.” Owen said, rolling his eyes. “She might as well be a him with the strength on her.”

“Always getting man handle aren’t you? Won’t you just get the surgery already? I told you before.” The man said, placing his hand on Owen’s shoulder. “I support you and your life choices.”

“A little grab here and there never hurts.” Owen said and he sigh loudly. “I don’t need any bloody alterations, Clark. So you can stop smoking that pipe dream.” He pointed at Clark. “I mean it. Or I’ll throw that pretty arse of yours out a window.”

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anonymous asked:

Well to be fair, Owen, I can easily see you being Slytherin. Haruka on the other hand... He's pretty much a male version of me, and I've always been sorted into Hufflepuff with the occasional Ravenclaw. So the news of Slytherin Haruka is a tad surprising.

owen: well i think haru is in slytherin because of that one little fact that SSL pointed out about haru and how he enjoys watching arguments and stuff (i think thats what it was??)

Kashi: I’m back at it again with the canon and some headcanon here, but I’ll be putting my responses under a cut, since they’ll involve 3rd CG/Birthday spoilers…

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“You’re weird and you can cook, it’s good enough for me”

⤷ the Doctor and Craig, requested by runyoucleverboyandremember14


Originally posted by chrisprattawesomesource

Based on Anonymous Prompt: Could you do a Owenxreader where Owen takes the reader to a family gathering. Where Owen is the only boy of many sisters.

A/N: HEY LOOK WHO IT IS!  I’m so sorry for not posting more.  I’ve been busy and blocked.  I’m gonna try to finish all the prompts I have in a timely fashion, but I’ve also been saying that for a while now.  Anyways, here’s this.


“Owen, I’d like to remind you that I train dinosaurs for a living.  I think I can handle your four sisters.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Owen mutters.  You notice his hand clenches on the steering wheel, the way his jaw sets as he keeps his eyes glued to the road.  Your brow furrows and you slide your hand over his.

“Hey,” you say softly.  “Don’t worry.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

“You realize how crazy my family is and decide I’m not worth the trouble,” Owen says.  His tone is joking, but you see the concern in his eyes.

“No,” you correct him.  “The worst thing that happens is I learn all of your embarrassing childhood stories, find some humiliating baby photos and accidentally send them out to the entire staff.”  He smiles, and you see his shoulders relax a little.

“Ok,” he says.

“Seriously, what were you worried about?” you ask as you pull up in front of the house.  “That I’d start a fight at the dinner table?  Tell your family about all the stupidly dangerous things you do?”

“No,” he says.  “But now that you mention it, it’d be great if you don’t do either of those two things.”

“Right,” you smile as the front door opens.  “I’ll keep that in mind.”  You get out of the car and you’re immediately enveloped in a hug.

“Oh!” you say, your arms instantly wrapping around the other person.  “Hello!”

“Hello!”  Your hugger pulls back and you instantly recognize her as Owen’s sister, Caitlin.  

“Caitlin!” you say.  “Hi, my name’s (Y/N).”

“I know!” she smiles.  “Owen mentioned he was bringing a girl over.  It’s so nice to finally meet-”

“Is that her?”  A woman you recognize as Emily hurries down the steps and throws her arms around you.  

“Hi, I’m (Y/N),” you say.  “It’s-”  She releases you and another woman takes her place.

“Hi, I’m Brooke,” she says.  “We’ve been waiting to meet you.  Owen’s always talking about you.  We were beginning to wonder-”

“Is she here?” a voice calls.  “Is that Owen’s girlfriend?”

“She’s not-”

“Oh, it’s so nice to meet you,” the last Grady sister says, coming down to hug you.  “I’m Danielle.” 

“We’ve been over this, Dani,” Owen says, coming around the car.  “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Not yet,” Danielle says, winking at you.  She links her arm through yours, as Caitlin grabs the other.  The two start to walk you to the house, Emily jumping in  front of you and bursting into conversation.

You turn your head to look at Owen, who gives you an overwhelmed thumbs up.  You smile, as big as you can manage, hoping to reassure him that you don’t mind the cheerfulness of his sisters.  If anything, it makes you feel at home. 

You’re swept into the house, leaving just Owen and Brooke out front.  She sighs and reaches an arm around him, giving him a side squeeze as they watch you disappear through the front door.

“You know, you’re the only one of my sisters to greet me,” he says.  “None of you see me for months and it’s like I’m chopped liver.”

“Well, what did you expect?” Brooke asks.  “You brought a girl home.”

“She’s just a friend.”

“Uh-huh.  You never bring girls home, friends or otherwise.”

“It’s not-”

“I saw the way you looked at her.”  Owen shakes his head and starts to head into the house.  “And I saw the way she looked at you.”

“What?”  Owen stops, turning around to face Brooke.

“Good to see you, Owen.”


“So, Owen,” his father says.  You’re all sitting around the table, eating dinner, mostly silent.  “How’s your job going?”

“It’s good, Dad,” he says.  “Keeps me busy.”

“Good, good.”  The forks and knives scrape against the plates, and you’re struck by just how quiet it is.

“The food tastes really good, Mrs. Grady,” you say.  The rest of the table murmurs in assent.

“Thank you, (Y/N),” she says.  “You’re such a dear.”  Quiet again.

“So what’s the weather like on the island?” Brooke asks.  You both look to Owen for an answer.

“You know,” he says.  “Tropical.”  You bite back a sigh and jump in.

“It’s really humid,” you say.  “We’re near the equator, obviously, so it’s pretty hot and sunny and sticky.”

The two of you maintain the conversation for the rest of dinner.  Caitlin, Danielle and Emily all seem to be engrossed in a nonverbal conversation, comprised entirely of widened eyes and raised eyebrows.  Mr. and Mrs. Grady also seem to be having a silent talk, though they’re more subtle about it.  Owen mostly just pushes the food around his plate and into his mouth.

Once everyone’s finished, Mr. Grady escorts Owen to the garage, to show him some of the projects he’s been working on.  The minute the two men leave the room, the sisters pounce.

“So (Y/N),” Danielle asks.  “What’s going on with you and Owen?”

You stiffen and your eyes dart to Brooke.  She shoots you a sympathetic look and turns to her sister.

“Dani,” she says.  “Don’t interrogate her.”

“She does have a point,” Emily says.  

“It’s not like we weren’t all thinking it,” Caitlin adds.

“It’s true,” Mrs. Grady says quietly.  “The two of you would make a lovely couple.”


“(Y/N), have I given you a tour of the house yet?”  Brooke grabs your arm and pulls you up and away from the table.  You’re upstairs and in a neat, cozy bedroom before you even know what happened.

“I’m sorry that my sisters are a little crazy,” Brooke says, closing the door behind her.  

“I don’t mind,” you say.  “I was an only child, so it’s nice to feel like I’m part of a big family.”

“Uh-huh,” Brooke says, unconvinced.

“No, really,” you say earnestly.

“I’ll trade you,” she says sarcastically and you laugh.

“I’d take that trade,” you say and she shakes her head.

“Spoken like a true only child,” she says.  She crosses the room and opens the door, leading to a small balcony.  You follow her out onto it, sitting down on a hanging bench swing, rocking gently back and forth.

“They’re not wrong, you know,” she says after a short while.  


“They’re not wrong,” Brooke says, turning to look at you.  “You and Owen, you would be good together.”

“I know,” you say.

“Owen knows too,” Brooke says.  “He’s just too much of an idiot to do anything.”  You sit in silence, not sure what to say.  


You and Owen drive back in silence.  Comfortable silence, but silence nonetheless.  You find yourself playing back your conversation with Brooke, over and over again.  And then you play out different scenarios of things you could say to Owen, but none of them seem to make it out of your mouth.  

Owen parks outside the hotel and the two of you walk inside.  The elevator’s empty as you ride up to your floor.  He walks you to your room, stopping outside the door.  

“Thanks for coming with me,” he say softly.

“Of course,” you smile.  “Your family’s lovely.”

“I think the word you’re looking for is embarrassing.”

“No,” you say firmly.  “Lovely was exactly what I meant.”  Owen shakes his head.  

“Sure,” he says.  “Good night.”  He leans forward to plant a kiss on your cheek, and suddenly, something else takes over your brain.  You have a feeling that somehow, the Grady sisters managed to find a way to possess you, just temporarily.  

Your face turns and Owen’s lips meet your lips, instead of your cheek.  It takes you both a few seconds to realize and you spring backward, the two of you both looking at each other, shocked.

“Um, sorry,” you say.  “I don’t know…I don’t know why I did that.”

“You did that?” Owen asks.

“Um, yes?” you say, searching frantically for your keycard in your purse.  “Apparently?  I don’t know…it kind of just…”  You sigh, and straighten up.  There’s no use beating around the bush anymore.  “Brooke said you were too much of an idiot to ever make a move, so…I did.”

You turn away, fumbling with the door handle.  Until Owen turns you around and backs you up until you’re leaning against the door, crashing his lips down onto yours.  You can’t help but smirk.

“Guess she was right.”

anonymous asked:

How tall are rugby players?? Are they all Giants??

That would be one word for it. Another one would be “freak”, for instance… But yes, in general, they are pretty tall.

The numbers 4 and 5 (locks) are usually the tallest ones in the team. Guys like Richie Gray, Luke Charteris, Brodie Retallick, Bakkies Botha; those guys will be 6′10, 6′11, (way over 2m) easy. Here’s a picture of Richie Gray next to a fan:

Next, you have the number 8s. They’re also pretty tall, around 1,90 (6′3). Those are guys like Kieran Read, Sébastien Chabal and Jamie Heaslip. Here’s a picture of Chabal, mostly because I’ve just realized I probably don’t have any pictures of him on my blog and that is a DAMN SHAME.

The flankers, numbers 6 and 7, theoretically need more mobility than the lower numbers, so they should be leaner. Those are my coach’s words I’m repeating. He’s a very good coach, and I respect him a lot, but that doesn’t make him automatically right… I mean, think of Thierry Dusautoir, Richie McCaw, Sam Warburton, Chris Robshaw; do those guys strike you as “leaner” than the rest of the team? Anyway, they’re pretty tall, too, usually around 1,88 (6′2) (Funnily enough, I just checked the heights of those four guys I just mentioned and they’re all exactly 1,88m tall. Weird, huh?) Here’s the obligatory Richie pic, because I love him (also, you can see that he’s taller than Nigel Owens – at least I think it’s Nigel):

Followed by a pic of Warby, because I love him too (and I especially love cuddle pictures) (look at his faceeeeeeeee ^-^):

Then there’s the front row: the props (numbers 1 and 3) and the hooker (number 2). People say that the hookers should be shorter (something to do with it being easier for them to hook the ball if they don’t have to bend their knees too much) but, in practice, they tend to be the same size as the props. They are not as tall as the rest of the team, I’d say around 1,83m (6 feet), but they are still kinda tall and wide. Here’s Cian Healy, my favorite prop, to give you an idea of their body type:

Also, here’s Cian Healy with his pug, Ted, which is the reason why he’s my favorite prop (he’ll take selfies with this little creature looking like a dust mite next to him, and tag them with #puglife, and go to pottery classes and make decorated bowls for him, and all his Ted tweets are so adorable I wanna claw my eyes out):

And here’s Tom Youngs, a hooker, who’s actually atypically short (1,75m – 5′8) but, as you can see, could never be called “little”:

But they can also be leaner, like Dimitri Szarzewski, who’s 1,80m (5′10) tall (I’m only including this picture so you’ll know of the variety in rugby players. I swear this is my only interest here.):

That’s it for the forwards. As far as the backs go, heights can vary a lot, but they’re usually not much shorter, and can be quite tall, too, like George North (1,94m – 6′4), Sonny Bill Williams (1,94m – 6′4 too), Israel Folau (1,93m), and Jonah Lomu (1,96m – 6′5):

In theory, scrum-halves should be a bit smaller and scrawnier, but that’s not necessarily true, especially in professional teams. Mike Phillips, for instance, is 1,91 (6′3), and far from scrawny (again, I’m just trying to prove my point, I don’t post gratuitous shirtless pictures, this isn’t for me at all):

But it is true that some smaller players can be found among the backs. And, of course, those are the ones we adore. Smaller backs can usually make up for their lack of size and mass with agility and mobility, and they have the added advantage of giving us in idea of what a regular-sized person would look like next to the other players. There are three players in particular that I hold very dear to my heart because of this: Cheslin Kolbe (who, being 1,71 or 5′7,  is what I would call “regular-sized”), pictured below looking like he’s running towards Valhalla while being pursued by Ice Giants:

Fumiaki Tanaka, who is 1,66m (5′5) and would be considered short in spite of the fact that he’s actually just a little bit taller than me (I’m 1,63m) and, in this picture, you can see that he’s also just a little bit taller than the other guy’s leg:

And, of course, our dear, dear, Leigh Halfpenny, who generally looks like a very muscular cherub. Being 1,79m tall (5′10) he would, in a normal setting, even be considered tall, but everyone else on his team is so much taller than him he always looks like a child:

I mean, LOOK AT THAT^^^!!! If you drew two human figures, side by side, with ^that kind of size difference, people would tell you you have no sense of proportion. And if you look at their feet, you’ll see that Luke is actually a little ways behind Leigh; so, because of perspective, he should be looking smaller than he actually is. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!


FUCK HIM!!!! FUCK ALL OF THEM!!!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!! I need a moment…

*drinks a gallon of water to stave off a very INTENSE THIRST*

Alright. So, going back to what I was saying in the other post (which I imagine was what prompted your message in the first place), if you look at Kolbe and Fumi playing, you’ll see that they have a completely different style than Leigh. Leigh plays just like the other players, creative in his own way, but physically very conservative, doing all the standard moves, especially when it comes to tackling and being tackled. Both Kolbe and Fumy play in a very different way, physically.

When it’s a one-on-one defense, for instance, Leigh rarely goes for their ankles; he goes low, but more to their hips. Kolbe and Fumi, unless they’re trying to take the ball, tackle very low, almost at the ground, or very high, almost to the neck. What Leigh does is the standard procedure: wait until the very last moment, until the attacking player has committed to a course of action, and then go for their gravity center; that way, you avoid getting side-stepped or missing the tackle (and if you’re the last line of defense, if you fail it means the other team scored). Problem is, you’re going to take the full brunt of the impact right on your shoulder, and if the other player is much bigger than you, that can be brutal, and you might not be able to stop them. Tackling very low or very high, on the other hand, is risky but physically safer. For tackling low you have to be very fast because they can see what you’re doing a mile away and your chances of missing are very high, but the impact you suffer is almost minimal. Tackling high can give the other team a penalty (or even a penalty try) and you a yellow card if you go too high, and it’s largely ineffective. It’s more of a delaying tactic, you hang on to them and try to slow them down until your forwards can get there and give you a hand. But, again, the impact you suffer is very low.

When Leigh is tackled, he usually resists and tries to keep his feet or, at least, the field position. Kolbe and Fumi never resist being tackled. When you watch them play, it looks like they’re getting the beating of a lifetime: they’ll soar backwards, legs in the air, arms flailing, the other players can pick them up and throw them over their heads; but they immediately get back up, brush it off and keep playing without showing any signs of hurt. They give a little bit of ground (and, really, it’s just a few meters at most) so they can fully cushion their own falls.

Kolbe and Fumi are very fast, agile players, so they actually can pull off these moves without harming their team; I think Leigh could do it too, but, honestly, it has never occurred to him that, since he’s smaller, he should play differently. Now that I think about it, it’s quite likely that Jonny Wilkinson might have had a similar problem…

This goddamn essay having been written, I should probably warn you that I’m no rugby theorist, I just really like the sport, both watching and playing, and tend to pay attention to all sorts of stuff and draw conclusions from that. Of course, I could be wrong and just talking out of my ass here (although I play both in a women’s team and a mixed team, so both in competitions where I’m roughly the same size as everyone else and where I’m much smaller, and I’ve found that what I said generally applies). If anyone cares to add to what I’ve written, or correct me, please do so. I’m always eager to learn! :)

(Also, if you were expecting a short, straightforward and technical answer, I’m very sorry. I just needed to unwind a bit and I wanted to talk about/fangirl on/thirst over rugby a bit. And I apologize to everyone else for not putting it under a “Read more”, but I just spent some 15 minutes of my very scarce free time writing this and looking for the photos, so I want everyone to see it.)