i see you standing there but you're already gone

35. -  I Forgot what it Feels to Regret my Sins.


I held onto the white furry blanket and buried myself deeper into its warmth as my eyes stayed glued to the outside world. It was now day four into the blizzard and the harsh winds and white fogs had finally died down.

Light snow fell gracefully from the sky and the streets and trees were covered in a thick blanket of powdery snow. How Dominic ever made it safely here yesterday was beyond me and I silently prayed my thanks to God for watching over him.

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anonymous asked:

This fandom was way nicer before you and Aaron decided to come along. We're always wary of Larries that seem to come out of nowhere. You're always the first to bail when the waters get rough. Case in point, now you're all up in Ziam's ass lmao. You and Aaron are a plague. Be gone already.

I would typically block these kind of ignorant messages, but I feel a particular need to stand up for my friend @aaronbutterfield (and myself for that matter). 

I can’t speak for Aaron, but I have been part of the Larrie fandom for about three years. And I’ve never once said that I was going to bail. I didn’t come out of nowhere, I slowly and apprehensively approached this fandom due to seeing shit like what you’ve sent me all over the place. People feel some kind of possessive claim over what they believe in, and for a fandom that consistently wants people to believe what they’re saying, there’s a weird minority, and you are the minority, of people that don’t like others who aren’t militantly on board with certain aspects of the Larrie fandom. 

Do I think Louis and Harry are together? Absolutely. Do I claim to know the details of their relationship? Definitely not. Have I used the same kind of deductive reasoning to conclude that I believe in Larry to justify me believing in Ziam? Of course. That’s not a bandwagon I just randomly chose to jump on, especially given how unpopular it is. I just looked at the evidence and decided, ‘Yeah, this seems more real than fake.’

You are a bully, and while Aaron and I talk about things we believe in and gain a genuine following from such, you lead quite a sad life of being mad and mean for no reason. 

I hope you find a way to be happy, because I can assure you that sending these kind of vitriolic messages will offer no long-term satisfaction.

Be well. I genuinely pity you and your cruel existence.